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  1. WarTim

    Liberty Score Prediction

  2. WarTim

    SEC reviewing officiating in bama-Mississippi State game

    SEC reply...move along. Nothing to see here.......
  3. WarTim

    Washington (Preview/Review)

    TV for this game??
  4. WarTim

    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    My 2 cents for this game???...Seth Williams = Ronnie Daniels. Anyone that remembers THAT AU/ uga game will understand. 🦅🦅🦅
  5. WarTim

    Bama D-lineman swings at kidneys

    There are rules in place that apply to all teams.....except the SEC/NCAA coddled and protected-inbred unwashed rednecks from west Vance. Bought and paid for ....the best team $$$ can buy.
  6. WarTim

    Broken record of Mazahn hits

    Not defending anyone,but,this goon did not make sense after his initial bashing. Huge talent gap?? AU curb stomped uat and uga last season.......
  7. WarTim

    Texas A&M postgame thread

    Lazarus.......War Eagle!!!
  8. WarTim


    WDE All !!!
  9. WarTim

    Uat as LSU

    Lswho by 10
  10. WarTim

    This may be somewhat random

    Go back and look at that play. The uat player was HELMET TO HELMET on KJ. Ref was right there. No call.....🤬
  11. WarTim

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    To answer the
  12. WarTim

    Butch Jones on Alabama Sideline

    ....every play in a uat game. You are welcome.
  13. WarTim

    Song title that sums up season

    Helter Skelter - Beatles
  14. WarTim


    WDE All !!!