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  1. “That if you look at what the FBI was investigating in the New York Times report,” Karl noted. “Mueller did not go anywhere with that investigation. Mueller has been writing his report in real-time through these indictments. And we have seen nothing from Mueller on the central question of: ‘Was there any coordination, collusion with the Russians in the effort to to meddle in the elections’ or ‘Was there even any knowledge on the part of the president or anybody in his campaign with what the Russians were doing?’ There are no indications of that.”
  2. Auburnfan91


    Also I didn't know it until looking it up but Oculus was filmed in Alabama.
  3. Auburnfan91


    Caught a movie I'd never seen before last night. I'm a fan of horror/paranormal movies and the one I saw last night was actually pretty good. I missed the first half of the movie and caught the second half but what I saw was very good. I had no expectation of liking it. 'Oculus' is the name of the movie. The movie came out back in 2014. For some reason I don't remember this movie being out back then. I guess movies like The Conjuring and Annabelle got all the attention and Oculus was kind of under the radar and got less attention even though it ended up doing well at the box office. Anywho, not to spoil it too much but the way the movie ended left the door wide open for a sequel. Yet as of now there hasn't been any word on a sequel in the works. Which is a shame because the plot and atmosphere of the movie worked pretty well. If you haven't seen the movie then I'd highly recommend it.
  4. Auburnfan91

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    But but but...... we play in the SEC West. We can't win 10 games a year like Clemson because our schedule is just too tough. Just listen to all the sunshine pumpers. They'll get you back on the RIGHT TRACK!!! But don't start projecting 6-6 or 7-5 for next season either because then a lot of those same sunshine pumpers will tell you to quit being so negative.....
  5. Auburnfan91

    Kingsbury new USC OC

    That was under Leach. Now Leach has helped Washington St. be nationally relevant.
  6. Who outside of the original obscure twitter account that posted video of her dancing was actually offended by it? I call fake news on that. If all it takes is one or two obscure tweets to represent an entire group of people and the media to slam that side for it then journalistic standards aren't very high anymore. I guess FOX News and other right leaning news outlets needs to scour twitter for obscure progressive tweets and then report that liberal and progressives are outraged/offended about whatever the obscure tweet was about.
  7. Auburnfan91

    West Virginia hires Neal Brown I think this is a good move by both Neal Brown and West Virginia. Neal Brown is from Kentucky, which is a neighboring state of West Virginia so the culture and recruiting area shouldn't be a big obstacle for Brown.
  8. Auburnfan91

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Please...... let him have some reps at QB....... Please
  9. Auburnfan91

    Sugar Bowl

    Herman is trash. Dude was smiling as his players are getting personal fouls. This is as close as Herman will ever get to a NC. Better enjoy Tommy boy. Say all you want about Saban, he's chews his guys out for dumb crap like that no matter what the score is.
  10. Auburnfan91

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    If Milton had played LSU with the guys they put on the field today, UCF might have won.
  11. Auburnfan91

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    If LSU had blown UCF out then it would be hard to make an argument for Milton being out.
  12. Auburnfan91

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    At least stick to one argument Jeff. First you say I jumped in and attacked a phantom argument then when I prove you were making excuses for LSU not blowing UCF out, now you want to move the goal posts to it's "muh Quarterback" argument. If UCF could play that lousy with a backup QB and still make the game close, it's not hard to imagine that Milton being healthy would have made a difference. LSU missing 8-9 guys weren't because of injury like Milton. That's the difference. You think if Milton was healthy and had played Jeff that those 8-9 LSU guys would have magically played or would they have still been out?
  13. Auburnfan91

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    Ok, sorry for not playing along. I thought someone with your username was responding to Gwill posting why the game was closer than it should have been. Clearly I need better reading comprehension.  Thanks to a muffed punt, a defensive score, garbage time points,and having 8-9 LSU defensive starters missing. LSU had a WR out there trying to play DB for crying out loud. LSU basically doubled tbe total yards and tripled the TOP.
  14. Auburnfan91

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    Not mad at all, I just find is ridiculous that a big boy program like LSU needs excuses for why they didn't blow UCF out.
  15. Auburnfan91

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    You'll make excuses for guys that chose not to play. If they wanted to beat UCF's ass worse then those guys should have played. It's amazing you'll make excuses for guys that were healthy but chose not to play but an injured QB with a messed up knee is out that can't play, who was a Heisman candidate before his injury, somehow that's not as big a loss in your mind. LSU's getting top 10 recruiting classes last I checked. Their backups aren't 2 or 3 star guys.