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  1. Well, at least this cinches up the SEC Tournament for us. #2inarow.
  2. Best pocket passer I've seen in cfb.
  3. Name one big game their D did not step up in? They will likely be a sec west contendor next year. Not saying they will win it.
  4. I wish. Yes, they will have a dropoff, but they are keeping Brady next year, and they will likely be somewhere between pretty good and who knows how good.
  5. Yeah, not so bad he can't play through it.
  6. How bad burrow's ribs are hurt might be a real game changer. He took a nasty shot and is hurting, but how badly? He wasn't mobile at all on the 1st two drives.
  7. Well, he better average more than 28 yds per catch if he wants gus to play him. Probably missed a block in practice and never made it out if the dog house.
  8. He won't get better training than running sideline to sideline before every single AU snap.
  9. I want some new saban blind rage meme templates asap. Dude made the Hulk look like an even keel kind of guy, today. Hey prick saban, you mad, bro? 😂
  10. Couldn't be happier for Shawn Shivers. War Eagle!
  11. This is just plain stupid. I know few, if any people that hate gus at all. Both I and many others have been the idiots on the gus bus many times before, mainly because it was the only bus to get on Gus is a good person and most would love it if he would be the coach most of us all thought he might be at some time. Still waiting.
  12. They bash Auburn because we are bashable. Sick of the tough schedule malarkey, we're in the SEC West, that will never change. Every thread is a gus bashing thread for a reason, get over it. He is destined for mid to low tier mediocrity. You think it's bad with a freshman qb, wait until the entire OL leaves next year and grimes is still here, lol. There is nothing more annoying than someone who gives instructions on how other's should post. If gus doesn't want to be bashed, he needs to find a softer venue to coach in.
  13. Amen. It works better in smaller conferences. If gus had any true genius he could adapt it for the SEC, but the problem is that he doesn't have any true genius. I see power 5 teams that use parts of our O a lot, but their passing game is more of a pro style. The problem with gus is the he REALLY knows his offense, but he doesn't really understand the CFB game and players enough to adapt it to changing times. Plus, he doesn't have the nerve to consistently show up for big games. He gets terrified too easily and worries about outcomes vs coaching in the present moment.
  14. Amen. I'll risk hiring a crappy coach to get rid of Gus. Gus is a lower mid tier SEC coach with a top notch sec talent pool. The blind squirrel does find an occasional nut.
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