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  1. Tiger

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    And criminally underrated on here. He was just about as clutch on the defensive side of the ball as Nick Marshall was on offense. Need a game sealing sack?? Dee's your guy. He had a fantastic BCS title game too. I wish we got to see him and Lemonier together, I think Corey's presence would've tipped the scale just enough for us to be national champions in 2013. One more dependable pass rusher would've pretty sweet.
  2. Tiger

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    Absolutely worth the wait though
  3. Tiger

    Barret newest wildcard

    Gus is definitely the real wild card here. He'll cut your brakes, play 12 QBs in one game, run the same play 17 times in a row just to keep you on your toes.
  4. Tiger

    2019 4* SF Isaac Okoro

    I hope you're right. And he certainly may not, but I wasn't envisioning us having this much turnover this year, so when it comes to hoops I try to expect the unexpected. I agree with everything you're saying though. When will we know about Stretch?
  5. Tiger

    2019 4* SF Isaac Okoro

    Would love to land Okoro. We are going to have some big time holes to fill after this season and he'd be a great addition. Spencer, Bryce, and Dunbar will be gone for sure Wiley will likely leave considering he was actually invited to the combine this year. Danjel might leave too -- he's been in college for quite some time now and may want to try his hand at earning a paycheck If Chuma blows up he could leave, and then who knows if someone wants to transfer out. That's potentially 6 players in the rotation leaving us. We will be in for a rebuilding year after this season but it shouldn't be nearly as rocky as any of Bruce's first few seasons now that we are actually on solid footing IMO.
  6. Tiger

    AU adds JuCo PG J’Von McCormick

    Anyone know what schools were interested in him out of HS? I couldn't find a recruiting profile on him.
  7. Tiger

    Jarrett Stidham to Manning camp

    Lol I have to check this podcast out. Thank you for mentioning it Edit: Just saw the list of episodes. This is going to be great.
  8. Tiger

    Gus fired up about new headset rule

    This is exactly the type of loophole Saban or Harbaugh would exploit
  9. Tiger

    walk-on wide receiver arrested

    Media doesn't like it when they're wrong. And we consistently prove the media wrong -- whether we outperform expectations or make "experts" look like idiots by having a flaming flop of a season when they pick us to do well. This makes them look bad, so they get cranky and sensitive about it. So now they become a little bitter towards AU and when they have an opportunity to take a shot they won't hesitate. Stephen A. Smith one time lit into the Washington Wizards after they lost a game he had predicted them to win. And one of his points for being so mad at them was they made him look stupid for picking them. I couldn't believe he said that on TV and IMO that was a true peek behind the curtain about what drives certain journalists to be have certain biases towards or against particular teams/coaches/players/etc.
  10. Tiger

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    LOL you caught me before my edit! Yes, I'm much better at winning an argument several hours after it's over when my brain can think of a snippy comeback. Why do you ask?
  11. Tiger

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    Seriously inexplicable. We are so far removed from that game at this point I'm seriously wondering if I will ever get over how dumb that was. I've watched countless Auburn games over 4 coaching regimes and Gus by himself is responsible for the 2 absolute worst game plans I have ever seen in my life. I can probably extend that out to all my football watching and not limit it to just AU games. A 7-QB gameplan and a run up the gut no matter what the hell happens even though it hasn't been working? Has any coach botched a gameplan so hard? Pete Carroll didn't give the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the goal line -- huge brain fart in a critical moment, right?. But imagine that level of brain fart except spread out over an entire game or an entire half. Gus feeds his brain 7-Eleven bean burritos before games.
  12. Danjel was our best FT shooter last time he was eligible. But for some reason Bruce kept sending other players to the FT line for technical foul shots, etc. I could not understand it at all.
  13. Tiger

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    This breakdown football-infuriates me. More defenders than blockers? Consistently? This is Derek Zoolander level dumb. Seriously, how can anyone defend this? Something happened to Gus in 2013 and I don't like it one bit. What happened to the man who changed how teams operate their offenses today? He's devolved into some football caveman banging his head into a brick wall
  14. Our record was damn good last season, so we could very well be a better team but our raw W-L record may not reflect it. Purifoy being inserted into the lineup 9 games in will also probably affect this. But I will settle for a top 3 SEC finish but stick around for more than 1 game in the SEC tournament and making a respectable run in the NCAA tournament. I think this would be an improvement on last season. We won't be sneaking up on anyone in the conference, so I could see our record taking a bit of a slide but I wouldn't be too mad if our post-season play improves from last year. There's also a chance that Wiley's presence really takes us to another level. I'm excited to see what we look like next year.
  15. Tiger

    walk-on wide receiver arrested

    When I was 20, my girlfriend at the time was 22. We went into the local grocery store chain near across the street from campus to buy some beer for the evening. We separate once in the store to not look sketchy. She pays for it while I'm on another register paying for something else. We exit the grocery store together and since it was a 24-case I grab it from her because it's heavy and carry it to her car. An undercover pulls us over and she's in the cop car for 30 minutes before the cop got her crack and say the beer wasn't for her but for me and my roommates. Turns out she was in full denial mode until he randomly switched things up and asked her how much money I gave her for the beer. SMDH! I now realize that was the universe sending me a big time signal that she was not the one after she ratted me out resulting in an underage possession ticket. Of course, she got hit with providing alcohol to a minor which is exponentially worse (LOL this cute little girl had a parole officer and everything) but I still wasn't too happy about it.