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  1. Close to the same distance that the current facility is now. I suppose a little further because you have to take Biggio around the current practice fields and then turn left on Donahue. But in reality, we’re talking a difference of maybe 200-300 yards of extra walking.
  2. I think what Keesler was saying is that Gus didn’t impart those traits into Bo. Bo already had them. It was Gus’ job to make sure those bad traits were corrected. As we saw, none of that happened because actual QB coaching is basically non-existent in Gus’ offense. Gus didn’t actively ruin Bo as much as he just let him do whatever as long as he ran the plays he wanted him to. Now I suppose, if you don’t think Bo will ever actually improve then you could say Gus ruined him by not giving him the coaching he needed from day one, leading him to this point where he’s hopeless. I don’t believe
  3. If Malzahn had an OL like he did from 2013-2014, yes I still would. Dismukes was a Chizik recruit and already a good OL by the time Malzahn came back in 2013. He was showcased in that offense that was (no surprise) fantastic with an elite OL. Mason had Cunningham from 2014 to 2016 and is responsible for the lion’s share of his development into the star player he became even though he didn’t originally recruit him to Vandy. Just for clarification.
  4. Well, either way it went, they can always say “this guy is who I was referring to, but I couldn’t say anything because the Cristobal stuff was actually all a smokescreen”
  5. Exactly. No point in rushing this thing anymore. Clearly if there was a plan in place for someone like Cristobal, it went up in flames. Interview multiple candidates, vet them, and make the best decision. Of course we know that won’t really happen with the PTB... Would be nice if real interviews and vetting was actually taking place and someone like AG was going to be able to have input.
  6. That’s the one I trusted most....he betrayed me
  7. In before the “insiders” tell us it was a done deal until the last minute....
  8. So, I’m going to offer the game that I think, at least subconsciously, made me realize we would never actually win a championship under Gus. And it’s one not yet mentioned. January 2nd, 2017 - Sugar Bowl in NOLA against Oklahoma. The Sooners were certainly favored and with good reason, so I’m not sure I was actually expecting a win, but I certainly expected a tough fight from Auburn, the second best team in the SEC in 2016. We scored on the first drive (as usual) but Sean was injured on the play and wasn’t right afterwards. He didn’t play a snap in the 2nd half, and I think Johnson and JF
  9. Yeah he said it in the first sentence of his post...no HC experience for 18 years.
  10. Nah man, they need to be making a statement about Gus being our coach next year! Clearly that’s the reason for our poor recruiting and also apparently the reason our players seem to not be developed...
  11. Yeah Bo Nix is clearly a lot better than last year.... DEHVAYLOHPMEANT!!! I’m convinced now. All of Auburn’s troubles are due to the AD not making a statement about a vote of confidence. That’ll fix everything....
  12. Mims the big OL for one that I remember, and Scooby as well. Scoob was set to commit to Auburn and then UGA happened, followed closely by USC and then he commits to UF. That was well before a “statement” was supposedly needed on Gus’ viability as a coach, though the fans were pissed. Could be that a vote of confidence could help with a few lower rated guys but it’s not changing the minds of Kool-Aid, Mondon, Mims or Williams.
  13. What isn’t true? The Auburn won’t make a change part or the 4 losses a year part? Because the 4 losses a year thing......well you know.
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