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  1. Yeah, that one was a classic. Most people on here really can't quantify talent, so it wasn't that much of a surprise.
  2. Spoken like someone who has no understanding of the pitfalls of the scientific process. Scientists aren't immune to biases, and in fact, many of them suffer among the worst hubris imaginable. The validity of the peer review process is highly debatable, and in highly theoretical fields like "climate change" the flaws are amplified. Let me guess, you believe that "science" is a field of only truths and facts? That once something is "peer reviewed" it becomes dogma? Science is in fact littered with politics, egoism, and self-indulgence. Read over your key line carefully: "97% of ACTIVELY PUBLISHING"...who is granted the right to actively publish? 97% of a sample agreeing on ANYTHING is highly dubious at best, and yet how can the agreement level be so high on something so vague and open ended as "climate change"? Do you honestly believe that "97% agree", or is it possible that "climate science" has become a field wherein only one opinion is permitted and as such only those that parrot said opinion are "peer reviewed" and published?
  3. LMFAO. Cultural upbringing and personal responsibility are literally the only things that impact the trajectory of your life. Maybe instead of wasting your time and brain cells reading these race-baiting pseudo-intellectual trasheaps of "journalism" you should spend 10 minutes learning about the overwhelming disproportionate academic success of Nigerian immigrants in America (on top of other black immigrants from Africa, and the Caribbean). I'm sure this will go over your head as like most race-driven Leftist clowns you likely view every single black person with the same lens, but there are black people on this planet who come from cultures which place overwhelming importance on academic success, and surprise surprise, black people from these countries absolutely crush it in America. So what am I supposed to take away from this? That the entrenched "system of white privilege" apparently loves to keep black Americans down, but for some reason allows blacks from African countries like Nigeria to thrive at overwhelmingly disproportionate statistical rates? Under your warped version of reality, shouldn't the African immigrants be even MORE oppressed by the "system"? Think about it: not only are they black, but they are IMMIGRANTS. I mean, all white people hate immigrants, and they obviously hate blacks, so how are all these black Nigerians coming to America and getting Ivy League degrees, becoming doctors and engineers, etc? "White privilege" exists and yet in America, a predominantly white nation, Asian-Americans outearn white Americans, are more educated than white Americans, face less violence than white Americans (ie: they are killed far less often), etc, etc, etc. By literally every metric that means anything, Asian-Americans are even MORE "privileged" than white Americans. You can't make this s*** up. Last time I checked the poorest region in the country was the Appalachians...which just so happens to be about 90%+ white by demographics. I guess "white privilege" hasn't made it to West Virginia yet, for some inexplicable reason. And I love the mental gymnastics in the wording of the quote by "Reni Eddo-Lodge" that you just posted: " I don’t mean that white people have it easy, that they’ve never struggled, or that they’ve never lived in poverty". What this is is a clever way to disqualify any actual SCIENTIFIC analysis in the claim, instead opting to default to an unspecified range of whataboutism logic wherein even if you grew up white and uneducated, living in a trailer park with parents that were meth heads, you are still "privileged" in some irrational way wherein you just didn't take advantage of your "whiteness" LMAO. "Reni Eddo-Lodge is a British journalist with a focus on feminism and exposing structural racism." Any time you see a title like that, the lightbulb in your head should start going off.
  4. No, it isn't. You understand that the FBI tracks crime and arrest statistics, right? By what metric does "white privilege" exist? Your anecdotal evidence coming from your 9-10 year old son LMAO?
  5. Who created the brains of transgender people? The people in control of your media and Marxist education systems. Has anyone ever spotted a "trans" person in a tribal society that lives a natural human life (ie: not programmed)? That is a serious question. It is learned behavior that manifests as an outcome from some sort of man-made mental trauma, which is why there is a hilariously disproportionate amount of "trans people" in "progressive" (white) Western nations compared to everywhere else in the world, and why their suicide rate is off the charts (and no, their suicide rate isn't an outcome of "bullying" lmao). Hermaphrodites are a birth defect. How can a birth defect be a separate gender? Human "hermaphrodites" are usually infertile, which means that neither set of genitals works for their sole biological purpose: reproduction. At most ONE set of genitals actually works. Hermaphroditic species do exist in nature. Humans are NOT hermaphroditic.
  6. Did this guy just reference Dwight Schrute LMAO?
  7. What is there to get? Its a stupid ******* argument. Which is about par for the course LMFAO. Abortion is good because some adopted people are sad when they find out they were adopted. Want me to show you the world's smallest violin?
  8. What trolling? His point is 100% logical - to argue that abortion is morally valid because some adopted people have to suffer the negatives of being adopted is absurd. ALL life is suffering to some degree. A life of inconvenience is still worth more than no life at all. We make choices every day that carry negative outcomes in the name of the greater good. You are going to have to excuse me, but there are MUCH worse fates that you could be straddled with at birth than having to eventually deal with the sadness of learning that you were adopted. There are people who are born with no arms and legs.
  9. Can't make this sh*t up LMAO.
  10. This dude is literally unhinged. Go get a life and stop worrying about politics, seriously. I can only imagine what this guy's day-to-day life is like when this s*** is literally haunting him.
  11. How do you know who does or doesn't care? Let me guess, you definitely care, right?
  12. People like aubiefifty are the end-result of what the system intends to create of the population: grown-ass adults spending their entire day following completely irrelevant "news stories" and fearing made-up issues. The day-to-day impact for 99% of the population of the presidency switching from Obama to Trump is literally non-existent; yet you see these NPC's cowering in a corner as if their world is being turned upside down. Live your freaking lives you losers and stop wasting precious seconds over something that not only has no impact on you, but for which you can't even control. You go to work and you pay taxes; nothing has or will change for you.
  13. Its not a slippery slope, right? BTW; this deviant is also in the process of organizing some "all ages" nude swimming party - no PARENTS or GUARDIANS allowed of course.
  14. And yet she somehow has a soft-spot for terrorists. What exactly was she being taught in American schools? Or what was she taught in her home, by her I'm sure 100% America supporting parents?
  15. Let them live out their delusional fantasy. You have about as realistic a chance of getting hit by a bus as you do of meeting an actual "white supremacist" in person. Its complete fear-mongering.