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  1. aubie57

    Men vs. Mississippi State

    My family and I were able to attend the game today, seeing AU basketball in person is a rarity for us, we live about 30 miles from Starkville. The first half was hard to watch, I made it a point to watch the body language etc of the AU players, yes there were some signs of frustration, BUT, they never got too emotional. They just kept playing, kept digging. Second half was really fun to watch. I like the mental toughness, that joint got a little on the loud side a time or two, it didn't phase them. I don't know if it was heard on tv or not, when the state students started chanting ucf, the Auburn faithful responded with a 49-10 chant, shut'em up for the most part. There was a decent turn out of Auburn folks in attendance today. It's been fun so far, hopefully they can keep things headed in the right direction.
  2. aubie57

    Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    I wonder if Lindsey wanted to make adjustments and was told no? That’s an honest question. I/we all know Malzahn isn’t gonna adjust. Why in the world would anybody want to coach for a guy that micro manages? Here again, honest question.
  3. aubie57

    End could be near for Jacobs

    Does anybody know how long JJ has before he can “retire” from state employment? I am assuming that he is technically a state employee. In conversation today, I was told that CPD made a comment that JJ would be the AD through December. The reasoning was that come December he could draw his retirement. It does kind of make sense, JJ has been around a long time, I suppose it would be a way to let him go with out actually firing him. Thoughts?
  4. It's always good to beat Arkansas, I don't like them. That said, they are a terrible football team. I can't get overly excited about the outcome of last nights game. Auburn left points on the field in the first quarter/half in the red zone, that I think were due to play selection at that moment, that needs to be addressed. I desperately want to see a safety valve on some of the deep routes, I also would love for Malik to actually get to run the offense before it's a must. Happy to the win on the road, glad to have the bye to try and get guys healthy for the home stretch. War Eagle!
  5. aubie57

    Coach O says after game he out-schemed Gus

    If yesterday’s collapse hasn’t resulted in the firing of CGM already, then I’m afraid it will take the embarrassment that will be losses to uga and uat to finally get it done. Why do we have to wait until then? I think we all know the answer, the light bulb isn’t much brighter in the AD’s office...
  6. aubie57

    FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    I’ve been against firing CGM until today. He needs to be unemployed before the team gets back to Auburn. 20-0 lead and quit. It’s time for a change. I have no idea who to go after, but it’s time.
  7. aubie57

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    I could be wrong, I believe CNS has had full control inside the football building in west Vance from day 1. He obviously hasn't buried himself. I honestly think CGM, would bury himself, I think he has "1 foot in the grave" from his past decisions now. I still think, regardless if I truly think he's capable, it's his call to make, not be told who to hire. I'm tired of the revolving door at HC. I really wish Malzahn would get out his own way, be the HC, and let the offense go. I couldn't care less who the OC is. Just win.
  8. aubie57

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    IMO, if that article is true, I believe CGM should walk out now. It's his team, he should make the hire he wants to make. If the ship sinks, so be it. Meddling from the powers that be is an age old problem at AU.
  9. Going to have to let him throw it... Got too.
  10. If they have to go to Franklin, they will have to throw the ball, regardless of the out come. If they strictly run the ball there's no reason to pull White.
  11. White's arm is toast. The defense is on their own the rest of the way.
  12. In the current situation, who is lined up at QB is irrelevant. There is not a human being alive that could be successful. The offensive coaching staff is killing the offense. The offense isn't being presented the opportunity to be successful with the play calls that are being sent in from whomever is calling the play. Chavis made adjustments, AU ran the same crap, over, and over, and over....that is on coaching, not players.
  13. aubie57

    Travis Williams Promoted to LB Coach

    Proud for CTWill. He's put in his time, on and off the field.
  14. I just want a W. How it happens , or looks, is irrelevant to me right now. I also hope to get in and out of there safely, with the same vehicle, in the same condition as it will be when we get there.