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  1. Yep. All I was thinking while watching the game last night. The commentary on that one was worse than last night.
  2. This. It’s embarrassing. 105 starts combined for this group. I mean yeah, maybe coaching is a big problem but ultimately it comes down to personnel. We ran the ball a little bit better in the second half tonight. Why? Because Tulane was tired. They don’t have the depth. They’re non Power 5. That’s not improved line play. Im quite disgusted with this. And if we don’t have anyone who can do any better then half of it falls on the coaches for not recruiting better players.
  3. Bo needs to grow up and get more experience. Joey would be in the same situation. This ain’t just a QB issue. This is about the O-line and the entire makeup of this offense.
  4. This offensive line has ALL 5 starters back. Regardless of depth issues, these guys should be better. This is absolutely abhorrent. This is the worst O-line performance I can remember since the 2012 Arkansas game. Maybe worse than that. Someone needs to smack these morons around and get them angry. When you can’t get 2 yards on 3 plays against Tulane you’ve got a problem. And I don’t necessarily think it’s a Grimes issue. This is a jimmies and joes issue.
  5. Has it been announced if we’re Home or Away jerseys tomorrow?
  6. It was. It was the only “cheap shot” by Fairley and it was indeed penalized. I was there. I remember. I also remember the fracas from the UGaY players all game. They can choke on it. I love it. I especially love that this loser is still whining about this particular game. Guess he doesn’t remember the blatant head shot he took against Alabama in 2012. Doesn’t have a problem with that. The Murrays are trash. Aaron is a whiny insecure little puppy who should have stuck with flag football, and as another esteemed poster pointed out earlier, his POS brother Josh is a horrible person who is apparently abusive to women and is now, thankfully, a nobody. Their mother continues this Jihad against Auburn according to her twitter posts in 2017 which hilariously blew up in her face. I don’t care what or who thinks Fairley was dirty. So be it. Georgia can go to hell. I have infinitely more respect for Alabama than the mutts in Athens.
  7. I think the “16 year old, inexperienced” explanation only works if it’s truly a situation where experience would help. Like say if you hydroplane and hit the brakes instead of just drift until the treads get traction again. That’s a rookie mistake that you learn from and get better at over time. That’s not anyone’s fault. Maverick and Goose getting stuck in a jet wash and crashing was no ones fault - it just happened and Mav didn’t have any chance of recovering. If, however, you’re knowingly speeding or driving recklessly, I’d say that anything that comes your way IS your fault because you should know better. Being 16 is no excuse for reckless behavior behind the wheel. If you’re not mentally competent enough to handle the responsibility of driving a car at high speeds, you should wait to drive until you get the concept of safety for yourself and others on the road. Granted, kids do stuff like this all the time and it’s not unique. That doesn’t make it okay just because it’s common. Dropping below the hard deck to get missile lock on Jester was a deliberate choice to break the rules and as Viper said, “those rules of engagement are there for your safety.” An accident could have occurred that might have cost lives and then, someone definitely would have been at fault. and yes, Top Gun is one of my favorite movies, why do you ask?
  8. It will affect you when an Auburn fan or rival fan, indulging hardcore at the game decides to pick a fight over some trivial matter and somebody gets hurt. Drinking at games has been going on forever but it’s always been limited - you can only sneak in so much through the gates so nobody is getting plastered at the game only. The drunks who get in the game are typically kicked out by the cops soon after the game starts or they pass out soon after. Some people can get creative - I once was able to get a whole 750 ml of Crown Royal into the 2008 LSU game - but usually you share that with everyone. This selling at the game is a recipe for disaster and I’m glad I can still attend an Auburn game without getting sucker punched because I’m cheering for my team. I will not be attending any games at away stadiums where alcohol is being served freely.
  9. Probably in regulation. Purdue hit 99 last night in OT.
  10. I think this is probably what will eventually happen. However I think they’ll tear down Beard-Eaves and build a partial parking deck/partial class building on the site, maybe a new kinesiology building? Sports science? Definitely Biggio needs to go. It’s practically useless anyway. Turn it into the driveway for the football facility and leave it at that - no public thru traffic.
  11. It’s plenty big, if you build up. Put in a parking deck on the ground floor, meeting rooms, conference rooms, reception, cafeteria on the first floor. New state of the art weight room, plunge pools, rehab, etc on the next floor. Have a floor just for recruits and players - Xbox and PlayStation, pool, lounge, etc. then have your coaches’ offices and position meeting rooms on the top floor with the view. Give the head coach an office like the one at Oregon’s facility - all open with big windows and a great view of the practice fields. You could even tear up Biggio and build an access tunnel to the practice fields or the indoor facility that could lead straight from the weight room floor. As long as you think Up and not out, there’s plenty of room at the old track. Plus that’s probably the only real option unless you demolish the coliseum first.
  12. Imagine if we had that kind of depth at linebacker! 16 scholarship backers? Why then we’d only need 5-6 linebackers a year every class. Imagine the possibilities.......
  13. That's an interesting theory about Borges. But no. After Cole Bennett scored that last TD to make it 28-7, everyone in that stadium knew for sure that it was over. Tubs called off the dogs and put in the subs. Prevent defense allowed Alabama to score the next 11 points to get it close. We missed a field goal to make it 31-18 too. But we never stopped sacking Croyle hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'll never get tired of that game. Greatest thing I've ever personally witnessed in JHS.
  14. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the dearly departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace. Amen