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  1. My wife said that it is amazing that the refs can see his foot touch out of bounds a split second before the catch but can't see a hold with an arm around his neck.
  3. In 1993 I had a dream we kicked a field goal at the end to win and that is what happened. This week I had a dream we recovered a fumble and on the next play Whitlow ran 50 yards for a TD and the win. But I like your dream better
  4. 125 years ago Auburn was preparing to play Georgia in the "meadow" at Piedmont park in Atlanta. I wonder what those men would think if they could see where we are playing today.
  5. When we were on the quarter system...?
  6. Scalping tickets is now a big risk. Stubhub should have an app so you can scan a paper ticket with your phone and tell if it is still good or not.
  7. He probably tweeted about which bathroom someone should use. (Jk I have no idea)
  8. Now I think it should had been ruled a fumble because it hit the ground on 4th down. If he caught it in the air it would be a lateral.
  9. The operative word is "transition"....and with all those losses there is no transition...just an abrupt change from A to B.....kinda like Gus tried to do after Cam left and Gus did not have a QB to run his style offense....in fact this looks a lot like 2011 season to me except we had a better Offense with a bunch of players who had won a championship. Abrupt changes are not easy to make....as we are seeing. That's what made Steve Spurrier so great at Florida. He ran the same offense every year. He recruited players to fit that offense
  10. rudi Johnson. Rudi Johnson RUDI JOHNSON RUDI JOHNSON!! TOUCH DOWN!!
  11. Auburn should had done a 2005 team recognition with both coaches here
  12. I wonder if he got to meet up with Al Borges?
  13. I say give it PB every play. He is the only one who appears to want to play.
  14. Fixin to load up the truck and head to Hotlanta War Eagle!
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