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  1. Ben showed flashes in 1999, notably against UGA. But he wasn’t bad before 2000. Like you said, it was probably just as much the pieces around him as he himself. His growth as a QB and the offense all came together in 2000 almost perfectly. Campbell is another example, though in his case, it was more the offensive system/play calling that hobbled him prior to 2004. I think that JC at the end of 2002 was showing the ability that we fawned over in 2004, against both UGA and UAT. 2003 was bad all around but I don’t recall him being glaringly bad, just not quite at the comfortability he had the next year. I always think about JC when I see a highly touted QB that’s just putting up average numbers for a few seasons and I wonder if that player will breakout when the time comes. Like Mond. Eh maybe not.
  2. I think 1913 and 1983 are safe enough where you could potentially claim them, 1913 by virtue of length of time and 1983 by strength of case. But claiming 1913 is pretty iffy considering it’s so far back, and seen as an easy pick. Basically what Alabama has done with a few of theirs. I don’t think we should claim 1993 simply because of the probation, no championship game and no Bowl game. Sure, 1957 had the same circumstances but that was also a much different time. 2004 - eh? It’s sort of a claim it by default because USC got it stripped. I love that team as much as anyone else but part of the appeal is also that we got screwed and there’s a mystique to the team. But there’s no doubt we were one of, if not the best, teams that year. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we claimed it. I say go for 1983, maybe on 1913, and leave ‘93 and ‘04 for the Auburn legend/mystique.
  3. I think by the end of the year, it didn’t matter. That team’s offense was humming and would have blasted just about any defense they faced. But the defense was the Achilles heel outside of the Iron Bowl. That’s why I don’t think they manage to win in Atlanta against an angry UGA team with Shockley at QB. But I love the 2005 team. Probably the best collection of wide receivers in their prime that we’ve had since, well I don’t know. And I don’t think we’ve had a group on the same level since. Heres a good question though. Think about 2006. Would you rather have just one of that 2005 group back for one more year in 2006 - OR - have a more mobile QB instead of Brandon Cox with the WRs they had? If you could only pick one. Im tempted to choose the 2005 receiver. Put 1 of Aromashodou, Obomanou, or Mix back on the field next to Courtney Taylor, Prechae, Montez, and Rod Smith and I think that offense is way better.
  4. Yeah I’m trying to think. 2011 was a blowout, 2012 was an embarrassing slugfest that LSU eventually pulled out, 2013 started as a blowout and then turned more entertaining, 2014 and 2015 were both blowouts for both teams, 2016 sucked. Honestly the last three games were the best of this past decade outside of 2010, and unfortunately auburn lost all 3.
  5. Personally I don’t think the 2005 team would have won in Atlanta had we won the West. Georgia ended up demolishing LSU in that game something like 31-3 and they would have been gunning for revenge after the game in Athens 2 weeks before. The defense that year just wasn’t all that and they gave up a chunk of yards and points to Georgia in the first game. 2006 was def the best team of the Tuberville era that fits this description, though 2002 may be close. That defense was fierce, the special teams were the best in the country, and the offense was....okay, not terrible, but gutsy. I think they would have had a decent chance against Florida the 2nd time around had they gone and played them. Also think 2002 Auburn would have beaten Florida in Atlanta for the Championship (assuming we beat Georgia which, along with the Bama win would put us there, and keep Georgia out). Agree about 1958. That tie to Tech would be one of the top 3 games in Auburn history that I would change the outcome if I had the power. Win the SEC and possibly the NC in back to back years.
  6. That’s fair. I get the point. But I’d also say, at least for a major/mid size city, majority of citizens HAVE been exposed. Here in Bham you have a lot of movement from the suburbs to the downtown area for work and also play where a lot of the cool new hip places to eat and drink at are. I live in Inverness and if we decide to have a day or night out, we almost always head into Jeff County and go to a brewery or a good restaurant over the mountain. Lots of people do that all over the larger Bham area. It seems nearly impossible that most people who do this, especially the younger 25-45 crowd, haven’t already been exposed though maybe not infected. Our church is on 3rd ave North and we also make that drive every Sunday, well until the Bishop put a halt on public masses that is. I just think that the big cities and their areas are already hit pretty hard. The tests are just catching up at this point. But you’re right about the more rural areas though. And for folks who don’t venture out. I definitely agree that quarantine is the best option, but I just feel like it’s too little too late at this point.
  7. Sure, but that’s the thing. It’s been here at least since mid to late January, possibly earlier. Social distancing and quarantine has only been in place for about a week and a half. That’s almost 2 months that it’s been able to spread unimpeded across the country. The only reason states like Alabama lagged behind in confirmed cases was because our testing apparatus took so long to get in place. The actual number of current cases has to be at least 2-3 times what it currently is. As testing becomes more available, the number grows really high. But it seems to me that’s more of a reflection of people finally being tested as opposed to actual spread, which at this point, it’s basically everywhere.
  8. My question is this - if this virus has been out and about for several months now, some saying since December, how much good would a quarantine really do at this point? With that level of infectivity, how much more can really be gained among a population where I would imagine perhaps a majority in a major/medium size city would have already been exposed?
  9. Good question. I don’t know. I’d imagine for most people, probably not a full 30 days. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have already been released from the hospital and quarantine and they only got tested last week. To be honest, the math here isn’t adding up. To be as contagious as it is, there should be more cases. Of course the answer is there’s a bunch more cases out there that are not being reported because a lot of people either don’t have the local resources to test/confirm, or they’re just not seeking medical attention. My suspicion is that the rates of critical infection and fatality rates are much lower than the 20% and 4% that are being thrown around right now, simply because the numbers are skewed by the people who are actually seeking medical attention. Just like with the flu and other viruses, a lot of people just don’t go to the doctor or seek to get tested for it because the symptoms are so mild, or perhaps they don’t think they even have it. It’s allergy season now too, which may convince some people that’s all it is. Meanwhile, these people with mild symptoms or asymptomatic can easily spread it to others unknowingly and get to the higher risk people. My thinking is, if you live in a decent/large city, you’ve already been exposed and many are already on the way to being infected because quarantine went into effect so late. I think we’re hitting our peak of infections right now or very soon, but the peak of confirmed cases/hospitalizations is coming in another week or so. Unfortunately, I think the “quarantine” recommendations came a little too late for most people who will be infected.
  10. Problem is, it’s more contagious than the flu. It’s going to spread regardless. Shutting things down for a month is only going to delay the spread and space it out over the next few months. I doubt this will actually do that much good. There’s evidence that the virus can stay in your system for something like 30+ days even after you’ve recovered. Then again, the symptoms are so mild for most people, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of folks get it, get better, and don’t even realize they had it since it’s being built up like “Captain Trips.” Then you have smokers and older folks who will legit have problems and complications with it. It stinks all around but IMO, it may be best to just have it run through the populace quickly so everyone gets over it. I’d be more worried about it lingering and having flare ups throughout the year, since right now there’s no hard evidence to suggest that the heat will help like it does with the flu, though that is the hope.
  11. I think he was more upset that he wasn’t getting 48-45 carries in a game.....
  12. lca408


    He’s a public figure, working for a public university with a larger than average social media following. He represents that school and speaks with, at least some level of, authority on behalf of that institution. He did when he was coach here as well. As a public figure, it shouldn’t be surprising when he is publicly criticized for his job performance, same as actors and other celebrities and coaches, public figures, etc. Not only did he legitimately trash the Auburn basketball program by his management (or lack thereof), he has now decided to be a petty a$$hole at his new job and try to take shots at the coach that took his job and the school which paid him. I don’t care if he gets his feelings hurt one iota. He’s brought it on himself and he has the responsibility as a public figure to either stop the idiocy or apologize for acting like a child. He doesn’t have to, and therefore, why should any Auburn fan feel bad for making fun of the loser? The best revenge is to live well and right now, we’re doing pretty well in his absence. It’s good to remind him of that. I hope he cried himself to sleep last night after the loss. Maybe it’ll prompt him to grow as a person.
  13. I wouldn’t consider missing out on BJ a mark against Gus. It seems like the staff has worked their asses off trying to get him to Auburn. I also wouldn’t necessarily blame the Calvin Ashley bust on him either - things like that just happen. But all the others? The lack of recruiting at the position? For several years now? Taking other skill position players over a position of perhaps 2nd or 3rd most importance on any team (if not 1st)? There’s no excuse for that. If this were 2010 or 2011, it wouldn’t sting as badly since Auburn was pretty much killing it with OL recruiting, taking both high rated and avg rated players in big numbers during Chizik’s tenure with regularity. Because we just now apparently remembered we need to recruit the position and are having to seek out JC players to fill out a depth chart, this sucks. Shortsighted personnel management by the staff for a couple of years now, and now they’re desperate to try and catch up
  14. New facilities are nice and necessary but they’re not going to equate to wins. They’ll help with recruiting but if you have a coach that can’t get the best playmakers on the field at the same time, getting higher ranked classes doesn’t matter. The coach is the important factor here that needs to be changed to expect more. Gus is a perennial 8-4 coach that occasionally beats Alabama, but loses to LSU and Georgia regularly and loses in postseason 71% of the time. He pulls in good recruiting classes and the players stay out of trouble. He’s put Auburn in an uncomfortable limbo of never being able to reach the mountaintop, hovering about 3/4 of the way up the slope and rarely sliding down further, but unable to change anything about it because the safety harness is made of bulletproof Kevlar (buyout) and is stuck in the side of the mountain and can’t be moved. Im not optimistic that the football only facility, as awesome as it could be, will change Gus’ fortunes on the field. He’ll still sit and simmer around that 4 losses per year stew regardless. A new coach? It could be a difference. But at this point, after 7 years, we know what we have.