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  1. I am sure some of those Auburn players who came back this year to be seniors would agree with you. 😂
  2. I'll never say but one blocked for Bo Jackson and the other blocked for James Bostic. Seriously though, I don't need their opinions to figure gus out. Take away 2013 and he is 26-27 in the SEC. Most every one of my Auburn friends and other Au fans posts on message boards want him gone. Nothing really new. He did get the best of Saban this year though. Oh Well, keep him.
  3. I wasn't right, my Aub buddies who played for Dye were right.
  4. Clemson will win because they are the new dynasty.
  5. Same crew who officiated the iron bowl.
  6. I forgot. Congrats on the Iron Bowl win!
  7. I see a few of you folks responded to my post but I would like to say a couple of my Auburn buddies who actually played for Pat Dye really hate Gus. They both say Gus's legacy is he will win games he shouldn't win but he will lose games he shouldn't lose. I'll take Saban's record over Gus any day of the week. Happy New Year!!!!
  8. If AU loses to the gophers with a new OC, that will be embarrassing but since Minnesota is a big ten team that is not Ohio St., I think you guys will be fine. But then again, Gus is HC and who knows what will happen.
  9. Their schedule was weak last year and they kicked Bama's butt. Clemson will win it again!
  10. One of the players is a starting DE and is their best pass rusher. Not saying that means much or will make a difference anyway.
  11. Congrats guys and girls! I guess Gus gets a lifetime extension now.
  12. What if he got hurt on the first play? What would be your answer then? I think most everyone new he would play the first half and sit the second but hey, it is a contact sport. You guys have a better chance to win now. I am sure you are happy about the injury.
  13. Tua is out for the year with dislocated hip and back wall fracture.