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  1. Looks close. I’d have to go back and look and see when it changed from the Copperplate font that UA used to the block letters. I confess, I haven’t noticed if it changed last year or at any time. We’ve been doing the Auburn on the jersey for so long. That block lettering began in 2004, but it was only on the away jerseys. The home jerseys still had the AU circle under the collar. In 2005, they went lettering on both home and away, and then of course, UA took over and the lettering changed to Copperplate. I’ve always really liked the lettering - more name brand recognition as the AU circle just seemed too small. I still hope we can do some legit throwback unis one day. The ones we’ve done so far have been pretty pitiful. The 1957 attempt in 2007 against Vandy was nice but not well done. It was a home game - the should have taken the stripes off the home blues as well as taken the AU off the helmets. I remember seeing some 1913 throwback concept art that was really cool - would love to see us do that. Outside of that, I guess there’s not a whole lot to do, other than changing the face mask color which we’ve already done.
  2. To be fair, Saban did have a lackluster first class at Alabama, when he took over for Shula. But his first full class in 2008 was tops in the nation. So kinda sorta, but not really.
  3. Good point. Not to mention it coming in year 3 for Gus as opposed to the first year for Harsin. But I’m sure the excuse would be that Gus just didn’t have his players on campus yet. Criticizing the current coach is fine, that’s what message boards are for. Criticizing any aspect of the program is fine, it’s to be expected. But to intentionally downplay positive recruiting results by moving the goalposts to imply that recruits for the 2024 class aren’t important is being intentionally contrarian to fit a narrative. Harsin has been far from perfect and yeah, most Auburn fans are in a wait and see mode with him. But if you’re an Auburn fan, you can still be excited/happy that Auburn made some seemingly big headway with a lot of guys this weekend and secured commitments from two of the top guys for our 2024 class. To ignore that is just as childish as someone calling out Gus for any of the boneheaded decisions he made as HC, even when most of those criticisms are warranted.
  4. Extending offers based on camp performance is something I remember Tubs and Co. doing a lot - seeing them in person and being able to evaluate meant a lot more to that staff. Chizik did the same but there weren’t as many of those because that staff aimed higher and could reel in some 4* and 5* with regularity. I don’t mind the strategy one bit, especially with a 6’2 potential corner who runs a 4.4 or faster.
  5. This is the type of situation/year that Tuberville would thrive in. He and the coaches, especially Coach Yox, would be hammering the disrespect so hard in workouts and practice and team meetings. That first SEC game would be a bloodbath. I guess we’ll see how Harsin handles it and gets the guys going. Sounds good so far.
  6. They’ve been charging for many years now, I can’t remember when it stopped being free, probably sometime in the mid to late 2000s. Used to be $5 and now I see it’s bumped up to $10. I agree with Proud and Mikey - allow fans to come for free or at least only charge adults. This is the only game that many will be able to make because of the rising cost of tickets and everything else that encompasses a football Saturday in the Fall, definitely for families with young-ish kids. I mean it’s cool that all the money goes to charity but that’s not been the case previously.
  7. Exactly, which is why I said that. Unless our defense is bailing us out with 2-3 TOs per game, we have to rely on an offense that doesn’t have enough talent or depth at 1-2 crucial positions. Meaning that, even if they’re good in 2022, they can’t reach that level of production, therefore it comes down to an offense with personnel issues.
  8. This. I think we have talent at RB, TE, and maybe some competency at QB and OL but that’s more due to sheer experience than actual talent. Defensively I think we’re more talented but unless we’re forcing 3+ turnovers per game, it’s not going to make much difference. This all looks different if we have more talent and depth on the OL. Not sure I can say it’s all on Harsin but if he’s going to be leading this program long term, he’s gonna have to earn his paycheck with the gaps we have in the roster.
  9. Knowing the offense sure. Actually performing? Well we’ve seen how he performs in game and can compare that to Calzada and Ashford, even though Robby doesn’t have as much experience. It’s the default choice for now, doesn’t mean that’s who it will be at the end of Spring. Edit - didn’t mean that as a reply to you, just in general.
  10. I recall the complaints about Kodi were more about his recruiting ability and the issues and gaffs he had early on. By the end of his time here, I think he had figured it out.
  11. The whole “blue-collar” thing is hilarious to me. If ever there was a program and fan base that is obsessed with the theme of entitlement, it’s Alabama. I mean their b-ball tradition isn’t that great so maybe, but their fans carry it over so easily.
  12. Room where the old extension was? Is that still a pile of dirt or has something else been built there yet? Just thinking about someplace close by the arena that would work. The other obvious option would be at Beard Eaves but that would require demolition, cleanup, and then building which is even more expensive.
  13. Is Jimbo Fisher no longer considered a good QB coach?
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