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  1. We need 3 true ball handlers IMO. PG1, PG2, and someone who can step in and play a few minutes in case of emergency. This year we had a PG1 and that was it. Our starting 2 had to play the backup 1 position all season. We were a Samir or J'von turned ankle away from having a disastrous season IMO
  2. Bruce is our brand. We are just fine from a branding perspective even if we have a rebuilding year next year - - which should be expected after losing 5 seniors plus your best player. No team is going to get preseason love for that, 6 of our 9 rotation players are leaving us. That's just not gonna get a lot of buzz. If we get Green and any other elite prospect that'll help in those rankings though.
  3. Losing the top 6 players in the rotation is going to hurt. Next year is going to be very interesting
  4. Am I the only one reading his name in a British accent?
  5. This year's class is perceived to be weaker than next year's so he could have a better season if he stayed at AU and still get picked lower - - which means less $$$
  6. Spring sports getting the extra year makes sense. Can't see how they do the same for winter. If a kid tore his ACL this late in the year they wouldn't give a medical redshirt. But if all of this happened in, say, November then I could see them potentially doing something witb the eligibility of winter sport athletes
  7. Feel really bad for the kids who's college careers ended like this
  8. Woops posted this in the wrong thread earlier: I'm ok with it, with how fast this thing spreads if a player gets it then hugs a parent or older relative in the following days they could feasibily die. Not worth putting people at risk IMO. It sucks though. I hate it for our seniors and Isaac. I hate that it felt like the light was coming on with how we dismantled UT and we were playing well at the right time. But maybe this thing gets pushed to May somehow but how does that affect the nba draft etc? This is wild
  9. So, does this mean more or less upsets? I could see either panning out
  10. Anyone think they'll actually allow fans to attend on Friday? A few other conferences, the First Four games in Ohio, and the Warriors/Nets NBA game will be played in empty arenas. I'm guessing in the next 48 hours they will probably decide to keep the fans out.
  11. I'm in the minority here but I think for us to be our best and most dangerous for opponents is if Mac is firing off 3s. Even if he doesn't make them it opens everything up inside the arc for us because it forces the opposing center to come out and guard him. They've seen enough of Mac to know that he will shoot and he will make them -- even if he's in a slump right now. When Bowden from Tennessee endid his cold spell against us when we played them at home, he broke out of his slump with an explosion. I'm expecting Mac to hit a flurry of 3s for us that ends up being the difference in the game in one of these tournaments coming up. The devastating leg injury to Mac a few years ago really screwed his game up. He was a freak out there. A 6'7 rim protecting 3 point bombing center who's vertical leap and ability to avoid fouling by having his lower body under control and having his arms straight were absolute game changers for us. I feel terrible that was robbed from him. He was a true mismatch for anybody we played against.
  12. Damn I didn't realize the 1st team was a freakin 2 deep Big ups to Samir Doughty. First team All SEC is a big deal. Surpassing all expectations ya gotta love to see it