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  1. 2018 Schedule released

    Wth? Where's Clemson? They're in our division, amirite?
  2. Alabama defense set to have 'come-to-Jesus' meeting

    You should tell Saban so they don't waste their time.
  3. Alabama defense set to have 'come-to-Jesus' meeting

    Our offensive guys commit unsportsman like conduduct penalties after the play and kill a drive. They are called to the sideline, pointed to where to stand, and given the silent treatment. Not saying I want a control freak prick head like saban, but a little ass chewing after a horrible moment of weakness would be nice.
  4. What is Chandler Cox's role in our offense?

    He is a qb/tb/fb/wb/te/deep route runner.
  5. MSU vs LSU

    Yeah, but Gus has added so many new wrinkles that frighten and confuse defenses..................lol....joking. ............I pray cl has something up his sleeve, but I don't think he does.
  6. Ole Miss- Cal Game Thread

    I was kind of for om until they started doing the shark fin thing in the 1st half.
  7. Ole Miss- Cal Game Thread

    Ole miss was landsharking hard in the 1st half, then got their asses handed to them in 2nd half.
  8. MSU vs LSU

    Still can't believe lsu hired ed frickin orgeron. Aranda looks like a bookworm, it takes a certain type of coach to succeed in the SEC.
  9. FWIW.

    Well, that was just wrong for me, but I was skeptical about your response, but gave you the benefit of the doubt. You are a great asset to the board, but take it fwiw, develop a bit thicker skin. You coached so I know you have it. Unless the team does a 180 offensively against the good defenses it will get much worse. I have just been feeling you out a little and you seem okay so far other than that one post. I have no ill will either.
  10. FWIW.

    You just got all sensitive there and got a bit personal. You have me on the fence leaning towards chip running the O saturday. I was enjoying the conversation, then wham, you came off the top rope with the like stats. Lol Had you said it like you just did, well that would have been nice.
  11. FWIW.

    This is just childish. Seriously. I am enjoying chatting with you here and getting your input. I have never put anyone on ignore here in 15 years. Congratulations on your likes. Lol. I don't post to get likes but I enjoy them when I get them. Probably 13000 of my posts came before we had likes, but you are still way up on me on the likes. There may be a trophy around here for you somewhere. Your a former HS OC? Congrats. Does that mean no one can question or disagree with you on a talk board? Should we just sit back and enjoy your wisdom and shower you with likes?
  12. FWIW.

    They adusted much better and had two nice td drives against probably the best d they'll face outside of a bowl game or playoff. They ran short routes on third and fourth and short and completed them when they needed it most. They outgained us 282-117. After the 1st qtr they outgained us 276-6. Game. Set. Match. No contest. Dabo.
  13. FWIW.

    How can you know how much fault is the players when the gameplan sucks and the adjustment is to double down on the long ball against a ferocious defensive rush? That buck starts and stops with gus and chip. Yes, the O works great against outmatched defenses but suffers greatly against talented D's largely due to coaching shortcomings. I won't argue that. You don't pay 4 mill a year for that.
  14. FWIW.

    Everything you say here reeks of inept coaching to me. If lindsey truly has the reins it's all on him and gus. Griese expounded a couple of times on how he saw our offensive woes tied to a lack of a significant intermediate passing game, and I'm pretty sure 95% of people who know the situation agree with that. We are getting murdered by the pass rush, so our coaches say, "let's focus on the long ball." Unreal.
  15. FWIW.

    One thing I notice is the wr alignment. We pretty much had 3-4 receivers out every play at a-day. Plus we had the two receivers stacked on almost every play. I watched a little more of the game saturday and we ran alot more 2 receiver sets and I only remember seeing receivers stacked once although it probably happened more. The running game is going to look the same. Maybe we had more 2 receiver sets due to qb protection? If so, it failed miserably. What about the nearly complete lack of two receiver stacks? We seemed to run and throw more short routes at a-day too.