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  1. That could turn out to be a great match. RD is great after the catch!
  2. If he goes back to what he used to be, wouldn’t that be devolving?
  3. True. But is coaching for your life really evolving?
  4. Oh we will see it. Unless the QB gets real comfortable with that read, your prediction may come true.
  5. Yeah. JJ6 would have loved that. He hasn’t adapted all that well since NM graduated. Hopefully he will reach back into his memory and remember what it was like adapting his offense to a particularly set of QB skills. Sorry. Just lost a lot faith in Gus.
  6. Hah. So what you are saying is we will see Gatewood play in a Nix type offense and see Nix play in a Gatewood type offense! I would expect no less from Gus.
  7. Why is the old girl still standing anyway?
  8. Tate is very active. I'm not sure he would fare as well as NM in our offense (NM was just so quick). An SEC defense would shut down a lot of those runs. And remember, a lot of Tate's passing success came off of play action...we don't have that! But he DOES have the confidence of NM. That would surprise a lot of defenses (running around a squatting DE) and IMO bring more success to our offense as it sits today. I do have confidence that everything Tate would need to do to be successful in our offense, Gus would do the opposite I would like to see if it would work. .
  9. Miller would be doing us all a favor. Condolences to golf...
  10. They just ran a fake FG on us. That is Kirby reminding us that Gus is his B$;$ch!
  11. Get ready for at least one of them here!
  12. We are some no tackling sumbiscuits!
  13. No. The rumors would have been investigated a bit more thoroughly with video everywhere. Hell, they got voice recorded. SO imagine having phones everywhere that capture the situation. With that being said, there are many things that went on that would not have happened. Dye was not a dumb man.