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  1. Don't forget to post a pic when you get the tat!
  2. IMO the top 2 melts were when Borges was hired as OC and when Chris Todd was named starter in 2009
  3. Iron Bowl atmosphere is going to blow his mind
  4. I am excited with Bo's acceleration and hopefully his ability to escape the rush and make something happen. That is going to be a necessity for our O to find success. I also hope Kodi has finally decided to teach our WRs how to work their way back to the QB and not quit on their routes. This will also be a big part of whether or not we are successful because our OL will force Bo to run around and extend plays. I also think Joey will play. I have no doubt whatsoever about this. Picture this scenario: It's the latter portion of the 2nd quarter vs Oregon. Our script yields us 10 points over the first 2 drives but the O has been stuck in the mud since the scripted plays have been exhausted. Bo finally starts to find a rhythm again and the OL is starting to create room for Boobie and Shivers. Bo hits Hastings for a 15 yard gain. Shivers rips off a 12 yard run and barely tripped up by a Ducks defender close to midfield. Gus then brings in Joey as Oregon crowds the line. Wildcat play action to Stove coming across. Joey goes up the gut for a 1 yard gain and pulls him, now Bo is behind the chains and we fail to get the first on the ensuing 2 downs. Punt. The game thread is full of expletives about why Gus would pull the QB when we're finding rhythm. We've seen this so many times before just with different QB names.
  5. Please please please be able to make defenses respect his legs Happy for the kid and ready to see where Bo takes us!
  6. Makes a lot of sense. Gus shows his former players a lot of love. Sometimes to his detriment but if I'm a young guy looking to break into coaching Gus does a great job giving guys opportunities.
  7. Stanford Simmons Antoine Carter Ricky Neal Hicks Poor Tim Carter Larry Casher
  8. I understand the last 4 games being tough but playing LSU at JHS and @ Bama to close is better than @UGA and @Bama to close IMO.
  9. Guys, It's gonna take 4 games for Gus to even understand which QB can do what. This won't be decided until October. And if it's Joey then Cord will be the backup to preserve Bo's redshirt IMO
  10. This is such a badass look I have no idea why we ever went away from it:
  11. Mannn I'm a big supporter of throwing some variation in there from time to time each season. Even if it's not something I"m huge on like orange facemasks. Anything is fine in moderation IMO. Just something new and fresh 1-2x a year I mean why not? I'm 33 so the mesh jersey's were phased out early during my childhood so I do not have the attachment to them but completely understand why someone who did grow up seeing them, and wearing them in your case, would be fond of them. Even though the orange gloves and shoes for the Louisville game didn't look great I appreciated the fact that we went for something different. I just wish the first time we stuck our necks out like that it wasn't such an ugly look. I mean the players loved it, so if they like it I'm in support of it but I chuckled when you said "Donald Duck feet" because now it's impossible to not see that when I see clips of that game LOL
  12. That's true. I hope you're right. Teams have been begging us attack big portions of the field and we have been refusing to. I hope this changes this year.