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  1. Chadwell has very little interest in doing what it takes to compete in the SEC. For example, he has been very adamant about carrying his entire staff with him in the past. That would be a repeat of what you just saw with Harsin. The fact that you have boiled down having an "NIL warchest" as if it automatically makes a HC successful in this conference just sullies your entire position in this discussion. Cignetti? Really? The 60+ year old with zero big-school HC'ing experience? What could go wrong? From James Madison to the SEC lmao.
  2. These are kids and they are silo'd into the program. With all due respect, they really don't know any better and their opinion means very little. Most of these guys also went to war for Bryan Harsin. Are we going to forget that Derick Hall, one of our best players who is known for being a great kid, smart, hard working, etc. couldn't stop backing Harsin? In fact, most of the revered Senior guys on this roster were big Harsin believers - aren't these the guys you would expect to have a better gauge than anyone else on the roster? The players will support whatever feels good. Right now, the Cadillac thing feels good. I can also tell you that LSU's players drove Orgeron into the HC position. Prior to that, their players also CARRIED Les Miles off the field in an attempt to show that they wanted him to remain the HC. This is all very typical and happens every single time. With all due respect, it's noise that means nothing in an actual decision making scenario.
  3. How could you not give him a shot? Simple, the idea that you're going to make a decision on ~4+ seasons worth of Auburn football in the most critical period in decades (with Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC) based off of the outcome of ONE football game is what one would call: DUMB, ILLOGICAL, FOOLISH, DANGEROUS, ETC. What about this is confusing, really? He beats Bama so therefore you gotta hire him? Excuse me? Bryan Harsin nearly beat Bama last season. Maybe we should call him back? Do you understand that FLUKES happen? You are literally wasting your time. I can bet you any amount of money that that outcome of the Bama game is not one of Cohen's "58 decision points" that he has written down. In fact, don't be surprised if the hire is leaked a day BEFORE the Iron Bowl. Just so we don't need to get into this entire stupid game wherein if we somehow win, it somehow means that Cadillac is the guy. It ain't happening.
  4. Lane Kiffin beat #4 Oregon (team that finished with 12 wins) in 2011 - knocking Oregon out of title contention. Big games are normally only winnable when the talent is comparable.
  5. People really need to get a grip on this whole "Kiffin calls his own plays, so just stick anyone at OC" narrative. That's NOT how it works at all. The OC is still responsible for a million game-planning reasons. They still need to have extreme schematic knowledge, which Cadillac quite obviously doesn't. The OC position at Ole Miss is NOT a "hold a clipboard and rile the boys up" position.
  6. Dear god. There are how many sitting HC's in the FBS? How many sitting Coordinators at premier P5 schools? The logic that if you miss on 3-4 "elite" names then you are therefore left with Cadillac as the "BEST OPTION LEFT" is absolutely asinine. I repeat: he has near zero coaching resume. Near zero coaching pedigree. Near zero X's and O's foundation. He's a good, but not elite recruiter (go compare him to about a dozen + guys in this conference). That's your best available option? For Auburn? You have completely lost the plot and need to wake up. I can't believe the opinions and conclusions that some of you are coming to. All of this extra-curricular stuff that is being presented (the kids love him! look at his energy! he loves Auburn!) is bottom-level importance in predicting HC success in this conference, against the opponents that we expect to compete against. The players liking him and him running up and down the field manically while waving a towel isn't going to beat Bama, Georgia, LSU, or any of these teams. Let's pretend you somehow miss on the 5+ names that people have propped up as being on the candidate list. Do you think that Cadillac is a better option than someone like Jeff Lebby who we could EASILY hire? Let me spell it out for you: Lebby is a better recruiter. He is a much better X's and O's coach. He has SEC experience. He is a very good QB developer (you can't win without a QB in today's game). He has more experience and a much better pedigree (came up under Art Briles, Josh Heupel, and Lane Kiffin). That is just ONE guy. There are dozens of names you could make a similar case for. Also, Jeff Grimes would 100% be a better hire than Cadillac for about a million different reasons, and Jeff Grimes would never turn this job down. So I fail to see how you are EVER getting to the point wherein Cadillac is the "best option left".
  7. My man, I know you're not an idiot. Stop behaving like one. Ole Miss is Ole Miss? Yes man, Ole Miss routinely fields teams that win 10+ games. Happens all the freaking time. They have an excellent history of easy 10+ win seasons in the SEC West. You also conveniently forgot that Ole Miss was actually predicted to be "down" this season (go read any of the preseason predictions) after they lost a lot off of last year's team. So really, Kiffin has them on pace to win 10+ games again in what was actually supposed to be a rebuilding year for them. But I'm sure Kiffin deserves no credit for that either. The games just win themselves at Ole Miss haha.
  8. Those comparisons make zero sense and are missing a pretty freaking important differentiator that you conveniently omitted: Gene Chizik: Had done absolutely nothing to suggest that he was a good HC before being hired at Auburn (still won a National Championship before imploding lol) Ed Orgeron: Had done absolutely nothing to suggest that he was a good HC before being hired at LSU (still won a National Championship before imploding lol) Will Muschamp: Had done absolutely nothing to suggest that he was a good HC before being hired at South Carolina Jimbo Fisher: Had won a National Championship, but is currently imploding because he refuses to modernize his offense and give up play-calling duties (this will be changed for him if he maintains his job) What's the big difference with Lane Kiffin's case? Well, you conveniently forgot that since "imploding" at USC, he has actually had two BACK TO BACK tenures of extreme success as a HC at two schools that aren't particularly easy to win at at: FAU: Won two Conference Championships in three seasons (they were winning 3 games a season before he got there) Ole Miss: On pace to win 10+ games in back to back seasons in just three years on the job (the last time this happened in their program's history was 1959/1960) The first three guys you named (Chizik, Orgeron, Muschamp) had no success as a HC whatsoever at any point in time before they landed their final and most recent gigs, so what exactly is the comparison supposed to be? I've explained these actual facts to you before, but of course I know you've dug your heels in and are going to act conveniently ignorant because you've settled on an opinion and don't want to budge from it. I've also explained to you that Lane Kiffin was just 35 years old when he "imploded" at USC, and simply wasn't ready to handle a program of that size under freaking NCAA probation. That's also another big differentiator that you forgot: none of those other guys you just listed were the equivalent of NCAA post-graduates. I think it's also incredibly sad that you refuse to believe that a 35 year old HC who failed TEN YEARS AGO could possibly learn how to do the job after fixing and rehabilitating his career. That's your big message and takeaway here? He failed at 35 years old so he's done for eternity? It's impossible for him to learn how to properly be a HC? His time spent under Nick Saban meant nothing? Again, I know I just wasted my time writing all that, but whatever. Maybe someone else will find it insightful lol.
  9. Dude, why would any new HC want to hire a DC who was allegedly trying to get pushed into the HC job by certain boosters? Do you not remember how Kevin Steele departed Auburn the last time? Do you think the fans would be happy with that decision? There are more than 2-3 DC's in the country. What's next, let's bring back Chizik? If KIffin, Freeze, etc. are hired they will find their own DC. These are known big-name coaches. We don't need to recycle Kevin Steele.
  10. Dear lord. 4 years as a RB coach at his alma-mater. Nobody else called or tried to hire him before we did. Before that he was coaching RB's in HS and for the Birmingham Iron. Was he at least a HC in HS? Nope. This is the absolute definition of zero experience.
  11. You think a guy who is 4 years removed from coaching in HS and has zero coaching pedigree (he has coached under the s***-show that was end-game Gus Malzahn and Bryan Harsin - two real dynamos) is a LOCK to get us back to "mid tier"? My guy, if Auburn didn't call him, it's not even a lock that Carnell is even coaching anywhere in the SEC today. This is the ****ing SEC. You think it's THAT easy? He just loves Auburn so much and waves a towel real good, and we're good for mid-tier status in this conference? He coaches RB's. Literally the least involved position group. What is his X's and O's background? Do you understand how much PLANNING it takes to be a HC at this level? No, it's not just "wave a towel and hire good coordinators and let's roll"! If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. It's actually incredibly difficult. That's why good coaches come here and fail every single year. By the way, ALL of these SEC teams have their own equivalent to Carnell Williams. How many of them in 2022 are pulling a guy with zero experience to lead a hundred+ million dollar behemoth because he "loves the school" and was an instrumental player 20 years ago? What, it's such a brilliant idea at Auburn, but it wouldn't work elsewhere? This is an idiotic idea for about 100 different reasons. By the way, even if they "miss" on the 3-4 names that everyone is cemented on, there are about 25+ others that would get hired before Carnell Williams. It's that stupid an idea.
  12. Here's my actual thought: Fans like you do a disservice to people like Carnell Williams. This is why you can't have nice things. Instead of a nice story about a guy who has no business being an SEC HC rolling his team out for a few games and giving it their all, we're now going to quickly embark on the pure idiocy that can only be described as "the Auburn fan experience". I can't wait until we beat Western Kentucky and people like yourself with these delusional thoughts start camping out in front of Chris Roberts' office demanding that he be named the permanent HC. NO ONE KNOWS AWBERN BETTER THAN HIM! HE JUST CARES MORE! ISS ALL ABOUT THE FAMBLY! You are the reason why this football program is always in this position.
  13. 1) His ex-wife accused him of choking her 2) He actually choked some guy over the Prime Prep fallout
  14. Two guys that lost against him while he was at mighty Ole Miss? Great point man!
  15. He's going to transfer out, as you would expect.
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