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  1. 8 wins because that's our damn floor as an SEC power with conference championship and CFP birth expectations
  2. Former star AU linebacker was at the game and weighed in on his podcast Raw Room: NSFW LANGUAGE On the Tank play: Full *honest* analysis of the game -- lots of interesting insight and questions about the coaches thinking behind TJ Finley's injury, and the questionable playcalling around the QB.
  3. Have we been watching the same Tank because lower body strength and balance is NOT an issue
  4. 1st season is always going to warrant a pass of some sort. But there are some MAJOR red flags to keep an eye on that will dictate whether the Harsin era lasts beyond a few years. First is obviously recruiting. We are a program who's ultimate goal is to win the SEC and win a natty. Harsin has to recruit to that. Second is the dumb decisions from a game management standpoint. Going for 2 against Miss St when a PAT makes it a 1 score game? Wtf. Not sneaking it on 4th and 1 vs SCar when you have a 6'7 QB? Allowing Bobo to run the fade against Penn State? The misusage of Tank as well. I
  5. Man wrote a book about how to be a champion after riding Superman's cape lol
  6. Loving the passes from Wem and KD
  7. We have a really nice, deep squad this year. Flanigan will be a welcomed addition a little later as well. The lack of a natural facilitator may hurt us at times but this is going to be a fun squad to watch grow into itself. Super excited for the season
  8. Should've just said "I got my ass handed to me during negotiations" and this entire article would've fit in a tweet
  9. Is there any way to watch this online?
  10. I recommend anyone who appreciates this perspective to check out Bates's show Raw Room. LOL he wanted Knighton to try for a pick 6 to end the LSU game: (NSFW LANGUAGE) He did a full breakdown as well with some random funny AU tangents:
  11. Best game of Bo's career. I've been critical but he's doing the damn thing tonight and carrying the O
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