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  1. This video right here is the real deal. I love this school!!!!
  2. It's funny when people act shocked and surprised that Ole Urban lied, as if that's the worst of his infractions.
  3. As long as he doesn't have a playbook card in his hand, everything should be fine.
  4. 43 Male Muscle Shoals, AL Masters 2004/PhD 2009
  5. Why doesn't Gus let Chip call it like this against opponents who are not completely outmatched?
  6. He punted the ball away on 4th and 1/2 yd to go with 10:00 left and all the momentum on the LSU side. He doesn’t know how to win!!!
  7. We have losses coming to TAMU, UGA, and uat. We all know it. An 0-8 to UGA/uat Gus Malzahn with no signature wins since 2013 doesn’t get another chance after another 7-5 season ESPECIALLY with a loss to TAMU with Sumlin on the hot seat. Its not hard to understand.
  8. Here’s some levity: He has to go. Period.
  9. He has to go. Nothing else to be said.
  10. Big question is whether Clemson drops lower than #4 in the polls, and even if they do I believe they'll still be in the top 4 when the first playoff rankings come out. "They" want Clemson in there...
  11. If we win out, we're in. If we lose another game, we're likely out. Really doesn't have much to do with Clemson at this point.
  12. Boy Clemson does not look good and Syracuse just went up by another TD.
  13. All sounds good, but we will see. I don't buy that putting a <100% KP as the only running back against Mercer was "just how the game unfolded." It's a head scratcher for sure.
  14. Wonder if anyone still thinks he's an offensive genius?
  15. Would like 2-4 in Auburn section for the game at Ole Miss on October 29. If you have some let me know.
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