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  1. lca408

    LSU Visitor List & Thread

    Those corners were empty mostly because those are designated away team tickets. LSU supposedly returned a bunch. And yeah, $125.00 per ticket is gonna price a lot of people out of going to games. Ridiculous. But yes, great atmosphere and loud from what I could tell from the ramp.
  2. lca408

    Aidan Marshall leaves the team-Merged thread

    It's an odd and random time to just up and quit the team. Assuming there isn't something else going on - which of course, there may be - why would you do that? Are your services in demand that much?
  3. lca408

    What colors to wear for each game

    Okay so, Navy, as a color, contains both Blue AND Red in the dye mix, meaning that when it fades, it fades to a purplish hue. This is the genesis of the Clemson uniforms story that were old Auburn jerseys that had faded. It's also why your old hats and flags turn purple after too much wear. Blue, (true blue that contains only blue in the color mix, like say Indigo dye) may fade to a lighter color but doesn't change from being blue. I would argue that the use of "True Blue" or "Go Big Blue" is probably more appropriate for fans to use in a cheering context since true Auburn-ness doesn't fade. Indigo dyes are fickle things and you could dye a piece of wool or cotton with Indigo 100 times and end up with 100 different shades of blue every time. Using navy makes it more consistent, since the color is more of a modern/composite dye. BUT, you can dye an Auburn jersey with pure Indigo and end up with something that is a very pretty dark blue that would also be "true blue" and never fade. I realize this tangent is completely superfluous but I specialize in generally useless knowledge so there ya go. For the record, I'll be wearing Blue to the game tomorrow.
  4. Viper is that you???
  5. lca408

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Biggest problem thus far is the damn penalties. I can understand the PI calls as those are generally good penalties to incur. But the Block in the back, holding penalties, offsides, etc. UW has had just one penalty so far.
  6. lca408

    Beverage Pairings for Every AU Game...

    Washington - Long Island Iced Tea or something that requires a lot of prep work - first game and you want to go all out ASU - Straight up beer - trying to recover from the disastrous hangover from the prior weekend, plus it's hot and cheap and gets the job done LSU - Absinthe prepared the traditional way - probably self explanatory, crazy $h!t happens when you drink it Arkansas - Beer, again. I mean, it's Arkansas and it's a week after an absinthe/LSU hangover Southern Miss - Water. End of September, it's hot, and it's a fake team from Mississippi MSU - Flaming Dr. Pepper - celebrate the 10 year anniversary of "3-2" in style! Baby I'm Burnin Tennessee - Jack Daniels and RC Cola - try to stay true to the spirit of the Volunteer State Ole Miss - Crown and whatever, or by itself - attempt a drink with the veneer of civilization but that's actually just kind of cheap - like the Grove A&M - Dirty Hooker with a 49 oz Porterhouse Steak - in honor of Jimbo's true nature and Texas A&M's penchant for excess - respectively UGAY - Evan Williams and Coke - something that can get you in trouble and into the dog pound quickly Liberty - who cares UAT - Jaeger Bomb - excessive, not tasty, and unnecessary. No explanation needed
  7. lca408

    AP AU #9

    This. There's no denying that coaching was the primary reason we ended up anemic vs. Clemson but also hard to argue that Stidham was playing at a high level at that point. He was not the same QB that would play against UGA and UAT later in the year. A lot of that is on the O-line of course - horrible game to be sure, but Stidham wasn't his best either. Just a bad situation that spiraled out of control as the game went on and thankfully the defense kept the game close.
  8. "Too Little" - you mean Saban - Does this mean WE'RE TOO LATE??????? AGGHHHHHHH!!!
  9. lca408

    Notes and Intel heading into Camp

    In all seriousness, that's like the best possible notes and intel post that could have been made. All positions of concern were addressed and had sunshine pumped into them. Well, except for Stidham of course and his back.
  10. lca408

    Notes and Intel heading into Camp

    25? Pfft . . . mere child's play compared to what we're going to do to him against ASU in week 2! Gotta get those "Heisman" numbers up quick! (sarcasm)
  11. lca408


    NCM was a low-key stud last year with his blocking. He just rarely got passes tossed his way. I only remember 1 drop early vs Alabama but he made up for it on the very next play with a 20+ yard completion, then caught the TD pass at the end of that drive. All of his scores were huge plays. He needs to get the ball more but he’s been the best blocking WR out there.
  12. lca408

    could be easiest home slate in years

    I don't think it's necessary for Gus to operate his program exactly the same way Saban does. Auburn has a completely different culture, both behind the scenes, with the players, and among the fans and campus. It wouldn't work the same way. Gus can be very successful at Auburn, just as any coach worth his salt can be very successful at Auburn. The resources to succeed are there. Consider that every Auburn coach since Pat Dye (excluding interim Bill Oliver) has either gone undefeated, won an SEC championship, or both in their tenures (Tubs and Chiz). Alabama is similar in that every coach since the Bahr has won at least 10 games at least once in their time as coach. Auburn and Alabama are both top tier programs that are more than capable of some sustained success. It's all about tapping into that gold mine and making it produce consistently. Saban has done that at Alabama. Gus seems to be knocking on the door of that mine and occasionally catching glimpses of the shiny stuff behind it but can't quite seem to open it up fully. Of the current coaches in the SEC, Malzahn, Smart, and potentially Fisher are the only ones that look currently capable of doing just that. I honestly think Gus has to learn how to balance his duties and become a better head coach. He knows what it takes to win but, as has been said before ad nauseum, he needs to get out of his own way sometimes and grow as a coach. That doesn't mean he'll be as good as Saban - I don't think he is or can be. But I do think that he can do well enough to get Auburn to some previously unseen heights of success, such as back to back 10+ win seasons, another SEC Championship or two, playoff appearances and hopefully another NC, etc. Things seem to slowly be trending up for this program both in terms of on-field success and talent increase. Malzahn is good enough to exploit that against the equal or lesser teams, and be competitive against the better teams. I'm cautiously optimistic now that he has his new contract and some job security that the pressure will be off and he'll be free to open things up like he did in 2013/2014 and let his QB and OC have some more autonomy. I hope . . . .
  13. lca408

    BBQ Discussion thread

    To be honest, I have no idea if some folks north of the Potomac/Ohio rivers use the terms interchangeably, I was responding to the earlier post. But I would also argue that most of the state of Ohio is more like the agricultural south than more Mid-Atlantic states. Still being cooked over low heat and for a long time - just sans aromatic wood. I think we can all agree that good and true BBQ - at the very least - takes a long time to make properly, regardless of how exactly it is made - whether on a smoker, grill, or in a pit. Let's go coaches! Get us some Andrew Booth!
  14. lca408

    BBQ Discussion thread

    Not necessarily. I routinely refer to "grilling out" if I'm making the distinction of putting some chicken breasts, steaks, burgers, etc. on the grill but of course, that is different from smoking meats with aromatic wood at low temperatures for a long time - that is true BBQ. I often hear fellow southerners refer to "grilling out" but they are always careful to make the distinction. Northerners may use the term BBQ interchangeably with "grilling out" but everyone knows there is a difference between grilled foods and smoked meats. As Grumps said earlier - anyone who tries to make BBQ by "grilling" meat has no credibility whatsoever.
  15. lca408

    I love auburn.......

    We need a4e to chime in on this one. I f-ing love Auburn. Doesn’t get old no matter how many times you say it.