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  1. I wholeheartedly agree that Auburn is overrated. However, it's not because of Bo Nix. It's because we lost our whole O-line and essentially our whole D-line and secondary. That's why we're overrated.
  2. I'm very curious as to how Dre' Butler will fit in. He seems like a Marlon Davidson-type. He's a bigger defensive end, but I'm guessing that at his current weight he'll move inside (which is good, because we lack depth there). Any word on what's going on with Dre' so far?
  3. Guys, we really are doing a great job recruiting in almost every position. Kudos to the coaching staff, as this hasn't always been the case. I like it. There is one exception, though. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: we are way behind the arms race in O-line talent. We are bringing in better numbers, but the talent level is a major dropoff from a decade ago. That stands to hurt us significantly in all facets of the offense. My hope is with new coaching, we'll develop the guys better. That said, we've got to pick it up in recruiting the trenches. War Eagle.
  4. How likely is it that the potential sanctions for the basketball program impact our recruiting this year?
  5. If Brooks wanted to flip, would we take both?
  6. I am infuriated by how badly we have screwed the pooch in recruiting this year, particularlarly on D. Combine that with our O-line crap the last few years: wow.
  7. No way we get this package deal. I wish, but no way.
  8. I agree here 100%. Look at the last roster makeup of the last several national championship teams.
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