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  1. metafour

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    This. No contest between Bo and Willis.
  2. metafour

    Kathy Griffin is an Ugly B***h

    And who said I supported Trump? You all seem to live by a "good side" vs. "bad side" idea of your political system when in reality it doesn't really matter which side is in power. The cognitive dissonance it takes for some of you to look past the fact that Bill Clinton's and Obama's "good side" administrations caused more global turmoil than anyone in recent US history is mind blowing. All of a sudden you all care so much about refugees, where were you when Clinton's democrats tore through the Balkans? Or when Obama's democrats actually RAMPED UP the shitstorm in the Middle East which you all ironically hated Bush for starting. But now that Trump's in power, its back to supposedly giving a s*** about these people LOL?
  3. metafour

    Kathy Griffin is an Ugly B***h

    Celebrities are useful idiots, thats it. None of these clowns were grandstanding for the poor refugees back when Obama's administration was actively bombing half the countries in the Middle East or arming radical extremists ("rebels") so that they can overthrow your political adversaries in the region either. Believe it or not, you aren't having a fun time when your country is being carpet bombed or drone-pelted into the dirt, or when your flawed "dictator" is replaced in power by terrorists.
  4. metafour

    The Texas Talent Debate

    Yes, our coaching staff should totally take pointers from internet message posters on who or where they should be recruiting, because obviously the totality of actual recruiting experience here is overwhelming. While we're at it, why don't we start recruiting Ohio as well? Lotta good players there!
  5. metafour

    2019 4* OT Xavier Truss (UGA)

    Since you obviously read my post, what is your response? Sorry for calling you out on your hilariously irrational excuse. Here's a free recruiting lesson: coaches from the south, ie: where Georgia is located, don't have long standing "relationships" with recruits who are from the complete other side of the country, especially Rhode Island of all places which doesn't produce enough talent for anyone from Georgia to be heavily "building relationships" in. Sam Pittman had as much "relationship" with Truss as JB Grimes did: next to nothing.
  6. metafour

    2019 4* OT Xavier Truss (UGA)

    I know that this is like your go-to deflection, but you realize that this kid is from Rhode Island, right? What sort of "relationship" do you think that Sam Pittman (UGA) had with this kid? I'm fairly certain that he isn't best-buddies with all the up and coming offensive linemen from the recruiting hotbed that is Rhode Island. We offered Truss like 20 days after UGA did, we just got beat here, and it wasn't because Grimes was away for a few years. No one at UGA knew who this kid was a year ago.
  7. metafour

    NFL - players will be fined for kneeling

    People brand Muslims with a broad brush because the Quran is very open about its intentions towards infidels and its mission of global conquest. Considering that I'm fairly certain that the police handbook doesn't state anything about killing or persecuting black people because they're black, I'm not exactly sure where you're going with this comparison.
  8. metafour

    Auburn Players Drafted

    No, that is the value of the first overall pick. Detroit's TOTAL pool is $12,414,800. Mize won't get that full amount because very rarely dose the 1st pick get it anyway (there isn't much leverage for #1 overall picks to threaten to do anything), but he will sign for over $7 million.
  9. metafour

    NFL - players will be fined for kneeling

    For what, the record number of drone strikes and more Middle Eastern countries bombed than under the Bush administration LMAO? The fact that you actually felt validated in bringing up the most absurd Nobel Peace Prize award ever handed out is mind blowing.
  10. metafour

    Florida 2018 GT OL Andrew Mike

    Why exactly would you want a kid who couldn't play at Florida?
  11. Those numbers don't mean what you think they do. Every time this gets brought up as some sort of "recruiting rankings don't matter" argument its by people who don't understand how sample sizes work. There are what, ~30 5-star players in every given class? This is in comparison to hundreds of 3-star players. This means that if 5 out of those 30 gets drafted in the 1st round, it is still a far higher percentage than say if 15 out of ~ 700 3-star players get drafted in the 1st round. 5 out of 30 is ~17% whereas 15 out of 700 is just ~2%. So clearly, the success rate is still far greater with 5-star recruits than it is with 3-star recruits.
  12. metafour

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    Perfect example. Nobody thought that kid was anything; he sat on the bench for a few seasons and ended up becoming a decent starter. If you aren't landing these national guys, you can't just leave a class with no viable Tackle prospects. Bare minimum you need to sign ~2 guys like Leff who at least possess the frame to potentially grow into something.
  13. metafour

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    Its silly to state that unknown talent doesn't exist when we just brought in a transfer from U-Mass, and before that the kid everyone wanted was coming from Rice (the guy that signed with Texas). I constantly see people talking about wanting to sign ~3 RB's every class when in reality this is what you should be doing with OT targets IMO. You can find mean ~6'6 kids with length and the frame to put on weight, if you identify a few of those every class you should be able to coach up 2 of them into legitimate starters. I've been saying for years that our OT recruiting made no sense. When we did target lower-ranked kids, it was to sign guys like Bailey Sharp who (bless his heart) obviously didn't have the frame to play the position at the SEC level. That or we bring in Mike Horton under the pretense that supposedly this 6'2/6'3 dude is going to play Tackle, which anyone with a brain knew wasn't going to happen.
  14. metafour

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    OL is an extremely hard position to identify at the HS level (especially OT) hence why you will constantly see top NFL draft picks at the position coming from random as hell schools. These kids obviously weren't 5-star signees out of HS, otherwise they wouldn't have ended up at the Central Michigans of the NCAA sphere. So it IS entirely plausible to identify lesser-known talent that can be coached up or developed physically into All-SEC caliber. The problem here is that we have an old-as-hell OL coach who obviously isn't known for traveling to scour talent, and that is what you need to do to unearth these kids. So much of our OT recruiting seems to be targeting 'X', 'Y', and 'Z' nationally ranked kids who all end up signing elsewhere, and then we don't even have anyone left on the board.
  15. Drafted: Braden Smith: 37th overall to the Colts Kerryon Johnson: 43rd overall to the Lions Carlton Davis: 63rd overall to the Bucs Daniel Carlson: 167th overall to the Vikings Free Agents: Stephen Roberts: Eagles Tray Matthews: Vikings Tre Williams: Jets Austin Golson: Jets Jeff Holland: Broncos Darius James: Jets Kam Pettway: Vikings Roc Thomas: Seahawks