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  1. lca408

    Tuberville weighs in ...

    That's an interesting theory about Borges. But no. After Cole Bennett scored that last TD to make it 28-7, everyone in that stadium knew for sure that it was over. Tubs called off the dogs and put in the subs. Prevent defense allowed Alabama to score the next 11 points to get it close. We missed a field goal to make it 31-18 too. But we never stopped sacking Croyle hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'll never get tired of that game. Greatest thing I've ever personally witnessed in JHS.
  2. lca408

    Tammy The Finebaum Caller

    Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the dearly departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace. Amen
  3. lca408

    offense isn’t ‘hurrying enough

    In the last 12 years: 2-4 in Tuscaloser (2006, 2010) 0-5 in Athens 0-6 in LSU Well, I guess it'd be 13 years to include 2006 in there but whatever. As far as other teams since 2006: vs Arkansas - 3-3 vs Ole Miss - 5-2 vs MSU - 4-3 vs A&M - 3-0 (2013, 2015, 2017) vs Tennessee - 2-0 (2009, 2013) vs USC - 2-0 (2006, 2011) vs UK - 2-0 (2010, 2015) vs Florida - 1-0 (2007) vs Mizzou - 1-0 (2017) vs Vandy - 0-2 - both losses in bad years of 2008 and 2012 I remember when Tubs made a big deal about playing for pride in the white jerseys. There was a stretch of like 3 seasons where we lost like only 1 away game? I miss those days boy howdy.
  4. lca408

    Pat Dye - Are we man enough

    You gotta pass to set up the run at this point. The O line is incapable of getting a push against the top half of SEC defenses. Let Stidham throw a good bit and use the most talented part of our offense and then see some running lanes open up. No way we can try to line up and get positive yards on the ground with our standard inside zone. Defense? Sure we’re man enough. Give them some momentum to work with and they’ll play more than well enough to win. Just don’t think it’ll be enough. Got to have the best game offensively of the season. I’m not betting on it but I’ll be cheering hard nonetheless.
  5. lca408

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Agreed. Don’t waste Hugh Freeze on Gus..
  6. lca408

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant (Mizzou)

    We’ll have Tega, Troxell, and Brams returning - all 3 seem to have some potential provided they get the right coaching. Not sure what happened to Horton or Harrell. At any rate, the O-line COULD be better next year with the right coaching and focus. But I realize that’s asking a lot of this staff.
  7. lca408

    Texas A&M kickoff set

    Could just as easily be MSU vs UAT on Nov 10. That will be a ranked matchup where auburn will be Unranked regardless of this weekend’s game. I’m thinking that regardless of us winning or losing this weekend, it’ll be a night game in Athens.
  8. lca408

    Shivers ferocious style

    Malik's been pretty solid running the ball, not exceptional but not bad runs. Boobie is clearly the best all around back if healthy, Shivers is exciting and the future looks bright for him. Kam is just not quite suited for this type of running attack - he's more of a situational guy and that's a problem that slows this offense down when we have to substitute him in the game. Who knows about Asa. Kam is fine but, forgive me for saying this but I'll quote Catelyn Stark: "they are the Knights of Summer, and Winter is Coming!" Boobie, Shivers, and Miller should be your 3 guys at RB for November/Winter. They make the offense function the best. Pick one at a time, don't sub them out unless they're injured and go fast. It may not end up elite but the offense will be much better on the field than it has been.
  9. lca408

    How Would You Fix This Team? Pt. 1

    Half play-calling, half O-line. This offense, whether Malzahn would admit it or not, is based just as much on running around as through you. Being in the redzone means yardage that's more crowded with defenders. That's typically a problem for a lot of spread teams that are built around getting your playmakers in space. Malzahn has tried to build an offense that uses more pro-style running elements but as we've seen, unless you have enough competent big uglies up front, and physical enough RBs in the backfield, you're not gonna be pounding in the football like UAT can on every drive. That's why having a dual-threat QB is so effective. It gives you another dimension to have to defend, somewhat equalizing the advantage that defenses can have in the redzone with the numbers. We never had a problem getting in the endzone with Cam, and rarely did we have a problem with Marshall running the offense either, outside of a couple of games in 2014. That's not saying Auburn can't be successful with a pocket passer or more pro-style QB. But think about the UGA games last year. In game one, aside from the Stidham scramble for a TD in the 3rd quarter, weren't all of our TDs from big plays outside of the redzone? The Slayton long pass TD, the Ryan Davis tunnel screen TD, the KJ screen pass TD. 3 times in the first half, Auburn drove into UGA's redzone and came away with field goals each time. The big plays made that game explode for Auburn, otherwise the margin of victory would have been considerably slimmer, though we obviously still would have won. Now look at the 2nd game. We didn't have nearly as many big plays, our TD drive was good and we got in the redzone to score that one but the other couple of times we got in the redzone, we came away with no points - Stidham fumble, blocked FG, etc. Interestingly enough, the Iron Bowl last year was pretty good for Auburn's red zone percentage - all 3 TDs came with Auburn deep in the red zone. I attribute this to the play-calling (which was superb in this game) and execution - Malzahn led teams always seem to play at a much higher level vs. UAT, even in losing efforts.
  10. lca408

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I think that we CAN get an elite coach. We'll see how Greene does in negotiations, etc. The issue is - since we've awarded gargantuan contracts to average and mediocre coaches, those agents will be pressing for more. Auburn will have to make their "elite" coach the highest paid in college football history to get them on board. No way Auburn can negotiate from any position of strength considering how we caved in to Malzahn and Jimmy Sexton. Ironically enough, Sexton will probably be the agent we'll be "negotiating" with again on that go-round. Can it get any more embarrassing?
  11. lca408

    Allen Greene comments

    Let's be fair and add the positives. 2-3 vs. Alabama [1] 2-4 vs. Georgia [2, 8] 2-4 vs. LSU [3, 4, 10] 1-4 in bowl games [5, 6] 0-3 in bowl games vs. Power-5 teams 0-7 in Baton Rouge, Athens and Tuscaloosa 26-18 vs. SEC opponents 10-9 vs. SEC opponents on the road 4-5 vs. non-conference Power-5 teams 2 NY6 bowl appearances (0-2 in them) [7, 9] 1st loss to a non-Power 5 team in 27 years [9] 1st loss to Tennessee in 19 years (20 years at home) [12] 2 SEC West Titles 1 SEC Championship 0 playoff appearances 0 National titles Yeah . . . . . doesn't help all that much. I look at those stats and I'm not upset about 2-3 vs. Alabama, but knowing that at least 2 of those losses to UGA were to below average teams really steams my clams. Same thing with the loss to LSU in 2017 - that should be 3-3 at worst. The big thing for me is the 1-4 in bowl games and 0-7 in BR, Athens, and T-Town. I mean, that's piss poor.
  12. lca408

    Has a QB ever regressed as bad as Stidham

    The play-calling isn't all that different from usual. All the usual personnel and alignment tip-offs are still there like they always were. What makes Malzahn's offense really good and effective is when it is run by 11 guys that know how to execute properly AND can run at a fast pace. (Every offense runs better with the right execution but this one needs speed to bring it all together) Talent helps tremendously obviously but mostly it's down to execution and pace. The faster you go, the easier it is to get away with an occasional missed assignment because the defense is usually in "react mode" as opposed to attacking mode. Even if the defense has a general idea of what you're going to run, if you execute it well enough while keeping up the tempo, you have at least a 50/50 shot of making the play work. Think about Nebraska in 1995 - those guys famously ran like 10 plays all year but nobody could stop them because it wasn't just talent that got them there - it was execution. Execute a play well enough and you can get yards against any defense. Execution and tempo were the keys to Malzahn's offense being successful against bigger, faster, or more talented teams. It levels the playing field when you have a roster of less talented players. Even in years where Auburn didn't have rockstars at RB or QB, they still managed a level of competency against almost everyone running this scheme. 2015 is a great example - you had Peyton Barber (not an elite RB), Sean White/Jeremy Johnson at QB, Tony Stevens, Jason Smith, Ricardo Louis at WR, etc. Bottom line, it wasn't the most talented or capable lineup in recent Auburn history. Yet even though Auburn struggled mightily in 2015, they still seemed to manage some basic level of offensive success because they had players that could at least execute halfway effectively - Barber ended up with 1,200+ rushing yards that season. Right now, we have a lack of talent on the O-line and a bunch of players that either don't know how to execute or are overthinking everything and putting themselves in even worse shape as time goes on. Stidham was good at one point - I think he was doing good in the first few weeks - but has since regressed either due to injury like auburnphan suggested or skittishness from the lack of good O-line play, or both or whatever. Outside of these, I can't think of any good reason why he would be doing this. This is more than just a standard "sophomore slump." Stidham's no longer up to par, the O-line isn't executing, and Auburn doesn't have a dynamic enough presence in the backfield to scrounge for rushing yards. It's a perfect storm of personnel hell, but it's one that Malzahn and his offensive staff have created themselves.
  13. The "Nick Marshall experience" as I like to call it was kinda unprecedented. There have been few times in CFB history that something like that actually worked out. It also makes up the one outlier in Gus' QB history where a QB actually improves statistically from one year to the next - 2013 to 2014. I'll say this again - you stick a halfway competent defense on that 2014 team with the same special teams and offense and Auburn doesn't lose a game that year. They don't give up 40+ points to MSU, they take down South Carolina much easier, they pull away from Ole Miss by the 3rd quarter and that game never gets dicey, they beat A&M, they beat Alabama, etc. Georgia is the only game that year where things are interesting because the offense actually got shut down after the 1st quarter but who knows? The offense in 2014 wasn't as clutch as 2013 but then again, they didn't have to be - they were prolific with the points on the ground and through the air. Give us a top 30 defense that year and Auburn wins the West, beats Mizzou in Atlanta for the 2nd year in a row, wins the SEC and goes to the playoff against OSU instead of Bammer. Malzahn thought he could replicate that experience with James Franklin III in 2016. I think the coaching staff threw in all their chips on that one. Once it became evident that JF3 was not capable of being even competent at QB, they panicked because they had a good but troubled QB in Sean White, and a talented headcase in Jeremy Johnson that they neglected to try and develop or rescue after 2015. Thus you get the 2016 Clemson game debacle where they substituted at will to see what they could do - with predictable and painful results. Then they said, "Okay, so we probably just need to opt for a bonafide passing QB" and subsequently recruited Stidham. It worked for the most part in 2017 and is now crashing and burning as Stidham has lost whatever edge he had, even at the beginning of this year. IDK what happened with Stidham - it's just about the strangest thing I've seen from a player at Auburn to have fallen so far. I know the O-line is bad but there were plenty of plays on Saturday where the kid had plenty of time to make throws and ended up misjudging a throw, overthrowing, or panicking and taking off on a scramble. I remember one play in particular, sometime in the 3rd quarter I believe, where it was a 3rd and around 10-ish. Stidham had at least 4-5 seconds without any pressure. He stared down Seth Williams and ended up delivering a ball slightly behind him and too high - Williams tipped it in an effort to make the catch and it fell incomplete. When you have plenty of time to make the throw and actually stare down the receiver to deliver the ball, it's no longer the receiver's fault for not catching it. QB development is just one of the issues Gus is ultimately responsible for. 6 years in, there's not an aspect of the program that hasn't been built by decisions Gus has made - including the defense - kudos to him for making the right hires there. It's just more than a little concerning that the side of the ball that's he's supposed to be a genius at just happens to be the one with all the problems for the last 4 seasons - whether it's QB, O-line, WRs, not enough healthy and elite RBs, not using TEs properly, idiotic playcalling, etc.
  14. lca408

    A program at a crossroads

    I couldn't care less what the scores of Alabama's and Georgia's games are - they didn't matter last year when we beat the hell out of both of them in the regular season, even after losing 2 games. It doesn't matter this year. Alabama's or Georgia's success has no bearing on why Auburn lost to MSU or LSU for that matter. People use the "Malzahn has had to do all of this in the era of Saban" crutch as if to excuse the poor performances of his last 4 teams down the stretch. That's two games out of the year - only two games where we play those teams directly. Those teams have no impact or control over the other 10 games we play prior to them. Yes Alabama is historically good right now. So what? If it was just losing 2 or 3 in a row to Alabama, I'm not sure tempers would be so high. Don't forget that prior to last year, Georgia was a steaming pile of mediocre in all of those seasons. The Dwags fell hard after 2012 and all 4 of those subsequent teams were average at best - and we went 1-3 vs those Georgia teams. No one is calling for Malzahn's head for losing more than he wins vs. Saban and Alabama. We hold him to the fire for inexplicably squandering the 2016 and 2017 Clemson games, finding a way to completely mismanage the 2015 and 2016 Georgia games, and somehow torpedoing a 20 point lead on the road in Baton Rouge to lose to LSU last year - all games that Alabama had NOTHING to do with.