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  1. "He likes their staff a lot" usually becomes a pretty weak pull once he realizes that he's behind two 5-star QBs, one of which is the #1 player in the country and drawing Peyton Manning level comparisons.
  2. He's completely brainwashed. I am a first generation immigrant. My parents who have been here 22 years have ZERO native close friends. ZERO. Me, being raised here, am more inclined to socialize with others, but all of my closest friends are people from the same background as me who I grew up with. This is the reality for every single immigrant group, every single one. Yes, over generations the hope is that full assimilation will occur, but you have to ask yourself what the impact to society as a whole is during that process. As you can see by the studies; "hyper diversification" creates a weaker and more fragmented society that effects even the natives.
  3. Great response. Your argument is backed by some weak economic drivel (yes, exploiting cheap immigrant labor helps the native population...duh); mine comes to the conclusion that the basic fundamental values which bind a nation or community together are inherently broken by "diversification". The study even comes from one of your own guys who spent years trying to disprove his own findings before he finally published his report. The fundamental strength of a nation comes from the unity of its people; if diversity inhibits this unity (as proven by Putnam and everyone else with a brain), then how can diversity possibly be the "strength" of a nation? America has seen a drastic decline in "social capital" since the 1950's; volunteering is down on a yearly basis, civil participation is down, the community is non-existent, people are driven to their own little sub-communities...this sounds like a HEALTHY nation to you? All it takes is for you to actually open your eyes. You go to San Francisco or New York and the China Towns of those cities are littered with people who don't even speak English or ever engage with the rest of the native community. They hold zero sense of civil duty outside of their own segmented community, and why should they? You think that this is a "good" trait for a nation? The same goes for Hispanics in South Florida, and it applies to other countries as well (like the "Muslimcized" cities in Western European countries which become no-go zones for the locals). Humans have evolved a biological sense to prioritize the well being of their own "in-group", obviously to ensure the long-term survive-ability of the tribe. Brainwashing yourself into thinking that you can just pile every group of people into a confined space and have them all interacting cohesively is a pipe-dream of astronomical levels.
  4. LOL. Harvard professor Robert Putnam, a hardcore Leftist sociology professor who conducted a study to "confirm" his pro-multiculturalism egalitarian viewpoint found the end data of his study to be exactly opposite to what he had hoped. Instead of validating his beliefs on the greatness of diversity, his own study found that diversity led to the destruction of trust and the fracture of communities, FORCING people to "hunker down" to greater extents the more diverse communities/cities became. Putnam was so red-pilled by his own study that he waited YEARS to publish his report. The city of Vancouver (the 4th most "hyper-diverse" city in the world) conducted their own study and confirmed Putnam's findings. They found that their inhabitants feel "unusually high" levels of loneliness and lack of friends. It found one in four Metro residents feels alone more often than they would like, one-third consider Vancouver a difficult place to make friends, most don’t socialize with their neighbours, half don’t volunteer and most feel that, while diversity is generally a good thing, they prefer to be with members of their own ethnic group. Sounds like a great culture, right? A culture wherein people feel isolated and alone, weary of their neighbors, become less likely to be involved in the community, less likely to volunteer, etc. These are all values which are ESSENTIAL for democracy to thrive: a sense of civil duty to engage for the greater good of the community. "Diversity" inherently destroys all of these values.
  5. There are virtually no socio-economic benefits which "diversity" brings to a nation. This is one of those (many) theories that the Left throws around as fact which is actually completely opposite to reality once you study historical trends, human behavior, biological wiring, etc, etc. There is empirical data which confirms that "diversifying" a nation leads to a complete collapse in social cohesion, the destruction of the "community", etc. What exactly are the "benefits" apart from the fact that you get access to the ethnic cuisines or traditions of other cultures? Seriously? You hear idiots like Justin Trudeau proclaim that "diversity is our strength"...WRONG: UNITY is the strength of a nation. The more diversified a nation becomes; the less unified it naturally becomes. I'm sure that one of you idiots will (predictably) try to misconstrue this as some sort of "white nationalist" claim; but alas that is the true nature of civilization.
  6. I'm not rationalizing anything. I'm just trying to find out why its supposedly "shocking news" to find that "Americans" commit more hate-crimes than a population of people that they outnumber literally 99 to 1. There is nothing to rationalize: minorities are treated as such, even in the most advanced cultures. Its called human nature.
  7. American population: ~324 million Muslim population of America: ~3.3 million (2015) 324 - 3.3 = 320.7 million non-Muslim Americans. Am I supposed to be surprised that 320.7 million people commit more crimes than 3.3 million people? Like, you understand how sample sizes and such works, right?
  8. If you want to "inject some facts" you may want to point out that these two have a long history of advocating the same asinine (and completely racist) militant BLM viewpoint; which kind of renders the whole "but it was just a debate" argument pretty irrelevant as it is obvious that these are indeed their REAL thoughts. At what point do you open your eyes and realize that trying to spin all these terrorist BLM idiots as anything other than racist terrorists is not only beyond pathetic, but also incredibly frightening?
  9. Once you realize that these people literally want to blow you up because your culture allows Miley Cyrus to wave her vagina around on national television; you soon begin to realize that "being an a**hole" is a fairly irrelevant worry.
  10. This is what your education system is pumping out these days. Way to go cultural Marxists and socialists.
  11. Speed alone means almost nothing. If it did, Harry Adams would have been a star player for us. Adams would dust Franklin in a foot race (9.96 100m personal best) and he still couldn't get onto the field before switching to track full time.
  12. Perry Morter would certainly be an interesting hire.
  13. The Facebook post was published by Peter Springare, a senior investigator at the serious crimes division at the Örebro Police Department with 47 years under his belt. Springare noted that what he had to say could harm an officer's position and/or pay grade which is why most officers never speak out. And here is a loose translation of the full post from Facebook that has been shared over 17,000 times in a matter of days: This is what ACTUALLY happens when you decide to "culturally enrich" your peaceful nation by making it a welfare state for people from the violent and backwards parts of the world: you simply import their tendencies and they run rampant as there is no counterbalance from the native population who are brainwashed into plugging their ears and covering their eyes by their own politicians. The police departments in Sweden, Germany, France, etc. have all been heavily pressured to keep stuff like this isn't even a secret anymore. There was a major story in the UK wherein police let a known rape-gang run around because they were AFRAID of being accused of racial profiling (the group was of course Pakistani or something along those lines).
  14. The fact that most of you STILL can't even comprehend what he was actually talking about with that quote is mind blowing. I'll break it down to you: he was talking about wh*res who hunt celebrities/athletes for status. He was not talking about "women" in general. He was not talking about grabbing your mother by the *****, or your sister. The females that he was talking about actually exist; they run around trying to sleep with anyone of fame. When he says "you can grab them by the *****", he is literally describing how these females are just openly there to have sex. I can't even understand what the outrage is. Its not even a demeaning comment as these girls LIKE to flaunt how many rappers or basketball players (or millionaires) they've slept with. They see it as an accomplishment and a "trophy".