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  1. Yesterday after the game the radio broadcast said it was 2:30 kick? But 11 is fine, get it over with sooner. guess LSU uat get 2:30?
  2. And he didn’t play again I don’t think
  3. Anyone check to see if sark headphones were a direct link to sabass? Of course not, college football and basketball is so corrupt and perverted with cheating that it really should be shutdown. you think any teams besides the chosen ones will ever win?
  4. So he was coaching? A violation of the. Rules? so what arite!
  5. Auburn is an easy team to figure out. its actually probably fun for offensive coordinators to draw up td plays.
  6. Bo will always be a true freshman. at least until he looks different. Today looked like a backyard pickup game
  7. Everyone needs to go to bed and forget this disaster. Auburn will beat Texas Am next week.
  8. If players on both teams show signs of it in the coming days we will know why.
  9. Really, The zags are cool except tomorrow.
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