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  1. Updykes gonna slide right in unless Auburn beats them perfect scenario for them they don’t care about sec champion now
  2. Ranking should be 1. LSU 2. Ohio St 3. Clemson 4. Georgia 5. Uat 6. TBD probably Oregon or Minnesota
  3. Freshman Qb misses open receiver for the win
  4. Yep, updykes will be #4 probably the loss didn’t even happen for all practical purposes. Only Auburn can stop this sick cult. saban wasn’t even upset with the loss as he views it as a teaching lesson
  5. True the play better at home is a lame loser mentality excuse. what happened to we don’t care where we play them.
  6. Yeah that will get old real quick like right now. not a good look but then that’s what uat is
  7. Alright Gus your up next. dont blow it Beat Georgia
  8. Starting to see cracks in LSU defense
  9. This Coach O needs to be ruthless
  10. Let’s hope the officials haven’t been reprimanded by the sec office. will they determine the outcome now?
  11. Wonder what Gus thinks and see’s watching this game. Then again wonder if he is even watching it. only reason I m watching is because LSU is winning.
  12. Not there yet LSU needs to score on their first possession second half
  13. Need touchdowns, these field goals may cost LSU the game
  14. That’s a problem isn’t it. go LSU