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  1. Nice! Yeah, we’ve been down here for 17 years now. Love it…don’t know that we’ll ever need to leave Charleston.
  2. Robert Dillingham committed to UK. ESPN had us in his final four. I don’t know that he was considering us that seriously, but I looove how many big-name guys Bruce has us in the mix for. Shopping for groceries!
  3. My only thing with Mayer is his three-point shooting has been inconsistent throughout his career. Last year should have been his breakout season, but he was terrible from deep all season. The year they won it all was probably his best season.
  4. I am so psyched about the talent we have coming in. Bruce has done an amazing job getting just about the best talent available in a short period of time. Man is he opportunistic. My concern is still our shooting. I think it just is what it is right now. No one coming in seems to be an elite shooter. My read is we’re just going to have to get better with the guys we’ve got. Give me a reason to be optimistic here.
  5. Can you ever truly see Stretch playing significant minutes for us?
  6. So the sit-out rule only comes into effect after a first-time transfer?
  7. Thanks. Is it still COVID that’s allowing everyone to be immediately eligible? Eventually that will have to lapse/end. It’s obviously appropriate as long as there are people impacted by it. The other thing that occurs to me is immediate eligibility for transfers is something the NCAA was exploring even before COVID. I wonder if this hastens that process. That would make the portal even crazier.
  8. SIAP, but how many years will he have left? Will he likely be granted immediate eligibility?
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