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  2. Yeah it says that "Bart O' Kavanaugh" vomited in someone's car. It doesn't link him to any specific party or incident involving a woman. Him vomiting in a car and Judge saying in his book that there were beach parties and that his high school was "swimming in alcohol" don't connect the dots to the Ford story. if that's what you're getting at.
  3. @AUDub Samantha Guerry was the friend of Ford on CNN that didn't corroborate the drinking. She didn't speak about the party and or deny it. My bad on confusing the two. But she didn't corroborate the drinking part of the story. It was Mark Judge, who you named that didn't corroborate the party and doesn't remember a party like Ford has alleged. Judge to Grassley, Feinstein (Kavanaugh Nomination).pdf
  4. It's not just corroborating the rape part of the story, so far the people that have come forward(one of them who claims she's a friend of Ford)have all denied there was even a party like Ford has alleged.. And also none of them have corroborated Kavanaugh being a drinker in high school either.
  5. The last PI call that set up the game winning FG was on 2nd down. Dean hooked LSU receivers arm. That's going to get called no matter what point of the game it occurs. The 1st PI on the final drive for LSU happened before the ball had even been thrown. Dinson grabbed #7 Giles around the waist and threw him off his route. Greedy Williams could have been called for PI on the deep pass to Slayton but I think it didn't help that Slayton didn't find the ball until it was over his head and wasn't in position to make a play on the ball. Greedy Williams put his hands on Slayton and grabbed him a little but didn't take Slayton off his route because Slayton kept turning his head looking for the ball and never altered his route to try and get to the ball. If you back through the game we could have easily gotten a few more PI's. In the 3rd quarter where LSU settled for a FG to cut the lead to 21-13, Iggy got away with a blatant interference in the endzone and never got his head turned around. LSU could have scored a TD on that drive but settled for a FG. Auburn's 2nd possession on the game Ryan Davis clearly fumbled and LSU recovered but the refs didn't even review the play despite LSU burning a timeout to give them time to review it. To pretend that LSU got all the calls or most of them throughout the game is excuse making. The calls I just pointed out like the Ryan Davis fumble and the no call on Iggy in the endzone potentially cost LSU points, not just 1st downs to extend drives. I know I'm going to get slammed for defending the refs but I just don't agree that they cost us the game. We made enough mistakes and even got away with some, like Davis's fumble that I'm not going to chalk this loss up to the refs giving the game to LSU.
  6. read more at: I give kudos to Eric Swalwell for condemning the attack and condemning violence in general.
  7. Auburnfan91

    Congrats to Kentucky!!

    Anyone see this call last night? Now I don't think it really mattered because I think Kentucky would have still won the game anyways but I think the refs screwed this call up. The ball looked like it snuck inside the uprights.
  8. Auburnfan91

    Clemson vs Texas A and M

    Aggies played a good game and fought hard. But will they keep it up? Remember last year they played Alabama close but then got whipped by us, Miss State and LSU. This is only the 2nd week of September. If they play us close or Alabama close again, then I'll start to buy in that the Aggies have changed. They always had good starts but then collapsed in November under Sumlin. They started 6-0 in 2016, 5-0 in 2015, and 5-0 in 2014. Will A&M break the trend this year and play hard fought games and not just collapse like they've been doing?
  9. Auburnfan91

    Clemson vs Texas A and M

    Nope. The angle from overhead from the back of the endzone showed the ball went inside the pylon. They only showed that angle once and didn't show it again.
  10. Auburnfan91

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    If Gus out coached Petersen then Washington wouldn't have scored a TD in less than a minute before the end of the 1st half. If Gus out coached Petersen then with the 2 TO's that Washington had we should have won by double digits instead of coming from behind and having to hang on to win by 5 points. Remember all the talk about Miami last year and the turnover chain? If our defense isn't forcing turnovers against the better teams we face then we're in trouble. This was a nice win but after seeing some of the same people in the prediction thread predict a blowout but come back after the game to act like we made some kind of statement is laughable. We won a big game. That's great but we could have easily lost the game. Turnovers are what won us the game. But we still have a lot of work to do on offense if this team wants to win the SEC West again. I'm glad we won but nobody should be glossing over the obvious flaws we have right now. I know it was the 1st game against a really good opponent but right now I'd say we're not as good as we were last year. Our running game is definitely still a concern.
  11. That's great but I didn't post the Washington Times article that Politico wants to argue against. Catherine Herridge didn't get that political in the Fox article I posted. She merely presented the story which had just been reported the other day without all the political aspects being blown up. It's not like the Lovinger story was reported last month and Fox just now decided to cover it. Some of the reporting like the Washington Times chose to amplify and blow up the political aspects and make the story more political instead of just focusing on the actual story. But it's nice to know that there's always justification from left leaning news sources to either not report on a story or as Politico has chosen to do which is focus more on how a story is being reported by right leaning news sources who politicize aspects of a story, rather than focus more on the actual story itself.
  12. Read all of the article at: Lovinger gets his security clearance suspended for making a complaint that exposed a violation by a key figure in the Russia probe and Lovinger also loses his pay. The media couldn't care less about Lovinger's situation but they'll shed collective tears about John Brennan losing his security clearance.
  13. Auburnfan91

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    I really hope WWE isn't turning Braun heel. I know Braun sided with McIntyre and Ziggler but they could still play if off as payback for what happened to Braun last week from the 3 on 1 ambush by the Shield. Turning Braun heel would be the dumbest thing they could do right now. Braun is the top babyface on RAW. The fans are clearly behind him. But instead Vince is doing everything he can to make the fans cheer Roman. First he removes Kurt Angle as GM and makes Baron Corbin as GM, then they have the Shield reform in order to protect Roman's title. If you have to literally rig everything on the show in order to manipulate fans into cheering for Roman then you're fighting a losing battle. Vince really isn't doing Roman any favors. He's making Roman look weak if he has to have his Shield buddies back him up and help him keep the title against Braun. They tried to make Lesnar the heel against Roman and tried to get fans to get behind Roman in his fued with Lesnar but that didn't work. The fans didn't care that Reigns won at SummerSlam.