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  1. Awwww, are you upset? Fun fact: all of his "noble" activism began once he started dating a militant SJW - he is a brainless beta cuck who can't think for himself, just like you are. Just another USEFUL IDIOT. Nice black avatar, how many black lives did you save in Chicago over July 4th weekend?
  2. Imagine thinking that someone who stoops to that level of self-serving greed is using his fortune in the "best interest" of the Western nations that he's funding dissidence in LMAO. "tHaTs aNTi-SeMitiC" Literally exactly out of the Communist playbook.
  3. Try to refute my argument with something of substance. The real racists are people like you, Titan, and the other board Marxists who practice the covert form of "subtle racism" known as the racism of low expectation. The system can not be profoundly racist for one segment of blacks, and yet not racist at all (by any socio-economic measure) for another segment of blacks. Logic doesn't work that way, boss. The color of one's skin either has a profound impact (as you are made to believe), or it doesn't.
  4. The idea that skin color has a significant enough impact on the outright success or failure of an individual in any Western nation is thoroughly debunked by the disproportionate success (both academic and professional) of black IMMIGRANTS from the West Indies and certain African nations like Nigeria. This subset of blacks in America have among the highest rates of graduate and post graduate academic success of ANY racial group. They dominate Ivy League schools and go on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc, etc at a disproportionate rate to the rest of the population. Their success rate in America rivals that of Asians, whom by the way out-achieve Whites (in this supposed "White Supremacist" society) handedly. So how can the black color of your skin supposedly be such an insurmountable obstacle to the success of native black Americans, and yet have absolutely no impact to a black immigrant from Nigeria or Bermuda? Are you trying to imply to me that the anti-black White Supremacist "system" goes out of its way to deter the success of some black kid born in New York, but has absolutely no qualms with a black kid coming from Nigeria? The color of one's skin is either a deterrent to success, or it isn't. When these vast discrepancies were uncovered; the cultural revisionists immediately argued that the answer to why the black immigrant succeeds, while the black American fails comes down to a "subconscious" bias of hatred towards the descendents of American slaves (ie: you can identify a black immigrant from Nigeria likely by the accent they speak with, and society chooses not to discriminate as much...or something). However, even this asinine argument is completely blown out of the water by the CHILDREN of black immigrants who are completely unrecognizable from the average native black American. The children of black immigrants from these countries enjoy the same levels of success and excellence that their parents do, and they look and speak the same as any native black American. So why do black immigrants succeed at elite rates in America, despite coming as IMMIGRANTS (ie: they aren't wealthy and are starting from the bottom rung)? It isn't hard to decipher once you look past the programming and think logically. The answer is culture. They are brought up with an extreme dedication to academics. They don't glorify "urban culture" and the vices that come along with it. They come from two-parent homes with set boundaries and obedience to respect.
  5. You understand that all of these "social movements" are hijacked and weaponized by outside forces, right? BLM is headed by three lesbians, at least two of which are openly adamant Marxists. You can find all sorts of first-hand accounts from early leaders in the movement who were pushed out as the movement was infiltrated and morphed into the political party you see today. Their website now toutes feminism, gay rights, and trans-rights as fundamental components of the movement. Its an interesting inclusion once you understand that the predominant majority of blacks are anti-gay; it has never been a part of their culture (despite Hollywood and the entertainment industry pushing it in slowly, but that is an entire different topic in itself). Here is one the founders openly referring herself as a trained Marxist: Now, as to the general topic of the world Communist "conspiracy", here is ex-KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in the mid 1980's describing the subversion of American people through the education system and mass media towards Communism and the role that "Useful Idiots" (ie: Social Activists) play in bringing the society to crisis. As with every other Communist uprising in history, these people are pawns who will be the first ones executed once their purpose is fulfilled. You are of course already too far-gone to understand what is going on, but if you have time his ~2-3+ hours in lectures are filled with exact predictions of what you see today. Just a clever coincidence, I'm sure. Oh yeah, and Yuri Bezmenov conveniently passed away in the early 1990's in Canada - probably killed himself like Epstein I reckon.
  6. Are the wheels starting to turn yet? Do you see any of this anywhere in today's political landscape? Search "Cultural Marxism" on Wikipedia and you will be taken DIRECTLY to this passage. Go ahead and try it yourself
  7. You aren't taking your thought far enough. If you stop probing about "race" in every aspect of everyday life, then you can't use it as a weapon to overthrow free society. THAT is why it is necessary for everything to be about race. Absolutely none of this is "by accident". Everything is programmed.
  8. Interesting timing for this article
  9. Jack Driscoll just got the 4th round. Also; how do you know which of these players are or aren't "hacks"? We all know you've never seen any of these other guys play more than a few snaps, if that. Just relax.
  10. This has to be the biggest con of the century LMAO. Lookie here at your overworked, "deployed to war", front-line workers who seemingly have the time to choreograph elaborate Tik Tik dances - rolling around on the floor with their exposed hands, not wearing masks and crowding amongst themselves, etc, etc. All it took was a little fear mongering and you have 99% of the population BEGGING for occupation by their own government smh.
  11. America's response to this has been BAD; but how much of that is fueled by early disinformation by corrupt idiots like Tedros and the WHO which were allowing YOUR media to relay messages about this "not being that bad" for over a month? Convincing your politicians that it wasn't a pandemic and that travel bans would be "racist" and "xenophobic"? And you think that China; the country that spent over a month in Chernobyl-level deflection which allowed this to become a global catastrophe, had a better thought out reaction? What LMAO? Trump hasn't sent out cease-and-desist letters to doctors to keep this quiet; that was happening in China and in fact its still happening. Just so you guys are aware; doctors in China are being given quotas with regards to how many cases they are allowed to report; after a certain number they are required to start misrepresenting the diagnosis in order to fabricate the image that its "under control" or "in remission". No; that isn't happening in America. By the way; their government was also forcibly rounding up suspected carriers and throwing them into locked boxes and driving them away...somehow I don't that "response" would be taken too well had it been occuring in America. And this is the whole point: how is "Trump" the focal-point of this story all of a sudden? Dude is an idiot and his government's reaction has been bad; but he did not create this, nor is he responsible for its spread. America's ability to combat this is much more difficult than smaller, more homogenous developed nations which are more unified in a socio-political sense. Your media has spent 2+ years talking about "Russian collusion", yet how come no one wants to bring up the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION; a supposedly unbiased organization, allowing this to spread like wildfire because the head of the organization (a known Communist btw) is more or less in the CCP's pocket and LIED in order to try to save face on China's behalf? THAT, and China's Chernobyl-level failure are what should be the story here, and as expected, your media is going to let them off the hook and even praise them for their supposed "handling" of this...all the while the CCP will use this opportunity to absolve themselves of this, and even throw blame on other nations. Orange Man Bad; but an actual totalitarian EVIL regime is going to walk away from this unscathed once your idiot media is finished with this story. I guarantee it.
  12. Here we go; the spread of misinformation by DOMESTIC "reporters" who will now start to praise China's handling of this, while simultaneously using the increasing spread globally to s*** on their own governments "failure". China has NOT "contained" this. They have NOT "beaten" it. The spread of misinformation from the CCP has only ramped up, and what you are seeing now is the early stages wherein they will begin to claim that they have beaten the virus (by grossly misrepresenting its spread) while the rest of the world sees the virus explode. Then, they will report that the virus is "back" in China - except it will be under the guise that while THEY beat it, the failures of other nations allowed it to spread back to China. In reality, this virus is still ravaging China. You have already seen them exert power on the corrupt WHO to change the name of the virus (this IS in fact the Wuhan Virus, not "COVID-19"), and their government has already begun to use the pandemic in S.Korea and Italy to actually start suggesting that the virus ORIGINATED from one of those countries (amid other reporting that it was planted in China by the CIA). For those of you who still don't understand how far gone your domestic "journalism" is; pay close attention to how much effort they will put into defending the CCP while trashing their own people.