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  1. Jabari would wreck it in our system. Would love to see him running the 4 for us
  2. The ACC cancelling non-con games seems like they made that decision with a broad brush. So FSU can travel to Syracuse but not Gainesville? I'm all for the safety of the players, coaches, and the families of all involved but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. *To be clear this is not a politically slanted post, I put health over everything as someone who is immuno-compromised but I feel like geographic proximity should hold more importance than conference affiliation.
  3. He's gonna put up Michael Beasley @ Kansas State type numbers at Howard lol its gonna be wild
  4. Wow Nyland Green mentions Auburn as a team that sticks out to him on this morning's Jboy Show. Between the guests and all the recruiting insight the show is pretty damn good
  5. What does show cause mean for a coach that is currently employed?
  6. 6'3 PG with those skills yezzzz
  7. I actually remember that thread LOL. That first bullet point had the memory rushing back to me. There's something about the "Brandon Harris just has the it factor" sentence that has made it impossible to forget
  8. This is a nice discussion but I usually just like the NFL as background noise for when I blast off into my Sunday heroin ritual. Something about the ref's whistles every few seconds that is just is suuuuchhhhh a release
  9. I have been buying bball and football blu rays over the last handful of years, if anyone needs an updated contact send me a message I can point you in the right direction
  10. This game gets forgotten because of our 5 losses that year but that was a thorough dismantling of LSU that night. That was a fun evening, start to finish we dominated. That was an interesting moment. After that game, I was pretty damn confident that we were about to witness the greatest era of AU football over the next few seasons. Ummm don't tell anyone that part though
  11. This is some good stuff. Man what did we do to be so lucky to have BP? "We have a bunch of guys that haven't been through anything together yet" was a sobering yet exciting quote. There's going to be a lot of bumps in the road this season and that's going to be frustrating. Last year we had a lot of warts but we had 5 seniors that helped will us to ugly victories. At this point we don't have anyone on the roster to look to when we need to settle things down when we are on a cold streak and the other team is on a run. But the exciting part is that Phase II of the Bruce era is officially under way! I think this year will be the springboard to another fun 3-4 year run with these guys it's going to be really exciting to watch them grow
  12. As someone who is immunocompromised I'm viewing this whole thing a little differently I think. While the kids aren't as much at serious risk, what about the coaches? They aren't in their early 20s. What about the players and coaches' families? Post game hug with mom or dad could potentially kill them. Or let's say a QB1 somewhere tests positive, it's not as simple as just rolling with the backup for the next 2 weeks. Now a huge chunk of the team could need to be quarantined potentially. Do I want things to calm down and for us to have sports back mannn hell yeah I do! I just think the number of cases will keep climbing to the point that it will just be too much to have the seasons go on. I hope I'm just being a pesimist.