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  1. mcgufcm

    LSU this seasons Auburn

    It's the damnedest thing. I'll be honest. I didn't see it coming. I thought he'd be a train wreck again. Tip of the cap to O for getting better and LSU for taking the chance.
  2. mcgufcm

    LSU this seasons Auburn

    He was passionate in Oxford too. He's just a better coach now.
  3. mcgufcm

    Who are the top 10 coaches in CFB?

    Dabo feels on that level to me, but he’s only done it one place. So I get it.
  4. mcgufcm

    Who are the top 10 coaches in CFB?

    Once upon a time, I would agree. Now? No chance I'd trade for him. Even if I'm frustrated with Gus.
  5. mcgufcm

    Who are the top 10 coaches in CFB?

    It's too early to include him, but Lincoln Riley looks like the real deal. The locks for me are: Saban Meyer Swinney Shaw Peterson Fisher Franklin After that, I'd have a grab bag on the following: Smart Riley (same thought on both of those guys ... I actually think they both belong on the top list, but they have very little track record) Mullen Malzahn (may not like it, but he knows how to build a program ... we're loaded with talent and a perennial contender in the SEC) Stoops (that's been a steady build) Next level, for me: Chip Kelly (based on past record) Orgeron (need to see a track record, but he's a different guy) Gundy Brian Kelly Herman Frost (Herman and Frost are the same for me ... success at lower level; need to see it at higher level)
  6. mcgufcm

    Time to rally for a "team victory"

    I’m sure it changes from place to place, but it’s called a cockroach in some circles.
  7. mcgufcm

    UT LB walks out at halftime

    How are y’all talking about 30.5 bring too high when we covered 29.5 last week? Is Arkansas appreciably worse than USM?
  8. mcgufcm

    2019 Linebacker Recruiting

    I wouldn't hate us upping our interest in Zach Edwards. Mostly because he's from Starkville, where I grew up.
  9. mcgufcm

    10 years ago today

    I love that video. It’s still as funny today as it was in 2008. Like the football version of Coming to America.
  10. mcgufcm

    2019 Linebacker Recruiting

    We tend to slide the buck around the line. Not just as a edge rusher. Not a lot of drop/coverage responsibility for our guys, but it seems to be a mobile rush spot.
  11. mcgufcm

    2019 Linebacker Recruiting

    One of the guys that visited is Zach Edwards. He’s from my hometown. He can play. I know TAMU and the Mississippi schools are interested in him. He’s an SEC caliber talent.
  12. mcgufcm

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    Fair enough, but he may have the highest ceiling of any of those guys. Plus, his coach thought enough of him to protect his feelings post-game. Gus doesn't do the whole "he's very talented and will learn" bit unless he thinks Martin is part of the future. The point remains, we have at least three freshman RBs that have had success early this year, and coaches are VERY high on two of them (Whitlow and Shivers).
  13. mcgufcm

    2019 Linebacker Recruiting

    In addition to Hopper and Marshall, I would think Nakobe Dean is a top priority as well. He's been pretty consistent saying he's coming back for another visit. He's also uncommitted and has not named leaders. We're definitely viewed as trailing for him, but I know he's a guy we really, really like.
  14. mcgufcm

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    I would say the success of the current freshmen (Whitlow, Shivers, Joiner, and Martin) makes it less likely that we offer Tye Edwards or Tahj Gary until we find out what Cain and/or Richards are going to do. For my money, there is less pressure on this position than there was four weeks ago so we can afford to be patient.
  15. mcgufcm

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    As a general statement, I agree with Mikey's premise. There are 2-3 LB positions and a fairly high wash out rate for LBs between HS and college (it seems to be a difficult position to project, especially as coverage becomes a bigger and bigger part of playing the position). For that reason, it's best to sign 3-4 guys each year to fill the 2-3 positions. That gives you wiggle room to deal with guys not panning out. However, I also don't think roster decisions are made in a vacuum. We've hit at an inordinately high % lately at that position. Usually, you'd say signing one, two, and three LBs in successive classes, respectively, is undersigning, which will create an issue. Usually. But if those guys are KJ Britt, Chandler Wooten, Zacoby McClain, Michael Harris, and Josh Marsh, and the coaches feel REALLY good about three of them and good about the other two... well, now you have a different outlook on the necessity of signing a big class. I think it's a non-issue because Mikey is saying "Sign three this year" and the coaching staff is saying "We will sign three this year" so they actually agree, but even if we add Owen Pappoe and two projects, I still think we're okay next year if any two of Pappoe, Harris, and Marsh are rotation-level players. The bottom line is, Britt, Wooten, and McClain are locks for big roles next year, and all three will play a lot this year. If Harris, Marsh, Pappoe or other signees can provide depth, we're good. It's a bit like Safety. That was a real danger position after last season. Then, Dinson and Thomas stepped up their game, and Monday/Sherwood came in like gangbusters. Now, it looks like a team strength going into next year. Generally, that wouldn't be true with only four guys, but with those four guys, it is. Roster decisions are not made in a vacuum. With those five LBs coming back next year, the pressure on the position is less than you'd expect.