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  1. ncaajunkie

    Why is this not targeting?

    It was so obvious. Stidham just stared at the official after the hit.
  2. ncaajunkie

    Why is this not targeting?

    Why is this not targeting?
  3. ncaajunkie

    I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    Hey hey ho ho Gus has got to go! WDE
  4. ncaajunkie

    Who Do You Want?

    What about chad morris smu or john grass Jacksonville st, Bobby petrino and or chip Kelly ? Stoops would be a home run.
  5. ncaajunkie

    Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    I made this meme! WDE
  6. ncaajunkie

    Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    I use to be Gus's number one fan! Something changed when he became a head coach. Clemson defense would shift right before the snap because they knew what play was coming based on formation and personnel. This happenes all of the time. Everyone has adapted their defenses to our offense but he hasn't adapted anything too counter it. He rufuses to give up control of the offense. He lies to us about players hurt not hurt or suspened.
  7. ncaajunkie

    NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Tech with the tieing run at the plate.
  8. ncaajunkie

    NCAA Baseball Tournament

    I'm pulling for fsu and tech to go extra innings!
  9. ncaajunkie

    NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Does auburn start at 6 or do they have to wait 55 minutes after this game?
  10. ncaajunkie

    Auburn-LSU Score Prediction

    Auburn wins 6-3 in Overtime! WDE
  11. ncaajunkie

    So Rick Neuheisel...

    So I guess it's ok to hire someone with zero morals and not an ethical person? Not me
  12. ncaajunkie

    So Rick Neuheisel...

    As much as I like his offense Briles should be banned from football! Attorney screws up they lose their license so why not coaches. Banned for life! Smh
  13. ncaajunkie

    Is the HUNH offense a thing of the past?

    I miss the hunh! I remember Gus saying if I can run a 100 plays in a game I win everytime. I think he is trying to make too many people happy. To many people saying you kill the defense and wear them out. If you want the hunh then you cant worry about defense getting tired.
  14. ncaajunkie

    If not Gus then whom?

    Auburn has never been shy about giving money to coaches! We all know this! WDE
  15. ncaajunkie

    If not Gus then whom?

    I would go after Tom Herman. His team is the best coached team around. Before he got there they were a .500 team. He is doing that with recruiting classes not in the top 25! He learned everything from Urban when he was his OC and won national title. Anyone that says he is Gus Malzone 2.0 is dumb and not football smart.