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  1. CCTAU

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    We used to have some Ys to go with the Xs and Os. Now the only Ys we get are: Y the hell did he run THAT! 😁
  2. CCTAU

    safety CJ Harris ineligible

    So basically the lawyers got involved?
  3. CCTAU

    Gus fired up about new headset rule

    Screw it. use that big gargantualatron to send the plays in!
  4. CCTAU

    Malik Miller a 'steady force'

    I've been watching this kid for a few seasons. He runs hard and rarely loses yardage, yet he could not get on the field. When we needed a strong back, we got KMart or a bummed up Kerryon. Was he just THAT bad in pass blocking? I sincerely hope he gets a chance to shine this season. We need a big durable back to share the load.
  5. CCTAU

    Changes at Toomers Corner

    Sadly. I was at the Hungry Hunter that last night it was open. I do believe it was about dry when we left! Fun times there.
  6. CCTAU

    Changes at Toomers Corner

    Well. To be fair, it might have just fallen down on its own in a just short time.
  7. Quality not percentage. BIG third down drops!
  8. CCTAU

    The great debate

    If I remember correctly, the whole field out there rolls out into the sun so the REAL grass can grow?
  9. CCTAU

    Official Postgame thread

    Actually he was watching the game on the overhead. He did look relaxed though. I think it was a FR DB. For the guys that will not play, it was supposed to be a fun trip. A reward for hanging in there all season. Maybe they were told to stay out of the way. You never know.
  10. CCTAU

    Official Postgame thread

    And the play before he had NCM moving away from the defender toward the middle of the field OPEN! He threw it out of bounds. His vision and broken play ability needs some work. Maybe next season!
  11. CCTAU

    Stidham - Will he stay or will he go?

    Did you just say that out loud...
  12. CCTAU

    ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    What is up with the kickoffs?
  13. CCTAU

    ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Perfect freaking call into the blitz! TD Ryan D!
  14. I have seen more petty calls, but not many!
  15. Did SW sneak into the #8 jersey! LOL overthrowing a wide ope wr!