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  1. In the end, it will be Freeze. JMHO
  2. Shrodinger’s cat applies…….
  3. I still think, when all is said and done, it will be Freeze. JMHO
  4. I have thought all along it would be Freeze. Time will tell. JMHO. I have zero “insider info”. W D E
  5. …driving The Laughing Clown Liquor Ford…
  6. Thanks PTB. Always appreciate your input. What do you make of where the program has potential to move forward from current status and what coach/coaches do you think we target realistically? Who’s your pick? Thanks in advance.
  7. “Well paid” vs Brinks truck full of ca$h. Hmmm. Again, JMHO
  8. Short easy answer. For a Brinks truck full of $$$ and a guaranteed multi year contract. I think he is the leader in the clubhouse. Btw, Freeze is my pick.
  9. JMHO. I think it is only a matter of when. His fate is sealed.
  10. No disrespect but ONE year of experience? Um NO
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