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  1. I believe it's been fixed, are you still getting the error? Edit: If you're still getting the error, you may have to clear your cache.
  2. Let's not get carried away, $250k is a long way from Gus' buyout, and we all know the bulk of the money for that buyout ends up being donated to the school by big name boosters. Regardless, back to storming the field.
  3. $50k 1st offense $100k 2nd offense $250k 3rd and subsequent offenses. The good news is we are maxed out for the "access to competition areas" penalty fee.
  4. Were it not for TV audio, where Iā€™m sitting would be an awfully quiet room full of bama fans.
  5. Could be a shootout, if only they could both lose... sigh...
  6. Uh, no offense, but if you pop off at a moderator like that again, you can find another place on the web to call home, got it? WT was attempting to warn you that you're being a bit over the top, mkay?
  7. I've been using this meme entirely too much this year...
  8. Personally, I believe a one game sample size is too small to draw too many conclusions. I am rather surprised UA didn't run Tua some, just because they could.
  9. Love it, truly great that he was there! Now go deliver the same results Bo!
  10. I didn't see anyone you missed, but I must say you're underselling on horses and guns. JMHO