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  1. And you can already see how "normalization" works: You literally have people saying "what's wrong with a COVID Passport? You already have vaccination records". Yeah, no one is checking to see your measles vaccine record before you can enter a grocery store or go to a concert. Similarly, they'll shill for things like total surveillance by saying something like "they can already track your cell-phone". Yes, they can, AND DO track your cell phone. But a cell-phone can be turned off or discarded. Once implants become a thing, YOU are the cell-phone. Again, they'll cite "safety" as the "r
  2. "Conspiracy theorists" were predicting this end-game over a year ago. It's literally all about control and if you actually listen intently, they've outlined that with things like "The Great Reset", "Fourth Industrial Revolution", etc. How can this not be any clearer? As soon as this pandemic hit, they couldn't wait to get giddy about how this was an opportunity to launch the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". You went from "it's just a two-week lockdown" to looming mandatory identification to enjoy basic human liberties and tracking-implants. But don't worry! The implant would only be there
  3. Dude, you have the stats right there for you to look at. Who cares what game it came in? Its 7 catches for 57 yards LMAO. That is something that every single TE we have on the roster can accomplish. Even Shenker. That's the entire point. Pegues is extremely limited at TE....by virtue of being 300 pounds. He is limited to short area receptions. He is easily coverable on any mid or deep-set route. Do I need to explain to you that no matter how "athletic" he is, he's not a threat at 300 pounds and only 6'2? He's actually short for the position as well which reduces his potential impact eve
  4. What odd logic? You mean common sense? A Wildcat QB is a BALL CARRIER. Explain to me why a DL/TE needs to be running that play? Is SPEED not an important trait to consider in ANY ball-carrier? Why does Tank Bigsby line up at RB, and not John Samuel Shenker? The entire Pegues Wildcat BS is a novelty gimmick, as is the entire "Wildcat package". Not surprisingly, only Gus Malzahn thinks thats some "genius move". Wow a 300 pound guy did a spin move once and gained 10 yards. There's 30 guys on the roster who can do that, if not more. Should we give all of them a chance to run a Wildcat p
  5. And here's why objectivism matters: John Samuel Shenker: 9 receptions for 97 yards, 10.8 yards per reception, receiving long of 26 yards. J.J. Pegues: 7 receptions for 57 yards, 8.1 yards per reception, receiving long of 16 yards. Absolutely no one would consider Shenker to be an "offensive weapon". Nobody is lambasting to get the ball in his hands or arguing that we need to design ways to target him more. And yet he actually outproduced Pegues as a receiver last season. Neither guy is getting a million balls thrown their way either. So again, let's take the NOVELTY out of
  6. The difference is that Derrick Henry makes those plays play after play. That's what makes him an ELITE running back. Do you know how many guys we have on the roster who are athletic enough to pull off a jaw-dropping highlight play? It's a LOT - the point is that you can't give all of those guys the football or make room for them to potentially get an opportunity to showcase those skills. J.J. Pegues was actually extremely PRIVILEGED to have a package installed for him to get that opportunity. Now go look on the defensive side and find Wesley Steiner who was a hell of a RB in HS and is ev
  7. Booker T. Washington spelt this out for all of you all the way back in 1911:
  8. You literally can't make this sh*t up. Surprise, leftists! All of your "social justice" icons are really just grifters and conmen. Anyone with any knowledge of history knows that Marxism/Communism (aka "Socialism") is just a front for the "revolutionaries" to amass wealth through theft, without any actual merit. Hence why in every single Marxist society throughout history the elite and their inner circle live like Kings and Queens, while the "common man" is equal...in destitute. So what did BLM accomplish? They sparked riots all across the country in impoverished black neighb
  9. His height at DT is fine. He does not look short. I think he's probably pretty easily 6'2 based off of pictures, which is not a problem at all for DT.
  10. This is where the "storyline" clouds your interpretation of reality. He had 7 catches for 57 yards and 5 carries for 14 yards last year. He did absolutely nothing with the ball in his hands that couldn't be replicated or OUTMATCHED by any number of players on the roster. Analyze the last part of your statement: have you considered that they couldn't get the ball to him past the LOS because....he's 300 pounds and not fast enough to stretch the field lol? The question answers itself. He has enough athleticism to get some short-area touches, but asking him to run any actual routes is futile
  11. 100% factual. The JJ Pegues at TE "hype" has to be the most baseless storyline in recent memory. He offers no real utilization on offense as anything other than a specialty player (blocking and occasional short yardage runs). That isn't an "impact" player at all. Being 300 pounds at TE offers absolutely zero benefits to anything other than blocking, and is actually a detriment to anything relating to catching the ball or being a ball-carrier. He is too slow to be a mismatch against linebackers in the passing game, he is actually SHORT for the position, and as a ball-carrier he isn't as ha
  12. The fact that you actually believe what you just wrote is frightening. Newsflash: this will NEVER go away. It'll just be a "new variant" or they'll just cherry-pick the data to paint the picture that they want to paint. Oh yeah, and they'll just silence and censor the THOUSANDS of "healthcare professionals" who outright disagree with the state-mandated "messaging". There's a widely-cited Harvard epidemiologist who is being actively censored by Twitter for giving his expertise on who should or shouldn't require vaccination (hint: he is of the opinion that that there is absolutely no need t
  13. This would have been considered a "conspiracy theory" just a ~year ago. Remember when it was just a two-week lockdown to make sure that hospitals weren't over-crowded? Nothing more?
  14. Why? Maybe he doesn't like going to school? And it's obviously too late for what you're suggesting. He made his bed and thats it. This kid thought he was going to the NFL, what makes you think he has any interest in transferring down to Troy lol?
  15. What makes you think he was even welcomed back to Auburn? You guys are missing a big thing here: all of the guys who chose to "test the markets and leave" had that decision cemented to them by Harsin. Yes, he is a hard-ass type coach and he most definitely would not play this "game" with a player. Tutt's option is to move on with his life. The problem is that he is quite obviously not an NFL caliber athlete. Going to Troy or UCF isn't going to change that. There's no demand for CB's who run 4.7's in the NFL, and really, that lack of speed showed up on the field in all the times he go
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