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  1. Dude what! For the first time since changing the name from the Bobcats I feel like the Hornets are moving in the right direction. Lamelo is crazy fun to watch
  2. Anyone know if he's playing tomorrow?
  3. Lol AU giving 80k to a kid who already drives an exotic car by way of his dad being extremely wealthy seems like a stretch considering the BS we are already being dragged through with the NCAA and Person.
  4. You gotta judge a DC on his DC tenure only. Auburn fans should know that by now with the Gus/OC/HC experiment
  5. Loved listening to Jerraud Powers. He seems a little underappreciated by AU fans for someone who had such a long pro career
  6. Had me in the first half not gonna lie
  7. Past stops at Boise and Arky State. He's going to be in awe of the level of athlete he's going to be working with now lol. I'm all in though. I have no reason to not trust Harsin's judgement. I hope Pittman is a great hire and gets our guys right! LETS GOOO
  8. I know I'm late here but what kind of defense does Harsin like to run? What was he running at Boise? Doesn't Avalos run a 3-3-5 or something
  9. Also, everything looks way worse than it normally would because we don't have a PG. Asking Powell and Flan to shoulder that load in the SEC is going to be an ugly process. But this core group is going to be fun to watch soon
  10. Just enjoy the process, everybody. These players are going to be very good in the near future
  11. Arky looking like butt right now. I am very worried about how we look on the road vs TAMU. IDK anything about them this year but Buzz teams are always tough as hell I could see our young team being overwhelmed with their physicality early. Hoping we keep it manageable early and match their intensity
  12. Does DD fit what Hars likes in QBs? How does he fit in what will be our new system?
  13. Slim. Scoot won't be around for Thor and Jabari at the very least
  14. I was sour on it initially but this guy is a COACH. He's not a guy with a system. Harsin apparently makes players better and has been in college coaching for a long time developing players and racking up the wins. We will no longer be using our players as a living science experiment and I'm very much looking forward to our program moving forward.
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