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  1. He shouldn't get paid for any week that ends in a loss. I bet Auburn football would get better if he lost a paycheck! Stidham came back because he had something to prove. So far he has proved he is excellent on overthrowing receivers even those that are wide open!
  2. Anyone that bought season tickets should be given a refund! How depressing!
  3. Auburn #9
  4. I don't think it was about Auburn, but those that predicted LSU would lose.
  5. I'd rather be called for pass interference, assuming it is pass interference, than allow 30, 40 yds. or an easy touchdown.
  6. I did! We were beating Georgia handily until Stidham fumbled it while we were about to make another touchdown in the fourth quarter.. It was all downhill after that. If you want to root for a team that always wins, then root for Alabama. Oh, that's right! Alabama loses some games. Guess you are out of luck! .
  7. Who called the plays? Was it Gus M. or the OC? Just curious!
  8. You do know we were playing a #11 team. You do know you can't win them all. No team wins them all! If you can't take a lose, well...
  9. I thought they fumbled 4 times. Watch and see how Texas finishes the season. That quarterback is the real deal.
  10. It was just mind boggling to me that the center doesn't wait until Marshall is ready! Could he not hear him still giving directives? Did he not see Marshall was not ready? I couldn't believe my eyes. It was obvious that Texas recovered the ball, but I still believe we recovered the ball after that fumbling exchange next to the goal line. Oh, well! Life goes on, and I still love Auburn!
  11. Told my husband the same thing. It's like a sure thing, but not tonight. As you said, unusual.
  12. If we were like bammers, we'd be saying "We beat ourselves." LOL
  13. Agreed-I just don't think our offense was fast getting off the next play and consequently, we did not wear them down in the 4th quarter. We looked more tired than they did. I'm sad, but it was a great, great year!
  14. It happened over and hour ago, and I am still in disbelief. I saw an interception taking place. Next thing I knew, Auburn had it in the endzone. I screamed so loud! I went from being so disappointed to being elated!!!