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  1. Putnam definitely has the athleticism to play RT. He looks like an Austin Golson-ish player to me.
  2. The board has to be Dobbs, Putnam, Jones, Osborne, and the two Pensacola kids, right? I don’t know it care what order those guys are in, but those are the names that keep getting bounced around.
  3. mcgufcm

    2019 4* S/WR Jashawn Sheffield

    Yeah, it was the two-year thing that I was trying to recall. So basically, if he's put on scholarship after one year, he counts. If it's two years, he doesn't.
  4. mcgufcm

    2019 4* S/WR Jashawn Sheffield

    Does Handy-Holly factor into the 25? As I understand it, he's coming as a walk-on. If we grant him a scholarship after his walk-on season, that doesn't count against the 25 limit, right? That's the same as awarding a senior walk-on a scholarship his last year, which isn't an initial counter I don't think. They go against the 85, but there has to be some rule about walk-ons moving to scholarship or coaches would never just burn a spot in their 25 for a feel good story.
  5. mcgufcm

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    When y'all say Simpson, do you mean Sheffield? Or someone I'm forgetting? I'm expecting a five-man DL class now. I expect to land three of Moore, Fann, Wooden, and Hall. (And I count the Buck in the DL class). Getting some versatile wolves on the DL!
  6. Yeah, he's a guy we seem to prioritize over other higher- or equally-rated guys. The two things you have to like about this guy's film is (1) his athleticism working in space and (2) his finish on blocks. He looks a little sloppy footwork-wise, and he's not super-quick off the ball. Still, you can't teach a big guy to be athletic so I get why Grimes likes him.
  7. mcgufcm

    Baseball vs Florida Game 2

    Great signs at the plate late. Holland finally wakes up in the 8th, and Estes/Jarvis give great ABs in the 9th. If those cats are hitting, we’re a long, torturous lineup. Looking forward to tomorrow!! War eagle!
  8. mcgufcm

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    I think the "in-the-box" argument is a little over-simplified. As Bird was pointing out, run plays are designed to leverage one side of the field. Even if you walk a safety down into "the box," if he's on the weak side of the formation, he shouldn't have a major impact on a strong-side run unless it's a draw or read or something that allows time for him to run down the LOS. There are times when the only thing that matters is three defenders against three or four blockers. We did that a LOT in 2013. Option one defender, block the remaining guys on the play side, seal off the back, and go. Who cares if eight guys are near the LOS? They're not all involved in the play unless we screw something up. I agree with the general premise that simple math often dictates the success or failure of a play. I just think the number of players in-the-box is actually too inclusive. It overstates the number of guys we are actually concerned with on a given play. Some guys (like a Myles Garrett) blow up your play designs because they can pursue faster down the line or a guy like Ray Lewis who diagnoses the play faster than expected. You have to make special allowances for those guys, but generally, I'm not trying to block every guy on the field. I'm trying to block at the point of attack and get to that point faster than other players can pursue from the other parts of the field.
  9. mcgufcm

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    Braden was a very, very good player, but Putnam looks more athletic/fluid than Braden did at this stage. He also isn't as dominatingly physical. To my eye, he looks like a more aggressive Austin Golson.
  10. mcgufcm

    Kyler Murray drafted #9 in MLB Draft

    As I understand it, he can sign with the A's, take the signing bonus, and still play QB this fall. The A's have to approve that (obviously), but I guess if you're hell bent on playing football at least one more year, go for it. His future is in baseball though.
  11. mcgufcm

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Putting miles and stress on the team is always better than not. Go Fighting Kiffins!!!
  12. mcgufcm

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Let's go ahead and push that UF/FAU game to Tuesday. I mean, I just want what's best for everyone.
  13. mcgufcm

    Big Cat Visitor Thread (June 2nd)

    Personally, I think Noah Cain is the best RB in the class. I wouldn't be excited about taking Edwards at Cain's expense.
  14. mcgufcm

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Ole Miss left the bases loaded eighth. A terrible AB with the bases full: late on a fastball, called strike on a fastball, and chased a fastball up. Brutal.
  15. mcgufcm

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Ole Miss has to start thinking about Game 2 tonight and possibly saving its pitching.