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  1. Oh, I don’t think it is even close.
  2. Hey, you can never have too much Nip !!
  3. Hey, you said that would remain just between us 😎
  4. Pong @ hardware store. Then Space Invaders @ convenience store.
  5. I will support Auburn until the day I die. ❤️
  6. There are many avenues that lead to hell. You have just discovered a new one. 🤮
  7. I have said since October 31 that I think it will be Kiffin or Freeze. No insider information. JMHO. Time will tell. WDE!!!
  8. He is stuck between a rock and…a boat load of ca$h. 😎
  9. A strange historical note. Abe Lincoln’s wife stated after his death that “Dixie” was her husband’s favorite song…….
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