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  1. @McLoofus, how do we explain Oklahoma though? Lincoln Riley is a golden god? I bet Auburn has more 4/5 star players on the roster. Seems that way (in the unscientific gut feel sort of way despite the fact that I could look it up).
  2. Pulling for him. Seems like a good fit.
  3. I mean, this isn’t a debate is it? The clock started on the refs whistle. Anders said it. Our coaches said it. There was no TO.
  4. Second thought, Worm gets tackled on the first run. His issue all year (and last year) is dealing with traffic around his ankles. If fools try to bust him high, he rag dolls them like McKinney. If anyone swipes his legs, he’s done. Based on what I’ve seen from Worm, the DB who went low on DJ in the open field makes the play.
  5. Well, my first thought is the same now as it was then. Williams didn’t get caught on the second run. He just ran himself out of bounds. Bad finish to a good play. Young guy has to make that guy tackle him. Stay in bounds!!!!! Agree with you though. Work finishes that run. He doesn’t run out of bounds. Although, I should say. It’s a good hard/decisive cut by Williams. It’s not like he did nothing on the play.
  6. This news definitely hurt. Zierer can’t practice till summer. Buskey sounds like he won’t qualify. Cohen is actively courting Bama, and Wright is at least still taking visits. Now I’m glad we added Coffey and feel like Flax is a priority recruit! I’m also interested to see if we and GT do a commit swap. We’ve been on Jordan Williams a long time. If they flip Wright, I bet we full-court press Williams. In the end, I’m guessing we sign six OL prospects: Zierer, Coffey, Buskey or Flax, Johnson, Jernigan, Wright or Williams. Could be wrong, but that’s my guess.
  7. I’ve heard the grades thing too. He had an OV to AU scheduled, cancelled it, and scheduled his announcement before the date we wanted him to OV. He’s not coming here, and I suspect he’s not a take for us.
  8. Only real dispute I have on those teams is taking Jennings over Davidson. That's just incorrect. Nick Saban wouldn't do that.
  9. Garner and Steele are solid gold. Heck of a run those two are on with the DL. Hardy, Walker, Hunter. Let's go ahead and add to it!!
  10. Assuming George and Domio are what we hope they are, I’d move Tutt back to Safety. Split his time at Nickel and Safety. Then rep Peters at both Safety positions. That gives you four high end Safety options. With McCreary, Puckett, Simpson, Pritchett, George, and Domio as CB options. Tutt, Puckett, and Tennison split time at Nickel. That’s my thought at the moment.
  11. I think it has a lot to do with Kelly leaving. He was a rotation guy this year. I think I disagree with anyone who thinks McCreary isn’t a big time talent. That guy can play. He’ll start, and I’m happy with that. Same with Tutt. That’s two solid spots. I expect Iggy to go pro. He played really well against Bama. We have four guys we know we can trust (Sherwood, Monday, Tutt, and McCreary). The rest is up for grabs. Thus, bring in two major Juco talents to restock the cupboard while bringing in HS studs for the long-term (Tennison and Thompson). I wish we had room for five, but space is limited. I wish we could take five here, three LBs, and five DL. That’s my ideal defensive class.
  12. Oh Webb would be in the rotation even if Coe is back. The only thing preventing that is if another freshman comes in and beats him out. Narlob did that to Cowart. Hall did it to Moore. Walker or Hardy could be the ones added to the rotation. Webb would have every opportunity to play though. Just like Lawson or Davidson or Moultry or other freshmen before him.
  13. And Derrick Hall. I kinda expect him to start opposite Bryant next year.
  14. Kid is talented, but there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell he could start for us over Pappoe, Britt, McClain, and Wooten next year. He’d have to beat out three of those guys to start. No chance.
  15. He also has Cam'ron Kelly. That situation was a little different, but Kelly was in orange and blue. Now, he's in powder blue. Before he was injured this year, he looked like a heck of a player. Looked like he would've fit right in with our defensive personnel, which is a great compliment.