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  1. Men vs. Clemson

    We're building a new stadium here in town and all I can associate baseball with is municipal bonds and 'tax district' talk.
  2. Men vs. Clemson

    **** Pat Forde anyway.
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    On the plus side: Only 20 days till the A-Day game. And just 167 days till the season starts.
  4. Men vs. Clemson

    Ungh Quit talking up Clemson, announcers. My high-school could beat the Auburn that showed up today.
  5. Men vs. Charleston

    Who do we petition to NEVER have these announcers again?
  6. Men vs. Charleston

    I like how they replay that one, but don't question the other foul weirdness.
  7. Men vs. South Carolina

    Maybe fumbled loading one of them?
  8. Men vs. South Carolina

    The announcers being cover-up artists/apologetics is almost as bad. Dishonest.
  9. Men vs. South Carolina

    What the literal hell was that? He was moving AND mugged him.
  10. Men vs. South Carolina

    Go home, refs. You're drunk.
  11. Men vs. South Carolina

    lol, the technical call-out of the refs.
  12. Men vs. South Carolina

    They mug our guys, but..... jesus.
  13. Men vs. South Carolina

    The f was that? How is that not? What?
  14. Men vs. South Carolina

    Basketball fouls mostly seem like offensive holding calls to me. There's some clear cut ones, but like.... 80% are just random judgement calls?
  15. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    Because he can't Coach. He was known for his schemes, which worked until everyone and their senile aunt figured them out.