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  1. Basketball Probe

    they had to know, so they are guilty. If they say they didn't that's no excuse, they tell head coaches that. The ncaa needs to be dismantled which would dismantle the updyke empire as well
  2. Basketball Probe

    well well well, Thamel and Finebaum are now on the anti Pearl when will he be fired band wagon. Got to build the distraction before the uat game and crush Auburn's success in the media. They both think Bruce will be fired and wonder when. Thamels Yahoo article never mentioned Auburn, but that's the main focus fartbaum wanted to bring up. Of course Auburn hater thamel surprised Bruce is still coaching. No facts just their opinion. When Bruce is here next year these hacks should be sued for slander. Why they are allowed to spread hate, innuendo, and rumors is beyond me.
  3. They did a great job with the beautiful Tiger Paws at halftime last night
  4. Basketball Probe

    and even if he is Auburn should and can not do anything except fine him or keep him off the court for a few games next year. He does not deserve to lose his job
  5. Basketball Probe

    remember the grand dog and pony show with all the charts and powerpoint presentation? How it was going to radically change college basketball. Doesn't seem to be the case at all. The ncaa is mired in its on scandal (MSU), the FBI has this now. Meanwhile two innocent players are the victim and the coach and school are slandered. But all is well Petino fired, and updyke academy took care of their issue in a couple of hours and have been destroying documents, phones, covering tracks since then
  6. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    He was in good spirits also other than the loss, not like he had gotten bad news from the trainers
  7. #8 Auburn vs Texas A&M

    the sellout crowd should have a big impact as well
  8. #8 Auburn vs Texas A&M

    they get bigger each week
  9. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    you almost feel that Bruce has to do very little coaching now (but of course he does). The team knows each other so well now like a machine. Bruce and assistants make the adjustments needed but he turns em lose and lets them play.
  10. Kickoff time set for 2018 A-Day

    hopefully stay out of trouble, go to class and do well
  11. Men vs. Ole Miss

    I think the SEC network basketball coverage is outstanding. Fish, The Shoota, Dykes, Dave Neal all of them do a great job and all seem to be very fair. Of course it helps when uat is struggling.
  12. Kickoff time set for 2018 A-Day

    1:00 pm would be better, hard for people over 3-4 hours away to make it and get back which is exactly why they are moving it to 3. Spend the night in Auburn which is fine normally. It could be pretty cold too. whaa whaa whaa
  13. Let's take over Stegeman (@UGA Feb 10, 3:30 ET)

    Bruce said something about maybe running couple busses of students over there if possible.
  14. Changes at Toomers Corner

    What was the name of the club on Gay near the corner of Thach near the laundromat? At least I think that's the right area This would be back in the 80's. Anyone remember the Randolph House (Now a fraternity house) and Thorntons dining hall?
  15. Auburn women beat uat

    correct, Auburn broke a six game losing streak