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  1. JJ is way underutilized IMO. He is a talented guy.
  2. Pettway had incredibly quick feet for a big man. Unfortunately Miller does not share that trait!
  3. It probably won't matter. We could play the least effective back and he'll probably look good against Arky. Then the next week we figure out it was fool's gold.
  4. He's the mad scientist. You are just an apprentice. Bow before his greatness. He will never listen to anyone.
  5. Gus already has an offense that he created. He doesn't need your suggestions.
  6. So. If they fire their coach for losing to UT, what does that say about us? 🥺
  7. I wonder if UGA fans will be calling for Fromm’s job because he had a bad game?
  8. All of this is true. But we know that very few QBs come out of high school with a tight window mentality. The good ones develop it. Bo is having to develop it live. And I think the coaches have drilled onto him to quit taking chances getting hit. So that may be why he stepped out early. But damn, one yard. We couldn't get one yard! Again, how many times did we run the buck sweep? The choice to run the inside zone with a stacked box as many times as we did was a bad choice. I just think after MSU, ole Gus thought we had made it to the promise land and he could just run, run, launch.
  9. You mean the INT to Canella? It was sorta an out and up. I mean a true out route that you actually complete a couple of times, then try an out and up. Did you watch the video? Then again, maybe its exactly the same and defenses have ALL of our pass plays memorized.
  10. Meh. Most were discussing it in the context of what part Gus played in that. My opinion is that Gus killed his career by trying to force him into the same playsheet that NM ran. And as we have come to understand, there is only one Cam and only one NM.
  11. Google Chris Todd highlights. Watch the use of out routes(5&10). Stop routes. The middle of the field. Watch how WRs break inside and sit down in the zone.(WR coaching?) Watch at 30 seconds the fake out route and go. That wasn't someone else. That was Gus. Where has that guy been?
  12. I think a lot of that has to be Gus not being able to adjust his offense to the talent he has. If you go back and look at his offense since day one, he called a different style of game for each different QB, up until after NM. After that, he kept trying to force every QB into the same play set as NM. He killed JJ's career doing that. He finally changed a bit when Stidham got here. But I'm not sure he liked it. I'm not sure he will ever fully get back to the creative play caller he once was.
  13. I cannot agree. On Bo's INTs, I knew exactly who he was throwing the ball to!
  14. No flag was thrown, so who cares? We have bigger issues. How many times did we run the guard/tackle pull? We have run it 50+ time this season as opposed to 10 last season. I wonder how many times we ran it against UF?