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  1. Yes!!!! We need the O-Linesssmen.
  2. Would gladly burn a football scholly to get SC.
  3. In my mind it just takes the right leader. When Dabo Swinney came on at Clemson, everything changed-culture, coaching, everything. When the right leadership is there, everything else follows.
  4. Is it definitive yet as to whether or not Franklin is eligible for this year?
  5. Chris Nee, FSU insider, with a CB for the good dudes.
  6. I love that he's a linebacker, but the film shows a lot of him coming out of the backfield. Is there any chance he moves to RB at AU? I hope he stays at his base position...can't have enough Mikey talent.
  7. So in some universe where Gus wins double-digit games the next couple of years and starts to turn things around, do the boosters get on board? I guess I'm asking if there's any scenario in which the boosters start to back a Gus regime.
  8. Wow. So this is a legit issue and not just al.com being al.com?
  9. God be with his family . War Eagle, Rod... rest in peace.
  10. If understand correctly, it's still in doubt.