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  1. Just another Saturday....right?
  2. I had a feeling you’d call it today. Hard not to with Sally bringing this Halloween-ish weather. War Eagle! Football season baby!
  3. I posted because I felt there was a specific piece of info that they left out - namely that the other team in state already had a black player on the field and playing against them. Perhaps not enough Auburn related I’ll admit. But still pretty cool about the first AA player in the Iron Bowl coming that same year on that same field wearing orange and blue and beating that same team.
  4. Yeah that whole taking Cunningham to the locker room story is apocryphal from everything I can tell. I’ve heard that story for years and not heard a corroborating source. If there’s a legit first hand account I’m all ears. They didn’t even allude to that occurring this morning and they had players on both rosters being interviewed about it as well. No mention of it.
  5. Sure it does. Just frustrating when it’s a blatant attempt at making that old fool look better than he was. It’s weird. As political as ESPN is now, why make that leap? It’s a BS take on further glorifying the Bear that’s been peddled by Finebaum and others for years. Just sad to see it repeated so blatantly. Other than that, the segment was pretty cool. It is indeed a cool part of football history.
  6. So I just saw the Gameday special about the 1970 UAT vs USC game and how it was such a big deal with USC having black players at Legion Field at the time. That part was interesting and cool. The part that bothered me was this insane theory floated out there that somehow, Bear Bryant scheduled the game so that USC would win and would help change the minds of Alabama fans about black players? So he could recruit black players without criticism? Like it was some high level double agent stuff? As I recall, Bryant was already in some hot water by this time with the results from 1969. Why would
  7. Don’t understand this. Auburn vs UK is one of the 3 best games that day. Why not a 6 pm kick??
  8. My question is, and I may have missed it in the article, but what are they going to do with the current practice fields/indoor practice facility? Since the new FOF will apparently have 2 outdoor fields and 1 indoor, are we abandoning the relatively new indoor facility? Perhaps this was a long term plan since it’s already being used part time by other sports?
  9. And if we follow that forward, then college athletics comes to an end right now. Because as we know/have been told, the virus isn’t going away anytime soon. Since it’s a retro virus, it has the ability to mutate and be resistant. Which means that any vaccine will likely be like the flu vaccine which might only lower the chances of contracting the virus in any given year. So football, basketball, baseball, all college sports are done for the foreseeable future, which likely means done for good since the revenue stream is just plain dead. Idk why a Spring season is being bandied about since Spri
  10. LSU and Bammer getting the best draws. Of f-ing course. What a joke. I guess we got one that we wanted (UT at home) and one that isn’t too bad but not easy in USC on the road.
  11. “In a shocking move, the SEC has announced that both UT Chattanooga and Western Kentucky have joined the conference. In addition to this whirlwind announcement, the league office also declined any questions raised regarding the scheduling of both new teams to Alabama’s 2020 schedule.”
  12. Oh he was a fan. He’s the ultimate distillation of that fanbase. And they hate it - most of them. Granted, he hated others more than he loved his own but that sums up a lot of fans out there, of all schools. We unfortunately have a lot of so-called Auburn people that hate Alabama more than they love Auburn. Some on this very board. Though I doubt any of them would do what he did. I guess I feel bad for the family to an extent. I’m sure he had his moments with them? But in public, it seems his adult life was one of ever-increasing virulence with others. Former state police who resigned ove
  13. We’re already playing Ole Miss, MSU, UGAy and UAT on the road. If they’re insisting playing in NC, I’d say no thanks, whether it’s in Charlotte or Chapel Hill. I’d rather play UT in Knoxville to possibly get some revenge for 2018 than play UNC randomly. The Miami matchup is intriguing though.
  14. Ben showed flashes in 1999, notably against UGA. But he wasn’t bad before 2000. Like you said, it was probably just as much the pieces around him as he himself. His growth as a QB and the offense all came together in 2000 almost perfectly. Campbell is another example, though in his case, it was more the offensive system/play calling that hobbled him prior to 2004. I think that JC at the end of 2002 was showing the ability that we fawned over in 2004, against both UGA and UAT. 2003 was bad all around but I don’t recall him being glaringly bad, just not quite at the comfortability he had th
  15. I think 1913 and 1983 are safe enough where you could potentially claim them, 1913 by virtue of length of time and 1983 by strength of case. But claiming 1913 is pretty iffy considering it’s so far back, and seen as an easy pick. Basically what Alabama has done with a few of theirs. I don’t think we should claim 1993 simply because of the probation, no championship game and no Bowl game. Sure, 1957 had the same circumstances but that was also a much different time. 2004 - eh? It’s sort of a claim it by default because USC got it stripped. I love that team as much as anyone else but
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