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  1. AUTigerCourt

    Gymnastics 2018

    Auburn Gymnastics is headed to Salt Lake City for Regionals!
  2. AUTigerCourt

    Gymnastics 2018

    Here are the results from last year. We didn't come up with many W's but that isn't technically what matters in NCAA gymnastics. Biggest thing is our team score week to week. Per the Road to Nationals website: Qualification for regional competition is based on a team's and an all-around competitor's six best regular-season-meet scores, of which three must be away. To obtain the regional qualifying score (RQS), the high score is eliminated and the remaining five scores are averaged.
  3. AUTigerCourt

    Gymnastics 2018

    The SEC has steep competition in gymnastics, but this is a solid score for this early in the season! I went to the meet and was really impressed with the depth and potential we have on bars and beam. Vault is definitely our weakness. Hoping we can get stronger and gain some confidence early and keep it rolling! War Eagle!
  4. AUTigerCourt

    Props to the Halftime Show

    Thanks for sharing my video! It was a very special halftime show! Glad I captured it!
  5. AUTigerCourt

    Arkansas Game Report Card

    awesome reporting Stat! Thanks!
  6. AUTigerCourt

    Clemson Review on WarBlogle

    I agree with the booing the players, however I will admit that I booed Tray Matthews after that late hit on Saturday. That was just plain dumb.
  7. AUTigerCourt

    Clemson Game Report Card

    Thanks Stat! I always look forward to reading your posts. It was definitely ugly this week, hopefully it will get better. Hopefully.
  8. AUTigerCourt

    Fan Day

    We went and took my two boys (2.5 and 5 months). We got in early b/c my son is a member of the Kids Club. We got CGMs autograph first. He was super nice, but that line took a little while. We went into the indoor practice field and got some of the seniors autographs before my 2.5 year old lost all interest and started running up and down the indoor practice field. We also went to see Auburn, the cheerleaders, tiger paws, volleyball and soccer teams. Overall, it was a great event! We had a great time! Definitely got me ready for the season to start!!
  9. AUTigerCourt

    OT: Member Re-Engagement Drive

    Hey old friends! I still check in from time to time, but I now have two little tigers of my own! Mack 2.5 and John Pat 4.5 months consume my daily life outside of work! I was just talking with my husband this week about how I don't get on the boards as much anymore! I miss it. Don't kick me out! Once life settles down I will be back! Thanks for thinking of me! BTW, we moved back to Auburn a couple months ago! It's wonderful being back on the loveliest village!
  10. AUTigerCourt

    Need Rental House in Auburn

    Moving back to Auburn and looking for a 3 bedroom rental house in a family friendly neighborhood! Please let me know if you have anything or know anyone who has something opening up July-August! Thanks!
  11. AUTigerCourt

    2 Iron Bowl Tickets for sale

    Two tickets upper deck for Iron Bowl for sale. Section 51 Row 25 AISLE seats with STADIUM SEATS. Asking $700 for the pair. Message me if interested. Will meet in Birmingham Area
  12. AUTigerCourt

    Looking for 2 tix for AU/FL MBB

    Anyone have extras for a decent price? Please message me.
  13. AUTigerCourt

    Should my daughter join a sorority?

    I was greek at Auburn (2003-2007). I loved it, but the great thing about Auburn is that you don't have to be greek. Recruitment can be a bumpy road. But all the sororities at Auburn are great. I had several wonderful friends in my sorority, as well as friends in other sororities and some that weren't greek at all. I felt like no matter which sorority I ended up at, I could find some great friends. The sororities are so big that it's easy to find a group of friends that you feel comfortable with. I was also involved with many other groups (choir, golf hostess, cheerleading, pharmacy club, and many many others). The important thing is to get involved. I enjoyed keeping busy, it made me feel like I knew what was going on around campus as well as helping me meet a sorts of people. If she has any questions feel free to message me.
  14. AUTigerCourt

    Cam Newton enrolled at Auburn

    Cam doesn't care anything about Auburn! He only cares about his career! Where the hell did you get that? He's been back quite a bit since he left and I have never heard anything to give me the impression that he didn't care about Auburn. Sorry, I guess that should have been posted in yellow. That is all I heard from Bammers and UGAly fans after Cam left Auburn after one year.
  15. AUTigerCourt

    Cam Newton enrolled at Auburn

    Cam doesn't care anything about Auburn! He only cares about his career! Edit: This post is using EXTREME sarcasm! Just using the words of the Bammers and UGAly fans! War Damn Cam!