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  1. Thanks to all who managed to stay on topic and the follow up discussion. Hope the remainder of the season goes well for everyone. War Eagle!
  2. Mississippi State offered Cam Newton money to sign with them and the NCAA conducted a 13 month investigation at Auburn and found squat on Cam. If Auburn was to recruit in the same manner as Alabama and UGA, how long would it take for the sanctions to roll in? Ole Miss and Missouri say hello.
  3. The problem was never targeting top notch talent. The plan was failing to expand offers to plan B prospects in the event the top notch recruits signed elsewhere. That issue is now addressed but the damage was already done.
  4. OL recruiting the last 4/5 years was neglected and Auburn is paying the price last and this season. The hangover will carry over to 2020. Changes were made last year regarding how recruits were offered to address the issue. Gus must weather the storm until the changes made began to profit on the field.
  5. So... how do you feel about the first bye-week of 2019? What kind of adjustments would you like to see? What adjustments do you expect?
  6. I totally agree. The Florida loss feels like the last two losses to LSU.
  7. You can chose to believe what has been publicly stated about the QB competition but logic might prevail in this case. Do you believe Malzahn would publicly state that Gatewood struggled during the competition and Nix was simply better beyond any doubt? Ask yourself this question. Malzahn coached one of the greatest college QB’s ever that made him a super star as an OC and led him to a National Title and Heisman. Cam’s abilities made his job easier and made most plays called golden. If Gatewood was half the QB Cam was, do you really believe he would not start him? Look at how many project QB’s Auburn has signed trying to find the next Nick Marshall or Cam Newton. Let’s not forget that Gatewood was not even a full time starter in HS. He may very well end up being the starter down the road but those wanting to see him play now, are doing so in hope that he will be the answer or magical. This includes myself but primarily because I want to see how he looks under the bright lights. As for D.J. Williams, you just might be right but he has been slowed by injuries. The coaches are high on him and I’ve been told he will get a long look in the Arkansas game. As for knowing he is the best based on a few carries in mop up duty against reserves... I personally would need to see him the majority of a season before crowning him. 2 cents
  8. Yep.... just like HS QB’s, college QB’s and NFL QB’s. See it in the NFL every week and how interceptions are the result of the QB staring down his receiver. Tom Brady is guilty of it on occasion. Does Nix need to improve on limiting it? Of course he does but it won’t be the last time he does it. It’s not like it just happens at Auburn.
  9. That was bad indeed. We had to make those plays to take down the turds that year. I think it was the series before all the rub-routes.
  10. I seriously doubt Malzahn is reading my content, so no I don't expect anything. I do look back to the Mississippi State game, where he did place focus on the intermediate routes and the offense was very successful in doing so. With that being said, Nix had a much cleaner pocket to work from. He was also very successful with the intermediate routes during 2009 and 2010.
  11. Which is why I noted that "Year Seven" is a whole different discussion.
  12. Yes we are running the ball better against Power-5 teams than last season. Last year through the first 4 Power-5 games, Auburn averaged 114.5 yards rushing on 3.3 yards per attempt. This season it is 185.0 yards on 4.5 yards per carry. Not saying Auburn has arrived but it is indeed improvement. Easy to see why Auburn has not reached it's sealing because it has only been three games that Nix had Schwartz and Williams available. Nix and Schwartz had limited time to develop chemistry because Schwartz was not available in the spring and he injured his finger before the season began. Unless there are key injuries, I would wager the offense performs better than the 2018 offense to close out the regular season. It might not result in victories over LSU, Georgia and Alabama but it will still be improvement.