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  1. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that DBs in college and in pros are now coached to fight and GRAB when they are even slightly beat, moreso then a few years ago. Maybe I am just noticing it now, or maybe refs are told to call it tighter to improve offensive numbers and thereby viewers (uneducated). I don't see how this is good strategy. A grabbed jersey is easy to spot and refs WILL see it. Now if they call it or not, who knows why (Auburn no call). Which brings me to the reason it is hard to watch. It is now ALL in the refs hands. Every incomplete pass is only incomplete if the ref decides not to call it. It is now like the offensive line where there is holding every play, just if the ref feels like calling it. Now EVERYTHING is in the refs hands. So it depends on ref bias, if the ref is on your sideline or on opponents, one ref that calls tougher than another. Takes the game out of players hands. Now mediocre offensive play is rewarded. Often balls are un-catchable, but doesn't matter because there was a hold somewhere. Often offenses are stuffed on the run for 2 plays, throw a fade, flag comes out and bingo first down! If I were a coach of a out-manned team, I would throw a fade route (on my sideline) to my tallest receiver EVERY PLAY. 1 out of 3 will be Pass Interferene or Defensive Holding. Its just harder to watch now. If I wanted to watch a competition decided by refs/judges, I would watch Ms America pageant, maybe.
  2. Having a game between UGA and UAT also gives us a break for any players suspended for defending a teamate that is getting pounded on the ground.
  3. Karlos did get a flag on the play for a forward lateral, which really could not happen because he never officially had possession. I think the ref threw the flag on instict and then they did not overturn it. Auburn kept the ball but yardage was marked off.
  4. I did the lighting controls for the new endzone. There are now a few AU stickers strategically placed throughout the new endzone suites.
  5. Can we get some more DB's?
  6. A rumor from "whodat" concerning Reed should probably be taken with a swig of Coonass Tabasco sauce. Whodat asked about Reed. Gerry Hamilton answered that Reed may not sign today. FWIW.
  7. Rumor from ESPN: "GerryHamilton: whodat, there are rumors that Trovon Reed may not sign today. Auburn and LSU in a battle "
  8. Not necessarily. Most recent that comes to mind is Trovon Reed's committment to Auburn in front of a bajillion LSU fans. I think Lattimore wanted to make his announcement in front of people that have known and cared for him over the years, thus the church site. I don't think he envisioned the circus that seems imminent. Also, he lives in Clemson country. Auburn's Stephen Davis is a local hero. Probably half the people there would stand up and cheer if he picked anywhere BUT South Carolina. Good points, guess we'll know soon enough.
  9. Not trying to be pessimistic, but I would think a huge public gathering spells good news for the home-state school.
  10. Lets just put the entire 2004 team on the All decade team and call it a day.
  11. Shire5k just made AUBURNJAC's point. Jealousy?! Ha!
  12. I'm in a rented condo, I asked about ESPN gameplan (called comcast), they said it was blacked out. I will try again.
  13. Anyone know of a website to watch the game online?
  14. You gotta turn that carp off, Heflin. I haven't turned to that station since around the Georgia game last year. But I know how he is. BTW, what am I going to listen to on the drive home now?