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  1. Bump...announcing tomorrow. I'm guessing LSWho.
  2. Amen.
  3. My thought there was that we go head-to-head against Bama in every way. Whether it's on the field, recruiting, facilities, you name it-Bama's goal is to beat Auburn and win championships (as ours is to beat Bama and win championships). Bama has and will do everything to block us from being a successful program. Clemson's rivals do not have that clout. South Carolina cannot put up that kind of fight against their cross-state rival. As a matter of fact, we are in a unique position there. I would argue that no other state rivalry has an Alabama, with its media-darling status, money and power, that can attempt to suffocate its chief rival.
  4. Simple one, really. We go head-to-head against Bama. Who does Clemson go head-to-head against?
  5. I would not object to this if it comes to fruition.
  6. I'm a fan of Creed Bratton of The Office. "No one steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person who tried disappeared. His name...Creed Bratton."
  7. I forgot A. Williams redshirted. My fault.
  8. We lose Williams, and Russell will be draft-eligible. IF he has a really good season, which in an ideal world he would, we would not only be thin, but extremely short on elite talent.
  9. You can say that again. We really need a strong haul at DT this cycle.
  10. Saw Florida CBs the other day. They ain't KN, though.
  11. Good call. Recruited and got.
  12. Too bad that Rivals article suggests he's nowhere near a decision. This kid looks ridiculous. I don't remember the last time we RECRUITED a safety with this talent. Mike McNeil?
  13. With those kinds of offers I'm a little surprised he's only a 3*.
  14. CB for Tennessee.
  15. Rush Propst, from Hoover High School (see MTV's Two-A-Days).