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  1. He has to earn playing time. If he is allowed to come back his spot on the roster is the same as everyone. There are no starters on Auburns team at this point.
  2. Potential Lack of institutional control penalties will cause a lot of players to bail. Guess big Kat didn’t keep up with the news. Hey! Where is everyone going?
  3. Here’s a chance for Harsin to show what he can do
  4. That’s what it will take, if I’m going down I’m taking everyone with me
  5. Dumb asses, uat never does rookie mistakes like that. Pruitt must have missed that training class at bammer
  6. You realize saban owns Tennessee right? When they stupidly hired a bammer it was just a matter of time before probation is at your doorstep. saban infiltrates programs with his trained army. Uat is like Covid to college football.
  7. Uat is basically a pro team now. They will be coached like an nfl team. Saban couldn’t cut it in the nfl so he just created his own pro team. Hard to imagine nfl coaches following ncaa rules. Guess what they won’t have to. brilliant actually, while Auburn was hiring high school and lower tier coaches, uat is hiring nfl coaches.
  8. So Big Kats hypocrisy and lack of loyalty to the school that loved him came back to bite him. Amazing he didn’t understand what was going on up there with Pruitt. It had been in the news for weeks
  9. Tennessee tried to do what uat does and probably got busted by might saban himself. He controls his rivals, tried with Auburn, nearly worked. Georgia is next.
  10. Big Kat really screwed up, if Tennessee goes on probation he may not play another college game
  11. Well Tennessee will probably be on probation next year hopefully. Big Kat hypocrite unity . He didn’t do much this year nor did Steele.
  12. Mason A?, I’m just not seeing it, maybe so. What would Steeles grade be? Even though he flopped this year.
  13. These guys are either getting bad advice, don’t want to deal with new coaches, or getting pushed out by new coaches. unity! going forward doubt we will see very few 4 year players if they are good or think they are.
  14. Think all Auburn folks feel good about our chances to win tonight. sorry about Powell, but gotta be well first.
  15. Just now realizing this? no way a team can do what they have done for as long without special help and benefits. the FBI should investigate the program. Every team in any sport has ups and downs. Uat is the only one that doesn’t.
  16. We all knew he should have been pulled at least for a few possessions. South Carolina game especially. A coach in tune with his team would have known that too.
  17. Wonder if uat will pick up any. Not that they would even start on their team
  18. Loyalty, Unity and all that crap, hypocrites
  19. Unity right? What hypocrites. Anyway sounds like Harsin is making it clear the easy road is over. either buy into the staff or get out.
  20. People have lost their stupid minds. nate Oates needs to worry about his team going on probation
  21. Well it doesn’t, very forgettable architecturally. And Auburn has one of the Top Architecture school in the country. Been interesting to have had them involved. For that amount of money I would demand a relook at the exterior. The architect is not known for anything outstanding really. Basically safe off the shelf design.
  22. How many indoor practice fields will Auburn now have? And yes the outside is horrendously ugly, we need more red brick! hopefully the building will still be new and ahead of the game when finished.
  23. Doubt Harsin will put up with bad playcalling for more than one game. Probably won’t see the same play run in a game more than a couple times.
  24. First step purge the media, finebaum and all updyke moles. Tell Tim Jackson his farce is no longer needed.
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