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  1. Hardy never mislead other coaches. He told them he would not visit. He just didn’t tell them why. Not the same thing as Height, at all.
  2. Fire the guy who has worked Wiley into respectability? Don’t overreact. Doughty played what I contend is the worst game by any player in any college gym this season. Most guys do not see enough of the ball to get that many shots and turnovers so his performance was truly special (in a bad way). But let’s be real. That won’t ever happen again. J’Von needs to keep at foul shooting, but his form isn’t bad. I think that’s more mental. The bigger issue is how passive he was offensively last night. Jared has a sixth sense of when the team needed him to carry the offense for stretches. As good as he’s been, J’Von doesn’t have that right now. That only goes with reps. It was a junk performance up and down the roster. I certainly look forward to Cooper and (hopefully) Green, but I don’t need anything to keep me excited about Auburn basketball. We’re going to the tournament again this year, likely with a high seed, and with the chance to make a run. Cooper just means we have a chance to continue our success next year.
  3. Auburn wins. Bama loses. Sunshine and rainbows. Let’s push that squad to .500 on Wednesday!!
  4. Imagine even an average foul shooting day. We missed three front ends on the 1 and 1 so it was worse than the numbers. Okoro and Flanagan were great defensively. Edwards is fantastic, and they tilted him. Wiley was better than his numbers too. This TEAM is dangerous.
  5. I say no. Bro Jones would make a significant move, but he’s never made the ladies move like this:
  6. I wish Bama all the worst as they try to push through conference play.
  7. I like the hire, but Dan Mullen is a better coach. State improved over Moorhead and still falls short of where they were with Mullen.
  8. Well, say what you will about Auburn, but that's just kinda untrue. We won more than eight three times in the last seven years. About 40% of the time, we're above that 7- or 8-win mark. Other than Mullen's crazy four-year run (three 9-win or greater seasons in four year), State has banged out a grand total of one 9-win season in the 2000s. I know poo-pooing Malzahn is all the rage (I do it all the time), but it's not the same as State. For Auburn 7- or 8-win seasons happen, but they are the low points with high points coming about every 4-5 years. For State, again, outside of Mullen's crazy run which was unprecedented in school history, 8-wins are the high points.
  9. They just fired a guy who won seven games his first year. Beat Ole Miss. Won a bowl game for 8-wins. Made a bowl his second year. Beat Ole Miss. He was a bowl win away from 7-wins in year two. Basically, Moorhead did what they "expected" each of his first two seasons with a 2-0 record in the Egg Bowl. All that to say, MSU fans claim that's the case, but in reality, Dan spoiled them. They want more.
  10. He's entertaining as hell, but State is going to continue to be a 7- or 8-win program. I don't see how Leach changes that. State is the functional equivalent of a Texas Tech or a Wazzou but with tougher competition. He beat 8-wins at Wazzou twice. He's had three seasons ever with fewer than four losses. That's in 18 years coaching. It's not like he just traded up in terms of talent relative to his competition. Again, entertaining, but he's gonna keep doing what he's done. 4- or 5-loss seasons with as many 7+ loss years as 3-loss years. Nothing about this really moves the needle for State or changes how Auburn views them. It might put them close to where they were with Mullen (a better coach than Leach), which is solidly fourth to sixth in the West with an occasional jump up to second or third every decade.
  11. It'll be interesting to see the cultural fit. He's an odd duck. That fit worked best in Lubbock, but for anyone that attended the Final Four last year, that's an off-beat group. West Texas is a very quirky place. Starkville is as straight-laced as a place comes. State fans were legitimately upset with Dan Mullen because he wasn't a member of the Country Club. Not a joke. Leach won't fit it, and he won't care. I'll be interested to see how the alumni base puts up with his difference the first time he goes 6-7.
  12. The comedy of Mississippi State and Ole Miss hiring two divorced, single-ready-to-mingle, alcoholic (or in Lane's case, potentially alcoholic) coaches is not lost on anyone. It could be a wild few years over here.
  13. State is in a rough spot. Folks here in Mississippi seem pretty confident that it's a three-man finalist group (after Napier turned them down and Judge leveraged them to get the Giants to act faster): Grantham, Sark, and Brian Anderson. Whoever Cohen likes more in that group is going to get the job offer. Personal opinion, that is a horrible list. Grantham is a cartoon. He's like a crazier, less successful version of Will Muschamp, and rumors around here are that he wants Brian Johnson to come as his OC. That's brutal. Sark is essentially a bad version of Kiffin, which makes that the ultimate little brother hire. Then, you have Anderson. I mean, he's a lesser Larry Fedora. He peaked at 9-3 at Arkansas State four years ago and is a 7-5 metronome since then. Given that list, Sark is probably the best hire. Assuming he stays dry, he could do some good things every few years. He's no Mullen, but he's probably a small step up from Moorhead. If he brings Tosh Lupoi as a DC, that's a disaster, but on the whole, Sark is probably their best option at this point.
  14. The Hump is a big arena, but there were probably in the neighborhood of a thousand Auburn folks there. Maybe just shy of that. It’s an 11,000 seat place that was about 75% full. Officiating wasn’t biased. It was just awful. We had two blatant travels that weren’t called and turned into 4 points. State folks were (rightly) hot about those. They had the WWE stretch against us. Then, we brought it down and got a hand check whistle. The younger white ref was absolutely lost. He couldn’t keep up with the game. Brutal officiating. Again, not biased. Just a disaster. Credit to our guys for playing through it.
  15. Game was fun. Good showing by Auburn folks. We had about thousand people in the gym. Maybe just short of that. Very rare win in the Hump. Great showing by a group of tough dudes.