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  1. Florida State has felt quietly confident the entire time. I think the reason why you haven't heard much there along the way is because they already have a QB committed so the thought process was that they wouldn't make sense from a numbers perspective. But it seems that Mike Norvell's Memphis connections may be a bigger driver here than anticipated. Either way, whether its Ohio State or FSU, the "trend" here is that he is looking less and less like a "heavy Auburn lean" as each day passes. The tea-leaves were already there when he took an OV here, raved about it, but never committed. Then Ohio State offered and he took a visit there. He has become a bigger priority nationally as other QB dominoes are starting to fall.
  2. It's a big deal for the simple fact of perception. Without a strong QB commitment, you are missing the most important leader for your recruiting class. That is why schools always want to lock down their QB as early as possible in the recruiting cycle. WR recruits want to go somewhere wherein you can sell the QB throwing them the ball. OL recruits want to play in an offense that will allow them to shine - hence they are also attracted to schools that can sell an elite QB recruit. And then RB's want to play in an offense that has OL recruits. So it's all interconnected. Your QB recruit is the most important because they champion the confidence in the entire offense/HC. If you can convince a 5-star QB to sign with your school, then that coach will be perceived to know what he is doing. When you struggle to land a QB, the perception is bad because it personifies poor confidence....and poor confidence lingers and radiates.
  3. The reality is starting to set in on Brock Glenn too, unfortunately. Like I said, all this noise of perceived "good news coming" and "momentum" was the daintiest breeze imaginable.
  4. He is very good. I'm not sure that he's the #1 QB in the country though.
  5. I mean, this was obvious from day one. Texas kid "decommits" from A&M. Then his Top 2 are Washington and Utah LOL. The fact that he was billed as some sort of replacement for all the DL we are missing on is the issue.
  6. I'm pretty sure he's referring to the Central HS fiasco. From what I remember, some time around NSD (I can't remember if it was immediately after it) there was a ~one or two week window when in-person coaching visits were permitted, before another in-person dead period began. All of the schools in this region rushed out as soon as that permitted period began to start visiting the top 2023 prospects. Our staff ended up showing up to Central HS on something like the last allowable day, long after everyone else (Bama, Georgia, etc, etc, etc) had been there. That alienated and annoyed Parker, English, etc. for good reason. It was a real misstep by Harsin. Most people don't remember, but Parker actually showed up to something like 3 or 4 home games last season as an unofficial visitor. His interest in Auburn was high. The staff really blew that recruitment, and then had to try scrambling to make up ground and make amends. The same thing happened with English.
  7. This one might be getting very interesting soon lol. I think at least one Baylor writer expects Austin Novosad (the kid that OSU is waiting on) to reaffirm his commitment to Baylor within the next week or so. If Ohio State decides that Brock Glenn is the guy they're going after, you'd have to be the biggest homer imaginable to not see why that would be a problem for us. Ohio State is a considerably more attractive option, for about a dozen different reasons.
  8. Penn State has an extremely good track-record with evaluating and developing Edge rushers and DE's (look at the last 3 or 4 NFL drafts for proof). Regardless of what Bama or Georgia do (both programs have the luxury of picking and choosing at that position), I find it hard to believe that he's good enough for Penn State but too much of a "problem" for Auburn. The fact of the matter is, Bryan Harsin needs to start building some momentum - particularly instate where it is quite frankly getting very embarrassing. These kids look around to their peers; and landing a Top 100 instate kid would have at least shown something to the rest of the kids in this class. The whole "oh he's a bit of a diva" thing makes even less sense considering the whole Marquis Robinson saga.
  9. Are you not holding the current commitments of the teams in that range as a constant, while adding to our total commitments? You can't project what everyone else's commitment list will look like, which is what makes saying "oh after we add so and so we'll be 18th" silly. For all you know all of those teams might also add 3-4 4* of their own during that same time-frame...in which case their total points would be far greater than what you are holding as a constant.
  10. So everyone else is going to just sit still for the next month and not take any commitments themselves? 🙃
  11. You might want to check in with them again on that one - this just happened. Seems very unlikely to me that someone that we're a "legit contender" for would cancel his planned visit to Big Cat Weekend. Big Cat weekend isn't till the end of July. Again, he was supposed to visit again this Friday and he cancelled that visit too. This is between Georgia, and instate UNC (NIL money).
  12. Jamaal Jarrett? He just canceled not only his planned visit back to Auburn this weekend, but also his Big Cat visit. He's not coming here.
  13. Jeff Tedford - the HC at Cal at the time of Aaron Rodgers, is the "mastermind" of his success. Kiesau was the WR coach, and even if he did "spot" Rodgers on a recruiting trip, he most certainly did not develop him. Furthermore, Tedford would have been the one who would have made the final call as to whether they would recruit him or not as he is an OC/QB coach by trade and most certainly would not defer to his WR coach on a QB's evaluation. This is kind of like how Curtis Luper "found" Cam Newton at Blinn College while he was there recruiting a WR. Curtis Luper obviously isn't a QB guru because of that. Jeff Tedford coached Trent Dilfer and David Carr at Fresno State. He coached Akili Smith and Joey Harrington at Oregon. And he coached Kyle Boller and Aaron Rodgers at Cal. Tedford's NFL Draft success with QB's is pretty freakish. Carr was drafted 1st overall, Akili Smith and Harrington were drafted 3rd overall, Boler was drafted 19th overall, and Rodgers was drafted 24th overall. Most of those guys were NFL busts, but during that run from the late 90's to early 2000's Tedford was viewed as the premier QB Guru in the college ranks.
  14. It was reported that Kiesau had a meeting with Kobe and told him that his scholarship would not be renewed (ie: you're off the team). He was kicked off.
  15. I find it very interesting that you have so much supposed inside information into the legitimacy or illegitimacy of workplace complaints, all the way down to who was or wasn't putting in effort at their job. Most of these administrative types are completely nameless and faceless, but alas, you know which ones are just there to collect big paychecks for being lazy? Would you like to show your work and tell us all how you know this? The sheer irony is astonishing. You are spreading your own rumors, in a literal post where you are talking about not spreading rumors. Your post might carry more weight if we didn't already have correlating reports out of Boise State that reported similar behavior while he was there. The Occam's Razer here if you are familiar to the "environment" that Boise State people talk about, is that Harsin was raised and empowered in a system where the HC of Boise State's football team was the God of the entire community. He was empowered to do as he pleased, and no one could question otherwise. It is very obvious that he came to Auburn with a misguided sense of superiority. Furthermore, why has there been a clear-cut shift in Bryan Harsin's interpersonal persona after this entire event took place? It literally looks like the kid who gets scolded for doing something he shouldn't, and then the very next day it's "mumsy dearest" as he cleans up his toys and makes his bed without anyone asking. If nothing was going on and it was just a case of lazy Auburn admin people not willing to do their jobs, why is Harsin behaving differently?
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