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  1. Makes sense from that perspective. But Fields' potential at that particular position is a game-changer. The QB position is critical, and even with our lack of depth at safety I think Fields' trumps all.
  2. To clarify, you're saying he's bigger than Fields?
  3. LOT of CBs to FSU. Not liking what I'm seeing.
  4. Dude...take it easy. They sky falleth not.
  5. My only thing there is that 23 is a different kind of insider. He's not media-based, but directly tied to the A.D.
  6. I love you, 23. #fanclub
  7. I'd go to Duke.
  8. We are getting so far ahead of ourselves it's not even funny.
  9. Ahh, Zeke Pike. What could have been.
  10. Several CBs to UF, but Keith with a CB to AU.
  11. Justin Fields and Justyn Ross-There have to be some cool plays on words there, but my brain is shot at this point in the day. Anyone?
  12. So did he make the cut? Can't see twitter content on my work computer.
  13. I like it.