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  1. TigerOne

    Bowl Game: vs TT or Purdue

    is it better to not go to a bowl at all, or go to one and lose? Don't pay any attention to the coaches BS about extra practices or getting the "young guys experience". Basically a crappy bowl is for the coaches to try and salvage their poorly done job.
  2. TigerOne

    Tiger Talk

    Wow, it was not expected to be of any value, it never is, but Gus looked and sounded like he was going to a funeral. Other than Rod trying to be upbeat and positive it was a couple of generic nothing specific questions and a discussion about some of the seniors (thanks to them) for their last game at Jordan Hare. When Chandler Cox name came up Gus said he is a great Auburn man and did everything he was asked to do, (I couldn't help think of all the talent this team has). Gus couldn't wait to get out of there. Anyway thanks to the Seniors, you represented Auburn admirably even under stressful situations.
  3. TigerOne

    bowl practice will fix everything

    this is the bs myth of bowl practice. It does not carry over to anything. It's a coaches excuse to gloss over how poor a job they have done. Spring everything starts over with everyone with any talent fighting for the starting position. Gee that great day of practice back in December really solidified that OL. Something done 8 months before the season is nothing.
  4. TigerOne

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    when he says youthful that means he doesn't know how to coach them or what to do with the talent they have. They aren't young anymore, 10 weeks in the season and no improvement.
  5. for next year. Since practice the rest of the year doesn't relate to any gameday situation (because the opponent doesn't do what we want)
  6. TigerOne

    Auburn’s offense hit a new low

    impressive , couldn't be that bad even if you tried. Wait a minute is it possible??? maybe, maybe not.
  7. TigerOne

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    bingo, screw the sec. Only reason Kirby gets a free pass is a strong Georgia is bad for Auburn, Sabass takes care of Auburn in the west and Georgia does the prep work in the east. Uat already know our 10 plays and Georgia just causes Auburn to reveal any new wrinkles. Uat will probably prevent any Georgia move earlier on our schedule.
  8. TigerOne

    SEC reviewing officiating in bama-Mississippi State game

    bfd, so what are they going to do when they see the error. Exactly nothing, maybe some blow up your skirt press release. Whatever the uat mafia tells them is what they will say. Can't let the scarlet letter have any stain on it.
  9. TigerOne

    Deshaun Davis on fake FG

    I agree, they gave up sure three points by going for it. The defense stopped them quit bitching and don't let them get in a position to do it. How is it any different if uat scores 6 td's against us? We are a soft poorly coached team that still fights till the end.
  10. TigerOne

    Gus' coaching tree

    Gus's coaching tree is currently a stick in the mud
  11. TigerOne

    Iron bowl on CBS

    why exactly did you watch it. There were other better games on, never watch updyke tv. Other than when they play Auburn I haven't watched a uat football game in ten years.
  12. TigerOne

    Smart explains how Gus's offense has evolved

    so would this be a good time to do something different since Smart knows our playcard better than our team?
  13. TigerOne

    What is ESPN apologizing for?

    don't know, maybe something about uat. don't dare blaspheme their boss and god
  14. really cyclical? That's true for every team in sports except one. Wonder why that is
  15. TigerOne

    Second Season

    Ok Auburn has had a rough first season. Time to reboot, start over, consider the last games as fall practice. Approach what's left with new attitude, new schemes , new player rotation. In other words scrap what was done before cause it didn't work. We should see an entirely different team Saturday, if we don't then its over. We have a rough schedule, so what, its rough every year. The Iron Bowl is our bowl game bigger than any of the other bowls. Gus and coaches hopefully learned something the last two weeks. Start over Auburn, its a new season.