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  1. Auburn LSU Alabama Florida Texas A&M Kentucky Notte Dame Oklahoma Clemson 41
  2. I was at the game and was shocked at how many people left at/ near halftime. The booing I think was more at GM then the players. Maybe fans did not dress appropriately for the game as it was cold. The 4 young kids in front of me all 12 under only had t-shirts and shorts on. Did not see them after halftime.
  3. I am in Gainesville but not for the game. Stopped to eat on way to Orlando for few days.
  4. With the lawsuit is there a possibility of an NCAA investigation and possible sanctions against the softball team.
  5. Will be on a flight to Hawaii tomorrow during the game. Hopefully will get to watch a replay of a win sending AU to the CWS. WAR EAGLE
  6. How crazy is that. Hopefully his bat will stay hot.
  7. Was that another ball which hit SW glove and goes over the wall for a HR?
  8. Will AU be a 2 seed at FSU or Louisiana?


    My twins graduated this weekend. So very proud. Hopefully will be doing this again in seven years for my youngest.
  10. And a strikeout looking to end the game.
  11. And another fastball taken which was right down the middle.