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  1. Tell your friend these things are rarely reported, there were no cameras and def not speculation. The best thing is the players accepted it. They respect Harsin. I wasn't there but do know several that were. There will be no backlash from his firing over payouts etc. IMO he is lucky to get anything for being insubordinate. I never liked the hire to start.
  2. I haven't read through all the posts but Williams lost it on Harsin during half time in front of other coaches and players. As I understand, Cadillac stands behind Harsin for his actions.
  3. Tonight I thought Bo looked very much like 2020. Like what I saw from Davis. It will likely be a long season.
  4. Auburn Scrimmage 08.14.21 Go Bo. Delay of game. 5 yards.
  5. Sorry. This whole thing is messed up. These paid players may now be reluctant to sign for the fans / kids who cant afford to go pay for them. Some may be bound by contract and unable to sign anything. I havent seen any AU Olympians mention AU or give a War Eagle. I could be wrong.
  6. What happened? I thought this topic was about the AD Greene and the General? Then the topic was closed and now its some verbal pillow fight of one ups and apologies.
  7. I thought this was about Seth and the draft? Personally not a big fan of his. Sorry it didn't work out for Auburn.
  8. Bird. Its been a year or so since I last posted. Glad to see you're still on the board. If Kodi is not kept on the field he will be offered a position in the athletic dept. He was loyal to Malzahn and an AU man. Great guy that can be utilized and an asset in many ways. I wish him well and hope he stays.
  9. At this point Ill take the 6-6 if he goes. I think he will at 8-4
  10. Supposedly this kid is related to someone "Of importance"?
  11. There was more speculation to Bentley than reality. He used it to his advantage as most coaches do as a ploy to gain interest and possible raise at current school. He was a good HS coach at a school that had stud athletes recruited from the upstate in SC. He left to go to PC , never won a game and has been a dud since. His usefulness was only for his step son who petered out and now Jake who is struggling. Anyone who has been around BB considers him a clown. HS coaches wont even return his phone calls. As reserved and secretive as Gus is, you think he would throw out names hes considering? Its
  12. The thing I see and is most predictable is that almost after every third down, we dont get a first.
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