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  1. Wait? A $300 bumper in 1962? You could buy a damn fine used car for that money in 1962!
  2. Honestly, I was a little disappointed when I heard he was leaving after his junior year, but he was a beast and his draft stock was stupid high (13th overall). I was glad to hear he'd gone back and finished his education, good on him.
  3. Congratulations to you sir!
  4. I get what you're saying, but there are some jaded folks after he was supposedly turning over everything to CRL last year, and we all saw what happened... Did I mention Finebaum who?
  5. Finebaum who?
  6. In a word, yes.
  7. Take the back and forth to PM guys, or just drop it please.
  8. Sigh... I don't understand or really care to understand why you would do this to someone you consider a teammate, but we are worlds better off without someone incapable of making better decisions. PERIOD.
  9. That was a great game! That's the same year we switched the forum software to the current format from phpBB due to, ummm, security problems.
  10. THURSDAY, July 13 Auburn - Gus Malzahn Ole Miss - TBA South Carolina - Will Muschamp
  11. No politics, keep on track guys.
  12. Locked
  13. Welcome to AU Family!
  14. Yeah, sorry, I was referring to CTH not going to LSU. As for CLK, I simply don't see him moving laterally from UA to LSU. I'm not sure what UA is paying him, and frankly I'm too lazy to look it up, but he'd probably be making more than Orgeron if he became the OC at LSU.
  15. LSU is retaining Coach O