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  1. Harsin's last FU to Auburn is assembling a staff with no clear, capable interim HC. Fire him anyway. Probably won't matter as far as wins and losses. Get creative to try and salvage the recruiting class. Hire the right guy and things can still turn around quickly.
  2. Tons of mistakes made by different players every single game. Trick plays that don't work, called at strange times, for 2 years now. Collapsing in the 2nd half almost every single game. That's how you know it's coaching and not the players.
  3. That's just sad. Deion's name isn't bigger than Auburn's any more than Bo's, Cam's, or Barkley's is. Is Saban's name bigger than UA? All these people are great for their schools, regardless. Sounds like some petty, ego stuff from the board.
  4. That would be a wild purpose for a 4th down call, but who knows anymore.
  5. But then you just get throttled in the playoff. I'd rather build a team that can compete against the best. Tough schedule and all. And with the new playoff format, you can get in with 2 or 3 losses.
  6. Did not have to be done. Bo feasts against bad competition and crumbles against real teams. He belongs in the Pac-12, not the SEC. Good for him for making a smart decision. But he didn't want to be here anymore. We should move on.
  7. I get what you're saying and you are exactly right but this just looks like a team that finds ways to lose. And that's all on coaching, to me.
  8. By the way, if the analytics say to go for it on 4th down, they sure as hell don't say to run a play that your team has little to no chance of pulling off.
  9. I had the food in the boxes a few years ago and it was excellent. This is an actual tragedy.
  10. The OL actually improved, Robbie was playing pretty well, and the D played their best game of the season. We had a 17-0 lead at home. Miracles. No one on here would have guessed any of this. What does Harsin do with it? He gets demolished at the half, once again.
  11. We haven't even played a great team yet. Haven't even left JHS. Just keep beating ourselves with horrible coaching.
  12. And of course now UGA is going to beat Mizzou.
  13. I convinced myself we’d score maybe 3 or 7. Maybe a D score. Or one big random play on O. It’s almost impossible to be this bad on O in the 2nd half.
  14. Are we seriously going to score zero points in the 2nd half AGAIN. How is this possible.
  15. Hell yeah defense. They are getting it done. Please let’s reward them.
  16. Are sideline reporters getting hotter or am I just getting more pathetic?
  17. I’ve never seen him do anything on the sideline except stare forward, expressionless. Pretty bizarre actually.
  18. Nothing but calm, reasonable discussion.
  19. I haven’t been this frustrated since last week.
  20. Funny how discipline is supposed to be his specialty. Not “funny haha” but “funny depressing”
  21. 1 coach putting them in stupid situations
  22. Just dumb, cocky bull****. Thinking you are smarter than everyone when you are not.
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