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  1. Yep. Combine the UCLA loss with Baylor’s loss and our win over a ranked Bama team on the road. Do we leapfrog Gonzaga? Does this make us the new overall #1?
  2. Anybody see Wendell pull up lame at the end? We pulled him after that-hope he’s ok.
  3. I would love to know about this as well. We almost certainly lose Jabari next year. If we lose Kessler too, Jaylin and DC will be our only real bigs (I'm assuming Stretch is not panning out in D1 fashion at this point). Additionally, while we bring in Chance Westry, I would love to see us have at least one elite player. Bruce is a top-flight developer. However, having an elite talent or two is almost imperative to win championships these days.
  4. Met JSS’s family at Tiger Walk. Great folks, and he was newly engaged.
  5. Would greatly appreciate this, and would love to read it.
  6. This is really a litmus test game. LSU is the best team we've faced thus far. We are starting to come together, but still have obvious kinks to work out (rebounding, etc.). Flanigan is just now back, and will take some time to get back into a groove. This is what makes Bruce so great. He can take all these factors and use them to get guys motivated and ready to go. Game on tomorrow!
  7. It’s supposed to be on CBSSN. I think that’s on YouTube TV.
  8. What news is this? I was planning to record it on YouTube TV.
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