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  1. This one obviously wasn't happening, but in case anyone was wondering....
  2. Update: KN put in a CB for ATH Ja'Kobi Albert to Albert to Auburn today. He was getting CB's to Michigan previously.
  3. Can someone explain the Schmedding thing to me? Why is he being targeted so much, when literally no one on this staff save for Mason/Eason in the transfer portal have really stood out on the recruiting trail? Schmedding was credited as either the primary or secondary recruiter (depending on where you look) for Joko Willis - the JUCO LB we took from Kentucky who is a legitimate player to watch, and he's also the credited recruiter on Powell Gordon (I know, I know...he's not a hyped recruit). That's two guys, which on this staff puts him at about average with everyone else? He's most certainly n
  4. Pollard has ties to the Wolverines, who offered the 6-feet-3, 200-pound standout earlier this year. Pollard is the nephew of former top-10 NFL Draft pick and star Michigan receiver Braylon Edwards. Additionally, his father, former NFL tight end Marcus Pollard, once was a pro teammate of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.
  5. KN and Billy Embody (LSU insider) put in CB's to Auburn for Damari Alston.
  6. All the CB's that have come in today and yesterday have been to Auburn.
  7. He just took a tumble in the rankings hehe. Led, led, led then all of a sudden not Top 3, then commits to South Carolina. What do you think that implies hmmm?
  8. We might be backing into his commitment. He named a Top 3 of LSU, Auburn, Northwestern and LSU probably isn't ready or willing to take him with instate options they're recruiting at RB.
  9. Guys who run slow are always going to run slow. You're reaching really hard. He trained as hard as anyone for his Pro Day, particularly after not playing all year - in fact his incentive was to train even harder to make up for not playing. He would have been exposed by his lack of speed eventually even if he played this past season - and even if he played really really well. If you read any scouting report on him, they all mention an obvious lack of speed. Then he ran at his Pro Day and ran slow - which basically confirmed the game tape. It's really really hard for guys that slow (by NFL
  10. Right, the "point" wasn't that we shouldn't try, but that one shouldn't ask for something if they have such a weak stomach for the reality of what you're going up against. We did a great job recruiting this kid, and ultimately something completely out of our hands - family pressure on distance - completely negated any work we did on him. That's what happens when you try to go outside your region without having a dominant product on the field established yet. It's really not indicative of anything, but of course it's going to be used to justify the doom-and-gloom from those who seemingly have n
  11. Right, so think about that the next time everyone wants to "recruit nationally" LOL. When has Auburn EVER been able to just go into New York and hand-pick a kid away from a school like Penn State? His family won out and convinced him to stay closer to home; oh well. Maybe we'll beat beat Penn State this year and surprise and the kid will change his mind, otherwise thats the type of s*** you're going to run into trying to recruit states you have no business recruiting from a historical context with a first-year staff.
  12. Uhm, Tennessee and Vanderbilt are ranked higher for the lone reason of having more commitments - all of which are 3-stars. We have a higher average-rating than both. We literally just cancelled the official visit of a WR who was about to commit, they are holding players back and being selective. Do you seriously believe they can't get ANYONE to commit? They could load up 7+ three-stars by next week if they wanted to, would that make you feel better? If your suggestion is that Vanderbilt and Tennessee are out-recruiting us, you are dead wrong LOL.
  13. They are being selective, and the other angle that you didn't mention: next year's transfer portal. Don't be surprised if they don't even sign a full class of HS players for 2022 and intentionally leave some spots unfilled. If we impress on the field this year, this will be one of the hotter destinations to transfer to due to heavy roster turnover on top of what would in that case be a very small HS class coming in. Being selective now doesn't just mean hoping that we can flip some 2022 kids late in the recruiting cycle, but also that we can potentially leave slots open for transfer portal pla
  14. I agree with you, but it was worth mentioning. It looks like he's probably going to Baylor. There was also another OT who entered the portal who's actually from Alabama: Brevyn Jones from Illinois. He signed with Mississippi State out of HS, then transferred to Illinois, and he's transferring again. Probably nothing to get excited about, but worth mentioning.
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