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  1. I've been using this meme entirely too much this year...
  2. Personally, I believe a one game sample size is too small to draw too many conclusions. I am rather surprised UA didn't run Tua some, just because they could.
  3. Love it, truly great that he was there! Now go deliver the same results Bo!
  4. I didn't see anyone you missed, but I must say you're underselling on horses and guns. JMHO
  5. Quick request, STOP. Check that, not a request.
  6. Jeff, stay on track with the thread and quit with the keyboard commander stuff, please. And we're walking...
  7. ODU didn't "come for that game", it was AT ODU. I'm sure some one got payed, but regardless, that game was strange to watch. And both teams played their BU QBs, the hokies starter was injured later in the game, and ODU swapped out their starter early...