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  1. He is talking about Kumar Rocker, Tracy's kid who is a star true freshman pitcher for Vanderbilt.
  2. No, it is still a stupid point. Why? Because virtually everything that you just used as examples was considered to be acceptable at the time that it took place. While you may consider that statement to be morbid or forgiving of such negative realities, it is an important distinction that needs to be made. Were blacks in American under Jim Crow laws not better off than their counterparts virtually anywhere else in the world at the time? A perfect society doesn't exist and will very likely never exist, so all these arguments wherein you pick and comb to spot flaws to use as some sort of "yeah, but..." argument are pointless as it makes everything meaningless at the base level. Why? Because if you look hard enough you can find flaws or negatives in EVERYTHING, regardless of how picture perfect it seems. Its like trying to convince me that in actuality Jeff Bezo's life isn't that great because he is going through this whole divorce mess (which I'm sure is a huge negative burden in his life) while conveniently looking past the huge net-positives that he gets to enjoy on a daily basis. Even today, being a "poor" person in America makes you richer than ~90% of the world's population. That doesn't excuse poverty in America, but you have to look at the whole picture, otherwise what is the point? It's like those idiot kids on college campus who state with a straight face that they can't think of anything "great" about America. If there was nothing "great" about America, why does everyone from the third world want to leave their homes and face discomfort of being a foreigner in an unfamiliar land to come there? It doesn't make any logical sense.
  3. Josh Allen was a rookie, I'm sorry that he wasn't the best QB in the league on a rebuilding team in his first season in the league, but there is an investment in his development (like the fact that they traded up to draft him) and any team worth anything would obviously allocate their playing time to a player that they have made a serious investment in until that player proves that he can't do it. Are you seriously sitting here and suggesting that your idea of running a rebuilding team includes benching a QB who you just traded up to draft at 7th overall (they gave up two second round picks to move up five spots) so that you can instead play a guy who hasn't taken a snap in two seasons, and who's last book of performance includes losing his job to Blaine Gabbert, who himself is one of the worst QB's in the league? If you are being serious, then you need to remove yourself from any serious football discussion because that "idea" is utterly horrendous. You are empirically wrong in your analysis as Josh Allen has absolutely shown elite-level skills (like the fact that he makes throws that almost no other QB can make, and his running ability has already been a surprisingly lethal skill) that are worth exploring until he otherwise proves that he isn't intriguing, and his one season in the league isn't enough to conclude that. Jameis Winston is a more naturally talented passer and has put up comparable if not better stats on worse teams. As stupid as he is, at 25 years old there is still a chance he puts it together...and again...this comes down to upside: what exactly is the upside in playing 31 year old Kaepernick over that? You keep calling him a "Superbowl QB" and yet you can't even comprehend the fact that in any sport, and football in particular, your MOST RECENT performance is rightfully valued over whatever the hell you did earlier in your career because guess what? Recent performance is a better indicator of future performance. What is Kaepernick's most recent performance? Again, it is losing his starting job to Blaine Gabbert, and he lost his job because he wasn't performing. If he was a "Superbowl QB", then how could he possibly lose his job to a player as bad as Gabbert? Riddle me that. The more likely explanation, which should be obvious, is that his stint as a "Superbowl QB" was nothing more than a fluke, which is exactly what the case was. He's never thrown more than 21 touchdowns in a season; he is a "caretaker" type QB who had one good run...just like Trent Dilfer on that Ravens team. The Baltimore thing wasn't my opinion, it is exactly what happened. They were going to sign him and then his girlfriend for some reason went out and tried to make a racist Django Unchained claim regarding the team's owner and Ray Lewis (insinuating that the owner was his "master" or something) when in fact Ray Lewis was the one was pushing for Kaepernick to be signed in the first place. If he wanted to play so badly, then why is his girlfriend going out of her way to rail-road his career? IT'S BECAUSE SHE IS USING HIM to push her own agenda. If you can't see that, then you are hopelessly lost. If you are any other team in the league, and you saw that Baltimore thing unfold, why in the hell would YOU want to reach out and sign Kaepernick? Especially when he isn't even that good in the first place? Again, the whole "game" here is to pretend like he wants to play but then to do something to kill any chance of a team actually signing him, and then turning around and pretending like the reason why the deal didn't happen was because....racism LOL? Like I said, Kaepernick is nothing more than an insecure kid who is being used as a pawn. Just because what I said makes you feel uncomfortable, it doesn't mean that its untrue. The validation seeking behavior and otherwise insecurity regarding self identity is absolutely known to be extremely common among biracial people and it makes complete sense for the reasons I gave. His girlfriend is nothing more than a race-baiter, so excuse me if I choose to not believe the validity of her actions. She is an obvious extremist, which means that this whole thing stems from a place far beyond "oh I just want to help black people" or whatever sappy image you want to conjure up in your head.
  4. Hehehehehehe, who remembers that "Slayton will be lucky to get drafted" thread LOL?
  5. You are answering your own statement. He is good enough to be a backup, nothing more. He has no intention of being a backup or taking a backup salary, so in reality he is pricing himself out of any jobs and then turning around and pretending like he is being "black balled" when he in fact has zero intention of playing. You think he's better than Josh Allen? A top pick with immense talent who made progress as a rookie? LOL. He isn't better than Tannehill (Miami) or Winston, as stupid as he is. Kaepernick lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert, and you're on here claiming he's better than 5+ starting NFL QB's? Yeah, sure thing. He was a flash in the pan, who is in fact a backup caliber player, but he can make more money sitting on his ass and collecting pity money from endorsements while building his image as some martyr so guess what he's going to do? As mentioned; he just got a job offer and then demanded $20 million to play LOL. By the way, the Ravens were ready to sign him until his extremist girlfriend (who is behind this whole game BTW) went out and tried to embarrass the organization. None of this was a thing until he hooked up with this woman. The most recent news has her blasting rapper Travis Scott for daring to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. Colin Kaepernick suffers the sad fate of many biracial kids: he yearns for finding an identity, and that often leads to looking for others to validate an identity....hence this girlfriend. What happens with a lot of these white/black biracial kids is that they obviously don't look white and therefore will never be accepted as such, so they push to try and be as ":black" as possible because the black community gives them s*** as well. An easy way to prove your "blackness" is by becoming one of these race-warriors. The reality behind Colin Kaepernick however is that he is a millionaire who went to college and was raised in a loving upper middle-class family in an upper middle-class neighborhood. At no point in time has he ever been oppressed. In fact, his whole life is a story of privilege...all the way up to landing a Nike endorsement for get this....NOT playing football.
  6. Greg Brown has mastered the technique of job-hopping to avoid being fired. You can't get fired if you just walk out on your own, knawmsayin?
  7. Cox will not play in the NFL. Not only is his position barely used, but he's not even that good at it in the first place.
  8. Dear god, Kendall Simmons is not going to become the OL coach. He has literally zero coaching experience. Zero. He moved back to Auburn and wanted a job; he's an analyst not some guy who's here to get pushed into a role he has zero qualification of filling.
  9. Do some of you even read the articles? He's hired as the Director of Recruiting, which is an off-field desk job which means that he CAN NOT "recruit" off campus. So how is he going to reel in Louisiana talent lol? "The director of football recruiting oversees on-campus recruiting departments while also helping with player personnel at Auburn." This guy isn't going out on the road and recruiting anyone. He isn't a coach.
  10. The game means very little. Its a glorified exhibition event, lots of scouts actually leave after the last practice day.
  11. This. You can actually take a look at a recent pic that Simmons Tweeted out of him working in his new position. In the pic you can clearly see a Compliance sheet on his desk which outlines what he can and can't do. He is NOT allowed to coach.
  12. Ryan Davis is showing out big time in Shrine Bowl practices. Just LOL at the way we use receivers smh.
  13. Again, you are making things up to fit your (incorrect) narrative. Greg Robinson's draft stock didn't soar to Top 5 status until after the Combine wherein he showed freakish speed (4.92 forty at 332 pounds) and power (32 bench reps with above-average arm length). Going into the Combine he was actually perceived to be behind at least the OT out of Texas A&M, but eventually rose above after a freakish display in Indianapolis. He is one of the most physically impressive linemen to show up to the Combine probably ever. That had nothing to do with what we did or didn't teach him and everything to do with his pure natural physical talent, so you are outright LYING by claiming that he wasn't "elite NFL worthy" as you are going to be hard pressed to find a 330 pound man that can move like him while also having the power to throw people around like nothing. His problem is that he came out of that Auburn offense that was running the ball ~70% of the time and relying on rudimentary passing principles (and thus the pass blocking schemes were also rudimentary). He was very unprepared from a pass blocking perspective because we barely had to pass the ball period, and the NFL is a pass-oriented league. Our offense took advantage of his outright ability to just push guys forward (most of Mason's rush yards came on that side) at the expense of his overall development as a lineman. Yes, the argument you can make is that it is Auburn's job to do whatever it takes for Auburn to win regardless of what it means for the NFL development (or lack thereof) of its players, but when you take that stance then you're going to have to live with the reality that you will be negatively recruited to hell, because the primary goal of all any highly recruited kid is to play in the NFL. We run a gimmick offense that preaches simplicity, which is a NEGATIVE for the NFL development of basically every offensive player.