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  1. They first did that for 2013 iron bowl. It looked great. I think they did it again for the 2017 UGA game
  2. I’ll always remember sitting in the North end zone for that 2004 LSU game next to a lady who took the opportunity after every incompletion to yell out in an accent straight out of Chilton County “oh lord, we need a quarterback!!!” Of course, she cheered loudly when Jason led us downfield for the winning drive. I always loved Campbell’s game from 2002 on. He rescued us against Syracuse that year and never looked back. Granted 2003 wasn’t a great year for him or anyone for that matter but he kept working and ended up producing easily one of the top 3 seasons of any Auburn QB.
  3. St Michaels is nice, new, and just a mile or so down College from downtown.
  4. I was sitting in the north end zone in 2008 when McKenzie recovered an LSU fumble and ran it in for a TD that year. That was a big moment, though we went on to lose that game and the season fell apart. That staff knew how to mix and match players at those positions. edit - may have been a pick 6 for him but can’t remember specifically. Just remember him running towards our seats from the 10 yard line.
  5. I’ll agree here. The Shining is excellent but far from his best movie. It’s also not a traditional scary movie as it’s more psychological/slow burn. The Shining book is somewhat similar in that sense but the story is way different and there’s a redeeming quality in Jack’s character that’s there throughout, as opposed to the movie where he’s basically a ticking time bomb that turned evil with no chance to change back. I enjoy both for what they are. Doctor Sleep, the sequel, tries to split the difference between the two and does a really good job of it (the movie). Mike Flanagan is just fantast
  6. Try the audiobook. I downloaded the newer version that has voice actors doing some of the dialogue in certain chapters. It’s excellent. I’ve read it before of course but I sometimes like to listen to it in the background while doing things. The Reverend Mother scene is one of the highlights of the Lynch movie and hopefully will be in this one. The one in the mini series was a tad weak IMO. They need to nail it to set the tone of the story and from the trailer, it looks awesome. Just realized the other day that Mohaiam in this movie is the same actress who played Dr Pinderschloss/Fest
  7. Brandon started 3 years at Auburn, 05-07. 3-0 vs UAT, 1-2 vs UGA, 1-2 vs LSU. He was 2-1 in bowl games but only played 1 Big 10 team in Wisconsin and lost - 2005 Citrus (Nebraska was still Big 12 in 2006 as I recall). Absolutely agree about Cox though. I think despite his physical limitations and relative un-athleticism, Cox definitely proved to be a very good and dependable QB. Worst thing to happen to him was losing the big 3 WRs after 2005 (DA, BO, and AM). When you have to rely on solid but not dynamic WRs like Montez Billings, Robert Dunn, Prechae Rodriguez, and Rod Smith, you’r
  8. Irons and Lee in 06 were pretty good. Irons and Rogers in 04 would have been unfair - Montae was ……ehhhh. I will agree with Viper that Schelling and Jackson in 93 may well be the best duo. Maybe I’m just being too optimistic but this year’s likely duo of McCreary and Dreshun Miller might be one of the better duos of the last 20 years if they stay healthy.
  9. Close to the same distance that the current facility is now. I suppose a little further because you have to take Biggio around the current practice fields and then turn left on Donahue. But in reality, we’re talking a difference of maybe 200-300 yards of extra walking.
  10. I think what Keesler was saying is that Gus didn’t impart those traits into Bo. Bo already had them. It was Gus’ job to make sure those bad traits were corrected. As we saw, none of that happened because actual QB coaching is basically non-existent in Gus’ offense. Gus didn’t actively ruin Bo as much as he just let him do whatever as long as he ran the plays he wanted him to. Now I suppose, if you don’t think Bo will ever actually improve then you could say Gus ruined him by not giving him the coaching he needed from day one, leading him to this point where he’s hopeless. I don’t believe
  11. If Malzahn had an OL like he did from 2013-2014, yes I still would. Dismukes was a Chizik recruit and already a good OL by the time Malzahn came back in 2013. He was showcased in that offense that was (no surprise) fantastic with an elite OL. Mason had Cunningham from 2014 to 2016 and is responsible for the lion’s share of his development into the star player he became even though he didn’t originally recruit him to Vandy. Just for clarification.
  12. Well, either way it went, they can always say “this guy is who I was referring to, but I couldn’t say anything because the Cristobal stuff was actually all a smokescreen”
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