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  1. Alright, I will be the dissenter here. The right coach would win at Auburn. And it's never been easier to quickly turn it around. The only problem is we can't seem to hire the right person. Bruce is doing just fine with basketball, under the same administration, the same NIL program, the same compliance officer, the same whatever else you want to blame it on.
  2. Did not realize he was committing so soon. Does look like an AU lock. Thanks.
  3. I liked the way Harsin closed the '21 class with little time to work. Was very encouraging. Ever since then, it's been pretty bad.
  4. A commit announcement is needed in the worst way. Something, anything to get some momentum. The staff must know it. Recruits are noticing. Even a lower rated guy would be better than nothing. The fact we aren't making this happen is cause for concern.
  5. It's almost like rich and powerful people get away with crimes.
  6. You're a good poster, but I don't know what you mean by this.
  7. You make good points as well. The fact is we have no idea how our NIL program is operating, nor do we know what other schools are actually doing. As recently as today, one of our insiders said we are currently throwing NIL money around. Is that true? I have no clue. I agree with you that I made some tenuous connections. Revenue does not necessarily equal NIL money. But logic dictates that a school like Auburn is at least in the top 20 in ability to provide NIL money. It's not like we haven't paid for recruits before, just like every other major program. We have big time boosters. Yet our recruiting is nowhere near top 20. Ever since Harsin was hired, we've heard endless excuses for the recruiting woes. And for a long time, I've felt the most obvious explanation is probably the most accurate. Harsin's staff are not the recruiters we need for the southeast.
  8. Exactly. I just posted something similar. Why are we acting like NIL has turned us from UA into UAB?
  9. How many schools do we honestly believe can put more money behind their football program than Auburn? Everyone is acting like we are UAB or something. Just because we don't have Texas money doesn't mean we can't compete. Money will make it very difficult for some schools to compete in the NIL era, but this is nothing new. The only difference is some of the money is finally going to the people who deserve it. Look at it this way. Auburn is 15th all time in win percentage. Auburn is around 10th in annual revenue. We have very wealthy boosters. NIL should not take us down one bit. It would have been nice if even a little bit of thought went into how NIL would operate, but it shouldn't be hurting Auburn. If it is, it is likely because of leadership and HC.
  10. The problem with losing Brock Glenn (if that happens) is much more than losing a borderline 4 star QB. It speaks to the staff's inability to recruit. Especially on the offensive side. Outside of Cadillac, this offensive staff has shown zero ability to recruit. The 2022 class included seven offensive recruits. Seven. That's pitiful. Glenn is exactly the kind of guy we should land, even if we can't compete with the UGA's and UA's. The guy is named Auburn. His parents love Auburn. We had him as our top QB target (after a few misses) way before FSU and Ohio State. Should have been a slam dunk. From a personnel standpoint, it's not the end of the world, only because losing one guy never is. But we need to stack up quality QB commits every year. It's the most important position on the field. I like Geriner, but he is not a sure thing. Elite programs bring in higher ranked QB's than Geriner and Glenn every year. If Geriner or Calzada don't work out, we have a huge problem, unless we get lucky with our fallback-even-further plan.
  11. I’m so tired of blaming the common person instead of the worthless politicians and flawed political system. Maybe voters should have had a better option in 2016? Hillary ran an incompetent and lazy campaign because she thought she had it in the bag. We voted Obama in when he promised he would ratify Roe v Wade. Then he decided it wasn’t a priority. If Trump won in 2020, the Democrats would now be telling us that this never would have happened if we voted for Biden. It’s time for the Democratic leaders to step up and do the damn job their supporters want them to do. They can pick from a handful of very popular causes that would actually invigorate their base. Get something done. And quit telling us to vote harder until they do.
  12. Man, if we can’t get Auburn to commit to Auburn ...
  13. Happy for you! I thought about the resale market but tickets are going for $500 and up. Will be amazing to see Thom and Greenwood at the Ryman. Have fun, my friend.
  14. This would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. Such a weird thing to do. If you can't handle a message board without snitching, how do you survive in real life? My two cents on @NWALA Tiger's question: A couple of the best posters left. Auburn football is not very exciting at the moment. Some of us are extremely unhappy with the current state of this country, although I will leave that discussion to the political forum. Regardless of political beliefs, it's been a rough and divisive several years and it's easy to take frustrations out on a message board.
  15. Same in 8 other states, as the laws are already written. Almost the entire southeast. In Tennessee, for example, this will take effect in 30 days. If you live in Louisiana, you will have to travel to Illinois or New Mexico to get an abortion, even if you were raped. Or, you know, petition the state legislator and cross your fingers!
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