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  1. “...currently in...” ? Can you clarify?
  2. I'll be interested to see if Gus mentions him in his presser today. Is there a presser today?
  3. Help is on the way, my friend... Hudson, Evans, Capers.
  4. What's the timeline on recovery like for a separated shoulder? Wish I had better medical acumen.
  5. I love that we're doing what we're doing: 1) Don't run Boobee into the ground. 2) Get Bo more experience throwing before SEC play starts. Now we just need to start running a few more of our backs and get a little more efficient with the pass.
  6. Checking in from Summerville, SC, just outside Charleston. Very glad to say my family and most we know are in good shape. Some are without power, and I don't have internet back so I don't know about downtown flooding. All in all, very blessed today.
  7. Stay safe, man. I'm in Summerville... that thing is around the corner.
  8. This is a very reasonable article. I think it's pretty dead-on: no clue what's going to happen this clue.