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  1. Scoot Henderson should be our PG right now. Wendell was a last minute emergency plug in I'm sure Bruce is as frustrated with the PG play at times as the rest of us. I'm just ready for the Aden Holloway era. That doesn't mean Wendell is trash or anything he's just limited. I trust Bruce is getting the most out of him because he turned J'Von McCormick into a viable SEC starter and he came out of literally nowhere. To be honest with the right breaks this team could still get to a Sweet 16 IMO. We just gotta get a little lucky and hope we get matched up with smaller guards. And avoid that 8/9 seed. It's not my expectation that the team gets there but it's still the team's ceiling if all things break right
  2. We have some major limitations. There are some teams that will expose those limitations more than others. TAMU is one of those teams that makes it look ugly for us. I've never seen a guard get so flustered by a middle trap like Green tonight. But he had a guy who had a SIGNIFICANT height advantage guarding him every single time he had the ball. Tough spot to be in when we go as Wendell goes. He really looked like a mid-major PG tonight. I know he is better but this was a tough matchup for him
  3. Need Broome to look for the dump off he has no sense of multiple defenders around him. He's a gifted scorer though so I get it but damn
  4. I'm glad Aden Holloway is at least a little taller than 6 foot
  5. Would love to see Broome kick it out more often
  6. If our guys would look for the skip pass it may open some things up but our guards are too small to see it and our bigs aren't looking for it
  7. Down 15 is insane we aren't built to come back from deficits like this. Damn. Wendell is dribbling like crazy using sooo much energy doing nothing with the ball. When our undersized guards play against long teams it can get UGLY
  8. KD goes in to the lane with the intention of drawing a foul. Last year it worked out really well for him. This year he's not getting the calls as frequently. But he's definitely looking for the contact and the call. At his size it's just part of his game because he's doesn't really have a strong floater or mid-range pull up in his arsenal at this point. When it works it's great for us and helps get us into the bonus and gets the opposing bigs in trouble. When it's not working it's not very pretty.
  9. People say KD is a bull in a China shop but tbh that's how I felt about Flan prior to these last few games. He was an offensive foul machine, but has seemingly cleaned that part of his game up the last few weeks. I hope he's finally figured it out. There was a moment in last night's game where he was leading the break and I was just SURE he was going to bowl the defender over but he passed it off to somebody on the wing. I can't even remember what happened as a result but that's the type of growth that can really boost this year's teams ceiling IMO
  10. I understood Rutgers beating us out for Cliff Omoruyi but damn this one hurts. We have that mceachern pipeline on lock. Damn
  11. Bro any time he doesn't have 4 charges called on him is a good game LOL
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