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  1. Yep, I do. Like when Coe was substituted for his backup: Truesdell. Coe started the game. Played the entire first series. And logged more snaps than his backup. He was, unquestionably, the starter.
  2. Yep. I thought Nick played well that first game. He and Narlob gave us two flexible pieces. But Coe fell off after that game.
  3. His numbers would be a LOT better in our system. I have no idea if he'd be a better player, but Baylor doesn't play at our pace. They run a much more constrained offensive system. If he had the same green light that Doughty and McCormick have, his raw stats would improve. All told though, J'Von has slightly better or very similar efficiency numbers (shooting %'s, A:TO; etc.) on a higher volume, which means he's a MUCH better offensive player right now. J'Von is a good defender. Mitchell is an elite defender. On this team, with our offensive limitations, I'd rather have the guy we have.
  4. That’s a cool depth chart. We actually played the game though, and Nick Coe started. Go to the 2:47 mark and look at him lined up next to DB. Nick was our starting DT coming into the season.
  5. It’s not that they are better. It’s that playing Coe inside with BK outside gave us the best chance to improve this year. Coe playing like crap with piss poor effort took that away, not the plan. Then, when he did play Buck, he never got back to his prior level so we didn’t even have the option of playing him next to Truesdell. We heard it all year. Nick was the biggest issue with Nick. Go back and watch him against UF. He played End and got benched. Last year, yes, Big Kat was better. Coe started at DT and lost that job; then, he half-assed it at End and lost PT to a true freshman. That’s the story of 2019. I’m pulling for him now, but he no showed last year. Not his coaches.
  6. Nick busted his tail for Auburn. I'm not going to speak ill of the guy. However, I will disagree with his sentiments on how he should've been used. He was NOT the dynamic pass rusher we needed at Buck. He was very good player, but 7 sacks isn't exactly dominating at a position where we're looking for an edge rusher. Playing the same position, Lawson and Holland produced 9.5 sacks each of the two years before Nick became the starter at Buck. Nick's best position would've been SDE. Without question. The problem with that is Marlon Davidson was a better SDE. Our coaches were confronted with one true "opening" (DT next to Derrick Brown) and had a number of options to fill it. (1) Move Nick inside and flip Big Kat to his more natural position; (2) Promote Truesdell and leave Narlob and Coe where they were; (3) Move Narlob inside and start Coe/Big Kat outside. It was pretty clear early on that they wanted to choose Option 1. Nick was absolutely given the lion's share of reps at DT next to DB, and he was given the first start in that position. By most accounts, he was mentally checked out at practice and didn't produce on the field. So the coaches moved to Option 2, and that worked. Unfortunately, Nick completely checked out once he was no longer a starter, and he was hard to watch at points last year. His effort seemed to diminish, and his impact was non-existent. Two observations. First, the coaches' primary job is not to make an individual player look good. It's to maximize the play on the field. With Davidson/Brown/Russell/Coe starting in 2018, we produced 15.5 sacks from the starters. With Davidson/Brown/Truesdell/Bryant in 2019, we produced 15 sacks from the starters. It's not like we saw a major dip in the DL production without Nick Coe at Buck End. Second, he did play Buck a number of times this year. He shared the field with Marlon, Derrick, and Truesdell, which means he was playing the Buck End position. He didn't produce then either. I agree with Loof. It's always a bit of both, but in this instance, I side with the coaches more than the player. We had a hole, and he had the talent/skillset to really launch this DL in terms of explosiveness and pass pressure. Instead, he focused on something being taken away from him. You see that in his comments. Instead of grabbing the DT position by the throat, he focused on losing the Buck position. They didn't want bounce him all over the place. They wanted him to start at DT with the ability to toggle out to End (like Derrick Brown did a LOT this year). I really, really want to see Nick excel in pre-draft workouts and have a long career in the NFL. He has the talent for it, but it has to be said, his lack of effort and/or focus really took something away from our defense this year.
  7. I'll dispute that "glue guys" aren't generally drafted that high. Okoro is a high-potential version of DeAndre Hunter. Hunter was a better shooter by the time he left college, but Okoro is much younger. Both were smart players. Both are multi-position defenders. Hunter went 4 last year. Heck, I could see Atlanta taking Okoro given the fact that Hunter hasn't been great. Keep swinging for the 3-and-D wing. In this draft, where everything feels up for grabs, I could absolutely see him going in the Top Five.
  8. He really is fortunate that he wasn't seriously injured by the second/third cops. The fact that he was grappling the first cop probably precluded any possibility of getting shot though. But this is a sad one all the way around. OTOH, he absolutely ragdolled that guy. I'd say our strength coach did his job.
  9. And you saw Justin Fuente state publicly that any player putting his name in the portal is not welcome back at VT. All of them will lose their scholarship, but not all of them will find a new home. Certainly not a new home at that level, which is what they’re trying to do by entering the portal.
  10. I have not heard he's good to go with contact, but he'll definitely participate in spring ball. A big chunk of it is non-contact. From what I've heard, I assume he'll be involved in that part (at a minimum).
  11. I don't think we'll see Okoro next year. That's not a lock, but I don't think so. It'll be fun to see next year's crew learn to play with each other. I mean, like @JwgreDeux pointed out, we already know what we're getting from Johnson, Flanigan, and Cambridge at a bare minimum. I expect all three guys to take a step forward because, generally, players have really developed year-on-year with Pearl. I think it's a mortal lock that Cooper is starting at PG. Then, you'll likely have Johnson, Turbo, or Powell at the 2. My bet is on Johnson. That projection changes if Green signs. Then, I'd say Flanigan and Cambridge are likely to take the swing spot. Williams, Franklin, Stretch, and Moore plus another signee look like the bigs. Personally, I expect us to go back to something closer to the 2018/19 style of play. We'll have more shooting on the floor with less size. Regardless, it'll be fun to watch them gel.
  12. I recall reading an article on 247 or Rivals or something talking about the OL going into the offseason. It had Osborne listed with the Guards, and I believe said he had been working there in bowl practice. I'm working solely from memory, but that's my recollection. I assume our Tackle group next year will be some mix of: Hamm Troxell Jackson Zierer Coffey Transfer X If Hamm or Trox don't win jobs (and assuming health), I expect either or both to move inside. I believe both are two of our top five OL players so I expect both to start. Both guys have played and practiced at Guard and Tackle. Of that group, oddly, I have the highest hopes for Coffey. He just has a whiff of Brandon Mosley to him.
  13. It is not common AT ALL for coaches to air it out as quickly as this has been. Last time I saw this kind of reaction was Bama and State singling out OM.