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  1. This is just plain stupid. I know few, if any people that hate gus at all. Both I and many others have been the idiots on the gus bus many times before, mainly because it was the only bus to get on Gus is a good person and most would love it if he would be the coach most of us all thought he might be at some time. Still waiting.
  2. They bash Auburn because we are bashable. Sick of the tough schedule malarkey, we're in the SEC West, that will never change. Every thread is a gus bashing thread for a reason, get over it. He is destined for mid to low tier mediocrity. You think it's bad with a freshman qb, wait until the entire OL leaves next year and grimes is still here, lol. There is nothing more annoying than someone who gives instructions on how other's should post. If gus doesn't want to be bashed, he needs to find a softer venue to coach in.
  3. Amen. It works better in smaller conferences. If gus had any true genius he could adapt it for the SEC, but the problem is that he doesn't have any true genius. I see power 5 teams that use parts of our O a lot, but their passing game is more of a pro style. The problem with gus is the he REALLY knows his offense, but he doesn't really understand the CFB game and players enough to adapt it to changing times. Plus, he doesn't have the nerve to consistently show up for big games. He gets terrified too easily and worries about outcomes vs coaching in the present moment.
  4. Amen. I'll risk hiring a crappy coach to get rid of Gus. Gus is a lower mid tier SEC coach with a top notch sec talent pool. The blind squirrel does find an occasional nut.
  5. Most AU coaches never had 3 total cupcake games a year as well as the option to play weak assed teams with half our talent who end up in the callaway gardens/dollar general bowl, with us. If he loses to uga and bama, he should be fired, period. Gus mentally screws himself in nearly every big game because he is afraid to lose to them. He has a winning record each year because he feasts on teams with less talent, they don't scare him. When we play a big SEC team, his sack shrivels up and he loses the tiny bit of "genius" he has in a pool of anxiety and fear. He ends up playing injured TB's in the wildcat instead of a 6'5" stud who is frothing at the mouth to come in. Or, running the ball up the middle 30 times for 7 yards. If you are afraid to let Gus go, you suffer from the same mental deficiencies that he has, mainly fear of a losing season. The thought of a brand new OL next year haunts my dreams with gus as hc. That is a 2-3 year gus and grimes project right there, and Nix would be lucky to survive.
  6. At no point in the year has this been a magical season so how could one be slipping away? Had we beaten uf, maybe you could kind of say that. This is like a spam article.
  7. Well, I for one am just happy old gus can play nix and then boobee in the wildcat all he wants to now, without people questioning his genius. (Heavy sarcasm)
  8. Glad he didn't consult with Gus. Gus: "Just run the same D you have run your entire life and blame the players for not executing."
  9. Gus gets a stiiffie everytime he hears the words juco, or transfer. He feeds off of desperation.
  10. I was going go say it, but it has all been said. This is 1000% another gus clusterscrew.
  11. Remember that year when Gus ran all those innovative passing schemes and everyone commented what a great job AU was doing with developing their receivers? Neither do I. He has done a little better with his passing schemes and playcalling this year, until the uf game. Then he gets scared like he did against clemson multiple times, lsu multiple times etc , and trades in the O for last year's model that had him on the hot seat to start this year (AGAIN).
  12. If their D wasn't slightly suspect (looking better as the year goes on), and the game wasn't at uat, I would feel better about it. I do think they are likely the better team, though and could take that game. Should be entertaining.
  13. tiger88

    LSU vs Florida

    Too bad Gus already knows everything or we could get him the same kind of help.
  14. I felt like tua showed his bad side last year when things folded afa his attitude. I don't think bama wins another title with him.
  15. Hurts hasn't done anything yet that surprises me, but he may. He has definitely found himself at what has become QBU as of late. Maybe he will rise to the highest levels with his new offensive coaches. He was solved by top SEC defenses when they knew he was coming, we'll see how good he is against some of the best D's in the country when they know he is coming.