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  1. If only Kyler Murray was an inch or 2 taller he might have won the Heisman, or shoot, could've even got a shot in the NFL
  2. Jamal Johnson has had his bright moments and had some dull ones. He may take some time to find his groove seeing as he sat out last year. If we want to contend for a top 4 spot in the conference we are going to need him to be a reliable threat from 3. Cambridge and Flan both have freshman moments but they also have moments that make you very excited to watch them grow over the next couple years. But those 3 off the bench are essentially our main scoring options for our 2nd unit and if they are all having poor games it hurts us big time. I was hoping Javon Franklin would be able to give us something but he's evidently not ready yet.
  3. Oh and one more thing -- the officiating last night was AWFUL. Terrible both ways I mean sooo bad. I don't understand how officiating can be so consistently bad and these guys keep their jobs. And then of course there's the whole TV Teddy thing. NCAA reffing is a freaking joke. How the hell did they mess up the final call with replay review? It was so obvious Isaac hit the ball out of bounds.
  4. Are people forgetting we got TWO TDs from our defense? Bama's D has not been good and we still needed 2 non-offensive TDs to win that one. That is not sustainable.
  5. Tiger


    Good point. I'll be keeping a close eye on the Kentucky program in 2021 that's for sure. I hope Stoops is still there and he won't have to win over a new coach.
  6. Tiger


    I wish he was going to be surrounded with more talent. I also wish he went juco so he could get some sorely needed game reps. Kid hasn't been a full time starter in half a decade. I'm pulling for him big time though.
  7. Tiger

    NBA Thread

    That's a great video of Booker speaking about your cousin. Thanks for sharing man. MPJ would've been fun to watch with Phx but I actually really like Kelly Oubre has been doing for them. He's a great fit for how Monty Williams is running things over there. People kind of slept on Rubio's signing there but he's truly an X factor for them. He's great at setting guys up and that's exactly what those young guys needed. I mean they're obviously not some title contender but they're entertaining to watch. I kinda feel bad for MPJ (and Bol Bol for that matter) that they're on Denver because the Nugs are stacked! But bringing MPJ along slowly might be a good idea due to his health. But Jokic/Bol/MPJ/Jamal Murray is one hell of a talented group. Denver is already very good but they're going to be scary in a few years. All those guys are going to be getting buckets with how Jokic passes the ball
  8. Tiger

    Next year

    IMO Boobie doesn't need 50% of the carries when all the other backs are comparable to him in terms of talent. Especially when 1/3 of his carries are just runs right into the center's butt. He got half the RB touches while missing a few games. He probably would've had closer to 75% of the total touches if he didn't miss time. We don't ever match Flash up with a LB. We don't ever move guys around to force the D into a bad matchup. We raaarely get Shivers in space. We don't get him involved in the passing game -- there's not a LB in the nation that could keep up with him. Florida and LSU both beat us on the strength of putting their fastest guys in spots where LBs had to cover them.
  9. Ok that game was way too intense. Long layoff, days off, and guys probably overlooking Furman a bit may have contributed. Sorry for the length of this post, keep scrolling if you want I won't be offended lol That being said, we took several punches to the mouth and still pulled this game off. I was livid when the 2nd half started with Furman hitting a 3 and getting fouled.A 14 point comeback in the 2nd half is a good experience no matter who the opponent is. I think it's clear this team has the confidence to think we can win a game no matter what the deficit is. We needed a humbling win after shooting up to 14 in the rankings and we got it. I love that we played so poorly and won the game. We had 19 turnovers and shot 16% from 3. Those are losing numbers. We are very fortunate to come out of that game with a win. Hopefully Furman plays well the rest of the season and makes this win look good for us. Gotta give Wiley major props here. He could've had way more points if we could just feed him the damn ball when he has position for an easy bucket. He was huuuuge down the stretch. FTs, blocks, steals, and buckets. Danjel was off all game. But his lone 3 was a big one. But he was a little sloppy with the rock it felt like. Samir -- he had a very off night shooting but man he kept playing hard and got us some really valuable buckets down the stretch. His leadership is key for our group. last season if he started off that slowly in a game Sulky Samir would've made an appearance and he would've been done for the rest of the game. So glad to his maturity level as a senior! J'VON!!!! His play in the last few minutes of regulation were fantastic. He almost hit the game winner, as someone who has been on J'von's back about his play over the last 1+ year I really wanted it for him to hit that up and under shot to end the game. But make no mistake about it -- we don't win this game without him. Even with his shot not falling for most of the game. He had a solid floor game I think and his assist numbers would've been higher if we shot better as a team. Okoro - what more can ya say? Kid is a baller. Clutch FTs. He's just a difference maker for us. Those FTs were big. For a 60% FT shooter to hit 2 game sealing ones was huge for the freshman. Mac was busting his butt out there. Hit one of our only 3s and we needed it. He was aggressive on the boards. Flanigan had a good game! We need that type of production off the bench from him. Cambridge and Johnson were essentially non-factors. I hated the 3 Devan took after blocking the hell out of one of the Furman players in a moment where we were clawing back and needed a good possession. This kid is going to be a stud for us. I expect him to have his ups and downs this year as he gains experience. If Johnson isn't hitting 3s he's kind of giving us empty minutes. We need that to change. We only played 9 guys. We need Turbo to get his act together because asking Samir to be the starting 2 and backup 1 while being a major source of offense for us is going to kill us in conference play. That's too much on his plate IMO. We don't need to be stretching him too thin. We are a sprained ankle away in the back court to being in some hurt. We need to hit some damn FTs or we won't realize this team's potential. Samir and Danjel's FT shooting has been the most concerning. They've been good at the line in the past. I hate that we have to wait so long for another game, this team needs to keep rolling. Hopefully we get some good scrimmaging in during this long layoff.
  10. No way in hell he injects new ideas or a modern passing attack into his offense now. The Iron Bowl win only will have him stuck even further in his ways If he wanted to get the most out of Bo he would modernize the offensive side of the ball
  11. Tiger

    Next year

    Say it again, Caleb!!! He just doesn't do any of that and it's maddening. Not only that but he doesn't even seek out mismatches to put our players in an optimal position to succeed. He just operates the system the same way each game. Frankly, it's not smart coaching.
  12. Tiger

    NBA Thread

    D Book is my guy! I've watched a lotttt of Suns games on League Pass over the past few years and I am soooo glad they finally brought a legitimate PG over to their team. Now Book has Rubio to help set him up instead of having to literally do everything himself. I also think Ayton is going to flourish big time with the help of Rubio. Last year nobody would get him the rock in his spots -- I was disappointed big time with his suspension but <2 weeks away from returning and I can't wait to see how they look full strength.
  13. Tiger

    Next year

    Truthfully I'm less mad about those guys because I don't think Gus would be able to utilize them properly. I don't even think Gus is capable of putting Schwartz, Seth, and Pickens on the field at the same time. There's just not enough room in the system for it smh
  14. Dude same here. I'm wondering if Kerryon Johnson doesn't regret being a safety. I know Ben Tate had previously said he wished he played DB when he was in HS because of this.
  15. Tiger

    Next year

    I'm with you 100%. Like I said I didn't mean to disparage Nix. I just am not sold on the idea that Gus is the coach to get the most out of a player like Nix considering our offensive system is constructed in a way that won't highlight a passing QBs strengths. Nix can run but I don't think he would ever be a guy who will devastate a team by extending drives with his legs too often. That's the type of player that really makes Gus look good IMO. Yup, it always seems the teams that take away our big plays beat us