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  1. Thanks for the response. The only thing I'd state is that you seem to be looking at one guy with a clearly negative set of glasses, and the other with a clearly positive set. That's a normal reaction given that one is a known legendary player with a lot of goodwill built up (Cadillac), and the other is an outsider from a different region (Harsin). I think you overstate or exaggerate any "drop-off" in Boise, because there really is none. Most people don't consider that during Chris Petersen's 8 year tenure, 5 of those those years were playing within the WAC. After they moved to the MW
  2. Kevin Steele HC Rodney Garner DC Ahahahahaha. Have fun, LMAO.
  3. This is an interesting exercise, but I'm very interested in finding out what the parameters are behind some of these grades. For example, I can't imagine any scenario wherein Harsin is a "B-" and yet Cadillac is an "A-"? What exactly is your rating scale based around?
  4. The other obvious angle to this is that Wanya Morris is going somewhere to play one season of football and he has the opportunity to go and do that at some schools that are going to compete next year. Meanwhile, we're in year one of what will be a rebuild with a new coach. Why would he come here if Oklahoma is already telling him that they have a starting spot potentially waiting for him?
  5. Position coaches leverage the head coach & coordinator's scheme, as well as the state of the program as a whole first and foremost. This means that Harsin/Bobo will be the first line for WR recruiting, because ultimately the offensive identity, output, and utilization will come from there. If you look at Kodi Burns, he was looking like a "good to great" recruiter in the early part of Malzahn's tenure back when there was still hope/optimism that Malzahn was an "elite offensive coach". You saw his recruiting fall backwards a bit once we went years without properly utilizing & developing
  6. By the way, many of these other "splash hires" and elite recruiters that everyone wanted literally followed the same career path as Cornelius Williams - they were elevated to high-end coaching staffs as young coaches with limited experience. Most of the elite recruiters you see today became elite recruiters despite having no track record. When you see a school like Auburn, FSU, Georgia, etc. hire a ~32 year old from a non P5 school, its BECAUSE that coach has tabbed as a "rising star" in the industry. Jimbo Fisher hired Demeyune Craig away from South Alabama. Before that he was at
  7. The lack of logic is absurd. It's double standards everywhere. When this entire coaching change dropped, the most consistent takeaway was: WE NEED TO KEEP T-WILL and CADILLAC. That's two guys who had legit no resume before being ushered into their jobs at Auburn. Cadillac had one season at IMG (a highschool) and one season with the "Birmingham Iron", some semi-pro team. T-Will was brought over here as a defensive analyst (an off-field role) after he was plucked from HS coaching. Both guys cut their teeth at Auburn, a premier SEC school, despite not having proven anything else ast any
  8. What other schools needed a WR coach? South Carolina did - and they hired a native of South Carolina who played at Furman and GA'd at Clemson. I.E: they prioritized someone who knows their landscape, as they should. Not every school is in the mix for the same group of coaches as there is a regional basis for this job as well. This is a CONNECTIONS business; hence why you see guys hired based off of who they GA'd under or who they have a connection to, or the state they went to school in or played in. This guy is ~32 years old. Literally only graduated in 2010. He's not some 45-5
  9. Cornellius Williams is an extremely young coach. One way to look at that - high upside.
  10. Udeze actually spent three seasons as the DL coach at USC (his Alma Mater). He has a solid resume and has had some wins as a recruiter. Former 1st round pick in the NFL. Was also assistant DL coach with the Seahawks for a season. Interestingly enough he has some S&C experience as well which is nice.
  11. That would be really stupid. Think about what you just proposed. A HC makes that much money because they oversee the success and/or failure of the entire PROGRAM. They ARE the program in a sense. What on earth could a WR coach do that would justify that salary, over any other WR coach in the country? It's one position group.
  12. It's well known that T-Will kinda got a reality check in recruiting. He got a little too full of himself and got played by some kids. He needs more experience and humility, because eventually you learn that sometimes the kids that tell you "I'm coming coach!" are actually saying the same thing to three other schools as well.
  13. Dude, an Analyst is an OFF-FIELD role. Al Pogue was an ON-FIELD coach. Two completely different things.
  14. Guys, Al Pogue was an ON-FIELD coach for us. He took up one of the ON-FIELD coaching positions on the staff. He filled the ON-FIELD vacancy on the staff that opened up when Marcus Woodson left to go to Florida State. I really wish a few of you who are spreading false information would stop confusing everyone else. We had two DB coaches: Wesley McGriff and Marcus Woodson. Woodson left which opened up a spot on our coaching staff. Al Pogue replaced him, and his title was "Defensive Assistant" because he had experience as both a DB and OLB coach and because we didn't technically have a
  15. Mikey, this is a MUTUAL departure. This is not Tennessee getting "screwed" by a kid walking out. Guarantano has started a million games for them and he has proven to be a bad quarterback. They have a kid on their roster, Harrison Bailey, who is a sophomore and who was an elite recruit. Since Guarantano already got his million chances and proved that he's not very good, it's time for the next kid to get his shot and see if he can do better. Tennessee's fans would burn down the stadium if Guarantano started another game for them, that is why he is leaving.
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