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  1. Ryan Davis is showing out big time in Shrine Bowl practices. Just LOL at the way we use receivers smh.
  2. metafour

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Again, you are making things up to fit your (incorrect) narrative. Greg Robinson's draft stock didn't soar to Top 5 status until after the Combine wherein he showed freakish speed (4.92 forty at 332 pounds) and power (32 bench reps with above-average arm length). Going into the Combine he was actually perceived to be behind at least the OT out of Texas A&M, but eventually rose above after a freakish display in Indianapolis. He is one of the most physically impressive linemen to show up to the Combine probably ever. That had nothing to do with what we did or didn't teach him and everything to do with his pure natural physical talent, so you are outright LYING by claiming that he wasn't "elite NFL worthy" as you are going to be hard pressed to find a 330 pound man that can move like him while also having the power to throw people around like nothing. His problem is that he came out of that Auburn offense that was running the ball ~70% of the time and relying on rudimentary passing principles (and thus the pass blocking schemes were also rudimentary). He was very unprepared from a pass blocking perspective because we barely had to pass the ball period, and the NFL is a pass-oriented league. Our offense took advantage of his outright ability to just push guys forward (most of Mason's rush yards came on that side) at the expense of his overall development as a lineman. Yes, the argument you can make is that it is Auburn's job to do whatever it takes for Auburn to win regardless of what it means for the NFL development (or lack thereof) of its players, but when you take that stance then you're going to have to live with the reality that you will be negatively recruited to hell, because the primary goal of all any highly recruited kid is to play in the NFL. We run a gimmick offense that preaches simplicity, which is a NEGATIVE for the NFL development of basically every offensive player.
  3. metafour

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    That makes zero sense. Robinson was one of the freakiest athletes at his position in years. He was absolutely "NFL caliber".
  4. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Buddy, your entire argument is devolving into whataboutism. I never stated that running fast was some golden ticket that guaranteed you a high draft position, so I fail to see what you are "debunking". Did you even bother to look into the background of Robert Foster? Robert Foster did virtually nothing at Alabama, battling injuries and otherwise failing to produce in his entire career. In his draft year he caught a pathetic 14 passes for 174 yards and 1 touchdown. In his entire CAREER he caught just 35 passes for 389 yards. Despite virtually zero production he was still invited to the Combine, where his athleticism shined. Yes, he still went undrafted...but wouldn't you say that his general lack of production was the primary factor? Very few if any players get drafted with as little on-field production as Foster showed, so you aren't proving anything by trying to use him as an example. In fact, Robert Foster actually DEBUNKS your own argument. Despite doing nothing at Alabama, and despite being undrafted, Foster not only made an NFL roster but he actually caught 27 passes for 541 yards and 3 touchdowns as a rookie for the Bills. At ~20 yards per reception, he proved to be an extremely dangerous deep threat.....BECAUSE OF HIS ATHLETICISM. He was more productive in his rookie season in the NFL than he was in his entire collegiate career, and the only reason why he even got a shot to play in the NFL in the first place was because of his athletic upside, not because he showed some extreme "technical" ability in his otherwise completely forgettable collegiate career LMAO. The reason why Slayton is intriguing is because the NFL is always in high demand for receivers who can stretch the field and create separation. Its why brick-handed Sammie Coates went in the 3rd round. That "skill" requires outright athleticism, you can't "technique" your way to running past a DB down the field. To state that athleticism doesn't matter at the receiver position is utter nonsense. The guys who aren't particularly elite runners make their way by presenting other physical traits, almost always size and strength. Yes, you can get away with being a 4.5-4.6 receiver....if you are 6'3+ and 215+ pounds. If you have any sense of draft history then you will know that NFL teams have disproved your asinine statement a million times already. The top drafted receivers ALWAYS display a certain combination of "athleticism" and physical stature. And it is entirely measurable. Look at Laquon Treadwell who was seen as a Top 10-15 talent until he ran slow as hell and tested poorly on his Pro Day; he dropped to the late 1st round. Then look at Washington's John Ross who was a late 1st round pick until he ran a ridiculous 4.22 at the Combine, which ultimately led to him being drafted 9th overall. He actually strained his calf during the 40 and couldn't do much in terms of position drills, so his "rise" after the Combine couldn't have had anything to do with him showing any sort of "technical" ability LOL. He got drafted high solely because of his innate speed. Now look at the ELITE receivers in the NFL. Find me even one guy who is "average" athletically and yet is still able to perform at an elite level. You think that Julio Jones is as good as he is because of his "craftiness" LMAO? How about he kid from Kansas City, Tyreek Hill? Calvin Johnson? Randy Moss? All of these guys obviously possess technique and "skill", but to pretend like their innate freakish athleticism isn't the driving force behind their dominance is beyond silly. Even guys like Larry Fitzgerald are top-level athletes. Fitzgerald ran in the 4.48-4.50 range at his Pro Day, which is very impressive once you consider that he measured 6'3 225 pounds (again, physical size and strength is another TOOL). You seem to be completely over-exaggerating what I'm even saying about Slayton. Not once did I claim that he was going to be a 1st round pick. I said that he has a chance to go as high as the 3rd round if he tests as well as some people are claiming he will. The reason why I brought him up is because if you've read this thread, the general consensus among people here is that he will be lucky to even get drafted. Nothing I've stated is even remotely out of the realm of possibility as NFL teams "overdraft" athleticism every single year. If you've actually watched the games, Slayton has beaten guys deep consistently even on plays where he ultimately didn't even catch the ball. There were LOTS of plays this year wherein Stidham simply missed him, including another pass against Purdue that would have been a 4th touchdown (early in the game). Those go as incompletions on the stat sheet, but they don't go unnoticed by NFL scouts. His speed routinely shows in games, and if he runs in the 4'3's at ~6'2 then you better bet that there is at least one team that takes the risk on his athletic upside, even if it just means using him as a deep threat.
  5. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    That is a flaw in the offense, not in the athletic ability of Slayton to actually run those routes. Corey Grant has MECHANICAL deficiencies in what he can and can't do which limit his upside as a RB to that of a situational player, which is what he was all throughout college and is in the NFL as well. Are you trying to suggest that Slayton lacks the athletic ability to run certain routes LOL?
  6. metafour

    2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    The kid made an elite-level decision. I'm pretty sure I applauded him the whole way IIRC. Every once in a while a top recruit chooses a school that just makes sense, and this was one of those decisions. Hitched himself to a school that not only sh**s out NFL receivers, but he did so coming alongside one of the best passing QB prospects in YEARS. The idea that we could compete with Clemson in this battle was Curb Your Enthusiasm level comedy. I actually would have felt kind of bad for him if he did, for some reason, sign here.
  7. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Corey Grant's athleticism was limited to straight-line speed. In many other RB "athletic traits" he was seen to be limited, although he has certainly surprised in the NFL. Darius Slayton is a much more complete "athlete" for the position he plays. He has no athletic question marks. Its a lazy comparison.
  8. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    What you just said is so incredibly wrong, its insane. Top level athleticism is INCREDIBLY important at skill positions. If you can't run, you can't play. How else do you explain Sammie Coates doing nothing but running in a straight line and dropping half the balls that hit his hands ending up in the 3rd round? NFL receivers need to create separation, or they are useless. Your entire statement is backwards. Offensive Line is the one position where "technique" trumps athleticism. You think that "technique" is what makes the NFL's most dominant receivers what they are?
  9. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Corey Grant couldn't even start in college as a RB. I don't get your comparison. No, they really aren't comparable.
  10. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    What LOL? LSU has a strong history with receivers and the NFL. Since 2010 alone: Brandon LaFell: 3rd round Rueben Randle: 2nd round Odell Beckham Jr: 1st round Jarvis Landry: 2nd round DJ Chark: 2nd round That is 5 guys in 9 years, and 4 of them were drafted within the first 2 rounds.
  11. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    There were 44 receivers invited last year. I understand that Auburn fans have this fetish of crapping on every player that dares to leave early, but I would be VERY surprised if Slayton, a player that NFL teams will already know is a top-level athlete, isn't among ~40 or so receivers that gets invited.
  12. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    And would this statement be based off of anything factual, or just you pulling a wild guess out of your rear? Players typically declare within a week or so of their final game. No one else is still playing, if you haven't gotten the memo. ALL of our players have either declared, or announced their return. That case will be similar for virtually every school except the two that just played last night. Do you get what I'm saying? The vast majority of players who were going to declare, have already done so. Okay, so the Senior Bowl and Combine haven't happened yet, and he's made #12 on a ranking despite the fact that the Combine will HELP a player like Slayton who played in a bad offense (thus his film is spotty) but actually has elite athleticism. So what are you suggesting here, that he'll go to the Combine, test through the roof, and his stock will drop as a result for some reason? What you just described actually helps his case, it doesn't hurt it. I love the last bit there BTW. Draft experts don't know anything, but what? You do? Mike Mayock was a "draft expert" and he just got named GM of the Raiders, they "know" more than you think. Slayton didn't put up All-SEC stats and is therefore fairly invisible from a national perspective, so when a non "Auburn biased" "draft expert" actually ranks him kind of high, you should probably stop and consider why he is doing so. Buddy, NFL teams have known for a long time now that this is a terrible offense for receivers. Its why no one was fooled by Darvin Adams or Emory Blake despite both putting up "stats" that suggested they should have been drafted. Both Sammie Coates and Ricardo Louis came after Adams and Blake and they went in the 3rd and 4th round off of the same athletic upside that Slayton possesses. Actually, I'd suggest that Slayton is much less rigid/stiff than those two which helps in terms of how much he can realistically improve in terms of route running. Both of those two also dropped more balls. Yeah, the stigma against Auburn receivers is obvious; but athletes will always get drafted into the NFL regardless of how many of the same types failed before them. No one here is suggesting that Slayton is a 1st round receiver; but if he tests as well as some are suggesting (4.3's at 6'2 with easy LONG speed) then him going in the 3rd round is a hell of a lot more likely than it is that he goes undrafted which is what the majority of clueless "NFL experts" on here are suggesting.
  13. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    The season is entirely over; how many players do you think are still contemplating on declaring LOL? Most guys are already in. What are you trying to suggest, that there is a hoard of receivers that for some reason haven't declared yet? Slayton will probably go a lot higher than most here expect. He will test through the roof. Ricardo Louis went in the 4th round and he wasn't as athletic, or as good as Slayton.
  14. metafour

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Matt Miller's newest player rankings: Stidham: #5 QB Slayton: #12 WR (WHAT?!?? He's going undrafted for sure!) Dean: Not ranked among 15 CB's
  15. He just declared for the draft LOL.