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  1. She's too stupid to realize that many of the NFL's advertisers are in bed with her employer (ESPN) as well, and that ESPN pays a pretty penny to broadcast these NFL games that she's calling boycott over.
  2. Cam Newton- Questionable Comment

    This is going to cause some confusion within the ranks. I mean, he is black...but then again, they only let black men voice controversial opinions when its aimed at white men. Dear god, WHAT DO WE DO? I believe that "white women in sports" still have a higher ranking on the oppression leaderboards, so this probably won't end well for Cam.
  3. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    This kid is way too small to attempt using as a battering ram at the goal line, no matter how athletic he is. That only works with guys like Cam and Tebow, which Bo Nix clearly is not and never will be.
  4. Who Do You Want?

    Les Miles was in steady decline for 3-4 years prior to his dismissal. He was finished, hence a change had to be made. Even if Orgeron sucks, who cares? Miles wasn't going to fix anything. The life-span of an SEC HC is ~10 years. Once they fall, there isn't any getting back up. Les Milers lost to US last year for god's sake...let that sink in.
  5. Who Do You Want?

  6. Al Borges.. A fiction of our imagination

    WTH is with all this talk about a guy who hasn't done anything in about a decade? He's here in a support role for a reason. No, he's not some god send. No, he doesn't have the answers. No, he shouldn't be named OC or HC (I've actually seen people suggest this).
  7. Who Do You Want?

    Kelly, Fisher, Franklin...these guys aren't coming. I don't see the intrigue in Schiano over any "up and comer"; the guy hasn't been an NCAA head coach since 2011.
  8. Who Do You Want?

    Most of the best hires nation wide since ~2000 have come from one of the groupings which make up that "up-and-comer" label (ie: promoted coordinator or position coach off your current staff, top coordinator hired from another school, non-P5 head coach, etc). If you look, the history of hiring "proven coaches" from other legitimate programs isn't as hot as you'd assume it to be: you have Bielema from Wisconsin to Arky, Rich Rodriguez from WVU to Michigan, Lane Kiffin from Tenn to USC, etc. Going into a coaching change under the impression that you WONT hire an "up and comer" is foolish. Look around the country and see that even programs that are above Auburn are forced to go this route (ie: Clay Helton at USC, Orgeron at LSU, McElwain at Florida, Tom Herman at Texas, Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma). There is no reason for an already elite coach at a top school to leave and come to Auburn; that means that your "proven coaches" pool revolves around guys who are treading water at good, not great programs.
  9. Who Do You Want?

    P.J. Fleck and D.J. Durkin are worth watching this season.
  10. Charles Barkley on monuments

    Because someone skilled took time to craft these statues? Because they provide something interesting to look at? The people who will be made happy by their removal will find something else to be outraged about tomorrow; they are programmed to react to this negative stimuli. These "activists" will never be content, so if your argument revolves around doing it to shut them up, you are already lost in the rabbit hole. My biggest counter-argument would be that these are classical representations of real art. You want them to rip them down so that they can put up a box with dog s*** and period-blood or some other postmodern example of "art" as a replacement? That is what you are likely to get in 2017.
  11. Colin Kaepernick answers his critics

    I live in Canada. I've heard the national anthem at every sporting event I've been to.
  12. Charles Barkley on monuments

    Yes, and this is totally different from how the left loves to crucify any Conservative person of color as an "Uncle Tom" or some other derogatory label which implies that there is something wrong with them (kind of like homo in this very thread), because they don't buy into the sheep group-think that they are supposed to parrot, right? This really grinds your gears, doesn't it? When one of your subjects strays too far from the herd?
  13. Good Read on Antifa

    Antifa followers are at the very minimum Marxist-sympathizers, and at worst are full-blown Communists. They are a drastically bigger threat than the "Nazi's" you cheer them on against due to the fact that they outnumber them heavily. Despite media driven hysteria on "white supremacists" in America, these people are a virtual non-threat to the general population (KKK participation is basically non-existent). Antifa on the other hand features College professors (as the article shows) and a revolving supply of disillusioned youth who go to College and become brainwashed by Communist propaganda; hence the article pointing out their vast political philosophies which range from anti-capitalism to militant environmentalism, with everything else in between. At the very core their beliefs are anti-American (or more broadly anti-Western) which means that they outright believe that it is their duty to topple the "oppressive" systems currently in place and replace them with their grand idea of Socialist (Communist) utopias. You know, where you end up with ~100 million dead bodies and god knows how many more in the gulags. The fact that these people are being paraded around as heroes or champions of justice is proof enough that we are rapidly spinning into the abyss.