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  1. The XBOX generation must be totally stimulated before they can engage. The rest of us enjoy knowing that we don’t need the stimulation to be hyped and excited about Auburn football.
  2. If you need a uniform to stimulate you, you aren't watching for the same reasons I am. We are not and do not need Oregon style motivation.
  3. From the beginning I thought this game should have gone through Wiley. But we have two seniors who seem to love to play one on one ball. In their defense, the guys around them can’t seem to shoot. But I still feel Wiley should have been the guy.
  4. I noticed that also. Times sure have changed.
  5. Cutting out the middle man has consequences...
  6. That is exactly what they do. It is a huge racket. Nobody calls them. They patrol at certain intervals hoping to catch someone. They love college campuses. They do this here in the ATL at KSU. Kids get towed all the time. They figure mommy and daddy will pay it. At $150 a pop, its a great business. My kids learned the hard way. Daddy will not pay. So the only thing you can do is don't take a chance. I too see them as evil vultures.
  7. We have the big PowerXL from Sams. I cut up fresh wings and cook 20 at a time. 380 for 20 and 400 for 10. The original recipe called for 25 and 15. That was too crispy. No oil. Chicken skin has enough. The secret is to shake well every five minutes. If you have less than 20 wings, cut the time a bit, but still shake. I never deep fry my wings any more.
  8. I like Pettway for a couple of these choices. One more year with a healthy and unselfish Pettway would have been nice to see. He had Jerome Bettis type feet. But biggest disappointment in that if he could have just taken care of his business, we would have won the SEC with him stepping in for an injured KJ. No way UGA stops AU with a healthy KP. It would have propelled us into the playoffs. That is disappointment right there...
  9. Since little kids bounce better, I’m sure you were fine. it was a different time back then...
  10. Has AL.COM come out on the front page and reported it as an AU culture problem yet?
  11. Chip was one of the reasons I went to AU. I still talk to him regularly. He was there at a time that you could work yourself into a starting role with hard work and smart play. The walk-ons back in the 80's were guys that you hadn't really heard of. They just loved the game. Kevin Greene should always be mentioned in the same breath as Kaz. Another guy there when I was there was a safety name Greg Staples. My goodness he would give you a headache.
  12. **cough**cough**REC**cough**cough**
  13. I hear we are about to announce Noah Iggynogknee as the next DB coach. He'll start off at $250K and be the Co-DC.
  14. You do know the difference between "learned" and "apply", right?