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  1. It's some balance between stats and preference of the watcher. Like you cannot make an argument that James Joseph (who I loved) is number two on the list. He never put up the numbers, but once you hit some threshold, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Like I said, Cadillac is the guy for me. I loved knowing he would take 40 carries if need be. I loved his herky-jerky movements when he was trying to set up a juke. I loved the breakaway speed, and I loved his versatility as a pass catcher out of the backfield and as a punt returner. He was just a Dude. I think I watched in person for every game Cadillac played. I believe that's right. Same for Ronnie, and I missed one for Rudi (so you can peg my years in school!!). I didn't get to experience James Brooks, but in videos, that guy was electric.
  2. Cadillac is my easy answer. it's purely personal and subjective. I was in school when he was going crazy. Therefore, he's my guy. But honestly, it would be Fullwood and Cadillac at 2/3 in my view. Fullwood was a beast. No denying that and the numbers reflect the memories of his play. Cadillac had something that very few have. He was a true workhorse but maintained his ability to hit a home run. He pieced together some of the best games I've ever watched. 2001 UGA was a tour de force. 2004 Ole Miss is little remembered (because they weren't very good), but Cadillac was everything, had something like 250 all purpose yards. Jason was bad that night, and the offense was stuck in the mud. He pulled us out. Love that guy.
  3. We had two potential series between actual title contenders: Spurs/Warriors and winner of that series against the Cavs. That was the list. Zaza's fat foot cost us one of the series. Kawhi and LeBron at the best players in the league. With Leonard for the full series, the Spurs had a chance. Without him, weeeeell, we've seen what happens. He's that good. He nullifies Durant on one end and makes the offense hum on the other. It's not a coincidence that Durant was a non-factor before Kawhi's injury and the BEST PLAYER ON THE FLOOR! (totally kidding) when he left. Kawhi eats Durant's lunch and doesn't apologize when he's done. Pachulia. Unreal. What a bummer. The C's aren't ready for the Cavs this year. Love won't do what he just did again, but neither will Kyrie or Korver (combined 5 for 17 with 14 points). Those guys are going to kick back up to their norms and the machine will keep humming. I like a lot of the C's players, but Thomas is the only guy on the team that scares anyone. Jae Crowder isn't beating Cleveland. Avery Bradley can't play better than he has in the last week+. Al Horford isn't the kind of guy that will take over a series like this. Very good team. Very good year. If they can add Jimmy Butler or hit a home run with the one pick, this could turn into a contender. It's just not there yet. Cavs/Warriors is going to be very fun though.
  4. I have 2001 Miami on the list, but I don't know if it is the best team I've ever seen. Mid-90s Nebraska wrecking crews and 1992 Bama (they still scare me at night)... for my money, those teams are still up there. Also, I did a little digging in the back of my head, this article definitely short-changes 1999 FSU. That passing game alone was just crazy (Peter Warrick, Ron Dugans, Laveranues Coles, and Snoop Minnis, and baby Anquan Boldin at WR? yeesh).
  5. The most incredible part of that entire article is hearing a kid talking about watching Cam Newton at Auburn as a kid. Then, you start to back date it. He's going to graduate in 2018, which means he was in fifth grade (roughly 10 years old) when Cam was here. Good-NESS. If that doesn't make you feel old, then age really is just a number for you. His film looks good. He's a thumper with solid ball skills. Plus, check out the photo, he's clearly got some swag.
  6. And credit Cam for producing in the second half but won't mention the defense forcing three turnovers and holding Bama to two FGs (one set up by a muffed punt) over the final three quarters. Fairley's sack/fumble just before the half was one of the biggest plays of that season, much less that game. No Fairley, no 2010 Iron Bowl win.
  7. Beasley was great. Two time All Pro FB. He was a dude.
  8. In fairness, Cadillac Williams does too.
  9. Even teams that split carries tend to have a lead back though. Kinda like Bama with Richardson backing up Ingram. Trent finished the year with 100+ carries, but Ingram was the lead back. That tends to be the way it shakes out, even in a time share situation. But if I were a RB, I'd want to KNOW that there are other RBs available to share the load. No way I'd want to be driven like a rented mule for three years and effectively shave 2 years off any potential NFL career. Only so many carries in any RB's legs. If it were me, I'd look for a team that shared the ball between RBs but found ways to make them look good.
  10. I can't ride with you on Bama being "all Cam." The defense pulled that game out of the L column. Cam was a hot pile of butt for at least the first half. Antoine Carter and Nick Fairley had at least as big an impact on that game as Cam. Nick was probably the MVP that day. On the other hand, I completely agree with the 8-5 assessment. Heck, the year before? 8-5. The year after? 8-5. It felt like an 8-5 maaaaaybe a 9-4 roster plus the best individual college player in at least a decade, which as it turns out, makes you an undefeated team. @McLoofus TJ was a good player and a funny guy. I had a few classes with him. Loud, gregarious dude that you would definitely want in any locker room.
  11. That's fair except that I actually think Kerryon is big enough to handle 20 carries a game. He gets nicked up, but it's not for a lack of size. I was speaking more in terms of skill set than ability to handle lots of carries.
  12. 100% correct. There's no real comparison between rosters. Fairley was a monster. Newton was Cam Freaking Newton, but 2004 was a LOADED team. I mean, there isn't a hole on that roster. It was one of the two best OLs at Auburn in the last 25 years (you have to respect 2013... that run game was crazy) with the best OL I've seen since the Dye era (Marcus McNeil) and the best interior lineman I think I've ever seen at Auburn (Ben Grubbs). Personal opinion on that one. You had the QB. You had the RBs. You had a solid TE plus another big-bodied target (Wallace and Mix) mixed with playmakers at WR. You had Ratliff and TJ Jackson inside. You had pass rushers on the edge. You had speed and tackling at LB. You had Carlos Rogers at CB. You had a pair of Safeties (one a classic cover Safety; the other an extra LB Safety). The biggest flaws on the team were the "other" CB spot (Montae Pitts wasn't bad, but by comparison, he was the guy to throw at) and the SLB spot (Kevin Sears was serviceable but not a difference maker and had issues in coverage). When you're picking nits like that, it's a loaded team.
  13. I guess I'm a little confused about the hand-wringing on Joey's "window" to play QB at Auburn. He was never going to start as a true freshman. That was never going to happen. So whether Stidham and/or White return next year or not, I have zero expectation of a true freshman taking live bullets for us under Center (or... behind Center since we never line up under Center... you know what I meant!). His window starts in 2019, and probably doesn't really start until 2020. I mean, but for a few instances where our hand was forced by injury (Sean White) or inheriting a roster without options (Jason Campbell), Auburn rarely ever starts even a redshirt freshman at that position. Most teams don't. I know. There are Tebows and Manziels out there, but most teams don't start true or redshirt freshmen. That means 2020 is really the first time you'd generally think he's an option to take the reins. There is time to develop him, and I've seen nothing in our recruiting that makes me think his window has been affected. He was always going to have to compete with talented players for the job. Hopefully, he's competing against Willis and Nix and one other guy we sign this year. That'll be a good group with a diverse set of skills. No one has any idea who the best QB in that (undefined) group will be two full seasons from now. As far as progression goes, I'd expect it to look something like this: 2017 - Stidham/White/Willis 2018 - Stidham or White/Willis/Gatewood or other signee 2019 - Willis or Gatewood or other signee/Nix 2020 - Same except it'll be open season for all four.
  14. I'm of the opinion that both of those guys should be takes. Worm is a change of pace or slot guy. He's not going to see 15 carries a game. By my estimation, you want/need a mix of skill sets in the backfield. This is simplifying it, but Teague is more like Pettway/Miller; Martin is more like Johnson/Martin/Barrett. Worm is like none of those guys. Given that we're losing two traditional backs, my preference would be replacing them. I get roster management, but personally, if both guys want to be at Auburn, I believe it's a mistake to turn one of them away.
  15. Big game by Man Bun, aka Knockout. Fun game to watch.