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  1. Anyone know if the Clemson game is going to be considered "home" when it comes to season tickets?
  2. 4 Tickets together in Sec 60, Row 20 on the aisle. Face Value. Have to attend my wife's college homecoming. War Eagle!
  3. Email the Nashville Auburn Club. They had a block of tickets they were offering up last week.
  4. I've got 4 AU-So. Miss Tickets available. $40 each. Would prefer to sell all 4 together. Section 60, Row 20, 16-19 (end of the row next to aisle). PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
  5. Update... USM tickets gone but I still have 4 to Arkansas. Willing to possibly trade those 4 for 2 LSU tickets. Thanks.
  6. I need 2 more LSU tickets to allow some visiting friends to join us for that one game. I have 4 season ticket books and will have extra tickets to a few other games if someone is interested in a trade. Let me know. Currently have 4 tickets to USM, Arkansas and UT-Martin.
  7. www.huntsvilleauburnclub.com Love Auburn? Love it Local! This is an exciting time for Auburn Alumni as we anticipate the start of a new football season. The Huntsville-Madison County Auburn Club has two upcoming events to support our scholarship fund and to celebrate the Auburn sprit with other Alumni and friends. Please visit our website for more information and registration forms for both events. All Auburn Alumni and friends are welcome to join us, regardless of where you live! 2008 James T. Tatum, Jr. Memorial Tiger Tee-Off May 31st, 2008 Shotgun Start at 7:30 AM Colonial Golf Course, Meridianville, AL All proceeds are awarded to local scholarship recipients! HUNTSVILLE - MADISON COUNTY AUBURN CLUB Annual Party Thursday, June 12, 2008 Von Braun Center South Hall 700 Monroe St. SW Huntsville, AL ~ Special Guests ~ Tommy Tuberville, Head Football Coach Other distinguished guests from Auburn 2008-2009 Scholarship Recipients Deadline for reservations is June 5th, 2008 “500” Club Reception will begin at 5:30 PM General seating will begin at 6 PM. Cash bar is available. www.huntsvilleauburnclub.com Feel free to contact me with questions. Joseph (au00@comcast.net) or "spacetiger" on AUNation.
  8. Unfortunately, I have a conflict and can't attend. They are in Section 60, Row 20 at the end of the row. Face value or best offer. PM me or reply. Thanks and War Eagle.
  9. Spacey, were you there for the coffee shops or just window shoppin'? *grin* HaHa. window shopping was fun.
  10. My most recent exchange isn't with anyone famous but still fun, none-the-less. I was sitting in the Amsterdam Airport wearing my Auburn shirt and waiting on luggage when I got a "War Eagle" from a fellow tiger. It was a nice way to start a week in a foreign country. Not the furthest War Eagle though...that came from Jim Voss when he was on ISS!!
  11. They aren't being mailed until today. There was a problem at the printers. I got an email from the ath dept stating such.
  12. I got mine at the BAM on University, at the Parkway (behind Home Depot). They had not even put it on the shelves yet but I found it on one of their stocking carts. They put it in the "football" category in the store. I got mine about two weeks ago.
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