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  1. Saying we wont win another game this year is not only a knock on Harsin but also to THE PLAYERS
  2. Its going to take a lot more than just hiring a new coach. It will take years of managing the NIL that everyone thought was needed and a great idea. AU was at the bottom of the curve when this phenomena hit. We need players willing to come to Auburn during these mediocre years.
  3. This was so much better than one of Gus's canned comments.
  4. Like I have said many times I liked Alan Greene. But no idea what went on behind the scenes on who did what. Neither am I certain why the general was planted in the AD office. Shows a lack of confidence somewhere. There is no logic.
  5. No doubt there is dysfunction at AU. It starts at the top with our President, now and in the past allowing a few members of the BOT to sniff the jocks at Jordan Hare. Harsin is an outsider , not easily influenced who I hope stays and eventually wins.
  6. I wasn't speaking for other guys, only myself. But any coach / person with mental decorum would not have come out and said what he did, when he did. Interviewing him was part of the process. I don't know if he was offered the job but take my word, the dude is nuts.
  7. Venables is a nut. Also unprofessional to make the comment he did. We will see how he does at Oklahoma.
  8. No. I wont be attending another scrimmage. It was a Letterman event and an opportunity to tour the new facility that brought me to town. I just retired and moved farther away so it was a long trip. I believe it was time for Gus to go. I like Harsin but he could not have come at a worse time. Recruiting and coaching with the NIL favors schools with the more established coaching staffs and "unattached" donors. In my opinion the Yella Banana could do wonders in terms of "buying" us players but won't as long as Harsin is in charge. And other donors will not step up as long as the Banana is in charge. While there I heard a well known lettermen / Gus disciple knocking Harsin and his recruiting. He didn't interact with many of the players, mostly kept to himself and a few adoring fans. I also saw Takeo Spikes. He was talking with staff on the sidelines and coaching up some players. The epitome of a True Auburn Man and Player. WDE
  9. Yes. I was there. If I had to guess Harsin has TJ at #1. I believe Finley took all the snaps after warm up just before the start of the scrimmage. He was also teamed up with Tank for most if not all the scrimmage. I like Robbie. Just not sure he is ready to make decisions.
  10. There were a few plays made by each QB . But overall I’d have to say it’s going to be a long season.
  11. “Beloved DC” ? Mason is an arrogant and spiteful PO_ …Determined to bury Harsin and AU Football. A boosters tool , lightweight and overrated coach.
  12. True I dont live on these boards like some but have been on it since its inception. Not certain what I posted that has been disproven? That some boosters meddle with AU Sports, in this case football? That Yella Fella and his offspring waddle down the sidelines back and forth from their box? That Mason really wasn't that great a coach? I am glad Harsin is back. Now to hope for an AD like Greene that will control the boosters who feel entitled to control our coaches and admin staff.
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