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  1. Having local Alumni didn't help us with attendance last time (2009 season). The place was empty. I blame that on the weather. It was really nasty that day. I think the business money side plays more a part than attendance really but who knows at this point there is no telling Could be....To further complicate matters, the SEC office will be assigning bowls this year (at least for the top 6 non playoff bowls). The bowls and the teams will send a list of their preferences, but Birmingham gets to decide what teams go where. So all we really can guess is that we will be playing sometime from Dec. 29th to Jan. 2nd. in a city somewhere between Houston and Charlotte. So that makes planning really easy.
  2. Having local Alumni didn't help us with attendance last time (2009 season). The place was empty.
  3. this. We were all wailing and bemoaning our upcoming loss at A&M when Holsey went down (His replacement did a pretty good job). He's a pretty good safety and we'll have a plan. If we were 17 points better than KSU before, we may only be 10 points better than them now.
  4. I didn't see a higher number than my 25, so I'll play.... Arky (Fayetteville) bama (tusc.) JHS LSU Miss State Ole Miss aTm UF UGa UK South Car. UTenn Vandy WVU Citrus Bowl Raymond James Rose Bowl Phoenix Cotton Bowl LA Super Dome Music City LA Colosseum Clempson Ga Dome Independence Bowl
  5. Nonfactor. Slim chance we go to the Orange. There can only be 2 SEC teams in BCS bowl. If we win out we go to the BCSNCG or Sugar Bowl. If Bama wins out the Sugar will choose an SEC team, likely us, to replace Bama. If SCar or Mizz wins the SECCG over us the orange likely picks TAMU over us. Yep. My counting must be off today. Just wishful thinking I guess.
  6. Don't forget the orange bowl. If the sugar doesn't want us, the orange has the first pick (after the NC game replacements are picked)
  7. I noticed this as well. The crowd is pretty choreographed and cool to watch, but as far as having any effect on the game whatsoever.....nope. The Auburn fans affected the actual game more than the home crowd. Home field is so important in the SEC, and the A&M people will have to step up their game up in order to compete in this league.
  8. Haven't seen the video of the play yet, but the bottom right corner of frame #3 could explain why #95 was almost in position to stop the play. Prosch missed the block in the open field. I'll give him a pass on it though since he made a great catch on a wheel route and if that was almost anyone else on the team it's a TD. I just watched the video clip. Although he did "miss", he got just enough of a redirect on him to kick him out of the play. Obviously this is not the right fit of an offense for Prosch, but he's hanging in there and making some plays. All in all, I'd much rather play with him than against him.
  9. Haven't seen the video of the play yet, but the bottom right corner of frame #3 could explain why #95 was almost in position to stop the play.
  10. I agree. You shouldn't reply to a post just to agree with it.
  11. Am I missing something? Are we just picking random flights out of AUO or MGM? If I missed the point of the game, so be it, but AU has no reason to keep the university jet on the ramp and go with a charter company out of Tallassee or Columbus. There are much less expensive ways to hide your movements.
  12. Is there not a clause for that? There is a "no compete clause" in his contract. That's what allows a school to fire a head coach that sits on his a$$. OK. I've seen this a few times now, so here we go.... A non-compete clause (often NCC), or covenant not to compete (CNC), is a term used in contract law under which one party (usually an employee) agrees not to enter into or start a similar profession or trade in competition against another party (usually the employer). The use of such clauses is premised on the possibility that upon their termination or resignation, an employee might begin working for a competitor or starting a business, and gain competitive advantage by abusing confidential information about their former employer's operations or trade secrets, or sensitive information such as customer/client lists, business practices, upcoming products, and marketing plans. If we fire Chizik, it will be legally "without cause". This is why the buyout will be due. There is nothing in any Head Coaches contract that requires him to be competent at his job. In fact, most contracts are more concerned with what you do Friday nights (morality clauses) than what you do on Saturday afternoons. ^^^ This ^^^ But I would add that included in all contracts in Alabama is the obligation to perform in good faith. There is the obligation to perform as well as the obligation to do that performance in good faith. So, while the poster (...burn) is incorrect about what a "no compete clause" would do, if Chiz stopped performing essential duties of his job, which I would submit includes recruiting, then the school might have "cause" to terminate the contract. That being said, Chiz has $7.5 million reasons to fully perform. I also believe that Chiz believes he can still save his job. So there are several reasons Chiz probably has not stopped performing. I did not know that. It makes sense, but I imagine that it would be pretty hard to prove that someone was not acting in good faith. I imagine all he would have to do is demonstrate that he did something (anything) on the recruiting front. At any rate, it will be moot. We'll gladly pay him to go away - just as we have in the past - and both the Auburn Family and Gene Chizik will seperately move on to (hopefully) greener pastures.