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  1. Thanks RIR .
  2. Fun stuff. I was there. After Cadillac took it to the house I began jingleing my car keys and asking uaters in our section if they were ready to go home...
  3. Actually, The U has extremely high character in comparison...😎
  4. May the best man win.
  5. Congrats to your young man. Well stated. "Come to Auburn and be forever changed". God bless all !!
  6. Can't possibly be stealing Golf's beer as it appears that this cat is still alive.
  7. It is not so much "distrust" of the media that bothers me. It is "distrust" of Auburn Men BY Auburn Men. Far too many times we eat our own.
  8. Way past due time...
  9. Rome Georgia??? 😎😎😎
  10. Thank you Stuart!! GREAT work as always!!
  11. I like this guy a lot. Great choice IMHO
  12. Golf, I am not a drinking Man BUT I do understand 😎😎😎
  13. Doc, I lost my Corgi Zoe Belle 2 yrs ago. Best dog I ever had. So smart. So loving. God Bless Buddy.
  14. Agree. I don't hate anyone. Maybe "highly dislike"....😊