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  1. All it would take is reading a few select posts here...😎
  2. WarTim


    Congrats. Had the honor of watching my two girls graduate at AU as well. Truly blessed.
  3. WarTim


    Much love and prayers. God is still God.
  4. Bubba. But, Go get em Lefty!!!
  5. IMHO The most beautiful place on earth.
  6. Hope. Not hype. You meant hope. Right???
  7. WarTim


    From the “Sad but true” department
  8. Consider IT brought. 😎
  9. WarTim

    Rush Propst

    The west Vance munchkin will hire him. Not joking.
  10. Love and prayers for God’s peace.
  11. I am a purest. Not sure how I feel about this.
  12. Touché E!! Well played Sir !!😎
  13. uat is winking and smiling.......
  14. Poor uater. He just has too much uat in him. As a matter of fact, he is FULL of it. 😎