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  1. I wish he'd have gone 87 or 88%. Just for kicks.
  2. JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    Pass pro may be a concern, but hell, for Auburn fans, Grimes will look like a wizard, even in that area. We won’t be worse at protecting Stidham than we were last year. Herb Hand man. He’s the freaking Music Man. Everyone is excited, every time. But they’re all buying the same bag of crap.
  3. Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    I’ll go on record as saying we’re better on the DL and under Center than Washington. Even with Browning. We’re gonna win that game.
  4. Very exciting. We've done a nice job in recent years of recruiting the Center position, not just over-signing Guards and hoping to shift them inside. Brahms, Irvin, and Clark will provide both depth and top-end talent at Center in coming seasons. Great to get this kid in the fold early. Now get to recruiting your teammates, young man!!
  5. Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    Who got the running game "ignited"? Are we talking about Roc Thomas? Or CAP? If we're talking about the former, that's absurd. He had two games rushing for more than 50 yards in his entire career at Auburn. He was a threat as a receiver (which is why we wanted to move him), but I don't recall any time as a running back that he "ignited" the offense. CAP, on the other hand, did not have a single game in 2014 under 60 yards. He only had three under 100 yards (all three were losses). He was a massive part of the offense, and we never won a game without him posting great numbers. I'm happy Roc was able to go somewhere and prosper. I hope he fulfills his NFL dream, but Roc Thomas was never a major part of Auburn football. He didn't ignite anything. As for the OP, I can see some comparison based on late-season disappointment and a returning QB, but I don't think these teams are particularly comparable. I also haven't heard the "finish the drill" narrative nearly as much with this team or these coaches. They seem to be focused on improving. Personally, I don't get the same theme or focus this year.
  6. Visitor's list for A-day

    The Dillard kids?
  7. Calvin Ashley

    The defense has to win that game. We've known that for a while. That's going to be a low scoring game, and the defense has to make 2-3 scores hold up.
  8. Byron Cowart at Maryland

    I wish him nothing but success. If I'm being honest, I don't expect much out of him, but it would be cool for him to find peace of mind and reach his very high ceiling. I'd love to be wrong about him.
  9. Calvin Ashley

    Not that people are going overboard on this thread (good job peoples), but I always cringe when people start asking if a Redshirt Freshman is a bust. He's too young to even ask that question. From what I've heard, Ashley has all the tools; he just needs to find some consistency. He has time to do that. Even if Troxell wins the job, injuries have been known to happen on the offensive line, and Tega is two years ahead of Trox/Ashley. There's plenty of time for him to develop and show his talent.
  10. Can it get any worse?

    I think we can safely say, the answer is: yes.
  11. Wiley

    Right now, he doesn’t even appear in ESPN’s two round mock. They do a good job of talking to teams and scouting random internationals that teams tend to stock in round two. I think there’s a real chance he goes undrafted, if he stays in. Tons of upside, but there are a lot of bigs in this draft with far more track record to judge. If he’s getting good advice, he’ll be back in Auburn next year.
  12. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    @McLoofus you can’t credit Eddie Lacy’s two non-fat seasons in one breathe and discount Cadillac’s career in the next. Cadillac matched Lacy’s best single season, and he kept getting checks after coming back from a surgery that no RB had ever returned from in NFL history. And he had that surgery twice, each knee. Notably, they have the same number of 1000 yard total yardage seasons (2) and another with just under it. Plus, again, Lacy can’t get a job seven years out. Any RB that wins ROY and remains a contributing RB for seven years had a meaningful career. I don’t disagree that AU backs have not had great careers, but that was straight disrespect you threw at Cadillac.
  13. Practice stock report after week 1

    Given the fact that we play about 80% in Nickel/Dime sets, I don't think we thin at LB. At all. We list three LB spots, but we only put them on the field together in spot duty or against particular teams. 1st - Davis/D. Williams 2nd - Britt/Atkinson 3rd - Wooten/McBryde Then, you add Michael Harris, Zakoby McClain, likely Josh Marsh, and possibly Richard Jibunor to that position group. That's 10 guys for two spots in our base defense.
  14. Love that guy. The concussion story at the SECCG makes perfect sense. With a head injury, you can feel fine but contact can bring symptoms back unexpectedly. Can’t be too careful with that. The sinus infection? C’mon. Still, in the end, his absence didn’t help but didn’t cost us the game. And he gave a LOT to Auburn. He laid a foundation for that defense from the day he walked in the door. I have been and will be pulling for him.
  15. 2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering

    It certainly has its issues, but they'll be done with the post-season ban by the time he starts. Coach Luke is a really likable guy, and we all know Crime Dog can recruit his butt off. But yeah, they're not a team to fear, even if they're a real threat here.