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  1. Mkay. I'm not even going to say if it was me or another mod/admin that locked this thread. But, what I want everyone to know, and I do mean everyone, is that the moderators on this site are an all voluntary group, WE ARE A TEAM. If you feel somehow wronged here, take it to PM. No passive aggressive posting alluding to any damn thing, and no individual attacks should ever be necessary or tolerated, please be civil. We're all AU fans here so believe it or not it's OUR teams(pick a sport), if you need a refresher course, read the board rules and for Gods sake take them to heart. Thank you, and carry on. THE END.
  2. Solid RB's, with a middling OL, isn't what I would call a recipe for success... I remain hopeful, but not overly optimistic.
  3. Crazy stuff, here. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/highschool/2021/08/30/bishop-sycamore-high-school-football-espn/5657217001/
  4. Couldn't tell you, I'm new here.
  5. You've been here 10+ years, you should know you have to be patient.
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