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  1. Wonder how the uaters will use this to cheat even more???
  2. It must change or college athletics will not last long.
  3. Happy Easter! HE is risen!!!
  4. 1989 ST MVP has been my family DR for 20 years. Also, one of my best friends.
  5. Prayers just now for Brenda and you. God is still God. Keep us posted Brother.
  6. First game vs uat legion field 72 😀
  7. I can explain. We are Auburn. 😎
  8. Who might these coaches be pray tell?
  9. IMHO…..facts or no….and I know nothing more than what I have READ here……I just don’t see any way forward with Harsin. The optics alone will totally destroy recruiting. Can’t win without it being successful. Again, JMHO.
  10. I have been seeking info and “what is the what” since all of this saga began. Facts and truth will come eventually, I hope. I am angry that this crapola is taking place. But, in the end, I am heartbroken and sad for our beloved Auburn University. I do not see any winner in this mess. It has been said that sometimes you must hit rock bottom to begin the climb back up. I pray this is that point …….
  11. Imagine how long the lines were at Walmart to return them thar chaimpiuship t-shirts…….
  12. Just think of how many wives/cousins were beaten last night.
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