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  1. Trump didn't call the coronavirus a hoax.. THAT IS THE POINT!!!! Your whole argument has centered around Trump referring to the coronavirus as a hoax, despite all the fact checks that have established as FACT that Trump didn't call the coronavirus a hoax. That's what the fact checkers have all been saying. They even laid out the part of Trump's speech that the Biden ad edited together. The original video of Trump's speech that you keep arguing about, the word 'coronavirus' and 'hoax' are not in the same paragraph. Yet you keep pointing back to THE ORIGINAL VIDEO...........but that's exactly what the fact checking sites pointed out!!!!! Good grief you're tiresome. But you can just ignore everything I just said and call me an incompetent fool as well, because you know this the SERIOUS side that you keep pointing out to others. Zero self awareness.........
  3. Trump can be blamed for a lot of things. You can definitely say he hasn't managed the crisis well in terms of messaging by not taking it seriously back in January and February but his actions like restricting travel have been what's mattered most. So there you have the WHO chief saying; days after Trump announced restricting travel to China, that restricting travel isn't the way to to go to beat the virus. I like Dr. Fauci but he wasn't quick to sound the alarm on this either:
  4. What ultimately hurt Goldberg and the company(WCW) was not just ending the streak but how they immediately turned around after Nash ended Goldberg's streak and then let Nash lay down for Hogan to get the title back(Finger Poke of Doom). That moment while it was clearly a bad decision at the time ended up being a reason why WCW's ratings continued to go down. WWE had just let Mick Foley win the WWE title while WCW was showing how much of stranglehold Hogan and company still had in WCW. When you bury your hottest star just to let Hogan and NWO keep running the show it made fans feel like why am I watching this? The NWO started in 1996 and by January 1999 Nash was the leader of the Red and Black/Wolfpack and Hogan was over the Black and White Hollywood NWO. When Nash laid down for Hogan to unify both groups I think fans had grown tired of the NWO and were wanting something different. The NWO had run it's course but Bischoff was still trying to milk it instead of trying to push new stars or keep guys like Goldberg as a threat to the NWO. Almost every WCW person that came over to WWE was buried or misused besides Goldberg, and I'd include Booker T but he didn't really get a proper run with a world title until his King Booker gimmick in 2006. Even Sting, almost 15 years after WCW went out of business finally came over in 2015 just to job to HHH. What a joke. They made Sting look like an absolute idiot at WM 31. HHH hit him with the sledgehammer and then Sting shakes his hand after he beats him like that? lol....... even 15 years later Vince had to remind people that WWE beat WCW by having Sting job to HHH.... Yuck.... That's why AEW is so desperately needed right now. Vince has sucked the life out the wrestling business and he relies so much on past guys like Goldberg, Brock, Undertaker, and now Edge and Cena are back too. The last 10+ years Vince has wasted more talent than you can imagine. That's why the star power is lacking in WWE. They've tried to push Roman Reigns down the fans throats the last 5 years but at least half the fans can't get behind him. Reigns is not very good on the mic so the fans can see right through him as being pushed down their throats. Reigns can get title shots without having to win a #1 contenders match. He gets title shots because he's Roman Reigns not because he has to actually earn them in the ring. It's hard to build an underdog type superhero when the guy's literally just given title matches and doesn't have to earn them. His character still relies on his old Shield gimmick. He's never evolved his character like Rollins and Moxley did. WWE's system is broken. They can't create big stars anymore because they don't teach them how to become a big star. They're just taught the conditioning part and how to do moves. The actual characters and gimmicks are given to them. They don't come up with them on their own anymore. It's not organic. Everything is so scripted and all the promos are written for everyone so they can't mold or create their own stuff. The Rock, Stone Cold, Mick Foley, HHH, Cena, etc.... those guys feel real because they molded part of their real selves into their characters. That's why they got over and connected with fans. They weren't just reading stupid scripts that someone wrote for them. They could cut promos off the cuff because they were able to use their characters as an extension of themselves.
  5. During a press conference Feb. 29, Trump was asked about his remarks. "I'm not talking about what's happening here; I'm talking what they're doing," he said, referring to Democrats. "That's the hoax." Trump’s comments feed into a conspiracy theory that claims Democrats and the media are fabricating the threat of COVID-19 to hurt the economy and, by extension, the president’s re-election chances. And the president appeared todownplay the threat of the virus at several points in recent weeks. But the Biden campaign’s ad is misleading. It’s an example of what the Washington Post calls "splicing," or "editing together disparate videos" that "fundamentally alters the story that is being told." RELATED: Fact-checking Donald Trump’s mistakes about European travel due to coronavirus Biden’s ad is the latest example of a deceptively edited ad on the campaign trail. On March 7, Dan Scavino, the White House social media director, tweeted a videothat appears to show Biden saying "we can only re-elect Donald Trump." But the video only showed a snippet of Biden’s larger speech, in which he called for Democratic unity. A similar video tweeted by Michael Bloomberg on Feb. 20 made it look like he left other Democratic presidential candidates speechless during a debate when he didn’t. When we reached out to the Biden campaign for comment, it told us that Trump is "the most dishonest president in American history." "We don't trust his next-day clean-up attempt, and he has made many comments in that same vein," said Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, in an email. Biden’s video is inaccurate. We rate it False.
  7. But of course 'it's a joke' when he and the anti-Trump ilk do it. Anyone on the right does this and it's 'hate speech', 'sexist', etc......
  10. We get it, you don't like anyone that agrees with even ONE thing Trump has done and that makes them MAGA's to you but could you explain how I'm wrong about the media taking sides? You got what you wanted. It's easier to trash Trump 24/7 than it is to actually be critical of your side. Your side wants to control this damn forum and anything not bashing Trump 24/7 just isn't good enough for you.
  11. FOX went after Obama but good grief they didn't trash Obama voters 24/7 like the media have done since 2016.
  12. Good to know that Biden's actions are Trump and MAGA's faults. Because damn accountability of your side because the media bitching about Trump 24/7 isn't good enough for you. Just shows how empty and disingenuous all the Trump shitposts are. Just look at this thread. Can't post 1 critical thing of Biden because then mountains of anti-Trump posts must be made because we can't talk about anyone else because all things must revolve around how bad Trump is.
  13. Things the media would trash Trump for and call him a dictator/authoritarian for $1000 Alex:***/
  14. read all the article here: