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  1. Dont be fooled, its the assistants winning games at clemson, not dabo. Problem is, they arent leaving.
  2. Venables son is a legit LB in high school committed to Clemson, if not there already. venables will stay at clemson as long as his son is there
  3. I have higher expectations of AU football than whats been shown lately. We have been a punchline the last couple of years, shuffling quarterbacks, no offensive identity, no real back up or game plan. I blame Gus for that. I dont think its ridiculous to be competitive with the teams mentioned, exchanging wins at least would be nice. After a NC, we should have been in a position to reload , lead recruiting and not have to rebuild as many make excuses we're doing. At least you recognize there were "issues" and are now being corrected. And yes, the SEC was down and I'd rather not replay the exciting 2016 Sugar Bowl. Ask Gus, Football has become big business. I think he mentioned he wanted to act more like a CEO. If so, don't expect to be around long with mediocre years. The high profits (NC) wont make up for the losses in the between years. No school (business) is out there trying to hire him away. The City of Auburn is growing like crazy, but the revenues derived from AU Athletics and related sports business and giving is down. Thats a fact. If the approval polls came in at 78%, then thats just average. Im not certain that would fly in my business or academic world. I love AU but not crazy about the football program right now. WDE
  4. I voted disapprove. Gus has let several teams pass us by in terms of recruiting and coaching. Auburn has gone from a perennial favorite football team to a questionable team that has become a joke to many. I never thought his ego or stubborness about Lashlee would have gotten in the way, but it did. Now he's having to play catch up. If Gus doesnt beat Clemson, Georgia, LSU and loses to those we shouldn't, he's gone. What other D1 team do you believe would hire him?
  5. Tonight at a Tiger Prowler event in SC, Dabo advised he was not worried about " an Auburn team breaking HIS record" of consecutive wins.
  6. Red Stick?
  7. Yes. I feel pretty good about it this year.
  8. The topic was "Will we beat Clemson" and Im reading about Chizik, JJ, etc. ?
  9. Im curious for opinions if we are ready to dethrone them as they did us in 2011
  10. I am not as connected as I was but you would think Gus or JJ would be more pro-active. Forget they really never made plans for a good back up quarterback ( much less a starter) but not having a short list with feelers out for an OC is another example. Dont tell me that neither Gus nor JJ anticipated Lashlee leaving. You would think behind the scene contacts via discrete sources or agents would have been in place before Lashlee's announcement / departure. Time should have already been spent getting the best OC long before now.
  11. Jeff Scott is Co-OC but I think its the other guy calling the plays. Dont remember his name off hand and he would never leave Dabo. Jeff Scott is a good guy but just a fixture from early days of USC and Clemson.
  12. Im very suspect on who has actually been calling the plays. Crazy as it sounds Rhett had been calling the plays yet Gus took the blame. Remember the awkward CEO speech Gus gave a few weeks ago? Unfortunately, there are zero nibbles on Lashlee for another job. Not certain why anyone would feel guilty cutting him loose with the severance package he'd receive. Seasons like this cost AU and the town of Auburn millions of dollars.
  13. That's awful. What a terrible dad. Brought a kid to a game.
  14. Well LSU might be in the game for Briles now. Bottom line is if Gus stays, we definitely need another OC.
  15. Didn't see what he did on the sideline but could tell from the Netflix show he has an attitude. Doesnt seem team oriented , mostly about him. My prediction is that Gus will handle it to the detriment of JFIII and the team.