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  1. ncaa will wait till statue of limitations are in full effect or just change the rules
  2. what about Colin Sexton friends and family getting paid? And continued to play? What did Avery really know? Was that part of the reason for letting him go?
  3. yeah its rough, have to believe that something great will come of it for Auburn in the future. Wont watch the game tonight but hope Tech wins not that it matters
  4. That would be a big blow to Tennessee. Just like if Bruce left for someplace else, which I don't believe he ever will.
  5. meanwhile uat played a player that was being paid, (that a rule violation, but with uat who knows). If anyone is going to have wins vacated its uat. Would not be surprised if a big reason Johnson was let go are possible upcoming ncaa sanctions/investigation.
  6. Homegrown terrorists who swear their allegiance to the uat cult. Hopefully this sicko will be arrested soon
  7. their team wasn't though, Impressed with Admiral
  8. Bruce Pearl Court at Auburn Arena
  9. where are they getting this rationale? Obviously not from facts or what the FBI said.
  10. they will change it when if bammer ever gets in the champ game. Plus the selection group really wanted Tenn to win
  11. winning the SEC Champ didn't help, should have been a 4
  12. Its been a fast 5 years Congrats to Bruce and thanks for loving Auburn
  13. First question in the interview process, are you involved with the Bribery scandal? Auburn's vetting process is not good at all. Softball, baseball, basketball apparently you just have to show up with a somewhat impressive resume.
  14. Kinesiology just got a brand new building on Wire Road opened in 2013.
  15. updyke.com weighing in on the negativity https://www.al.com/sports/2019/02/alcom-all-access-is-calvin-ashley-transfer-part-of-a-negative-trend-for-auburn.html the mandatory praise uat segment "That’s a pretty uneven track record, especially when you compare it to the fact that nearly every 5-star recruit that Alabama signs becomes an All-SEC-type player for the Crimson Tide and goes on to play in the NFL. (Linebacker Ben Davis might be a notable exception, though he still has two years to up his game)."