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  1. oh that ship has sailed. Better worry about Tennessee, they are better than Georgia.
  2. sounds like uat's playbook on recruiting, just change the names and location ►Dantonio orchestrated employment for the parents of two MSU football players, with mega-donor Bob Skandalaris, whose name is on the football facility. ►Dantonio had Blackwell accompany him on a Metro Detroit home visit of an unnamed five-star recruit, when Blackwell, in his role as director of college advancement and performance, wasn't authorized to conduct off-campus visits.
  3. yep that's like 5 former head coaches that are working probably illegally (per ncaa rules) for him. Imagine all the recruiting contacts these guys have.
  4. gotta love a huge endowment
  5. well the defense got shredded by Minnesota (494 yards I believe)
  6. was that really a difficult thing to do?
  7. ah yes click bait, they run this story twice a year
  8. does that add another loss for Auburn. Our secondary is gonna get lit up.
  9. Ole Miss will be the key game. Kiffin wants to win this one bad and would be a signature win. If we are still smarting after a possible UNC loss this game could be scary. A good week of practice won't cut it or a true sophomore QB excuse won't either.
  10. There has to be staff changes coming.? Does Gus wake up and think ”Dang I did a good job for the bowl game. Yeah we lost but I believe my excuses, tough schedule, freshman Qb , bright future no doubt. Lets go see what’s on ME TV!” Steele stays because of retirement system in Alabama I suppose.
  11. they can always use the 'Bo was a true freshman qb last year and is still learning"
  12. I would love to hear Morris's honest assessment of the train wreck we saw yesterday? Didn't hear what Steele had to say, usually he shoots straight without coach bs mumbo jumbo. I know Stan White and Jason Campbell offer plenty of insight but can't say what they really want to. The frustration in their broadcast is hard to hide.
  13. Especially in this fashion and often? I mean yeah I'm sure he wants to win but if we don't it's, Oh well, we will get better next time. Does he look at his record and results in big games? Does anyone talk to him about it? There doesn't seem to be any change or corrections. The early game plan yesterday was to get the ball to Schwartz and he would use his speed to outrun Minnesota's size. Only problem after the scripted plays and the unexpected interception and muffed kickoff, everything went out the window. Most of the bowl games this season, Auburn has flopped bigger than anyone, except maybe Mississippi St. Does Gus realize what's going on outside of his world? All of Auburn's TD's were unusual, Kickoff return, busted play, Nix running for his life, and a drive extended due to pass interference. He said Minnesota shortened the game by running down the play clock, well Auburn shortened in more by going 3 and out and not having any offense at all. Does Gus look back and think what we are doing does not work, I need to do something different. C'mon man!
  14. Doubtful it would lose its impact and meaning unless it was to honor a player or coach/individual.
  15. That was great ! hope Virginia loses every game. congrats Gamecocks!