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  1. Wiley and Purifoy

    It's hurting their ability to showcase their skills which is directly impacting their future earnings. It's a damn shame if they are innocent
  2. Barkley Statue Unveiling

    I'm all for it. A basketball HALL OF FAMER is an Auburn Man and deserves to be recognized. We need to be super proud that Charles Barkley came through the Auburn program.
  3. I never participate in these calls to email administration but I did today. Auburn basketball is special to me and unless BP committed some egregious illegal (law or NCAA) acts I will be livid if he is fired. I'm talking if he did something that would get him fired at any other school, then I totally understand it. But right now it looks like posturing and a Richard measuring contest and I'm afraid they will force Pearl out in some form or fashion and I will campaign for Leath to be fired if this does in fact happen because if the NCAA puts on probation for something the punishment will be exactly the same as Pearl leaving except imagine that penalty extending 10-20 years because our program will be EVEN WORSE than prior to Pearl's hiring. BP was maybe the most accomplished coach in either football or basketball that we have ever hired and to force him out if we don't have to would be program suicide.
  4. Unbelievable. How the hell the president allowed this to turn into a clusterfudge I'll never know. The bar was set so low with what he inherited and he's supposed to help put out these fires not spread them
  5. end the hot seat talk

    Totally agree on Jimbo's recruiting and would be a "win" in the media. Petrino shouldn't even be considered IMO like not even worth a phone call unless everyone on our list tells us no
  6. end the hot seat talk

    Over Petrino 100x yes I think we need to re-open your "so who do you want as next coach?" thread
  7. Play signaling

    A few of their 73 analysts will be tasked with trying to decipher the signals I'm sure
  8. Plays you want to see...

    We haven't had someone pump fake like that since Chris Todd left. Sold the hell out of it
  9. end the hot seat talk

    I'm just going on what's out there. It's just conjecture and I'm not plugged in to anything or an insider so I'm just putting my 2 cents out there. As I noted above I was just kind of putting together some of the stories out there -- one is straight from his wifes mouth as was mentioned in the ULM broadcast. And I personally felt his demeanor change while watching the video, nobody else has to agree. Part 2: Yup Gus gets every ounce of credit for landing those top 10 classes. Part 3: Nope, sandwiching a 7 win season with two 8 win seasons is not matching the recruiting. Maybe it's just my opinion and this opinion, which is shared by many, is why he could feel like a change of scenery would be best for him.
  10. end the hot seat talk

    Hey I don't necessarily disagree with you I just totally understand where he's coming from if he's not happy because the majority of the fanbase has been railing on him for the last 24 months and his bosses have apparently told him to change his ways which I'm sure made him less than happy. And as Kristi Malzahn alluded to in saying he was not even enjoying winning anymore -- and that was after a big TAMU win. So while I'm not referencing some publicized fact I'm just putting 2 and 2 together. Hey I could be definitely wrong, as I am most of the time .
  11. What is the key to an IB win?

    Everyone has brought up good points. We can't afford not to make the routine plays. We need to convert on some deep balls, and as I said before the Clemson, LSU, TAMU, and UGA games -- this is the reason we brought Stidham in here. Because when we play teams as talented as us usually they will slow our run down to where our ground game alone will not be enough. So we will need to make Bama pay through the air. Also, I really think our special teams (sans Carlson) is keeping us from being great. We need to eliminate any possibility of big returns. Our margin for error is not very big against Bama so this is paramount IMO and can turn the game in a matter of just 1 play.
  12. end the hot seat talk

    I agree with you it's absurd and I understand why he's irritated. I think this is why he's considering leaving, though. It also means he's probably not cut out to lead a championship program if he can't handle criticism for delivering 7 and 8 win seasons with top 10 nationally ranked recruiting classes.
  13. end the hot seat talk

    I've curiously not seen any mention on here regarding Gus' post game presser where he was asked about job rumors (unless I missed it). He definitely was pissed IMO, and I don't blame him. He wasn't pissed about the question, but he was pissed about the situation it seemed. It made me feel like he may actually be seriously considering leaving and "durn" is going to be the next "pinebox". I noticed he didn't deny anything. : Fast forward to 3:10 to hear Philip Marshall ask his question and watch Gus tense up Oh yeah, and couple this with Gus not even enjoying himself or the win after we beat down TAMU, per Kristi where she had to remind him to smile and relax. I think the writing is on the wall.
  14. How can you not love this guy??? I freakin love when they show him in the locker room pre-game giving his speech. You're dead if you don't get fired up watching it
  15. Men vs. Hofstra

    I love your optimism, man! I hope you are right and, while this may agitate some people, we are still incredibly young -- us and Kentucky are tied for the most underclassmen on rosters in the entire country. So while 12-1 would be amazing we have to account for nights where the entire team will be off shooting the ball (young teams are very up and down) -- and we don't really have a counter punch without Wiley. But I, too, am excited about this team. DeSean Murray is just what this team needed IMO. Chuma as well. Also Harper is playing like a PG now and I love it. Mitchell played really well with Harper in foul trouble last night. I'm liking how it looks like you can tell these guys are a year older allowing Chuma and Davion to be complementary pieces rather than rely on freshman like last year. I'm just desperate to see us at full strength because I think some of the Pearl detractors would really see where Bruce Pearl is leading us this year but the FBI thing........blehh