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  1. Tiger

    Chizik weighs in on gus

    Yup. Ellis Johnson didn't like the way we practiced. Will Muschamp apparently didn't like how we practiced and went even further and voiced his displeasure with how we were even going about recruiting. And these are just the things that have made their way out. I imagine when we eventually let Gus go a plethora of other head scratching moments will be made public through random quotes.
  2. Tiger

    have quite the ceiling with Purifoy

    Horace's value is most noticeable when our aggressive defensive style leads to foul trouble for our bigs. How great is it that if we get in a little bit of foul trouble we aren't having to decide which 4 needs to slide over to the 5 mid-game???????
  3. Tiger

    Bruce Pearl on radio this morning

    I remember hearing this too. I know some will point to last year but we were so depleted by the end. At UT I remember some years they had a good showing in March and then other year(s?) with close calls/early exits. Going off memory so definitely could be wrong.
  4. Tiger

    Bruce Pearl on radio this morning

    ESPN is actually projecting an NCSU win. I think their win probability is like 61%. I looked at their schedule and they've played one ranked team in Wisconsin which handed them their only loss. That could be because of a contrast in styles of play though, Wisconsin can be an annoying team to play against. But I hope we come out and punch them in the mouth with our defense because not many teams around the country are prepared for our tenacity on D. We have to make them uncomfortable on their own floor.
  5. Tiger

    If you could have one Non-Auburn player...

    I totally get it. No way CMC comes to AU anyway. But dismissing a kid because of where he's from is about as stupid as dismissing the idea of attacking the entire portion of the field offensively. That's really my point of contention.
  6. Tiger

    If you could have one Non-Auburn player...

    Sweet. So our coach felt like a Heisman winner and a runner up each were not good enough to play for him. But boy lemme tell you about this one kid he saw out in Mississippi one day named John Franklin III......
  7. Tiger

    Gus admits error with Martin

    Ok after re-reading I may have misinterpreted that part. The sad part is my trust in Gus is so low that it's actually believable that someone would get the rule wrong lolol. Sorry guys my skin tone is losing it's green color now. Getting back to normal
  8. Tiger

    Gus admits error with Martin

    Inexcusable for anyone making 5-6 figures in the industry to not know this simple rule. It's different for casual fans to not know the ins and outs but absolutely a failure for a coach on staff who is dealing directly with parents to drop the ball in this manner. That is fireable. If any of us made such a remedial mistake at our jobs we would be let go. It's a single bullet point. One single sentence and our coach couldn't even wrap his head around it. 3 games is not even in some other rule that can be confused with this one.
  9. Tiger

    Gus admits error with Martin

    These are the moments I hate Gus the most. Like when he claimed he didn't know Sean White was hurt. This thing. Gus is just not a leader of men. He sounds like he prepped to answer this particular question by admitting he was ultimately in the wrong but then his ego just wouldn't let him do the right thing in the middle of it. By the way, who the **** is on staff that doesn't know the RS rules? THIS ENTIRE DAMN BOARD KNOWS THE RULE!!!!!
  10. Tiger

    Mullen opening practice

    You and I both know it would be a one word answer. "Execution"
  11. Tiger

    Chizik weighs in on gus

    The problem is our expectations. Not in the form of what some of you are thinking when I say that, but the fact that we expected a guy to keep his OC prowess while now dumping an entire promotion's worth of job duties onto his plate. It's just not possible without help, and Gus doesn't trust anyone enough to actually truly help. Unless we give Gus a prescription of adderall and say "screw your sleep and family life. Take these meds and prep for the games like you did when you were a full time OC once you complete your HC duties for the day" I don't think we will ever see a team with Gus as HC have a devastating offense anymore. He simply doesn't have the time to be the gameplanner or playcaller that he was able to be as OC. "Well, what about 2013???" I'm glad you asked! We were doing the same thing over and over again. Once we figured out nobody could defend our lethal and literal unstoppable personnel combination of Nick Marshall/Tre Mason/Greg Robinson/Jay Prosch with the occasional Ricardo Louis or Corey Grant sweep for variation I don't think it's a stretch to say we didn't need Gus to put in those OC hours he once was putting in to run an offense because we were just doing the same thing over and over with little regard to who our opponents were and like to do.
  12. Tiger

    Mullen opening practice

    This got me thinking... Let's revisit the 2016 Clemson game where we deployed 27 QBs in one game. Remember after the game Brent Venables said he got some intel about how we were going to run some Wing-T? And he said he literally just googled "how to stop the Wing-T"... Ok, so, with Gus' above and beyond paranoid tendencies HOW THE HELL did this happen? Not only that but who the **** that has such access to the program is giving inside info to our opponent whom we compete with yearly for recruits???? That pisses me off. From this article ( ) : Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn played the role of mad scientist Saturday, sending out myriad personnel groupings in hopes of confounding Clemson’s defense. He employed three different quarterbacks, switching with reckless abandon and, at times, having all of them on the field at once. Auburn threw deep balls and ran the option. It played in spread formations and, believe it or not, ran a bit of old-school wing-T. Clemson had answers for everything -- even if some of those answers came in an unlikely way. Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables had been “tipped off” -- that was the extent of his explanation -- that Auburn might run some Wing-T, and he hadn’t the slightest clue on how best to defend an offense rarely employed beyond the high school level. So, a day before the game, Venables sat down at his computer and did what we all might do in such situations. “I literally Googled, ‘How to stop the wing-T,’” Venables admitted afterward. The plan worked like a charm. Auburn ran for a woeful 87 yards on 41 carries, the lowest total by the Tigers in Malzahn’s tenure as head coach. Auburn’s first-half offensive tally was just 38 total yards, its lowest output in the first half of a game since the 2011 Iron Bowl. It was also Clemson’s best performance on defense since 2009, long before Venables arrived.
  13. Tiger

    have quite the ceiling with Purifoy

    CBSSN - CBS Sports Network. Channel 221 if you have DirecTV if I'm not mistaken
  14. Tiger

    6-6 next year

    Lol if we had a negativity forum there would be 3 people and a few tumbleweeds in the "other" forum. New material comes with new results -- which likely will come with new leadership.