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  1. Tiger

    Malzahn post game

    The bold makes me so mad. Clemson and Dabo stole our spot. Gus did his part for Clemson as he's allowed them to get 2 SEC wins in marquee matchups against us. I can't believe Clemson is in the top tier of the sport while we are floundering.
  2. Tiger

    Nick Coe Named SEC DL of the Week

    I see you're a fan of my work. It's always nice to be recognized for my countless hours of hard labor.
  3. Tiger

    Nick Coe Named SEC DL of the Week

    Pickle Nick the goat
  4. Tiger


    I'm totally with you on 4 down territory. At the very least it mitigates our guaranteed 1-2 yard gain on 1st down up the gut and gives us an extra down to make up for the wasted play. IMO RS FR vs FR is not a big difference. All it means is that he's been inside the stadium on gamedays 5 or 6 times more than a true FR. He went into the year getting the same amount of playing time as a true FR at a position where all eyes are on him. I get he was here for a year but he got zero game experience from that and I think game experience is critical at a position like kicker. Now, moving forward I would agree that a redshirt FR would not be as inexperienced because of this new 4 game rule where they can play.
  5. Tiger

    Coach Ryan Russell

    I am not saying we have faced a ton of explosive offenses but we are just going to have to agree to disagree. Holding each team to the low 20s or less (minus UT) is good enough to win the game every single time IMO. I am not saying we are an elite unit (we obviously have holes in the secondary and don't have a bonafide pass rusher to put it all together) but we are playing well enough on that side of the ball to be 7-1. 8-0 if we somehow had the Gus Malzahn that we thought we were hiring.
  6. Tiger

    Malzahn post game

    You can realistically win a national title here. There are not many schools in the country that can offer this type of opportunity. Other coaches already know Gus isn't a big-time caliber coach. They're the ones updating the offensive system he created. They know it needed to be changed and can tell why we aren't doing well on O. We wouldn't be letting him go because of this season, it is more of a body of work thing. I know we may sacrifice some of the things he does well in order to correct some of the things he doesn't do well, but his deficiencies are so amateur hour that it's probably worth it.
  7. Tiger


    Keep kicking em. He can only kick his way out of the slump and we aren't playing for anything of true value anymore. But experience will serve us well in the next year or 2. Daniel only hit ~75% of his FGs his freshman year if I'm not mistaken. This wasn't ever going to be a plug and play. You just don't do that when you replace an All-American with a freshman. Anders was going to have to take his lumps like any other freshman. Plus, he has not missed many FGs that we expect to make. He missed from 45+ and 50+ which is totally reasonable for a college kicker to miss. Not to mention during his freshman season.
  8. Tiger

    Hill accepts Schwartz's race challenge

    I am volunteering to be the 3rd man in this race just so the general public can see what it looks like when a mere mortal is running the same distance.
  9. Tiger

    Coach Ryan Russell

    Regardless of the competition, our defense has put us in a position to win every single game save for the UT game -- and we shouldn't be a team struggling to ever put up 30 points but that's a different discussion. We are 12th in the country in points allowed per game. I don't know what else you would want out of our defense. You seem to be looking for perfection which is unattainable, my friend. In fact, we are giving up ~2 points less this season than we did last season when we won the SEC West. Our offensive struggles are magnifying things when the defense makes a mistake because we have such thin margin for error. It just seems like the D let us down because our O is so bad. Fact of the matter is our D is in the upper echelon of defenses in the country as it stands right now when it comes to giving up points which is the main objective. Now that would of course change if we give up tons of scores to our remaining opponents but I can't say our D is a weak spot when we are giving up only 2 TDs and a FG on average to our opponents. That should give us way more breathing room for our O to operate than it is due to the offensive struggles.
  10. Tiger

    new preseason ap basketball poll

    If want to see Wiley send Zion tumbling to the floor after a blocked dunk attempt Fingers crossed we beat Xavier!!!!
  11. Tiger

    Rotation this year

    Based on last year Dunbar should continue to get backup mins at the 3. When he gets too much playing time his value diminishes. He's good for a spark, some energy, and wreaking havoc on the other team. However he can be out of control if asked to do too much. Now, that doesn't mean he can't be a much improved version of himself last year. I expect him to play more within himself this year. We are going to need him out of the gate. With all his flaws he hit some huge shots for last year. There were quite a few games where we started off really slow and Malik would hit a big shot to get us going.
  12. I say there's reason for optimism. Bruce knows what he needs for his system. We both were down on the Desean Murray transfer but it can't be overstated how important he was for us in winning the SEC championship last year. I hope he's as good as advertised and feasts on the 2nd units this year. I wonder if we go with a "death lineup" of Harper, Bryce, Samir, Danjel, Anfernee at times to force teams into some mismatches.
  13. Tiger

    Coach Ryan Russell

    I'd say that if your defense gives up 16, 9, 22, 3, 13, 23, 30, 16 points in each game I'd say with an average offense you should be sitting at 7-1 worst case. The O has never been asked to even hit 30 points (which isn't anything special in the modern era of college football) other than the UT debacle. The defense is putting us in a position to win the games. I could not disagree more that they are the reason we have lost any game. I don't care if we give up 700 yards to each team if we are holding teams into the low 20s or less we should win the game every single time with our offensive genius head coach. The defense is far from perfect but unfortunately for us the offense is worse than the defense is good.
  14. Tiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    I swear Schwartz and Seth would be a killer duo in a more complex passing O Great play!!
  15. Tiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    1 yard fumble recovery. Boobie gets all the yards until the 1 as I understand it