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  1. If the kids told Jameis to be silent? Could be good advice actually.
  2. lol what is this? The 1950s? Plus consider this guys history and it makes you shake your head even more
  3. Can someone detail some of the Ben Simmons stuff? I was under the impression that they weren't even recruiting him and him being unfamiliar with the American process (I had heard he didn't even know he had to go to college at all) and just chose LSU because of a family relationship, contacted them and said "hey I wanna come to your school" -- similar to OJ Mayo to USC Lol which I guess is kinda funny because OJ Mayo led to some infractions at USC which it seems some on here are alluding to something similar? Now my information could be very wrong as I'm going off of hear-say and haven't done any research
  4. Wasn't the NCAA interviewing some of our kids pertaining to this case? Because Ole Miss also recruited them? I think there were a few schools involved in this IIRC I know immunity was granted but I'm curious
  5. Seeing on Twitter that people are trying to figure out where the kids who took the money and didn't sign with Ole Miss signed with
  6. Holy hecks that dunk on Wiley 😩
  7. Please work it inside please please please
  8. Lmao there are middle school games with bigger crowds
  9. I don't care if LSU sucks I just want a W
  10. He can hammer it into them without being over the new school "line". The outcome you mention is certainly a possibility though.
  11. I also think Bruce is gonna make our players hate him over the offseason with how hard he is going to ride them to improve the defense. And I also think the kids will thank him for it one day
  12. Well I'm glad we have someone on staff now who has a reputation of being able to get the best out of his QBs as a coach and developer to make up for his lost time being QB last year
  13. This guy's track record is underwhelming. Let's hope this is the beginning of the end
  14. Holy moly