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  1. War Eagle! Let's finish the season with 5 game winning streak. War Eagle!
  2. Tom Banks used to bartend at a club I hung out in Bham. Great guy, mean as hell and nasty but a good friend. Good Times!
  3. War Eagle!! Today is our day. Cover the 4 points easy, War Eagle!!
  4. War Eagle! It's gonna be a great day, for our Auburn Tigers!!
  5. #3 of what I hope is 15 WAR EAGLE!
  6. I have never seen this rule. In what rule book is it in?
  7. Is this for basketball? If so it might be an advantage for CBP. He could pick out a star recruit and hold a camp at his high school.
  8. Auburn University can recruit anyone it wants. It is in no way restricted by a contract Will Muschamp had with the University of Florida. Will Muschamp possibly may be limited. I would need to see the contract to see how it might effect Will Muschamp .