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  1. Smokey Hodge vs. Tim Worley Georgia averaged 251 yards rushing per game in 1988 (Led SEC) but was held to 70-yards against the Auburn defense in 1988.
  2. Auburn's sack ratio from 1990-2019 Year Ratio 1994 8.21 1992 9.00 2005 9.23 1995 9.67 1991 9.78 2004 10.19 2003 10.65 1990 10.83 2018 11.11 1997 11.36 2017 11.57 2006 11.69 1996 12.45 1998 13.00 2002 14.66 1993 14.67 2010 14.71 2000 15.37 1999 15.82 2009 16.14 2019 16.18 2012 16.27 2013 16.39 2001 16.57 2008 17.57 2011 17.95 2007 18.32 2016 18.64 2014 21.15 2015 24.11
  3. Bit Kat did lead the team in QB Hurries. Hopefully he can convert them into sacks his senior year. I see plenty of upside in Hall.
  4. A subscriber made a video request for the 2004 Auburn defense, so here it is. The recent Coronavirus has taken away some of our freedom, including sporting events. I hope this video can fill some of the gap. The 2003 Auburn defense was as talented as the 2004 unit but lacked the overall leadership the 2004 team possessed. Team leadership and unity is what brought everything together during the 2004 season, when Auburn recorded a 13-0 record. It helped to possess an abundant level of talent on both sides of the football but I cannot recall an Auburn team that was blessed with the same level of chemistry since the 1993 team, prior to the 2004 campaign. Enjoy the defensive highlights from all thirteen games from Auburn’s 2004 championship season. The 2004 Auburn defense was the most dominant Auburn defense since the 1988 squad. Kevin Steele has brought consistency back to the defense but has not reached the same level of success as the 2004 unit. War Eagle!
  5. Here are a few cut ups from Chad Morris' offense at Arkansas. There are many similar plays when comparing Gus Malzahn and Chad Morris, so I cut up the plays unique to Morris or rarely featured in Malzahn's offense. The most notable difference is the use of the tight end by Chad Morris. With Auburn having plenty of options at the TE position in 2020, I can see them being a major part of the offense.
  6. Watch how Chad Morris schemes to isolate his tightend on Auburrn's K.J. Britt this past season. I can this play being successful with Harold Joiner too.
  7. I really liked the POD song for the offensive highlights.
  8. Chad Morris will have a solid foundation of talent to work with on offense but the overall personnel will lack experience. The offensive line remains a major question mark as the Tigers replace four starters up front.
  9. The entire video will be released tomorrow. Check out the intro now.
  11. Thanks to all who managed to stay on topic and the follow up discussion. Hope the remainder of the season goes well for everyone. War Eagle!