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  1. The Jeff Burger/Reggie Slack Era at AU was just awesome! One of the funniest things was when PD benched Burger to start the game after his arrest at the bar. It lasted a grand total of one snap. Reggie was maybe our strongest qb ever. I remember watching a defender latching onto him and nearly bending him to the ground, only to see him stand back up with the defender still hanging on, and complete a pass.
  2. I'm not here to "move you needle". Your needle is ignorant and kind of hopeless. Yes, I said that NM was so great because he fit Malzahn's O. If this isn't the case please list all other offenses (excluding juco) that NM excelled in? Pro, CFL, any offense at all. How super awesome of a QB was he outside of Malzahn's O? Please enlighten us with your knowledge. We've been waiting since you spouted off with ignorance in this thread. The reference to his pro time is significant because it shows he had true skills that transcended the pros and while he was no star he did amass 16K + yds in the pros. You ignore this because it hurts your argument. Now, you throw in this ridiculous crap about Tim Tebow. Apparently, your too dense to realize that I haven't even claimed JC was a better AU qb than NM. I have just pointed out that your knocks on JC are pure ignorance and blasted every negative thing you've said about him. But that won't stop you when you are in jeffy mode. Remember that time you left the board for a long time and when you came back you tried hard not to be a true aujeff11???
  3. Please, "he had one good year". That's pure ignorance if not dogging. Also, plenty of people supported JC on these boards throughout his career. He might have had more vocal doubters than supporters after nallsminger worked their 2003 "magic", but I never supported removing him as qb, and plenty of others supported him too. We knew TT and his home made offensive cluster-bleep was to blame for the offense in 2003. His rating in 2002 was 149.3 with 11 td's and 5 td's which was awesome w/ limited starts, highest QB rating in the SEC. He never had below 60% completion percentage and was a first round draft pick, played 10 years in the pros that had a longer and better NFL career than most if not all of those you credit for making him so good in 2004. Name the last AU qb to play ten years in the pros. Seriously, do it. Cam's not there yet. NM was amazing, but it was mainly because he fit so well in Gus' offense, and barely got a sip of coffee in the NFL. JC excelled as a college qb while playing for 4 different OC's in 4 years.
  4. Did you follow AU when Campbell was here? Noelle Mazzone was clueless how to mold him as a freshman and hung him out to dry and got fired. His sophomore year he had to fight for the starting role and then developed very nicely under Petrino, culimanating in a cap One win over Penn State, and sky high expectations the next year. His junior year TT and nallsminger took the most talented Offense possibly ever, and destroyed it. Senior year, he blew the roof off with Al Borges and got screwed out of a shot for the NCG. I loved both qb's at AU, Marshall was more fun to watch at times, JC was more of a steady, pro like qb. To belittle JC's performance because you like NM more is either just plain ignorance or jeffedness. Not sure which one.
  5. We had to watch all the bloody, gory driver's ed films when I was in school and it made little in any difference in how we drove. No gore movie is going to stop kids from using cell phones and driving for the most part. I'm not saying don't try, it might influence a few kids. What we need is a cell phone nanny type app that disables texting and internet features when the unit is moving more than a certain speed as detected by the gps feature of the unit. There would need to be a way to disable it if you aren't the driver, if possible. I do feel for the kid responsible, most of us could have had a similar incident at some point in our life, but got lucky. That time you drove off the edge of the road while distracted, but fortunately there was no one there to hit. That time you nodded off while driving at 4am but came right back to your senses before anything bad happened. I personally drove drunk once in my life and am so fortunate nothing happened. I was out of it! I had a strict policy never to drink and drive, but there was no one else to drive and I made a very intoxicated decision that someone had to drive.
  6. The celebration in the press box for the Kick Six is my favorite. At first you don't realize that he is announcing live while that is going on.
  7. No words. Praying for his entire family.
  8. Yes, it's better because it contains the fact that I admitted I barely follow recruiting at all anymore. I peek when we have a big commit, and that's about it. It helps explain my lack of knowledge on the subject. Watching the games is plenty for me. I could probably name 4 or five of our OL off the top of my head and that's it. Afa, the embarrassment, big frickin whoopty do. I mouthed off about about AU's OL with some incorrect info and people made some jokes about it. I was nearly over it before it happened. 😊
  9. Ok, my crash course in skimming this thread and googling recruiting info failed. Please, carry on.
  10. The umass guy is a senior and a guard on our roster, very weak sauce. So, that leaves one 3 star tackle in two years. Still pathetic.
  11. Okay, let me know when you're ready. Why even post if you're not ready though?
  12. You really suck on this thread, Mikey. Horribly. Now you're cherry picking quotes to make yourself look smarter. Good for you.
  13. Thanks. I'm still digesting the fact that we haven't recruited an OT in two years. I quit following recruiting much a few years or more back, and I may have known that at some point, but wow. That statement is worth a thousand words.
  14. Mikey says follow the depth chart, so I googled it. Mikey says it will be Bailey Sharp. Does anyone agree with him? I have no idea. He's a RS junior so he has 3 and then some years of development under Gus, he should be good to go. 😐
  15. Fortunately Gus and J.B. know how to develop lineman quickly! 😁😂😭