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  1. How much did uat /Avery pay Sexton again? The updykes need to be stripped of any wins and put on probation.
  2. Worst prepared Auburn team ever well so it seemed at that time. Auburn looked like they didn’t even know where they we’re at. This was the beginning of the slow slide to mediocrity under Gus
  3. Auburn (Gus) screwed up a lot of players especially quarterbacks. hey Bo WAKE UP!
  4. They are underachieving. so would we rather have oats? not me, he will be mediocre soon enough. Auburn has a good chance to beat them if Auburn can all get on the same page
  5. Maybe UCF is in the mix now
  6. Definitely a game Auburn should have won. There have been 3-4 games like this one. Cal is probably surprised they did but Kentucky came out second half determined. Auburn did not.
  7. Might as well get an early start, since according to the experts he’s already behind.
  8. If you buy players and nfl coaches what college coach and team isn’t behind. the only surprise here is this uat media employee didn’t put this article out before signing day. Probably got an ass chewing by sabass to get busy writing negative articles about Aubu. The honeymoon is over you bastards!
  9. Chiz never really said anything no one else has said and really danced around the subject. He was being kind without saying it was no surprise Gus got fired.
  10. You guys are cute. This is required drivel by the alabama media. It’s all about putting the new coach in his place and keep sabas on his pedestal. If Auburn hired belechik he would be behind. I’m surprised so many fall for this garbage all the time . Coach Harsin has hopefully been schooled that the media in this state is his and Auburn’s enemy written by amateur hacks who can’t make it in the real world. here’s a simple question for simple minds. Since sabass again bought another semi pro team and nfl coaches what sec team or ncaa team isn’t behind? why not write an article on the corrupt ncaa and its front which is uat football that hides behind a glorified junior college if that. oh yeah it’s because these hacks are on the uat payroll. Articles like this are part of uat recruiting. Always put out negativity about your rivals. They have pretty much castrated Tennessee.
  11. It’s not just for the athletes. do you think players care what Jordan Hare looks like? tunnel vision is not a good look. architecture should always be high priority. And as far as the furnishings will it really be on level with others or just barely catching up?
  12. Why do they need Another indoor practice field? Isn’t the one we have basically new? But then we always had great practices, so maybe another one will lead to super great practices. and it’s an ugly ass building, for that amount of money it should be impressive instead of some nondescript boring forgettable brick building. Poor architecture on Auburn’s newer buildings is rampant .
  13. Think it’s his eyes, they stare right through you.
  14. The last shuttle flight was 10 years ago. Think we can move on to 21st century technology now, otherwise put the Saturn V on there
  15. He has to earn playing time. If he is allowed to come back his spot on the roster is the same as everyone. There are no starters on Auburns team at this point.
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