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  1. You said that we "didn't make a run at" any other transfer OL. We clearly did, the problem is that we were easily out-pitched by a program with less question marks. You can't put a gun to anyone's head and force them to transfer here.
  2. Yes, the door was shut on us pretty quick because a kid with 1 year of eligibility and options from top programs isn't likely to commit to a first year staff with zero track-record. It works with a guy like Tony Fair where we just so happened to be his best offer. In the case of Cain Madden, FSU thought they had him until Notre Dame swooped in. For a kid in his position, it's hard to turn down Notre Dame which has a staff who has years of finishing in the Top 5-10 and has sent numerous OL to the NFL. It's a plug and play scenario with little guess-work. Auburn will become a more
  3. Your very first "prediction" has already been debunked as alarmist nonsense. Hurricanes are NOT becoming "more frequent". The actual data suggests that we can expect them to be slightly stronger, but LESS frequent moving forward. https://nypost.com/2018/09/19/no-global-warming-isnt-causing-worse-hurricanes/
  4. This isn't true. They showed interest in Cain Madden, the All-American Super-Senior from Marshall. He ultimately transferred to Notre Dame.
  5. There's a few on here who were convinced he was looking to go "anywhere but Auburn" lol....
  6. And by the way, the actual thing that everyone should hope to see is more Landen King on the field at TE. Pegues should be brought in on jumbo packages to utilize his blocking, as well as a threat near the goal-line to sneak him open. They already started bringing him in on jumbo packages, BTW.
  7. Oh, I understand the "comparison" just fine... "Son, you remind me EXACTLY of *insert current star player at the same position who is about to be drafted with a high pick*. The resemblance is so strong that I swear I was looking at *insert current star player at the same position*!" I understand the basics of recruiting... When you actually think objectively, you can't help but chuckle. Irv Smith weighed in at the Combine at 242 pounds. When was the last time you reckon J.J. Pegues weighed 242 pounds? When he was in the 10th grade, maybe? Irv Smith's weight measures at the 8th p
  8. Most schools offered and recruited him at the position that he wanted to play....in order to entice him. Pretty standard operating procedure. That Saban comparison is comical. Irv Smith was LIGHT for a TE at ~240 pounds. Apart from both of them being on the short side, what exactly is the comparison supposed to be? Pegues was pushing 280 pounds when he first stepped on campus as a true freshman. It would be like Harsin telling Damari Alston that he reminds him of Derrick Henry LOL.
  9. Update: Iceland has now halted the administration of the Moderna vaccine for EVERYONE. Another country that apparently just doesn't understand science. We should send AU9377 over to intervene and teach them the SCIENCE. 🤡
  10. Trust the science, bigot. Just not whatever science these three whole-ass NATIONS are looking at. They obviously don't understand the science. These must be FAR-RIGHT extremist nations, right? Oh wait, it's actually three Scandinavian "Liberal Utopias" - the same countries that were touted as models of "how to govern properly" pre-COVID. So if these three countries have found a reason to completely halt administration of a certain vaccine, shouldn't you assume that it was done under warranted pretenses? By the way, even Canada has put out a "suggestion" that 18-24 year old's sho
  11. 1st & 10 at AUB 30 (14:55 - 1st) Bo Nix run for 4 yds to the Aub 34 1st & 10 at LSU 47 (13:52 - 1st) Tank Bigsby run for a loss of 7 yards to the Aub 46 1st & 10 at AUB 25 (6:20 - 1st) Tank Bigsby run for 7 yds to the Aub 32 1st & 10 at LSU 37 (3:25 - 1st) Bo Nix run for 4 yds to the LSU 33 1st & 10 at LSU 46 (12:40 - 2nd) Jarquez Hunter run for 5 yds to the LSU 41 1st & 10 at LSU 48 (7:01 - 2
  12. Right, so then whats your point? We won the game, but who cares because we didn't run the ball enough with a RB who may or may not be 100%? Btw, he also dropped a ball or two that were thrown his way. He's been really inpatient with his running all season long.
  13. Oh, I guess Jarquez isn't a "playmaker"? Who broke the 40+ yard run on the final drive, to win the game? PS: The underlying belief is that Tank isn't 100% healthy. Not healthy + clearly not as effective as he's been in the past + RB who is literally outplaying him right now = reduced carries. That's how it works.
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