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  1. UCLA fires Mora

    I suspect this, not Gainesville, is the Chip Kelly landing zone.
  2. @ellitor, good point. Still, flaky or not, I think he’s a player. Wish it had played out differently.
  3. David Langner

    Good article. Also, that video was crazy. Someone should've kicked #18's teeth in for hitting people in the head with his helmet and backing away like a punk.
  4. I read a breakdown on Sherwood that predicted that he would eventually develop into a LB but would start his career as a Safety. So, maybe he's the third. I'd be very much in favor of signing at least one of the following: Quay Walker, Zacoby McClain, JJ Peterson, or Channing Tindall. At the moment, it feels like we may miss on all four, which is a bummer.
  5. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    Meh. I LOVE the group of Safeties we have committed. Three is the number we needed, and I like all three.
  6. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    I don't know that our coaches would agree with the assessment of Stutts v. Jenkins. They really like Stutts. That wasn't just a "take him to fill out the class" move. We offered early and pressed for his commitment because we really like him.
  7. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    Not sure where I read it, but I know I did see that somewhere because I remember thinking "oh interesting." I do know he's playing Tackle in high school, which is worth essentially nothing but I added it anyway.
  8. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    I've read where the staff feels that Stutts is going to play OT. If that's correct, I'm on board with taking both Hill and Jenkins. Irvin is a Center. I'd be in favor of signing five OL this class if there's another OT we like. If Stutts is destined to be a Guard though, I don't see the point in signing all three Guards.
  9. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    @ellitor he might. He and Carlton will have tough decisions to make. @ClaytonAU I’m guessing Dinson gets work back at Safety. Possibly Malcolm Askew as well. Thomas is the guy that has to come through though. He’s a junior with experience. Huge spring for him.
  10. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    Tray is a straw stirring a very tasty drink. Secondary may take a step back, but if Jeff comes back, the DL should be better. They can paper over some issues in coverage. It’s going to be a crucial spring for Thomas, Peters, Monday, Sherwood, and anyone else playing Safety.
  11. Next year's team

    I think any concern on the DL is overblown. Jeff is a game changer, but with or without him, that line is going to be ridiculous. Let’s say he goes pro. This is what you’d have next year: DE - Coe/Bryant DT - Russell/Truesdell DT - Brown/Williams/Newkirk DE - Davidson/Moultry (he’s never moving back to true LB)/James That doesn’t factor in any incoming freshman like Miller or Jibunor. It doesn’t account for development by Manning or Jackson. Garner’s group is loaded. If Holland comes back, flip Coe yo a backup role behind Davidson. And remember Marlon won’t be wearing that crazy brace next year. He should get full range of motion back with rehab in the off-season. The LBs don’t concern me either. Deshaun, Darrell, Old Man Atkinson, and McBryde are a talented and experienced base. I’ve liked glimpses of Britt and Wooten. We played a chunk of this season without Tre (our best LB). We’ll be better for it next year. CB feels pretty solid. If Carlton is back, this is a team strength. If not, Dean and Javaris Davis look really good when healthy. Dinson is a solid nickel CB. I liked Leonard early in the year. Broussard has potential if he gains weight. Then you have Myers and Askew waiting in the wings with Tutt and any other signee. If we go after Keith Washington you’d expect him to be in the rotation at minimum. Safety is suspect, obviously. Peters and Thomas are favorites to start. Dinson probably slides back some. We’re counting on Monday and Sherwood (both EEs) being rotation caliber depth. If they are, we should be in good shape depth-wise, but young Safeties can be cringe-inducing no matter how talented. This is the group that will force Coach Brown to earn his paycheck. This is going to be a good defense next year. Steele and his guys have built a sturdy foundation.
  12. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    Good stuff. DB class is pretty mean.
  13. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    Yeah, McMichael is the only lock of that group. Seems like we'd take him any time he wanted to sign up. The rest are just guys I've seen mentioned at various times having real communication with our staff. I saw some quote from Daniels basically saying if Auburn offered it would be tough to turn down, which I take to mean he's in if we want him. Like you said, it doesn't seem like we've made a call on who the second CB target is (other than McMichael).
  14. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    From what I can gather, we're looking at Tutt (c'mon and join the fun!!), McMichael (a long shot), CD Daniel (Memphis commit), Jalynn Williams (Florida commit as a WR), possibly Derek Turner (seemed to be a target in the summer), and Keith Washington (at Co-Lin JUCO via Michigan). @ellitor Does that about cover it?
  15. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    I'd say the DB recruiting is anything but thin this year. Basically, we have three Safeties in the fold (Monday, Sherwood, and Fuqua) along with a guy that's a S/LB hybrid who could play some Nickel (Marsh). If we land Tutt, that's a high-end CB, and from what I understand, we're still considering/recruiting Keith Washington (former Michigan CB). If we spend five or six scholarships on the defensive backfield, that's depth.