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  1. Since both teams can't lose, I'm only watching because it's football.
  2. Now you've crossed the line!
  3. Oh, I can't say how pumped I am to hear this. Sorry bout the phone, sir.
  4. Hey y'all, your "feelings" matter. Smoke and mirrors...
  5. First off, welcome to AUF. Second, AU fans are pretty divided on CGM, many are just afraid of change, seemingly. Third, how people don't know about the fire CGM thing astounds me. People must be living under rocks, perfectly fine rocks with moss growing on the North side of them I'm sure, but rocks just the same.
  6. @CoachPink7259 I bumped your post count so you can create threads. Welcome to AUF
  7. If this was a real tease, you could have made it a poll. With or without da rona, we're halfway through August, I think we ALL know what that means.
  8. I HIGHLY advise caution when posting in this thread, this is my only warning before it's moved unceremoniously to the politics forum.
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