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  1. Willis is a waste of time the way Gus uses him. Put something resembling an actual offense in to get the young guys valuable snaps.
  2. Always thought getting rid of the 5 yard version was dumb. Also.... Can we just do mesh facemasks that don't catch fingers?
  3. Laaaaaaate signal and blocked into him
  4. No drive and desire in this uncoached offensive mess.
  5. Hard to stay fresh when you're on the field the whole game getting held. This is mostly on the O suckage, aka coaching failure across the board.
  6. Screw these refs. All our other issues aside, take the penalty.
  7. edited: learn to speak without the profanity
  8. That going to the ground to stall s*** should be flagged automatically. Whether you call it delay of game or unsportsmanlike. It's both by definition.
  9. Do not put the offense on the field until Gus is fired. Punt on First.