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  1. deacon488

    Any PCB fans? I need a little help....

    Head over the bridge into Panama City and go to the Mall on 23rd street. Also, there used to be a Sports authority on 23 Street.
  2. deacon488

    Football Helmet Pads....

    Been around a pretty good while. Mark Kelso w/ the Buffalo Bills back in the early 90's used to were a version of this.
  3. deacon488

    Roll call

    Hoover, AL on my brother's 60"HD
  4. deacon488

    Sugar Bowl

    Gotta Love the Douche-Bag holding the "Roll Tide" (complete with Oregon Green O) behind Herbstriet..........
  5. deacon488

    Coach Gene Chizik turns 49 today.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. deacon488

    CGM Wins Broyles Award

    Didn't see this anywhere.
  7. deacon488

    SECCG Roll Call

    Sec 328 Checking in.
  8. deacon488

    SEC Championship Game is...

    The comments at the bottom of the link page indicate it may be due to an injury to Garcia (Thumb or shoulder)
  9. deacon488

    bama likely to be without starting guard

    Well, at least now we know what one of the "Mullet Nation's" excuses for losing will be..........
  10. deacon488

    Finebaum on OTL...

    Well, It did get fairly cold in Birmingham today........
  11. Shut Up! Sack Up! Play the Games how they fall! At least this way you have a built in excuse when you lose.
  12. deacon488

    Pop Quizzes

    He was a part of the Organic Gardening class with James Brown....Horticulture 304 (back in the good old days of the Quarter system)
  13. deacon488

    Will people ever learn?

    I just take being called the War Eagles with a grain of salt. Besides we are not the on;y school that gets the dual nicknames. I hate to use Notre Dame and USC for any type of comparison to Auburn, but they were the first 2 that came to mind: Auburn Tigers................................The War Eagles USC Trojans..................................The Men of Troy Notre Dame Fighting Irish...............The Golden Domers
  14. deacon488

    Imagine This

    Just a thought. Use the home fields until it is narrowed to 4 teams. Then rotate the top bowls between semi-finals and finals. All of the other bowls are left for those teams that did not make the top 10. This way all of the major bowls keep their prestiege and the other lesser bowls still have their following.
  15. deacon488

    Houndstooth in the stands

    Just a quick note about "tradition". I have listened to the Bammers here in B'ham talk about "tradishun" until I am ready to puke. Just a note for anyone who does not understand the difference between TRADITION and HISTORY. Tradition is defined as an event that is conective between the past and present. It is an ongoing event. History is something that has happened in the past. With that said, what the Bammers have is history not tradition. The houndstooth whatever is not a tradtion, it is a love of history. Bama currently has no good tradition to speak of. Now that i have vented, I feel Better.