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  1. I'm gonna miss this guy. I wish him the greatest success at the next level.
  2. Has anyone heard any updates on their status today? If they have a cold bug, flue, virus, etc., it takes more than just a few hours before any symptoms appear. So they likely picked this up before Minneapolis. I’m hoping that they have just been hit with reactions to all of the pollen in the SE.
  3. @JwgreDeux - great series of posts. Reign 3's
  4. What a great win and a great tourney!
  5. Just like our top end was even better than what I (and I think most here) had expected, I’m curious to know how the rest fared - for good or for bad. And I’m not so much interested in the number, but how they ranked against other OL.
  6. Can anyone post the grades for the other OL?
  7. No, they aren’t for me and I have no problem visiting In other words, I don’t think that it’s my adblocker, but would love to hear from others. FANTASTIC post from @AUEngineer2016 otherwise.
  8. Almost as fun as watching the play itself.
  9. I have SlingTV and was not able to watch the final minutes of the game, despite switching to the other ESPN channels to find the game.
  10. IIRC, this is the same ex-HC that said Sean White was the better QB and look how that turned out.
  11. My only beef with this crew is that Musburger will pronounce Auburn as “Aw-bun”. And at one or two points in the game, he will refer to us as Alabama.
  12. By that logic, since the Pigs (who are not an Elite offense) put up 473 yards against the Tawd, they aren’t an Elite defense either (despite what you said).
  13. While the AP poll is not a part of the BCS system, it still has considerable influence. The Coaches Poll has always been about a week behind in making big moves/changes and we’ll probably see Auburn move up in the Coaches poll next week because of the higher rank in the AP Poll and the BCS standings.