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  1. Pair of Vandy tickets....Section 44....Row 60....Seats 1 and 2.....Aisle Seats.....Face Value $130 for the pair Email me dougreaves36832@yahoo.com
  2. I have a pair to the Georgia and Alabama games. Alabama Section NN5 Georgia Section 610 Email me offers dougreaves36832@yahoo.com
  3. If anyone would like an insurance quote, shoot me an email sreaves@alfains.com or call my office 334-887-8502. We offer several types. Home-Auto-Life www.ScottReaves.com
  4. No but his commitment to Bama is not 100%. I can tell you that much.
  5. Waiting on a little more information but all that I have received lately is very good for Auburn. Percentage is likely to go much higher later today.
  6. His grades are a concern. If they hear positive things, they could take a chance. I def think he would sign with Auburn if given then opportunity.
  7. Definitely a good chance. I don't think anyone knows for sure.
  8. Looking at the chart waaaaaay to in depth buddy! You should read it as we have a great chance of landing MA especially if RF commits. ^THIS^
  9. No. I will be working on it throughout the day as I get updated info. Okay cool! Thanks! Updated!
  10. Just getting more info from the visits this weekend. Some will go up and some will go down. Daniels went up and Bower went down a little. Things will play out. Auburn will finish strong, it's just unknown who they will finish with.
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