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  1. Visited 9/11 memorial this summer and it was such a moving experience. One of my college classmates posts this personal account every year, he was in one of the towers : I still remember the glorious morning it was I still remember seeing all the paper flying out of the first tower, wondering if it was confetti for some early morning parade I still remember the evacuation message with a "this is not a drill" I still remember Avel running around the office like a madman asking all of us to leave I still remember walking down the stairs with thousands of others, unsure but calm I still remember feeling the whole tower shake when the 2nd plane hit I still remember the calm turning into utter panic and everyone starting to run down the stairs I still remember the NYPD cop turning us back into the tower as we tried to exit because of all the falling debris I still remember running by a man lying on the road with the side of his head bleeding I still remember standing on Broadway with thousands of others looking up at the towers, wondering what was going on I still remember the crowd panicking as someone screamed "there is another plane coming" I still remember walking to the 34th street ferry station I still remember seeing a girl, lanky, blonde, sitting in the middle of a deserted street, crying I still remember Laura running out from her apartment to hug me and telling me that no one had heard from Jayesh I still remember hugging Divya, trying to calm my hysterical mom 10000mi away I still remember standing in my balcony, smoking a cigarette I still remember celebrating Nikita's birthday in the courtyard, while everyone hoped that her dad Jayesh would just walk in I still remember going for Jayesh's funeral, twice.. and then backing out from going to the 3rd and 4th I still remember Jayesh's mom falling down crying hysterically during the funeral I kinda remember being completely numb the next few weeks, everyone at work leaving me alone for some reason I still remember being picked, for the first time, for Sun's club in Hawaii, but refusing to go I will never forget. Terrorism will backfire on the terrorists, it will bring the world even closer together. I post this every year and I cry... I will never forget
  2. That's a cool picture. I was there at NC game with my son who is also a freshman in college this year.
  3. After some more thought... Running game and OL Can we replace the most productive reciever Ryan Davis Deshaun Davis was solid, who steps in
  4. I will go with the same score from 2010 National championship game Auburn 22 Oregon 19
  5. If we cant run the ball , it could be like last year. This is why I thought JG would have been the QB. Lets see
  6. This year is going to be different for me, son is going off to college (Michigan), he grew up an Auburn fan, in fact 2010 was his first full season watching. Got spoilt that year:-) . We played Michigan about 20 yrs ago, will it happen this year?
  7. Good luck to Bo, was at Auburn when his dad was playing and he had some big games. One of the best /most entertaining games have watched at Jordan Hare was 1994 Florida game. Nix - Sanders awesome finish. Was thinking JG would get the starting job, but then again wasn't there looking at every detail. Watching Bo's highlights, he does look quite mobile and throwing while moving. We need to get back to running the ball well and that would be concern without a QB that can be a run threat every snap. Either way excited for the season
  8. The best hire Auburn has made in recent years. I think he is carrying on what Coach Joe Whitt used to do while coaching linebackers at Auburn
  9. Yep, real life is not a game. Looks like he is from my neck of the woods, here in metro Detroit. Good luck to him
  10. Ryan Davis has been consistent and productive anytime he steps on the field. Good luck to him
  11. War Eagle .. Pulling for Michigan State as well
  12. University of California, Oakland
  13. MilliporeSigma, Maryland
  14. University of California, Los Angeles