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  1. Still holding out on this one. I like our chances.
  2. So have we pretty likely seen the end of any chance of Cooper re-classifying?
  3. He reminds me so much of a bigger Darius Slayton.
  4. Nope. Per one Michael Gary Scott, "Win/win/win."
  5. I would guess KU is pretty attractive now that Azubuike is returning.
  6. This cat is from Pinston, is rated the #7 overall prospect in the country, has one CB and it is for AU. Can someone please tell me who in the world this is? And are we legitimately leading for him right now?
  7. Everybody (underclassmen) except Harper and Purify? Everybody except Harper? Everybody? How about Pearl... does he get an offer he can't refuse elsewhere? With Okoro coming in, Tyrell Jones coming and a couple of bigs, this can be a really strong team again next year. It doesn't have to be a one-hit wonder, and as we've seen over the last two years, this could be just the start of some great Auburn Basketball. Love Pearl's passion, his ability to motivate and his style of play. I also hope we can hold onto him.
  8. I'll just jump in on the lineup: Off the bench (order depending on situation, but this way if we start well): Harper Purifoy Brown McCormack Dunbar Wiley McLemore Doughty Spencer
  9. This takes two safeties out of our recruiting class now, if you account for Sheffield playing WR instead of S.
  10. bad. Don't worry, I'll probably forget and ask again in 12 days.
  11. Any news on grad transfers or other transfers who might be headed this way?