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  1. Whatever “IT” is.....Bo has it!! Thankful he is an AU Tiger. Can’t wait to see him grow as a player-person-Leader!!!
  2. Thanks for the laughs folks. War Eagle and good night.
  3. You guys are always good for a laugh. My MC QB1 is 3-0 btw. 😎😎😎
  4. The purchase of a ticket, student or not, gives the owner the option to throw it in the toilet if they so desire. I would tell him to stick it. 😎
  5. I think Gus knows fans are blood thirsty. I look for a lot of scoring. JMHO
  6. Get up and get loud!!! WDE !!!
  7. “The word amateur comes from Latin (to love).....Once you get paid, you can’t call it Love anymore”. Robert Tyre Jones (Bobby).......
  8. Dang it!!! Another mortgage 😩😩😩
  9. I feel certain Golf will join in. 😎
  10. I was in my office. We all followed online. At lunch, one of my younger employees bought small American flags and gave to all employees. Sad to think Flag triggers some today. THAT day it made us all feel somehow connected. Prayers for all families and first responders. God Bless.......
  11. WHY are we so divided? I blame it on Bird and Golf. They keep the whole board stirred up. Maybe they should have a “Beer Summit “???