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  1. I have 2 tickets for sale for the MBB vs St Louis on 11/27. Section 221. $140 for the pair. Electronic transfer.
  2. LSU put up some crazy scores on floor to beat Auburn with a season high score of 197.975. Auburn put up a Program tying score of 197.750. We were led by Suni who posted an amazing All-Around score of 39.825 which currently has her tied for 1st with her Olympic teammate Jade Carey (Oregon State). What is so amazing is that this team score still has room to improve! We had to count an Out Of Bounds on Floor, and after a rocky start on UBs, we ended up counting a 9.775, but Suni anchored us with her first NCAA 10.0 on bars! Auburn will be back home this Friday against Missouri at 8PM CST.
  3. After 2 rotations Auburn's on top 98.825 LSU 98.75. Suni scored her first NCAA career 10.0 on bars in the first rotation and the momentum carried over to the vault and Auburn scored a season high vault score!!
  4. Thanks! I used to be here a lot more. But full time job and 3 kids limits my time here! But I promise I’ll try to contribute more!
  5. That first post is me! I cannot express how electric the arena was last night! I've been going to gymnastics meets since 2003, and that was easily the BEST environment I've ever seen for an Auburn gymnastics meet. I could have cried I was so excited. I've sat through so many AU gym meets and the cheerleaders could only get some of the little kids up and cheering. I'm so excited to see the fans lining up at the doors, getting up on their feet and getting excited for gymnastics!!
  6. Looks like Suni maybe making her All Around debut tonight!!! https://twitter.com/sunisalee_/status/1487135941655502848?s=20&t=0VItDxy9knnH0MUOIwTQkQ
  7. I'm going to try to be better about posting here. But here are my thoughts: 1. If you're going tonight, GET THERE EARLY AND BE LOUD!!! Doors open 90 minutes before the meet starts!! 2. Holy moly we're ranked above Alabama! War Eagle to that! 3. This team is probably the best team Auburn's ever had, and good news, we have a young team with some pretty amazing talent coming in!! (check out Olivia Greaves, Hannah Haigle, Hailey John, Lynden Saltness and Bryn Bartman). 4. Suni puts a lot of pressure on herself (she probably wouldn't be an Olympic AA Gold medalist if she didn't), but she is not going to win us an SEC championship by herself. It's all about the TEAM!! Sophia Groth was a top prospect in their class and she's already contributing so much to this team effort! DG is Queen and will continue to do Queen things! She's gonna get that perfect 10.0 this season! Aria can contribute big numbers anywhere you plug her. I can go on and on about this whole team. Suni, we love ya girl, but have fun and you'll do amazing things!!! Y'all, this team is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯!! That's all for now! War Eagle!
  8. For the 2nd year in a row, Auburn's gymnastics season was cut short. I'm devastated for this team. But the good news, I believe the team is only losing one Senior, Meredith Sylvia (a solid beam worker). I've heard that Senior Drew Watson will be taking advantage of her extra year of eligibility. And with the addition of Olympic hopeful, Sunisa Lee in 2022, Auburn has a very bright future. https://auburntigers.com/news/2021/3/31/gymnastics-auburn-will-not-compete-at-the-ncaa-regional-championship.aspx
  9. 34 Female Auburn, AL 2007 and 2012
  10. What happened for this to come out at 10pm on a Friday night?!
  11. That is correct. Different Chris Davis. Chris Davis VP (https://auburntigers.com/staff.aspx?staff=219) has been super helpful with arrangements.
  12. This is great football! Question is, will we keep the pedal down or let off the gas in typical Gus fashion?!
  13. I thought I saw where she tweeted that she's pregnant. https://twitter.com/queenhaley02/status/999710702100205569
  14. Can someone explain to me what kinda weather delay they're having in Gainesville? ESPN BasesLoaded keeps showing a shot of the field with blue skies.
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