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  1. Praying for you and your family.
  2. I was standing behind the ESPN crew in Atlanta when; Corso said, "Oklahoma and USC are the best two teams in America and deserve to play one another in the Championship Game." Chesesick can take a flying leap. He quit. If CTT cursed him black and blue that is fine with me.
  3. LOL .... the best ribs are the ones you enjoy. No myths involved.
  4. Just another chance for Mikey Boy to drop the F-Bomb.
  5. Gorilla, LSWho is the school who hire a coach from Vandy for Pete's sake! As for talent, only someone who trusts recruiting sites could try to make a statement about talent. But if you insist, I will gladly boast of a win over your more talented but under performing/ poorly coached team. Go luv on your school on your own website ! You will not find any support for your views here.
  6. Brandon left during summer workouts. I have never really heard the reason but rumor was that he wanted to play a different position than where the coaches wanted him to play.
  7. Blevins did progress well DE in JC ranks. He will not get an offer form Auburn to resign as we have better players/recruits and do not want him. Wilkerson could not enroll at AU out of JC and enrolled in West GA where he played this past year. Brandon Williams left the team and was not offered the chance to return. The other two Williams are potential resigns for next year's class. It is doubtful that Ken will get offer at TE, but Kevin may get offer at DT. Mostly it will depend on how many good HS recruits are in the picture at the DT position.
  8. WAHHHHHH WAAAAAHHHHH WAAAAHhh Remember, your on an auburn board.... I think what was delusional WAS THE WHOLE GAME...remember handing off to darby three straight times down the middle not gaining a yard with a chance to score? Y'all could've scored 3 straight times....Thats what was delusional, the fact that y'all had no offensive playcalling at all except for a drive. 134491[/snapback] Yet you only managed an 8 point win. AU must be really overrated. Which one is it? Either we suck and you guys are 8 points better than a sucky crap team...or we have a good team...and you guys got a good win. I find it funny that you guys absolutley TRASHED bama all year long...comes to the iron bowl, its a close game, and all of the sudden bama is a good team and that should be considered a quality win in your bcs belt. But now that its all said and done, we suck again? Its fine though, im used to the double speak by now. 134509[/snapback] No double speak from me on this one. Alabama SUCKS! We played the worst half of football all season in the UAT game. But since it was another Home game for us, we still destroyed the TuskyLosers in the second half. HEAY BAMA! WE JUST BET THE HELL OUT OF YOU! AGAIN!
  9. It is not the NE Pats Offense that puts fear into other NFL teams, it is their defense. The Pats Offense is conservative and complex and will not work in college. ND will continue to bomb under the latest victom of the "Curse of the Irish".
  10. All the talk about passing ability is not the main issue. All the QB's on Auburn's team have SEC ability. The starter will be the guy who can read defenses and keep his cool under pressure.
  11. I got tickets for face value at 6:00 friday night from a UT fan who could not go to the game. I was sitting in the UT section. There seemed to be about 1 Auburn fan to every 5 UT fans in the section around me. The UT fan and his wife beside me were nice folks! They cheered for UT but not when Jason was hurt. When UT made a play they yelled, just like I did when Auburn made a play. Some of the Auburn fans were very quite for the whole game. The UT fans behind me were pretty loudly discussing in "mature language" how they could not see whe we stood up to cheer. I must admit that I had to stand an cheer a lot after that! Have to say the UT fans were not great overall. They did cheer for the injury to Jason. Most stood up to cheer for the fact that Jason was hurt. That was classless. The UT band gave a great halftime performance. The marching into different formations was great. The UT band won the halftime by a mile. Overall the atmosphere at the game was great. After the game, I got to speak with Silas Daniels and King Dunlap on the Marta ride after the game. They were very down for guys on a team that had just won the SEC Championship, because of the effect of knowing that they were not going to be in the MNC game. (I HATE THE BCS!)
  12. LSU #2 is a good pick if the QB play is improved. From an objective point of view. Auburn will go 7-4 or 9-2 (Best Case!) Sept. 3 Georgia Tech - L - GT Defense will be way ahead of Auburn O & new QB! Sept. 10 Mississippi State - W - But game is close. Sept. 17 Ball State - W - Off. gets some life/confidence. Sept. 24 Southern Mississippi - W - A very dangerous game as USM will be ready! Oct. 1 South Carolina - W - CSS gets his due in his first return to Auburn. Oct. 15 @Arkansas - L - If they get QB play, my sleeper for the SEC West. Oct. 22 @LSU - L - Its their turn! QB play will determine game, again. Oct. 29 Ole Miss - W - New coach won't have talent to win either. Nov. 5 @Kentucky - W - May be closer than you would think. Nov. 12 @Georgia -L - Richt will have QB situation in shape before we get there. Nov. 19 Alabama - W - The streak lives as we beat them again! From my heart Auburn goes 13-0 and wins the MNC! - I will go with my heart again in 2005 just like when I predicted a perfect 2004!
  13. Marcus will leave. He has some issues with his back that he has played through every year he has been at Auburn. This is the first year he did not miss any games because of it. He will not take the chance of having problems again next year and it droping his stock in the NFL. The problem could limit his NFL career.
  14. Cutcliffe out at Ole Miss -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- & Staff Report Ole Miss will announce that head coach David Cutcliffe has been dismissed at a 3:30 p.m. (CT) news conference Wednesday. Link to ESPN story.