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  1. Not yet Frank. Go get some gatorade...
  2. Is Nick Marshall still playing....
  3. Many times it is about fit. I'm not sure DJ fit the mold that Clemson now has. The question is, does he fit Freeze's offense better? The kid did not lose talent. As such, maybe CHF can help him put it all together. I am not as opposed to the idea as I first was.
  4. OMG. Are you saying Steven Pearl is hooking up with the players! Basketball is doomed....
  5. I wonder if Freeze could help DJ like he did Willis. DJ definitely ranked much higher than Willis coming out. Could he actually shine at AU? I originally thought no, but is his ceiling still higher than Ashford’s?
  6. I think he only gave away half of his salary. Half a bad guy is no fun to pick on.
  7. AU was not ready for the show that is Deion. And make no mistake, he IS the show. But with this new era of NIL, college football has become the SHOW for many athletes. So he may be the future. I think he can be successful. This opportunity at CU may just be the catalyst for what is to come in college football in the future. I wish him nothing but success.
  8. What is the reasoning for entering instead of waiting a week on the new staff? Is it about the possibility of money? I mean looking at our OL performance over the last couple of seasons, I am not sure there is merit at at that position just yet.
  9. That IS the best part. It will never be taken away. War Damn Eagle forever.
  10. Was Chadwell ever really an option? I'd rather watch paint dry than sit and wait for that offense to produce. Yes, it seems to work well for CC, but I cannot for the life of me see it being successful in the SEC.
  11. Wasn't it reported that ZC is staying? I thought I saw report of a tweet to that effect.
  12. It would have been a more fair assessment than to include the whole family. I think that’s what he’s saying. They are gone. Time to move forward.
  13. OK. Can we move forward now?
  14. After that move he put on the bammer defense that thought they had him in the backfield, he’ll play. That was an NFL move.
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