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  1. Yes , I had the same problem. I live in the Bham area and there has been a lot of rain. I always think that water gets in my cable lines. No proof just my thought.
  2. Cole do you not believe with another year of growth, Cardwell will become a much better player in the paint.
  3. Jane Hathaway, she was a real looker.
  4. Do we still have any interest?
  5. Thank you for all that is done to keep this site clean and easy to navigate. War Eagle!! and Happy New year!
  6. War Eagle!! I am proud to be an Auburn Tiger. War Eagle!!
  7. War Eagle!! Hope everyone has a safe happy football day. War Eagle!!
  8. War Eagle !! Happy Football Day. We only get so many a year, so enjoy. War Eagle!!
  9. War Eagle! Looking forward to see our Tigers beat the gamecocks. Hope everyone has great football day. War Eagle and Go Braves.!!
  10. War Eagle! Happy Football Day!
  11. Please move to political forum. We have enough of this in the football forum already.
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