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  1. I don’t disagree with the majority of what you said but here’s one simple fact that can’t really be disputed by anyone at this point - Orgeron > Malzahn. And that’s certainly not to say that Orgeron is a bad coach. He’s actually pretty good. But to look at the last 3 years and see how from 2017 to now, it’s clear to see one program get progressively better and the other to simply stay put and spin it’s wheels. Auburn was in better shape as a program in 2017 than LSU. They were at best even in 2018, and now LSU is clearly rocking and rolling and we are still at the same level. Nothing is improving. No, we’re not going to fire Gus after yesterday. Yes we’ll see how the rest of the season goes. I’m sure when Auburn beats Ole Miss by 4 TDs next week a lot of people will be saying that we’re back and all this crap. Who knows, we might beat UGaY too. But it doesn’t change the fact that this program is not moving forward. It’s not getting better. It’s not getting to the point where we can legitimately play for championships. LSU is a great team and Auburn was expected to lose yesterday and they did. And yes it was a good game and a close game for the most part. But it was also a game where Auburn had multiple opportunities to score and build a lead to win the game and didn’t do it. Play calling, bad QB play, and way too many false starts doomed this team. You can say that Bo’s performance isn’t Gus’ fault and even say the false starts aren’t either. Maybe not directly. But in what world does an all senior offensive line with plenty of experience have a performance like that? Guess what, Gus built that line. Everything that happened on offense yesterday was built by that man. Yes he DOES deserve blame. He gets credit for wins and he deserves blame for losses just the same.
  2. I remember setting up the tailgate on the Friday afternoon before that game in 2010 and seeing some LSU fans drive by on Donahue. One guy yelled out at them. The guy in the passenger seat stuck a corn dog out of the window. We all laughed and cheered as they drove by. I think they tend to embrace it now and that makes me smile.
  3. So much this. I want Joiner and/or D.J. as the starter and Martin/Shivers used as the change of pace, gadget play RBs. I do however, think that bringing Gatewood on the field for at least 3-4 plays in a row a series with either Martin or Shivers in the backfield with him could be effective, especially with Schwartz or Stove as a threat on the end arounds. That would be closer to a Nick Marshall package with 3 different run styles/threats to defend. While I definitely think that Nix probably is the best option at QB, we absolutely need more Gatewood against LSU and the November opponents. You’ve been saying it for a while about needing Gatewood in the game plan and I think it’s crucial against the big dogs remaining. Of course it’d be great if Gatewood could be on the field for an entire drive along with Nix to be able to slide back and forth. But that’s a fools hope I guess haha.
  4. Really? Shivers should get carries as the specialty guy on end arounds and such. He’s not a run it up the middle back - you gotta get him in space where he can hurt the D. His lack of size and strength showed today why he can’t do the in the middle stuff efficiently. Kam can do it a little because of his experience I guess but its clear that right now, D.J. and Joiner are the only guys we have to carry it up the middle with any success. Well, Miller did okay but we know he’s not necessarily the answer. Kam did have a few carries in the 2nd that I remember.
  5. How dare you imply that he’s not clearly the best and most dynamic player we’ve ever had at Auburn!
  6. I think Oregon is still the best overall team we’ve played. Their defense is solid and their offense is superb. Florida would be next, followed by A&M. A&M is still a legit top 25 team. I suspect they’ll end the season ranked, somewhere in the 20-25 range. MSU has problems obviously, and Kent state and Tulane are what they are. We’ve still played a tougher schedule than anyone else so far. If we somehow take care of LSU, we’ll know we have maybe the best team of Malzahn’s tenure. But that’s a big IF. Gotta run the ball. We can do it against their D. Be physical. We have to eat up the clock. Ball control. Time of Posession. Keep their offense off the field and keep our defense as fresh as possible. Use Gatewood a lot. Find ways to use him on the field at other positions so you don’t have to substitute. Of course I know that probably won’t happen but I can hope.
  7. LSU’s defense is not good. We won’t have as much trouble scoring on them as we did against Florida or Oregon. Our issue will be keeping up with the points they’ll score. Burrow is big time.
  8. Seems like he’s trying to “fit round peg into square hole” with personnel again. If Schwartz and Williams are your two best receivers and defenses will regularly scheme to try and take them out of the game, it makes sense to have them on the field at the same time. If he’s not doing that simply because “Schwartz is an X receiver same as Williams so they can’t be on the field at the same time” then he clearly has issues with letting go of his preconceived notions about his offense. I can understand not putting two QBs on the field for 50% of the plays, or possibly even RBs, but WRs? This is frustrating beyond measure. Think outside your Waffle House obsession box and mix up the personnel!
  9. That’s fair about QB eval. No doubt this staff has had trouble deciding on legit QB talent. But idk if anyone can say that Nix definitely doesn’t have it as compared to Joey, especially after the Oregon game and making the clutch 3rd down run against A&M in the 4th quarter. Nix appears to be the future at QB. He had a bad game, but I think it’s just as much on the coaching staff for putting him in bad spots. It was also a measure of how good UF’s defense is compared to what we’ve faced so far. Nix will get better as time goes on. We can start Joey but who’s to say that he’ll be that much better than what we have now?
  10. You’re talking as if you have been at practice and know Joey is way ahead of Bo. Is that true or are you just coaching from the couch like everyone else? Because as I recall, all the hype surrounded Joey at the start of fall camp and that went away quickly.
  11. Clearly we needed some more of.....some other player.
  12. If only Shaun Shivers had been in at (name the position) on that play......
  13. If only Shaun Shivers had been in at LB on that play......
  14. If only Shaun shivers was in at QB on that play....
  15. Clearly a lack of #8 is what cost us points on that drive.....