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  1. **cough**cough**REC**cough**cough**
  2. I hear we are about to announce Noah Iggynogknee as the next DB coach. He'll start off at $250K and be the Co-DC.
  3. You do know the difference between "learned" and "apply", right?
  4. Apparently he wasn’t allowed to apply it here!
  5. Out of all these candidates, which ones have experience in our type of system? Or does it matter? Can you take a pro-style coach and have success coaching a spread type OL? Or does the technique really outweigh the philosophy? I can see Gus taking a guy that has coached or been in his system. But would that be the best choice?
  6. WHAT? He sucked when he was here! Or did he? Funny how that is...
  7. SEC media days just became must watch TV!
  8. CCTAU

    Gophers OC

    Which of Dye’s former players did you quote here?
  9. CCTAU

    Gophers OC

    The turd was correct. We got Gussed...again.
  10. Gus doesn't see it as losing. He sees this as a failure of lesser beings to comprehend his celestial system. If only they understood and comprehended correctly, they could conquer the world. He WILL get through to this next group. He just knows it.
  11. Didn't Chad beat us with our own offense when he was at Clemson? Hopefully he has enough differences to give at least a little different look. If not, we are exactly where we are now. At least at this time, we have a little hope.
  12. We are saving him for later....
  13. Running the RPO with our line and a QB that you don't "want" to run is basically handing off into a closed hole. We seem to do it a lot.
  14. When running the RPO as much as we seem to do, the QB has to be able to truly read the option. There were several times that Bo was wide open and he gave the ball for a loss. If you tell your QB not to run the ball as much, you just limited your offense. If you're gonna limit your offense, don't run the RPO as much. I'm not sure I ever saw the buck sweep? This is ALL on Gus. He cannot seem to adjust his offense to its strengths any longer. He has tunnel vision and won't listen to anyone else. Hopefully Chad can get through to him. If not, THIS is who we are.
  15. Welcome to the Gus era of AU football. WDE! Lament early. Lament often.