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  1. Two less games on the schedule, though. Oddly enough, the average carries per game for RB1 and RB2 were exactly the same the last two seasons: 18. Not sure about RB3 last season, but there weren't any out of conference games to rack up those carries.
  2. Agreed. And to go a step further, the amount of work the football players put in is irrelevant to the topic. The simple fact is the football players have an inherent value. They possess a specific ability that generates tons of money for tons of people. An extremely valuable commodity does not exist without them. So they should be compensated for it. It's not that hard to comprehend.
  3. The Oline wasn't great last year, but it wasn't as bad as most say. Either way, you'd hope to see more flashes from Bo. No one is expecting Mahomes, but that guy looked anything but pedestrian last night. He looked like a superhero on a collapsing offense. Or at least a great quarterback in a struggling offense. Bo looks like a struggling quarterback in a struggling offense. For all those who hate discussion about your favorite team's QB1, this will be put to bed one way or another this year. The OL will not be bad and the coaching and play calling will improve. I'm pulling hard for Bo.
  4. We can't know. But we can know they won't do worse than the prior regime.
  5. Half your fanbase wants to hire our scraps because he beat Saban a few times.
  6. None of it makes any sense. Maintaining good relationships with former players is a no brainer win/win. And if they somehow don't care about college football, in the single state where it is arguably most important, they should at least be able to do the math and understand a well-run, successful college football program equals big profit.
  7. Big Kat showing up at Tennessee.
  8. No joke, the rumor here in TN is that Saban turned them in. Who knows if true. But wouldn't that be the pot calling the kettle a filthy cheater.
  9. CB coach, specifically. Who's coaching safeties? Mason or ... ?
  10. I predict Seth has a successful NFL career, makes a lot of money, and never regrets skipping one more year of chasing down errant passes.
  11. When Gus said it was a good week of practice he meant dance practice.
  12. Haha, thanks man. I appreciate the way you call people out when it is warranted. You're good in my book.
  13. Long time listener, first time caller. I've followed this site and Auburn Eagle (or whatever that old forum was called that merged with this one) for most of my adult life. Finally emerged from my slumber to post here and donate much less than you deserve for the many hours of entertainment. Thank you. To prove my long period of observation AND offer unsolicited/unearned opinions, my favorite posters are @McLoofus and @cole256. I just hope Cole would be nice to me. And ya'll lay off @auburn4ever. No one likes a bully and he brings more to the board than many of you. Seriously.
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