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  1. At this point Ill take the 6-6 if he goes. I think he will at 8-4
  2. Supposedly this kid is related to someone "Of importance"?
  3. There was more speculation to Bentley than reality. He used it to his advantage as most coaches do as a ploy to gain interest and possible raise at current school. He was a good HS coach at a school that had stud athletes recruited from the upstate in SC. He left to go to PC , never won a game and has been a dud since. His usefulness was only for his step son who petered out and now Jake who is struggling. Anyone who has been around BB considers him a clown. HS coaches wont even return his phone calls. As reserved and secretive as Gus is, you think he would throw out names hes considering? Its more from the lazy "media types" throwing mud to get clicks. The best thing Will Muschamp ever did for Auburn was take that wacko with him. Now he is stuck with him until Jake graduates or gets replaced.
  4. The thing I see and is most predictable is that almost after every third down, we dont get a first.
  5. Once Gus leaves, fired or otherwise he will never coach again. He knows that. For one who would hire him and second he will be plenty rich. If he cared for Auburn he would negotiate a better deal for AU but still come out wealthy. The university , the town and businesses will lose millions this year due to Gus. The money is there to buy him out but just waiting for the best moment. But it wouldn't be done until 2019. I havent met the new AD but pretty soon the heat will be on him to do something. He seems like a smart guy and I would think already looking at options. Also believe he will stay away from the Jimmy Sexton's carousel of recycled coaches.
  6. There's meddling from individuals at every school: Admin, Presidents, Jock Sniffers, Alumni, EX COACHES etc. The big negative was Jacobs and who all he allowed as his influence. I hope with Greene we have a cleaner slate upon which to build and get better choices. Without the buyout he would be fired this year but likely next year will be his last. WDE
  7. I was hoping he would be more of a QB for us. I cant see him being on any NFL team, not even their bench.
  8. I have extra ticket section 124 at Face Value $150 if needed
  9. UCF sold out their allotment within hours and AU still has some left?
  10. There's always the exception. I sold peanuts and popcorn in the stands as a kid. My dad and sister went there. Just never cared much for the coaches or fans. WDE.
  11. Bowls are a scam. Most tickets are provided to sponsors and those who are bowl ticketholders aka scalpers, stubhub etc. Ive noticed some schools sell them outright where others cough cough Auburn, make them available first to the elite then on down the totem pole. Often times Ive had more success buying them through the opposing team than with AU. It can be risky but I bet you can buy good seats outside the stadium this year.
  12. That leaves another 50000 seats that go to sponsors / scalpers. Interesting to see who buys those up, or doesn't. I Just hope it's a full stadium.
  13. No doubt. Results pretty much what I expected. We had chances and lost momentum.
  14. I'll be happy to oblige. Some fans despise other team fans but exhibit the same pattern of bahavior and attitude. If shoe was on the other foot I'd swear you were a turd. I have lived around Clemson and Bama fans, they are both terrible and obnoxious. But Clemson fans are by far the most conceited and believe they are superior in all of sports. I was merely picking my poison. My preference OK wins it all. Let me know about ending your misery. I'll bet it's a long line.
  15. I get your point. But Auburn not consistent as showed in the SECCG. I believe had we made the playoffs, we could have won out.