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  1. Dan Wolken comments on AU AD search.

    Hmmm, nothing to report? Time for a meaningless tweet! Gotta keep my name out there, ya know...
  2. Perhaps a few folks pulling for David vs. Goliath? Regardless...
  3. Spuat or Thuga

    The only reason I am even watching this "game" is so I can have a fact based "conversation" about how it played out, should that become necessary. Of course I plan on avoiding those types of conversations unless it's with fellow, also disappointed, fans . So there is that...
  4. Any chance Steele replaces Pruitt

    Uh, they're coaches, perhaps $$$?
  5. Spuat or Thuga

    Meteor or comet, matters not to me, Bane would work too. Let's face it, lose-lose doesn't even begin to cover it.
  6. Auburn Lost a Good One on Tuesday

    A true Auburn warrior, prayers to your family.
  7. SEC SEC SEC!!!

    Played well down the stretch, kind of...
  8. Orange Bowl...Miami vs Wisconsin

    Last timeout, tired UM defense, fat lady warming up...
  9. Taxslayer Bowl Mississippi State v Louisville

    Yes, under CTT.
  10. Mich State Gymnastics < Penn State Football?

    Sad but true: Cash cow = Cash cow(NCAA football) > Gymnastics
  11. Watching the opponents opponents TTU-USF

    None of the bowls thus far have been well attended, but the combination of Saturday before Christmas eve and traveling 500+ miles doesn't seem like a good combination conducive to the fans participation.
  12. UCF played USF a month ago. While it was a fun game to watch because of the offenses, UCF won at their house by 7 (49-42), it still left me underwhelmed... 6-6 TTU is giving 9-2 USF all they want, and USF's only other loss was to 7-4 Houston @ USF, so color me jaded if I'm still a bit underwhelmed. Anyone else watching simply because it's the only game on?
  13. Browser Talk

    Friends don't let friends use IE, ever.
  14. Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    Land hawgs? FTR, Chavis is generally very well regarded, he'd be a solid DC.
  15. Separated at Birth

    They were probably separated as well.