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  1. Go to YouTube and listen to AU’s Jim Fyfe call the game. Good stuff.
  2. Dabo has it made at Clemson. I can’t believe he would be stupid enough to follow wee man.
  3. I use ONLY hickory kiln dried then water soaked wood chunks in a cylindrical upright smoker. Tried them all. Nothing better IMHO. Requires some babysitting but well worth the effort.
  4. Bird, any chance one or more TEs may be used as blocking FB?
  5. Coach: Son, come to bammer. We’ll put you in a new Dodge, be sure you get “expense money” and a nice cushy high payin job for your mom or dad or aunt or grandma. Player: “It was just a business decision”.......
  6. Cool. Line up the Dodge dealers and start the ca$h pipeline. 😎
  7. Not probably. I am right. Now I gotta be careful not to fall UP stairs.
  8. Amazing what you can do with tons of cash and a FLEET of Dodge Chargers.......
  9. Gotta have ALL the pieces of the puzzle around him. He’ll do well at AU.
  10. Praying for you just now. May God CONTINUE to use you as a testament of His amazing love and grace. You may not be aware of just how many lives you are touching. Continue to lean on Him. Much love my Brother in Christ.
  11. I lost my Brother in June. Healthiest guy I knew. Worked in his yard. Went inside and sat in his recliner with a cup of coffee Massive heart attack and he was gone. One of my greatest blessings is KNOWING that he is with our Lord. That knowledge has saved me from some dark days. Prayers continue for you and your family my Brother.
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