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  1. New facilities are nice and necessary but they’re not going to equate to wins. They’ll help with recruiting but if you have a coach that can’t get the best playmakers on the field at the same time, getting higher ranked classes doesn’t matter. The coach is the important factor here that needs to be changed to expect more. Gus is a perennial 8-4 coach that occasionally beats Alabama, but loses to LSU and Georgia regularly and loses in postseason 71% of the time. He pulls in good recruiting classes and the players stay out of trouble. He’s put Auburn in an uncomfortable limbo of never being able to reach the mountaintop, hovering about 3/4 of the way up the slope and rarely sliding down further, but unable to change anything about it because the safety harness is made of bulletproof Kevlar (buyout) and is stuck in the side of the mountain and can’t be moved. Im not optimistic that the football only facility, as awesome as it could be, will change Gus’ fortunes on the field. He’ll still sit and simmer around that 4 losses per year stew regardless. A new coach? It could be a difference. But at this point, after 7 years, we know what we have.
  2. The reason I said “just had a big bust at QB” was to illustrate how bad that situation was. You ran through the litany of issues with offensive personnel other than QB, but honestly, with a better QB, hell even with 2016 healthy Sean White, Auburn wins 8 or more games that year. Barber still got that 1,000 yards rushing in 2015. The wins were there to be had against MSU, Arkansas, and UGA at least, possibly even Ole Miss. And we still managed .500. All I’m saying is, it’s not the worst case scenario. Things could have gone even worse. Thats certianly not saying that they will however. Malzahn has the ability to keep the locker room tight so I doubt it would get much worse than that if it even gets to that point. The SEC is not a deep league in terms of talent and quality teams, at least in the last couple of years. A talented Auburn team with a respectable defense and some talent on offense can manage 7-8 wins a year pretty easily, as we continue to do almost every year now. It remains to be seen if we can hit that elusive 10+ wins a year mark more than just once every 4 or 5 years.
  3. Idk if 2015 was the actual worst case scenario. As bad as the offense was, the defense was on its way to improving and holding its own. It was the reason we kept many of those losses close, like the Alabama game and the Ole Miss game. We also at least had Barber who was a hard runner even if he didn’t have great talent, and a decent of inexperienced O line. That team’s talent was solid, good enough to be competitive in the league. We just had a big bust at QB and that affected everything else. Could have been worse. In general though, I agree. Gus probably isn’t going to have a 3-9 season. But I could see 5-7 as a possibility. Not this year mind you, but in a downward spiral of bad recruiting and Gus “holding on too tight” and “losing the edge.”
  4. I don’t think whether Morris calls plays or not matters. Whether or not Gus calls plays doesn’t matter either. What matters is a terrible offensive line that has steadily gone downhill. Not enough linemen being recruited until you’re already in the hole, not much, if any development of those players, and a reliance on plays that need a good functioning line to work. This will be the downfall of Malzahn if there’s no improvement in that regard. My only hope is that the new starters actually have a mean streak and can push someone in front of them for a change. That’d be nice, instead of just standing around, failing to give effort and then talking trash in interviews and on twitter about how anyone that criticizes the line play doesn’t know football, like a certain senior interior lineman I know of. I'm tired of the tough schedule excuse. Malzahn is going into his 8th season. This is who he is. It won’t get better. I doubt we’ll actually truly play for a championship again with him as a coach.
  5. This. Everything was going well and that changed the momentum. Defense went back out, got tired, gave up a TD, etc. But even without it, we still wouldn’t be able to run the ball. Once again, the clear lack of an offensive line worth a damn is killing this offense. That’s still on Gus for failing at building that line.
  6. Play calling is consistent with bad O line play. Once again, if the line actually had some toughness, we’d be ahead right now.
  7. 2010 by far the most memorable. That was my last year of grad school so it was even more special than it turned out to be. 2013 of course was great. 2017 had its moments. I’ve always looked back fondly on the 2014 season even though we faded down the stretch, that was a damn good team that could hang with anyone, offensively speaking (exception the UGA game that still doesn’t make any sense to me) Highlight of that year was the Ole Miss game that I attended. Awesome game, good tailgating, and a lot of salt from the ole miss fans that night. If I were to rank the top 10 moments of the 2010s, it’d probably be as follows: 10: 2019 Oregon win/comeback 9: 2017 Iron Bowl (Kick Ass) 8: 2019 Iron Bowl 7: 2013 SEC Championship game 6: 2010 SEC Championship game 5: 2017 UGA beatdown 4: Miracle at Jordan Hare 3: 2010 Iron Bowl Camback 2: Kick Six 1: BCS National Championship game 2011 Honorable Mentions: 2010 LSU game 2014 Ole Miss 2013 Texas A&M 2018 Washington 2014 LSU
  8. If Morris is a one year deal, it could definitely be worth it in the long run if only for his coaching of Nix. I think back to 2002. I maintain it was Petrino that did the most development of Jason Campbell at Auburn, coming in his sophomore year after a lackluster 2001 season. Campbell may not have become a 1st rounder until 2004 and Borges’ offense but there’s no doubt he took the biggest leap in ability and performance in 2002. I hope Nix can manage the same thing with a real and proven QB coach mentoring him. But like E said, I suspect Morris will be here at least 2 years, just because of his reputation needing to be reset. Then again, we didn’t expect USC to hire Muschamp in 2016 so soon after UF but then, it wasn’t quite as bad as Morris’ failure at Arky. He may be desperate to be a HC again after a year here and take an FCS job somewhere.
  9. Problem is, I can’t find Buffalo anywhere anymore. I had some about a month ago at Missionary Ridge but it was because one of my guys stopped by the distillery on the way down from Ohio and picked up a bottle. I used to have a really awesome bar in the man cave and after a taste test one night, determined that Woodford Reserve was trash compared to its price, Four Roses was strong, but Elijah Craig took the cake. Larceny was also quite good, along with Buffalo Trace. Jefferson’s is also one of my favs.
  10. Yeah, maybe right now, those programs are highly ranked but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any more wins in that group. Realistically Malzahn should be at least 4-4 against UGA, possibly 5-3 (2014, 2015, 2016). Against LSU, probably 4-3 or at least 3-4 (2017 and 2018 come to mind). Instead, he’s 2-6 and 2-5 respectively. 3-4 against UAT is respectable in the age of Saban, but to not have better records against the other two, especially when there have been several years where Auburn was clearly the better team/program at the time, is disappointing and a strike against him.
  11. Is the schedule that much easier next year? I don’t think it is, other than the fact that we play UNC instead of Oregon. We have to go to UGA and UAT and we play LSU the week before UAT. That’s a tough draw and it’s another excuse that can be used by apologists - the schedule was too brutal.
  12. I think part of what might have saved him this year (if he hadn’t beaten Bammer) is the whole “true freshman QB” thing. He can always use the “brand new O line” thing next year. But at some point, it has to be enough. Quite frankly, I feel like 2018 was THE year for him. Returning highly thought of QB, mostly veteran O-line, a lot of very talented receivers, great defense, etc. He didn’t have much of an excuse and whayda know? It was a big turd sandwich outside of the Washington game. I guess I’m on the little step of the bus just before you step onto it. That Iron Bowl win has given me so much comedic enjoyment since it ended that I love the guy again - at least a little bit. He needs to be able to show that things are actually improving at Auburn, as opposed to staying static. I can credit him for not letting things get worse than 7-5 or 8-4, but it’s not improving either. He’s basically maintaining the status quo. That’s not getting us anywhere. Orgeron has now outclassed him as a coach in terms of the improvement of the program, and there are at least 2-3 other coaches currently in the league that have done the same, possibly 1-2 more that could in the future as well. Recruiting is great, keeping guys graduating and out of trouble is great, and beating the hell out of Arkansas and ole miss is great too, but it’s time to start developing players and improving the program to the point where it can actually win a championship and get to the playoffs every now and then. We’re not at that point and haven’t been since 2013, a year that saw us get a lot of lucky breaks to get where we were anyway. I’m not asking or expecting undefeated seasons every year. I’d just like to beat the rivals more consistently and be in contention late in the year.