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  1. TigerOne

    Gus is an average coach

    You can beat this, Auburn is in your DNA Gus has stumbled when he has had a chance to male a major step forward. His teams being unprepared and uninspired have been the biggest disappointment. No excuses, we have the talent , the facilities, probably the coaches. Gus wake up! You will never have this opportunity again. Whatever you are doing now is not good enough.
  2. TigerOne

    Jalen Hurts draws line in sand

    free agent? Is that code for getting paid?
  3. so this is the main Auburn headline on updyke.com? Something our coach wore over the decades. updyke .com has to make up negative or mocking stories against AU during the off season. Next week, Pat Dye's indigestion impacted game Auburn lost. (I made that up) Meanwhile, many headlines on glorious uat bs. Next week, 5 million watch uat aday game
  4. TigerOne

    A-Day thread

    9 wins..the bar is always 10 or more but you may be right. The UCF game really left a sour end to the season, but the attitude and comments of some of the players is encouraging. They are upset about it too. The coaches are embarrassed too I hope, especially the head coach.
  5. TigerOne

    A-Day thread

    will be in field goal range 60 yards or less. Fixed that for you.
  6. TigerOne

    Malik Willis starter?

    Could Willis make a push to be the starter in the fall? Assuming every player has to earn their starting role. He's running the show right now so it could be interesting. Hopefully Stidham makes a full recovery from surgery.
  7. TigerOne

    Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    how often is the wildcat successful? Every team we played knew what the play was going to be.
  8. TigerOne

    Gus's final update before A-day

    Spring games are rapidly becoming useless. Bad weather, late start, everyone afraid of getting hurt, nothing is really accomplished. Like bowl practice being hyped as something good for next season and the younger guys. Auburn totally missed that coach speak. Hope there is a good turnout but 45,000 or more would be surprising. Of course 60K may show up to watch field goals.
  9. TigerOne

    Kaleb Kim injures Ankle

    This may be the only way Gus will play guys on the bench, we know he won't during a game
  10. TigerOne

    Davion Mitchell Transferring

    Harper didn't exactly finish the season on a high note. He seemed preoccupied or something. Anyway Mitchell was fun to watch and brought it when he was out there. Wish he would stay but thanks and good luck. Get your degree young man.
  11. TigerOne

    AD : Pearl will return

    Creap is probably disappointed too. One of his own hack idols wrong again.
  12. TigerOne

    Rhett comments on his departure

    really? The hacks have these type stories about Auburn on file and are told to run them to create a negative vibe. "need something today about Auburn to get clicks, what you got? We got 10 Alabama fluff pieces I need one about Auburn." Hurry Up! It could from last week or 10 years ago. They usually show up when there are 4-5 positive uat articles about nothing but made into major headline.
  13. TigerOne

    5 questions this offseason

    Priority..get rid of hack beat writers. Auburn should put severe restrictions on hacks and limit their access. Creap is worthless "After missing this season due to their involvement in the FBI's case against Chuck Person, Austin Wiley can play next season, if he returns, and Danjel Purifoy has to miss the first nine or 10 games and intends to return. The rest of the penalties and sanctions for the program will be decided in part by the NCAA." Who says there will be any? Were they directly involved? Apparently not much, meanwhile Sexton took money, contacted an agent and played except one game.
  14. TigerOne

    AD praises Pearl in probe

    guess he is really surprised that is opinion is wrong Remember hacks and Auburn beat writers are mandated to write negative articles about Auburn. Even when Bruce is officially cleared the headline will be "Pearl dodges huge bullet" or "Auburn avoids sanctions" and then a rehash of whatever they can repeat from Pearl's entire career.
  15. TigerOne

    AD praises Pearl in probe

    He already will be receiving bonuses for making it to the tournament