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  1. #1AUFAN

    Wear Navy to Arkansas Game

    I found that all mine were magically made two sizes smaller, just sitting in my closet. Not sure how that happened?
  2. #1AUFAN

    Game Day Poll, What are YOU doing?

    I fly my 10 year old banner/flag every game that I'm at home in PC. I got disgusted last year and ordered a new flag, pole, and all the bits necessary to fly. 1st game Clemson, and I forgot to put up the hardware for my new flag, so the old one proudly flew for three days. We had a decent showing against Clemson, so now I'm afraid to break out the new flag. Looks like the old one will be out front for the rest of this season! I'll retire it to my AU stuff case, where my other old flags and memorabilia reside. I resent being called superstitious, I'm just trying to insure that I'M NOT responsible for a loss!
  3. Absolutely the most biased I can recall! I remarked on the two points you mentioned during the game.
  4. #1AUFAN

    FL Residents - Auburn License Plate

    Done! I just got my FL VietNam Vet plates on two rides in Jan. Can't give them up, but I have two more registered, so they'll sport new plates when this passes. I'll make a statement in Panama City! We are not very thick on the ground down here.
  5. #1AUFAN

    Auburn vs. Idaho Kickoff Set

    Gonna be there with my son and three grandsons. First game for the grands too, the oldest in in the USAF and it's the day after the youngest's birthday!. Should be a good trip and a great day. We'll make Tiger walk and try to get some pix. Hope the weather co-operates, but we'll be there no matter what. Haven't been to a game with my son in 10 years, so really stoked about this one.
  6. #1AUFAN

    Time to own up to it...

    WHEW!!! I'm so glad you owned up to that! I got a new banner last Christmas and replaced the one I've been flying since 2010. I was pretty sure it was my fault.
  7. #1AUFAN

    **The NIP is HERE !! Rejoice !!!**

    @OnthePlains, I'm here in Panama City. Would you pm me with the location of that business and vehicle. I'd love to haul the grandkids up there to take a picture or two?
  8. #1AUFAN

    Dontavious Russell and Andrew Williams

    What is a Veteran? http://www.americanw...com/whatvet.htm Link provided by me, a Viet Nam veteran. By the definition in the link; A Viet Nam War Combat veteran!
  9. #1AUFAN


    And... WAR DAMN EAGLE from a VietNam Vet too!
  10. #1AUFAN

    2014 Auburn Intro Song

    At last, two I recognize!
  11. #1AUFAN

    Is the Administration Pro Taligating?

    They did... before they were ban ned! Hurry up August 31st.
  12. #1AUFAN

    Fly over?

    I hear what you are saying. I certainly appreciate what our military does for us. However, the military can say no to this. They have before. Also, I have to work on weekends. A lot of people do! I miss time from my family because of it. How is that any different? @Stripe, I know it's been quite a few years since this old vet retired from the Air Force, and even longer since I pounded the flight line as a jet mechanic, but I must say that I do neither share your outlook nor attitude on fly-overs. I worked many week-ends, for many different reasons, but in the end, only one reason was necessary. I volunteered to serve my country, and I'm proud that I did serve. Earlier this week I celebrated the 49th anniversary of my enlistment, next week I hope to celebrate the 23rd anniversay of my retirement from active duty. I'd likely not "fit" nor progress in today's military if your point of view is widely shared. Even today, I'd be humbled and proud to launch and maintain a jet, if mine were lucky and privileged enough to participate in a fly-over at any event, much less the Iron Bowl. I'd still be telling my Grand-kids that story! Please don't misunderstand, I respect your attitude, just don't share it. I'm sure you'll not lose sleep over my revelation, but I might, over yours.
  13. #1AUFAN

    Go get em Clint!

    While on my knees, peering under the bed, "where's my cleats?" I'm ready to play coach, let me in there! WDE from Panama City!
  14. Wish I could take credit for this, but it's something I read a few years ago, and think it's still very appropriate today. It's too long to post in total, so I'll link to it. It's Still True... LSU Fans Smell Like Corn Dogs! MODS - If linking this is a No, No. I apologize and please remove. This isn't linked to a premium site and I hope no other "feaux paux" are committed. (Pun intended!)
  15. #1AUFAN

    Bama at UF. Nobody discussing?

    Just stumbled across this. Will Muschamp, Nick Saban and their Jedi Master-Padawan relationship