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  1. Yes, it's better because it contains the fact that I admitted I barely follow recruiting at all anymore. I peek when we have a big commit, and that's about it. It helps explain my lack of knowledge on the subject. Watching the games is plenty for me. I could probably name 4 or five of our OL off the top of my head and that's it. Afa, the embarrassment, big frickin whoopty do. I mouthed off about about AU's OL with some incorrect info and people made some jokes about it. I was nearly over it before it happened. 😊
  2. Ok, my crash course in skimming this thread and googling recruiting info failed. Please, carry on.
  3. The umass guy is a senior and a guard on our roster, very weak sauce. So, that leaves one 3 star tackle in two years. Still pathetic.
  4. Okay, let me know when you're ready. Why even post if you're not ready though?
  5. You really suck on this thread, Mikey. Horribly. Now you're cherry picking quotes to make yourself look smarter. Good for you.
  6. Thanks. I'm still digesting the fact that we haven't recruited an OT in two years. I quit following recruiting much a few years or more back, and I may have known that at some point, but wow. That statement is worth a thousand words.
  7. Mikey says follow the depth chart, so I googled it. Mikey says it will be Bailey Sharp. Does anyone agree with him? I have no idea. He's a RS junior so he has 3 and then some years of development under Gus, he should be good to go. 😐
  8. Fortunately Gus and J.B. know how to develop lineman quickly! 😁😂😭
  9. So many violations, I am sure. I remember chad lavalais. Football super stud in hs that never signed anywhere because he was such a horrible student, and anyone would have taken him, if they could. So, he became a firefighter. When tricky nick and emmert teamed up, he suddenly was a born again genius and passed his ACT with flying colors???? Well, someone passed his ACT, lol!. One of their more harmless violations, I am sure.The extorting of professors to change fb grades only received a fraction of the punishment it should, because most afraid, until well after the case was resolved. I know you know all this and more, just saying.
  10. Agreed. Ice cold so much of the game. Then we go into the back it out and slow the game down mode until there was under 4 minutes left and we're down by 10. It had me wondering if the illness during the week had taken away a bit of our stamina. War Eagle! anyways. Best year and team ever. They even had me on the edge of my seat.
  11. I am an Auburn fan to the core, but have become a bit of a fair weather basketball fan over the years. I watched some at the end of last year and remember thinking we had issues at guard, and wouldn't go far until we recruited a top notch point guard. (An ignorant opinion) This year, I've been watching since the SECCG. Today, towards the end of regulation, I watched Jared Harper, take a team minus one of, if not it's best player, put them on his back, and carry them through the last leg of their journey to the Final Four, and into the AU History Books. This team and coach will go down as one of the best AU Teams in any sport, ever. Nothing can diminish what they have attained so far. Now, go get those last two. War Eagle!!!
  12. Read up on statins if they put you on those. Those things are poison.
  13. Time for a fleet of Ford Pinto's, or perhaps Gremlin's.