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  1. Helluva season. It would have been nice to make this last game a hard fought one. But as someone said earlier, for a team picked to finish last in the west, nice job!
  2. This series left me with but one regret I wish we had a kid named Ward on the team....
  3. Redemption for Burky! Masterful 2 2/3 innings. Take some time and and get the bats back! War Damn Eagle!
  4. If you get the call below the knees, it makes any pitcher look good.
  5. Even Jobu can’t help these bats!
  6. We need lighter bats for some of these guys. Seems they are too heavy to get off the shoulder.
  7. When you give them that free low strike, it’s harder on the batter!
  8. These umps are having to make some bang bang calls.
  9. The OSU strike zone seems to be a bit more liberal. Especially when throwing the low strike.
  10. Gotta get on your horse for that play. Barnett pulled up too quick!
  11. They keep watching that same first pitch. After you see it as the first pitch to 6 different batters, it’s time to sit on it.
  12. It’s a gift. Some think it’s easy to stand out there and just wait for the ball. A good OF sees the ball right off the bat.
  13. I’ve watched him. He doesn’t judge the ball as well as he could. Now he needs to come back and knock the cover off the ball.
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