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  1. Keith with the kiss of death. He put in one for Kamari Lassiter, too.
  2. So here's my thing: I get that Gus needs to go....I totally agree. He needs to leave. Fire him, and let's move on. My problem is we do this with every coach every time we start to struggle. Go back to Pat Dye. After Dye, we move into the Bowden era. He gets run off. Tubs gets run off. Chiz gets run off. Gus is getting run off. When are we going to recognize this as a pattern? Yes, fire Gus. But we've got to stop running these guys out the door. WDE.
  3. The fact is Gus has turned out top 10 classes (or pretty darn close) consistently during his tenure. With the exception of O-line recruiting, my issue is not in the leadership's ability to find talent. It's their ability to develop those guys (particularly on the offensive side of the ball), getting guys ready to win big games and making adjustments during games. Those are the pretty clear issues with Gus Malzahn.
  4. Imagine, though, if he reclassified into the 2021 class with Jabari!
  5. I agree. We also have several 6-6, 6-7 guys with Flanigan, Cambridge, Franklin and the like.
  6. Agree, but I think that's inevitable w/ how well we have done at that position. At least that's one area of strength.
  7. Any idea if we might go after Bryce McGowens? #33 overall prospect in ESPN's Top 100. 6-6 shooting guard from Greenwood, S.C. who decommitted from FSU earlier this week.
  8. You never know-maybe he wins the championship while guiding AU to the Final Four. It's beautiful.
  9. Don't know if this has already been posted, but any chance he reclassifies for this year?
  10. Who is our biggest competitor at this point? LSU?
  11. Why does it matter one bit whether or not we beat UGA? That should factor in 0% in a player's recruitment.
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