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  1. 2018 4* Buck Richard Jibunor

    I'm thinking a miraculous healing of Pettway's scapula.
  2. Ulm injuries

    Agreed meh. That tunnel screen has been great but it has been there all year and we've used in every game since September. To our credit, we have executed it so well, it's hard to defend for anybody but I'd expect UAT to be able to limit it's gains or even jump it. I haven't gone back and watched the replays enough to see if there is an obvious enough tip off for the play based on formation or motion but it'd be nice if Auburn changed it up to break any tendencies we might be showing. The only way the MW sub would work is if he is already on the field for a drive and we did it like KJ running the Wildcat by shifting Stidham out wide and Willis taking the snap as QB. It could work and it would be hell for Bama to defend but how can you justify Willis being out there for an entire drive? No evidence he can block as effectively as whatever receiver he's replacing. If you sub him on the field, it's an obvious play - he's either running or handing off but he's getting the ball in his hands regardless, unless its a complete fake out just to get Alabama to switch personnel to take advantage of a matchup. Actually, that might be the genius of it. Sub MW in and watch Bama sub one or more of their play-specific guys, have him go in motion and then just run a completely different play to take advantage of that sub. Knowing Saban, they'd have to account for it and that would be the decoy.
  3. Last time they beat a 9 win or better Auburn team was 1994. The stat makes plenty of sense. By the time you get to that number of wins, you've established yourself as a good football team. UAT is the last regular season game so a 9 win or better Auburn team is usually playing its best football at that point of the year. This was certainly true for a couple of years - 1993, 2005, 2010 and 2013.
  4. Path to a National Title

    I doubt the committee would take a 1 loss Miami non-ACC champ over a 1 loss Bammer. Just saying. I know their resumes would be similar but it just comes down to how good they think those teams are and UAT is likely to win out over a just now resurging Miami team. I think the only way the ACC gets 2 teams in is if OSU beats Whiskey and UGA loses to GA Tech before beating the West champion in Atlanta. UGA would be eliminated by virtue of losing too late in the season, the West champ would be eliminated and Whiskey would be gone. That's chaos.
  5. AU # 6 in Coaches Poll

    Agreed. I'd put Miami at #1, UAT at #2, Clemson at #3, and Oklahoma at #4. Miami deserves recognition and they've proven more than Bama at this point. But yes, ACC championship will decide everything for them.
  6. Finebaum at it again

    This. I enjoy listening to F-baum when he has good guests on - he does great interviews. I even understand and can laugh at his pot-stirring. He has definitely toned down a good bit of that since moving to ESPN. But people need to calm down and realize the guy is just commenting - he has no pull or say in anything and even his fellow media members regularly discount his opinion. He often gets called out on his UAT bias. Just don't get worked up about it - no different than message board chatter.
  7. Praise for Coach Malzahn

    True dat. Didn't matter today. May matter in one week. But good news is, neither Alabama or Georgia have been as good at blocks.
  8. Praise for Coach Malzahn

    Bottom line, special teams has been an enormous disappointment this year. Two blocks this game. Better be on point the next 3 games. A breakdown like that could be the difference.
  9. Praise for Coach Malzahn

    That's fair. It's a calculated risk. I wouldn't but hey, I'm not the head man. Other than that, I really don't have any complaints vs Malzahn today.
  10. Praise for Coach Malzahn

    A&M has blocked something like 7 or 8 field goals this year prior to this game. A long field goal is kicked at a lower trajectory than a shorter one so it can make it further. Ya know, lower trajectory means lower angle. Meaning it's easier for a 6 foot + player jump up to block it. The fact that Carlson is a great kicker is irrelevant when he has to do the same things that all other kickers do to reach the distance required to make that kick. He's had 3 kicks blocked prior to this game, including the infamous one vs A&M in 2014 that helped make the difference in that game. Tell me again why you attempt a high risk field goal at that distance, kicking into the sun when A&M had just retaken the momentum again?
  11. Praise for Coach Malzahn

    Can't give too much praise. The decision to go for the 52 yard field goal after the first was blocked was idiotic.
  12. Auburn #14 in Initial CFP Rankings

    I didn't believe this until they picked UGA over UAT in the first poll. It shows they actually look at it objectively and not just as a "they've been good before." UAT's "signature" win over FSU looks worse every week. They play no one of consequence until this weekend against LSU and then against us at the end of the year. Were Auburn to win out and win the SEC, I think they'd pull the trigger on us, not them. It'd be close but we would edge them out.
  13. Signature Wins?

    Dye's signature win has to be the 1982 Iron Bowl - it's probably the one he's most remembered for and it set up everything that came after in his career at Auburn. It was the turning point. Tubs could have multiple wins. 1999 LSU could easily be a signature win because it defined who Tubs was - riverboat gambler, excellent in big games, pulling off upsets, etc. I'd probably pick either 2004 UT or 2005 Iron Bowl. Chizik almost has to be the SEC championship game or the BCS championship game, just because of the implications. Honorable mention for 2009 WVU. Malzahn has to be the Kick Six. No other win comes close. If not that, you could make a case for 2013 UGA, 2014 LSU or 2014 Ole Miss.
  14. Finebaum: CGM to Arky plausible

    This. Losing to top flight Alabama teams when you're Arkansas or MSU is one thing. Losing to them when you're Auburn is another. Auburn has beaten top ranked Alabama teams before and will again. To expect us to win every year is crazy unless they're being coached by Mike Shula. But to expect a win here and there, even against Saban, is not that far out of the realm of possibility. Ole Miss beat UAT 2 years in a row and came relatively close in 2016 as well. Auburn beat Alabama in 2013 fairly and came relatively close in 2014 as well - Auburn wins that game by 2+ scores if they have a defense. Even the 2015 game was close until later in the 4th quarter. Point is, as a rivalry game, you're expected to not only be competitive but pull off the win every couple of years. You can defend a loss to a top 5 or even #1 Alabama team in any given year. It's a lot harder to defend when it's 3 or 4 in a row, and you have the resources to build a top 10 team nearly every year. I agree with AUIH1 - the heat is on because of the disasters against UGA. To be honest, Auburn has played better against Alabama in all of the Iron Bowls then they have against weaker UGA teams. They got blown out in 2014 and blundered their way to close losses in 2015 and 2016. They needed a miracle to win in 2013 - the win over Alabama that year was awesome but Auburn played a much better game against UAT than they did against the dwags.
  15. AU @ TAMU set for 11 AM

    It will at least be on ESPN right after game day so it's decent exposure for Auburn should they play well. A squeaker will get us moving up 1 or 2 spots before Georgia. A good solid win by a few scores moves us into the top 15.