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  1. I'm super excited about Davis. The thing that worries me is the OP comment about not fitting the mold of the other QBs the staff is going after. I hope he isn't looked over for guys the staff feel are "their" guys. Interesting note that makes me feel better, though. When DJ Shockley was on the Jboy Show, he mentioned how when Mike Bobo was his OC, CMB was having to beg Shockley to use his legs and run because it really hurt defenses while Shockley was focused on staying in the pocket and trying to prove to people he could throw. That makes me feel like Bobo isn't going to try t
  2. Lol I saw some funny AU related moments from Bates' podcast called Raw Room I thought you guys may appreciate. LMAO @ Nick Fairley WARNING NSFW LANGUAGE: Clip talking about college strength and conditioning with Kevin Yoxall: Talking punishment runs at Auburn:
  3. Pinson and Zep would be a hell of a bounce back from Cooper leaving.
  4. Been saying this! Our fans will learn about this process soon enough lol
  5. Started watching this last night. I already love it! I needed a basketball version of this show in my life
  6. This is 2016 except players playing out of position for most of the season. That is all. Next year is going to be glorious
  7. I thought you guys may appreciate this as some fun off-season discussion: Pay one, franchise tag one, and cut one between Cam Newton, Bo Jackson, and Charles Barkley. Bates obviously struggled with it more than his LSU alum co-host Jalen Collins lol NSFW LANGUAGE Who are you guys taking in this?
  8. lol shame on anyone responding to this thread myself included
  9. ESPN2 won't switch to our game until like 12 mins left in the 1st smh
  10. Dude what! For the first time since changing the name from the Bobcats I feel like the Hornets are moving in the right direction. Lamelo is crazy fun to watch
  11. Anyone know if he's playing tomorrow?
  12. Lol AU giving 80k to a kid who already drives an exotic car by way of his dad being extremely wealthy seems like a stretch considering the BS we are already being dragged through with the NCAA and Person.
  13. You gotta judge a DC on his DC tenure only. Auburn fans should know that by now with the Gus/OC/HC experiment
  14. Loved listening to Jerraud Powers. He seems a little underappreciated by AU fans for someone who had such a long pro career
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