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  1. True good point
  2. LOLLL
  3. Yikes I'm glad we didn't get him even though I wanted him at the time LOL
  4. That was a painful one, I don't blame you at all!
  5. Our pass rush with just 4 has seemed underwhelming for the better part of Gus' tenure. Dee Ford made some great timely plays, and Lawson and Adams were forces for us but as @lkeel75 said even when they were in there it seemed like it could have been more consistent. Also random and off topic, @lkeel75, I swear I thought your name was I-Keel75 but I just realized its L-Keel75 lol
  6. Georgia Tech was not running the wishbone back then. They made sure Calvin Johnson got the ball. We played them twice between 03 and 05 and Reggie Ball threw it 57 times between the 2 games.
  7. ah my bad IDK why I said Mike....but yes we had an amazing LB unit there for a little while Dansby, D Thomas, and MB.
  8. Brandon Johnson -- Ronnie and Caddy's fullback Mark Brown -- the MLB between Dontarrious Thomas and Karlos Dansby. He was going off against UF in the game Cadillac broke his leg and we were introduced to Ronnie Brown. Antoine Nolan -- as a kid I remember thinking his blonde hair was so cool Great topic, and I'm sure I'll think of more later
  9. We are going to need our offense to be on point early because GSU will not let us have as many possessions as we want and if we can score ~14 in the first quarter it will put a ton of pressure on them because they will not want to deviate from running the ball.
  10. Isn't he going to be working with TEs and H-Backs?
  11. That is completely fair. What I really meant was that we should never really be having less than .500 records vs each UGA/TAMU/LSU and I agree we can't expect that type of record vs Bama during their current run because of what you mentioned.
  12. #basketballschool
  13. Media is basically always wrong when picking the SEC Champ (I feel like there are articles giving the exact % of times they are actually correct) so I'm glad they don't have us winning the West
  14. I hope that happens. Just pointing out we have made ourselves look silly in the past trying to project QB depth charts so far in advance. And just realizing I sound like a rain cloud on this Friday afternoon
  15. What how LOL