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  1. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

  2. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    I'm assuming no chance for a flip here. Locked in? Early signee?
  3. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Keith now with a UGA CB.
  4. 2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 12/12/17)

    23 has been very quiet lately. I don't like those times.
  5. 2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 12/12/17)

    Let me be clear...I love our class so far. It seems to be struggling "at the moment."
  6. 2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 12/12/17)

    Our class seems to be struggling here at the moment, with possible negative news on Trey Hill, Kayode Ugly and Emory Jones. We also don't seem to be in it with any real five stars down the stretch. Hope we can turn it around.
  7. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    This one would hurt.
  8. I wonder if we put a late full-court press on Armour-Davis...or maybe that train has sailed.
  9. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    Good to hear, because if JS somehow goes down or if by some chance does go pro, we are in some trouble.
  10. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    If JS goes pro, would JG likely have the edge over MW going into his frosh season?
  11. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    You guys suck...fairweather fans. Love the loyalty.
  12. 2018 4* DE Kayode Oladele

    I still think Garner would have him ready to roll within a year. The nice thingis we wouldn't need him before then, either.
  13. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    Updyke maybe?