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  1. The 2018 SEC mens basketball tournament is in St Louis, MO. I live minutes from the Scott Trade center and am looking for 3 tickets. Please send me an e-mail if you have 3 tickets along wiht the price to Kmixon@charter.net. Thanks and War Eagle!!
  2. We're a bunch of pathetic front-runners!!! I have had enough of CGM and his lack of common sense, take your foot off the pedal, NO GONADS coaching. Also, did you notice the mike on his headset was down the whole second half? Which means he had his hands in the play calling (only 6 passes in the first half!!). PLEASE FIRE HIM NOW!
  3. It will be a long time, if ever, that we sign one of the top WR recruiting classes again!
  4. I have read bits and pieces of conflicting information as to whether Kerryon Johnson will play against Mizz. Does anyone have any reliable information they can share?
  5. TigerfanKM

    Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    With GM as our head coach, as long as he uses and we accept his favorite reply to our issues, "We just didn't get it done", there will be no more football championships at AU. Listen for his favorite excuse the rest of our season as these same issues do not improve. I am extremely pleased with our D coaches, but the O coaches and HC have to go! No more excuses!!
  6. I realize CGM is responsible for hiring coach Hand and the new guys we have playing, but I think he should be held way more accountable for the double digit sacks. Your thoughts?
  7. I am sick of GM's "We just didn't get it done" replies! And I was never confident or happy with the coach Hand hire. His track record was never anything but average. Time for a change.....
  8. TigerfanKM

    Where was NCM?

    What a waste not to "get" NCM involved somehow. Hopefully this will change next game, with KD back and less "vanilla".
  9. TigerfanKM

    Where was NCM?

    Did Nate Craig Meyers even play?? No catches after the A day game he had is shocking and the QB could have used him with KD out.
  10. TigerfanKM

    Your Lasting 2016 Impressions

    I agree with what some have said: CGM is too stubborn to change and that will lead to his firing! I also agree with "What a waste of a great Defense!" No matter how good a D is, when they are left on the field a majority of the game due to a terrible offense, they break. If CGM is to stay and turn this around, we need to get a new OC who runs a totally different offense (could you see our young WRs next year in a Pro style O if we have someone to throw it to them!) so the other HCs don't know our plays. (run up the middle, jet sweep, no throws to the TE, only 2 WRs running a few simple routes.) Well, at least we get extra practices for a bowl game. War Eagle.....
  11. TigerfanKM

    Kamryn Pettway update?

    I know there is some mention of this in a few topics already, but I thought it might be a great idea to have one main topic about Kamryn so we can stay updated on how he is doing? If anyone has some credible, factual information to share with us, please reply. Please no opinions here. Our last 2 HUGE SEC games hinge on this big man - WE NEED HIM BAD! WAR EAGLE!!!
  12. TigerfanKM

    Potential Ole Miss players out for Auburn game

    I agree 100% marmot, just hope we don't get overconfident!
  13. TigerfanKM

    To our Tiger football players....

    Eagle, as long as I have been a member on here, do you think I don't know that? Does make for a catchy title though...
  14. Please do not read the threads on here and listen to all the media about how great you are. Don't let them fool you into believing you just have to step onto the field in Oxford and you will win. There is a team there that has received much criticism for their failed expectations and I feel they will seek redemption by trying to beat you. However, I know you will play together, as a family. You will play with that chip on your shoulder for not being ranked to start the season, for being picked to finish 6th in the SEC West division, and most of all for your coaching being on "the hot seat". Every Tiger fan is proud of the team you have become and we believe in you 100%!! Now play your best game Saturday and earn your opponent's respect - that should take care of everything else!! War Eagle!!!
  15. TigerfanKM

    Auburn vs Ole Miss time set

    So it looks like our game is non the SEC network now??