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  1. The article said almost the opposite. They said FSU would need to develop relationships with his parents, but people put in crystal ball picks to FSU because he chose to throw for Fisher/FSU and no other team, which they took as a sign of his interest in getting coached by Fisher over other people. It was a stretch.
  2. I've read a number of places that he's still growing. He's already a big kid at WR. If he's running even close to that fast and growing, he's Marquis McClain at worst, a toolsy, big-bodied, raw talent that will need development. I'd be excited to have him. I think we're aiming for four WRs (again based on reports), and not many of our targets look like Shedrick in terms of size/speed combination. He fits so in hoping he's part of the class.
  3. We were pretty solid in pass pro last year, and even Robert Leff (who I respect and am not trying to knock but possessed 1/10 of Robinson's talent) got a look from the NFL. The problem isn't the system. Robinson should be playing Guard at the next level, but he's a little tall for the ideal inside. He has the athleticism to play inside.
  4. Oh well, gracious, that's definitely not the modern era. But if that's the small cut of time we're observing, this isn't close. At all. The best RB we've put in the NFL in that time is Ben Tate (one season of 1000 yards from scrimmage, one other year 900+ total yards).
  5. As for the RB discussion, I liked Teague's film the best. Pierce is up there as well. I think Asa Martin has a high ceiling, but he's also the kind of back that can get lost in the shuffle because he might not be outstanding at any one thing. I could see him not being our speed option (with guys like Stove, Iggy, Kam Martin, and Shivers on campus). I could see him not being our lead back (with Malik Miller and Devan Barrett already). Martin is good enough that he's not an "okay I'll take him." He's a guy you get excited about, but I would be more excited with Teague or Pierce.
  6. Can we go back to the part where @McLoofus argued that Lacy was not a bust one breath and then said Auburn had no "meaningful" RBs in the modern other than Cam? We're crediting Eddie Lacy (Offensive ROY, 1 Pro Bowl, 1100+ yards twice, 4000+ yards from scrimmage) and discounting Cadillac Williams (Offensive ROY, 1100+ yards once, 1000 total yards two other seasons, 5000+ yards from scrimmage)? We're saying Mark Ingram (1 Pro Bowl, 1000+ yards rushing once, 1000+ total yards two other seasons, 5000+ yards from scrimmage) isn't a bust but saying Ronnie Brown (1 Pro Bowl, 1000 yards rushing once, 1000+ total yards two other seasons, 7000+ yards from scrimmage) isn't a meaningful RB in the modern era? That doesn't even touch Stephen Davis (if that's the modern era for kids now) or Rudi Johnson. Davis and Alexander posted similar career numbers with higher peaks for Alexander. Both had for seasons above 1300 yards rushing; both had three Pro Bowl seasons. Alexander was better, but they're comparable. People forget how good Rudi was. Three seasons with 1300+ yards but only one Pro Bowl. The gap between him and Davis is really only about longevity. I'd say anyone running in the 2000s is a "modern era" back, and Auburn has had as many or more successes with fewer busts than Bama. That's without even getting into the question of whether Brandon Jacobs counts or not.
  7. Given the experience and talent in front of him at LB, I'll be surprised if he isn't used at Buck early in the year. Unless Paul James and Jeff Holland continue to progress as true rushers, I expect to see Moultry and Bryant getting reps as edge rushers. It's a limited role and one where a freshman can make an immediate impact, as we've seen from Groves, Gunn, McClover, Lawson, etc. in the past. I don't even see depth as an issue at LB. Tre Williams can play inside and out. Darrell and Monty play outside, and Deshaun plays inside. Our base set includes the nickel, which means you really only need 2 LBs at any given time. That's a two-deep with talent. Moultry could push them, but he can give reps on the edge as well.
  8. Unless they have an NCAA waiver that removes one of their staff members from recruiting and allows Craig to take his place, that's not a true statement about Craig. He's an off-field assistant. Under NCAA rules, he can talk to recruits when they are on campus. He is not allowed to call recruits or speak to them off campus.
  9. Nothing special?!? Seriously @bigbird? National championship with the crazy cajuns? He was the first coach in my lifetime to instill enough discipline in that program to compete for championships. He won two SEC titles, one NC, and set them up for multiple runs before he left. If he had been there in 2005, I don't believe UGA wins that SEC title. He's a great coach. Yes, the Bama coaching achievements are skewed by the talent gap now, but that wasn't true in 2008 or 2009. He had less talent than Florida and probably UGA or LSU. The guy is a great football coach. Total dbag. Great football coach.
  10. To be honest though, he is kinda great on TV. He breaks film down as well as anyone in that industry. Plus, you can see him fuming when people make bonehead mistakes. Every time I've seen him in those national title breakdowns, he's been great. He'd kill on TV.
  11. Williams is back near his freshman weight, which is funny to me. He spent years gaining, and the way the game is played now, he's better off where he started. I think Davis is too heavy as well, unless it really didn't cost him a step. Time will tell on that one. If he's a step slower, we're going to see Tre take over at MLB with D. Williams and Atkinson as the primary OLBs. Tre can play all three spots. Two names with good movement (I think) are Nick Ruffin (up) and Malik Miller (down). Both of those guys will see a lot of PT, and both of them had movements that should help. Ruffin can flip between Safety spots, but he needed to little size to improve in the box. Miller shedding weight just tells me he's serious about sharing the workload this year with Pettway and Kerryon. I also personally like Jamel Dean up to 215. He can move at that weight. I'd love to see him healthy and work him into the Safety/Nickel rotation. He has the body and skill set to give us depth behind our top three Safeties (Matthews, Roberts, and Ruffin) and Dinson at Nickel. That would alleviate a LOT of depth concern if Dean is ready to play. Last one, Hastings and Ryan Davis are just little guys that will stay little. I know what that's like. When I was at Auburn, my roommate tried to help me pack on weight. I drank a shakes or horrible protein drinks with breakfast and lunch and finished everyday with two PB sandwiches. Did that with my normal workout routine (back then... no longer) and gained 2 pounds in three months, which was probably all water weight. Some folks just cannot add weight. Those two seem like they fit that bill.
  12. I'll obviously reserve judgment/pressure on Barrett, but I've heard the same opinions on him. No question he has the combination of size and speed to be special, and he appears to have a complete skill set with good hands out of the backfield and a willingness to block. I don't expect him to redshirt. We're in go-for-it mode so if he can help the team, I expect him to play. Looking forward to seeing him. As for the three RBs we're really recruiting, Teague is actually the guy at the top of my list. I know his ratings aren't equal to Martin, Pierce, or even Joiner, but he looks like the real deal to me. I love how he keeps his shoulders square to the line and shows great feet in traffic. That style allows him to get north/south quickly even on stretch plays or on cuts. With those shoulders, he's going to get bigger without losing speed. I'm hoping he's the one (or one of the ones) we land in this class.
  13. Well, in fairness, FSU offered him as a QB out of high school.
  14. I'm confused. Fields is committed to Elite 11 that weekend, right? If so, their chances at the title are pretty much shot anyway.
  15. I would bet Vick is actually pretty good with mechanics. He did SO MUCH drill work during his NFL career. Go back and watch his throwing motion at VaTech or early with the Falcons and compare it to his best year with the Eagles. Completely remade. If nothing else, he can introduce drills and give a guy an overview of what it takes to focus on footwork and shorten your throwing motion.