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  1. I haven’t talked to Luke in a while, it’d be cool to have him at AU, imo.
  2. I assume Dart will still be at ole miss next year, so, I guess that’s why? Im not sure. Luke’s dad is the team ortho physician for msu, or was at least. I know them, but, I don’t know them well enough to ask questions.
  3. Yep. He had some bright spots in the bowl game against Baylor when Corral went down as well, if I remember correctly.
  4. Luke is a local kid for me. I know him and his family, I’d just like to see him at Auburn because of that.
  5. @Zeek I see where Luke Altmyer from ole miss is in the portal. I like the kid, what are your thoughts on possibly targeting him in the portal?
  6. No. Cohen did not make msu great in athletics.
  7. Could that be a result of Kendall Simmons stepping in as oline coach?
  8. Any thoughts why Schmedding is still hanging around?
  9. He doesn’t like the hires he’s made, I sent you a PM. The statement about Thompson was very concerning for me. I do trust this guy and what he says.
  10. I’ll admit not all state fans are horrible, I have a few friends that are state fans. I’ve never had any issues with any ole miss fans. I’ve been talking with one of my state friends. He is not a Cohen fan at all.He also says Butch Thompson will leave Auburn if Cohen is hired. Apparently there’s not a lot of love there.
  11. I wouldn’t listen to anything a Mississippi state fan says. Trust me, I live amongst them. IMO they are the worst fans in the country.
  12. I’m also a 40 plus year “t-shirt” Auburn fan. I was born and raised an Auburn fan in Mississippi. 30 miles east of Starkville, 60 miles west of Tuscaloosa. Talk about rough!!! My daughter has been accepted to Auburn beginning spring of 23, not sure the out of state tuition cost is gonna allow her to attend though.
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