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  1. Thanks for the info and makes sense on the decision to go to ASU. Wished it could have worked out for him to stay at AU.
  2. Surprised CD is growing to ASU. Assumed he would be going to a school in Georgia. So, was the decision based on money, scholarship or other factors. Did he graduate and not get into any AU grad school.
  3. My daughters school sent out a questioner asking about distance learning availability at home and other stuff. Talked about only a percentage of students allowed at the school each day if any at all. So, I am guessing a chance fall sports will not happen if all or majority of students not allowed back.
  4. There may very well be college football but I wonder how many high schools will cancel football and other fall sports.
  5. With the recent departures I believe it leaves 8 on the roster and I don’t see any signees for next year. Looks to be plenty of room for graduate transfers.
  6. Wonder what seniors will return. Also, will the NCAA have to approve increased roster size to allow room for incoming freshman. Actually is there even a limit on roster size for softball. I believe it is 35 for baseball. Additional question is will the NCAA allow additional scholarships for softball, baseball and other spring sports to help seniors come back for another year. I don’t think any spring sport has scholarships to cover all players. Only football and basketball give full scholarships.
  7. Game ends on a strikeout looking. AU loses 4-3. Better find those hits with base runners or could be a long weekend. If the games are even played.
  8. Williams just missed a homer in to tie game but ended up striking out looking. Two outs now in bottom of 9. Auburn has just missed hits or Wofford made a great catch for an out. The difference in the game.
  9. Hitting with runners on continue to elude the Tigers. 2 runners on in 4 strait innings and no runs. With the pitching coming in this weekend it is not a good time to struggle getting hits with runners on. Just heard that starting tomorrow no fans at SEC games through end of March.
  10. Great weekend by Yarbrough. 3 wins and a save. Pitched 17 innings and only gave up 2 runs.
  11. Yarbrough has been in control all game. Only 1 hit and walked two. The hit was a solo HR.
  12. Tough loss. A couple calls went against Auburn which cost them a couple runs. Overall I thought the hitting against a very good picture was good. A lot of K’s but some timely hitting which scored the runs.