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  1. Has this been proven? People need to wait for things to be assessed before just running with initial media reactions and coverage. MSNBC flat out spread Iranian state TV propaganda saying 30-50 U.S. troops had been killed, while covering the missile attack. It's amazing how our media doesn't show the same skepticism towards Iran's state run media that they do towards other countries like North Korea or Russia. Iran missed because U.S. troops were able to take cover just minutes before the missiles hit, not because they were intentionally trying to miss.
  2. Houston Astros fire both GM and manager after the fallout of the MLB investigation of the Astros sign stealing in 2017.
  3. Jake Tapper 2020 fact check against WH Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley: Jake Tapper 2011 reporting: He even included his own report at the time from ABC News: So Jake Tapper, with no pushback or questioning, gave the Obama WH credit for Gaddafi being killed in 2011, but Jake Tapper in 2020 suddenly wants to fact check the Trump WH and now says that the U.S. didn't kill Gaddafi.
  4. Never really been into U2 that much. I like some of their songs but this is definitely my favorite:
  5. Orange Cassidy is the most OVER person in AEW: I love how he just falls off the top rope at the 1:15 mark.
  6. Leach is the winningest coach in Texas Tech history. Leach had 5 winning Big XII records and only 1 losing record. Tuberville had a losing Big XII record in all 3 years he was there. In fact, since Leach left Texas Tech in 2009 they've never had a winning Big XII record. 2000-2009 2010-2012 2013-2018 2019 Leach is the 3rd winningest coach is Wash St history. Leach took Wash St. to a bowl game his 2nd year in 2013. They hadn't been to a bowl game since 2003. Are people really that unaware of how bad Wash St. was when Leach got there? Leach finished .500 in the Pac 12. 55-47 (36-36) Wash St's 2nd winningest coach Mike Price only had 6 winning seasons in 14 years there. Price finished with a losing Pac 10 record. 83-78 (49-63). Price only won 52% of his games. Leach may not work out for MSU but Leach's record is not as pathetic as some folks think it is.
  7. He would have tied the record at 14 TD's if you take the Oregon game out. Nix had 2 TD passes against Oregon. He threw his first TD pass to Eli Stove and the 2nd one was to Seth Williams for the game winning TD.
  8. I think Allen Greene is a nice guy but as far as hiring and firing coaches, I don't see how anyone can have confidence in him. He was the AD at Buffalo but if you take a close look at his time at Buffalo all of the successful coaches at their program were already in place when he took over. He didn't hire any of them. Greene took over as Buffalo AD in late November 2015. Buffalo's football HC Lance Leipold was hired in late November 2014 Buffalo's men's basketball HC Nate Oats(now at Alabama) was hired in April 2015 after Bobby Hurley left Buffalo for Arizona St Buffalo's women's basketball HC Felisha Legette-Jack was hired in June 2012 The AD at Buffalo before Greene was Danny White who is now the AD at UCF. At UCF White hired Scott Frost and then Josh Heupel after Frost left. He also hired UCF's men's basketball HC Johnny Dawkins.
  10. I have. After we beat Bama, I can think of several Auburn fans that were gloating and acting like we had just won the SEC or something. The LBS(little brother syndrome) is real. They're ecstatic that they spoiled Bama's season and knocked them out the playoffs. They hang their hat on that because they don't expect championships. After every loss, I never heard many Auburn fans that were willing to openly complain about Gus or want a HC change. Even after the UGA loss, while the Auburn fans I was around weren't happy, they still never called for Gus's job. The fact is that majority of our fanbase is comfortable losing 3-4 games every year as long we 'compete' and don't get blown out. That's literally the standard now and why Gus has so much job security.
  11. Here's our offensive drives TOP: 1ST QUARTER: Drive #1) 1:13 (FG set up by the defense interception) 3-0 Drive #2) 0:13 (Iggy kick return for TD) 10-3 Drive #3) 2:25 (5 plays 14 yards Punt) 10-10 2ND QUARTER: Drive #4) 1:54 (5 plays 21 yards Punt) 10-10 Drive #5) 2:54 (Cannella 37 yard TD) 17-17 Drive #6 ) 0:31 ( 2 plays 0 yards End of Half) 17-24 3rd QUARTER: Drive #7) 1:59 (3 plays -1 yards Punt) 17-24 Drive #8) 5:15 (Boobie 3 yard TD) 24-24 Drive #9) 2:40 (7 plays 29 yards, Fake Punt on 4th and 8 fails) 24-24 Note: After the fake punt failed, the defense stopped Minnesota on 4th and 1 to get the ball back. 4th QUARTER: Drive #10) 1:28 (3 plays 4 yards Punt) 24-24 Drive #11) 1:48 (5 plays 15 yards Punt) 24-31 - Auburn's last possession of the game While the defense was certainly a let down and struggled to stop Minnesota, our offense only had 1 drive longer than 2:54 the ENTIRE game. The defense not only had to contend with Minnesota playing keep away by eating up clock, our offense compounded the issue by not having long drives to give the defense more rest. The fake punt was a turning point in the game. It flipped the field position in Minnesota's favor. Even though the defense made a stand and stopped Minnesota on 4th and 1, our offense promptly responded by going 3 AND OUT and giving the ball right back to Minnesota and putting the defense back on the field after they had just stopped Minnesota on 4th down the previous drive.
  12. Incorrect. It's not pass interference on a fake punt when the kicker simulates a scrimmage kick by throwing the ball high and deep.
  13. You're mistaken. Brad never liked or agreed with that post.