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  1. Just how much are eggs going for in China right now?
  2. Auburn fans aren't any more negative than the unwashed masses across the state. The difference is, if a supposed beat writer kept attacking their institution as ours does, that beat writer would be out on their ass. We are weak in that regard.
  3. Crablegs are not as abundant in college station...
  4. By the end of the season, I didn't cringe every time the ball was thrown his way. He actually made some very good catches. Hopefully he has reached to point where he can be considered reliable. There were some pretty ugly drops early on. Maybe we are turning the corner in that department.
  5. It means they are not leaving… Most know that their draft stock is not super high. And they know there is a good chance of having a good year. And apparently they like the coaching staff. But as all of the great football minds in this board have told us, Harsin sucks. Auburn sucks. And nobody wants to coach or play here. It’s a conundrum I tell ya.
  6. I like Shenker. That being said, can his coming back keep an even more talented TE from being utilized? Will this keep King off the field?
  7. I am pulling for the meteor. UGA fans are horrible too.
  8. It’s definitely rampant. That UT call was horrendous. They let the dumbest plays keep going so they can use replay, and then stop this one? Pathetic!
  9. This won’t happen if he doesn’t see the field. If King is not on the field every play, this staff is lost. Put him at WR and tell him to catch any ball in the air in a violent way. Make DBs pay for covering him. He has that potential.
  10. Would it matter? I know some of you think the OL is just fine but it’s not.
  11. CCTAU


    He is listed as a TE, but he is better in the slot. Not many LBs can cover him.
  12. CCTAU


    He was. On one of Tanks long plays, he was on the other side of the field. I saw that and told my wife a run play is coming. I think it was a screen. The kid is a mismatch. And we NEED those badly.
  13. CCTAU


    If they paid attention to the game, they saw a lot of LBs in the game. That experience can only help. And some of those guys made some nice plays. LB is a bright spot.
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