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  1. Let's try it this way. Who do you see as next year's starters on the OL? Who are the tackles? How do you expect them to perform?
  2. Not for the faint of heart, but here's one I regularly turn up.
  3. And one more. This is from my favorite under the radar songwriter. I can't find a video that does him justice. But if this intrigues you, let me know, and I'll steer you in the right direction and talk your ear off.
  4. Alright, here's my first contribution. A combination of things I love. A cover of a perfect song from Drivin' n' Cryin. The great Todd Snider on vocals (yeah, his voice is shot). A tasteful, clean guitar solo from Neal Casal (RIP). And a second solo from Jason Isbell.
  5. Appreciate you descending from heaven to straighten this out. But it really was just one person's opinion on a potential issue. One that you acknowledged is at least a concern when you said you are sure the coaching staff has discussed it. As you correctly stated, we are desperate for OL and he seems like a pretty good one. I'm surprised it's not clear if his offer is committable or if he is high priority. It would be hilarious if it is not committable and the reason is that Harsin agrees with Cole. Doubt that's the case, but who knows. This isn't Alabama 2011. Harsin has to build a com
  6. There is a 100% chance I am making these enchiladas in the near future. That looks amazing.
  7. Well there you have it. All my interests now in one place.
  8. Somehow after 10 or something years on this board, I recently noticed this thread. Having fun catching up. Tons of great music. Thanks, guys.
  9. There's always room for McLoofus.
  10. 2022 prospect Drew Bobo took an unofficial visit to his living room on Tuesday, meeting with offensive coordinator Mike Bobo. Drew left impressed. "I love it there," he said. "It already feels like home. He told me what he loves about me and how I fit their culture. It just feels like family."
  11. To me at least, being "Harsin's guy" means he has the skills, size, aptitude, etc. to perform in Harsin's offense. Not that Harsin will play favorites. But that Harsin cherry picked him for a reason, which might give him an inherent advantage.
  12. For further comparison, has anyone seen Finley spike the ball? Does it go forwards or backwards? Sorry.
  13. I do agree that a coaching staff willing to yank him could help.
  14. Gus obviously could not develop quarterbacks and the entire offense was a mess. But he must have been given proper instruction by the staff on the most basic fundamentals of throwing a ball. It's not like Chad Morris had never seen a QB before. In fact, I bet he's been told to fix his bad habits by his high school coaches, his Dad, message board posters, his barber ... Hopefully a new coach will be more effective. But a lot of this is on Bo.
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