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  1. Just a quick FYI, I predicted our 1998-99 basketball season would result in a regular season SEC Championship.
  2. They (the staff?) told him not to make it a big deal? It's the staff's fault it became a big deal in the first place
  3. Does anyone know why Purifoy wasn't our late game and technical foul free throw shooter? Considering how detailed Bruce gets to the media I'm surprised nobody asked him about this to get a response as to why the 6th best FT shooter in the entire conference at 88% was not shooting them. He seemed to want to force Heron in there, who's not bad by any means but 77% < 88% and Heron missed a couple in these aforementioned situations.
  4. I feel much better about Hastings getting snaps with CCL calling the shots that will utilize him properly with our new passing game than with the previous guys calling the O.
  5. Yup. Horace and Wiley both are susceptible to foul trouble. Lol seemed Horace, at times, was in foul trouble before the first TV timeout his freshman year.
  6. Living in NC I heard the same things about Cam regarding his film study and reading defenses. Could be false, as you said, but this isn't the first time I'm hearing that. Shula deserves an absolute ton of credit for developing Cam's game, and now Cam makes all kinds of checks at the line. You're right though. If Russell Wilson entered the NFL under the same scenario Cam did he might be out of the league by now (possssssible slight exaggeration lol, but he seemed more mentally prepared for the league than Cam was). Cam's natural ability allowed him to be personally pretty successful while still learning the ropes. While I doubt with CCL on staff our QBs will be making checks at the line I do think they will be more prepared from a pure-quarterbacking stand point because we now have someone who is actually coaching QBs rather than coaching the offense to the QBs, as Jeremy Johnson has been seemingly alluding to. Also the audacity of Les Miles to say that LOLOL....but hey anything to prevent a QB recruit to go to one your rivals, right?
  7. True, good post. Totally agree on having "too much of the same" on staff. Yeah, if I cringe watching that imagine how Gus felt. And even if Gus took the approach of "hey in my system my QB doesn't need to know that stuff", at that time our rivals were surely using that clip to de-value Gus/AU -- which I would've done as well. That clip alone would persuade me that going to AU as a QB is not in my best interests in preparing me for pro ball IMO. And even if Gus didn't recognize it after that, whatever happened this off-season sure lit a fire under his butt to make the proper changes. And I think it increased his chances to stick around AU for a long time. For the record, even though I know it would make this board explode, I hope JJ kills it in the NFL.
  8. I think we are moving in the right direction in terms of coaching our QBs now with CCL on board. We were able to survive our lack of QB coaching but eventually we got exposed, which is no surprise at this level. But Gus recognized, or was pushed to recognize, this and made adjustments to the staff as needed. No matter how we got here, Gus agreed to make the changes. I'm still weirdly embarrassed about Cam's Gruden QB Camp episode when Cam couldn't recite a single play call
  9. I saw Kerem Kanter, brother of OKC Thunder's Enes Kanter is on track to graduate and transfer. He's a 6'10 turkish big man that played at Wisconsin-Green Bay I believe. Averaged 11ppg and 6 rbg over 20 minutes/game. Not stellar stats by any means but he's got good size which we sorely need. Hey Tobias Harris' brother was effective for us maybe this younger Kanter could be a solid depth-adding solution in the front court. On 2nd look, Kanter's playing time was sporadic and his numbers reflect that. In games he got big minutes he had impressive stat lines, albeit against lower than top competition. But they did play Wisconsin and he had a solid 18 points and 5 rebounds, and he went 3-5 from 3 point land. He may be a stretch-4 or 5 which may not be ideal for our rebounding situation but a 6'10 body that can shoot is always welcome in my book.
  10. Amazing how we all fish from the same pond but the fish Baylor seems to catch are radioactive as hell
  11. What's the over/under on the number of years before somebody gets shot at an Arky game? 2.5?
  12. WIth both of those guys out of the picture I may just stop watching sports altogether
  13. Kyle Davis is pretty good but I'm really more concerned with where Kyle Allen is. We need him making more one handed grabs this season!
  14. I hope Lang finds a place where he can get the playing time he wants. He is a skilled shooter and we should commend him for coming to AU in an attempt to be a part of the foundation of this new era of AU basketball.
  15. Good post, 64. I agree I hope our roster is constructed similarly in terms of having talented experience. We just might be on our way to that in the coming years...