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  1. Can you imagine how freaking fun he would be to watch in our system?
  2. If we played another quarter of that game vs UL we probably don't come away as winners. We were hanging on for dear life at the end it felt like.
  3. Thanks bro. Sadly, you're spot on. Sucks having to put myself at legal risk just to manage pain. But I'm ever so thankful and I never lose sight of how much worse my situation could be because this doesn't threaten my life (although having gone undiagnosed for so long, for years it was hard to believe something causing me so much physical pain didn't mean something horrible was right around the corner). Even with how difficult it can be to manage I know I'm sooo freakin lucky when it comes to overall health. And I can totally relate to the unknown being so taxing on someone's mental health. The uncertainty weighs heavy and then the mind can wander down a rabbit hole which only compounds issues. Lol I'm gonna stop cluttering this thread with personal stuff now. I'm not overly optimistic about next season but I will say I got a little tingle of football excitement after watching A-Day. The skill position talent we have on our team makes me very excited for our personnel moving forward.
  4. Great hire for them, great landing spot for him also IMO.
  5. As someone with an unresolved health issue resulting in chronic pain for the past decade I can say the greenery has been significantly more helpful for me than any of the laundry list of pills doctors have been trying to shovel down my throat. "If this one doesn't work let's try another! And another! Hmm didn't work? Maybe we try this one!" I wasn't sure if they wanted me to actually get better or just keep me on some wild chase paying for prescriptions. Particularly when you look into the long term usage effects of some of these meds -- even if you're using them properly. It seemed like I'd be bringing on a whole set of new problems in an attempt to figure out one issue and that's before considering the side effects of the short term. And to think I had a doctor tell me I should stop using marijuana because it can alter how my brain perceives pain...uhhh no **** Sherlock it diminishes the physical pain I'm in greatly, isn't that the freaking point? Lol sorry rant over...
  6. And to add...this is JMO so TIFWIW: Problem is, now that he's back to OC there will likely be team-wide strategy deficiencies popping up once again like poor clock management, poor usage of timeouts, and other weird things like not recognizing it would be smart to put a returner back there for the Kick 6 (Thank you Ellis Johnson for pointing this out) or having two players wear the same number on a play (defending the Hail Mary vs South Carolina in 2014 when Duke Williams and Montravious Adams on the field at the same time) etc...I mean those are remedial level tactical errors and thankfully they didn't burn us at the time but the window is open for something like that to catch up to us.
  7. He gave up playcalling because it was apparent he didn't have the juice anymore to be the rockstar OC/playcaller that he was when he could afford to spend every moment of his job preparing for and studying opposing defenses. With the bevy of responsibilities that were added on to his plate as a HC his value as an OC went into the tank -- commentators, fans, and opposing coaches knew exactly what we were running based on personnel and formation as Gus felt like he needed utopian personnel groupings to mitigate the lack of time he could put into being the playcaller he once was -- which of course made us more predictable. Him giving up play calling duties had more to do with our offensive struggles than our defense needing work.
  8. Damn @DAG has been blessing us with the logic lately
  9. It'll be tough for a Charlotte kid to turn down the Tar Heels. That was likely a dream destination for him growing up unless he was a hardcore childhood Duke or NC State fan
  10. I wanna see Shivers get 6-7 touches a game. Kid can be an electric game changer for us if given the opportunity!
  11. Kirby's mom cuts his hair
  12. Get him healthy, get him right and hopefully he finishes his AU career with a bang. If he stays, that is. He may be tired of getting injured for free and try his hand at making some money while his body still allows him to.
  13. This will be a tough pull, no? UNC and Kansas and Memphi$ are in the mix