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  1. Cool. I’m from Starkville. Too old to know Luke, but my mom was a pediatric NP (retired now). She used to see him.
  2. Just to be clear, you're still being a bit misleading. A significant number of those Level 1s occurred under Coach Nutt. That included penalties for two staffers helping a group of players cheat on the ACT and either lying in interviews or refusing to provide information (both of which are independent violations). In addition, you claim that the NCAA opinion is proof that Freeze couldn't recruit without cheating, but that decision involved a finding of paying ONE player... a guy who didn't sign at Ole Miss. Zero findings that payments were made to Tunsil or Treadwell or Nkemdiche, etc. So if we're just taking what the NCAA says and not making assumptions, it's kinda proof that Freeze did recruit stars without cheating.
  3. He didn't have multiple violations. Hugh Freeze had one violation for failure to monitor his staff. Nothing else.
  4. Throw at will? Have you watched our secondary? DJ James may be the best cover guy in the SEC. Slotting Pritchett at CB2 has been a huge step up. Moving Simp back to FS has been a revolution for coverage. Rewatch the game last year. Brian Robinson was by far their best offense. I expect the same for Gibbs and McClendon. Bama should win. They have more talent and home field, but I'll be very surprised if they're able to throw it all over the yard with those WRs against this secondary. Their passing game will focus on backs and TEs.
  5. Until Chizik, I’m not sure that was true. Bowden had six years and ran himself off by pulling a Jimbo at FSU and gutting the program by failing to recruit. Then Tubs had a decade. Tried to fire him. True. But didn’t. Chizik was the first to get a short run, and he earned it with the worst team in school history. And by hiring Loeffler. That’s a fireable offense.
  6. I already said he's going to get fired for failing to replace these guys. He'll lose his job for it, and he'll deserve it. But that doesn't change what the quality or quantity Malzahn failed to recruit, and it was mostly the offensive line. We threw 38 passes. Penn State was credited with 36 (!!!!!!) QB hurries. That would be unbelievable, except that it absolutely matched the eye test of what we saw. Go check the film on the 3rd down play where Finley threw it to Shed instead of Moore or Hunter (who were coming open for a TD). Nose Tackle was left unblocked. TJ just threw it where he could to avoid a sack. Or check the film on the sack on Ashford when we were inside the 10. Unblocked blitzer on the A gap. Never had a chance. Or rewatch Finley's best throw to Javy Johnson. Unblocked rusher runs past Stutts immediately. It was a great play by Finley to avoid the sack, keep his eyes up, and make that touch pass. The examples of free rushers and missed blocks by the OL is limited only by the number of snaps we took on the day. The QBs aren't great. The WRs aren't great. But the OL is next level bad. Not even worth comparison between the position groups.
  7. If you watched that PSU game… I’ll rest my case about whether they are SEC caliber. Imagine the guys that can’t beat out our starters.
  8. @Mikey, any more thoughts on the quality and quantity that Gus left on the OL? Harsin is gonna get run out of town because he didn’t devote every resource to replacing Gus’ guys. But they were never good enough.
  9. If we convince Keondre Jones and Kam Stutts to come back next year, we may yet ward off OL Armageddon. Those two plus Tate Johnson would give us a solid interior line to build around. But as noted, that’s only possible because Stutts gets an extra year.
  10. There are generally five classes. That’s not true currently with the super seniors (sixth year guys). That skews the numbers and has helped both Gus and Harsin paper over their failures. Troxell, Council, and Jackson should be gone by now under any normal metric. If you want to accurately analyze Gus’ OL recruiting, those guys should be out because they were signed in the 2016 and 2017 classes (I.e., six and seven years ago, which is outside the NCAA’s five-year eligibility window). Even counting Manning, the correct number is nine in three years. That’s awful. And if we’re going “SEC quality offensive linemen” as the metric, I’m not positive we can comfortably include guys like Irvin, Jernigan, or even Coffey who have yet to play meaningful downs. Two of those guys are seniors. Jernigan is still young. In terms of SEC-quality guys (meaning guys who can play in the SEC) over the three classes that would usually make up a roster, Gus is somewhere between seven and nine… one of which plays at Kentucky. On the Auburn roster, he’s between 2 and 2.67 per year. Add in Harsin’s disaster last signing class (especially), and that’s the recipe for our lack of depth/quality. Imagine this OL without Trox and Council…
  11. You know what, @Mikey, now that you explain it I see that Gus built a machine of an offensive line. I don't know why I didn't realize that when the OL sucked in 2018 and got Stidham killed or when they were holding us back in 2019 or when they were a liability in 2020. I mean, this is a team that's had two offensive linemen drafted in four years (only one of which was a high school signee), but I see now that Gus had that room humming. The numbers were perfect. The desperate annual search for grad transfers to plug obvious holes was really just the plan all along. Gus was just playing chess, and I couldn't see it. Give. Me. A. Break. The offensive line has been mediocre since 2017, and it wasn't great before that. Gus doesn't know his ass from his elbow in terms of offensive linemen. This is the same coach who annually claimed Braden Smith was a Guard but was forced to play out of position at RT out of need. That guy? He started from the Colts at RT as a rookie and hasn't given the spot up in four years since. If we had a coach who knew the offensive line, we would've actually played him in his natural position AT TACKLE his entire career. Here's the deal. Google has a hiring theory that you have to only let your best people make hiring decisions because, as they put it, A's hire A's; B's hire B's; C's hire C's. Most people overrate their own ability so they don't see themselves as a C, but we tend to gravitate toward people similar to ourselves. Gus hired JB Grimes, Herb Hand, and Jack Bicknell. It's unfair to Jack to get lumped in with the other two, but that list pretty well speaks for itself. C's hire C's. Mediocrity gravitates to mediocrity.
  12. A team is made (generally) of five signing classes: Fr, RFr, So, Jr, Sr I don’t care what metric you use, leaving 11 guys in the So-Sr classes is not “a lot.” It’s manageable, but it’s not like he left a bunch of guys that meant we had no worries for two years. The other issue you’ve dodged is the fact that none of those guys are amazing. He left an adequate number of decent (but not good) offensive linemen in the upper classes. As I’ve said (and other have said), Harsin’s failure to sign more than three guys in two years is his failing. But Gus left a mediocre mess and a room with a culture of mediocrity baked in for years and years.
  13. I didn't count walk-ons, but I did count Brahms, which is wrong. I guess we can debate whether Langlo, who signed in December but had a new coach before signing day and could've backed out of his NLI, counts toward the guy who wasn't the coach when he reported or for the coach for which he's played every second of his career. I count every guy in the 2021 signing class toward the coach they actually played for... from the first second of their careers. You may not. And pointing out that every guy who has played was a Gus signee goes back to my earlier point. That's completely expected. The alternative would have been to find an absolute stud HS signee and/or transfers. Those are the only guys Harsin could've signed to push these guys out of their spots, and if that's what you're relying on to improve your OL, you're in a really bad spot. Gus left us in a position where the OL is fine but not good, and absent something completely extraordinary, it takes three years to reshape an OL room. Older guys are expected to hold down the jobs. On the OL more than any other spot, if you're playing multiple young guys, it's because you suck. For us, because Harsin has failed to recruit the position well, three years to reshape the room won't be enough. It'll take at least two more classes to get it up to the level we need, and that's optimistic. Gus left a mess. Harsin has failed to improve it or clean it up.
  14. Not all that bad is kinda the problem. They aren’t good either. Btw, I count 15 on the roster and 3 Harsin signees (Langlo, Smith, and Harris).
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