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  1. For the record, the enforcement staff does not handle student athlete eligibility. It’s two different departments. Wiley and Purifoy were withheld by Auburn compliance. Then, they filed student athlete reinstatement applications. Those are not reviewed by enforcement. The eligibility group made the call on the length of suspension. If violations occurred (actions by the University, staff, or boosters), those could be the subject of an enforcement investigation and an eventual NOA. I have no info on Auburn’s specific position, but no one from those trials is in the clear. The NCAA stayed all investigations pending the conclusion of FBI investigations and federal prosecutions. That’s where we are now. At the start of enforcement’s activity. Auburn’s actions regarding Wiley/Purifoy show a swift reaction and cooperation, but we could still see penalties for what Chuck did. So could Bruce.
  2. I agree on this one. I thought Braun was the guy we should've thrown our body at early. He wasn't seen as the top of the top tier, but I think he is. Sucks to see him go to UGA.
  3. Yeah, I’m not worried whether we play Game 3. We will. It’s a matter of when and how choppy it’ll be.
  4. Woof. Forecast tomorrow looks awful. Gonna be tough to get it in, but there's a real risk of mid-game delays which could cause a team to lose a pitcher. That's unfortunate.
  5. We looked better at the plate today than Austin Love looked on the rubber yesterday. Like @AU64 said, tomorrow is another day. We need Judd to give us some good at bats and find a way to get on base. Walk, slap hit, anything. Get on base. It's killing us to have an out at the top of the order every time through. We stranded 10 and went 0-for with RISP. I don't think that'll happen again. If we can replicate the defensive/pitching results, I love our chances. I doubt we'll see Love tomorrow so we've cut down on their reliable arms. This team will fight. No doubt about that. Should be exciting tomorrow!!
  6. Well, the lesson is, you go directly into the bag even if it risks injury for the opposing player. We should've gone straight into his ankle with his entire body. That was in the direct basepath, and the rule requires it. One guy gets hurt, and they'll change the rule. But as it is written and enforced, it was a mistake to try and avoid McGee.
  7. Dan Mullen and Urban Meyer favored Brantley. That’s part of why Cam left. For the record. I’m not guessing or sourcing any article on that one. Know it from one of those sources. Cam learned Dan’s system. He was good in that system. Dan didn’t make Cam or develop him in any special way. He treated him like a backup and gave him backup reps. They thought Brantley was the next franchise QB at Florida.
  8. C'mon now. That's just silly. Dan Mullen is very good QB coach, but he didn't make Cam any more than the HC at Blinn CC or any more than Gus. As a singular football talent, Cam was and is and will be. I maintain, all we have to do is roll out a good offense with Gatewood/Nix under center and continue to recruit the OL well in 2020. It would help a good deal if we land Zierer because adding him and Buskey would give us more options at OT without having to rely on a true freshman. If we do those things, I expect to be in the lead pretty soon thereafter. If we don't, we're not going to sign him. It seems that simple.
  9. Tackle eligible! All day!
  10. Louis claimed that route running was a drag on his draft status, but he's wrong. It was his inability to catch that hurt his draft stock more than anything.
  11. I'd believe that because we're the wait-and-see-est of all wait-and-see teams. If Gatewood looks good and OL recruiting goes well (meaning we sign probably the top two JUCO OTs and fill the cupboard back up behind them), my personal opinion is, we'll move to the top of the list.
  12. All seems reasonable. If Gatewood looks good and we land Zierer, I'd expect us to jump to the top of the list. I don't think this is wildly different than Bo Nix. Do the job, and this recruitment goes pretty smoothly.
  13. The Prayer was luck. Marshall has a cannon so that was necessary to get the ball downfield, but he misread the play. Everyone who has talked about it says so. He was supposed to go to Coates if UGA covered the skinny post, but he just slung it. Given who caught the ball and his history (during and after his Auburn career) of dropping passes, I'd say that play was luck. I love Ricardo, and he'd never pay for a drink with me in the room. But the guy can't catch a cold, and contrary to his claim, that had nothing to do with his coaches at Auburn. In reality, the Prayer was the work of football gods. Murray didn't score. Period. The football gods just gave us what we'd actually earned. As for Wright, I'm glad we've offered and shown interest. I'm glad we're still evaluating and asking him to prove himself at camp. I'm glad we're still in on a number of targets currently higher on our board (Zierer; Chris Morris - who appears to be a swing OG/OT type of guy; Dumervil; Issiah Walker; etc.). I don't think there is a rush to get Wright on-board so long as we're consistently communicating with him.
  14. I hate we lost Martinez. Ratings be damned. He’s a stud. Still, assuming we land Cohen, we’re off to a pretty good start. I wish we’d thrown our body at Josh Braun, but I don’t think that’s happening. Still a bunch of very good players on the shopping list though.
  15. He’s currently a junior. Good weight or bad he’ll be 25 pounds heavier by the time he gets here.