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  1. 30 points??? Are we their homecoming game??
  2. This seems like it's about to go as well as Koy Moore talking isht before the LSU game
  3. I was under the impression in the interview with AU Kirby requested details of all the current NCAA allegations but we refused to share that with him in case he took the information back to Bama. Am I off base? Could've sworn I read that here at the time. Had he been hired here and had things humming and we gave him a raise when UGA came calling I'm not sure it would have been such an easy decision to go back to UGA and start over. This is a business and a lot goes into these decisions beyond alma mater. Not saying he wouldn't have left but I don't think it's fair to assume he would've left, particularly if he had things looking good here
  4. I feel bad for Tank. If he's at Auburn during any other era he's likely a legend
  5. We probably aren't 2012 bad but we are definitely 2008 bad
  6. Dude threw a pick AND got ripped to seal the L. Bad, bad night for Moore
  7. We could've survived the scoop and score but we really needed those 3 points there from Anders
  8. That was the best 24 minutes of ball we have played all year. Followed by a crazy collapse. But we are up. Defense has been really good minus one busted coverage. Wish we were up 24-0 or at least 20-0 ( like it was set up for us) so the run game could be less of an option for them. They are gashing us on the ground
  9. Oh yeah this is gonna be a good watch!
  10. Were we both unranked when they fired Les Miles the day after we beat them? If I recall that game was very much a "loser gets fired" situation with him and Gus. And we won in hilarious fashion at the end with Les' clock management
  11. That is very much work. When you have a presentation for your job in 2 weeks and you're prepping for that is that not considered working?
  12. It's 70% of his contract so $15 million. I think half of which is due within 60 days or something like that
  13. This is not being talked about enough
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