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  1. stoic-one

    Freshmen could contribute

    Please be the version of Noel Devine, or maybe Sproles.
  2. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    I prefer, unprovable speculation 😁
  3. stoic-one

    Pink Pistols & the Gay NRA...

    I was on their trainers list for a while, but asked to be removed after a year because I picked up a project which prevented me from providing services for them. Probably trained 10 women over the course of 14 months.
  4. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    Training is more valuable than "unneeded" bases? Not even sure how to reply to that. Well trained troops put on unneeded bases? Less bases with better trained troops, yeah, that's the ticket. Marvy, don't disagree with you, training is important. BUT, if you read my earlier posts, a good chunk of the multinational/multi-branch training, can be mitigated through proper coordination. Individual units execute their own missions the same way whether they are interfacing with others or not. They are already trained for the same mission, they are just doing it with other units involved. Do more mission training, make sure the planning is sufficient. I'm referring specifically to the type of exercises we do with N. Korea. Of course that's just my opinion, based on my personal experience.
  5. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    Why not? What makes them so damn valuable? Just asking what your experience is with them? Cutting a joint exercise (single expenditure, which is supposed to be what the thread is about) saves a whole lot less than than you might think, it's a chunk for sure, but nothing close to closing bases (long term expenditure). And as I said earlier, I personally never thought joint exercises I participated in were all that valuable, in the grand scheme of things. Are we going to wait and see if they actually do or do not have the next scheduled exercise in ~9 months or just bitch about the supposed cancellation until then? Nothing is a done deal yet, nothing.
  6. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    Assuming? Mkay.... So far it looks like a REALLY tall mole hill that's being built by these supposed actions, guess we'll see.
  7. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    What's "this"? Nothing has actually happened yet.
  8. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    So what, that's not what this thread is about. And I can tell you government is the worst, private companies make corrections, they have to make money, not just print it.
  9. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    Meh, ok, is it actually happening? When? Guy makes hyperbolic statements all the time, and it's mostly signal flares and setups.
  10. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    I would argue that you could pick just about any government agency(not just the military) and they all operate on the same premise, spend it this year so we can spend it next year. That's just how government works, and it's stupid.
  11. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    Exercises help, but most coordination can and is done in planning stages. Truthfully, our exercises there are very scripted and very repetitive, and have varied little over the years we've been doing them, which makes the planning almost exactly the same every year. The pentagon isn't wrong, but they also like to spend all of their budgeted money so they can keep getting the same or more funding year to year. As I said, it's ~9 months until the next one, we'll see if it happens.
  12. stoic-one

    Good thing he knows more than the Generals

    Wait? Who said anything about leaving the region? We are suspending joint exercises with S. Korea, not pulling the plug and leaving all of SE Asia. Nothing about this indicates our force strength is changing. Our next joint exercise isn't even scheduled for another 9 months, we just had one a few months ago. Personally, having participated in multinational/multi-branch exercises, I always thought they were the biggest cluster and quite the waste of time. They are usually more about coordination than the actual exercise itself, and they cost a ton of money as well.
  13. stoic-one

    Kickoff time set for season opener

    2014 Natty game was an ABC/ESPN broadcast I believe. Can't remember a more recent one, but I'm old.
  14. stoic-one

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    This thread is a perfect example of why football season can't get here fast enough...
  15. I wrote to you a few weeks back about Titan Tiger. I am now coming off his latest silly warning/suspension by him for "criticizing a mod." It happened in the thread about CNN's ratings being low and a stupid discussion. He eventually referred to me as a mule. I responded that it "sure was nice when he was gone and stoic was here. We didn't have tis kind of crap." He deleted this thread and suspended me from posting. Guess it's OK for him to dish it out but can't tale my response. He for sure doesn't enforce the forum rules in a consistent way.

     I asked you before about the possibility of rotating him out of the Political Forums as the mod. I ask again if that can be done. I will make a donation to the operation of the board if that is done.


    1. Proud Tiger

      Proud Tiger

      Just checking to wee if you saw this PM since I didn't get any response.