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  1. Ok so there are 2 things that come to mind on this This looks bad because it comes on the heels of the relatively vague "6 schools" threat the NCAA put out there and that we are included with those other schools that were doing shoe deal stuff and it's just a bad look. On the other hand, this kid is exploding in the recruiting world and is a 2021 kid and wants to make sure he's doing the best thing for himself. More schools will be recruiting him across the country now. It would be irresponsible of him to not consider everything. Usually when a kid decommits they're pretty much gone for good, right? We were on him early, I think, so hopefully he sees value in that.
  2. Good stuff. I appreciate the breakdown. I'd like to think I do have the foresight to know I'd be sick of Stoops blowing big games. I also am confident that I'd feel much better having successful enough regular seasons to get to big games. When/if he starts blowing them at AU we should then adjust and attempt to level up again once we feel our ceiling under Stoops, hypothetically, would have been reached if he gives us Mark Richt type results. I don't think the bar is set at finding a perfect coach who has great regular seasons and never falters in big games. That is the perfect scenario which goes without saying. I just want to be consistently good. That's where the bar is for AU I think. Stoops would get us there IMO
  3. The games you brought up in were 17 Bama and 18 Tennessee. I explained how those were either choking or not and was specific about the scenarios surrounding each. Who said anything about Georgia? The mere fact that our coach is so incompetent that there's a blurred line between what's considered choking and what is considered simply remedial coaching tactic just shows what kind of crappy spot we are in as a program.
  4. @DAG Choking in big games vs choking vs Miss State over and over though?
  5. Bama was favored by 4 points to the #6 team in the country and lost on the road. That is not choking, and I don't think anyone is asserting that. We lost to unranked UT at home when we were favored by 2+ TDs. A 4 point spread is not "strongly favored" However, 2+ TDs would fall under that umbrella. Bama was never in position to win the game against us in 2017 so they had nothing to choke away. The only way choking can occur between 2 teams that closely ranked without a large point spread is if one of them blows a sizeable lead. The alternative alternative type of choking is if an overmatched team beats a team that is a heavy favorite. The heavy favorite would then have choked and lost the game.
  6. Sooo you're saying he's right because it, in fact, did meet the criteria? The example starting with "this can occur" pretty much locks it in.
  7. You didn't see his bolded part? We strongly favored to win the game. And we lost. That's the choke job.
  8. Actual footage of@GwillMac6 just before kickoff
  9. Feels weird our fans are scared of expectations. We don't recruit these kids telling them "wanna come to a place where you will be the underdog and overachieve to stick it to the haters?" That's not the space we operate in as a program and this mentality is bad for how we are perceived IMO. We need to find our Dabo to eradicate this type of poisonous attitude from our fanbase in the same manner that he squashed the term "Clemsoning" from being a thing.
  10. If you blow a lead that should be comfortable enough for you to seal the deal that is choking IMO. Same for if you play an inferior opponent and lose. Like Tubs vs Arkansas. Or Tubs vs UGA in Brandon Cox's sophomore season, etc.
  11. Guilty here as well. Part of it probably was our trust in Gus to just keep pouring gobs of points on people no matter what kind of personnel he had. Ah, what a time that was. Colin Cowherd spending an entire segment on how Gus is going to kick Saban's butt into retirement. Skip Bayless saying Gus should absolutely not allow his QBs to work with outside coaches, because he's a QB guru himself. Actually those 2 guys championing Gus were probably all the red flags we needed to know about how his tenure was about to go.
  12. I was hoping it wouldn't be serious when Klay came back to knock the FTs down. I'm a big Klay Thompson fan so I was devastated to hear it's an ACL. But this was an incredibly entertaining series! Sucks injuries had to be part of it though. But both teams were balling their butts off. Yikes, Dwayne Casey probably mad as hell thinking "I could've won a championship with Kawhi and Gasol too!"
  13. Is the plan to keep DLo and also sign Kyrie?