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  1. This is the first of a 5-part series on Auburn's top-5 run offenses. Each team was ranked on yards rushing per game, yards per attempt, and TD ratio. Strength of schedule was also a factor. https://youtu.be/_bVZ6YAtv0U
  2. Parting words... * Thanks for the interest in the thread. * I respect all opinions. As for Bo Nix. No doubt he has his own issues to correct but no more than other individuals on the offense. I realize he will be faulted as an individual more than any other individual on offense because of his position. I came on this board today just to shed some light on some of the surrounding struggles on offense. I posted data to support my opinion. I would think that it would be common sense that any quarterback or coach would like to have a consistent running game. No, Nix is not good enough to carry the offense by himself. Never was and likely never will be. This doesn't mean he cannot be successful. Again, his performance on the field has been at its best with a supporting running game. As for his ceiling, I won't pretend to know because of past experiences with other QB's that were written off by Auburn fans, only to close out their careers in strong fashion. (Stan White, Reggie Slack, Ben Leard, Jason Campbell and Chris Todd). I do fear that he will never have the supporting cast I would like to see, just to see what his personal ceiling might be. As always... hope the season ends well and ... War Eagle!
  3. Show me all the threads that singled out an OL or WR by name in the title.
  4. Nothing wrong with voicing an opinion because some of the complaints are just not true. Though Nix is 1/4 the problem, there are three times as many complaints about Nix than the OL or WR’s. I understand that fans will credit the QB too much and fault him too much but it is still wrong.
  5. Records from 2016-2020 when attempting at least 26 passes, running under 140 and allowing at least 21 points. Alabama 4-1 Arkansas 0-21 Auburn 1-14 Florida 3-14 Georgia 3-6 Kentucky 0-6 LSU 2-6 Miss State 2-13 Missouri 1-15 Ole Miss 4-12 South Carolina 2-22 Tennessee 5-8 TAMU 3-15 Vanderbilt 1-19 15 percent win percentage from 2016-2020
  6. IMO, Steve Spurrier's pass offense was the best pure pass offense I have seen in the SEC. We see lots of screens today that jack up the completion percentage. Spurrier's pass offense was more vertical and deadly. Applying the same standards I outlined previously, Florida under Spurrier was 13-19-1 when they attempted at least 26 passes, ran for less than 140 and the opposition scored at least 21 points. I thought Tuberville was crazy when he said the key to beating Florida in 2001 was to take away the run. He was right... forced the Gators into 4 picks that night in a huge Auburn upset. Even Spurrier commented on the need to have a running game consistent enough to slow down the pass rush. Florida was deadly with their draw plays.
  7. When Auburn signed Nix, I did not believe he was a 5-star talent primarily because of his career completion of about 58 percent. I gave him the benefit of doubt because his entire OL was replaced his senior year. I don't think he is an accurate passer at today's standard of completion percentage (65% and above). I do think hen he can set his feet, he is plenty of accurate enough to make this offense go. Mike Bobo has done some great work with him. IMO, this just might be the worst performing WR corps I have seen at Auburn. His footwork is much better now than any time since 2019.
  8. For the season, AU is 42% run during the first half. I was hoping we would be 60-65 percent but 3.9 yards per rush on first down is forcing Bobo to want to throw more on the early downs.
  9. We have tried to run early but with limited success. During the last three games, AU is averaging only 3.9 yards per rush on 1st down, which increases the pass attempts on first down as the game progresses.
  10. Of course it matters what the QB does. It's the reason why under those circumstances, it is possible to win but not likely. By taking away a huge element of the game (run offense), it obviously places additional pressure on the QB to have success.
  11. Because the point is Auburn has become too QB dependent. AU is throwing the football over 62 percent the last three games. The Tigers will continue to struggle on offense and Bo will take the majority of the flack. My point was to show that all teams for the most part, struggle on offense when they become QB dependent.
  12. Yes...44 interceptions and 28 TD's from 1990-1992.
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