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  1. Read up on statins if they put you on those. Those things are poison.
  2. Time for a fleet of Ford Pinto's, or perhaps Gremlin's.
  3. Gus tenure at AU can be summed up with this: "What? They're going to fire me? Really? Perhsps I should start paying more attention and doing some of that head coaching stuff with this awesome pool of talent I have here?"
  4. During stressful times, Gus tends to regress to the super simple. I look for lots of fruitless runs up the middle vs. Moo state. Can't trust those new lineman yet. ?
  5. Big Fish The Dark Knight Arrival Deepwater Horizon Sully Caddyshack Airplane Tropic Thunder Predator 2 Terminator 2 Unforgiven Pale Rider The Matrix Finding Neverland There's something about Mary The Shawshank Redemption Vacation and Christmas Vacation Pulp Fiction Goodwill Hunting Too many others to name.
  6. Great win! War Eagle! Kudos to the team and coaches.
  7. She probably fell up some stairs and was embarrassed to admit to her clumsiness. Ruben got burned by her cover story.
  8. Either he was joking or his i.q. hovers around the mid to low 70's.
  9. Prayers for healing from this tremendous loss for you and your family.
  10. So, you are saying we are 2-7 in our last 9 against them with 2 road trips next season?
  11. As, I am sure so many other things are lost on you. This autocrat bs is a perfect example of how delusional Trump haters are. It's the damnedest thing I've ever seen. DJT is nothing remotely like the person the media portrays him to be by continuously twisting his words and using them out of context. Fortunately, only fools are following the msm. I will add that if you are a socialist/communist you are treasonous, to some extent, to this country that our forefathers founded, in my.book. . Most of the minions that support this "progressive" load of crap are fools being led by the pied piper to a land where their personal freedoms will be ripped away. No different from ignorant savages in my book, rabidly foaming at the mouth, nose, and ears with their Hate for DJT, who is the first president in recent history to stick so tightly to his campaign promises. The one who is working feverishly to make life better for ALL Americans. So let these george soros loving zombies in the msm and in the anti-Trump crowd gobble this drivel up. Fricking mindless puppets of the mega-wealthy who are trying desperately to craft a "one-world government" that will evenly spread poverty all over the globe. The refusal to stand and applaud so many of the successes this country (Not this president, this country) has experienced under this administration, was pathetic and very disturbing. Bought and sold politicians who are owned by those who don't want America to prosper. They miss the good old gwb and obama days when their bosses were happy because they were choking the life out of this country, while the russia's, china"s, iran's, north korea's of this world were running wild with no fear. Lol. Trump upset the apple cart. I called it and people here laughed. A president not chosen to be in the pool of candidates by the slimy treasonous (yes, treasonous) powers that be that have selected presidential candidates for God knows how long. He is the puppet that is struggling to defeat and control the hand. He is winning and haters are losing their bleeping minds. More people awaken to the brainwashing of the masses by the corporate controlled media everyday. Trump wins his second term easily. Hide and watch. Buh-bye again. Lol.
  12. Mmmkay Beevis. In case my previously and soon to be be again continuos absence didn't clue you in, I have no interest in discussing politics in this useless forum. Save your BS propaganda for someone who gives a flying fart what you think about your president and is at least half as blind as you and all the Trump haters are. Only an douple derping idiot could spoon this stuff in. Buh-bye now.