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  1. @McLoofus, I would piggyback on that sentiment and add Sheffield because I think Puckett, Kelly, and Booth are/were all guys that could play CB/Nickel/Safety depending on the need. Oh and, c'mon down Colby Wooden! I'm on board with any DL prospect choosing between Rotney and Clemson. That's a big time prospect.
  2. mcgufcm

    “Landshark Tony”

    They’re going all the way on this one. They’re spotting new all white unis at some point this year, calling them the great white uniform or something like that.
  3. mcgufcm

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    I’d say “way to go TWill!!” No way he comes otherwise, amirite? 😉 My take is, corch is right. You don’t hire Grimes to be a knockout recruiter. BUT he doesn’t get a pass all the way. We need to finish strong in this class. If we add someone like Putnam or Webb, this is a very good class. Very good. If we add one of those cats plus another Tackle, it’s the best crew we’ve signed in years.
  4. mcgufcm

    Kiffin speaks on UAT QB competition

    I’ll defend the kid here. He didn’t complain about competition. He complained about his coach stepping up to a podium and saying, apparently without talking to the kid, that he had “no idea” if the kid would still be on the roster by opening day. That’s not a competition issue. That’s a coach either being flippant about the kid’s future or making up his mind (to play the other guy) and lying to the kid in private. Saban botched this one, not Hurts.
  5. mcgufcm

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    @ellitor, I'm not either, but we've had that type of recruiting approach work well here in the past. Heck, a lot of Tuberville's most successful seasons were built on diamonds in the rough. I was just pointing out that a coach can earn a pass in recruiting by either landing big fish or proving that he needs the guys he lands, not the guys he missed.
  6. mcgufcm

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    I’d put that slightly differently. Until he either wins the big battles or has perennial success with his recruits, people are allowed to complain. If he’s pumping out quality on the field each year, he becomes a proven scouter, and no one can justifiably complain about his recruiting. That’ll take some time to bear out or not.
  7. mcgufcm

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    @Timeslider 6, the 2015 class included Harrell and Horton. Those guys have contributed early and enter their Junior years as leaders so the class had very good players. Carr never panned out as we expected. Story is still being written for Kim and Sharp. From what I understand, Sharp is considered a reliable backup at LT.
  8. mcgufcm

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    I’ve heard mixed reviews of Ashley, particularly in pass protection. From what I can tell he never quite grasped the old saying “pass blocking isn’t passive,” but I’ve also heard he’s a beast in run blocking. If that’s true, playing inside should mitigate his deficient area and emphasize his strength. Fingers crossed. Horton’s grasp of the Center position seems like the key. If he’s not your best Center, we’re probably better off with Horton at RG and Ashley on the bench, even if he’s one of our five best.
  9. mcgufcm

    2018 Fall Camp - Day 3

    I've heard Asa looks really good carrying the ball as well. I'm hopeful that he and Whitlow are refining their craft. If so, the law firm of Martin, Whitlow, and Martin (or do we like Martin, Martin, and & Boobee better?) could make for an excellent rotation.
  10. mcgufcm

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Never mind. I looked it up. That's a weird list. I'm going to exclude the Mr. Football winners that signed outside the Power 5. Here are the winners for the last 20 years. DeMarco McNeil (1998) - Auburn - stud Cadillac Williams (2000) - Auburn - stud Brandon Cox (2001) - Auburn - stud JaMarcus Russell (2002) - LSU - stud Chris Nickson (2003) - Vanderbilt - Honestly, I had to look him up. Started one season and won four games. Let's call it a dud. Andre Smith (2005) - Bama - stud Larry Smith (2006) - Vandy - Looked this one up too... dud Julio Jones (2007) - Bama - stud Clint Moseley!?!? (2008) - Auburn - dud Jamal Golden (2010) - Georgia Tech - two-year starter at Tech... this is a tweener; not a stud, not a dud TJ Yeldon (2011) - Bama - stud Jeremy Johnson (2012) - Auburn - the most surprising dud on the list Roc Thomas (2013) - Auburn - dud for Auburn Kerryon Johnson (2014) - Auburn - stud La'damian Webb (2016) - MSU - TBD Asa Martin (2017) - Auburn - TBD On the whole, you'd have to look at the list and say Martin has good odds of achieving stud status at Auburn. 16 SEC/ACC signees: 8 studs, 5 duds, 1 tweener, and 2 TBD. Looking at Bama/Auburn signees only, there are 11 signees: 7 studs, 3 duds, and 1 TBD. Looks like JJ6 and Roc were less common than Kerryon Johnson.
  11. mcgufcm

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Wasn’t Cadillac the Alabama Mr. Football as well? Who was the last one that signed here and didn’t pan out?
  12. mcgufcm

    2018 Fall Camp - Day 3

    I was completely thrown by that.
  13. mcgufcm

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Last year, I went with a big-time DB (Carlton Davis). This year, I’m going with ANOTHER big-time DB!! Let the big dog EAT!!!
  14. mcgufcm

    Top Flips Targets

    The DT from UT should be on the list. He’s flippable, and he’s a guy Coach G wants.
  15. mcgufcm

    Anonymous SEC coaches Opinions

    Who exactly is taking snaps for Bama in the secondary? They have something like one combined start between the four positions. I’ll take Davis, Dean, and Dinson all day.