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  1. Grandfather, Father, Two brothers, me, two sons.
  2. exactly, think Avery Johnson didn't know Sextons arrangement? right, NBA guy, Nike school. Probably the real reason Avery wanted out, he could see the heat that could possibly come. Every game Sexton played in should be forfeited and uat put on probation. They didn't even really try to hide it, arrogance maybe one day will bring them down.
  3. uat has changed their tune from wanting to kill UAB football to now being all for it all along. They have a hidden agenda, probably in the form of recruiting and transfers.
  4. Jerry Jones has deep pockets, He gave over 10 million a few years ago
  5. He wasn't, think he announced his retirement long before (a year maybe) in advance. He was president for ten years. Now he may had been feeling pressure from the outside but the decision was his I believe.
  6. a good candidate would be uat, they knowingly played colin sexton who was paid while playing
  7. or is it because the game is running long and Miss St is up
  8. key inning here Without that first inning Auburn would be in bad shape
  9. well you can see what's gonna happen score too easy and you let up
  10. Tarhills have settled down, May be too much to overcome, Tigers don't cruise.
  11. whoever it is there has to be chemistry with Stan White. Stan complimented Rod perfectly. We are probably good in basketball, Sonny and Bruce will make the transition easy. Fishback would be great if he decides to leave his gig at SEC Network Chizik same Its gonna take a few seasons. Auburn wont ever be the same without Rod. But after Jim Fyffe we did pretty good.