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  1. I have never seen this rule. In what rule book is it in?
  2. Dish in B'ham. Ch. 392
  3. Is this for basketball? If so it might be an advantage for CBP. He could pick out a star recruit and hold a camp at his high school.
  4. Please, move to political forum.
  5. Auburn University can recruit anyone it wants. It is in no way restricted by a contract Will Muschamp had with the University of Florida. Will Muschamp possibly may be limited. I would need to see the contract to see how it might effect Will Muschamp .
  6. Thank You !
  7. I agree give me a reason.
  8. It was penalties and turnovers. They may look even, but like in life, it is when and where things happen. We are still in good shape if we win out. If we bet Ole miss- tamu- Bama - I like our chances,
  9. I understand what you are asking. I just don't think we can lose any games and still make the playoffs. I hope I am wrong if we should lose one.
  10. I would vote no. But can live with whatever you decide.
  11. I think you drop a week.
  12. Is it me, or is something different about the NIP this year.
  13. I just got home from a trip to north Ga. Ran into lots of F.S,U. and Clemson fans. The temp in the mountains at night got into the lower fifty's. I think it's getting that time War Tim.