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  1. We need to win this game. Up next will be Duke (assuming they beat SDSU) and, as a North Carolinian, I am DYING to see us matched up against them. I don't know much about Xavier other than they lost a few pieces and also lost their HC to Louisville. We will have an excellent chance to showcase our program to the entire country in this tournament!
  2. Tiger

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    The fact that some Maryland coaches referred to some players are "theives" to their faces for "stealing" scholarship money because they weren't as good as the coaches thought made me feel some sort of way
  3. Tiger

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    Can I like Momma's last post more than once???
  4. Tiger

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    Very true. Good points. I'm just wondering how our staff deals with players because I've had multiple friends fortunate and talented enough to receive scholarships at d-1 schools tell me similar stories of intimidation by coaching staffs. Not to this type of level like throwing weights but still some things that make me curious to how our staff interacts with the kids. Like, you don't need to treat me like an *** for me to get the point, dude. I understand tough coaching but there's a line. Even with Coach Garner, the players once they leave speak glowingly of him, and he's apparently the most hard nosed coach we have so I don't think there's actual mistreatment going on
  5. Great post. You're absolutely right. Who will do the little things Murray did? Do we have anyone that will do all the tough work? How will everyone be after a year of success? Egos change, there are next level aspirations that could derail the type of chemistry we had last year. What chemistry problems specifically do you forsee? Feel free to PM if you don't want to call any kids out publicly I'd love to hear your take because I thoroughly enjoy your posts throughout the season. BTW, totally agree with you on Murray. While not the most talented his junkyard dog style and effort is essentially impossible to replace
  6. Tiger

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    Am I the only one wondering what's going on at AU that Byron Cowart left to goto this program? The rumors were he couldn't handle the derecruitmemt process, right? Before anyone flames the hell out of me I'm not saying or insinuating anything near as grotesque or close to over the line like this is happening here but it just made me wonder because damn, Durkin and Court seem like scum. Someone freaking died under their watch and they didn't even call for medical help until an hour later!!!!!!! WHAT THE EFF
  7. Tiger

    LSU LB Taylor wheel man in pawn shop heist.

    What an idiot smh
  8. Tiger

    2018 Depth Chart, Let's Talk

    I get what you're saying and how it would make things seem muddy but I like the prospect of each player being the absolute best they can be and I'm a believer in that having an extra year in the program helps accomplish this. If someone transfers because they can't beat out another guy I'm ok with that. I'm not big on having a predetermined set order ahead of time for QBs to be the future here because we, more than anyone, know that our QB projections almost never go to plan. Back in 2013 we would've thought Sean White would be leading us for his senior campaign this year and instead we have a guy this board had not even mentioned once during his HS career leading our team. But it's most likely that Cord and Gatewood would be RS-freshman next year as they will likely play in <4 games this year. So we will have 3 freshman QBs. One guy who will have played in a max of 4 games over 6 years, one guy who's a project, and then Bo Nix all as freshman/RS freshman. Its likely not all would stay at AU but it'd be one hell of a competition and the best man would win if the coaches are doing evaluation in practice properly.
  9. Tiger

    2018 Depth Chart, Let's Talk

    Question.... If Malik Willis appears in 4 games or less this season, would he qualify for a redshirt or is that only for 1st year players? Could be kind of cool to give him an extra year to develop and be a RS-Soph next season.
  10. LOLLLL Surprise, surprise. Battle of the overrated, bloated name brands.
  11. Tiger

    Coach Chizik speaks to team

    The way he handled the Cam allegations was masterful. He was firm and made it crystal clear that he had his guy's back and there was no foul play. Both in hindsight and in real time I felt/feel like it couldn't have been handled better. I would looove to hear him off the record talk about that whole situation and how he feels about Urban Meyer/Dan Mullen etc. Or even how things started to fall apart during his tenure would be one hell of a listen
  12. Wait where is ESPN going to be if not in Atlanta? Isn't it the only top 10 matchup of the weekend?
  13. The tallest WNBA player in history is 6'8. Candace Parker is 6'4 for reference, that is plennnnty tall IMO
  14. Tiger

    2020 5* C Walker Kessler

    I'm just happy we are in the mix for this type of player to be honest. Not getting my hopes up but the fact that we are even being considered shows how far we have come
  15. Tiger

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    Is it pronounced like shivering cold or Shy-vers?