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  1. There are no words needed for your freaking TE saying the position group was not even taught the route tree. At least no words allowed to be posted on here. SMH
  2. I love seeing the players away from the traditional media format where they aren't having to be all robotic, this was a good interview. Lol the Junior Rosegreen/clothes story was pretty funny
  3. Chuma, as E alluded to, is a good comp from an overall skills standpoint. My overall point is that I wouldn't rule out him being gone before we see him reach his college level *potential* because the NBA likes his pro potential so much. He is a rare blend of height and skill which can affect both ends of the court IMO. He's not really a true big man, he's got a wing-ish skill set with big man height if the 6'10+ reports are accurate
  4. I just want to be clear that my position on this based on his unique skillset and size and not necessarily due to his direct immediate impact. I get that you're saying he needs to get stronger and I don't disagree. I just think the NBA takes lottery pick flyers on guys like that. Kids that show potential, not necessarily production. Skal Labissiere from Kentucky got drafted in the 1st round a few years ago after averaging 6 points and 3 rebounds a game because of his measurables. JT's body type and overall skill set is unique and very enticing to the NBA scouts IMO. As far as Covid affecting h
  5. I'm looking at JT Thor being potentially a 1 and done guy as well and will be ecstatic if we get him for 2 years. This kid is a freak. At his height, with his ball handling skills, coordination, outside shot, defensive versatility with his type of rim protecting ability the NBA would gladly pay/draft him to develop his strength and his game in their program ASAP. Just as @Dual-Threat Rigby said above his body type and skillset is extremely coveted. I personally am extremely excited about watching his development in Bruce's system and beyond. I understand the idea that he needs to work on
  6. Lol I thought this was funny about how Ohio State would do in the SEC
  7. Dude that's exactly what I'm saying. Seems like most of Joe's offense will be playing on Sundays will get/did get drafted while Cam had a 7th rounder or 2 on his O. NOT EVEN CLOSE
  8. He talks about the story behind that, it's good stuff!
  9. Man, Eltoro is a great listen. Those stories were great. I feel like I didn't even remember that he had briefly left the team before the Iron Bowl. Twill driving all the way to get him is a cool story. Also the "best missed tackle in AU history" in the Camback is maybe the most underrated moment from the 2010 Iron Bowl lolol
  10. I swear the quotes look like he's mad but if you listen it's laid back, peppered with laughter, and just candid conversation/story telling...I'm here for that perspective from athletes. And plus, you could write a freakin book about the Chizik era, I mean going from national title to worst season in AU history in 2 years is a hell of a story. I love getting an inside look at that He had some great things to say about his time at AU in the other episodes and was not trying to hear any of this Joe Burrow vs Cam Newton convo
  11. This seems like a good group of kids. Cardwell seems like he's going to be a fan favorite in the future
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