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  1. WarTim

    AUF Anglers

    Fishing early morning last week from pier on Logan Martin. Initially thought I had a monster catfish on my line.....FOURTY EIGHT POUNF T U R T L E. RELEASED. Heck of a fight.
  2. WarTim

    Happy Birthday Coach Pearl

    Happy Birthday Coach Pearl!! Celebrate it with a big old fat WIN!!’ War Eagle 🦅 !!!
  3. WarTim

    Sunday tip

    Thanks and WDE !!!
  4. WarTim

    Sunday tip

    Game start time Please??
  5. WarTim

    Men vs. Charleston

    War Eagle 🦅!!!
  6. WarTim

    Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    Alexander Wright says Hello to all...😎
  7. WarTim

    Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    Alexander Wright says Hello to all...😎
  8. WarTim

    Bama player arrested for pot possession

    Probably forced to practice without air conditioning...for 30 minutes.
  9. WarTim

    Please pray

  10. WarTim

    Prayers please

    Praise God Brother. All the best going forward.
  11. WarTim

    Prayers please

    Prayers continue Bird.
  12. WarTim

    Prayers please

    Praying. God is in control. Here for you Bird.
  13. Congrats. Welcome. War Eagle!! Onward and Upward!!!
  14. WarTim

    Hugh Freeze

    uat proved long ago that they do not care about morality. Win at all cost. It will cost them...eventually...
  15. WarTim

    This is what it's all about!

    These young men are very special. They can and have really made a difference in the lives of these young people and their families. May God continue to Bless their efforts.