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  1. Auburn4life

    Sad Days at The FBI

    Let us not forget that The Clinton Foundation "dontated" $700,000 for McCabe's wife campaign. But Russia, But Russia, But Russia
  2. Auburn4life

    Sad Days at The FBI

    The FBI declined in a response to a list of questions, including about whether messages were deleted and if / how many officials had problems with their same FBI-issued phones. So when asked if other FBI agents phones had the same problems, they declined to answer More so, they can't answer if the messages were deleted from the phones themselves or investigate the phones to see if any messages can be recovered directly from the phones. I would like to know if it was normal between two FBI agents to have 50,000 text between each other in a 5 month period. There is definitely a bias here. One text said, I hope the Trump hotel fails. Another, F^%& Trump. Also evidently things about his kids. Lets not forget this is Law Enforcement that is supposed to remain unbiased. They also texted about damage they had done with the Clinton investigation and how they could "fix" it and make it right. Once more, Strzok has no interest in participating in an investigation that might clear Donald Trump. His only interest is if something is there so he can fix what he did with the Hillary email investigation. As law enforcement he should equally want to clear the innocent as to catching the guilty. Not saying this is true, but looks like a cover up. Sure is convenient that those messages between those 5 months are missing. Looks like the bias of a few in the FBI outweighed their impartiality. IMO, it appears this way.
  3. Auburn4life


    Sorry meant online. I can't watch right now either. What network is it on right now?
  4. Auburn4life


    How can I watch a replay of game? I was out of town in meetings and didn't get to watch . Thanks
  5. Auburn4life

    Roku - Streaming the Games

    I set up the fire sticks and sell them if anyone is interested. Also can have you update it yourself (fairly simple) down the road when needs updated.
  6. Auburn4life

    Roku - Streaming the Games

    There is a WAY! on ROKU download app USTVNOW and create a FREE acct. you can stream ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC. Now when it goes to commercial it will stop working, but once the commercials are over you can start streaming again
  7. i just made it #1 lol. i think this will be a problem all year. Hope I am wrong
  8. Auburn4life

    Why I'm moving my family back to Alabama

    Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear this! Hope you documented everything and are looking into legal action. Since, moving back here, I suggest looking into opening your own pizza place or a roundtable in AL. If she did so well there, I bet she could do just as well here in AL.
  9. Auburn4life


    here it is, no partisan. Exactly what was put into place. No NEWS coverage, no outrage for these 19 bans.
  10. Funny how y'all always call out others for not having sources or proof or knowing someones intent and calling those that do so fools, idiots, etc... But here y'all are claiming you know exactly what Hameed felt or that he was scared to speak out. he said, "I like Him, but I dont know, this policy I don't know." That's what we know!
  11. All MSM isn't shown in this video, but it applies to all of them. Mod: more commentary/discussion needed for serious political forum than just linking videos/articles.
  12. Auburn4life


    So lets give the violent ones what they want so we can have peace? Makes since, not!
  13. Auburn4life

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    I hope it's Jake Spavital
  14. Auburn4life

    Russia's compromising info on Trump

    So it appears this was all made up by a 4chan user, but lets believe everything the MSM or even our own gov't releases. Again this has not been verified yet, but looks compelling