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  1. The couple that watches Succession together stays together. I actually thought about watching S2 again to get ready for S3. Have I mentioned I like this show?
  2. Haha, I love it! That opening theme is so great. Haven't had a chance to watch the new episode yet. But I am so excited.
  3. I think I know what you mean. With all the talent recruited in the secondary, are you surprised we haven't replaced him with someone else? Is this maybe another practice/earn your spot thing?
  4. Many opportunities left on the field against UGA. I wouldn't predict a win. But if we see them in the SEC Championship game (optimistic, I know) and execute the way we did Saturday, I agree it will be close at the end. And then all the pressure is on UGA, so who knows what could happen. It's fun to even be able to consider such a thing, with UGA maybe having their most talented team ever. I'm excited about Auburn football again and I suspect it will only get better with a little time.
  5. Oh, I get it. I missed the edit and thought you were telling me to refrain from name calling. Which didn't make sense from you. I'm with you now.
  6. Great story! A friend of mine does a podcast about Black Sabbath called Sabbath Bloody Podcast. You should check it out. He started out as an Ozzy guy but became more of a Dio guy along the way.
  7. Thanks for the insight, guys. I definitely don't have the knowledge/aptitude to diagnose the specific issues like you guys and this makes a lot of sense. This is the kind of thing I love about this forum. I've been a little surprised by the secondary, but maybe all we need is a little patience.
  8. It's definitely not that noble. Certain behaviors just drive me crazy, especially when it comes out of the blue. I should probably just shut up.
  9. Must have missed something here.
  10. Cool, send me a PM with whatever you want to say. I'll stop on here.
  11. I'm not taking pot-shots. I'm defending people from your pot-shots. You brought up the personal stuff that was completely irrelevant. Maybe it's not my place, maybe it's a foolish waste of time. Those would be fair criticisms. But let's be straight on what it is. For (hopefully) the last time. You complained about having Harsin as head coach after paying Gus' buyout. I presumed you did not pay Gus' buyout. That's it. I don't care about your finances or anyone's finances. That's a difference between me and you. I don't value people by how much money they make. You then asked me to "
  12. I honestly don't get why you continue to do this. It seems you only come here to take shots at certain people. Or a certain person. I don't know anyone that's upset Bo played well.
  13. Some continue to lose sight of my favorite defensive stat: points allowed. We are doing fine there. Having said that, we do need to improve on 3rd down. Way too many 3rd and longs converted. Clean that up and we are in business. Get the opposing offense off the field, improve time of possession and field position, and watch the rushing game improve.
  14. Haha. Defense gave up 23 and scored 7.
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