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  1. Consider IT brought. 😎
  2. WarTim

    Rush Propst

    The west Vance munchkin will hire him. Not joking.
  3. Love and prayers for God’s peace.
  4. I am a purest. Not sure how I feel about this.
  5. Touché E!! Well played Sir !!😎
  6. uat is winking and smiling.......
  7. Poor uater. He just has too much uat in him. As a matter of fact, he is FULL of it. 😎
  8. Masters, HE is The Great Physician. He loves Us all so very much. I pray for healing according to His perfect Will. I pray that His Holy Spirit will be with you and your Bride in such a strong way that it will be overwhelming. My Wife and I will continue in prayer my Brother.
  9. Bird.....I honestly spewed Dr Pepper. My Wife thought I was sick....well, “sicker” than usual. Well played Sir.
  10. You could possibly be right. JMHO I do not think so...
  11. Losers tend to gravitate towards one another.......
  12. All I can add at this point is bwahahahahahahahahaha..etc.