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  1. Not that I know of. I was under the impression this kid is like 6'0" or 6'1" and 205 or 210 lbs. That's Travis' size.
  2. Mark Brown was the LB in 2002. He was a stud. He started for the Jets for a New York minute.
  3. Ben Obomanu. He was one of the most mature, stand-up guys I had the privilege of knowing in college. He's a little younger than me, but I learned from watching him deal with adversity as a true sophomore. Totally lost touch now, but he was a friend in college. Plus, he could ball. Loved watching him truly break out in 2005.
  4. I'll take McClain as the next Travis Williams, AT Williams, or Karibi Dede. That'll work for me!
  5. I don't know if that's true. Horton is a Guard. Bell, if he's in shape, is a Guard. If that's true, moving Smith out may be the only way to get our best five on the field. It's up in the air for all our guys how they will handle added pass protection. Really Wilson Bell and Austin Golson are the only guys that have played in a balanced or pass-heavy offense for any amount of time. There's a myth that Tackles are the only ones really adjusting to increased pass pro because they're dealing with rush ends, but Guard assignments are very different in run/pass protections as well. Everyone has to adjust. We're lacking a clear NFL-caliber Tackle, but I don't think there's any question that Smith or James are as proficient as Leff or Ryan Pugh or a number of other guys that have ably manned the Tackle spot for us in the past.
  6. He's on campus. Showed up a touch heavy (like 350 pounds), but Malzahn says he's down 20 pounds or so. He's going to have to look really, really good to move past Wanogho and push Smith or James to Guard.
  7. I've said for a while that we have three locks for starting spots: Smith, Golson, and Horton. Assuming James is putting in the off-season work to show up in top shape, he's probably in the lock group as well. That does not answer what position those guys will be playing, but I'll be surprised to see any of them out of the starting lineup. Horton at LG is the only one that feels 100% locked into a position. Golson could play C, RG, or T (although I think him playing LT last year was the weakest spot on the line at the start of the season). Smith can play RG or RT. James can play LT, RT, or RG. Wilson Bell at RG makes a lot of sense unless PT Wanogho or Ashley make a splash at LT or RT. Dunn at C or RG would also make some sense, but if he's the C, the question becomes whether Smith shifts inside with Golson at RT or whether Golson just slides over. We'll get it sorted out pretty quickly this fall.
  8. I hoping we spend a fair amount of time s***ting.
  9. In fairness, he doesn't have to talk to big brother in order to trade on his name.
  10. Harris is underrated in my view. He can absolutely ball and would be a perfect fit in our scheme. Personal opinion, he, Tindall, and McClain would give us the best set of LBs in this year's class. If I'm making a Christmas list, all three are on it!
  11. I think that's what they're doing. I saw an interview with Ragnow where he was asked about the game, and he basically said it bothered him because he felt like their effort was lacking and that kind of outcome didn't reflect the character of the team. It sounded a lot like our guys talking about LSU after the 2011(?) season. The LSU FB commented after the game that we had given up and didn't want to talk their RBs. He said we were intentionally backing off (which probably should have been a big red flag for Chizik's future), and our guys were all asked about it the following year. To a man, they said they wanted to show they wouldn't quit or avoid contact. The 2012 LSU game was basically the only game our defense played that season, and we lost 12-10 or something like that. I had no bad impression of what Arkansas said about last year's game. More than them, I hope our guys leave that game in 2016. We're going to get Arkansas' A+ effort this year so we'd better be ready for a real sense of urgency in Fayetteville.
  12. If you include Tray Matthews (who did not technically sign with us but has been in Auburn for four years), Matthews is the biggest prospect we've had, but I think Monday has a higher ceiling with a better skill set (coverage, ball awareness, hands, etc.) for today's game.
  13. I'd love to put some heat on UGA for Cook, but honestly, I think Pierce is a better fit for us. Also, if Michael Harris is the next commit, that would be huge. That guy is a stud at a position of need as well. I think he's underrated by the recruiting services to about the same degree as a guy like Carlton Davis was. To me, Harris looks like a guy that could play early.
  14. I'm, so now that Smoke is on board, we all agree Hill is a lock!
  15. Wow. War damn eagle, Smoke! And a major h/t to Gus, Kevin, Kristi, and the entire staff. That's fantastic. Given his talent and the depth chart after this season, this is probably the biggest catch we could have outside of Fields. Awesome!