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  1. IndianTiger

    Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Have been reading all the comments, agree with RuninRed on this. I do understand 99% or more are christians, so it may not be an issue for anyone on the team. But if I were non christian and want to play at Auburn, would this turn me off. Does Auburn care? My question is do current Athletes and their parents expect this from Auburn Athletics Department? To be a christian environment. Is this a recruiting tool?
  2. IndianTiger

    Multiple Jobs across the US

    Check out the latest jobs: Vice President, Administrative Services Ohlone College, California, Disabled Student Programs and Services College of the Desert, California Meteorologist KOIN 6 , Portland Oregon Lab AssistantDesert Research Institute, Nevada InstructorsButte-Glenn Community College, CA College of Allegheny County, PA InstructorCommunity College of Allegheny County, PA President, Student ServicesCollege of the Sequoias Community College, CA Visiting Assistant Professor (Chemistry) St. John Fisher College, New York
  3. Its a historic hire for Auburn. I am hopeful.
  4. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    That's great to hear. People are generally welcoming and show a lot of hospitality (not that different from the Southern Hospitality :-)
  5. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    I am pleasantly surprised with all the India interest, frankly. Been on this board for 10+ years, we haven't had a discussion like this. Things are changing down south :-) Just kidding Feel like am representing a billion plus people on here, way too much responsibility :-)
  6. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Sorry guys for hijacking this post to be an Indian discussion, stop asking me questions and quoting me :-)
  7. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Funny, I was just going to mention that if you are going to India, try to get invited to a wedding. Looks like you had a ball. People forget India is very diverse. Many religions, languages, food, dress , its a big chaos, but in a good way if you enjoy that kind off a thing
  8. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Yeah for South Indian, my parents being from Kerala, you get unique foods that are Kerala specific. - Malabar Beef Curry, Avial (vegetable medley) . Also Chennai food thats really good are Dosa, Vada , Sambar (lentil/curry dish) etc. Not to mention the sweet stuff.
  9. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Wow, I didnt take sociology so probably didnt know him. But, yeah you should plan a trip to India before it changes too much. i know what you are saying about those Shakar Paras ...they are good. You should try some south Indian food, they are distinctly different as well. While I was at Auburn, had no luck finding Indian food, some of my friends would make that trip to Atlanta to grab a bite. Enjoyed reading it ...
  10. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Lol..yeah lanes are flexible. I learnt driving in Chennai and now am totally useless after getting used to our lanes over here. Will never drive in India, thank god for Uber
  11. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Excellent, different for sure..
  12. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Hi JFD.., grew up in Chennai (which used to be Madras) . Its nice little town of now over 7 million I think. It was a lot more sleepy then, but these days I can't even recognize the place sometimes. I tell people, if you love Indian food, its a lot easier to travel there. Otherwise, between the crowds of people, pollution, heat (depending on where you are), it can be rough. Well , let me correct myself. Was there this summer and we went and checked out many Small Eateries, really good food and a lot of Western/Indian fusion type of food. There is ton to see in India , but you need atleast a month to actually get a good feel I know many talk about visiting India for spiritual reasons - its a country where many old religions have lived together for hundreds of years. Literally next to each other. Its a cool thing to experience as well
  13. IndianTiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    51 Male grew up in India, came to Auburn for grad school , been a fan since (Was a tutor in the athletic department - football and basketball players from fall of 1988) Took my then 10 yr old son to the Auburn National Championship game in 2010. Memory for a lifetime Michigan grad school degree in 96
  14. IndianTiger

    Thank You AU Players and Coaches

    Yes..thank you
  15. IndianTiger

    Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Ran a few miles at the gym, back home and getting ready in Metro Detroit