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  1. Stidham - Will he stay or will he go?

    Did you just say that out loud...
  2. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    What is up with the kickoffs?
  3. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Perfect freaking call into the blitz! TD Ryan D!
  4. I have seen more petty calls, but not many!
  5. Did SW sneak into the #8 jersey! LOL overthrowing a wide ope wr!
  6. The last 3 plays bump and run at the top of the screen with no safety help! we are now in shutdown mode!
  7. That was on Steele!
  8. This week? Halloween costumes?
  9. Not really. He had a good hit on a big back but got zero help. Davidson was right there dancing with his eyes closed!
  10. Pettway out indefinitely

    Lovely. Now we will continue to ride KJ till he breaks again!
  11. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    We haven't had a LB on an RB all day!
  12. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    This could be concerning .
  13. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    I saw it once last season, but I think it was by mistake!
  14. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    Some of us still have Tuberville shell shock!
  15. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    How many Golsons can we get!