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  1. AP All-American Team

    Braden? Ohhhh, BraNden. 😎
  2. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    It is a testament to the SEC that the 3rd place team made it in.......
  3. Army - Navy Game

    To Honor my old Friend and Swabo Jeff, Go Navy! Beat Army!
  4. Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    AU scored 40 & on all SEC opposition this year except lswho and uat. That'll do .......
  5. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    4-5 inches in east central Alabama....still snowing and will continue into the evening. Beautiful.
  6. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    The Lady is definitely qualified IMHO this would be a great hire all the way around.....and I do not have a PC bone in my body. 😎😎😎
  7. Well done Coach. God Bless and continued success!!
  8. Daniel is one of the Best college kickers I have EVER seen. And one damn fine Human. Proud he represents all that is good at AU.
  9. All the best to your Bride brother!!!
  10. UCF tickets sold out

    Tells me there fans will be ready. I hope WE are!!!.......
  11. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    We BEAT uat. Let 'em run the table. Makes our win that much sweeter. JMHO
  12. A little perspective, please

    Great post. Thank You.
  13. War Eagle ALl!! Much Love!! Let's do This!!!🏈🏈🏈
  14. Update on Arkansas HC search

    The Perfect HC for the pigs...R. Lashlee. 😎