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  1. My daughters just sent my a short video of Toomers. There is a lot of people at Toomers, wish I was one of them. My twins graduate in May.
  2. Auburn has scored more runs in furst SEC game plus 5 innings this year then they scored in first 8 SEC games last year. 15 - 13.
  3. 25 forced turnovers and 20 more shots taken should have been a good sign of a double digit win I think I remember hearing earlier in the season that AU has not won a game against a ranked team in over 20 games. Maybe the team can get a couple wins in the NCAA tournament and break the streak.
  4. In Both games this year against a&m they scored the winning basket with 4 or 5 seconds left in the game.
  5. 5 fouls on AU in less than two minutes of play time.
  6. Anyone know what gate the team will be arriving at.
  7. Was on vacation in Florida and had to evacuate. Drove up to Auburn to stay a few days with my twins who are seniors and was excited to see the tip off at toomers and sadly that has now been canceled. Oh well will just hang out and hope for a Tiger win on Saturday.
  8. Something positive. AU wins 20-16. Kinda feeling like the LSU game when AU let them hang around and win it late.
  9. Auburn had just over 200 yards offense in the first half of the LSU game. It is amazing the difficulties the offense has had since.
  10. Same 4 and 1 play ran against LSU and again no conversion. Amazing.
  11. TD AUBURN. Great play call the play before. Well he was down just before goal line.