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  1. I bet you have no proof of that. Purely speculation. You probably also believe in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and UFO's.
  2. It is really amazing how far the Kick6 has taken Gus.
  3. Its not cute but it really goes on! Just watch the games and gripe about the officiating. It is really the only thing you can do.
  4. I just assumed that if you get an academic scholarship, you must be pretty smart so I don't know why you would need a tutor. I guess stranger things happen.
  5. Boobie is trying to get a raise!!!!!!!!
  6. Tutors? Do regular scholarship students get tutors?
  7. I understand signing and getting a 5 is a myth. It was just funny listening to my friend tell the story. He also told me it sucked that he had to bust his butt to make the grades to stay eligible and certain football players didn't even have to go to class. It is not the same for every ball player but it does go on everywhere. My friend also said that only about 60% of all football players across the board in P5 conferences can actually make the grades to stay eligible. That is why they have been always called mythical national championships because most games should be vacated because of ineligible players on most every team. As fans we all go overboard defending our respected teams because they all are cheating regardless of what degree.
  8. 5, 10, 20 or 30 years ago. What is the difference? You and I are not going to stop what is going on. I am a Bama fan who has always admitted these things go on. The only thing I can do is just enjoy the games and gripe about the officiating just like a lot of other college football fans.
  9. Believe me, AU has gotten away with plenty. Don't ever doubt it. One of my AU buddies senior season was also Dye's last season and he said that one of the RBs coming in after he left made a 7 on his ACT but he played regardless. That RB went on to have a good NFL career. I'll never forget what my bud told me about the ACT score. He said you get a 5 for signing your name. LMAO!! It happens every where.
  10. Actually it doesn't because I have enough common sense to realize no team can win every game. It is impossible. No doubt that Bama's run with Saban has been remarkable but it will end sooner than later but I am glad I was here to experience it. There is nothing wrong with having the best talent because you know that is what he is paid to do. Get the talent and coaches and put it together to win championships. That is what every head coach is expected to do. BTW, LSU played against Tua, Auburn didn't but it is what it is. Lets see if coach O can get nine strait eleven win seasons and 5 championships. Only time will tell but we know what coach won't do that.
  11. Saban has been losing coaches and juniors for the past several years along with the injuries. Lets see how coach O responds with his program. I bet he is not as successful. Yes I am a Bama homer but really, how good is O?
  12. I doubt anything will happen to LSU but the fanbase is going to learn that when you lose all the players and coaches that they are losing will make it very hard to repeat. Not every program can have 9 straight 11 win seasons.