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  1. I agree. I think all seasons should be reviewed in the manner you mentioned. Our last season seems bad on paper but it really wasn't considering our QB and RBs were hurt. Even with that as a crutch to lean on we should've had a better season. But what hurts so much about it was that we were teased with a possible SECW championship but blew it bc of coaching blunders even playing short handed (vs UGA at least...Clemson is just unspeakable at this point).
  2. This will be CGM's 5th year and the program has solely his fingerprints on it now. New OC or not its make or break time FOR REAL. 5 years is enough to judge based on whether he should keep his job or not. What if we go 8-5 but beat UGA and Bama in the process? Does he save his job?
  3. Ouch I feel your pain as when I was younger had a hard time budgeting properly, but now I'm much happier having money than spending it lol
  4. Chubb would kill in our offense!
  5. YES. As great as our run game was there were a few years there where it seemed like our RBs had to get themselves out of trouble as soon as they were handed the ball.
  6. I definitely appreciate the advice but I'm not a big bet-guy actually. Just every now and then when I feel some good mojo coming our way I feel like putting some money on our guys.
  7. He was a slippery RB that's for sure. He just escaped his way out of tackles it was fun to watch. I forgot he was a snowboarder I remember commentators would bring this up during the broadcasts.
  8. I hear ya and I totally get that but I'm talking more about being able to put some money down on certain players. Some sites have way more players listed than others. Trying to avoid having multiple accounts on these sites to be honest. But you're right it's all guesswork and I'll raise you on your Hurts comment. CAM AKERS is on bovada's list and you can bet on him but our most likely starter is not listed.
  9. Would a punter be a team player for wanting playing time? Would that mean he's rooting for the offense to fail?
  10. I see some places Stidham is listed but others he's not. On bovada we have Kam Pettway as our lone Heisman candidate, I'd like to put something on JS though. Anyone know why the list of players isn't consistent from one entity to another?
  11. Since I can really only comment on the post-Stephen Davis era I think I'd have to say Cadillac might have a slight edge on everyone else. I don't think I have ever seen somebody with that type of balance. He always bounced off of defenders and seemed impossible to take down and was always falling forward. He was a special talent IMO
  12. RIGHT?? It's crazy. We can agree to disagree, man. But your opinion doesn't change my opinion or make me feel "worse" about you. You seem like a good guy and are always respectful on here and to be honest that's the only thing that would alter my opinion of you or anyone for that matter. Opinions will never make me change my opinion of someone
  13. Yep unfortunately for me it was straight up. It wasn't too bad though, I was in 6th or 7th grade and made a bet with my UT-grad teacher that if AU lost I would be a "bigger buddy" for a week for the after school program he was in charge of for elementary school kids. I wish I could remember what I would've won if AU pulled it out but my memory isnt as sharp as I'd like it to be lol
  14. I can respect your view of non-violence but are you saying if someone were to physically attack Cam Newton at 6'5 250 it would lower your opinion of Cam if he fought back out of your sympathy for the attacker? If someone tries to take a swing at Cam Newton it is assumed that this person has already weighed the positives and negatives of going after him and what comes after the initial swing or attack is fair game. These are football players not professional boxers who's arms are essentially weapons. Also fighting another man vs fighting a woman are not on the same level IMO. No circumstance makes it ok for a man to strike a woman. The athlete should not get blamed or held to another standard for being physically bigger. If someone coerces you into a fight, for any reason other than you wronging them, that person forfeits any benefit of the doubt JMO. It's kind of like saying you respect someone's 4.0 GPA less because they are naturally smarter.
  15. I was an athlete at one point in my life and was involved in fisticuffs outside of the court a couple times over the years. Would I be considered a thug? Not needling you, lion, just trying to understand. I never took you as as a blanket statement kind of dude considering you dive deep into the details of certain topics to help form your opinion.