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  1. It's a hell of a risk to take for....what upside? If you're going to settle, settle safe. I HOPE Auburn can renovate his rep and bring out the best in him, but we shouldn't have to.
  2. Like his sincere admittance and repentance? Still waiting on that. Until he's actually changed, it's evergreen.
  3. Hence why I said to f off north. The big-wecantcount is getting cbs
  4. Rumors are one thing. I'm talking about jackasses like Suckoff and 'my sources say' douches.
  5. I'm gonna take my anger out on every jackass who claims to know who's being hired before anything is announced. I'm tired of that s*** too. Just stop it.
  6. **** the SEC. **** Birmingham. Should be legal to hunt zebras for sport.
  7. Absolute horse***t. Head ump is a jackass who knew what he was doing.
  8. **** these zebras. Complete clowns. Fire them now.
  9. Offense is wearing the defense out. Might be adrenaline dump too.
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