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  1. @jared52, in my opinion, there are one or two guys starting right now because of cohesiveness. The OL is the one position group where the most talented guy does not and should not always start. You have to find the best group. That's not always the five best individual talents. I absolutely think this is the best group of five we have. They function well together even if they don't have the ability to dominate individual matchups. You could say that's favoring seniority over talent, but I'd say it's just favoring group performance over individual performance. I actually agree with some of what folks have said here. Man by man, position by position, we will have a more talented OL next year. Tega and Harrell are both NFL-caliber players, but I don't think that's true of the right side of the OL. Again, you don't need NFL players across the board. The 2010 OL was pretty dang dominant, and they only had one guy make the NFL (a 7th round draft pick). Next year though, I think you'll see Brahms, Trox, Hamm, and either Zierer or Buskey starting. That group is an overall talent upgrade. I don't know if they'll be worth a crap as a group, but they are more talented individually.
  2. I think viewing "run first" offenses as a death knell is wrong. Flat out. It flies in the face of what is actually happening on the field. Oklahoma. This year's version. Run-first offense without question. Fifth in the country in rushing. They are built around the QB/RB battery. Their entire pass scheme is based around play action passing and RPOs. Both of those give defenses a run-first look to frees up their WRs. They have great success in the passing game, but everything in the offense is built on running first. Ohio State. This year's version. Run-first offense. Third in the nation in rushing. Again, that offense is built around JK Dobbins, Master Teague, and Justin Fields' legs. They run the ball 64% of the time (which is a higher clip than Auburn). Wisconsin. They are a successful offense built around a traditional run game, not one with a mobile QB. They run 66% of the time. Then, you have traditional offenses like Clemson and UGA that are a pure mix. Both are running more than they pass it. Both are built on physical running games with pro-style QBs and passing schemes. Again, I think saying a team cannot be successful with a run-first offense is just wrong. I know what Bama and LSU are doing is flashy. I know Dan Mullen has restructured his traditionally run-heavy offense toward the passing game to fit his personnel, but there are a TON of coaches winning a LOT of football games with a run-first and run-often approach.
  3. The thing that jumped out to me on Burks' stat line was the TFLs. He's leading the team from the DT spot. Tells me he's not just a space eater. He's making plays in the backfield.
  4. You're blowing my mind with this Dillard connection. Was Pat Sims the last Dillard grad at Auburn?
  5. To my untrained eye, frame-wise, he looks like Big Kat. Tall and lean.
  6. I don’t know who that is. Looks a bit like Allison Mack (had to look her up) from Smallville.
  7. Is that the girl who was arrested in that crazy sex trafficking cult bust?
  8. I think Bama is a better team, but until we win in Baton Rouge, I won't expect a win. I've been kicked in the nards too many times in that stadium. I'll have to see zeros on the scoreboard before I believe we're winning.
  9. At the 2002 game, after Duval's kick got blocked, that's the loudest I've ever heard a football stadium. I was on the front row, right behind our bench. You could see guys on the bench flinch to cover their ears. Like I said, a friend of mine was a foot away trying to tell me something. I couldn't hear a word. They kicked the crap out of us in 2000, but it was such a runaway that it never got as loud as it was in 2002. That crowd will matter on Saturday. Maybe we beat them anyway, but our guys will feel that crowd noise. It's just different.
  10. 100% true. We've definitely adjusted the types of run plays we're seeing. We've let Bo off the leash as a runner so that changes the inside zone entirely. We've used Flash like the weapon he is. We've added a heavy dose of the counter. We added some stretch plays with a Guard pulling and an HB leading. Completely agree. We're using the superior athleticism we have on the OL as opposed to just lining up and driving people off the ball.
  11. Carlson played for a moron in Minnesota. I cheer against Mike Zimmer.
  12. I don't get warm fuzzies about Webb, but we're still in the middle of the fight for him. Kid is a stud.
  13. The problem with the analysis is, we're not struggling in short yardage. Against MSU, with our starting OL on the field, here are all the plays with 2 yards or fewer to gain: 3rd & 2: Whitlow for 8 yards - first down 1st & goal: Whitlow for 3 yards - touchdown 2nd & 2: Nix for 1 yard 3rd & 1: Nix for 30 yards - first down 3rd & 2: Nix to Hastings for 4 yards - first down 1st & goal: Nix incomplete 2nd & goal: Whitlow for 3 yards - touchdown 3rd & 1: Whitlow for no gain (Note: we were up 40 at this point) Against TAMU, more of the same: 3rd & 2: Stove for 12 yards - first down 2nd & 1: Whitlow for 4 yards - first down 2nd & 1: Nix for 2 yards - first down 2nd & 2: Whitlow for 3 yards - first down So in SEC play, we've had 12 plays with a distance of 2 yards or fewer (short yardage), and we're converting at a 75% clip. On top of that, I don't see a lot of smoke and mirrors. Our starting RB has six carries in these distances (50% of the plays), and he's converted five of them (83%). In the other half, we've either run the read with Nix keeping it or run a designed QB run three times, converting two of them. We passed for it twice, converting one. Only one time have we run a jet sweep or some exotic play (Stove's play against TAMU). For an OL that supposedly can't get movement, that's a lot of running between the tackles for first downs and touchdowns in short yardage. It's taken a few games, but Gus is starting to identify the bread and butter for our OL. Wanogho and Harrell are monsters on the pull, which is why we're running right more often. Horton and Driscoll are doing a solid job ceiling off the play side, and our athleticism upfront is on display with those GT counters. Nix posing a threat to keep the ball (and convert first downs) has been a HUGE boost to the run game, but I don't call that smoke and mirrors. That's the design of the offense.
  14. Loudest stadium I’ve ever heard. Been to every stadium in the SEC except Faurot Field and Kyle Field. Gainesville is insanely loud when it’s rocking. Couldn’t hear the guy standing right next to me (a foot away) at the peak.