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  1. I have said from the beginning that NIL is a bad idea and will become what it is becoming, and that is pay for play where the haves will smash the have nots. Mr. Woltosz does make one good point. Most of these kids will never make it to the pros, this will be the only chance for most of them to make some (10s of thousands maybe) money playing football.
  2. Uhh...both. Wasn't that the problem? His inconsistency.
  3. Rather than focusing on wins and recruiting rankings how about wanting a well coached team where the players know their assignments and execute those assignments to the best of their ability and a game plan that gives our team the best chance of winning. If we get those things everything else will work out.
  4. No one may have anticipated the exact development of the NIL collective. Anyone that didn't know this would turn into pay for play is extremely naive. I thought the NCAA fought NIL to the bitter end. Once California made it legal, there was not much the NCAA could do after that.
  5. This situation is like many other situations in life. People believe what they want to believe.
  6. Are you saying there is a part of this site for donors? I’ve donated, how do I find that part of the site?
  7. All I can get is SECN+ and ESPN+ ESPN+ wants 6.99 a month.
  8. I just heard UAT QB already has nearly one million in endorsement deals. Do you think they will ever have anything but the best QBs available on their roster? On the bright side, when we lose to them (it won't bother me like it used to) I can console myself thinking you get what you pay for. It was mostly that way before NIL, but now it's out in the open. When do we get a salary cap for college sports?
  9. Mikey is exactly right. College football is about who can pay the most now. No more loving the team because the players chose your school. The best players are going to go to the schools where they have the potential to make the most money. It's basically pro football now.
  10. I haven't thought of it that way before. Yes, I think you are right.
  11. I rewound about three times, that holding call on Tanks runback was absurd.
  12. Great job! Thank you. I am someone who follows the ball and I don't catch details the way you pointed them out. Please keep up the good work, it helped me to see how the tight ends do their jobs.
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