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  1. We had no defense that year and it got worse the following year.
  2. Has there been any word from Marlon Davidson if he will play or not?
  3. Gary Danielson is not the 'bama homer that Verne was, but there's no doubt in my mind that he will refer to us as "Alabama" on at least one or two occasions during the game.
  4. That was one ugly game last year - I hope we can avoid all the costly mistakes.
  5. This thread will (sadly) just whip the haters into a higher frenzy.
  6. Calling someone out is publicly holding that person accountable for words/actions and/or being critical of them. The OL was simply providing feedback from the field on how they wanted to attack the Oregon defense. And it’s no different than a RB or a WR saying that they want the ball.
  7. That’s not even remotely “calling him out.” From your OP: "... even his own team called him out against Oregon"
  8. ABC showed a short video clip of this same moment and view during the game.
  9. With the Oregon tie-in, I bet that ABC shows this picture Saturday night. 😎 Great post, BTW.
  10. I'm gonna miss this guy. I wish him the greatest success at the next level.