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  1. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Thanks, Captain Obvious. Might as well not even follow recruiting at all then, just show up on signing day and see what happens. Who cares otherwise right?
  2. How can a Christian Support Trump?

    "Individual people" have seen Christianity and its associated values virtually eradicated from every aspect of normal everyday life, and yet you still assume that they should vote based on those same values? Yeah, it doesn't work like that. The nature of politics in America is about as immoral as it gets, so what, they aren't supposed to vote at all seeing as how you are going to be pretty hard pressed to find a bulletproof Christian candidate? That is in reality the Liberal wet-dream: they DON'T want these people voting period, thus the constant shaming to have them "feel bad" for supporting so-and-so candidate.
  3. Carlson and Ike Powell going to SR Bowl

    Don't be ridiculous. It is in the Senior Bowl's best interest to feature as many local players as possible. There is no anti-Auburn bias and there never has been.
  4. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    No. Pruitt most definitely was above Steele.
  5. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Muschamp and Steele were pushed on Malzahn by Jacobs and company. For as much hate as that idiot gets, he deserves praise for at least pushing some solid coaches on Malzahn. If it were up to Malzahn you'd probably see Joe Lee Dunn patrolling the sidelines.
  6. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    He won't leave for more money at a better school with more talent wherein he'd be coaching under an offensive-minded HC (and thus ACTUALLY running the defense)? Good one.
  7. So What Now?...

    What now? The excuses are all gone, thats what. No more whining about "learning on the job", that is for sure. He better deliver against Washington, because his "take 1/3rd of the season just to get rolling" shtick isn't flying any more either.
  8. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    There are rumors circulating that he held himself out because he doesn't want to risk another he's planning on going Pro. He has a family, and making NFL rookie minimum regardless of whether he is drafted or not (a few hundred K a year) is more than he's making at Auburn next season. Peyton Barber didn't get drafted and he's making money in the NFL, in fact he just had a huge game yesterday. Unless he is going to get drafted in the first ~2 or 3 rounds, there isn't much difference between going 4th-7th round and signing as an undrafted free agent. He isn't a prototypical back in the first place, so its unlikely that a team is going to use a 1st round pick on him even if he comes back next year. His NFL role is likely as a short-yardage and FB hybrid, and he's already shown he can do that.
  9. Gus' first and most important job

    First off, those guys aren't staying. Second off, it is a completely amateur level move for a program of our caliber to go around begging highly regarded Juniors to come back in 2017. This isn't what they do at Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, or any other elite program. In fact, part of the pitch at Alabama is literally the expectation that the recruit will be 3-and-done: come on, win some s***, get drafted in the 1st round as a Junior. The days of players coming back for their Senior years when they have ~1st round draft grades is pretty much over. These guys are all now aware that a football career is ridiculously short and that it makes no sense playing a year for free when you can be getting paid in the NFL and working closer towards a second contract.
  10. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    We are getting played here. Gus Malzahn has as many haters in Arkansas as he does people who actually "badly want him". He has burned bridges within that program; no way they have a ruling consensus on paying him that absurd a contract.
  11. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    $7.1 million isn't over-payment for a coach with a 1-3 Bowl record (the one win came against a Memphis team after Fuente had already left) and an abysmal overall record against main rivals? $7.1 mill is only the going rate for programs that are in the gutter.
  12. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    How? He won 7 games with a Tennessee team that had won 5 games the year prior. That season he lost by 2 points to #1 Alabama and 10 points to #1 Florida, with several other close games. He went to USC wherein he ran into heavy sanctions, and that didn't go well. He's won 10 games this season with an FAU team that won 3 games last year. His performance at FAU this season is a hell of a lot more impressive than Malzahn's one year stint at Arkansas State. Kiffin has most definitely played himself back into the legitimately interesting category.
  13. MSU hires Penn State OC Moorhead as their new HC

    This was actually low-key a very impressive hire. Mississippi State is not a hot job; they landed a very good nationally recognized OC who meshes perfectly with the offensive system they already have in place and they didn't even overpay to get him. Keep an eye on this one because if we do ultimately need to find a replacement for Malzahn, this guy is going to be a top target if he performs at MSU.
  14. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    First off, running "wildcat situations" is a hell of a lot different than what Hurts does at Alabama. Secondly, I never said that Hurts was some infallible quarterback, just that you seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that the flame-out rate for QB prospects in this league is extremely high, which you should know by now given our own obvious QB failures. Hurts is the starting QB on a team that has won 25 games the past two seasons. Gatewood's "floor" isn't Hurts...its Kiehl Frazier: a terrible starting QB on a bad team that shouldn't even be starting but is doing so because the team is bad. Even Alabama has had elite QB recruits (eg: Cooper Bateman) who never see the field; Jalen Hurts by comparison is far from the worst you can do at that position.
  15. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    No, his "floor" is a guy who doesn't even see the field, just like every other QB recruit. To suggest that his worst case scenario is the starting QB on a very good team (Hurts at Alabama) is absurd.