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  1. Here's the thing that seems to be causing disagreement between us, while JG may be more athletic than Stidham, you're assuming JG is going to be used like Cam or NM. We ran a zone read style offense with both Cam and NM. I didn't see JG run much during the spring game. In fact, I saw Nix actually run more during the spring game. Maybe that was by design or maybe JG is going to run a similar type offense that Stidham ran. Gus will probably run JG a good bit more than he did Stidham but I also don't see JG running as much as Cam or NM did.....But that's just my opinion. Cam had 264 carries and rushed for 1473 yards in 2010. NM had 172 carries and rushed for 1068 yards in 2013 NM had 153 carries and rushed for 798 yards in 2014 That's why I keep pointing out the O-line being the reason a DT QB may not make a huge difference for the offense. Both Cam and NM had good O-line's to run behind so the zone read worked better. Our 2018 O-line couldn't produce a 1,000 yard rusher or pass block very well for Stidham, who like I said isn't a statue. Stidham actually ran for a TD in the Arkansas game towards the end of the first half after the pocket collapsed. Just because he wasn't a run first QB or was asked to run a lot doesn't mean he was no threat to run. Stidham was capable of running for first downs if he had to. Stidham ran for a 16 yard TD against Bama in 2017.
  2. My whole point wasn't to somehow prop up Stidham as being comparable to Cam Newton athletically or something, but just saying that having a DT QB isn't going to make our O-line be able to block better, especially against better defenses. We haven't seen JG play in any meaningful situations. Getting mop up time against Purdue when both teams wanted to get the game over with didn't really show us much. Look at what Arkansas did last year against us. They rushed the edge and crashed down and disrupted several plays. John Chavis really had a good game plan against us. That's what he did at A&M with Myles Garrett in 2014. They had defenders ready for both Whitlow and Stidham no matter who decided to keep the ball on run plays. We only mustered 225 yards of offense against Arkansas. Unless the O-line can handle the better defenses in the SEC then the chances of us winning 9+ games aren't great no matter who the QB is. I'd be more optimistic if we had 2010, 2013, or 2017 O-line's to go along with JG at QB. Then I could get more excited about 2019.
  3. Unless our O-line improves dramatically then I don't see a DT QB making that big of a difference for the offense this season. It's not like Stidham was a statue. It's not a situation like we're going from Chris Todd in 2009 to Cam Newton in 2010. Stidham actually ran more in 2017 on designed runs but was forced into more obvious passing situations in 2018 with a running game that couldn't get established because of the O-line's struggles. I know people will point out how in 2017 we gave up 11 sacks against Clemson and how much better the O-line got that season. But here's the thing. That was against Clemson who had NFL first round top picks on their D-line. The 2018 O-line struggled against Arkansas, Southern Miss, and Tennessee's D-line's. The 2016 and 2017 O-line's at least handled inferior SEC opponent's D-line's. We ran all over Arkansas in 2016, 56-3. The 2016 O-line just struggled against the better defenses but handled the weaker teams. The 2019 line will have start to handling Tulane, Arkansas, and other weaker opponents D-line's before we can start acting like they're capable of handling Texas A&M, Florida, LSU, UGA, and Bama's D-line's and us having a good year and winning 9+ games.
  4. Why then was Shivers getting more carries later in the year if our OL wasn't good enough? I'm not arguing that Shivers is unworthy of carries but why was Martin not getting more carries? Starting with the Ole Miss game, Shivers got used more and Martin was used less. From the Ole Miss game through the rest of the season, Shivers had 43 carries and Martin had 34 carries
  5. Coaches too since he didn't get many carries during stretches of last season. Kam Martin recorded a carry in 11 games. Martin didn't touch the ball against A&M and UGA last year. 74 of Martin 103 carries came in 4 games. Washington, Southern Miss, Liberty, and Purdue.
  6. Seth's 3 month run as champ was boring. I know people don't like Lesnar being champ but let's be honest, taking him out of the picture didn't make Seth Rollins run as champ good. WWE needs to put Braun, Lashley, McIntyre, etc... into the title picture. Having Corbin-Rollins face each other at 3 straight ppv's killed any excitement in Seth being champ. I'm just sick of seeing a rotating fued between Lesnar-Rollins or Lesnar-Reigns. It's always a combination of the Shield guys vs Lesnar. It's getting old. They need other guys in the main even scene besides those 3 and Baron Corbin... lol
  7. No problem DKW. At least you didn't play it off like the speculation didn't exist....... lol I wasn't really aiming or directing a shot at anyone in my post. I was mostly just rebutting the absurd notion that there was either no speculation or so little speculation that no one had heard it or seen it.
  8. Where is the "speculation" about all this? lol........ Here you go:—-and-trump/
  9. While the author makes fair points about Carlson, him not calling out Omar and focusing on Carlson makes me question his objectivity. Omar is a member of Congress while Carlson is an opinion TV host........ How is Omar not dividing people also? What has Omar done to help the situation at the border? If you're going to decry conditions at the border but then vote no on funding for the border, then you're not doing anything to help other than say "it's my way or the highway". This isn't the same immigration problem from even 12 years ago back in 2007. There's more women and children being brought to the border. It used to be mostly men coming here 12 years ago and being apprehended. But now families are being detained and you're seeing a much more overcrowding problem with the facilities. Bottomline, there needs to be more border funding....... As much as Omar gets offended at people's comments(Carlson's) she's had no problem not thinking before she speaks and making insensitive remarks like "some people did something". Her anti-Semitic tropes that she's apologized for like: "It's all about the Benjamin's" Omar isn't just attacking people like Carlson, she's went after Pelosi for voting for the funding bill in the House. This is how she characterized people who voted for the House's border funding bill: "a vote to keep kids in cages and terrorize immigrant communities". I noticed the author only relied on "public statements" of Omar's but that doesn't include Twitter. That's deceiving imo. Trump gets bashed for his tweets in countless articles but this author doesn't seem to want to include tweets as part of her defense. It can't be fair game to critique Trump tweets but ignore Omar's tweets and only look at "public statements" like he's doing in the article.
  10. I don't know why it's so hard to grasp that someone feeling tired, drowsy, and start to doze off while they're driving if they have their foot on the gas/accelerator that when their body relaxes and they doze off that their foot will press down more and harder on the gas/accelerator and not magically come off and or move their foot to the break. Even if he you have both hands on the wheel and are moved up close to the steering wheel you can still almost doze off or start to get drowsy and not have complete control of the vehicle. I've only been drowsy while driving once and it was early in the morning on my way to work. It was around 5:45am and the sun hadn't come up yet, so it was still a little dark. Thankfully I was about a quarter of a mile from a curve and was still on the straight part of the road and my right front wheel started to veer off onto the grass on the side of the road a little but thankfully I steered the wheel back on the road. After I straightened back up from veering off a little bit, that perked me up the rest of my drive to work and thankfully I haven't done it since.
  11. I know this is getting off track but I see things the same as McLoofus does on the Mississippi State game last year. Kicking FG's aren't going to win games. Even if Carlson had made the 50 yarder he missed it's still an at best 16-12 game in the 4th quarter and we would have still needed a touchdown to win. There was very little room for error on defense to hold Mississippi State out of the endzone the WHOLE game when the offense couldn't even put it in the endzone themselves. Mississippi State's offense realized that our defense was trying to prevent the big plays and they knew our offense wasn't capable of putting up a lot of points on their defense, so they ran plays designed to just get 1st downs and keep our defense on the field to try and wear them out. Any defense will wear down if the offense can't give them time to rest and the opponent is just pounding them and grinding them down.
  12. We're still 7 weeks away until football season and media days are next week. Looking at our 2019 schedule which is tough as always, what do you think is the most pivotal game on the schedule? Basically which game will have a big determination on how the season turns out? Me personally, I think October 5 at Florida will be the most pivotal game because of where it's placed on our schedule. We're likely to be 4-1 heading to the Swamp and a win there could build momentum and give us a chance to win the West heading into Amen Corner. But a loss at Florida could cause our season to head south. Last year it turns out that the Mississippi State game was the turning point of the season.. After the loss you could feel the air come out of the team and our season took a downward turn. We never really recovered from that loss because the next week Tennessee beat an unmotivated Auburn team at home. August 31 - Oregon September 7 - Tulane September 14 - Kent St September 21 - at Texas A&M September 28 - Mississippi State October 5 - at Florida October 19 - at Arkansas October 26 - at LSU November 2 - Ole Miss November 16 - Georgia November 23 - Samford November 30 - Alabama
  13. Verlander, who will start for the American League in Tuesday's All-Star Game, made some other valid points, noting MLB has always juiced the balls for the Home Run Derby -- so what's stopping them from doing the same thing all season long? The regular-season numbers resemble what would happen if the Home Run Derby balls were used all year long. Over the course of the first half, teams homered 1.37 times per game; the record high entering this season was 1.26 times per game, set in 2017. Add in what's happening at the Triple-A level, where big-league baseballs are being used, and it's clear what's going on. read all of the article at: I know some will probably brush this off because they love offense in sports but it's gotten to the extreme now. When even All-Star caliber pitchers are giving up more HR's than they ever have, I think that's a problem and cheating the integrity of the game. College baseball even tamped down the HR's when they changed the bats in 2011 and only guys who are power hitters can still hit a lot of HR's in college.