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    Demographic Curiosity

    52 Male Fayetteville, GA 1996
  2. russnagel1

    Living in Georgia

    I was born and raised in Atlanta. Been listening to their crap for 10 years! It's payback time. They not only lost, but looked like little girls in the process. Can't wait for Monday morning at work.
  3. russnagel1

    No one seems to realize how great today is already...

    I agree with the OP. Close games to 'lesser opponents' happen all the time. We control our own destiny. Two thumbs up!
  4. russnagel1

    Auburn vs. Vanderbilt - TV Announcers

    Every week I just google 'Auburn football on the radio'. Then I follow the link and scroll down to 'computer'. I am actually using my iPhone. Select listen live and away you go. I have a DVR and I have to slow down the TV broadcast to sync up with Rod. I did listen to a few minutes of that idiot crying about the overturned fumble. I'm really glad I don't have to listen to the blathering on the TV anymore. No more Beth Mowins.
  5. russnagel1

    Glass Half Full - What's Next?

    Given the expected level of competition, I think it will be difficult to draw any conclusions about improvement.
  6. russnagel1

    Please read and help me understand...

    I'm with you on your points AubTiger14. The reason we are getting so much negative press is these same people that are saying bad things about AU now were saying good things about AU three weeks ago. Now they don't look like 'experts' with inside information. They have been exposed for being talking heads that repeat each other's headlines. The only one I saw not buying in to what everybody else was saying is that former Georgia, or maybe Florida player on SEC Network. The guy that replaced McElroy. I saw him question all the AU preseason hype.
  7. The woman you are talking about in named Beth Mullins (I think) she was calling the Georgia Tech - Duke game. I never heard one word of the ESPN announcers. Now that Rod's broadcast is available online I sync that up with my DVR and I get exactly what I want.
  8. russnagel1

    How concerned should we be

    I wonder if Gus chose JJ over White because there was so much momentum of public perception behind JJ. If White had started and he not performed perfectly everyone would be screaming for JJ and calling Gus an idiot. I guess we'll find out about my theory in a few hours.
  9. russnagel1

    JJ vs UL - INT #1 Analysis

    Double thumbs up, great post.
  10. russnagel1

    Duke issue

    This is starting to sound like Michael Dyer 2.0
  11. russnagel1

    2015 Hype Video }}}CHILLS{{{

    Great video. I really liked it.
  12. russnagel1

    Props to Blake Sims

    He does seem to be a good QB. Dang it!
  13. russnagel1

    Looking for two La Tech Tickets

    I need two tickets for the La Tech game. Thanks Russ
  14. russnagel1

    Who should tote the rock?

    I thought CAP looked great, we can definitely win with him. I like his shiftiness. It's nice to have a back with top end speed, but top end speed isn't what you really need your running back for.
  15. russnagel1

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    I really like Landshark. It is my goto beer.