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  1. Lets hope Gus's bromance doesn't get in the way of the goal...a solid beatdown of an SEC west opponent.
  2. TigerOne


    you can sure win the ones we are supposed to. Auburn fans are being trained to accept, oh baby it's ok. Some teams don't accept that attitude.
  3. TigerOne

    Central Florida vs. Florida Atlantic

    UCF is a fun team to watch, they would probably beat Auburn again if we played this week.
  4. TigerOne

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    could even add more screens either side of the Aubietron to show stats, scores all the time. Reality; they would be covered with ads.
  5. Pathetic if it plays out like that. 4 weeks into the season and we look like we haven't done anything since A-day
  6. TigerOne

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    Absolutely, even worse when you watch teams run his offense or variations of it, better than us.
  7. TigerOne

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    that looks really nice. I think it wont be long maybe already that we loath the stickon box in the corner without any regard to incorporating the Aubietron or future additions. If they copy it on the other corner that will help.
  8. Photo: Todd Van Emst / AU Athletics Some notes ... Gus doesn't seem too shook up about the departures (Nate Craig-Myers, Jayvaughn Myers, Jalen Harris), says probably see more this week from other teams. Good week of practice, "put the loss behind you." Praising Arky coach of course, best friends in the coaching profession ... Says the team has strong senior leadership. Knows how to handle adversity. Players choose the Captains for the season. Had good things to say about Deshawn Davis' play. Mentions penalties as an area needed improvement, said the same thing from earlier, it's on him Talking about Daniel Carlson (who was released from the Vikings after missing 3 FGs last Sunday) how he will rebound. Question: What do high school coaches bring to the table, got to be good teachers and adjusting to your talent. Bwwwaaaah, wow he said that. Has RB rotation changed? Boobie more carries than the others, the hot hand comment. Not much information on the young guys. Usually know after the 4th game. Next up for TE Tucker Brown, Sal, Samuel. How vital fast start? Very, didn't do it last week. Heat wasn't really a factor for players, in shape and ready. Comment on the players wearing suit and tie for all home games very positive players wanted to do it. Breakdown Arky, defense lots of returners we will get their best, Chavis DC Offense Gus knows the QB' dad, good receivers impressed with their 3 TE, got to get turnovers. What AU needs to do Saturday: Protect football, no turnovers. What happens to scholarship when player leaves, continue through the end of semester, can't give it to walkons. He expects to come out like hair is on fire Saturday ... and he's gone that's it. He didn't look too comfortable sitting at the table.
  9. TigerOne

    Not liking this new 4 game rule

    What other SEC teams have lost players since the season started?
  10. TigerOne

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    Lets hope he doesn't leave before Saturday;)
  11. TigerOne

    Nate Craig-Myers

    obviously use key/backup players much as possible the first 4 games. Gotta have a game plan that works though.
  12. TigerOne

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    and so you have to wonder in meetings back in August, someone asks. Ok Coach what do we do when the defense shuts the run down? Is the answer "they wont"? Auburn never appears to have plan B or plan C. And halftime usually is the demise of Auburn's offense because the opponent has figured out everything we are doing.
  13. TigerOne

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    real good friends, we will see Gus's mindset during this one.
  14. TigerOne

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    exactly, before the game tell his buddy , "I'm gonna try and put 60 points up on the board, you try and stop me. Thanks for coming see you after the game."
  15. TigerOne

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    Whatever is happening in practice isn't carrying over to gameday (poor/incorrect preparation). Listen to Tiger Talk tonight and its almost a sure thing Gus will say we have had a great week of practice, players have responded well. have put the LSU loss behind them, anxious to play Saturday