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  1. War Eagle! Looking forward to see our Tigers beat the gamecocks. Hope everyone has great football day. War Eagle and Go Braves.!!
  2. War Eagle! Happy Football Day!
  3. Please move to political forum. We have enough of this in the football forum already.
  4. War Eagle! Let's finish the season with 5 game winning streak. War Eagle!
  5. Tom Banks used to bartend at a club I hung out in Bham. Great guy, mean as hell and nasty but a good friend. Good Times!
  6. War Eagle!! Today is our day. Cover the 4 points easy, War Eagle!!
  7. War Eagle! It's gonna be a great day, for our Auburn Tigers!!
  8. I have never seen this rule. In what rule book is it in?
  9. Is this for basketball? If so it might be an advantage for CBP. He could pick out a star recruit and hold a camp at his high school.
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