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  1. Former AU linebacker Daren Bates at it again with some behind the scenes stories regarding the 2012 "trainwreck". Some stuff which was being floated around here confirmed to be true by Bates. Particularly about the Ted Roof/Gene Chizik dynamic. Also some interesting/funny stuff about players cutting class etc *NSFW LANGUAGE* Bates breaking down his infamous stiff arm vs NMSU:
  2. Not gonna lie I wanna be in the same division as Texas
  3. This seems like it could be a fun group to watch, I'll be tuning in for sure.
  4. I feel like Gus is more to blame for anyone's waning interest or passion than anything changing within the sport. If we were making the CFP or at least a realistic threat to make it, the excitement would still be there. This has nothing to do with realignment, players making money, or anything like that IMO Maybe I'm projecting my own feelings out there on others but Gus' mediocrity beat it out of me. It had nothing to do with the sport catching up with the times.
  5. I've been fortunate enough to travel to different parts of the world and something I found interesting, in my experience, was talking sports with locals and there is a common theme of how people who have never heard of the NCAA or the amateurism model can't even wrap their head around it. You show them how big college sports are and the packed stadiums and the crazy high production value of the broadcasts with corporate sponsors and how these athletes being broadcast to millions of people but the participants aren't allowed a single dime from all the money coming in and they just can't u
  6. This is not how I remember it. He was a media darling for seemingly 7 years LOL
  7. The supporting casts are not even comparable IMO. Cam was about as close to a one man show as you can get in football IMO
  8. Daren Bates once again showing AU some major love on his Raw Room podcast (check the Aubie bobblehead and championship rings) as him and former UF CB Janoris Jenkins, who played with Cam and Tebow at UF, go in depth about the 2 QBs. Lol @ Bates when he said he first saw Cam *NSFW LANGUAGE*
  9. Former AU linebacker Daren Bates always shows AU love on his Raw Room podcast but he was surrounded by some former LSU players on an episode and had some funny moments I thought the board might enjoy. Those 2012 memories are 🤢🤢 *NSFW LANGUAGE*
  10. Would he be a soph or get his freshman season over again because of the eligibility ruling from the pandemic season?
  11. I'm super excited about Davis. The thing that worries me is the OP comment about not fitting the mold of the other QBs the staff is going after. I hope he isn't looked over for guys the staff feel are "their" guys. Interesting note that makes me feel better, though. When DJ Shockley was on the Jboy Show, he mentioned how when Mike Bobo was his OC, CMB was having to beg Shockley to use his legs and run because it really hurt defenses while Shockley was focused on staying in the pocket and trying to prove to people he could throw. That makes me feel like Bobo isn't going to try t
  12. Lol I saw some funny AU related moments from Bates' podcast called Raw Room I thought you guys may appreciate. LMAO @ Nick Fairley WARNING NSFW LANGUAGE: Clip talking about college strength and conditioning with Kevin Yoxall: Talking punishment runs at Auburn:
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