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  1. Is Nate Craig-Myers still playing football? I think he’s about to turn 30.
  2. Would love to seem him stay, as I've thought the same thing. That said, one man's guess: there's no way he stays.
  3. This is the area where we really got killed last year. It’s always been a strength of our D, and with Rocker and Mason coming in the future is bright. I’m not sure what we have coming back next year, though. Big Kat’s gone, Newkirk’s gone, Truesdell’s gone. The end position looks good, but not great. There’s talent inside, but it’s young-and we’re deadly thin. Am I missing something, or could we be in some trouble on the D-line in 2021?
  4. I assume you mean T-Rob? Would he not be interested in coaching LBs here? I know it’s hard to go backwards from DC, but it would be interesting to pair him together with Mason.
  5. Gunner is a dual-threat, and I alone Harsin’s style is pro. I imagine they’ll figure a way to work this in, or is Gunner a really strong passer also or all of the above?
  6. Is there any possibility we look at someone from the League?
  7. He truly had the scoop...most informed guy I’ve ever seen on this site. No offense E or WDE.
  8. What about austudent 23? What ever happened to that guy?
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