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  1. I say start the Oline staff at QB and RB, let them experience their failure.
  2. Gotham Steel Infomercial Commercials for our broadcast. That's where we're at.
  3. Welp, the media only has one option now. Hype up Texas.
  4. Broadcast team /STILL/ doesn't realize that FG was blocked?
  5. Alabama players going to have to make sure their next of kin is listed before practice....Over/Under on Saban's bodycount this week?
  6. Still looking for the NCAA rule, but in the NFL.... " unless such contact: is incidental to and occurs after the defender has touched the kick in flight is caused by the kicker’s own motions occurs during a quick kick or a rugby-style kick occurs during or after a run behind the line occurs after the kicker recovers a loose ball on the ground
  7. I didn't even know you COULD call running into the kicker on a clearly busted play.
  8. Wait... so any QB about to get tackled can punt the ball now?
  9. Oh god. I have to get up early. Please don't be a long delay.
  10. These broadcasters have no idea they're live
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