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  1. Auburn Athletics ‏@AUAthletics Welcome the Tigers home! Doors open at indoor practice facility at 6 p.m. Two planes, team expected at 7:30 & 8:30.
  2. Fluk


    You don't know exact location, but it appears they will be end zone seats. Typically, they put you int he section of the team that you purchased. Yes, if you own a reservation, you are guaranteed a face value ticket. Reservations right now around $600, face value of ticket is $325, so you're looking at $925 for a ticket. Compare that to StubHub, and appears to be good value based on current market.
  3. Fluk


    Teamtix is definitely the way to go. I've followed this site for past few years, and these prices are about $600 cheaper than where they typically are (once teams are known). It will be interesting to follow the ticket market.
  4. That story appears to be inaccurate: @alabamapower For all of those wondering, we are indeed in New Jersey http://alabamapowern...vate/ogaojGiFnx A Note About New Jersey We've seen a number of news reports about electric line crews that are being turned away in the state of New Jersey, on the grounds that the crews are non-union. Rest assured, our Alabama Power crews have not been turned away from anywhere. Our employees are proudly representing us in several states that have been affected, and have received a warm reception everywhere they've been.
  5. With this getting additional national discussion, we need to at least give TigerProphet the props, merge this into that thread, and let the discussion continue. Will be something if his prophecy comes true, especially with the hostile reaction he received last week.
  6. I think we're ignoring the realities, letting the headlines stir up emotion. Here is the reality, which is simply a supply/demand issue: If you want to sign up for season tickets, you have two choices, signing up at the Gray level or at the Scholarship Level (you cannot sign up at Blue, Orange, or now Gold (B,O,Go) There are currently approximately 1,500 people on the waiting list for Scholarship Level Those on the 'waiting list' are all paying the Scholarship Amount ($5,200 for 2 or $10,400 for 4), but not actually sitting in the scholarship section They take this overflow and place them in general stands based upon TUF priority (aggregate TUF donation amount), which puts these scholarship overflow folks in the B,O,Go sections (while still paying the price of a Scholarship Seat) Since you only have two purchase options (if you are starting buying seasons tickets for first time today), in theory, if you desire to get a B,O,Go seat, you would pay for Grey seat, and then hope to work your TUF priority level up until you are able to get into one of the more desirable B,O,Go locations. However, since the only way the B,O,Go come available is if folks non-renew, and due to the combining factors that the Scholarship waiting list continues to grow at a pace that appears to be greater than that of those B,O,Go that are non-renewing, any B,O,Go seats that come available are absorbed by the overflow Scholarship ticket purchasers. As others have mentioned, the ticket prices haven't changed, just the TUF donation amount. And based on the supply/demand realities, its really hard to blame those responsible for the pricing decisions. The reality is if you want to sit in a premium location (between the 20's in the lower level) and want to be guaranteed the same seats each week and not have to worry with scalping for tickets, its going cost to you $2,600 per ticket (~$375/game).
  7. Does anyone know if the third player, DB Therold Simon, was a starter or even in the rotation? Appears to be a true Soph.
  8. Lyric from a Lil Wayne song 'She Will" .... language warning
  9. Line has been taken off the board at most Vegas Sportsbooks
  10. Tweet is from sports anchor from CBS affiliate out of Shreveport....odd that she'd get the tip first, but doubtful she'd tweet it just for the reaction.
  11. Anyone heard anything else? + Reed, Blake, and Mason - Mathieu, Simon, and Ware = a little more interesting.
  12. 675 users online at 1:30 on a mon afternoon? War Eagle!

  13. Rhodes Scholar Finalist?
  14. Thanks. What if you're already a subscriber? Anyway to benefit from this deal?