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  1. Bama already paid him to keep his mouth shut. They cut him checks totalling around $500k despite the fact that he was effectively fired for cause. Hmm, I wonder why they did that. Seriously though, a booster arranged for an assistant coach to have early contact with recruits. That fact gets turned in. Coach denies it. University fires him and pays him hush money. Coach doesn't give another interview and takes his two years. It's really a job well done by Bama. By paying Bo to take all the blame and keep his mouth closed, they basically ended any protracted investigation before it could even get off the ground.
  2. The only thing that "should've" been with Trovon is that he should've been moved to CB earlier in his career. He wasn't a WR. Best year at Auburn was on the defensive side of the ball, and he actually made a dent at the next level there. He could've been really good on that side with more time/reps. Now, Quan? Yeah. He should've had a larger role. I'll push back on cole and bird a bit on the "teams put their best CBs outside" and that's the only reason Hastings is succeeding. First, it's not necessarily true that your best CB sits outside. That's almost always true in a zone, but it's not necessarily true in man coverage. On top of that, for some teams, the Nickel is one of their best coverage players. Woodson, for example, lived at Nickel/Safety late in his career, but he was hell in coverage underneath. Generally, your inside coverage guy lacks some of the top end speed of your boundary/field CBs, but that doesn't mean the guy can't cover. I mean, Tyran Mathieu played a TON of Nickel/Slot coverage at LSU, and he was their best coverage player at the time. He's just not a burner and liked to ad lib. His skill set fit better inside where you're less likely to see go routes and more likely to have Safety help over your head. Second, I don't think Will Hastings play at Auburn is solely (or even mostly) due to poor coverage by Nickel players and taking advantage of mismatches. Good coverage player or poor, very few players in the SEC have better short shuttle and 10-yard times than Hastings. In other words, he's quick as hell. You can be a great coverage player, and a guy that quick can still create space on certain types of routes if he and the QB are in sync and on time. That is why I think Hastings will start and play a lot this fall. During the A-Day, no WR was communicating with Stidham on the sideline more than Hastings. If they are always on the same page and Hastings keeps showing the ability to snatch the ball in traffic or on the sideline, he's going to play. Big, small, good athlete, bad athlete, I don't care. If Stidham trusts him + he continues to create just enough separation + he continues to catch the ball, he'll play.
  3. The "no consecutive 10-win seasons" thing is really just an anomaly. It's a crazy stat because it's not as if we've been a wildly inconsistent program for that entire stretch. I mean, we've had 3 undefeated seasons, 3 SEC titles, 2 national championship appearances, 2 additional SEC championship appearances (5 in all), 1 year with the best record in the SEC while on a post-season ban, 3 more seasons tied for the best record in the SEC West, and 5 seasons with nine wins (meaning we just missed out). It's kind of just odd. If you look at the seasons before/after our 10+ win seasons (there are 11 total because one was a sandwich year), we had nine wins in three of those seasons. Of those three, one involved both a tied game and a post-season ban; one involved a lost home opener and a lost bowl game; and the other involved a 1-2 start with a loss to MSU. I mean, those are pretty crazy circumstances to avoid winning 10 games. Oh, and, Justyn Ross! He's not leaving the state of Alabama. Clemson is going to try. I'm sure others will as well. When all is said and done, he'll be in Auburn or Tuscaloosa.
  4. Clemson is going to put the press on, but it's going to take meltdown in state (at both schools) for him to land elsewhere.
  5. Ha! @ellitor, in that sense, Jarrett Stidham isn't a solution either. Same for Derrick Brown. Right? Since they haven't started here, right?
  6. By the way, I'm not knocking Wilson Bell. I'm all for building depth. Personally, I just don't see how he fits in the jigsaw puzzle. Our issues are on the outside. We have an overflow of talent inside. Golson, Smith, Horton, and James all work better inside. There are only three spots, and we added Dunn and Bell to that group. We still have the question of what to do on the edge. James is almost certainly playing outside; both out of necessity and out of a desire to get your best guys on the field together. Even with that, I just don't see it. Heck, I hope he proves me wrong. It's going to take playing All-SEC football to hold down an interior spot on this offensive line.
  7. Kozan's experience level was the only thing that kept him from starting last fall as a redshirt freshman. There's a reason why LG has been identified as an issue while Horton has been working at RG during spring. Horton = solution.
  8. Cam Akers didn't go to Ole Miss for one reason alone: the NCAA investigation. I wasn't wrong about where he wanted to be. But I'll be glad to take any bet on Mike Horton. Barring injury, he's starting. He's the closest thing to Ben Grubbs we've had since Ben graduated.
  9. E, I've said it, and I'll say it again. Mike Horton is starting for this team. I don't believe anyone other Braden Smith could beat him out, and that includes Wilson Bell, Darius James, or anyone else we have on the roster at Guard. If Smith moves inside, the starting Guards will be Smith and Horton, and Bell will be a backup.
  10. Honestly, I don't get this. At all. Unless we're leaving both Smith and James at Tackle (which honestly seems like a bad idea), this guy is a backup for us. Odd move. Especially odd if it impacts our recruitment of Cochran, who is a full-time Tackle.
  11. WDE, I'm certain Auburn was hoping for that, but if I were in the kid's shoes, I wouldn't be interested in committing right now.
  12. Yeah, most of the time, the press box isn't centrally located. That's valuable space.
  13. I would if I were in his shoes. It's not like he's a lifelong AU fanboy. He's a foreigner getting courted by the world's highest paid used car salesmen, and he's trying to figure out the best situation for himself over the next four years + the best way to maximize his chance at an education/professional career. I'd be all about taking my time and letting people love on me for a few months.
  14. That's fair. I'm assuming she's been to AU quite a few times.
  15. I'll buy the symmetry argument. If we're going to do this, I'd much prefer popping a similar building to the other side of the screen with an exclusive club lounge. Leave the admin/press box on the other side.