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  1. Good points and definitely worth considering. But it's always easier to stay than to go, which is why the transfers stand out more to me.
  2. And apparently a huge problem for the surprisingly large "why are we talking about this?" contingent.
  3. Potatoes are cheap and versatile. And you can order mashed potatoes or french fries as a "vegetable" at meat and three's with your macaroni and cheese and you don't have to eat anything healthy at all.
  4. Had not considered the "coach potato" angle. That could definitely be it. I'm hoping there is an origin to the insult that makes it a good one. If you're gonna do it, do it right. Maybe it's something specifically personal, like one of the PTB has a weird Mr. Potato Head collection or has a potato shaped wife. Just spitballin' here.
  5. Completely agree. I don't take any one person's information as gospel. Mason's best friend would be a bonafide insider, as would Schmedding's best friend. They would probably give you very different perspectives. So I look at the patterns/trends. It's not just one insider expressing grave concerns. It's at least three who are being very vocal. I am currently aware of zero insiders who are passionately defending Harsin. It doesn't mean Harsin will 100% fail, but it does point to serious concerns. Oh, and I hope the "insiders" continue to share their information. Mostly because I find it fun.
  6. All I know is potato gang is not a very good insult. Is that even a thing people say? Is that the ultimate burn in Idaho or something? Did someone call the Idaho guys the potato gang first and then they turned it around on the PTB? God what am I doing with my life
  7. One move that would actually unite the board.
  8. Venables is now the head coach at Oklahoma. He was never going to leave Clemson to be a DC anywhere. If that’s your definition of a home run hire, you will never see one.
  9. It does kind of feel like the CKS thing will be our biggest regret for a long time.
  10. He hasn't landed anywhere yet. Again, he may even opt to take a year off. We will see how it works out in the end. Oh, and Oklahoma State won 12 games last year. Beat the #5 team in the Fiesta Bowl. Finished 7th.
  11. This is way off. Mason was a home run hire; by far the best Harsin has pulled off. No way he would he have gone to be an analyst for Bama or any other team. He had plenty of opportunities or he could have just taken the year off and counted his money for a bit. He did a damn fine job for Auburn and almost certainly would have been better next season. Don't be surprised if Mason gets an NFL job.
  12. My best guess is the PTB did not force Harsin to hire anyone. They may have made suggestions, but that is very different and not a huge deal. If the PTB are controlling the coaching staff, why was Harsin allowed to fire the WR coach after four games? That's pretty unusual. Why would he be allowed to bring so many coaches from Boise? And why would he now be allowed to make huge changes after going 6-7?
  13. There are only a handful of sure thing, “rock star” coaches and most aren’t leaving their current spot. Unfortunately, that’s why it’s about a 50/50 shot when you hire a new coach. However this turns out, Harsin’s resume looked good. A coach who has dominated in a lesser conference is not a bad pick.
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