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  1. GreenDrazi

    Offensive Production - Purdue Edition

    No, they aren’t for me and I have no problem visiting In other words, I don’t think that it’s my adblocker, but would love to hear from others. FANTASTIC post from @AUEngineer2016 otherwise.
  2. GreenDrazi

    Kerryon Johnson touchdown

    Almost as fun as watching the play itself.
  3. GreenDrazi

    Malik Willis TD run vs. Miss. State

    I have SlingTV and was not able to watch the final minutes of the game, despite switching to the other ESPN channels to find the game.
  4. GreenDrazi

    Tuberville on SEC Network

    IIRC, this is the same ex-HC that said Sean White was the better QB and look how that turned out.
  5. GreenDrazi

    Chip Lindsey new OC

    Yep, good hire.
  6. GreenDrazi

    Auburn vs. Ole Miss - TV Commentators

    My only beef with this crew is that Musburger will pronounce Auburn as “Aw-bun”. And at one or two points in the game, he will refer to us as Alabama.
  7. GreenDrazi

    Is this guy trying to out-stat Stat?

    Very different than Stat, but also very insightful.
  8. GreenDrazi

    What the Razorpigs think about us

    By that logic, since the Pigs (who are not an Elite offense) put up 473 yards against the Tawd, they aren’t an Elite defense either (despite what you said).
  9. GreenDrazi

    Week 9 Polls (Merged Threads)

    While the AP poll is not a part of the BCS system, it still has considerable influence. The Coaches Poll has always been about a week behind in making big moves/changes and we’ll probably see Auburn move up in the Coaches poll next week because of the higher rank in the AP Poll and the BCS standings.
  10. GreenDrazi

    Mississippi State Post Game Numbers and Thoughts

    MSU had an unbelievable 97 plays on offense.
  11. GreenDrazi

    NCAA Hypocrisy..Miami case..

    The NCAA doesn’t govern the BCS.
  12. GreenDrazi

    NCAA's Cam Newton Investigation

    Wrong. CGC asked when would the investigation of Cam Newton would be over, not Auburn. If you can’t see the difference, then you deserve to bury your head in the sand. Instead of just copying and pasting stories, maybe you should actually read the content instead of just the headlines.
  13. GreenDrazi

    Ten Most Hated Men in the SEC

    4. Charles Robinson Yahoo Sports Writer Not sure why he’s on a list of hated by the SEC. He broke the Bush scandal, exposed Tressel’s knowledge beyond what was first admitted and now has the Lyles article implicating Oregon, but I’m not aware of any particular fondness of his for the SEC (or any big SEC stories). And the article gives no specific SEC examples. So what am I missing here?
  14. Does Nick have an injured shoulder going into the draft? running a video report saying that he has a lingering dislocated shoulder injury that could affect his current #1 draft projection. SI video link I must say, if this did occur during the season, how well could he play if he's not injured?
  15. GreenDrazi

    Auburn's defensive "twist"

    IIRC, Antoine Carter tackled both the QB (left arm) and the RB at the same time on the first play you break down! Stat, thanks again for your insights before and after the games.