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  1. UCF Claims National Championship

    Hell, if we knew they were going to be NC's we probably would have tried harder. Lol.
  2. SEC SEC SEC!!!

    How did mizzou even get a bowl? Good lord they stank.
  3. SEC SEC SEC!!!

    Not a lot of favorable matchups so far.
  4. Taxslayer Bowl Mississippi State v Louisville

    It wasn't vicious, but he did "launch", and led with the top of the helmet. I don't think "launch" infers that your feet must leave the ground, but that you gather your energy and aggressively lunge at another player and lead with the top of the helmet. It wasn't a full force "launch", but I think it qualifies. The main thing is leading with the top of the helmet, dangerous for both players.
  5. Matt Canada and LSU to part ways

    The amount of motion in their offense looked comical at times.
  6. Well... just because

    If I had to choose one, it would be 5. Both throwbacks look like dog vomit. If not forced to choose one, I choose none out of these.
  7. Mich State Gymnastics < Penn State Football?

    This guy should never see daylight again. I read about this earlier in regards to the Olympic gymnasts. (Who felt ostracised by the "elite royalty" of the U.S. Gymnastics Society for coming forward with their stories, which is well worth noting.) He used many of the classic predator techniques to isolate these girls and prey on them. He would insert his fingers into their privates as part of his treatments for back and hip pain while treating them in their hotel rooms and other places.
  8. Oklahoma RB facing rape charges

    There are mostly silly semantics in your argument. You rail on about how lie detectors are a complete sham, only taken by ignorant rubes when that is not true at all. I suppose the entirety of law enforcement that uses them just uses them to railroad people into convictions??? Amirite? Or, do they use them to decide who to focus on more and who to ignore more? So many years after they were ruled inadmissible in court, you think they would have figured out how useless they are. They must all be complete idiots, every single one of them. Yes, they can be beaten, but it would take quite a sociopath to murder or bludgeon someone, or commit some other horrible crime and the sit down and lie about it while tied to a machine they know measures their physical reactions to certain questions, and keep an even keel. That's not your average criminal. Are you by chance a lawyer?
  9. Oklahoma RB facing rape charges

    You're playing silly semantics. Is your logic that something must be 100% reliable to be considered reliable? If they aren't "reliable", why are they used as interrogation tools? They aren't reliable enough to be used in court, but they are reliable enough to be an effective tool in investigations.
  10. Oklahoma RB facing rape charges

    If there are texts from the girl wanting a relationship, after the supposed encounter occorred, and he passes a lie-detector test, no way I would sit him without some evidence other than her word.
  11. Oklahoma RB facing rape charges

    Polygraphs are used extensively by police dpartments and other agencies because they are very reliable. They aren't foolproof, but the are a good measure.
  12. FSU hires Willie Taggart

    Rolling the dice.
  13. UAT OR UGA in January?

    Any not named dawgs or turds.. they both exit 1st round and it will be the "dawg turd removal".
  14. Report: Malzhan staying

    I am okay with this by a 60-40margin. I like Gus and hope he earns his money. I think he will. HOWEVER, the look at all sides part of me thinks an important part of this could end up being...................what is the buyout? Lol.
  15. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    ND is the only team that even comes close to testing that rule. They need to join a conference. Problem solved.