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  1. i refuse to give up !!! AU 23-OM 19 War Dadgum Eagle !!!!
  2. I know this is the 1st game of the season but,I really hope we can address the penalty issues soon.
  3. ddar

    **Arkansas at Auburn Game Thread**

    Run Auburn Run !!!!!!
  4. ddar

    Welcome back Coach Will Muschamp

    it's about boomin time !!!!
  5. ddar

    "Slammie Coates"

    i love it
  6. i'll find out tomorrow,good night and WAR EAGLE !!!!!
  7. at this point,i no longer care where he goes
  8. ddar

    Catch Phrase for the year....

    i like,"Tigers Win Again",myself
  9. ddar

    It's Gus...

    i have to admit that i don't like the choice,but i am an Auburn Tiger fan.welcome back Gus !!now if we can get a great d-coordinator,i think we have a shot at competing.WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!
  10. ddar

    Auburn vs Alabama A&M Game thread

    kool on the score,thanks.radio is broke
  11. ddar

    Auburn vs Alabama A&M Game thread

    whats the score?
  12. ddar

    ***AU at Vanderbilt Game Thread***

    bray is no return man