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  1. I think it was Moseley you're thinking of with the Pick-6s. Trotter was never the same after the Clemson game in 2011 - something happened in the 2nd half, think he got banged up and was never 100% after that. His play declined the next several games until he got pulled vs. UF for Moseley. Then he had that awesome Peach Bowl performance against UVA when Moseley went down and everyone loved him again. Then he said he was leaving. I always though Trotter was the best of that bunch but that was not saying a whole lot. He could maximize his own abilities but had a relatively low ceiling - kind of like a responsible Sean White - capable of making most if not all of the throws but limited by lack of overt athleticism and size. He's good enough to get you 7-8 wins on the season but would need a lot of help from a supporting cast to get you to championship level success. That said, he's been with the Rams for at least a season or two now as an offensive analyst and he was coaching at Briarwood right after he left Auburn. He's got at least some promise for coaching in the future.
  2. Football Only Facility

    Is this even possible? To demolish the top 4 or 5 floors of a building but leave what's underneath intact? Would this also mean getting rid of the 4 wings attached to Haley or are we talking just the main center building and tower?
  3. 2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    Better than Bama, either way. I'd be okay if he does indeed head to Clemson. Makes all that work Saban and co. did a complete waste of time. And we still have a shot - however slim - with Chase. And if we don't get either Ross or Chase, we still have a monster class. That said, come on home Justyn!
  4. Locker Room Renovations

    Seeing those pictures, I really like the way it’s positioned. It’s going to help with trapping more sound from the crowd onto the field. They definitely need to do the same thing on the other side for the student section. It’s gonna look really nice when it’s finished, but obviously a little out of place. Greene can’t get started on this stuff fast enough.
  5. February 2-4 Visitors Thread

    Not E, but . . . I count 14 scholarship OL returning next year, 7 being juniors, 7 sophomores or redshirt freshmen. That's a chunk of guys presumably taking off after the 2019 season with the rest going in 2020. Auburn currently has 2 OL committed in this class and hoping to bring in 1 of Wonnum or Gouraige, and then hopefully snagging Anderson as a grad transfer for next year only. So that's an influx of 4 OL this year, with 1 of those leaving after the 2018 season. I'd imagine the 2019 class will be heavy on the linemen for both OL and DL, at least 5-6 OL if not more.
  6. Agreed. I've been critical of Auburn and Malzahn going after JUCO and grad-transfer QBs over the years because they're only here for 1-2 years at most and you don't get a lot of continuity - plus if you go from a 1 year Cam Newton to a Barrett Trotter or Clint Mosely the next year, you have a very different QB and your offensive scheme has to adapt, which simply delays any rhythm or success right from the get go. Linemen are different however, and in our situation with losing several senior linemen and tackles with a lot of experience, this makes sense. We've got some guys that will be the future of Auburn's O-line in the next couple of seasons but if you can have an experienced and already physically mature offensive tackle come in and play as a stop gap to keep from falling off too much, that allows the youngins time to get acclimated. I'm all for it, as long as we have a long term plan of development in place for our high school guys.
  7. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I would guess Horton and possibly Kodi? Maybe Porter but I'd expect Gus to do all he can to keep Porter around for his recruiting abilities. If Horton were to leave, Porter would likely move to RBs coach since that's what he has the most experience doing. Not sure why Kodi would leave unless he was being made an OC somewhere (not happening yet) or he was getting forced out/reassigned. Anyway, just speculation but I know Horton has looked around in the past so I wouldn't be surprised if it was him.
  8. Next OL Coach?

    Hugh Nall ...........
  9. irritation about our fan base

    This. Think about how badly Auburn was outcoached yesterday and in general isn’t prepared for games with a lot of time to prepare. Now think about playing our 3rd straight game in that stadium, against Chris Petersen of all coaches, with Jake Browning returning at QB. Just remember that when you need something to keep you up at night.
  10. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    No one can possibly argue that Malzahn is simply unlucky in bowl games or in games where the opponent has time to prepare. You could find 3 or 4 excuses for this loss, same as all the others. At some point, the preparation of the team has to come into play. That falls on coaches. Even if a player struggles, or someone is injured, it’s the coach’s responsibility to find ways to adjust. Auburn adjusted for 5 minutes at the start of the 2nd half. That was it. Malzahn and his $7 million per year was horribly out coached by Frost all day. Not sure why anyone should be excited about another bowl game with Malzahn as the head man. It’s not likely to work out well unless it’s against Memphis.
  11. Blame for both Stidham and the O line so far. Stidham’s passes are off, still fumbling and stumbling like he has all year. O line playing inconsistent is the only consistent thing about them this year. Auburn definitely sleepwalking so far in this one, except for the defense which is being held horribly on every play.
  12. Locker Room Renovations

    I hope so. Texas’ locker room is unreal. The tv screens they have for each player is a bit much but I like the aesthetic of the whole thing. I’m not optimistic based on the last couple of renovations we’ve done.
  13. Well... just because

    For Auburn to go with an 1892 throwback uniform for that game, they’d have to be all white, with navy or black socks and cleats, navy belts, and a single navy stripe down the helmet. That’s based on the uniform they actually wore in the game. I like the idea of alternate uniforms IF they’re a throwback to something we’ve worn before. I like the 1913 unis but they do need to be tweaked just a bit. I think a 1958-early 60s look could be cool, with the helmets being the same but numbers for the AU. Also on those, the jerseys would have to be all navy wth no stripes. Call me a4e but I also would love to do a 1983 and before throwback with the infamous orange face masks.