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  1. Pretty sure the two extra games Bama is getting are both against Vandy as bookends to their season. Both games will be played in Tuscaloosa.
  2. Just saw my signature. Funny how it's as applicable as ever today! lol
  3. Just wanted to stop by and wish you all a belated congrats on a good season and especially in beating that team in the Iron Bowl. There was a time when I was really into message boards. Even ran a LSU one of my own where lots of our users and some from here cross-posted. Had a passing thought today about this message forum and just logged in for the first time in five years. PS: Thanks for giving us heart burn in our annual game. Rarely does it disappoint in competitiveness!
  4. Yep. Glad we played ya'll when we did. Also glad it was on a rain-soaked field! The time is NOW!!!!!!
  5. The guy with the shredded shirt who did the sucker punch from behind and knocked the guy out was Robert Bayardo. http://theadvocate.com/home/5880588-125/brpd-second-arrest-made-in Hill ran up to the victim rightn before that and tried to punch him from the side. He is also seen afterward embracing Bayardo. Obviously Hill's actions were indefensible and he pleaded guilty.
  6. I know the punch you are talking about. That was NOT Hill. He is in that video throwing a punch before that person came in with that one.
  7. It really is a tough call as a fan of LSU. Generally speaking, most LSU fans see him as only having once incident as a LSU Tiger, that being the fight. Many fans see it as once chance too amny though, seeing him being allowed to get a LSU football scholarship in the first place as his second chance and the fight as the last straw. I am somewhat on the fence. In regards to the fight, I listened to the young man's public comments. He expressed remorse to his teammates and LSU. However, I never heard anything directed towards the person he was hitting. But I think that may be because the courts
  8. I follow LSU and college football because I find it enjoyable. Part of the enjoyment is getting to know fans of rival teams who are just as passionate about their universities as I am about mine. While some of us choose to follow the universities we love, many of us are born and raised to love them. Had my father been an Auburn fan, Bama fan (shudder, cringe, bad thoughts), etc then I would likey be the same as him. Thankfully he was and is a LSU fan though. The point is, there is no need to be hateful to rival fans. They are just as passionate as I am and are looking to enjoy supporting the
  9. I would partake in responding to your trolling attempt, but I have far too much respect for RunInRed and all of the hard work he is put into this fine site over the years.
  10. Considering the weather, that was a pretty well played game on Saturday night by both sides. Auburn definitely came to play and made some nice adjustments to allow for getting back into the game during the second half. I was VERY impressed with the resiliency of that football team. Marshall & Mason are a qb/rb duo that are going to give plenty more teams headaches and as they improve it will only get more and more enjoyable for y'all. We had quite a few Auburn fans at our tailgate throughout the day. Including some who setup their own tailgate by their rv a row away from us. I have to ad
  11. Probably minimal impact on tailgaiting. We're all pretty resourceful! As for parking, it will definitely make parkign harder to find sicne some significant lots may close.
  12. Parking is probably going to be a mess tomorrow with the amount of rain expected. There has been a press release stating that many of the free grass lots may be closed. http://www.lsusports.net/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209264205&DB_OEM_ID=5200
  13. I'll leave this here. http://www.lsureveille.com/sports/football/he-s-my-protector-lsu-fullback-copeland-forms-bond-with/article_2d32d452-20bf-11e3-a3ec-0019bb30f31a.html
  14. I know that there was a questionable grounding penalty on Auburn once they got the ball back with just over a minute to go. However, there were no penalties during LSU's game winning drive which preceeded that. I don't recall anything about a whistle from that game. I know in 1995 Nix thought he heard a whistle and was sacked for a safety. Maybe you're remembering a few games together? Reminds me of myself.
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