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  1. It's interesting that even with rumors that Colorado has no money to pay staff, Deion landed a top OC and DC in a few days. Colorado will get the money in place.
  2. I cannot imagine caring who the coach's assistant is.
  3. I've seen Deion's age mentioned several times and never seen anyone mention Freeze's. And you're right, they are only 2 years apart. Good thing Freeze isn't polarizing, though!
  4. It's one thing to disagree. It's another to keep posting stuff that is clearly not true. Oh well.
  5. You can't just add an ellipsis wherever you want to make it say something entirely different. From the article you linked: "Florida State's two-time All-America cornerback, Deion Sanders, was placed on six months' probation and fined $800 after pleading no contest to charges of grabbing a salesclerk's blouse and striking a security guard during a scuffle at a shopping mall in Fort Myers, Fla." 2 paragraphs later: "In a 1986 survey of 350 colleges, the Philadelphia Daily News found that athletes had been implicated in at least 61 sexual assaults between '83 and '85." I'm not getting into this debate, but you shouldn't just post wildly inaccurate statements. Don't you think it would be big news if Deion had 61 sexual assaults in 2 years?
  6. Why would Prime say that about Freeze's wife? Weird. (this is just a joke)
  7. Always a pleasure to watch him run and we will never forget that play in the Iron Bowl. I think he made a wise decision to transfer when he did and I wish him all the best!
  8. This seems like the right move. You don't keep the old staff, but Caddy and Etheridge make a lot of sense. I don't know about Robinson, but it's hard to judge a coach under the Harsin mess.
  9. Within a few hours of the press conference, we hit the "don't say anything negative about the coach, what does that accomplish?" stage. I come here to take a break from "accomplishing" things. This is an internet message board. I guess we learned nothing from Harsin and most people aren't in the mood for critical takes. I understand that on some level. Most just want to get excited about the new coach, no matter what. I'm going to need to shut up or only post things that have nothing to do with Freeze. It's not worth fighting 75% of the board.
  10. That's what I meant but I wasn't clear. Urban is the worst.
  11. Was trying to politely answer someone's question. My bad.
  12. I agree with your comments in this thread that Ole Miss is a tough place to win and Freeze did well there. That context is important and you are right to point it out. You've also mentioned a couple times the fluke play that kept OM from winning the SEC West in 2015. And everyone discusses the 2 wins over Bama. So, in fairness, here's a TD play from the 2015 Bama OM game, which OM won by less than a TD:
  13. Haha that is the wildest take I've seen yet.
  14. I could be wrong. But it looks that way to me.
  15. This is exactly what I wanted for Caddy. I hope he still gets to run up and down the sidelines. That's fun to watch.
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