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  1. From 1992-2020: How frequently did the 2020 Auburn offense gain at least 40-yards during a possession? 40.8 percent, which was 8th best the past 29 seasons. The average is 36.0 percent. How frequently did Auburn score on those 40-yard possessions last year? 81.6 percent or 6th best the past 29 years. The average was 77.5 percent. The 2020 Auburn offense was more efficient than the 2004 Auburn offense, examining the above two categories. So why was the 2004 Auburn offense obviously more successful than 2020? They were able to finish what they started. How frequentl
  2. The following is a breakdown of Auburn’s recruiting classes from 2002-2018, high school players only. · 178 players appeared in at least 20 games or were a starter for at least one season. · Of the 178 players that became impact players for the program, their average ranking from high school was 383rd. Keep in mind there were some players not given a ranking by 257sports, so I rated those players as 1000. · The average ranking of offensive players … 357th. · The average ranking of defensive players … 403rd. · The average ranking of Auburn players named All-SEC … 240th.
  3. In this historical production, Auburn (8-2) hosts Alabama (10-0) at Jordan-Hare Stadium for the first time ever. It was the final step in creating equality within the conference when it came to scheduling home games. Having attended Auburn games since the 70's, this was the loudest I have ever heard Jordan-Hare. It was an amazing venue and a terrific outcome for the home Tigers. Alabama led at halftime, 10-7 but Auburn outscored Alabama 23-10 during the second half. The key was Reggie Slack and an offensive line that provided solid protection and opening running lanes during th
  4. This Auburn Flashback highlights the 1993 Iron Bowl, pitting #6 Auburn (10-0-0) against #12 Alabama (8-1-1). Alabama was the defending National Champion from 1992, and Auburn was starting over with new head coach Terry Bowden. The 1993 Auburn team might not have been the "greatest" team, but they certainly played "great" together. It was perhaps one of the best teams in school history when it came to team chemistry. There were many outstanding individual performances by Auburn personnel, making significant plays to navigate through an undefeated regular season. This concept of everyone st
  5. I bet that is a happy group right now.
  6. #34 would be a no go... just look at his negative comments about Harsion in the comment section of the video. He clearly dislikes his former coach after being dismissed from the team for domestic violence.
  7. That was the point of the video and how much coaching can make a difference. FSU came into the game having recruited 49 players rated as 4-stars or better. Boise State had only SIX and was playing on the road with a true freshman at QB. What would Harsin's teams look like with 49 four-star players?
  8. Game #7 Statistical Evaluation (Tennessee Game) All three phases of the game had a passing grade, though it did not feel that way on defense. Auburn’s inability to defend the run during the second half limited the Tigers to just three offensive possessions. The early loss of Tank Bigsby hindered the explosiveness of the running game. D.J. Williams and Shaun Shivers did combine for 131 yards on 25 carries. The running game was enough to keep the offense balanced, but Auburn was held to just eight possessions during the game. Both teams struggled inside the red zone, with Auburn scoring 13
  9. National Rankings in plays of 10+ yards (Offense): Includes 73 FBS teams that have played at least 4 games this season, The rankings are based on ratio of plays of 10+ yards. Alabama: 1st (1 every 3.1 plays) Florida: 4th (3.6) TAMU: 6th (3.8) Ole Miss: 7th (3.9) Auburn: 21st (4.4) LSU: 24th UGA: 45th Arkansas: 55th South Carolina: 56th Missouri: 57th Tennessee: 63rd Miss State: 65th Kentucky: 65th Vanderbilt: 71st National Rankings (73 FBS schools with 4 games or more) Defense: 10+ yard plays allowed (ratio) Georgia #5 (1 every 6.3 plays)
  10. Not going to debate it because I am not a collegiate official. Just reporting what a collegiate official told me. According to him, the rule I cited would apply to the Ole Miss game. Again, he said Shivers never possessed the ball so it was not a fumble. You are correct that "batting" would not apply because Shivers did not bat the ball. If they had reviewed the play and saw that Shivers made contact with the ball, they would have to decide whether or not Shivers contact changed the impetus of the ball. If they ruled the impetus was not changed, the ruling would be a touch back because the pl
  11. From 2009-2020, the only other perfect score on offense and defense in SEC play, came against Arkansas in 2016, when Auburn defeated the Hogs, 56-3.
  12. It was great to see the team celebrate with Carlson after he saved what should have been a touchdown return.
  13. Thanks RIR. Like many, it has been a hectic year that I cannot wait to end.
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