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  1. And sometime guys just don't have great hands
  2. There's no real argument over this unless you still think the players were saying they thought Bryant was "just kidding" because you posted that(per your urban dictionary link of big kap). I believe they were saying he was full of it and lying, no cap
  3. What do you think the cap emoji typically means? What do you think the typical version of someone saying cap or no cap means.
  4. Cap actually means lie(no cap, etc).https://thisinterestsme.com/blue-cap-emoji/ Pretty sure the guys said Big Kap, because "Big Kat's" made up name is spelled with a K, and he was full of shiz/lying/capping .The Big Kap definition you posted from urban dictionary literally had one upvote on it.
  5. The player development center was finished before this season https://auburntigers.com/facilities/auburn-baseball-player-development-center/1028
  6. That guy now plays TE at Boise State.
  7. Meant to say he was horrible that game and played bad against some mediocre to bad defenses(like ours).
  8. Yeah, Johnson came in mid way through the 3rd quarter after Finley threw a pick 6. Regardless, Finley was horrible in that game against a mediocre to bad LSU defense.
  9. Finley also had a fumble against us that was completely he own fault. Johnson's #'s were against were against our backups, so don't want to pump his tires too much.
  10. Finley vs A&M: 9/25, 118 yds, 0 TD 2 INT Johnson vs A&M: 14/22 113 yds, 1 TD 0 INT
  11. He dropped more because his 3 cone drill was so horrible and in turn NFL teams thought he couldn't run any routes at all.
  12. Unfortunately there was this tape from the Bama game
  13. We've done different designs on A day before
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