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  1. Hardest hit I've ever seen in person. My view was just about the exact same angle as that highlight clip. The perfect sack. That game in 2004 is by far my favorite LSU game and one of my favorite stadium experiences of all time. And that's tough to say because I was also at the game in 1994.
  2. The violence towards slaves addition is most likely a general reference to the aims of the Confederate army/government during the war, rather than any specific reference. Like you, I'm not aware of any specific situation regarding slaves and Hays' brigade but then again, I haven't done extensive research on them or their first hand accounts. If there is anything, it's likely in regards to the rounding up of escaped slaves/free blacks during the Gettysburg campaign which all Confederate units did from June to July 1863 but I doubt there was anything exceptional about the Tigers that made them stand out. And as far as the "battle of New Orleans," I thought the organized militia was just that - a collection of civilian militia and not necessarily the original regiments or veterans solely. They did indeed fight hard and had a reputation for being fierce fighters on the field. The original regiment was pretty much strictly from New Orleans and included some French veterans of revolts in the West Indies. They got their bell rung at 1st Manassas after a failed charge but rebounded with a full brigade in 1862 and earned a distinguished record in the Valley campaign of 62 as well as in the Railroad Cut at 2nd Manassas, the cornfield at Antietam, and briefly captured parts of Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg before being driven off by a counterattack. Their early uniforms included blue and white striped pantaloons, short blue and red jackets, and red fez caps. Definitely the precursor to the crazed corndogs of today! As far as this petition, it's nice to see that it only has 346 signatures. A school/program/team can transcend old traditions and old ways of doing things to become something better. I doubt very much that anyone really sits around an LSU tailgate thinking often about the Louisiana Tigers of old when getting ready for a football game. The modern Tigers have long since left all that behind.
  3. Probably a4e's best moment in recent memory. Right on cue. Man I'm lol-ing over here.
  4. Coach Hugh Mungus?
  5. I'm not sure it was Tubs that made Borges conservative, but rather the limitations of the personnel. At the start of 2006, Auburn's offense was really good. But Kenny Irons got hurt scoring his long touchdown against WSU in the 2nd half of that game and then Cox got hurt against LSU 2 weeks later and the offense was just never quite the same after that. Good and solid but never explosive. Without dynamic receivers in 2007, Cox was limited in what he could do and we looked too conservative again. But certainly, after the first couple of games in 2007, I think Tubs made up his mind about the offense and kept it simple, thinking we could win most of our games with defense and ball control offense. We beat Arkansas that way 9-7, almost pulled it off against LSU in BR, and outlasted Alabama at home with that strategy.
  6. Auburn had a baseball team when Georgia was a pup. Auburn had a baseball team when Tech was growin up. To hell with Alabama and to hell with all the rest! A U B U R N!!!
  7. He fit Todd in with the personnel he had around him like a good coach should and let him play his game. 2009 was one of the best, if not the best, managed Malzahn offenses at Auburn, considering the limitations they faced that first year. Todd is no dual-threat QB, he is a prototypical pocket passing spread QB. Malzahn utilized him very well as he did with Ben Tate, Darvin Adams, Terrell Zachery, etc. I certainly credit Gus with some great play-calling that year and overall management of that offense. The point of my post was to establish that Gus didn't have much to do with crafting Todd into a good or great QB. He already was one after years of experience - he just needed to be put in the right spot with the best pieces around him to be successful and Malzahn ID'd that 9 days into Fall camp.
  8. Yeah that was all on him.....and his bum shoulder that required surgery midway through the season. I guess everyone forgets that Todd was by far the best QB of the bunch in 2008 even when his arm strength left him after the first half. He had some of the prettiest throws for TDs I've ever seen with my own eyes that year. The fade to Robert Dunn against LSU, the TD throw over Eric Berry's head against Tennessee. He sat out all Spring, didn't get to throw the ball once until summer workouts, and then won the job a mere 9 days into fall camp. Not sure you can convince me that Malzahn developed Todd into a record setting QB in 9 days of actual hands on coaching. Malzahn gets credit for putting Todd in the best position for success with a veteran O-line, solid and physical running game, and a couple of clutch receivers. Auburn reaped the benefits of a healthy and already experienced and developed 5th year Senior QB in 2009. No wonder he won the job once he was finally healthy.
  9. Very interesting to see D. Russell with the 2nd team. He's been a starter for 2 straight years. Guess Andrew Williams has gotten even better than last year. Also assume that if healthy, Nick Coe would be listed at 2nd team DE instead of Walker, even though Walker is actually a solid walk-on. Also interesting that Wooten is challenging a senior former 5-star Tre Williams for the 2nd string LB spot. Then of course, there's Paul James and Byron Cowart..............
  10. Agreed. I mean, we almost lost to both Utah State and La Monroe in consecutive years too, does that mean we should avoid any "cupcake" games at all costs? The thing to gain would be attendance. A game with instate teams would likely bring in more opposing fans consistently and sell more tickets for games that are traditionally a major struggle to sell out. Beyond that, aside from a near loss to JSU by a subpar Auburn team, I don't think we've struggled with any other in state teams at that level. We've hammered A&M when we've played them and I recall beating UAB relatively comfortably in the mid 90s. If Auburn is only good/average, we shouldn't worry too much about those games.
  11. Cannot agree more. I can't stand seeing people use Todd as the end all be all of proof of Malzahn's QB development. Todd was a 5th year senior, had experience at Texas Tech, JUCO, and Auburn. Todd was also hurt by his shoulder injury in 2008 and had to have surgery mid season. He didn't take a single snap in Spring practice and beat out Burns, Caudle, And Trotter after 9 days of fall camp. He was the best QB on campus and didn't get much if any development from Malzahn in that time frame, other than learning the offense and sitting in the classroom without an opportunity to practice until August. Malzahn gets credit for figuring out how to best use Todd in the offense that year but I doubt he did much to improve him. If Todd had been healthy in 2008, gotta think Auburn would have won a couple more games at a minimum. Marshall is the outlier. He clearly got better and became a serviceable QB and an excellent running QB. But to me, that's the only clear evidence of Malzahn's QB development. Anyone trying to take credit for the 2015 MVP other than Mike Shula is a liar. It remains to be seen whether White is going to significantly improve if he even has the chance.
  12. True. And I agree, LSU being left off is kinda funny but in truth, that rivalry certainly has lost a lot of it's ferocity and importance, mainly with the gradual decline of LSU under Miles. The LSU rivalry, since 1992 at least, is mainly based on the divisional importance of the game, considering that outside of Alabama, Auburn and LSU are the other 2 traditional top dogs in the West and for those years in the late 90s to late 2000s, it was THE game. Since then, Alabama emerged as LSU's big rival, both Auburn and LSU have diminished on the whole from being year-in year-out competitors for the West consistently, and as such, I think the rivalry has taken a hit. If LSU improves under Orgeron and Auburn can get it's act together, I think it'll be more important going forward. Georgia and Alabama are the more ingrained and instinctual rivals for Auburn from the first days of AU football. That's not going to change regardless of rankings or importance of the stakes.
  13. This whole thing is gonna happen again next year. There is no development at QB or anywhere on offense. Problem is, Gus is probably gonna get a bonus for 2017 . Embarrassing. F-ing embarrassing
  14. OP has it right. The consistent losing to UGAY is by far the most frustrating aspect of the last decade of inconsistency. Going back to 2006, 5 of the 9 losses came to Georgia teams that were worse than us - 2006, 2009, 2014, 2015, and 2016. To have lost these last 2 years is absolutely inexcusable, regardless of the injury excuse. Its late in the year and both teams have injuries - the better team should be able to win, regardless of where it is. Even the two wins weren't comfortable. Blowing a 20 point lead in the 4th quarter to have to come back and win in 2013 is only assuaged by the subsequent ripping out of their hearts on the miracle play. Don't forget that after scoring first in 2010, we went down 21-7 to them before clawing back to tie at halftime and they still scored 30+ points that night. Everyone talks about the Clemson game as being the height of frustration with Malzahn and his coaching job this year. Yeah, it was frustrating to watch and didn't make any sense but at the same time, it was still just Clemson. I'd take a frustrating 19-13 loss to them any day over losing to a terrible UGAY team for the 3rd year in a row (regardless of their win today, they were still subpar in 2016). That game was by far, the most embarrassing moment of the 2016 season and definitely the one that made me the angriest. We have a significant Georgia problem at Auburn and somehow, we have to find a way to change that. Last night just made it all that much worse. I vote that we beat the hell out of the dwags next season at home and don't stop scoring once we're up by 3-4 scores. I'd like to see another 56-3 beatdown of an actual rival and not the wannabe rival Arkansas.