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  1. Good point. I'm in wait and see mode before I can trust it. The POTENTIAL to fuse a dangerous passing attack with already great running attack could be awesome
  2. I need a Spavital after reading through all the bickering in this thread
  3. One thing that stuck out to me was that he said the bottom line is to get your best players the ball. Here's to hoping this new set of eyes on staff helps us identify who these best players are because I don't/didn't trust Gus and Rhett to accomplish this until October. Luckily most of our guys have proven/started to prove themselves in real games over the last year. How our WR depth chart shakes out will be very interesting to watch.
  4. Very surprised that he was struggling in situations where he was pulling. Seemed like that was his specialty for us.
  5. If we can somehow split these next 2 games I'll be happy. Wiley is a difference maker for everyone and our more compact rotation now is allowing guys to find their groove. I like it
  6. Incredible game. Awesome team win.
  7. Terrible shot but it went in I'll freaking take it Mustapha let's gooooo
  8. Wiley needs to touch the rock on every possession
  9. We could be so good if we eliminated contested 3s from our offense
  10. I had no idea Ronnie Johnson could dunk
  11. THIS is how our stadium needs to look for all of our conference games
  12. Are you kidding me...OT in the game before ours That really sucks about Mclemore. His energy is crucial for us
  13. 😂😂
  14. Can you elaborate? Is it due to inexperience? Or just getting whooped on the recruiting trail? I'm still learning about this guy