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  1. they will change it when if bammer ever gets in the champ game. Plus the selection group really wanted Tenn to win
  2. winning the SEC Champ didn't help, should have been a 4
  3. Its been a fast 5 years Congrats to Bruce and thanks for loving Auburn
  4. First question in the interview process, are you involved with the Bribery scandal? Auburn's vetting process is not good at all. Softball, baseball, basketball apparently you just have to show up with a somewhat impressive resume.
  5. Kinesiology just got a brand new building on Wire Road opened in 2013.
  6. updyke.com weighing in on the negativity https://www.al.com/sports/2019/02/alcom-all-access-is-calvin-ashley-transfer-part-of-a-negative-trend-for-auburn.html the mandatory praise uat segment "That’s a pretty uneven track record, especially when you compare it to the fact that nearly every 5-star recruit that Alabama signs becomes an All-SEC-type player for the Crimson Tide and goes on to play in the NFL. (Linebacker Ben Davis might be a notable exception, though he still has two years to up his game)."
  7. This portal thing is going to gut a lot of programs. Especially if a team is struggling or the player decides he doesn't like the coach, school or team anymore. A modified one and done
  8. because now it's new business that has to be taken care of
  9. agreed its basically the first game of the season. I'm sure Bruce has done a good job of keeping them sharp but this game could still be a struggle. May go down to the last few possessions.
  10. well since most are moles and work for uat bosses then you understand their purpose. Pay very little attention to negative articles about Auburn in the media
  11. Maybe Gus after watching last night and now not ranked will light a fire under is rear. It is shameful that Auburn is not ranked every year. Probably wont be ranked at the beginning of this season either. Good thing is the schedule offers a quick rise to top, or the bottom.
  12. you have uat buddies? big fail there, think the updykes recruited the top kicker in the nation or state somewhere.
  13. Auburn basketball plays Ole Miss tomorrow!
  14. ha ha, before the game arrogant Academy sports showing off all their boxes of shirts saying when uat wins they will be open late. This is done every time but don't be so smug and arrogant. Never mind that's the updkye personality.