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  1. bad. Don't worry, I'll probably forget and ask again in 12 days.
  2. Any news on grad transfers or other transfers who might be headed this way?
  3. Haven't heard much on the grad transfer market conversation lately. Anything afoot?
  4. The biggest positive takeaway I have from the OL is interior talent. Keiondre Jones looks like a real talent. As guards, he and Bell help us on the interior big-time. But leave OT completely out of it for a second (which of course is glaring hole in this class), depth on the inside is hurting.
  5. Yes...REALLY! If there was absolutely no way he would people IN THE KNOW...why was he a take?
  6. I don't buy this. AU did not lightly recruit him. We threw for 9 million yards in the bowl game, showing a commitment to the air game again. He gave us signals right up to the end that he was on board. This kid was just a wild card.
  7. How much would that suck? The one guy we've been desperately trying to hold on to doesn't even qualify. Of course.
  8. Wonder if that means Bell, too.