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  1. Working out logistics and red tape for now....approvals, funding, manufacturing, contracts, etc. Already seeing interest & demand. Trying to figure a lot out at once. Not sure how far up it is being considered at this point; likely discussion with Alabama governors office soon. I'm not involved but talked to a family member of someone on the team developing this. I know this is somewhat vague, but I don't know if it is OK to share more detailed info and certainly don't want anything getting out that could further obscure or delay the process of actually getting this produced on a larger scale and in the hands of people who need solutions now.
  2. Pretty sure that's a joke due to the typo in the's a negative(-3) rating.
  3. Vole - noun any of several small mouselike or ratlike rodents of the genus Microtus and related genera, having short limbs and a short tail.
  4. Here's your KN confirm. Watch the video that's part of the article.
  5. Even if he did open his recruiting back up, do we still have a spot left in the 2015 recruiting class? I'm sure this information is out there in a topic somewhere, but I don't know where to look & I'm guessing some of you know the answer to this.
  6. Good info. 2014 total should be 788 instead of 888 if the stats from the first 3 games are accurate. Either way more yards versus competition that is probably slightly better or at least as good as the first 3 teams we played last year - can't be too concerned with that. As to the original post, no need for wholesale changes after 1 game in which the offense struggled. But given the struggles to consistently move the ball & put points on the board against K State AND given CGM indicating many times that JJ would play more this year, I have no idea why he wasn't given a series or two. It's not like it would have disrupted our flow; there was none.
  7. Clearly the takeaway from this is that we should shoot for always having the 109th ranked pass defense & the run defense doesn't really matter.
  8. This is true - reports are that they were Alaskan King crab legs. No small, wimpy crabs.
  9. That's strong. Per this link BP looks like he'll be the 14th highest paid coach in the country and 2nd in the SEC. While football will always be king at AU, this makes a strong statement for what JJ and others want the basketball program to be.
  10. It is ludicrous to expect our experts or insiders to be correct 100% of the time. Experts in weather miss all the time, the brightest people in the stock market or other investing markets may be correct 60% of the time, political experts are often wrong, doctors sometimes whiff, etc . . . so what I'm saying is that experts in almost any field miss on their predictions sometimes. Let the first person who's never been wrong on a recruiting prediction be the person to give the experts on this board hell. I fully expect our experts to miss occasionally; that is the nature of the game. And I'm certain this board will be a whole let less useful & informative if our experts/insiders disappear due to disappointed posters saying negative things. I appreciate the tremendous amount of time & energy Ellitor puts into this recruiting forum and the contributions the other insiders make. And I'll repeat what many others have already stated: please don't leave because of the negativity of a small portion of the AU Family members.
  11. I have never been more proud of an Auburn team; this 2013 group was unforgettable. Though I'm heartbroken for the players, and for us the fans also, these Auburn Tigers epitomized Auburn University as much or more as any previous team we have seen. These kids worked their butts off, believed in themselves, and never backed down in the face of adversity. Sure, maybe they could have executed a few plays better, maybe even won the game and the BCS championship tonight, but even in the absence of these, they won our hearts like few AU teams have ever done. No one will ever forget the Miracle in Jordan Hare or the Kick Six. These plays will live on for the rest of our lives. Louis and Davis are names that will go down in history long after the sting of tonight's loss has worn off. Technically Hawaii may have had the best turnaround in college football history, but this AU team, and the magnitude of their accomplishments, will surely surpass all others as time passes by. It has never been better to be an Auburn Tiger and this group of kids are the ones who have laid the foundation for what, I'm sure we all feel, is an incredible foundation and future. I have no idea if any players, coaches, etc pay attention to this forum. But if you do...Thank you for the memories, for the incredible effort this year, for a season that will go down in history, but most of all, for instilling hope in all of us again and for the bright future you have laid the foundation for. Whether others agree or not - we all were around for 2010, 2004 and maybe even other great years further in the past - I will remember and esteem you guys as high or higher than any of those past teams. Thank you! Though we lost tonight, you guys are champions - War Damn Eagle!!!
  12. As I just posted in the Bessent forum, not sure how accurate all the folks at 247sports are. But they are all predicting Russell to AU now - that has to be worth something.
  13. I'm not sure how accurate the prognosticators at 247sports are, but they all say AU at this point. So I'd imagine he must be considering AU pretty seriously...
  14. Incredible play! I was screaming to get the PAT kicked so that it couldn't be reviewed though since Marshall was fairly close to the line of scrimmage. The replays also seemed to show he was at the line when he threw it. Extremely glad it wasn't reviewed after Toomer's and Marshall's earlier TDs were both overturned (both of which I thought were TDs and had no clear evidence to overturn). Who knows what that replay official would have decided... That got me wondering though, what is the rule on crossing the line of scrimmage or what constitutes a violation. Is it the release point of the ball being over the line or is it the player's entire body has to be over the line? No way his whole body was past the line but it would be really interesting to see a freeze frame of where the ball actually left his hand (if that is the determining factor). Also, on watching the replays & seeing the split second switch from left to right hand then the throw, I wasn't sure it was even a scripted play but potentially a brilliant decision by Marshall to improvise. Would be interesting to hear CGM's comments but I'm guessing he would rather have the mystery left unresolved. Either way - incredible play that will get somewhat lost due to the unbelievable ending!!
  15. Just came here to post this article in case it wasn't already posted. Great article with some interesting thoughts from Chizik concerning last year. It may still leave you with some questions, but I'm convinced (once again) that Chizik is a class act. I wasn't aware he and the family still live in Auburn; it's nice to hear how receptive and grateful those around Auburn have been to him. Not sure what he will do going forward, but I hope he'll have a lot of success in whatever it is.