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  1. @RunInRedis good at what he does…this thread made me pull the trigger on the donation. Job well done sir! I really like the dark theme as well.
  2. He has the strongest arm I probably have seen. Kid has a cannon definitely NFL level talent. He needs major help on mechanics. He gets happy feet and doesn’t progress through his reads. We were happy to get rid of him honestly. Good kid just gives you a heart attack every play. If he can get happy feet better and stay in the pocket without panicking he will be good. That is the reply I got from an a&m friend via text when I asked him about Calzada. In another text he said the kid was tough. He’s watched Calzada play a lot more ball than I have. If nothing else his addition will add more competition that will hopefully allow all players involved to get better.
  3. I agree. You can’t play call accuracy or experience. May could dial back the deep throws and try to hit some shorter quicker ones, maybe.
  4. Add some questionable play calling IMO as well. Looked eerily familiar.
  5. Definitely saw some true freshman mistakes tonight from him. He’s got the arm, can move around, needed some help from the oline in critical spots and didn’t get it. Baylor dialed up what they needed when they needed it defensively. Luke is a coachable kid, I’d love to have him on the plains now. I like the kid too much to have had him play under the previous staff.
  6. Yes sir, they have been. They had done a good job with Corral while he was in the game.
  7. He’s a really good kid, and a good QB. Big game for him to get his feet wet. I wish him the best in every game in the future minus the Auburn game.
  8. Respectfully, the true freshman Luke Altmyer is a good QB. I’d hate to be in his shoes tonight. I believe the young man will cause the SEC problems in the future.
  9. I didn't like that call either. The whistle had blown, so technically it was a late hit. They were still actively trying to tackle, He saw that so he cleaned one of them up. I just don't think any of them heard the whistle and it cost Troxell 15.
  10. Worm involved more would be great as well.
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