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  1. I know more aboit football than most of you. Most want to post and "try" to be funny, Youn are not funny and this further shows a football IQ of ZERO! As long as GM is our coach, the biggest joke is on all of us!
  2. GMG = Gus Must Go!!! We gave him an extension and a raise for this? It is time everyone on here stop making excuses and pumpimg sunshine! GM is not head coach material and we should have let him run off to Arkansas!! We should all be able to see our offensive issues are stemming from the OL - not being able to run the ball or protect the QB. But now their inept ability has affected our D! We gave up over 350 yards rushing to MS!!!!! If we get that kind of DL play the rest of the season expect to finish 6-6 or 5-7 at best. Then will you believe GMG? 🤮
  3. Deemer, unless a QB can run for his life as well as Vick or Lamar Jackson, the OL must give him some time. We all know Stidham is not the greatest runner. And when no WR can gain separation and get open, what5 should he do, throw more INTs?. Pay attention to how often JS has to throw the ball away to prevent a sack and/or because no one is open. When our running game poses no real threat, the DL are pinning their ears back and coming. We also need to stay away from long yardage situations. So cut way down on the penalties (become more disciplined) and call plays that have a better chance to get 5-6 yards + on first down. War Eagle!!!
  4. My break down on the two main issues. Yes we need to stop the TOs and eliminate the penalties, but: the run game has to improve. With so many new OL, we knew the challenges before the season started. our secondary is horrible! All the threads about looking for the ball? Bull crap! We beat a very good passing team in Washington because the DL and LBs got pressure on their QB and helped protect the secondary..LSU's OL did a decent job protecting their very average QB and they exposed a very average secondary, which also has some new faces So the $1,000.000 question is, why don't our defensive coaches teach the DBs and Safetys to Jam/Redirect the WRs more when we play man to man? Until this is fixed no matter who we play, if their OL can give their QB time, their guys will get open. If our front 7 can't help "cover up" the weakness in the secondary until it improves, we are in BIG trouble.
  5. I agree with the concepts explained in this thread. The main problem is at the line of scrimmage right after the snap. We do not jam the receivers or in any way attempt to re-direct them at the start of their route. When a WR gets a clean release, it can mean trouble most the time, especially when playing a LOT of man coverage. War Eagle - beat LSWhooo!
  6. The 2018 SEC mens basketball tournament is in St Louis, MO. I live minutes from the Scott Trade center and am looking for 3 tickets. Please send me an e-mail if you have 3 tickets along wiht the price to Thanks and War Eagle!!
  7. We're a bunch of pathetic front-runners!!! I have had enough of CGM and his lack of common sense, take your foot off the pedal, NO GONADS coaching. Also, did you notice the mike on his headset was down the whole second half? Which means he had his hands in the play calling (only 6 passes in the first half!!). PLEASE FIRE HIM NOW!
  8. It will be a long time, if ever, that we sign one of the top WR recruiting classes again!
  9. I have read bits and pieces of conflicting information as to whether Kerryon Johnson will play against Mizz. Does anyone have any reliable information they can share?
  10. With GM as our head coach, as long as he uses and we accept his favorite reply to our issues, "We just didn't get it done", there will be no more football championships at AU. Listen for his favorite excuse the rest of our season as these same issues do not improve. I am extremely pleased with our D coaches, but the O coaches and HC have to go! No more excuses!!
  11. I realize CGM is responsible for hiring coach Hand and the new guys we have playing, but I think he should be held way more accountable for the double digit sacks. Your thoughts?
  12. I am sick of GM's "We just didn't get it done" replies! And I was never confident or happy with the coach Hand hire. His track record was never anything but average. Time for a change.....
  13. What a waste not to "get" NCM involved somehow. Hopefully this will change next game, with KD back and less "vanilla".
  14. Did Nate Craig Meyers even play?? No catches after the A day game he had is shocking and the QB could have used him with KD out.