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  1. None of these hires, including and especially Muschamp, were orchestrated by Gus. Consider the case of Garner: Malzahn had been hired with just one year of HC experience at Arkansas State. His network of coaching contacts was nonexistent because he didn't even come up like a normal coach does. You think that an introvert like Malzahn convinced Garner to up and leave Georgia, or do you think that the PTB at Auburn made the phone call and convinced Garner to "come home"? It should be obvious what actually happened. Demeyune Craig is another example of a hire that was HANDED to Malzahn - its also why they never got along. Malzahn actually wanted to bring Casey Woods to coach WR's, but the PTB knew that they couldn't let him just bring his Arkansas State staff and expect it to compete in the SEC from a recruiting standpoint.
  2. You are welcome. I never get the vaccine, and I never get sick. Its called having a healthy immune system. If you are at risk of dying from the flu, then by all means go and get vaccinated. A healthy adult who doesn't get sick is already doing something far more beneficial to health than getting the flu shot. If you get sick every year, then you need to consider why your immune system sucks - and fix that first and foremost. You know what else I don't do? I don't wash my hands 50 times a day like an idiot, either. According to your shilled "experts", I'm sure that I'm at risk of keeling over and dying any day now LMAO. A healthy immune system needs to be exercised like anything else in order to remain healthy.
  3. The flu vaccine is utterly pointless for anyone who isn't in serious risk. Just LOL @ being a healthy adult and voluntarily introducing a foreign substance into your body that isn't likely to prevent you from getting the flu in the first place. This isn't a "50/50" situation or even anywhere near it: the likelihood of the strain of flu that spreads being the exact one that you were vaccinated for is hilariously low. Any slight mutation in the virus makes the vaccine irrelevant. If you get the flu every year, then you need to do some serious insight into your immune system and make more significant life changes than getting vaccinated. A weak immune system is indicative of more serious problems.
  4. Excuse me, but on what planet is RB Coach at Arizona State a lateral position to WR Coach at Auburn? RB Coach to WR Coach is generally a "promotion" within itself. Coaching WR's is much more demanding, hence why the WR Coach is almost always paid more. No, he did not need to give him a Co-OC title to validate that move.
  5. An organized approach would require a global government. The biggest polluters are developing nations which you have no control over, and more so than that, they are nations which REQUIRE fossil fuels to grow their economies and thus raise their standard of living. India, a country that still lacks basic sanitation, pollutes exponentially more than all of Scandinavia combined, so what exactly is taxing the s*** out of lowly Sweden going to accomplish if we are supposedly past the "point of no return" as you all like to claim? Its a nice thought, but with no real global answer ready, all you can do is live your life and let things run their course as they will regardless. You will get your global initiative wherein you will be taxed out the ass while China doesn't do anything, but in the meantime can we drop the BS theatrics and stop pretending like this isn't an obvious political ploy, even if its a legitimately real issue?
  6. Exactly. By default, I am skeptical of anything that is a political ideology masquerading itself as something else. I have also made it my life's mission to believe the exact opposite of whatever Hollywood and mainstream media is parroting, because quite frankly you'd have to be an idiot to not see that you are a serf being fed your daily orders. This whole thing has become a circus, but I'm the "crazy" one for pointing out the insanity of some 13 year old autistic girl being jettisoned around the world like a puppet to influence global policy LOL. That is about the point where my internal BS meter starts going into the red. AGW might very likely be entirely real, but even under that reality you are entirely powerless. Humans will either perish or evolve past Earthly matters. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I don't even see what people like Homer are so worried about: you'll get your global climate initiative, don't worry about it.
  7. Yeah, that one was a classic. Most people on here really can't quantify talent, so it wasn't that much of a surprise.
  8. Spoken like someone who has no understanding of the pitfalls of the scientific process. Scientists aren't immune to biases, and in fact, many of them suffer among the worst hubris imaginable. The validity of the peer review process is highly debatable, and in highly theoretical fields like "climate change" the flaws are amplified. Let me guess, you believe that "science" is a field of only truths and facts? That once something is "peer reviewed" it becomes dogma? Science is in fact littered with politics, egoism, and self-indulgence. Read over your key line carefully: "97% of ACTIVELY PUBLISHING"...who is granted the right to actively publish? 97% of a sample agreeing on ANYTHING is highly dubious at best, and yet how can the agreement level be so high on something so vague and open ended as "climate change"? Do you honestly believe that "97% agree", or is it possible that "climate science" has become a field wherein only one opinion is permitted and as such only those that parrot said opinion are "peer reviewed" and published?
  9. LMFAO. Cultural upbringing and personal responsibility are literally the only things that impact the trajectory of your life. Maybe instead of wasting your time and brain cells reading these race-baiting pseudo-intellectual trasheaps of "journalism" you should spend 10 minutes learning about the overwhelming disproportionate academic success of Nigerian immigrants in America (on top of other black immigrants from Africa, and the Caribbean). I'm sure this will go over your head as like most race-driven Leftist clowns you likely view every single black person with the same lens, but there are black people on this planet who come from cultures which place overwhelming importance on academic success, and surprise surprise, black people from these countries absolutely crush it in America. So what am I supposed to take away from this? That the entrenched "system of white privilege" apparently loves to keep black Americans down, but for some reason allows blacks from African countries like Nigeria to thrive at overwhelmingly disproportionate statistical rates? Under your warped version of reality, shouldn't the African immigrants be even MORE oppressed by the "system"? Think about it: not only are they black, but they are IMMIGRANTS. I mean, all white people hate immigrants, and they obviously hate blacks, so how are all these black Nigerians coming to America and getting Ivy League degrees, becoming doctors and engineers, etc? "White privilege" exists and yet in America, a predominantly white nation, Asian-Americans outearn white Americans, are more educated than white Americans, face less violence than white Americans (ie: they are killed far less often), etc, etc, etc. By literally every metric that means anything, Asian-Americans are even MORE "privileged" than white Americans. You can't make this s*** up. Last time I checked the poorest region in the country was the Appalachians...which just so happens to be about 90%+ white by demographics. I guess "white privilege" hasn't made it to West Virginia yet, for some inexplicable reason. And I love the mental gymnastics in the wording of the quote by "Reni Eddo-Lodge" that you just posted: " I don’t mean that white people have it easy, that they’ve never struggled, or that they’ve never lived in poverty". What this is is a clever way to disqualify any actual SCIENTIFIC analysis in the claim, instead opting to default to an unspecified range of whataboutism logic wherein even if you grew up white and uneducated, living in a trailer park with parents that were meth heads, you are still "privileged" in some irrational way wherein you just didn't take advantage of your "whiteness" LMAO. "Reni Eddo-Lodge is a British journalist with a focus on feminism and exposing structural racism." Any time you see a title like that, the lightbulb in your head should start going off.
  10. No, it isn't. You understand that the FBI tracks crime and arrest statistics, right? By what metric does "white privilege" exist? Your anecdotal evidence coming from your 9-10 year old son LMAO?
  11. Who created the brains of transgender people? The people in control of your media and Marxist education systems. Has anyone ever spotted a "trans" person in a tribal society that lives a natural human life (ie: not programmed)? That is a serious question. It is learned behavior that manifests as an outcome from some sort of man-made mental trauma, which is why there is a hilariously disproportionate amount of "trans people" in "progressive" (white) Western nations compared to everywhere else in the world, and why their suicide rate is off the charts (and no, their suicide rate isn't an outcome of "bullying" lmao). Hermaphrodites are a birth defect. How can a birth defect be a separate gender? Human "hermaphrodites" are usually infertile, which means that neither set of genitals works for their sole biological purpose: reproduction. At most ONE set of genitals actually works. Hermaphroditic species do exist in nature. Humans are NOT hermaphroditic.
  12. Did this guy just reference Dwight Schrute LMAO?