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  1. If his desire is there, Jalyn can also overcome his limitations.
  2. If the Dean kid isn't good enough to get an offer, Walker shouldn't waste his talent hitching his wagon to him. I mean, maybe that kid is a stud too, but as he said, we haven't even offered.
  3. I think it's silly to hire very young coaches and then consider every youthful mistake a fireable offense. Kodi has a lot to learn. I find it impossible to believe that we didn't already know that when we hired him. If that's the mindset when you make the hire, you teach the guy as you go. I assume we made the hire based on confidence that he could coach the position on-field and grow into bigger and more prominent roles over time. That's what we do at my firm. You hire talent, and you groom that talent over time. You ask them to do one thing well, then another, then two more, etc. You don't expect a finished product straight out of law school. If that's the expectation, you're always disappointed. Now, we can have the debate about whether "Auburn is a place you learn on the job" or not, but we made the hire. Our head coach and administration actively decided that, yes, for the right guy, Auburn is a place where we let you learn on the job. For Gus (and apparently Chip), Kodi is the kind of talent that you groom over time and deal with his deficiencies in the short-term.
  4. Did you feel confident in them last year? I mean, if so, a lack of confidence now makes absolutely zero sense. I'll go ahead and throw my vote in with Holsey. I think the secondary is going to be really good next year. I'm less confident after next season, but I like the three Seniors at Safety. Matthews is an NFL-caliber Safety. He has holes in his game, but he's a draft-worthy guy already. Roberts has had flashes of being really good. He was slow coming out of the gate post-suspension last year but played better ball down the stretch. If he puts it together, that's the best Safety combo we've had in a while. Ruffin is a consistent player that can back up either spot. Suffice it to say, those guys will not hold back the defense. I'm more excited about the CBs. Carlton Davis is better than what he put on film last year. I expect a guy like that to bounce back. It was a classic sophomore slump. You see it all the time. Heck, you saw it in Tuscaloosa last year with Ridley. Same deal. Both guys are too talented not to bounce back. If that happens (and again I'm very confident it will), the whole secondary takes a major step forward. Add Jeremiah Dinson back into the fold with Javaris Davis? That's a great mix of CB talent. We haven't even gotten to Dean (last year's projected starter before his injury) or young guys stepping up (Character, Thomas, and maybe one of these true freshmen). Call it sunshine if you like, but I think the talent level is really high in that secondary. Now that talent has a lot of good experience plus a second year in the same system. There is a lot of reason to expect this group to excel.
  5. If he's legit at 6'0" and 185 at CB, I'll roll the dice on finding a fourth Safety this year. I know there are big needs at Safety, and I know CB is an easier position for a young guy to play. Still, true coverage CBs that can make plays on the ball and support the run are some of the hardest things to find in football.
  6. The only thing I took from the QB drills is that Sean White has soft hands. His ballhandling looks like a guy with fantastic hand-eye coordination and like a guy that has played a lot more football than anyone else in the drill. As for the others, I like Jarrett's and Woody's throwing motion when they're pushing the ball 10-15 yards down field. They both look like the ball comes out quickly with velocity. Seems like the QB position is moving from "completely debilitating liability" in 2015 to "a positive depending entirely on the health of QB1" in 2016 to possibly a strong and deep group in 2017? That would be a nice change of pace.
  7. If we avoid injuries, we're going to be pretty dang good at Safety this year. As folks have said, it's next year that presents a hurdle. I expect one or two of our current guys to move back. Whether that's Dean, Character, Dinson, or Thomas. Two of those guys are working at Nickel. To me, it seems only natural to cross-train Thomas at Safety. He's not an outside CB. Dean is obviously the most intriguing guy at CB or Safety because of his size. Dinson seems like a guy that is going to force his way into the playing rotation, whether that's at Nickel, CB, and/or Safety. I wouldn't be surprised to see him featured at Nickel while cross-training at one of the other spots. If Roberts, Matthews, and Ruffin stay healthy all year, that's not much room for playing time in that rotation. Having guys at Nickel that can shift back to Safety may be the best way to secure some playing experience for next year's Safety rotation. As for recruiting, I'd like to see us sign two HS Safeties and bring in a transfer or a JUCO guy as a bridge.
  8. I'm assuming that was actually 67 Tyler Carr, not 57 Deshaun Davis. Weird that Stove practiced but wasn't listed in the first- or second-team WR groupings.
  9. @ellitor I know what you were alluding to, but to be fair, if Gus was micromanaging the offense in 2014, you have to tip your cap to him. That was a really, really freaking good offense. The offense essentially had one game where it no showed all season but dropped 40+ on four SEC teams, including LSU and Bama. If that's the result of micromanaging, I'm pro micromanaging. If the result looks like 2015 and 2016, I'm against micromanaging.
  10. Yeah, I agree. My point (which wasn't clear) was, I don't think we'd bat an eye if this was the number one JUCO DT or DL, which is what he would be if he'd gone that route.
  11. Not sure this kid is a need, but it's always a good idea to add interior talent. Still, we certainly won't be low on depth or top-tier talent. Unless dudes go early, in 2018, we would still have Russell (Sr), Williams (Sr), Cowart (Sr), Brown (Jr), Johnson (Jr), An. Jackson (So), and likely Al. Jackson (RFr) and Truesdell (RFr). Plus, add anyone we sign in the 2018 class. You'd throw Fehoko into that mix in 2018 and 2019. It could be really good to add a Senior for 2019. This is like pursuing a high-end JUCO player.
  12. Adams posted a 4.87 official. Second fastest time by a DT (0.02 behind Malik McDowell). Lawson meanwhile has gone blow for blow with Myles Garrett. Lawson tossed up 2 extra reps; Garrett beat him by 0.03 in the 40. The more Carl is compared to Garrett, the better he looks.
  13. You have to take the approach you feel like is appropriate for each team. Dabo was correct in constantly reminding his 2016 Clemson team just how close they were in 2015. That team fed off the CFP loss the prior season. Gus tried a very similar approach in 2014. It just didn't work out. As it turns out, that team was very different and probably needed to be treated as an all new team, not a continuation of the 2013 season. Still, it was a completely reasonable approach. Every coach is just trying to find the right buttons to press. Sometimes you nail it; sometimes you don't.
  14. Y'all serious about the "investigation is over" thing? Seriously?? You're willing to say that everything the NCAA says is Gospel truth? That's incredible. Do you have the same reaction every time a human is charged with a crime? I mean, the investigation is over at that point so he/she must be guilty. Surely the prosecutor wouldn't charge him/her unless it was true, right? Um, I'll wait to see what the Committee on Infractions actually says after the University responds, the hearing actually takes place, and the disinterested COI panel has a chance to review all the factual information/testimony.
  15. Bo was just hired as an assistant coach at East Mississippi (his old school... Last Chance U). Since you asked where he is now.