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  1. Stidham's passing ability was not fully utilized at Auburn. Gus ran Kerryon into the ground to beat UGA and Bama in 2017. Malzahn's offense is not a passing offense. The passing schemes are limited. Just look at LSU's offense. Stidham would kill it if he were running LSU's offense at Auburn. We're never going to see that at Auburn with Malzahn's offense. Malzahn's offense is the problem. Stidham did as well as anyone could at Auburn without being a zone-read QB like Cam or Marhsall.
  2. I'm trying to figure out why you think Stidham being a backup QB in the NFL as a rookie is somehow an indictment on him. Even Tom Brady didn't start as a rookie. He was Drew Bledsoe's backup. Right now one of Brady's former backups is starting in San Francisco. Jimmy Garoppolo. Guess he's the exception though? Tony Romo was Bledsoe's backup in Dallas. Dak Prescott was Romo's backup,. Aaron Rodgers was Favre's backup. Drew Brees was Doug Flutie's backup(lol) Philip Rivers was Brees's backup. A lot of starting QB's in the NFL right now(and future HOF's) didn't start as rookies. They were, get this.................. backups. I think it's a little early to be writing off Stidham's NFL future. But whatever, we have different views.
  3. Yeah and just look at all those QB's Malzahn's put in the NFL. Cam and........................ uh .................... um.................... Does Nick Marshall count even though he wasn't a QB when he was in the NFL? I mean really the only reason Stidham's even sniffing the NFL is because of Malzahn's offense.......
  4. Georgia LSU Alabama Florida Texas A&M Kentucky Notre Dame Oklahoma Clemson 27
  7. Florida had a backup QB Trask who had just started his 1st game two weeks before against Tennessee and then his 2nd start was against Towson. This revisionist history of portraying Florida as some juggernaut coming into the game versus us is ridiculous. The consensus was that Trask hadn't faced a defense like ours. Also Nix had just had his best game the week before against Miss. State. Florida was still questionable on how good they were because they had the close win over Kentucky. That's why we were actually a slight favorite to win going into the game.
  8. LSU Arkansas Florida Georgia Tennessee Ole Miss South Carolina Penn State Wisconsin 69
  9. You are correct. But I still don't like the coaches stringing Gatewood along and telling him that he's going to get more playing time in the 2nd half of the season and then basically going back on their word by only letting him get one play in against LSU.
  10. Keep in mind that once again the coaches wasted another player's year of eligibility. Last year it was Asa Martin and now it's Gatewood. They've wasted Gatewood's Sophomore season by playing him in more than 4 games even though Gus had no plans on actually giving him any meaningful playing time. The more I think about it the more irritated I get about it. Dabo Swinney only let Kelly Bryant play in 4 games in 2018 and saved Bryant's eligibility to play in 2019. Wouldn't it have been nice of Gus to tell Gatewood after the Texas A&M game that unless Nix gets hurt that he doesn't have any plans on using him more than for some redzone packages and to tell him if he wants to transfer or start looking elsewhere that it would be ok. Instead Gus told Gatewood that he planned on using him more in the 2nd half of the season after he's already played in more than 4 games. Then against LSU, Gatewood only came in for one play. That was probably the last straw for Gatewood and now he's left the team.
  11. Allen is the lowest paid coach in the Big Ten.
  12. Here's a name nobody has mentioned who's gone under the radar: Tom Allen at Indiana Indiana is 6-2 right now and just beat Nebraska. Allen has coached in the SEC. He was the LB/ST coach at Ole Miss under Hugh Freeze from 2012-2014. Then Allen spent one year as South Florida's DC in 2015. Some may remember that Allen was a candidate to be our DC at the end of 2015 after Muschamp left but we ended up hiring Kevin Steele.
  13. Gus is 6-7 in SEC games the last two seasons. 3-5 in 2018 3-2 in 2019(so far) Gus is now in his 7th year. Yet 2020 is looking like another rebuilding year. That will make 3 years in a row of rebuilding. It shouldn't take 3+ years to rebuild if you're consistently getting top 10 recruiting classes. I'm getting really tired of the excuses for why we shouldn't expect to compete for the SEC West title almost every year. After the 2013 season we had 3 down years in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Then we managed to breakthrough in November 2017 and win the West. And now after 2017, it looks like we're going to have another 3 down years in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Gus has no vision for the program. That's the problem and why we're perpetually in rebuilding mode. Gus hasn't evolved the offense. The offense has been holding us back since 2016. Outside of November 2017, our offense hasn't done much in big games. Our passing game hasn't evolved because Gus's offense is a misdirection "power run" offense. It worked in 2013 and to a lesser extent in 2014 because we had the O-line to just pound teams. We don't have the O-line to do that anymore. When our run game is taken away or isn't effective then our QB's are tasked with carrying the offense. Our QB's look bad when they're trying to carry an offense with a limited passing game. Our offense isn't meant to be a passing offense. That's why when our running game isn't effective enough we usually lose these big games