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  1. lca408

    could be easiest home slate in years

    I don't think it's necessary for Gus to operate his program exactly the same way Saban does. Auburn has a completely different culture, both behind the scenes, with the players, and among the fans and campus. It wouldn't work the same way. Gus can be very successful at Auburn, just as any coach worth his salt can be very successful at Auburn. The resources to succeed are there. Consider that every Auburn coach since Pat Dye (excluding interim Bill Oliver) has either gone undefeated, won an SEC championship, or both in their tenures (Tubs and Chiz). Alabama is similar in that every coach since the Bahr has won at least 10 games at least once in their time as coach. Auburn and Alabama are both top tier programs that are more than capable of some sustained success. It's all about tapping into that gold mine and making it produce consistently. Saban has done that at Alabama. Gus seems to be knocking on the door of that mine and occasionally catching glimpses of the shiny stuff behind it but can't quite seem to open it up fully. Of the current coaches in the SEC, Malzahn, Smart, and potentially Fisher are the only ones that look currently capable of doing just that. I honestly think Gus has to learn how to balance his duties and become a better head coach. He knows what it takes to win but, as has been said before ad nauseum, he needs to get out of his own way sometimes and grow as a coach. That doesn't mean he'll be as good as Saban - I don't think he is or can be. But I do think that he can do well enough to get Auburn to some previously unseen heights of success, such as back to back 10+ win seasons, another SEC Championship or two, playoff appearances and hopefully another NC, etc. Things seem to slowly be trending up for this program both in terms of on-field success and talent increase. Malzahn is good enough to exploit that against the equal or lesser teams, and be competitive against the better teams. I'm cautiously optimistic now that he has his new contract and some job security that the pressure will be off and he'll be free to open things up like he did in 2013/2014 and let his QB and OC have some more autonomy. I hope . . . .
  2. lca408

    BBQ Discussion thread

    To be honest, I have no idea if some folks north of the Potomac/Ohio rivers use the terms interchangeably, I was responding to the earlier post. But I would also argue that most of the state of Ohio is more like the agricultural south than more Mid-Atlantic states. Still being cooked over low heat and for a long time - just sans aromatic wood. I think we can all agree that good and true BBQ - at the very least - takes a long time to make properly, regardless of how exactly it is made - whether on a smoker, grill, or in a pit. Let's go coaches! Get us some Andrew Booth!
  3. lca408

    BBQ Discussion thread

    Not necessarily. I routinely refer to "grilling out" if I'm making the distinction of putting some chicken breasts, steaks, burgers, etc. on the grill but of course, that is different from smoking meats with aromatic wood at low temperatures for a long time - that is true BBQ. I often hear fellow southerners refer to "grilling out" but they are always careful to make the distinction. Northerners may use the term BBQ interchangeably with "grilling out" but everyone knows there is a difference between grilled foods and smoked meats. As Grumps said earlier - anyone who tries to make BBQ by "grilling" meat has no credibility whatsoever.
  4. lca408

    I love auburn.......

    We need a4e to chime in on this one. I f-ing love Auburn. Doesn’t get old no matter how many times you say it.
  5. lca408

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    That would make us the baddies though. Then again,
  6. Just be careful about those hiccups after he's put on the weight. May have to eventually strap on some heavy chains to be big enough.
  7. Chik-Fil-A is an extremely successful company and the controversy over their stance on gay marriage has only made them stronger. Good for them. While I wasn't necessarily in agreement with their outspoken stance on gay marriage, I applaud their continued booming success and I salute them for staying true and on point with their stated values. This article almost reads like sour grapes - using the terms "creepy" and "infiltrated," "misguided" and "ulterior motives" - I pretty much chuckled at every other sentence. Fat chance of making CFA go away anytime soon. It's good food (for fast food), prepared better and faster than any other fast food chain in America, and it's all done with a smile and a good attitude. Call it disingenuous if you want but I've never had any experience at any CFA over half a dozen states that wasn't genuine. My own worst experience had more to do with the layout of their parking lot and drive through and how busy it was then with anyone working at the establishment.
  8. lca408

    Calvin Ashley

    Really? I mean yeah in her "Speed" and "Time to Kill" days sure, but now? Eh, pretty but not insanely drop dead gorgeous. Salma Hayek however . . .
  9. lca408

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    This. The O-line losses after 2013 were still somewhat manageable even though we lost Greg Robinson at left tackle and Kozan to injury where he didn't play all year. We still had Chad Slade, Dismukes, Avery Young, and Patrick Miller on that line which had a bit more experience and I guess confidence than we have now. The runningback thing is also different. QB - advantage 2014 - gotta take Marshall over Stidham right now as Mr. Cool, ice in his veins, and his mobility RB - advantage 2014 - CAP and Grant were legit with experience, 2018 is very young WR - slight advantage 2018 - Slayton, Davis, Myers, etc. beat Sammie Coates' inconsistency and Duke's injuries but not a full advantage due to injuries TE - advantage 2014 - CJ Uzomah vs. whoever we have that won't get targeted OL - advantage 2014 - already explained above DL - advantage 2018 - 2018 is bigger, more talented, and proven LB - big advantage 2018 - this group vs. McKinzy and Frost - not even close DBs - even - talent doesn't make up for lack of experience vs. 2014's veterans ST - even - couple of Carlsons kicking both years I think this team is a step down in terms of experience and personnel in regards to 2014's offense, but is significantly better than 2014's defense. That probably evens out to having a slightly better team in 2018 than 2014 but we'll see how it pans out with the schedule.
  10. lca408

    Rhett comments on his departure

    Why would it be a shock or a surprise that Malzahn took over at halftime of a game or gave his assistants direction on how to proceed with the handling of a game from a certain point on? He's the head coach. This happens with a lot of teams all the time. Tuberville was well known for shutting it down when he felt comfortable - see 2005 Iron Bowl 2nd quarter on for an example of this. Why anyone would be surprised that Malzahn did and still does this is strange to me. He's perfectly within his rights as head coach to do this. We can argue whether its a good thing or not but I'd say it's pretty obvious in the games - LSU was a very clear example. For the record, I understand his reasoning for this, but that TD they scored on the 4th and goal play should have shook him out of it. It didn't and things went bad from there. He's going to continue to do this - he'll do it again this year and next year and any other year he's at Auburn. Sometimes it'll work and no one will complain, sometimes it won't and we could get into trouble.
  11. lca408

    Calvin Ashley

    I think Cowart was a miss as far as prospects go. Good, yes but I remember those comments from his high school coach basically hinting that he did really well against poor competition when he was hyped up but had troubles with tougher competition. Cowart did turn things around though and was moving in the right direction when he left Auburn, though he certainly wasn't starter potential yet. Holland and CeCe Jefferson were better prospects in 2015 and it's shown since. I think Ashley is a known commodity, everyone knows he's actually that good. Right now I expect he's just trying to acclimate to college. I hadn't heard anything really negative about his play since he was overweight last year. I was under the assumption he was in good shape and playing well.
  12. Sometimes that's unavoidable. Even great coaches bungle it up at least once a year. Auburn is no different but letting it happen more than once per year is concerning, especially since its been happening at least 2-3 times a year since 2014. Those kinds of things will definitely keep the outside world's perception of Auburn on the lower end. Fix it by being more prepared for the situation. Auburn under Malzahn has always had the ability to play up to the competition level of anyone they face (or beyond it) and level the playing field at any given time, even against more talented teams. We did this at least 4-5 times last year in a significant way and it proved that Malzahn does indeed have what it takes to make Auburn beastly on the field. But when he reverts, it's bad and it concurrently makes the program look hapless too. Hopefully . . . HOPEFULLY, now that Malzahn has this nice big contract and knows he's not being fired anytime soon, he'll let loose and go nuts with letting Chip call the plays, go for the jugular, etc. rather than seize up and get conservative. A guy can hope. If so, Auburn will become nationally relevant REAL quick.
  13. Sure it will. Auburn was a very respected program in the 2005-2007 time frame because Tubs had us winning 10+ games a year average and at the top of the SEC in those years. Then came 2008 and the last 10 years have been nothing but chaos. We were nationally respected in the late 80s when Dye won those 3 straight SEC championships. While it's true we won't ever reach the level of championship success that Notre Dame or Alabama has had, it doesn't mean we can't be considered an elite program over time with consistent success. Just think about Florida - certainly not a blue blood with virtually no success up until the 90s. They've been up and down since but are still considered a place of legends and past greatness because of those 10-12 years under Spurrier, and Meyer's championships in 2006 and 2008 helped add to that. FSU and Miami are two others - didn't really win big until the 80s/early 90s but have a reputation for excellence as a result, even though now, they have clearly fallen on hard times - you won't watch a broadcast of either team without hearing the announcers at least mention their former glory. Clemson has a long way to go to be considered a blue blood but if they stay consistently good for the next 10-15 years and win another championship, they'll probably be considered a power program in football within a decade or two. Auburn could be as well, but we have to have consistent success over time, rather than our "flash in the pan" championship teams here and there. No one disputes that teams like 1993, 2010, or 2013 weren't good, but they weren't indicative of a program at an elite level because we couldn't maintain that success. Tuberville's 2004 squad didn't win the MNC, but they did pave the way for the 2005 and 2006 seasons where Auburn got a lot of respect and was able to continue that success even with the offense looking ugly by the end. We need to win a championship, preferably this year :), and then follow that up with more 10 win seasons for a while. Prove that we aren't going to fall back into mediocrity after another year and we'll establish some national respect. But that's easier said than done.
  14. lca408


    THIS. Why lie about it? We can argue about the immorality of it and that's fine and valid but an affair that occurred 10 years ago between consenting adults SHOULD have no bearing on the governing of the country in 2018. The lying makes this whole situation ridiculous. He's making it even harder for people to support him on anything - as if it was easy before.
  15. Hooker was actually a really good and capable division and corps commander. After Chancellorsville, he would continue to be successful in the Western Theater. He just was a very poor army commander - couldn't handle the responsibility, etc. He was like Chizik - great defensive coordinator, very average head coach. Chancellorsville was an easily winnable battle. If Hooker had the confidence to follow through with his plans on May 1st, Lee would have been wrecked. Not to mention the number of casualties between the two armies was actually equal, meaning Lee sacrificed more of his army against Hooker to win a pyrrhic victory that didn't change the strategic situation in Virginia and sapped the army of 13,000+ men including Stonewall Jackson. Hooker just lost it once the battle started and got really paranoid and defensive. If Meade, Hancock, Sedgwick, Slocum, or Reynolds had been in command, the result would have been different. At any rate, this is dumb and shouldn't change.