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  1. Odd use of charge. Technically, there are no "charges" in NCAA NOAs, but as that term is used colloquially it refers to "allegations" in the same sense as "charge" is used in criminal court. For example, a prosecutor brings "charges" but only a jury can convict. By analogy, the NCAA enforcement staff lobbies allegations of violations but only the COI can actually find that a violation took place. What I meant was: Freeze was not accused of any violations in the initial NOA. While Freeze was mentioned in the first NOA, he wasn't accused of any violation, not even a Level IV. Additionally, there was no allegation of lack of institutional control. That's all I was noting.
  2. For the record, Freeze wasn't named in the original NOA. He had zero allegations directed to him, and he was not charged under the head coach control bylaw. Also, there was no charge for lack of institutional control.
  3. I'd say the 27 man list still includes guys we didn't want. We prioritized the guys we have over some of those dudes. For example, Benton was somewhere between our fifth and sixth priority at LB... we would've taken Taylor or Rice over him.
  4. Cam Newton praised Gus as a coach. Nick Marshall thought Rhett was wonderful. Sean White seems to be doing quite fine. If Dameyune were that good as a QB coach, he'd have a job offer as a QB coach. Instead, he's looking at a third consecutive school that isn't even considering him for the position. Give me a d*** break. It would be like a high school player claiming he's the best QB in America, but zero colleges will even offer him a scholarship at the position. You think teams like passing up on talent at the most important position in the game? Dameyune is a great recruiter. At this point, he will be easy to negative recruit at well. Dameyune told you he was going to be your coach? How? You planning on transferring next year? Because he's going to leave or get fired in a year or two anyway. It happened at South Alabama. It happened at FSU. It happened at Auburn. It happened at LSU. It's going to happen at [Fill In The Blank U]. You don't want to play for a guy that's going to walk out on you after a year or two, do you? If he's in Tuscaloosa, I'll look forward to (1) their WRs losing their attention to detail and (2) Sark having to deal with an assistant either griping about being ignored or stabbing him in the back to try and take his job. Craig is turning into a modern day Bill Oliver: a guy that's good at the job but not worth the pain in the a** that comes with him.
  5. Well, that "none of the people in question have committed the crimes" part is still up for debate. From what I understand, district attorney there is looking into whether charges should be filed for obstruction of justice based on concealing crimes or complaints. It wouldn't startle me if a D.A. went ahead with charges. If you want to be cynical, it's a good way to grab a piece of the headlines. If cynicism isn't your thing, such charges may be warranted for men covering up sexual assault crimes. In any event, I've seen reports that criminal charges are still possible. This thing is a full-on mess.
  6. I expect Ashley to win one of those Tackle jobs. He has always been seen as a plug and play OT. Other than him, Cannella is going to make an impact. On the other side, I don't think Britt or Moultry will start, but Moultry is a monster. I honestly believe he's the best LB prospect in this class, and he's versatile enough to impact the game in multiple ways. At minimum, he'll be another pass rusher to put on the field in Rabbit sets. He's going to be heard from this season. Britt is going to push Deshaun. If we're really going to play some 3-4, I could see them on the field together. I could also see Askew or Gonzalez pushing into the rotation in extra DB sets. Both guys have physicality and coverage skills. At minimum, more options for the Nickel position.
  7. He does look like a goober. That's a true statement.
  8. I thought it was pretty widely stated that his offer list was diminished by grade concerns, and the fact that we offered when we felt better about his likelihood of qualifying.
  9. WR, DT, OT, S? QB is always on the priority list so I don't list that. I'm not sure how OT falls out of that list. James is a Senior this year. That leaves the Princes, Ashley, and Troxell as the only natural OTs on the roster after next season, right? That's a high priority.
  10. Between Whitlow and Alaric Williams, both guys seem to fill similar roles on offense and defense. I'm guessing one lands on one side of the ball, the other on the other side.
  11. See I think his ceiling is higher than Drake's because he's more natural between the tackles. Irons isn't a terrible comp, but he reminds me of a guy like Melvin Gordon. Not a huge guy. Makes people miss in tight quarters to grind out yards. Constant home run threat. That's obviously a ceiling because Gordon was a first rounder, but that's the type of player/runner I see.
  12. That's easy. In my mind, every class is about finding a few game changing players and quality depth. I think we hit home runs at the three most important positions on offense in Stidham, Ashley, and Barrett. I also think we have an immediate impact guy in Moultry. Beyond that, we brought in a lot of quality players to give depth. Britt isn't likely to start next year or even the year after, but he's going to be right there pushing Deshaun Davis. Askew doesn't have a clear path to a starting job, but he's going to make Daniel Thomas or Stephen Roberts or whoever earn their position. This class is going to have a big impact on special teams and fill rotation spots with quality players.
  13. The only explanation is he or his family is being paid a great deal of money or benefits.
  14. @thaitopher Totally agree. I was just answering the question! I'm not even sure how you would articulate contract damages if you're able to sign with another institution. I mean, are we going to use the value of a roster spot at School X versus the value of the same spot at School Y? Are we going to calculate the value of improper benefits from the REC that you now have to forego? I don't see how you could ever bring a claim even if there was a breach of contract.
  15. @ellitor @Barnacle From a contract law perspective, E's statement may or may not be true. It's certainly true from an NCAA rules standpoint. As for the offer/acceptance deal, if they communicated to him that the offer was contingent, it's not an offer at all. Even if he signs paperwork, it wouldn't be binding (unless there's an integration clause... the thing that says this document is the entire contract and nothing outside of it will be considered... then, you'd have a question whether oral representations would be included). Bottom line, if they said something to him before he signed, they're almost certainly in the clear from a contract law perspective.