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  1. Amazing isn't it? Reasons and solutions in article. Makes you wonder what or why even practice in August. Just wing it until the middle of September and hope it works out. https://www.oanow.com/sports/college/auburn/football/dead-last-in-fbs-in-punt-coverage-auburn-works-to/article_9ff537ba-d422-11e9-8060-bbf78cb48de0.html "The Tigers are giving up 35.8 yards per return on punt coverage so far this season, giving up 179 yards there on five returns over two games. Auburn’s adjusting with head coach Gus Malzahn calling for punter Arryn Siposs to kick his punts higher and to give the Auburn coverage team more time to get to the opposing return man."
  2. this is a media fueled and driven topic. Nothing to it but the updyke pr machine will make it sound like it's a major slap to sabass. Meanwhile the cult god is throwing tantrums and foul language about students, weather, kick off times, opponents, team, etc.
  3. While its a good comment, Gus needs extra time to do what? uat has already put up more td's than we will in probably 6 games. But yeah how dare the mighty updykes have to play early in the morning. Don't insult their god and cult with such pedestrian tasks.
  4. Well the gameplan from here on out for the opponent is make Bo throw the ball. A&M is gonna blitz the hell out of Auburn. Now Auburn has the talent to beat that plan but will we use it?
  5. so what did they do in August practice? Everyone else just sit around and watch these two guys? What good is recruiting depth if the no one else plays consistently? Auburn is the most frustrating team to watch. Here we are: coaches act like we are great, but the fans know that Texas A&M has the potential to run us out of Kyle Field. Then again the "switch" may turn on and Auburn plays lights out but every year its a wait and see every game. This years excuse, we have a freshmen QB. That won't fly after 2-3 more games.
  6. this is painfully true. Auburn did not improve one bit from the Oregon game.
  7. Does Gus surround himself with yes men? We are 2-0 #8 in the polls coach! Everything is great! Was their any improvement from game 1 to game 2? I would say no if anything Auburn played worse.
  8. just hold on to the ball, dangerous if not over the goal line
  9. stupid post Get behind the TEAM, which includes the coaches or get out of the way.
  10. well he finally has realized what the fans have known for years. Predictability, conservative, playing scared, ill prepared, all have become Gus characteristics. Lets hope he can change it and quick. In the past after the first scripted series, if things didn't go right it was pretty much a crap shoot on what to do. Set the tone Gus, don't wait to see what the opponent will give you cause by then you can't react and we lose.
  11. Oh boy same story different season. IMO, this means Gus Malzahn will have to be creative in his schemes and play-calling against the Ducks to take advantage of his personnel at the RB, QB and WR positions. Gus has very rarely used all of his weapons. If Auburn loses it will be because of coaching, turnovers and dumb penalties. Will Auburn be prepared to win or will the approach be, oh well, we like where we are at, and can still win the west .
  12. that was a much better game, came down to the last play and 1 yard.
  13. well we get to do something about it. Auburn's schedule is absurd. Auburn plays a National Championship caliber game 6 times this season
  14. well let's hope it mattered. Auburn shouldn't receive a letter other than saying everything is in the clear. Smart move by compliance, and this is after the FBI said Auburn was innocent. Makes you think the other schools and those to come, caught up in this scandal are in big trouble. Looking at you uat.
  15. I'm surprised Bruce said any of this. Seemed to come from out of the blue. Why would he volunteer that info unless he's feeling very confident. Now the ncaa will prove him wrong just out of spite.