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  1. Happy Easter!! God bless!!
  2. Amen and Amen. Political correctness is stupidity in action.
  3. Thanks to a fall-hip replacement-two knee surgeries-full permanent disability....that is pretty much my day every day. 😎
  4. Congrats Mrs and Mr Zeek. As the father of two daughters I can assure you that you have only begun to be completely wrapped around Zoe’s finger. Count on it brother and Enjoy!!!
  5. Named after an old playing partner. “Highfield Rule” You can improve your lie in the rough if you can roughly prove your not lying”...
  6. Praying just now Zeek. May God bless, comfort, and protect.
  7. Always appreciate your input WDE. Great to hear from knowledgeable source.
  8. Greatly appreciate contributions of knowledgeable folks here. WDE
  9. Hate to admit it but he is right. Saw a short bit on the news about folks getting ordained on line in order to get vaccinated early. 🥺
  10. Thanks Stuart. Great stuff per your usual.
  11. Well, if he committed to AU he would drop at least One star😎
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