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  1. Sorry but if I hear one more “journalist” say “talk about” I may blow a gasket. You are there to ASK the questions......carry on.....
  2. I’m SO ready I pace outside every morning looking for pre-nip signs.......😳😳
  3. Sad to say but the opener is critical. Lose that one and the non Gus folks will be rabid.
  4. I think the question has been answered. Have a great day.
  5. I am thankful games are not played on paper or computers.
  6. Too early. Maybe the first part of August.
  7. WarTim


    Prayers continue 72. God Bless my Brother!!!
  8. ...for Nip Watch? 54 degrees @ 6:30 am in the south in June!! 😎😎😎
  9. Andy would be salve and have a calming effect even if interim.
  10. Always remember what Lewis Grizzard said about Burger ...”Kid gets in trouble for fighting and carrying a gun? THAT is who I want as MY QB !!!” 😎😎😎