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  1. Gus is gonna be Gus. The most we can hope for is that he's been saving a big gatewood surprise for A/M, but that's being optimistic when it comes to Gus. We've already seen the Red Sea part when it comes to Gus with him letting Bo do so much as a true freshman. He'll let Gatewood throw more soon and if he does well, he will start to open it up more for Gatewood. Asking Gus to make huge leaps leads to nothing but frustration.
  2. Well, it was more than that when it was suggested he start a game. He had every chance Bo did to start and came up a bit short. He'll get his chances to start showing his stuff and if he is Cam 2.0 he will start eventually. The way to make a 2 qb situation work is with a clear #1 and Bo has earned that so far. If he falters and gatewood shows he can actually hand off sometimes and read a defense well and throw some strikes he could surpass Bo as #1. Until then, he is a number 2 being brought along slowly. I have a feeling we will see a few wrinkles against Texas A&M with Gatewood, unless Gus gets tunnel vision and forgets to play him.
  3. Saban has made a mountain out of a mole hill with this one. They should ban students from their cupcake home games, because students are going to leave when they are as drunk as cooter brown and the game is beyond boring. What kind of a devil makes a drunk college student, in the prime of their life, stay until you finish beating chickasaw state or north utah boys school 62-0? Doesn't 80K a-holes screaming about how they just demoralized and beat the hell out of a mormon prep academy make enough noise?
  4. Gus has Gatewood on the "Sean White Growth Plan" when it comes to throwing the ball. He clearly doesn't trust him to throw much yet, but Gus trusts like maybe 1 or 2 people in CFB. Maybe. It definitely remains unclear if he has that leadership vibe that Nix has. He and Gus have a lot in common. Gus is a control freak and Gatewood never hands off.
  5. Woo-hoo he ran all over kent state like every other rb that touched the ball, after the 1st string O wore them down. Give him the keys to the kingdom! He has a promising possible upside, but the only thing I really know about him is he gives a decent fake to the rb, when he keeps the ball, EVERY SINGLE TIME. There were some starving rb's in that backfield he could have fed at least a few times. I'm not saying he may not make a heckuva qb. He'll keep getting chances and can show what he's got. If he runs like he did against kent st against a/m and we'll see how durable he is.
  6. Amazing how identical the offense looks whether Gus is running things or the OC is in "control". 😂
  7. He doesn't make that throw without a very aggressive offensive philosophy that utilized the talent they had. It was 3rd and 17, up by 6 on their own end of the field with under 3 minutes left. I don't think they ran the ball on their last drive. They are a much better O with the new philosophy.
  8. Nice to see that not all head coaches believe their offense is perfect and needs no adjustments. Why change anything when you can blame all failures on lack of execution by the players? If they had just blown those 8-9 guys out of the box, as designed, that play would have worked. Let's face it, Gus may never get his head completely out of his ass. We've been waiting since 2014, and it's still in there.
  9. Any defense would look dehydrated by play 90 or so in that heat. Willie looks way out of his league with comments like that.
  10. Gus has running back by committee every year. He runs the no. 1 until he's hurt and then the no. 2 steps in until no.1 is healthy enough to get back on the field w/o crutches.
  11. Still can't believe some still want him here
  12. Freaking horrific. Looks like it has a hernia or something.
  13. I liked this one too, Not sure why more people don't like it.
  14. The Jeff Burger/Reggie Slack Era at AU was just awesome! One of the funniest things was when PD benched Burger to start the game after his arrest at the bar. It lasted a grand total of one snap. Reggie was maybe our strongest qb ever. I remember watching a defender latching onto him and nearly bending him to the ground, only to see him stand back up with the defender still hanging on, and complete a pass.
  15. I'm not here to "move you needle". Your needle is ignorant and kind of hopeless. Yes, I said that NM was so great because he fit Malzahn's O. If this isn't the case please list all other offenses (excluding juco) that NM excelled in? Pro, CFL, any offense at all. How super awesome of a QB was he outside of Malzahn's O? Please enlighten us with your knowledge. We've been waiting since you spouted off with ignorance in this thread. The reference to his pro time is significant because it shows he had true skills that transcended the pros and while he was no star he did amass 16K + yds in the pros. You ignore this because it hurts your argument. Now, you throw in this ridiculous crap about Tim Tebow. Apparently, your too dense to realize that I haven't even claimed JC was a better AU qb than NM. I have just pointed out that your knocks on JC are pure ignorance and blasted every negative thing you've said about him. But that won't stop you when you are in jeffy mode. Remember that time you left the board for a long time and when you came back you tried hard not to be a true aujeff11???