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  1. mcgufcm

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    From what I've read, UGA has already offered and has said they would take him regardless of Sanders' decision. Most folks think McIntosh (a February signee) would decommit at that point, but I haven't seen anything that says UGA's offer to Williams is contingent on anything else.
  2. mcgufcm

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    Wow, Chubb. There is an exactly zero percent chance I could've guessed he was having the year he's having. Definitely having a great year. Good for him. Kid fought through a bunch of injuries and earned it. Other than being a douchebag (because UGA), he seems like an easy kid to cheer for.
  3. mcgufcm

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    Well, I've seen nothing where he or someone in his family said that was the reason for the time change. I've seen media members speculate that it is. Also, again, we don't know what his decision is so we don't know if Sanders' decision is going to change his decision.
  4. mcgufcm

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    @McLoofus, Gurley, Henry... who is the other marquee player?
  5. mcgufcm

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    There's actually no evidence at all that we're Williams' second choice. You might feel that way, but the only thing I've seen is rank speculation that if Bama or UGA make a push Williams might be interested. It's equally possible that he's going to Auburn (or Bama or UGA) regardless of what happens with Trey Sanders.
  6. mcgufcm

    Butler Grad Transfer OT Tommy Kennedy

    For a LT, it’s a different question. The answer is an easy yes. He improves with reps. You saw it this year. From a football prospective, PT should absolutely return. I read somewhere that he has a 2nd/3rd grade. I’ll belueve that when I see it. He’s a 5-UFA guy as we sit here today.
  7. I thought the spurts of good play by Moultry at the end combined with the pure speed Jibunor put on film gave us the best hope of a true speed rush since Ford graduated. Those two are quicker than anyone we’ve had since. Moultry just needs to play smarter, and Jibunor just needs some weight/refinement (not unlike Ford). There’s a lot of talent to hope on.
  8. I'd say PT for any incoming DL guys is in major flux until we know whether Coe and/or Davidson are coming back. If both come back, it's going to be tough to get into the rotation early. You'll have Coe, Davidson, and Bryant as projected starters I would assume. Then, you have Miller, Newkirk, Truesdell, and Moultry (who looked MUCH better at the end of the season) who have played a decent amount of football. Plus, you have Jibunor and Jackson who got their beak wet. If you remove the top two guys on the list (Coe and Davidson), it becomes pretty likely that a newcomer factors in. With them? I don't really expect anything more than what Miller provided this year.
  9. mcgufcm

    Butler Grad Transfer OT Tommy Kennedy

    Major takeaway from the highlights. Tommy Kennedy will cut a b.
  10. mcgufcm

    have quite the ceiling with Purifoy

    It'll take time to shake off the rust, but there's no question he's one of the five most talented guys on the team. He did look pudgy in the exhibition game though. Looked at least 10 pounds heavy, but he'll get there. I don't expect him to start right away, but I'll be surprised if he's not starting by the end of the year. Doughty is a Swiss Army knife and should be used to fill various roles off the bench as the game calls for it. That would be the best use of his talent.
  11. mcgufcm

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Nick Coe would be a top three round draft pick as well. Marlon is a 2-4 guy. I'm holding out hope both come back because that DL would be loaded with talent again next year. I want one season of four interchangeable pieces in the starting lineup. Coe/Davidson/Bryant/Newkirk or Miller. Bryant would have a add a pound or ten, but otherwise, they can all flex inside or out. I expect Brown, Stidham, Dean, and probably Davidson to declare though. Neither Willis nor Gatewood will leave before spring. They'll both compete for the starting job. I don't know what Kam Martin will do, but for some reason, I don't actually think Asa will leave. We'll have a new OC or a new HC and OC. I suspect he'll come back and try to move up the depth chart with new coaches. Ashley might transfer, but I'm not sure he's playing ball again. I think that's TBD. Barrett isn't leaving. He was getting reps at DB during the Liberty game. Dinson isn't going pro. He'll be next year. Same deal for Javaris Davis. He needs a year of good health. I could see a guy like Traivon Leonard transferring if he moves farther down the depth chart in spring. It would appear he's fallen behind Peters, Tutt, and McCreary at the moment.
  12. mcgufcm

    2018 Maui Invitational

    Chuma has to be more aggressive offensively. He can absolutely make Duke’s bigs uncomfortable as a stretch player. Bruce said in the off-season that Chuma taking a bigger role was essential for us, and he was right. Aggressive Chuma makes us a different team. Similar thing for Wiley. He needs to be smart but aggressive offensively. He can make plays and draw fouls inside.
  13. mcgufcm

    Men vs Xavier

    Y’all are crazy. Number one, block Cole. I only figured out he was addressing my post through other people. Addition by subtraction. We’re all better without him. Number two, Bryce wasn’t his best, but again, he kept us afloat offensively until Harp took over. Who else even had that capability? Mac? Doughty? Bryce outplayed both of them. He played 43 minutes, finished with the same amount of rebounds as Mac and Wiley combined, had 5 assists, and led the team in scoring. In a win. Only a moron would complain about that performance. Remove Bryce and that’s an easy loss. Period. If you like winning, you like Bryce.
  14. mcgufcm

    2018 Maui Invitational

    They look good.
  15. mcgufcm

    Men vs Xavier

    Not sure why we buried Dunbar in the second half. Doughty wasn't playing well. I'm not with the crew hating on Bryce Brown's game. He kept us afloat for stretches of this game. He's the best on-ball defender on the team, is driving the ball more this year, and is still making 3s. He warps defenses because they're scared to leave him open. He finished with a true shooting % of 63% or an effective FG % of 58.3%, and he led the team in scoring. In other words, he played a great game. The major takeaway is, defend without silly fouls or you'll keep overmatched teams in the game. We also need more activity/scoring from Okeke and Doughty. Wiley needs more reps to get his rotations down, but that will come with time. He's a natural scorer on the block.