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  1. You are literally like a broken record player. What you think the "alt-right" is and what Bannon considered it to be during his time at Breitbart are two completely different things. How is this hard to understand? The left-dominated media did a great job taking that term and attaching their own meaning to it, and then making people like you believe it to be factual. This is somewhat of a specialty for them. If I convince you that liking apples is a new form of fascism, that doesn't mean that Obama is a fascist if I can show you a picture of him eating an apple.
  2. The Steelers are there to see Lawson. They are heavily connected to OLB's with their pick at the wend of the first round.
  3. Your starting point does not dictate the end result; that is the beauty behind a free Capitalist system. Were the kids from across the tracks barred from attending FREE public libraries and educating themselves? I haven't met anyone who reads all day who isn't "smart" in at least one subject. You can come from nothing, join the military, and have them pay for your entire education. These things exist. Its almost comical how today's society seeks to SHAME people on the basis that their parents worked hard and thus gave them a leg up to succeed. What is privilege? Japanese Americans were more discriminated against than even blacks during WW2 and yet today the offspring of those people are whipping the s*** out of "whites" across the board: they are more educated, make more money, etc, etc. Were those people privileged? In their internment camps? Native "African Americans" are the only subset of America who have failed to lift themselves out of the hole, not because of a lack of "privilege", but because they have bought into the brainwashing by the party who pretends to "fight for them" yet really profits from keeping them dependent on the government. They enchain themselves, while black immigrants from Nigeria and the West Indies come into America and rise just like everyone else with no problems. How can that be?
  4. Didn't Trump make Kellyanne Conway the FIRST EVER female to successfully run a Presidential campaign? Wow, what a freaking sexist. Sorry, but making fun of people is just that: making fun. His offenses are childish at worst, not some grand indictment of misogyny. The fact that people are surprised that a billionaire business mogul from New York is kind of a jerk when he feels like it is comical. Did any of you watch Wolf of Wall Street? Yeah its over-dramatized, but its a pretty decent depictment of what that world looks like. If you call a woman fat and ugly; it doesn't make you a misogynist. Trump is more than equal when it comes to picking on people.
  5. The cop should have told the guy that Kosovo is Serbia
  6. 4.68 for Lawson (1.60 10-split) 4.88 for Adams
  7. Foster had an extremely rough upbringing; stuff like this isn't that surprising. Personally, the kid stayed out of trouble during his time at Alabama. This story itself seems a bit overblown, if it causes him to drop I'd bet that whoever actually gets him winds up pretty damn ecstatic once he hits the field.
  8. Trust me, I know. You're highly unlikely to see even a single sub 4.30 at the NFL Combine this weekend; yet every year we seemingly have ~4-5 guys who "time" in the 4.2's LOL.
  9. None of those are accurate, obviously.
  10. These types of posts always kill me. "Just get 'X' role player significant touches because he's fast". How many footballs are we playing with? Where are all these touches coming from? Look at the roster: you've got Pettway, Johnson, and other backs who will get "touches". Then you've got about ~4+ receivers who are easily better players than Franklin. Franklin is like a poor-man's version of Eli Stove, the fact that he may be "slightly faster" means virtually nothing as I can virtually guarantee that Stove is: a better receiver, more agile, and more physical. The way some of you talk, you'd need to run 150 plays a game just to get everyone touches.
  11. Russians aren't very religious due to decades of Communist suppression of religion. Just under ~90% of them are in fact Christian however (mostly Orthodox Christian).
  12. Yeah, because that is exactly what I said.... Oh well!
  13. Do you ever actually make any sort of point? Yes, Homer: it is quite odd that the supposed biggest threat to American safety is another predominantly white, predominantly Christian nation...because...COLD WAR! Its totally not Pakistan, or China, or etc, etc. Please don't attach your own leftist lunacy onto others. Typical socialist placing his own supposed worth over others. That isn't very progressive of you. You should really try to be more progressive.
  14. This all sounds good until you realize that your media and government is spending more time trying to fight Russia (a white, Christian nation), who THEMSELVES are battling Islamic terror, than they are actually fighting Radical Islamists. I don't think that any of this matters too much because America is too self-focused on global greed at any costs; trying to play all and every side at their own amusement. All this talk of doing it this way or that way; its simply far too profitable to continue pushing the current course wherein you play all and every side. What you're going to get is a rise in ultra-nationalism in Europe, from there we'll see where we will go.
  15. Its called an ad-hoc example; I know full well who I'm debating. Tell your Uncle Safi I said hello.