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  1. I had more fun playing against football players in pickup games. They could ball. CT and Marcus McNeill played on a rec team that won the title around 2002ish. Will Herring was a whiner on the basketball court though.
  2. You’re so so touchy. That’s why I blocked your posts years ago. No one said Brewer wouldn’t have helped. I just said we were more than Brewer away from competing for a title. And we were. The gap between him and Monroe was wide, but not THAT wide. And in terms of the Cuse game, Monroe hit four 3s. Jamie wouldn’t have out produced him in that game. PLUS, Jamie would’ve occupied Marquis’ spot in the middle of the 2-3 OR would’ve hurt our floor spacing. We made the crazy run to get back into that game by playing small with Bird, Monroe, and Watson playing around Quis with Davis in the dunker position.
  3. I like all the guys we’re landing, but the reality is, we’ve whiffed at OL and WR. With the talent on had, those misses probably cap this team out at seven wins. That’s just kinda how it is. We don’t have threats outside, and we don’t have the line to create a dominant run game. It’s gonna be a struggle to score all season.
  4. I was one of like 25 Auburn students at that game! It was at the end of spring break. My roommate and I had driven to NYC to hang out with some friends up there. When we best Wake, we decided to drive up to Albany. This whole “Auburn fans travel for basketball”? That wasn’t a thing then. Instead of 25% for each team. It was like 25% OU, 20% Butler, 5% Auburn, and 50% Syracuse. That was a good team. It was more than Jamie away, but I get the sentiment. They were right at the tipping point of finding something. Jamie wasn’t a good enough shooter. Playing him with Kyle Davis and Marco Killingsworth would’ve killed the space Marquis needed to operate.
  5. The thing I'd quibble with is the claim that Auburn and MSU or Mizzou or Vandy are "trying to accomplish the same goal." That's just wrong. In some abstract way, I suppose everyone is trying to win 'em all, but in reality, most coaches set goals the way Sam Pittman did at Arkansas. Getting ranked. Winning against a ranked team. Making a bowl game. Those are big accomplishments for most programs, but that's a baseline assumption at Auburn. So we fundamentally have different goals. Now, like you said, we also have different resources, but I do think Auburn is one of the places where the goals outstrip (or at least stretch very thin) the resources. It's a tougher job than Kentucky or Mizzou or Mississippi State or Ole Miss or similar places. Those spots all have plus plus resources for programs that, when you get them on truth serum, want to win 7-8 games and a bowl game for a GOOD season. Winning seven games consistently at Auburn will get you fired, and Auburn does not have plus plus resources for a program that wants to win 9-11 games and a post season game every year.
  6. Did you even watch us play this year? The OL Gus left was a joke. Maybe you could critique the current staff for underestimating the need, but denying the need is straight up foolish. Even for you.
  7. I certainly didn't have any issue offering and signing Gatewood or giving him an opportunity to win the QB job. Once we saw him though, we should've had the awareness to move him. Whether at AU or UK, I've never seen him look comfortable at QB. It's fine to take a flyer on a freak athlete at QB, but you should be able to scout him once you see it in practice. If he's not a QB, don't waste time. Move him. If he doesn't want to do that, move on.
  8. Gaston has another year in Juco. He's at Hutchinson CC in Kansas.
  9. Armella signed late late on Wednesday.
  10. Anyone know why we're not talking to McKale Boley out of Hattiesburg? Strange deal. His dad played at USM and stuck in the NFL for like a decade, but the son grew up playing soccer. He played DL until his senior year, and he was an OT last year. Committed to Colorado. Decommited and didn't sign. Seems like the kinda guy you might take a flyer on if you're low on bodies given his athleticism and pedigree. He won't know anything about how to play the position, but that's teachable. Just wondering if anyone has come across that name connected to Auburn at any point.
  11. Big for what? I love Brahms' mind and his work ethic. I don't love Brahms' ability to block other large people from hitting the QB or RB in the backfield.
  12. Both guys struggling to find a rhythm after injuries. Encouraging to see Okoro back in the starting lineup the last couple games, but he's shooting like crap. Plus, they have multiple other guys out. Not sure the Cavs even know their rotation when everyone is available.
  13. I’m pretty sure Pugh played RT that season, but the point is correct.
  14. You said Mason has played three-deep at most positions. Whether you used the word rotation or not, that’s what you said. In reality, we’re playing three-deep at zero positions. At multiple positions, we’re not taking the starter off the field. Even when we do rotate, it’s limited snaps. Wooten/Pappoe have a time share. Hall, Moultry, and Leota share two positions roughly evenly. Etc.
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