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  1. Auburnfan91

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11 Steve Cohen (D-TN), the same guy who said that he wanted to give Strzok a Purprle Heart.
  2. Auburnfan91

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    They're not far from it. Some Democrats want a counter cyber attack against Russia. Would doing that not escalate tension with Russia?
  3. Auburnfan91

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    You can criticize Trump's comments in Helsinki all day long and I won't object to it. I think criticizing Trump's comments is fair and I don't have a problem with that but the fact is that the left and even some on the right didn't want that meeting to happen in the first place. Since Trump took office, meeting with leaders of countries who aren't our allies is treated as taboo. The stance seemingly taken by many in Congress has been that diplomacy with non-allies shouldn't happen as long as Trump is president because they don't trust Trump. Apparently many in Congress are only for diplomacy when their side controls the presidency.
  4. Auburnfan91

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    @McLoofus I don't feel better by stating that Democrats would rather risk war with Russia than allow Trump to attempt diplomacy with them. People spouting off about a 9/11 emergency obviously don't think sanctions are enough. If we keep threatening Russia with retaliation then things are only going to escalate. Russia isn't going to stop meddling. Telling Putin to stop meddling or expecting them to admit to meddling is just political theater. I guess that'll make the anti-Trump folks feel better. If that's what they want then they shouldn't hold their breath. Obama agreed to a nuclear deal with Iran afters years of employing diplomacy and engaging them. That was ok though. But the left rejects such diplomacy attempts with Russia. They expect instant results in a meeting they don't even want to take place to begin with. We can't just keep threatening them and sanctioning them and expect them to back down. The best thing we can do for the time being is to strengthen our election security. I hope more money is given to fund technology to help protect our elections. I don't agree with the GOP for not allowing more funding. We need to do as much as we can to make sure our democratic process is secure. Trump and the GOP need to do more. I think it's petty though to act like since I don't like the careless rhetoric being used to whip up support for taking action against Russia then I'm somehow not taking threats seriously enough. I take threats seriously but at the same time I'm not going to conflate Russian meddling with attacks that took thousands of lives. @homersapien I've never denied that Russia meddled. After all I've stated in this thread, you somehow come to the conclusion that I don't believe that Russia meddled in our elections. All I want is a measured and tempered approach to this. Screeching about Pearl Harbor and 9/11 is careless rhetoric and doesn't unite people to combat Russian meddling. Trump and the GOP should do more I don't deny that. @TexasTiger Democrats have stated that Russian meddling/hacking is an act of war.
  5. Auburnfan91

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    We can stand firm against Russia interfering in our elections and come together to make sure our elections are secure and able to thwart foreign meddling. You'll get no disagreement from me on that but it's the hatred/bitterness over the 2016 election towards Trump that is taking things further than they need to go in regards to dealing with Russia.. Saying we shouldn't talk with Putin or talk to other leaders who are aggressive towards the U.S. is just sticking our heads in the sand and saying that we throw in the towel on diplomacy with countries who aren't our allies all because Trump is the president. I take Russian meddling very serious and want Russia to be dealt with but there's a fine line between taking it seriously and going further by invoking attacks which led us to war. The left's hatred of Trump shouldn't get us to a point of escalating things towards a war with Russia.
  6. Auburnfan91

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    Yeah, giving $380 million in funding in order to help with election security and technology is doing nothing. Ok. What else does Trump need to do? Read more at:
  7. Auburnfan91

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    You can call for that without invoking Pearl Harbor or 9/11. I guess I'm just too ignorant to grasp how invoking Pearl Harbor or 9/11 is helpful or meaningful to combating election meddling? I just see it as mindless rhetoric being used to whip up public opinion to favor whatever actions our government officials endorse taking against Russia. My point has been that unless there are calls for war or actual military actions that are considered against Russia, then invoking Pearl Harbor or 9/11 is unnecessary. Playing this up and hyping it up as a national emergency in the same breath as Pearl Harbor or 9/11 allows Putin to use our hysteria as propaganda. It's the same point that anti-Trump folks used when Trump was calling Kim Jung Un 'rocket man' and talking about his red button being bigger than Kim's. The more hostile Trump was towards Kim then all the anti-Trump people starting calling his rhetoric reckless and that it was leading to a path of war:‘fire-and-fury’-quote-on-his-own/?tab=comments#comment-2696520 But with Russia, the left seems ok with incendiary rhetoric and aren't worried about how it could be used against us.
  8. Auburnfan91

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    Russian meddling does not rise to the level of a national emergency where actual lives are lost. Any way you choose to measure the Russian meddling, it's nowhere near to any level of a Pearl Harbor or 9/11. But you go on thinking that it's a reasonable description to the election meddling and that it's ok to invoke historical attacks that resulted in wars. Just because some of our idiotic government officials are ok with using that kind of rhetoric doesn't mean you have to support it or go along with it. Kind of like the left on here who constantly points to Trump's rhetoric and calls out right leaning posters to rebuke Trump's rhetoric. Tex, would you care to explain what you would do to combat Russia? You obviously agree with the government officials who don't think sanctions are enough. Do you want a military response to Russia or do you just want Trump to talk tougher to Putin?
  9. Read more at: This kind of rhetoric doesn't receive any pushback from the same media that have conniption fits over Trump's rhetoric. Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and Russian meddling, they're all very similar you see. All of those attacks resulted in thousands of deaths and the U.S. responded to those attacks by getting into wars........ Wait, what?
  10. Auburnfan91

    President chickens out in front of his daddy

    I think you know the answer to that, or at least the answer from this forum Trump at one time was tagged as an isolationist for wanting a wall and being against globalism. Yet, it's the anti-Trump folks who don't even want Trump to meet with Kim Jung Un or Putin because they are not our allies and have been aggressive towards the U.S.. When people who don't like the two party system talk about both parties being the same, it's on issues like foreign policy where both parties morph into one party and support military action or conflict with other countries. We simultaneously want to be the world police taking out the bad guys but at the same we never make peace with them or actually fix the problem. I don't want a war with Russia, yet both Dems and the GOP seem eager for it. Both parties don't seem content with the sanctions against Russia and several people in government, politics, and the media have continually compared Russia meddling in our election to Pearl Harbor or have called it "an act of war". It's atrocious hyperbole to compare the two situations and shouldn't be allowed to stand and be taken seriously. The U.S. responded to Pearl Harbor by getting into WW2. Are people who use that God awful analogy really going to advocate for a similar response to Pearl Harbor by wanting the U.S. to go to war with Russia? If not, then those people need to stop with the comparisons to Pearl Harbor because it's just absurd to compare a situation that resulted in the U.S. going to war vs. something that people are just demagoguing because they want Trump to talk tougher to Putin on.
  11. Auburnfan91

    President chickens out in front of his daddy

    Homophobia is ok if it's used to attack Trump with:
  12. Auburnfan91

    President chickens out in front of his daddy

    And I wasn't even talking to you dude, you just wanted to pick a bone with me because my post set you off. Then you get all defensive about you being ready for my wall of nonsense ad hominems. You can ignore my posts if they get you that hysterical. Don't worry I won't engage you anymore.
  13. Auburnfan91

    President chickens out in front of his daddy

    I would like to ask why you give two sh*ts what I have to say? My opinion is not that important to you and you obviously don't agree with it so why bother engaging me expecting a better answer?
  14. Auburnfan91

    President chickens out in front of his daddy

    Was Trump wrong today? Absolutely. But I still see a rationale for why he said what he said........ Trump; like the media, always conflates the Russian meddling with the Mueller investigation of collusion. Trump is willing to go so far as to still not fully admit that Russia meddled in our election because then the media can then turn it into "well Trump admitted that Russia meddled then that should also give validity to Mueller's investigation of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia". Anyone with an ounce of intellectually honesty should be able to admit that the media hate Trump so much that they would absolutely take Trump finally acknowledging Russia meddling and then run with it to validate Mueller's investigation which Trump has always maintained is a witch hunt. The media love to take Trump's words and use them against him, even if he says something they agree with. Trump knows if he gives an inch on the Russia stuff, then they'll try to take a mile from him and connect it to Russian collusion. That's why he's willing to shoot himself in the foot on a world stage in order to not give any credibility to the Mueller investigation.
  15. Auburnfan91

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    I'll also recommend checking out New Japan. I'd say NJPW is by far the best wrestling product out there right now. New Japan airs every Friday night on AXS TV.