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  1. Making the most of the available talent in 2017

    Not as high as 2004, 2010 or 2013 but better than 2015 and 2016.
  2. When Sean White was healthy during 2016, the Auburn offense was able to put up some impressive numbers. Some will question this success by focusing on the level of competition. Obviously, ANY offense will have a greater level of success against weaker competition, but it is also important to place this success in context. Auburn's national ranking in total offense against non-ranked opponents: 2016: 19th 2015: 86th 2014: 9th 2013: 21st 2012: 103rd 2011: 81st 2010: 5th 2009: 6th Compared to 2011 and 2015, the 2016 Auburn offense was much better against non-ranked competition.The 2016 offense actually ranked higher than the 2013 offense. I am not advocating the 2016 offense was better than the 2013 version, but keeping things in perspective. Auburn faces 5-6 weak defenses every year so 2016 should not be an exception to the rule. With this in mind, the 2016 offense generated three of the Top 10 best total-offensive performances in school history. Speaking of the most yardage gained during a game, Gus Malzahn's offense holds 15 of the Top 25 offensive performances at Auburn. Looking around the SEC (2000-2017), Auburn holds three of the Top 15 total offensive performances and two of those three games occurred during 2016. Of the 2688 games played by SEC teams from 2000-2016, the 2016 Auburn offense had the 9th and 15th best performances. The 2017 Auburn offense looks strong at the RB and WR positions and the QB situation looks as strong on "potential" as any Auburn offense since preseason 2004, regarding the available depth chart. Added to this potential is a new offensive coordinator who will likely limit Auburn's predictability factor. The 2016 Auburn offense proved there is talent available at the "skill" positions so it should be no surprise for the 2017 version to be better and perhaps more explosive. Looking at the skill positions only, the 2017 Auburn roster has the highest number of 4-star talent available than any Auburn offense since recruiting rankings have been kept (2002). Chip Lindsey's 2015 Southern Miss offense was No. 1 nationally in generating plays of 20-yards or more. His 2016 Arizona State got off to a strong start but injuries to the quarterback position hindered the offense last season.
  3. Do we get a 1K YD season by a WR in 17?

    I could see a 1000-yard WR this season but I would rather have 3 guys over 700-yards.
  4. Eye on the Prize

    Chip Lindsey will force the opposition to defend all the skill players on the field in 2017.
  5. Eye on the Prize

    Auburn returns the 7th best RB-trio in school history from 2016, despite injuries that limited Pettway and Johnson.
  6. Auburn's vertical passing game

    Run-pass option plays should be a major component of Lindey's 2017 Auburn offense. I believe this will be the primary reason why Auburn fields a very good offense this year. Jarrett Stidham ran lots of RPO plays the one year he played at Baylor, so he should be very comfortable doing so at Auburn.
  7. Auburn's vertical passing game

    Under Gus Malzahn, the Auburn pass offense has produced a pass play of 25-yards or more... 8.8% of the time on 1st down 9.2% of the time on 2nd down 8.0% of the time on 3rd down
  8. Looking back over the past 25 years of Auburn football, the 2015 pass-offense ranked No. 24 among the 25 Auburn pass-offenses in generating pass plays of 15-yards or more. The 2016 Auburn pass-offense improved to No. 15 on the list. It was an improvement but progress is still needed in this area. Looking at yards per reception from the wide receiver position only, the top-5 WR corps over the past 25 years at Auburn is 2010, 2004, 1997, 2009 and 1993. Those 5 teams combined for a record of 56-8-0. Last season when Sean White was healthy (Arkansas State thru Ole Miss games), Auburn averaged 5 impact plays per game in the passing game alone with 1 every 4.4 pass attempts. Anything lower than 1 every 5 attempts is great production. During the final 5 games of the season with White injured, Auburn averaged 1.8 impact plays per game in the passing game or 1 every 11.7 pass attempts. I excluded the Clemson game because of the offensive game plan that gave Sean White no chance to be successful. Obviously, the ability to generate explosive plays in the passing game can only help increase the yards per reception, which is something Auburn needs to accomplish in 2017. Stretching the opposition vertically, will open up the running lanes when Auburn elects to run the football. One of the reasons for Auburn's improvement from 2015 to 2016 was the four freshman WR's. The four freshman WR's averaged an impact play every 3.2 receptions, which is a solid foundation moving into the 2017 season.
  9. 10 greatest teams in offensive production

    The 2004 offense is my favorite with a wealth of talent spread across the roster. Cam Newton is the greatest offensive player at Auburn because he played QB and could do more in a game than Bo Jackson could at the RB position. The 1986 team benefited from a very weak schedule we will likely never see again. It included UTC, ECU, WCU and Cincy. AU averaged 49 PPG in those 4 games and only 25 PPG during their other 8 games. AU faced only 1 team that year that won at least 75% of their games. Regardless of the weak schedule, the 86 team was loaded with a lot of talent that would carry over the next 3 seasons.
  10. Chip Lindsey

    I believe your opinion is accurate.
  11. Auburn passing notes

    In reality, he runs the ball even more 84% on first down against weaker SEC teams than the stronger opponents.
  12. Auburn passing notes

    Good news is that Ohio State, Oregon and Baylor have shown you can field a top-10 rushing attack and still throw the ball at least 35% of the time on first down. During his three seasons as an OC, Lindsey was the primary play-caller during 2015 and 2016. During those two seasons his offense ran the ball 60.3% of the time on 1st down in 2015 and 59.5% of the time during 2016. If this trend continues at Auburn, we should see a 67% increase in passing on 1st down. During the past two seasons, his offense has thrown 23 TD passes on 1st down compared to the 6 thrown by Auburn.
  13. Auburn passing notes

    The NCAA utilizes yards per attempt, but examining yards per completion is something to monitor too. Tracking YPA for nearly 25 years, the goal should be 8.0 YPA on 1st down which would require a good mix of vertical passes.
  14. Auburn passing notes

    During the seven seasons associated with the Gus Malzahn offense... * Auburn has won 76% of their games when the Tigers attempted more passes on 1st down than 3rd down. * Auburn has won 67% of their games when they did not have more pass attempts on 1st down than 3rd down. * Auburn has attempted more passes on 1st down than 3rd down in only 35.5% of their games under Malzahn's offense. * During the games with more pass attempts on 1st down than 3rd down, Auburn had an overall pass rating of 161.2. During the games they did not, the Tigers had an overall pass rating of 135.4. This also included a 25% drop off in scoring when Auburn failed to have more pass attempts on 1st down than 3rd down. * Auburn has won 81% of their games with an average of at least 7.5 yards per pass attempt on 1st down. * Auburn has won 84% of their games with an average of at least 7.5 yards per pass attempt on 1st down and at least 7 pass attempts on 1st down during a game. * Auburn has an average pass rating of 145.3 on 3rd down during games the pass offense had a rating of at least 150.0 on 1st down. * Auburn has an average pass rating of 124.8 on 3rd down during games the pass offense had a rating of less than 150.0 on 1st down.