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  1. Bird, my iPhone now is covered in coffee 😎
  2. Alvin Bresler , my HS coach, was underrated because he was the "other" receiver.
  3. The secret to being a good Father is to marry a GREAT Wife. One of the true successes of My life. 😊 May God bless all of you Dads.
  4. Lawyer Tillman was, to quote Coach Dye, A Hoss !!!
  5. Or maybe a JC holder?? jk
  6. Do any of you have experience with either. Cable prices are becoming ridiculous. Thanks in advance.
  7. Agree and Thanks Bird!! 👍
  8. I would prefer that Auburn BEAT him into retirement. 😎
  9. Oliver Stone's Mr.X...
  10. I do not think Brooks or Cribbs every operated out of the wishbone. Dye brought it in.
  11. I believe it was Coach Dye that said Bo was the Only RB that could keep Fullwood on the bench. I agree
  12. Congrats Ladies and War Eagle!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday Brother!!
  14. I actually struck a duck in the water with a ball. Par 4. Duck flew away. Ball went up the fairway. I swear.....I birdied the hole. 1983 Waco Ga.....