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  1. Cool .I'm glad you are getting to go. Hopefully the weather will workout.Make sure to speak to me and let me know you are from AE.
  2. The plane leaves B'ham around 9am on 1/10/11 and arrives around noon.We will then bus to the stadium.The return flight is somewhat open due to length of game and other circumstances.With that, we will bus back to airport after the game and expect to arrive back in B'ham around 3am 1/11/11 the cost is $935
  3. Yes I will be one of the bus coordinators.I hope you get to go.WDE.
  5. If anyone books on this trip let me know I would like to meet you
  6. Hello I read on this site every day but I do not post.Today I have something that may be of interest.My wife works for Aviation svce. group in B'ham.They are offering a same day charter trip to the game. The cost is $935 and includes roundtrip airfare and ground transfers to and from the stadium.If anyone is interested you can contact Rhonda Masters at 205-849-3848,205-966-6475 or rmasters@aviationservicesgroup.com I Ithink this is a good deal and thought I would tell the people that provide my Auburn information.If this is not appropriate on this site I apologise.They will advertise starting tues. and I expect the plane to fill up quickly. By the way the plane is a Boeing 737 .Hope this is useful to someone
  7. I read here all the time but never post.But today I have a question .I have never never seen a Tiger walk and I want to participate today.Will someone tell me where it takes place the time and anythihg else I need to know.
  8. I bought tickets last night through auburntigers.com upper east deck sec 113
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