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  1. Saturday at 11 at the scholarship entrance at Auburn Arena. Should be entertaining Appreciation night for Charles is Friday evening during the Winthrop game.
  2. Auburn might have a back up plan

    you guys fall for updyke generated misinformation too easy. Only North Korea and Iran have better propaganda machines than uat
  3. What do you want to see vs ULM?

    excellent coaching and execution show you are championship caliber material no injuries, second and third string participation
  4. So who wants to keep him now?

    Gus is a lump of coal that can turn into a diamond. The future is ours , now go get it!
  5. MTG Advertiser writer picks Auburn to beat Bama

    Auburn is golden at the moment, take care of business Gus and Chip have surprises for the updykes
  6. Contracts released for football assistants

    notice the negative slant of this article is Auburn is doing something wrong by taking 10 months to release it and differences in the pay for each. is really digging for dirt, wonder what the 100 or so uat assistants are getting paid, especially the illegal payments. Wonder how much Auburn beat hacks are getting from uat to be moles?
  7. neither does Auburn University, students, alumni, coaches, and fans. When the clouds clear over Auburn and Bruce he will be even a better coach for the Tigers.
  8. Mens 2017-2018 SCHEDULE

    how does she know?
  9. Just don't let it turn into taunting or stupid penalties. Keep it on the sideline.
  10. Gus honored

    Congrats Gus!. Now keep building on it, keep your foot on the gas
  11. Iron Bowl Kickoff Time Set

    it will be night by halftime
  12. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    I thought the booing was some other event going on not booing the their band. Was uga over there or something?
  13. I hate Finebaum - but he's right

    well Corso said if Auburn beats Georgia, uat and Georgia again he's picking Auburn #1 no question. He won't be the only one. No other team will have a resume like Auburn if ever.
  14. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    the Georgia fire twirl girl got a big applause from the students and fans. She is very good.