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  1. If the girl is not ready to give birth, then did it ever occur to you that may she shouldn't be having sex, or at the very least taking extreme contraceptive measures (which are readily available)? Don't give me some crap about rape cases. Rape pregnancies are such an absurdly low figure that they barely even qualify as a point of discussion.
  2. It is a detriment. Those guys are exceptions, not the rule. A guy like Brandon Jacobs would have been a much better player elsewhere; if you look at his measurables you see a potentially elite DE/OLB whereas he spent most of his career as a short-yardage/goal-line specialist RB.
  3. Case in point, clearly wielding a glass bottle as a weapon: Videos of the event also possess audio of glass bottles clearly breaking around her (ie: she was throwing them). Another bottle can be seen falling out of her bag.
  4. Oops, it turns out Homer should have done a bit more digging. Turns out the "woman protester" announced her intentions of attending the event to "collect Nazi scalps" on Facebook. Further images show her clearly wielding GLASS BOTTLES as weapons. At best, you are looking at two complete pieces of s*** fighting. To broadly paint this as an evil white supremacist hitting a peaceful protester is about as disingenuous as it gets. The woman in the picture is one of those militant Antifa nutjobs who believes that they possess the moral authority to physically beat anyone who opposes their asinine ideology; ie: she is no better than the "white supremacist" who hit her. As anyone could have predicted, she's now playing the victim card. Just another disillusioned idiot who thinks that at ~110 pounds she's some Che Guevara revolutionary warrior until she sees first hand what revolution looks like and gets hit in the mouth and finds that she doesn't quite like it, at which point she reverts back to being a fragile female victim LMAO. Oh, she's also done you know her judgement is top notch.
  5. He just committed to LSU.
  6. No, but if you think that we are safe because Ross likes Gatewood and Stidham may prove to make our passing game look good, I think you're in for a bad time. Clemson is extremely dangerous on the recruiting trail right now. Their pull with receivers has been incredibly strong even before they won the championship. They've got an uber-elite QB commit in this very class.
  7. A lot of these kids are simply overwhelmed, hence the back tracking.
  8. Yes, and if I am Clemson: "Their passing game was good when they brought in other transfer QB's who were developed elsewhere as well. Stidham is the product of Art Briles and Baylor's passing wizardry, do you remember that team? How can you be sure that they won't go back to a run-only offense when Stidham leaves in a year? Their QB commit in this class is barely a QB and can't throw for crap." I would be very afraid of Clemson's recruiting right now. Doubly afraid of them recruiting ANY receiver.
  9. Except that wouldn't really prove anything: how can you confirm that Stidham isn't just really good on his own (like he was at Baylor)? Look, Lindsey may prove to be the real deal. That isn't confirmed yet, even if Stidham succeeds. The question for someone like Ross still comes down to whether or not he wants to take a leap of faith on our offense moving forward versus what would be a much more sure thing at Clemson wherein their passing offense is always elite and they always seemingly succeed in incorporating elite receivers. And if they want to get into a comparison of QB teammates for Ross; Lawrence is certainly a hell of a lot better than Willis or Gatewood.
  10. I'm glad to hear that he is boys with a guy who isn't even a guarantee to play QB. I'm sure that Ross would have no issue being "boys" with this guy either:
  11. Stidham is gone in 1-2 years. At most that leaves Ross with what, 1 year with Stidham? On the contrary Clemson is bringing in a prodigy at QB this year to go with a passing game/pedigree with receivers that is pretty untouchable right now.
  12. He said that his Clemson visit was the best visit he had. Clemson's 247 mod just put in a CB for them. Its going to be hard to recruit against Clemson's sell for receivers.
  13. No, these lunatics actually behave like this. This is what your progressive education system is pumping out.
  14. You are literally like a broken record player. What you think the "alt-right" is and what Bannon considered it to be during his time at Breitbart are two completely different things. How is this hard to understand? The left-dominated media did a great job taking that term and attaching their own meaning to it, and then making people like you believe it to be factual. This is somewhat of a specialty for them. If I convince you that liking apples is a new form of fascism, that doesn't mean that Obama is a fascist if I can show you a picture of him eating an apple.
  15. The Steelers are there to see Lawson. They are heavily connected to OLB's with their pick at the wend of the first round.