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  1. NYC Auburn Club

    St Pats is a Great Place. WDE
  2. next Head Coach

    Venables isnt leaving Clemson. His son plays there or soon will be. He's making million plus and treated like a king.
  3. Sean White arrested

    Its not up to Auburn to fix his problem. Thats for him and his parents, mostly him to resolve. Im sure there are many, many other students that need help with addiction ( Im not certain he has that problem) , if we help him, why shouldnt we help them. Answer: We dont. I believe Auburn provides some sort of student counseling but sending to rehab at $30-$40K, no way. Bottom line is he broke the rules , invalidated his scholarship and has to go in fairness to the hundreds of others that abide to their agreement.
  4. Sean White arrested

    Wasnt that us a few years ago?
  5. Sean White arrested

    He needs to pack his bags. JJ and Gus should follow soon. Obvious;y the team is not a team in the sense of caring and looking out for one another. Wonder if Brother Chette is much of an influence anymore? Good news is that maybe Gus will now burn Mailik's red shirt before he transfers.
  6. How Many of You are Willing to Admit...

    We should have beat Clemson last night. Two years in a row we were given the opportunity to beat the mighty Clemson Tigers, the ACC Gold Standard, and Gus couldn't get his offensive genius together. Cant blame this on the players. Its all Gus.
  7. Stidham indecisive, O Line not blocking, WR could not get open, Crappy Play calling , 1 Running Back, etc. These are problems that should have been fixed before now. Have to go with players we have on the roster and adjust game plans before and during the game., not afterwards. I've read posts excusing last night as "playing #3 team in country at their field" . BS. Who cares? We could have won that game and last year if Gus had his act together. I do not believe Sean White is the answer. Its a Head Coaching problem and Likely AD as well.
  8. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    Im trying to remember which QB we had that looked good first game?
  9. Missed Field Goals

    I wish I had your confidence. WDE
  10. Missed Field Goals

    We had 2 missed field goals? We will need those against Clemson.
  11. What happened to Kerryon?
  12. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Yep. Wise Woman.
  13. Sal Cannela impressing the team

    His hair from roster picture looks fine. Van Gorders and Fisher's kids were the worst Ive seen.
  14. Scouting report: Clemson

    True the ACC is better and conferences let them sneak up on them and honestly the SEC has gone down a bit. Take away Deshaun and Lamar then we will see how they go.