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  1. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Arkansas Florida LSU South Carolina Tennessee Alabama Florida State Oklahoma State Georgia 69
  2. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Three plays three sacks
  3. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    And two more sacks
  4. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Finally some good field position. Got take advantage.
  5. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Just waiting for cox to take some direct snaps as QB.
  6. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    I am glad they went for it on 4th down. Just the play selection sucked.
  7. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    AU may have a new OC but it seems that AU still runs the same offensive plays
  8. 2017 Auburn Soccer

    Another loss to Clemson. When is the last time AU beat Clemson any sport. Seems like it has been 10 years but I know it has not. This team has had a lot of chances to score the last two games but unfortunately could not execute. That is the way it goe sometimes and those goals will start to come.
  9. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    If Fields chooses the good guys does anyone think Gatewood might back off his commitment? Then you have Nix who looks like he might be really good.
  10. NCAA Softball Tournament

    I think AU has ended the season against the eventual national champ the last three years. Didn't AU lose to Florida three years ago in the CWS which elemination AU and Florida went on to win it all.
  11. Always like to see people better themselves by moving up but losing someone to BAMA just sucks.
  12. Softball vs. Oklahoma - game 2

    5-2 now. Going to be hard to get at least three runs in the 7.
  13. Softball vs. Oklahoma - game 2

    So far the difference is one pitch and one foot. One bad pitch hit for a three run HR and Cooper was a foot short hitting a two run HR. Well I posted that right before the start of bottom 6.
  14. 9-0 and AU has no hits. A freshaman pitcher for Arky has struck out 6 of 8 batters he has faced.