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  1. What Kirby Smart, Georgia players said after loss

    Haven't heard kirby speak much, but he was classy after this loss.
  2. end the hot seat talk

    Nuke it? No way. He is off the hot seat is warm pending our performance in the bama game. I expect us to win or be highly competitive there. Then, I want a solid post-season performance, whatever that involves. Gus needs consistency, period. Not 8-4 consistency. I want him to succeed. I loved watching the players celebrate last night. I loved watching Gus get all excited as the clock ticked down. I want more of those types of wins consistently. Not every 4 years or so.. We have the pieces in place, we just need a stubborn coach to keep learning and stop digressing. Hopefully, we are there now, but the hot seat is still there if needed.
  3. Aaron Murray's mom takes to FB

    Go get your boy some chocolate cheezy poofs and get yourself a huge glass of stfu
  4. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    Kudos. If UF can find a coach, and tenny, he might be sub-richt. Good call.
  5. Aaron Murray's mom takes to FB

    U still mad misses murray? Oh, well. Fairley was mean, but not dirty. Get over it, or don't.
  6. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    Total Beast Mode. Fun to watch and then some.
  7. Tuberville on next AD

    Did anyone read the part where he mentioned whether he was a candidate or could help the program? I'm not advocating to hire him but it sounds like he would consider other positions, he wants to be involved somehow. That's how I took it. I'm not sure if they could work him in somewhere, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they did. AD? No. But somewhere, if he can be of value.
  8. Bama Players paid for autographs (merged threads)

    Apparently, all players who accepted payments for signing autographs are being awarded honorary degrees from The School of Business. Sorry, no link.
  9. Alabama at Mississippi State

    It won't be close. We can hope that state gets some brutal hits on them.
  10. LSU v uat

    They are beatable. If lindsey calls the game of his life, who knows? Our pass d today has me a bit worried.
  11. LSU v uat

    Yeah. Someone has forgotten about the iron bowl the year muschamp was here. I though will was going to have an aneurysm.
  12. halftime interview with Saban vs Gus last week

    Sounds like you're growing up a little. Proud of you.
  13. halftime interview with Saban vs Gus last week

    Buh-bye. It's rough that first time in life when you realize you don't know it all, but you've been showing your ass like you do. We understand that you need some alone time. We'll be here when you feel better. Don't feel obligated to return, but we'll be here.