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  1. Is Auburn that good?

    Auburn's defense is currently ranked #2 in the country. We played one of the best offenses in the country and held them to 14 points. We're legit capable of keeping any game close against any opponent we play, regardless of how bad the offense is. Of course, that doesn't mean we can win those games - just like against Clemson where an 8 point deficit may as well have been a 20 point one since our offense was horrific. So yeah, we're probably deserving of that ranking. If the offense improves, we can have the chance to justify being ranked at or near the top ten. But I ain't holding my breath. We'll see after MSU in 2 weeks.
  2. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    That's the whole problem. Yeah we would have won by 5 TDs if we hadn't turned the ball over 5 times. The fact that this is an issue is concerning. The reality is, we didn't win by 5 TDs precisely because of the turnovers, and we didn't actually beat Clemson so we should stop acting like we did or are anywhere on the same level as them right now. The defense is great. That's half of a football team. The defense was great in 1998 too. Same in 2008. Neither of those teams made bowl games those years. We need the offense to actually step up and do what they're supposed to do and that includes "not turn the ball over 5 times in a game." They are failing in that department right now. Maybe they'll straighten up and play better from here on out but when you look at recent history against P5 teams, I'm sure you can understand why people aren't very encouraged by talk about "talent and potential" when all that talk has yielded nothing meaningful in 3 years on the field.
  3. Bad loss for AU but...

    If said coach averages 7 or 8 wins a year for 3-4 straight years regardless of recruiting success at a program with plenty of resources and budget, doesn't it seem likely that it's a trend and no longer an aberration en route to success?
  4. Clemson Game Report Card

    Telling you guys. If only Gus had listened to his gut and put chandler cox at QB for about 5 straight plays. Surely there's no way Clemson would have figured it out. Especially after last year. They wouldn't know what to think. It's the perfect crime, I mean game plan.
  5. Sean White should regain his job

    Watch the replays dude. Even the damn announcers (who are normally clueless) were saying as much. It's not all stidham's fault but a lot of those situations were corners that he or the play calling backed himself into. He held the ball too long, threw it away when he should have tried to make a play, or ran himself into either a sack or out of bounds for a loss.
  6. Sean White should regain his job

    It shouldn't take 5 seconds to make a decision on a throw. Either our receivers are really that bad (which replays show is not true) or the QB is indecisive when it counts. I don't care if he hasn't played in two years. A real player isn't that indecisive.
  7. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Where's austudent23 when you need him to assure us that JS is THE man?
  8. OT: Changes coming to Toomer's Corner

    Back, and to the left.
  9. open it up or go vanilla

    Start Stidham, let him take 3 snaps and then pull him for Cox, then sub in Sean White, then put Jason Smith in at QB for a full quarter, then Cox, Stidham, Cox, White, Cox again for about 2 series, then run out the last quarter with Stidham while we desperately try to fight our way back out of the hole. All part of the plan - they'll never see it coming!
  10. OT: Changes coming to Toomer's Corner

    Looks fine overall but I wish they wouldn't have those overhangs over the doors. It's a very modern look and I don't like it in relation to the rest of the corner. Even so, it'll definitely pretty-up that side of the intersection.
  11. There's no doubt about that.
  12. Texas Locker Room

    I'm not a fan of the excessive use of stainless steel. A little here and there is cool but it's just too much over all of it, even the ceilings. I like the idea of video name plates but not a 43 inch TV just to show a picture. The benches are pretty slick. Can't decide if I like the darker or lighter locker room better like ours.
  13. Auburn Football 2017 Hype Video Thread

    Hardest hit I've ever seen in person. My view was just about the exact same angle as that highlight clip. The perfect sack. That game in 2004 is by far my favorite LSU game and one of my favorite stadium experiences of all time. And that's tough to say because I was also at the game in 1994.
  14. Petition against LSU

    The violence towards slaves addition is most likely a general reference to the aims of the Confederate army/government during the war, rather than any specific reference. Like you, I'm not aware of any specific situation regarding slaves and Hays' brigade but then again, I haven't done extensive research on them or their first hand accounts. If there is anything, it's likely in regards to the rounding up of escaped slaves/free blacks during the Gettysburg campaign which all Confederate units did from June to July 1863 but I doubt there was anything exceptional about the Tigers that made them stand out. And as far as the "battle of New Orleans," I thought the organized militia was just that - a collection of civilian militia and not necessarily the original regiments or veterans solely. They did indeed fight hard and had a reputation for being fierce fighters on the field. The original regiment was pretty much strictly from New Orleans and included some French veterans of revolts in the West Indies. They got their bell rung at 1st Manassas after a failed charge but rebounded with a full brigade in 1862 and earned a distinguished record in the Valley campaign of 62 as well as in the Railroad Cut at 2nd Manassas, the cornfield at Antietam, and briefly captured parts of Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg before being driven off by a counterattack. Their early uniforms included blue and white striped pantaloons, short blue and red jackets, and red fez caps. Definitely the precursor to the crazed corndogs of today! As far as this petition, it's nice to see that it only has 346 signatures. A school/program/team can transcend old traditions and old ways of doing things to become something better. I doubt very much that anyone really sits around an LSU tailgate thinking often about the Louisiana Tigers of old when getting ready for a football game. The modern Tigers have long since left all that behind.
  15. Woody Barrett Transferring

    Probably a4e's best moment in recent memory. Right on cue. Man I'm lol-ing over here.