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  1. Welp, back to the Spring Practice threads. Been fun y'all.
  2. Cambridge gets his lip split, no call. I see...
  3. Never a good bet to assume competence from bball refs.
  4. I'd be much happier if Xfinity didn't decide this was the week to crap the bed on their browser streaming.
  5. This. I don't mind different crews calling the game loose or tight, or focusing on certain things. I DO mind when the two ends of the court seem to be differently enforced.
  6. Trip? Didn't know THIN F'ING AIR was on our roster.
  7. Right call my ass, EXACT SAME POSITION YOU TWATS
  8. So.... the announcers are saying the way to get a foul... is to actually commit an offensive foul?
  9. Some idiot in the crowd heckling KD....
  10. The 'draw a foul' play never seems to work for us. Do we need acting classes?
  11. The equivalent of the receiver falling down trying to push off, and drawing DPI on the acting job.....
  12. Phantom-ass 'i'm gonna fall down' foul.
  13. Not sure why, but basketball never does seem to replay calls. Maybe it's because they're subjective AF to start with, and showing reality has nothing to do with the call.
  14. Castleton out here mugging people in ways that'd have Kessler shown out of the building already
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