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  1. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    If I had to guess, I think Gus sees his team as positioned for a title run next year. If he's right, hiring the best on-field coach is a good decision. You have to pursue titles aggressively when they're possibly on the table. Bama, Oklahoma (mostly because the Big 12 sorta blows) and maybe Clemson are the only teams in country that are actual conference title contenders every season. Every other team, including Ohio State, builds to championship runs, and they have to cash in when it's on the table. We had a shot last year and whiffed at the end. If Gus thinks we have a real shot next season (likely based on Stidham and the DL we have returning), I can't blame him for going to grab the best on-field guy he can find to shore up the OL's on-field performance. That decision could trickle down to mean you have a hole in OL recruiting a few years down the road, but you won't notice it that impact in 2018 or 2019.
  2. We did know what we had. We had a young QB who needed reps. That’s what Stidham was. A sophomore QB in need of reps against live defenses.
  3. I'd say Tega is the next most likely guy, but I don't know if he can flip to RT. If not, you'd say Ashley is the front runner at RT and Tega is the front runner at LT. If Anderson comes, you'd say he's the front runner at LT. Too many moving parts to speculate on the starting five at this point.
  4. This narrative that we never put freshmen in real game situations is kinda ridiculous. If it works, everyone loves it, but did playing Jeremy Johnson real-game reps prep him to take over after Nick Marshall left? Did the reps Kyle Davis got put us in a good position down the road? I'd like to see us season players a little more in garbage time. One of my complaints with Gus is that he takes about a series or two too long to pull dudes and start spreading reps, but I'm not complaining about whether Malik Willis got enough snaps. Jarrett Stidham needed every rep he played this year. It would've been ridiculous to pull him in favor of getting Willis reps in the first half of the year. For that reason, any comparison to Bama playing Tua this year is, charitably, not smart. Bama knew what it had in Jalen Hurts. When they needed to get Hurts reps (the 2016 season), they weren't out there repping the crap out of Cooper Bateman or Blake Barnett. Both of those guys were young (Barnett had exactly 0 pass attempts going into the 2016 season). But they needed to rep the starter. The backups had to get their reps in practice. That's where we were this year. The starter needed reps so the backup gets his work in practice. You don't just play young guys to play them. You play them if you have the luxury of experience OR if they can actually help you. When a freshman or first year guy can help, Gus has not been shy with playing them (most JUCO guys fit that bill, Mike Dyer, Kyle Davis, Kerryon Johnson, Eli Stove, etc.). When it comes to QB, we've really only been in the position of having experience in one season (2014), and we played the backup a fair amount. Johnson had 41 attempts as a true freshman and another 37 as a sophomore. Anyway, I'm not a Gus apologist, but this criticism is overblown.
  5. Since James graduated and ran out of eligibility, I also feel confident that he won't start for us. Horton and Harrell are about the only guys I feel 99% confident will start. I don't know where they play LG, C, or RG, but I'll be very surprised to see either of them out of the starting five. After that:
  6. And hell, JB Grimes helped turn Greg Robinson into the number two pick of the draft, playing the same position as Anderson, and he coached Shon Coleman, who was taken in the third round, playing the same position. Unlike Coach Hand, Coach Grimes has shown the ability to push LTs into the first half of the draft.
  7. Breakdown of 2019 targets

    10-15 OTs 5-10 LBs 5-10 Safeties That work?
  8. I'll disagree about the priorities on the offensive side of the ball this year. The number one priority was RB. I think that was true even before we lost Kerryon (most folks knew this was Pettway's last year regardless of what happened). With Kerryon out the door, that was the number one priority, and personally, I think we knocked that out of the park. I'm not even considering Joiner. I think he's fated for TE/HB, but Martin and Shivers look like a fantastic duo. I won't be surprised if Martin is our starter at the end of 2018. After that, I'd say Center and QB were the next priorities (with Dunn and Golson leaving and Stidham likely gone next year). Agree that we missed on a second QB, but we found a perfect QB3 for next season. Hopefully, we never have to break that glass. THEN, I think you get to OT and WR (equal weight). We lost Kyle Davis and have two starting or rotational Senior WRs (Ryan Davis and Hastings). We only had one WR last year (Iggy). With our attrition and low numbers last year, that was a major position of need. Otherwise, we were going to be the position of needing a big class of WRs in 2019 and relying on that class to play immediately. No bueno. There is no way to hide the fact that we whiffed at OT, but in my view, it was the fourth or fifth priority on that side of the ball this year. We have five or six scholarship OTs (depending on whether you believe the rumors that Hamm can play outside), and all of them are Juniors or younger next year. While not ideal, there was more breathing room at that spot than there was at WR.
  9. What players are out of bowl game?

    From all reports, he practiced Tuesday. So he didn’t miss all week.
  10. SEC SEC SEC!!!

    Yeah, it doesn’t move the needle for me. I’ll be pulling against Bama and UGA. But I still watch and pull for teams like Kentucky over Northwestern. I mean, the outcome doesn’t affect my mood or my evening. But it’s more fun to choose a side while watching the game, and I gravitate toward teams I know. Thus, I generally pull for the conference except in big games involving Auburn’s rivals. Screw them.
  11. SEC SEC SEC!!!

    I’ve seen bits and pieces of games. UK looked like the better team. They would’ve won in OT, but I like the ballsy call. Stoops was setting a tone for next year. A&M looked like A&M. Offense with no defense. They lost a shootout. It happens. Mizzou has been the only overmatched team so far.
  12. 2018 4* OT/OG William Barnes

    If we somehow managed to pluck Barnes and/or Gouraige from Quasimodo, that would do two things: (1) likely lead to Dan fabricating NCAA allegations against Auburn for a second time; and (2) solidify a second consecutive OL that is fantastically well-rounded. I mean, it really would be incredible to sign, in two years time, this list: C - Brahms (4*) C/G - Irvin (4*) G - Stutts (3*) G/T - Troxell (4*)/Barnes (4*) T - Ashley (5*)/Gouraige (4*) I love the video on both Barnes and Gouraige.
  13. Underrated prospects

    Ford had/has broad shoulders, but he has like a 29 inch waist or something like that. He's a narrow dude. He played at 190 lbs. as a true freshman in 2009 (which was bordering on dangerous for his health... he got flattened like a folding chair a few times against Bama that year). The way I see Jibunor is, he's either going to be a terror off the edge as a Buck/DE or he's going to slide back to OLB in the Darrell Williams role of coverage and pass rushing. Williams, at times, seemed to play more of a hybrid role than the Buck position did.
  14. 2018 3* RB Kavosiey Smoke

    I'd say his offer is entirely contingent on Kerryon Johnson's decision. Before Signing Day, we should know whether he's coming back or not. I doubt Smoke has an offer if he's coming back.
  15. Underrated prospects

    Monday seems like Moultry last year. They moved him up late in the process, but it wasn't enough. I felt last year like you could see Moultry as a lock to contribute as a true freshman, but he was still just a mid-tier 4* on Rivals. That was too low, and he proved it this year. I feel the same way about Monday. He's a rotation guy, potentially a starter, as a true freshman on a very, very good defense, but he's a low 4* on Rivals. That's silly. Newkirk is the one I really think is underrated. He looks dynamic inside. I'll be really surprised if he's not immediately in the rotation in a loaded DT group. I know the JUCO rankings are always a little screwy, but he's underrated.