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  1. metafour

    Florida 2018 GT OL Andrew Mike

    Why exactly would you want a kid who couldn't play at Florida?
  2. Those numbers don't mean what you think they do. Every time this gets brought up as some sort of "recruiting rankings don't matter" argument its by people who don't understand how sample sizes work. There are what, ~30 5-star players in every given class? This is in comparison to hundreds of 3-star players. This means that if 5 out of those 30 gets drafted in the 1st round, it is still a far higher percentage than say if 15 out of ~ 700 3-star players get drafted in the 1st round. 5 out of 30 is ~17% whereas 15 out of 700 is just ~2%. So clearly, the success rate is still far greater with 5-star recruits than it is with 3-star recruits.
  3. metafour

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    Perfect example. Nobody thought that kid was anything; he sat on the bench for a few seasons and ended up becoming a decent starter. If you aren't landing these national guys, you can't just leave a class with no viable Tackle prospects. Bare minimum you need to sign ~2 guys like Leff who at least possess the frame to potentially grow into something.
  4. metafour

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    Its silly to state that unknown talent doesn't exist when we just brought in a transfer from U-Mass, and before that the kid everyone wanted was coming from Rice (the guy that signed with Texas). I constantly see people talking about wanting to sign ~3 RB's every class when in reality this is what you should be doing with OT targets IMO. You can find mean ~6'6 kids with length and the frame to put on weight, if you identify a few of those every class you should be able to coach up 2 of them into legitimate starters. I've been saying for years that our OT recruiting made no sense. When we did target lower-ranked kids, it was to sign guys like Bailey Sharp who (bless his heart) obviously didn't have the frame to play the position at the SEC level. That or we bring in Mike Horton under the pretense that supposedly this 6'2/6'3 dude is going to play Tackle, which anyone with a brain knew wasn't going to happen.
  5. metafour

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    OL is an extremely hard position to identify at the HS level (especially OT) hence why you will constantly see top NFL draft picks at the position coming from random as hell schools. These kids obviously weren't 5-star signees out of HS, otherwise they wouldn't have ended up at the Central Michigans of the NCAA sphere. So it IS entirely plausible to identify lesser-known talent that can be coached up or developed physically into All-SEC caliber. The problem here is that we have an old-as-hell OL coach who obviously isn't known for traveling to scour talent, and that is what you need to do to unearth these kids. So much of our OT recruiting seems to be targeting 'X', 'Y', and 'Z' nationally ranked kids who all end up signing elsewhere, and then we don't even have anyone left on the board.
  6. Drafted: Braden Smith: 37th overall to the Colts Kerryon Johnson: 43rd overall to the Lions Carlton Davis: 63rd overall to the Bucs Daniel Carlson: 167th overall to the Vikings Free Agents: Stephen Roberts: Eagles Tray Matthews: Vikings Tre Williams: Jets Austin Golson: Jets Jeff Holland: Broncos Darius James: Jets Kam Pettway: Vikings Roc Thomas: Seahawks
  7. metafour

    Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    He had zero problem moving around the pocket in any of his Baylor games. You ever notice how all these QB's somehow get here and magically "lose their fundamentals"?? Even Sean White was more fundamentally sound before he stepped foot on campus here. He also got pummeled into oblivion. You are talking out of your ass by choosing to judge a passing QB who is playing in an offense that has zero clue how to execute a passing system. Every team we play knows what we are doing and when, and you are choosing to berate the QB for what? Not "sliding" out of obvious blitzes that a monkey should be able to see coming? I am speaking up because your criticisms of Stidham's skills (or what you see as a lack thereof) are in fact a product of the crap he is forced to try and navigate through. Fun fact: Chip Lindsey was FAR from happy last season as well. In fact, he probably would have bounced if he got the right offer. Playing for and coaching under Malzahn is like being asked to smash your head into a brick wall repeatedly. You can only handle so much stupidity (see: Clemson, LSU games).
  8. metafour

    Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    Jarrett Stidham will learn nothing in this offense that will help him at the NFL level. The above post reeks of stupidity. He was put in terrible positions constantly last season. That is the basic reality of Malzahn's offense with pass-first QB's, so I don't doubt for one second that this report is real.
  9. metafour

    About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    Its mind blowing that you can't see the parody of this girl as essentially the quintessential millennial "activist": minority, bisexual and an active gay-rights activist, shaved head and non-conforming dress (so you KNOW she's serious because she doesn't waste time with traditional standardsof beauty). Its like some real-life embodiment of G.I Jane, and by sheer chance (LOL) its her that rises as the figurehead of this movement. Look at her "crack-team" of sidekicks that are there for photo-ops: you've always got one black girl, one regular looking blonde white girl (because this cause stretches far beyond militant activism, it also includes suburban white girls!), one white guy. All you're missing is an Asian and you've got the United Nations of teen gun-control activists, but its really no surprise that the Asian got left out as they are typically glossed over (lets face it: they are too successful to parade around as victims). The script basically writes itself LOL.
  10. metafour

    About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    Yes, its almost as if you are constantly bombarded with all these incidents of poor kids being shot up by school shooters in a decades-long push to make drastic changes to your right to arm yourself. Isn't it interesting that this seems to be an American-specific phenomenon? Is America the only country with guns or something? I'm a product of the Balkan Wars of the 90's, the amount of loose unregistered guns floating around in that region is hilarious, and I've never heard of anyone shooting up a school in any of those countries. I'm talking about grannies that have grenades and AK-47's just randomly sitting on their property, not weak crap like AR-15's LOL. The Balkan gun trade feeds most of Europe and the surrounding region, and alas, no kids going on suicide missions to gun down their peers despite far greater ethnic tension, far greater poverty in the region, etc, etc. So shouldn't your natural instinct float to a curiosity towards whatever the ACTUAL underlying issue in America is? It clearly stretches far beyond the NRA or trivial "gun laws", so why this re-occurring witch hunt to try and put a bandaid on a bullet hole (pun intended) when the problem obviously isn't about access to guns. The obvious answer is that you are being duped.
  11. metafour

    About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    These "heroes" were whoring themselves out on national television for fame and notoriety before their poor deceased classmates were even in the dirt, can you not comprehend the degeneracy it takes to willingly stoop to that level? That David Hogg kid with his smug face and over-rehearsed lines , and this "woke" skinhead (its a joke; she looks remarkably similar to John Connor in American History X) are products of the Youtube generation: constantly bombarded with proof that you can become rich and famous without an ounce of talent or ability in 2018, all it takes is a platform, and in this case a push from powers-to-be to propagate a power move behind the cover of a supposed "youth movement" which tugs at the heart strings of society. They are the absolute definition of "useful idiots", and anyone with any sense of historical knowledge understands that this is the oldest trick in the book, and has been the back-bone of basically every catastrophic revolution in history. Our old friend Adolf Hitler understood this very well:
  12. metafour

    2018 Pro Day

    Abnormally long arms for a RB and he hurt his shoulder to finish the season. I don't think anyone really cares too much about his bench press; he breaks tackles playing at a "non-bruiser" weight and he's got one of the best stiffarms in this class. His Combine was actually very good as his explosiveness numbers (Vert and Broad) were through the roof and he was a beast in drills running routes and catching the football.
  13. metafour

    2018 Pro Day

    Kerryon Johnson came in much lighter to run at Pro Day, so clearly his strategy was to bulk up a bit for the Combine to show he could gain weight and then drop down to run faster.