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  1. You make some valid points. I guess we were spoiled by Nick Marshall and Cam Newton getting 5-6+ ypc. I mean to be fair I'm probably being a little overly critical of his running ability because we've been spoiled by those guys. Either way I don't ever remember being impressed by his rushing highlights, he gets some decent gains at times but isnt a consistent threat to break a long TD run and certainly never looked all that fast. He only had 4 20yd+ runs last year. Im not saying he is bad. I just don't think he is a good choice for a one and done. I would rather develop one of our younger guys than have a one year band aid. If we could bring in a superstud for a one and done then that is a different story. For example if Khalil Tate were transferring and chose to come here Gus would be getting a new 7 year contract extension one year from now. That guy is like a Nick Marshall clone but better.
  2. Can someone explain why we would want KB? He is not a good runner. He averaged less than 4 ypc in his only full season in 2017 and actually has a slower 40 time than Jared Stidham. He is not a great passer either only managing 13 td passes and 7yds per pass attempt last year. You know who else had 13 td passes and 7yds per attempt?....JS this year. I just dont see the hype. Maybe people view him as a band aid but to me he's not even a good band aid. Why not give Malik Willis a shot? His legs are top notch and as far as the passing goes it seems that 2/3rd of our passes are screens anyways, can he not throw a screen pass?
  3. What makes you so sure they're all coming back? The obvious lack of an offensive philosophy make me worry that some of our freshmen on offense might decide to jump ship.
  4. Im skeptical on Freeze as well. His offenses were not THAT impressive at OM. To me it looks like he had one excellent year, one bad year and three average years. Nothing special in my opinion, but then again I'm just some dude.
  5. Evolution......genetic lottery.......😂
  6. Definitely not apples to apples, I mainly was using him as a general example to show that there have been coaches who took a decade to reach elite results. Great info on MSU, it kind of highlights part of the reason I want to give CGM a couple more years. Saban was under next to no pressure to win at a program like that. He was green and had the freedom to try different things and figure out what works. Gus on the other hand has had to try to figure out how to be a HC while basically in a pressure cooker where his every move is criticized while being expected to win immediately. I get it though, when things are bad people dont want to see the good and when things are good people dont want to see the bad. I just think so far his good has far outweighed his bad but I understand why people are focused on the bad currently. Since 2013 Saban has lost 4 SEC games, 2 of those are to CGM. It takes skill to do that and that gives me hope for the future. Yeah yeah Hugh Freeze got the other 2 but he was cheating. lol War Eagle!
  7. I think if we gave him $30M+ to leave it would be viewed as an obscene amount of money by the general public. Lately it seems like there is a lot more attention on the rising cost of college and the massive amounts of debt students are graduating with so I don't think it would look good to basically piss away $30M+. and it could draw some negative attention. I dont mean from football fans, I mean from the general public. On the flip side maybe it could open a serious public discussion about the absurd contracts that many college coaches are being given.
  8. I don't think it's that cut and dry to know what you have in a coach with only 6 years experience. People would have said the same thing about Saban after his 6th year and CGM has had more success than him up to that point of his career. Does that mean CGM is the next Saban, HELL NO! But we've come this far so unless we can get a big dog I'd rather see how CGM develops over the next couple seasons rather than start the process over again. It may not matter because his buyout is so large for the next couple seasons. I dont know what the highest buyout ever paid to a HC was but the highest I could find was 13M to Jim Mora from UCLA and we are a few years from being in that neighborhood. I think if we did pay the $30M+ to fire him it would be major negative PR for AU. Bottom line is we all want to win and we are in a tough situation. War Eagle!
  9. My point is that he shouldn't have been hired if we expect elite results, BUT since he was hired and we have 5+ years of sweat equity invested it would be a waste to dump him for anything other than an elite head coach when he really hasnt had very long to fully develop as a HC in the grand scheme of things. If an elite coach is available then great, lets get that guy, but why dump him for another "hope he pans out" coach? He hasnt performed at an elite level consistently but he has fixed the defense and the program is in better shape than it was when he took over.
  10. Look I'm no more happy than the rest of you with how this season is going but we need to be patient. Gus hasnt been a head coach long enough to know if he will be great. If you looked at Sabans record after his first 6 seasons you wouldn't have thought there was anything special about him. Sabans record for his first 6 seasons was 34-24, the first 6 for Gus his record was 45-22. It really seems like seasons 7-10 was when average Nick Saban transformed into elite Nick Saban, and he didnt have to face Nick Saban every season while trying to do it. I think Gus deserves a little more patience.......but not much. lol War Eagle!
  11. I wish Auburn Family didnt mean Auburn Christians to so many of you. I had no idea it was okay to post in the wrong forum simply because you want a topic to get more exposure, I have some topics I would like to get more exposure but I guess its not okay because they dont have to do with Christianity. Okay the coaches are Chrisitan but its a massive stretch to say this is Auburn football info, the original post I saw had nothing to do with Auburn specifically it was just about using Christianity to mentor kids. I see a lot of hypocrites here. You guys have fun with your propaganda and I will leave you all alone now. Im not debating anything else or even coming back to this thread becasue its alarmingly clear that most of you are blind and I am wasting my time and just need to find a new site. WAR EAGLE! PS- I gotta give a little shout here to Rednilla. Red I agree the owners of the site have the right to do whatever they want including setting a double standard. I just didnt realize setting a double standard was something an Auburn man would do. I thought Auburn men would treat all people equally except maybe Bama fans, guess I was wrong.
  12. SwestbrookAU my point is that is has nothing to do with AU football and there for shouldnt be in the AU football forum. If I posted off topic it would be moved. So what I am seeing is that its okay to post Christian information in whaterver forum you want. Im not against Christians, im against Christians thinking its okay to break the rules becasue it has to do with Christianity. Bottom line is this is not an AU football topic.
  13. What does this have to do with Auburn Football? This topic should be moved. I get the feeling that the mods havent moved it because they agree with the content. That is a huge double standard.
  14. Here is the link for those who havent seen it