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  1. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    I agree, it's always amazing to me how a couple of millimeters of OAL makes you subject to criminal prosecution even when your motives are nothing but pure...
  2. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    I'm fully familiar with the circular rulings on the pistol braces, as far as I'm concerned they are a stock, and make an AR pistol an SBR, but they can't make up their damn mind on the issue. I guess "accelerating trigger pulls" could show up in some verbiage, but I have confidence that Congress will find new and unique ways to make a mostly straightforward issue an f'n mess...
  3. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    Well, on June 7th of 2010... ATF approval letter was issued. Well, by definition, it doesn't really do that. The definition of full auto in the law is essentially that more than one bullet is fired with a single pull of the trigger. A bump fire stock (and a dedicated bump fire stock isn't even needed to engage in bump firing) only makes it possible to pull the trigger very, very quickly. Nowhere in the law is rate of fire mentioned, and frankly that's a damn slippery slope were it to be. I still think they are stupid and perhaps only really useful, to me, as a way to waste ammo. The fact of the matter is that the law isn't even ambiguous, like many are, but the determination of legality falls to the bureaucrats in governing agencies like the ATF. Slide Fire designed an AR "part" and asked the ATF for a letter of clarification regarding whether or not their proposed product was legal. The ATF returned an approval letter, as linked above, and to market went their product. I guess my point is that while I am in general agreement with you regarding the acquisition of FA arms, it's pretty clear that whenever a law is written to limit something, pretty much anything, there are going to be individuals out there somewhere making things to skirt said laws. This thing falls directly in the multitude of products out there to do just that. Should it be illegal? I don't know. But you can be sure that it, and several other devices out there, stand a damn good chance of becoming another victim of this shooting in the long run. Slide Fire as a company is now enjoying record sales, but it's going to be rough seas for them in the not too distant future.
  4. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    Bump stock is legal. I don't care for them personally. The 60 round magazine is only illegal in CA, CO, CT, HI, MD, MA, NJ, and NY.
  5. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    Hmmm Surefire 60 round magazine and a bump-stock... Not surprising. Sad, but not surprising.
  6. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    This is why we call this a dynamic situation, because no one knows anything as fact, yet here we all are speculating and arguing things like we know something NO ONE knows.... And it doesn't matter, really, the guy was a whack if he did what he did, anyone want to argue that point?
  7. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    Depends, tripods are usually for heavier more stationary weapons like larger belt fed arms. Who knows what this guy rang up in his head
  8. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    Bi-pod, 2 legs, mounts forward on the weapon leaving the rear of the rifle unsupported, that's the shooters job, usually in prone position or on an elevated rest. Tripod, 3 legs, varies but usually a balanced mount toward the middle of the rifle, mostly for use standing depending on height. It's easier 1 person to carry a field gun with a bi-pod.
  9. I'm in that club as well, most things I hear on the news regarding weapons are inaccurate at best, and often blatant lies.
  10. This guy had $$$ based on what I'm hearing, he probably could afford the price of admission for NFA items. I still don't think that is what he used based on the wandering rate of fire I hear in the videos. Just to be clear, and I'm guessing here since neither of us live in CA, you may or may not know what a bullet button is (which I referenced above). A bullet button is a device conceived in whole to skirt the CA state law that a weapon cannot have a removable box magazine that can be changed without breaking down the gun or the use of a "tool" to change magazines. Basically it's a non-movable magazine release button that you can use the tip of a bullet, through a hole in the button, to drop the magazine.
  11. It didn't to me either, but I guess I'll wait for the facts to come out on that part.
  12. Are we sure that's the case here? Seriously asking. Edit to add: This was a decidedly illegal act whether the weapons were legal or not is TBD, I'm not in the least trying to minimize this horrific act, but this guy was obviously a nut job.
  13. As soon as you quit being arrogant, later sir.
  14. Tinkering, armoring, gunsmithing, potato, tomato. What others do if legal, is not my problem, or necessarily society in general. Whether you think it should be legal is why we're here, no? In my life I've put just south of 300k rounds down range, I was in the military, and I've shot competitively, please dismount the horse.