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  1. Feels like these next 4 minutes is really important for us
  2. We just don't have a steadying hand to turn to. We have to hope someone steps up
  3. Thankfully we have been playing very good defense. Samir is hurting more than helping at this point and fills 2 critical roles for us in SG and also backup PG. We badly need him to snap out of his funk. We are very much in this
  4. So unlucky with all these damn in and outs
  5. Cambridge and Flan are a little out of control sometimes. I can't wait to see them when the game slows down for them they're very talented and have good aggressive mindsets
  6. It's a 2 point game how crazy is that. Gotta keep it up on D
  7. He doesn't care how hard the double team is its head down and shoot it. He would make life easier on himself if he hit those guys out for open 3s from time to time
  8. Samir Doughty looks like the Monstars got him
  9. Wearing white, that's the hex breaking vibe we needed in that building @GwillMac6