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  1. Great news Brother. May God continue to bless you and your Family!! All the Best!!
  2. uaters never disappoint...
  3. Welcome back Coach Borges!!!
  4. Will is a VERY reliable pass catcher and route runner. Definitely a place for him on this TEAM. Glad he is a Tiger !!!
  5. ALWAYS keep your family First. Appreciate your contribution here. God Bless!!
  6. Thanks and WDE!!!
  7. Prayers for All E. May God Bless!!
  8. Thanks for posting
  9. Thanks for posting
  10. Wasn't he battling knee issues from the beginning as a true freshman?
  11. Please let your Mom know there are MANY prayers being lifted up for her Father and Family.
  12. Prayed just now E. Please continue updating as you are able. God Bless
  13. Praying E.
  14. Thanks RIR.
  15. Thanks RIR .