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  1. Incomplete list too. Okeke is a rookie and a candidate for the All-Rookie team.
  2. They signed Jaden Hardy. Number three player in the country. He was strongly considering UK. We have company. Maybe we've lost the most guys, but we're not alone.
  3. I also wondered if Trues took his foot off the gas without Narlob and DB on either side of him. He didn't seem to play with the same fire without them, but he's plenty big and strong enough to anchor down at NT. It'd be a really good combination if we land Fair.
  4. BJ Boston is alive. No need to bury him yet. Terence Clarke died. Boston was in the car behind him.
  5. Only one turnover in that game as well. Impressive stuff. More impressive? CP3 and Booker combined for 21 assists and ZERO turnovers!!!
  6. Fair enough. I think Willis was being nice. I never heard complaints about his effort level while he was in Auburn (like you heard often about Cowart). I think he was parting on good terms by taking some blame.
  7. Strange comps. Malik Willis was nowhere close to immature. Great kid. Worked hard. Left for PT. I'm largely indifferent in whether we dice roll for talent. Generally, if a guy is transferring at all, there is some risk. Maybe not when the guy is trying to move up to another level, but from one P5 place to another? There's usually risk. This kid sounds like he needs to mature. That's a risk, but he was a high-level prospect. Maybe it's a good risk, like Nick Marshall. Also, as someone noted, I can't really fault a guy for dissing Craig. I do it all the time.
  8. I'm not convinced that's true. Couple that with Beto O'Rourke losing a statewide Senate race by 1.5%, and it looks like a strong tightening trend. That's a total guess. I'd be interested to find out the demographics for the population gains in Texas as well because that could point in the direction of a continued tightening. Again, guesswork, but I expect the trend in tighter statewide elections in Texas to continue and maybe to get even closer if Dems can maintain gains in suburban areas.
  9. Think you're misreading where those losses are coming from. NY is the only "northeast" state that lost a seat. The vast majority of the losses came from (and have come for some while from) the Rust Belt. Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and WV have lost seats in each of the last three reapportionments. The SE and West are gaining seats, but not at the expense of the NE. Interestingly, both parties should feel good news from the reapportionment. Dems picked up seats in places that are becoming very safe (Oregon and Colorado). Losses were spread among red and blue states in the Rust Belt (WV
  10. I don’t think it was ever going to be otherwise. This looks like a 10-11 man rotation. I really think people believed (maybe still do) that Cambridge and Moore and Cardwell were just going to get cut out, but that was never happening. Green and Jasper will take the minutes at PG (unless Scoot comes, which would shift it). Jasper, Sills, Flanigan, and Cambridge will all play some as a nominal 2. Flanigan, Cambridge, Smith, and Moore will take time at 3. Smith, Moore, and Williams will play 4. Kessler, Williams, and Cardwell will play at 5. I’m not sure many will play 30 minutes.
  11. I would add that Bryce Thompson and Adam Miller were higher rated prospects coming out of HS a year ago. Both are in the portal. Both will have four years of eligibility if that matters. Neither played well last year, but maybe you take a flyer on your prior evaluation.
  12. I mean, there are a ton of unaccounted for Guards in the portal right now. De'Vion Harmon from OU and Devante Jones from Coastal would be toward the top of my wish list if we're going that route. But the first and best answer is for Scoot to reclassify and join this team.
  13. The logjam comment came in the context of the Desi Sills thread where we were discussing have five Guards (without including Flanigan) and what the rotation might be. If Scoot comes, either or Jasper or both will soak up some minutes playing alongside Green. Then, you'll likely also see minutes with Flanigan sharing the floor with Cambridge (making one of them the 2/SG). I think people are underselling what Sills does for this team. He was going to play more than Alexander next year. There's a reason Sills logged the fifth most minutes for Arkansas in their tourney run. He wasn't a guy wh
  14. Well, there's your answer on the logjam at the 2.
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