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  1. Just can't click on that richard with ears.
  2. 20%ish on entire bill. 15% if the service is so-so. You have to really suck to go below 15%.
  3. Going 31st is a drop for him as well. He'll get his millions, though.
  4. I feel like your responding to someone else when you answer me. Go waste someone else's breath, please?
  5. Now, why am I not surprised you use the term "triggered", lol. The only thing that "triggered" (Look out everyone, I've been "triggered", lol) me is you trying to be Pope of the Forums. Also, not surprised you twisted my words. I would bat an eye if rf ends up in a gutter, I would be all like, "Oh honey, look rf is in the gutter, that is a shame. Let's give him our leftover biscuit and some words of encouragement" I said I'd be fine no matter what happened to rf. I don't wish him in the gutter, but if he ends up there, I will survive it. Same thing if he ends up being the "LeBron of football". Is my wording okay Pope? Please lemme know. It is so important to me to win your approval (Death like levels of sarcasm intended).
  6. WTH are you? The righteousness police? Plenty of people here couldn't care less what happens to rf, and very few if anyone here care what you think about that. He has shown himself to be a lowlife in many ways, so you go bang away on his drum, but to admonish others for even harmless comments about him is pure douche baggery. Personally, I'll be fine if he is the greatest lb ever, ends up drunk in a gutter, or both.
  7. Or a sucker stick. He finished his sucker and life in the classroom got really boring.
  8. Or smoking a fatty.
  9. Seems like he might have gotten bad advice from someone, or a bad excuse from someone. Seems like you'd be better off to sit it out due to sickness than fail a drug test. That's a total guess, though.
  10. Climbing an electric fence?
  11. *snicker* I'm going to exit so you can play with yourself, pun intended. Dumbest yet? *snicker*
  12. You're slow. In more ways than one, apparently.
  13. Lol! All the women in the world and he needs one from turd town? She must be something.
  14. There are more than a few scientists who believe that true A.I. would result in the end of mankind. If a robot could truly think freely and self preservation came into play, who knows? "Ex Machina" is an interesting take on the subject via hollywood.