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  1. Read the whole article at:
  2. If you want Trey Gowdy out of office do you think Elijah Cummings should also be out of office for being a hypocrite? Elijah Cumming was one of the main Dems against Hillary's investigation and constantly railed that the investigation was a farce and waste of time. Cummings only supports investigations when they're politically convenient. I hope you're not just against GOP hypocrites but you're also against Dem hypocrites.
  3. Moore or Jones?

    First off I just want to say that I was wrong. I'm not upset about that. I'm sure quite a few Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief right now that Moore didn't win. Secondly, ............. if you think this was about Trump then you are way off. Trump didn't even campaign for Moore. The closest he came was going to Pensacola and told Alabama voters to vote for Moore to keep the seat. His support of Moore was strictly tied to keeping the seat. I don't think Trump's token support was much a factor for Alabama voters. Trump initially supported Luther Strange and voters in Alabama didn't go along with Trump on that either. I don't really see how you can blame Trump for Moore's loss. The deck was stacked in Jones's favor. Quite frankly, I'm shocked Moore almost pulled it out. Even though I predicted Moore would win, I wasn't ruling out a loss. It was the perfect storm for Democrats. Jones needed the Obama fever type turnout for the black vote in Alabama and he got that. What doomed Moore were the number of write ins. There were over 22,000 write ins. If Moore had gotten the write in votes then he pulls this out. There were too many moderates Republicans that did write ins. Moore hemorrhaged too many votes that opted for a write in. Make no mistake, those write ins would have went to a Republican had it not been Roy Moore as the nominee.Write ins were mostly anti-Moore, they weren't anti-Jones. Doug Jones won fair and square. No disputing that. Congrats to Doug Jones. Edit: votes are still being counted and the numbers have changed, so I've edited the amount of write in votes.
  4. Moore or Jones?

    I predict that Moore will win the election. Honestly, I think Jones going after Moore so heavily in ads and campaigning so negatively are going to backfire. Had he only taken a few shots at Moore and spent the rest of his time actually putting forward his agenda and actually talking about the alleged "kitchen table" issues he has been touting as important to Alabamians, he might be able to win. Democrats couldn't have asked for a more vulnerable Republican candidate to run against and because they overplayed their hand by bombarding the airwaves with negative ads, they're going to likely lose a very winnable election. Moderate Republicans in this state are either not going to vote or they're going to write in a candidate. When Moore wins, the media and folks on here will be partly right to bash folks in Alabama for electing a man like Moore despite all the disgusting accusations against him and past embarrassments of being removed from office. But what will likely be lost or not get much play is how awful of a campaign that Doug Jones has run and how negative his campaign has been. Running ads that imply a vote for Moore makes you a horrible person isn't going to play well in Alabama. This state is solid red and attacking a decent size part of the electorate is not a good move if you want to win a race. A Doug Jones pac ad said: An ad like that might not hurt a candidate in a blue state like Virginia. In the Virginia Governor's race, a Ralph Northam pac ad implied that Ed Gillespie's supporters were racist. The ad didn't cost Northam the election because Virginia is a blue state now. But in a solid red state like Alabama, I think the Highway 31 pac ad might end up hurting Dog Jones. I could be wrong and will come back and admit to being wrong when the results are in. But I don't think Doug Jones ran a good enough campaign to pull out a win.
  5. Moore or Jones?

    RCP Wisconsin average was Clinton +6.5. That was not within the margin of error. Final result: Trump +0.8 in Wisconsin Wisconsin was a 7.3 point swing. PPP had Michigan going for Clinton +5 Some of the swing states were WAY off. In fact, Trump won the popular vote in the 13 swing states by almost 1 million (816,128 to be exact).
  6. Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    Believe it or not, he's ran the ball more at Auburn every year, except 2009, than he did at Arkansas. I know Wikipedia isn't always the most accurate source of information but they have Gus's run-pass balance every year's he's been coaching in college. Gus has run the ball 65% of the time each season at Auburn except for 2009. In the other 4 years outside of Auburn; 1 at Arky, 2 at Tulsa, and 1 at Arky St, Gus ran run the ball less than 65% of the time.
  7. A sexual harrassment catch all thread.

    Good....... Leave no stone unturned. I don't care who it is. I'm sure at least some of the about to be exposed congressional members have used tax payer money from the sexual harassment fund in D.C. that's been in place since 1995.
  8. Moore or Jones?

    There needs to be a 'not voting' option. I didn't vote in either of the primaries back in August and September either because there hasn't been any candidate that made me care enough to want to vote or even use as a write in.
  9. Franken Resigns

    I noticed you didn't address specifically what I said. I mentioned that you and others have been bashing folks in Alabama for praising or supporting Roy Moore but haven't done the same with Franken. You've given folks in Minnesota a pass for supporting Franken and haven't called people out that were praising Franken. Yes you said you were comfortable with Franken resigning but you also praised Franken and said he was doing a good job. All the praise that Franken's gotten before and after he resigned have been bull****
  10. Franken Resigns

    It's ironic that you were speaking about cop outs because that is a cop out. Democrats have propped up Bill Clinton for 2 decades. He's only been hanging around the Democratic party and speaking at the Democratic National Convention for every election since he's been out of office. Don't act like the Democrats have been aggressively confronting their own every time one of them did something wrong. The NJ Senator Bob Menendez still hasn't resigned even though was indicted on corruption charges. Yes his trial ended in a mistrial but do you think that should be good enough reason for him to not resign?
  11. Franken Resigns

    It's amazing that you and others on here and in the national media have spent so much time bashing folks in Alabama for still supporting Roy Moore but haven't said a word about folks in Minnesota that still supported Franken. It's pretty obvious why though. Alabama is Trump country. They're an easy target for ridicule. But Minnesota is much more liberal and progressive. So it's not as easy to go after those folks that think more like you do. In fact, Minnesota's other Senator never actually came out and called for Franken to resign.......... At least Alabama's other Senator, Richard Shelby, came out and said he wouldn't vote for Roy Moore or even support him if he did win. That's more than what Minnesota's other Senator did.
  12. Franken Resigns

    Democrats only waited until there were 5 or 6 accusers before they started to put serious pressure on Franken. And Franken is only resigning because he's being forced to not because he thinks he should. He already made that clear by taking shots at Trump. Democrats look better than Republicans at the moment but I'd hardly be acting like they have moral high ground. You can't just erase the Bill Clinton presidency by forcing Franken to step down after he was accused with evidence of sexual misconduct. Also, there's been some Democrats and liberals that have spoke highly of Franken even though he's been embattled and has now resigned. They couldn't just harp on the negatives like they do when it's a Republican and call them evil people. No, they they have to make sure that the public knows that since Franken was a Democrat that he was a good Senator.
  13. Arkansas hires Chad Morris

    He's been the HC at SMU. Before that, he was the OC at Clemson under Dabo.
  14. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Troy Western KentuckyBoise StateColorado StateArkansas StateFlorida AtlanticSMUFlorida InternationalUABWyomingSouth FloridaSan Diego StateToledoFresno StateWest VirginiaDukeUCLAFlorida StateBoston CollegeArizonaTexasNavyOklahoma StateStanfordWashington StateTexas A&MNorth Carolina StateNorthwesternUtah StateUSCLouisvilleMemphisWashingtonMiamiSouth CarolinaAuburnLSUGeorgiaAlabama
  15. Report: Malzhan staying

    Gus has had 5 years to prove he's capable of consistency and he hasn't done it........ We've had what, 4 straight top 10 recruiting classes? Gus has had time to build some depth. This is Gus's team. They've all been recruited by Gus and his staff. If you want to build depth, then you develop the talent you've recruited. Look at a lot of other schools, when there's some consistent success, there's usually stability to go along with it. You can't be up and down. That's what leads to changing staff and hiring new coordinators which disrupts the stability. When you're getting paid $7 million, excuses are no longer going to be tolerated. Gus thinks he'd an elite coach and wants to be paid like he's an elite coach. Then he needs to start producing elite results and consistently winning 9+ games each year.