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  1. I take back what I said about Kess being Minnesota's best rim protector. Guess he's part of a full-on rebuild in Salt Lake. Optimistically, there will be plenty of minutes available in Utah! Gotta think Mitchell is on his way out of SLC as well.
  2. Davison isn't going to have to worry about Boston. He's gonna be in the G League next year. He's not taking Peyton Pritchard's job, and he can't space the floor or have the size to play 2-guard. He has the talent work out long-term, but he's not going to help that team next year. They'll get him minutes in the G League. As for Walker, it's a good situation as a back-up big on a competitive, young team. Pat Beverley is a clown, but I fully expect Kess to push Greg Monroe out and to give them better defensive options than Naz Reid. Kess is their best rim protector from day one. As for Orlando, the point with the Magic is that I don't believe for one second that they actually know who their foundational guys are. Setting floor spacing aside for a second, Jabari had the most defensive flexibility of the top options. As it stands, they have almost no path to getting their best forwards on the floor together without hemorrhaging points on the defensive end. Isaac, Wagner (the younger), and Banchero cannot defend together. Back on the offensive end, I don't think they can space the floor enough . That's especially true if you pair the three above with your top pick from last year (Suggs sports a tidy 21% 3pt percentage) and from 2020 (Anthony is a sharp-shooter by comparison with a 33% career 3pt percentage). It's a mess of a franchise that has made the playoffs twice (as the 7th and 8th seed) twice in the last decade and hasn't made it out of the first round since Dwight Howard won his second of three consecutive DPOY awards. They haven't had a plan since Howard's trade demand. Jabari landed in a much better situation.
  3. I said months ago, before the lottery that the Magic were a joke of a franchise that I hoped Jabari avoided. I hate that he didn’t go 1 because that would’ve been cool, but I’m glad he isn’t in that train wreck. They have no plan. Bachero, Wagner, Isaac, Carter, and Okeke all play basically the same two positions. None are good enough defensively to play the 3. Suggs looked awful last year. Anthony is a backup, and Fultz is a sixth man at best. Jabari landed in a better spot.
  4. That handicap ends soon. The NCAA is going to lift the scholarship limits in partial scholarship sports. That’s going to happen just a matter of when.
  5. Helluva lot more to like about this year than any loss can take away. Great, great season. Ending the CWS win drought was a MONSTER step for the program. Can’t think about winning it without winning a game in Omaha for 25 years. Huge step. And Burkhalter joined Sonny a damn legend on the Plains.
  6. No offense, but this was a hell of a lot more than a “nice season.” Unless you’re just trying to be funny like Golf, which I don’t think. I really hate the mentality that every season is championship or “bridesmaid.” This year was incredible. And fun.
  7. Waving the white flag now. Hate that this group is gonna end a truly great season with a blow out. But I suppose that’s very Auburn basketball of them! 😉
  8. Really hope we don’t get no hit. Im not waving the white flag yet. If John can find the zone and get us an inning plus, we’ll stay alive.
  9. I’ll agree that we look feeble, but we actually struck out 4 in the third. Only two were called. It’s been bad behind the plate.
  10. I bet Noland pitches on short rest if they win tonight, and it won't surprise me if DeLucia goes for Ole Miss tomorrow night. But they might hold Smith out tonight. They still have Ramage who has appeared two straight (but not for long outings) and other arms. Neither team is going to lose tonight for lack of available arms.
  11. Arkansas is set up pretty well pitching wise because of the blowouts. McEntire to start. Smith and Tygart haven’t pitched. They likely burnt Wiggins and Trest. Those are good arms, but they have three of their better arms ready for us. It’s going to be a great ballgame.
  12. They’re going to start Will McIntyre tonight, unless he’s sick or something. He was their #2 down the stretch (former midweek guy), but they went to Morris to start last night. It’s going to be a heck of pitching matchup. If we can chase him early, it gets dicey for them.
  13. When do we get our Pac 12 title rings?? UCLA, Oregon State, and Stanford... dropped!!
  14. Mason on the bump on Tuesday against the Ole Miss/Arkansas loser tonight!!!! War Eagle to this team staying alive and getting a win in Omaha. First time ever to beat Stanford in the CWS (were 0-4 before this). First win in Omaha since 1997.
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