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  1. This right here is pure anti-Trump partisanship. It's pure BS for both you and Titan to pass the leaks off as "rumors". You two certainly don't act like they're rumors. Any leak or "rumor" about Trump on here is used by both of you to bash Trump. Yet you want frame your argument in a way where it's all Trump's fault and dismiss the impact of the leaks. "Rumors" are presented as facts now if they come from Washington Post, NY Times, CNN, etc......... Yet both you and Titan are blaming Trump for revealing Israel as the source when it was the anonymous sources that leaked that information in the first place. In your minds it's Trump's fault regardless of whether he denied it was Israel or if he had never responded to the "rumors", as you want to phrase it as now, and stayed quiet about it. It's amazing how selective anti-Trump folks are with leaks to suit their bias. It's awfully convenient to not believe a leak for yourselves and say it's a "rumor", yet out of the other side of your mouth chastise people on here who support Trump about questioning leaks or being skeptical of them.
  2. I have been skeptical. I was skeptical of James Comey before Trump won the election. I thought he looked bad for his handling of Hilary's e-mail investigation. The career government cronies who protect fellow government officials or politicians they like but stab those who they don't like in the back and then try to take them out make me very skeptical of our government officials. I don't believe everything Trump says. I think he'll say some things just to respond to media reports, not that he has some big narrative that he sticks to. It certainly isn't good for PR for the administration and it creates needless coverage that results in a back and forth with the media over what Trump actually thinks. My point about McMaster isn't to say that he's the most honest person in government or that should be believed, it's that his explanation was similar to what has been leaked about Trump not knowing sources and methods. That's why I'm inclined to actually believe McMaster's explanation because it corroborates with the leaks .......... and I absolutely consider leaks to be believable and part of finding out things no matter which side the leaks hurt. I don't just brush them off as made up. What those who are doing the "I told you so" about Trump right now need to do is not brush off the impact of the leaks. The leaks put out through the news media revealed as much if not more sensitive information than what Trump did. We first heard that Israel was the source of the shared classified information in the leaks from the anonymous officials in the NY Times article. Even in the original Washington Post article that revealed Trump had shared classified info with Russia, it didn't say that he had revealed the methods or sources, just that he shared classified information. It's still not good what Trump did but the leakers made it even easier for Russia than Trump did. Now Russia doesn't even have to use their own resources to figure out the source of the info that Trump shared.. Since the anonymous officials leaked it through the news media, they did the work of revealing the source for them. Even though Trump has the authority, hopefully he's learned from this and won't share intelligence with Russia or other countries that are bad actors again........ Yeah, I know ................ have fun with that last sentence..........
  3. Just look at the threads from a few months ago on here: and It's amazing that anti-Trump folks are willing to accept any source that is negative about Trump as true without question and everything Trump says or anyone who defends Trump, like H.R. McMaster, are full of BS. Why is H.R. McMaster not to be believed?............. I know why ....... It's a cardinal sin to defend Trump even in the slightest now .......... McMaster didn't deny that Trump shared classified information, he denied that Trump revealed methods and sources. McMaster's explanation was very similar to the narrative the media and some on here were running with just couple of months ago that Trump was in the dark about methods and sources and that's he just plain ignorant about some things, well they're now turning around and saying McMaster's lying and can't be believed.
  4. Can you prove that? If anything you have a conflicting narrative going on about what Trump does and doesn't know. You can't have it both ways. There's been reports that the the intelligence community has been withholding methods and sources and that Trump doesn't "immerse" himself in intelligence information and doesn't rely as much as on daily intelligence briefings. H.R. McMaster said Trump didn't reveal methods or sources to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. It was the news media, through 2 anonymous sources, who revealed Israel was the source of the intel that was shared.
  5. But the wisdom to leak something through a public medium is also a problem. The public news leaks reveal more sensitive information than the president.
  6. The president has the authority to do it. Obama did it as well.
  7. I just have to ask, do you support any repercussions for leakers/whistleblowers who give false information? My own personal view is that only those who give leaks to foreign governments should be charged with a crime and face some jail time. I'm not talking about 20-30 years, more like 3-5 years at worst. For those who leak information to our own press for political purposes that turns out to be false, then they should lose their job. When you give information that's false then you lose credibility. I don't think it's irrational to expect those who work around you and those who are entrusted with knowing things to have good judgment. How can you trust someone who's agenda is to not just do their job but to take people out that they don't like?
  8. Thanks to my dad for introducing me to this song not too long ago. I listen to a classic country station and my dad knew this song when it came on and I just left it on the station to listen to it and I'm glad I did. What a great song. Little did I know when I looked up the song that it's only 1 of 2 songs that won the CMA Award for "Best Song" two years in a row. The other song that achieved that title was He Stopped Loving Her Today.
  9. Netanyahu didn't hold back during the Obama administration. He criticized them repeatedly. We'll see if Netanyahu has any stinging criticism after Trump's visit is over.
  10. I have several windows open and mistakenly posted that looking for quotes. It still doesn't assert that Israel has turned on Trump. Some are concerned while several officials are still in support of Trump and the U.S.
  11. As for Netanyahu, he hasn't publicly commented on it but was informed by Trump that he would be sharing the information hours before it happened. So Netanyahu was given a heads up. I think if Netanyahu was that upset, he would have commented on it or one of the Israel officials would have commented on it for him. But so far, all the Israel officials that have commented have voiced their continued support of Trump and the U.S.
  12. Israel defense minister: and Israel's Ambassador to U.S.
  13. Read more at:
  14. So Israel's Ambassador, defense minister, and and Prime Minister don't count?
  15. You see they don't care what Obama or what other president's have done, unless it's a Republican they can bash too. They only care now and are in a frenzy because it's Trump. I don't really care what Obama did either but in this thread my whole argument has been about the hypocrisy and difference of reaction between Obama and Trump sharing intel with Russia. The very people bashing Trump now said nothing last year about Obama's "enhanced information sharing". I honestly am not bothered much by this because Trump didn't reveal any methods or sources. Israel who was reported as the source of the intel are still publicly behind Trump. Until they start turning on Trump, I don't see this being worthy of the frenzy type coverage it's received.