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  1. Jeff, stay on track with the thread and quit with the keyboard commander stuff, please. And we're walking...
  2. ODU didn't "come for that game", it was AT ODU. I'm sure some one got payed, but regardless, that game was strange to watch. And both teams played their BU QBs, the hokies starter was injured later in the game, and ODU swapped out their starter early...
  3. I'm unclear as to the logic behind their prohibition on this, it is most definitely a player safety issue. Anyone know WHY they don't allow them?
  4. Well, alrighty then... Sooo, graduate transfer.
  5. Easily as valid as the polls we endlessly worry over, especially in week 1.
  6. Herbstreit is a tOSU who loves to hear himself talk, but there are worse out there. At least Verne retired.