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  1. Were it not for TV audio, where I’m sitting would be an awfully quiet room full of bama fans.
  2. Could be a shootout, if only they could both lose... sigh...
  3. Uh, no offense, but if you pop off at a moderator like that again, you can find another place on the web to call home, got it? WT was attempting to warn you that you're being a bit over the top, mkay?
  4. I've been using this meme entirely too much this year...
  5. Personally, I believe a one game sample size is too small to draw too many conclusions. I am rather surprised UA didn't run Tua some, just because they could.
  6. Love it, truly great that he was there! Now go deliver the same results Bo!
  7. I didn't see anyone you missed, but I must say you're underselling on horses and guns. JMHO
  8. Quick request, STOP. Check that, not a request.
  9. Jeff, stay on track with the thread and quit with the keyboard commander stuff, please. And we're walking...