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  1. Really good get. Step one.
  2. mcgufcm

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    The strategy of flipping DL high schoolers to OL is a proven winner. Ben Grubbs. Tim Duckworth. Prince Tega Wanogho. Those are just a few. Dye used to do it often.
  3. mcgufcm

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    I think most people’s complaint is there is a total lack of depth. We have 1 Junior lineman on the roster, and even a sunshine post wrote him off. You’re pointing at Trox at RT, Brahms at Center, and banking on Hamm at Tackle? Two major problems, (1) what happens if anyone gets injured? and (2) what if Hamm can’t shift out to Tackle (which would leave us thin inside)? There is a reality that we don’t have answers for depth issues (after this season) or OT personnel. Relying on true or redshirt freshmen or grad transfers isn’t a great strategy. OU has demonstrated that you can build a team around transfers at key positions year in, year out (the QB spot for them; OT for us). But it puts pressure to land that dude every year the job comes open and injects randomness that we have no control over (will someone good hit the market each time the job is open?). OL recruiting has been inadequate. I’m not a doom and gloomed, but it’s impossible to reach any other conclusion when we sign 10 OL guys in four years. It leaves zero margin for error. It’s exactly the same as signing two QBs in four years, which would never happen (we have signed five in the last four years, plus Cord Sandberg). That’s inadequate even if every guy is a stud.
  4. mcgufcm

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    It’s not common to have zero or one returning starter. That, in and of itself, puts you behind the 8-ball. Couple that with losing your top backup at LT as well, and we’re farther behind without clear answers. That leaves you trying to sign “instant impact” players on the OL (those are Gus’ words) where everyone agrees such players rarely exist or have consistent success. Banking on true freshman or JUCO starters at OT is not a good sign. When you find one, great! But relying on it, not good.
  5. Ha! I was trying to be nice! Some players can transfer without sitting, some cannot. That's why the multi-year bowl ban is such a hammer. It exposes a large portion of your roster to open transfer. They don't need a release either. They are simply free to leave, which is different than a typical non-graduate transfer. I'm glad we reached out. Cale Garrett (leading tackler at LB), DeMarkus Acy (lead team in INTs and second in PBUs), and Yasir Durant (two-year starter at LT with a RS available) are all free to leave and would be GREAT additions.
  6. mcgufcm

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Folks calling Ira Henry a "true OT" and saying Justin Osborne is a "swing player" make me laugh. They're the same height, and if anything, Osborne appears to have a longer wingspan. In general, 6'4" isn't ideal on the edge, but Henry was no different than Osborne in terms of projecting his natural position. In college, both can likely work on the outside.
  7. mcgufcm

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Yeah, I don’t think that’s been decided. I hope he lands at HB/TE, but I’ve seen nothing to say he’s been moved there officially.
  8. mcgufcm

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Even with the loss of Asa Martin, it's pretty tough to complain about Shivers, Williams, and Richards in two years. With a side of Joiner if he sticks at RB.
  9. mcgufcm

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Cadillac closing it down!!
  10. mcgufcm

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    @keesler, Not even close. UGA just signed the top two players in Alabama and the top player in Mississippi. Like @WarDamnEagleWDE said, they aren’t even trying to hide it.
  11. mcgufcm

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Folks saying the NCAA can’t look at UGA without finding Bama or UT. Y’all need to read up on what happened at Ole Miss. A current MSU player admitted he was paid to sign with MSU, but they got zero punishment because he rolled on OM. Those are facts.
  12. @ellitor, that’s an overstatement. Any player with eligibility that would expire during a postseason ban is free to transfer with sitting. Anyone else needs a waiver. That’s why Shea Patterson, for example, needed a waiver. He had eligibility extending beyond OM’s bowl ban.
  13. mcgufcm

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Not looking likely.
  14. mcgufcm

    2019 3* OT Ira Henry

    Yep. It’s a bummer. It’s frustrating that we waited so long to scour the OL prospects and ask all analysts to review OL film. We should’ve been on Dawand Jones and Ira Henry and similar guys MUCH earlier.
  15. mcgufcm

    Latest Chatter On Every Target 1/29/19

    I will say, OU hasn’t recruited a QB worth a s*** in a while. Bakes, Murray, and Hurts. They’re doing okay. It’s not the end of the world to rely on transfers at one spot if you can land them consistently. I don’t love banking on a transfer, but with our inexperience behind the Senior Five this year, I don’t think finding a transfer Tackle will be the biggest concern in 2020. @ellitor, we’ll have to agree to disagree again. At the end of the year, the OL was playing better than mediocre. They put quality games together. With any improvement, which they showed already over the course of last season, they’ll be in the top half of the SEC. I’m not particularly worried about the OL next year, outside the Center spot.