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  1. metafour

    Coach Ryan Russell

    What a load of s***. Name some actual examples. Our AVERAGE DL weight is like 300 pounds LMFAO. We run out ~280+ pound ENDS. Where exactly are we small? And don't list some true freshmen that are straight out of HS. I've been following this crap for 10+ years. Every time the team sucks, its supposedly because our players are half the size of everyone else LOL. Its bull****.
  2. Why would you assume that to be "wishful thinking" on their end? Pickens, if he has any brains, should not go to Auburn under this current offensive system. That doesn't even need to be explained, and please don't give me an aneurysm by claiming that his talent is some missing piece to finally making Malzahn's sixth-grade passing game "work". Pickens looking elsewhere would be common sense in my mind at this point. Nix we can keep because he's a legacy, so there's that. Even in that case I fail to see how he fits Gus' offense any better than any of the other QB's he's broken, but pure blind allegiance to the school likely saves us here. If we get Freeze that may allow us to hold onto Pickens as well, but I'd actually feel guilty in that case given that Freeze woulds be a ~1 year stop gap.
  3. metafour

    Bo Jackson Commercial

    Do you honestly think that they put the task of hiring a football coach in the hands of a guy like Bo Jackson who has been out of the game for decades LOL? That "search committee" was nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Like paying a celebrity to "endorse" your product.
  4. metafour

    Oklahoma vs. Texas

    "But but but if you fire your lame duck HC, you'll just end up like Texas." Tom Herman's offense is FRYING.
  5. metafour

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Both were contacted by money-men within our program, you know, the same ones that everyone always blames for "mingling". Gus has no interest in handling the defense, but of course he had no objection with bringing in two established SEC veteran coordinators with proven success. Don't you find it odd that "his" defensive hires are all veteran SEC hired guns with the resume to coach at a school like Auburn, and yet when its time to hire an offensive coach, somehow the only people qualified are the few coaches that he has preexisting tenure with? Muschamp in particular was hired at a point wherein Malzahn was hanging by a thread. He had no say of yes/no on that hire, and use some common sense: you think a coach that was a second away from being fired wants to bring in someone like Muschamp who very easily could have usurped him and stolen his job?
  6. metafour

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Both Muschamp and Steele were brought in by the hands behind the scenes.
  7. metafour

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Its absurd. We look like crap against Arkansas: "yeah well our schedule is tough this year, what did you guys expect?" Uhm, Arkansas and USM aren't part of our tough schedule. Looking like total garbage against USM also has nothing to do with Alabama being too good, like, at all.
  8. metafour

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    The SYSTEM in place? What, you mean the system that's good for 10+ wins every year ad 4-5 first round picks? Here's the difference numbnuts: our 5-stars, like Calvin Ashley, can't even get on the field. At Alabama, they get to the NFL. THAT is why they go to Alabama.
  9. metafour

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Waaaaah waaaaaah. Can you cry any more? Don't get mad because the other team is winning and we're stuck with a loser for a coach. Can you explain why 5-star Nix is committed to us? Surely it isn't because of that vaunted Malzahn QB tutelage LMAO.
  10. metafour

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    You aren't even worth responding to. Malzahn isn't the guy and he won't last here. The fact that you can even keep this charade up is sickening.
  11. metafour

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    What a p****-*** response. Kids go to play for Saban because he's a REAL coach who gets results and pushes players. I wouldn't play for Malzahn for any amount of money. This is where you want to go after this clown-show of a performance? We are an embarrassment and all you can bring up is Alabama. Pathetic. Why the **** would Saban need to cheat to get players to go play for him? You might want to ask yourself how we have a roster stocked full of 4+ star receivers despite the fact that our HC can't even formulate an offense wherein a QB who was pegged as a Top 15 pick just weeks ago gets the ball in their hands.
  12. metafour

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    Gus lost his out when we placed all the blame on Rhett Lashlee the last time dumbo. We have an idiot savant at HC. A complete fake who got lucky on a few gimmicks and miracle seasons. He should have zero offensive input whatsoever.
  13. metafour

    Where do you stand with Gus?

    Use some common sense. The best dual threat QB's still want to play in the NFL. That means that they do NOT want to go to an offense wherein they are used as a glorified RB. Nobody in the NFL runs an offense that uses the QB like Nick Marshall....which is why Nick Marshall tried out as a DB, and why he's now in the CFL. Cam Newton did not go #1 overall because of anything he did running the football, in fact, the method within which we used him was actually seen as his biggest NEGATIVE going into the 2010 draft.
  14. metafour

    Yet another National Recruiting Debate

    This thread is so absurdly wrong, I don't even know what to say. Auburn is NOT "fighting an uphill battle" in Georgia or Alabama. We have extremely favorable relationships all over our core recruiting states, due to decades of recruiting this fertile region. OP, you think we can't sign players from Georgia, but we somehow have favorable matchups in California? What? We actually have an EASIER time recruiting where we want to recruit today because Alabama is so dominant that they now go and sign elite players from places wherein we aren't even a factor. Which means that there are actually MORE players in Alabama/Georgia/etc. for us to legitimately recruit, not less.
  15. metafour

    Question about Gus and play design

    That offense was pretty much figured out by all of the legitimate teams we played THAT SEASON. It was a lot of yardage and points against teams inferior to us, but the SEC competition didn't have too much trouble stopping it, even with the gimmicks.