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  1. @McLoofus, you and me both. The play he made coming down the line and stonewalling Yeldon on fourth down was an amazing play.
  2. I think those stats are attributed to the wrong guys. Lawson played in 2013, not Holland.
  3. Dennis feels like more of a priority with Pouncey committing out of left field.
  4. I tend to agree. Any/all depth issues at DT this year have more to do with injuries than a dearth of numbers. If Newkirk and Miller were healthy, we wouldn't have any issue at DT, and we'd comfortably have our five-man rotation. Instead, I expect to see a mix of Truesdell, Coe, Davidson, and Walker until Miller is healthy. I don't expect Newkirk to give us much this year. If Handy is really ready to contribute at DE (and it sounds like he may be), that frees us up even more to push Davidson and Coe inside for a good 30-40 snaps between them. I expect Davidson and Coe to spend most of their snaps outside, but Moultry and Bryant are ready on the edges. If Handy is too, that's a great five-man rotation. That would allow anything we get from Hall, Wooden, or Moore (or Caleb Johnson) to be icing on the cake. Assuming either Handy or Moore eventually land inside (and I expect one or both will eventually), we'll have four interior guys on the roster next year. We need two in this class. There are still a bunch of guys on the board, but it's a need.
  5. If those are correct, it sounds like they expect us to add Tank, Tennison, and Pegues with very good shots for Pouncey, Webb, Jackson, and Ojulari. At this stage, that all sounds pretty great to me.
  6. How can we have a conversation about underhanded recruiting involving Bama/Kirby without even a shout out to Brent Calloway? I mean, Peaches had to kidnap that kid to keep him from Auburn! He didn't turn out to be as good a player, but he deserves an honorable mention in the ridiculous recruiting discussion.
  7. I'm with you @bigbird, DT is the only concern left, assuming we close out with DB close the way it looks like we will and land Tank on Friday. Still, with McKinley Jackson, Omari Thomas, Jay Hardy, Jaden Hardy, and Damarjhe Lewis (kinda) all on the board, it seems like we'll find out way to two quality big bodies inside. Heck, Andy Boykin might be a SDE early with an eye toward DT as a So/Jr. If all the guys we've been flirting with were committed, I'd be more worried than I am, but it's still the biggest concern in this class at the moment.
  8. The glimmer of Cadillac in Gus' eye was enough to land DJ. That's what I choose to believe.
  9. Si, io sono Marco Domio! Also, add Tennison and any two of Dennis, Pouncey, and George. That's a GREAT class.
  10. I don't know. It's worked out pretty well in the past. Junior Rosegreen, for example. You just have to move the right guy there. It has to be a guy with both an ability to knock heads and an ability to cover.
  11. And I think we're still putting in work with guys like Dumervil. Heard differently, @ellitor?
  12. From what I understand, he’s being recruited as a Safety. Certainly has the size for it.
  13. That guy looks even taller and thinner than you expect with those measureables. If his feet stay light, like they look in his highlights, and he adds bulk, he's gonna be hell on the edge.
  14. I'm glad we're taking a kicker this year. Personally, I'd like using a scholarship on a kicker every other year. The lack of a DB commit gives me a little heartburn, but everything I've heard about our position for Pouncey is great. I like Kendall Dennis. Personally, I hope we come back to Sidney Williams. He has the length to play CB or Safety. The CB/S spots feel like we need to start making some hay, but it also feels like it could tip the same way LB did, where we land the first one and have three within a month.
  15. When he dropped it, I had a flash of nerves that the dudes jumping around didn't clear their feet out fast enough. Having kids changes the way you view all videos of kids.