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  1. Malzahn and Arkansas

    While this did cause me to chuckle....guys, it just ain't gonna happen.
  2. Sportscall

    An increase is possible???😜
  3. Mark My Word-Gruden to Tennessee

    He is making around $8mil yr now to Not Coach.......
  4. Mark My Word-Gruden to Tennessee

    Petrino? In Knoxville? Now THAT would be a soap opera worth watching!!
  5. Happy Gameday!!

    Wake up. Get up. It's AU Gameday!! The season is in the home stretch. I am going to throw some meat (p o r k) on the smoker and enjoy AU Football. War 🦅 Eagle All !!! ( Just putting some lipstick on a pig ).......😎
  6. does lsu loss carry over

    I do not think it will with players. It certainly has with fans.
  7. Hurry for Arky Tickets (Sarcasm)

    REALLY??? How much?😎😎😎
  8. In Order to Beat Georgia and Bama

    This thread makes fear that Pigs will actually fly.......
  9. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Mike Leach. He is as crazy as...well...me.
  10. My apologies - I set it on FIRE

    What are you talking about?
  11. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Thanks RIR !! WDE !!
  12. It's Gameday. The business trip.

    War Eagle 🦅!!!
  13. Clemson vs Syracuse

    College football. Never look past the NEXT game.....
  14. LSU Memories

    I was there @ JH all those years ago. Still can't believe Curley Hallman allowed qb to throw over the middle over and over and over again. To quote Wayne Hall "We scored every time we had the ball"...😎