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  1. Obama's nuclear deal with Iran was a YUUGE mistake. I'm not going to argue the money Iran got since they would have eventually gotten it anyway but there was no logic in making a nuclear agreement with Iran considering the Cafe Milano plot. In 2011 two Iranians were arrested for a planning a bomb attack at Cafe Milano, a restaurant in Washington D.C. where a lot of rich and famous dine at. The bombing plot was coordinated by some in the Iranian government but that apparently was brushed off by the Obama administration when negotiating the nuclear deal. The fact that a nuclear agreement was made with a country that was partly involved in a bombing attempt in D.C. just 4 years prior is flat out ignorant imo, considering how the media and anti-Trump folks treat Trump's dealing with N. Korea or Russia for that matter. You think the folks defending the Iran nuclear deal would think it would be a good idea to enter into an agreement with N. Korea in the next couple of years if there were reports of the Kim government plotting a bombing attempt on U.S. soil? That's a rhetorical question.........If Trump ever does get an agreement with N. Korea, then the media will just portray it as Trump supporting dictators, all the while the the same media practically turned into cheerleaders in supporting Obama making a nuclear deal with Iran's totalitarian regime.
  2. Texas A&M Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia California Kentucky Missouri LSU Wisconsin 56
  4. Since his 4th year in 2011, Dabo has been winning 10+ games each season. Dabo has had sustained success. It hasn't been a roller coaster of ups a downs like Gus has had at Auburn. Gus is in his 7th year. Gus and Mark Stoops at Kentucky are tied as the 2nd longest tenured coaches in the SEC behind Saban who's been at Bama since 2007. Gus has been given time and a nice big contract and buyout for producing pockets of success. Alabama being the in-state rival has no bearing on Auburn losing to Miss State and Tennessee in 2018. Both Miss St and Tennessee had 1st year HC's while Gus was in his 6th year. It's not the players, it's the offense that needs changes. The sign of growing into the job as HC means making necessary changes to improve an aspect of your program that needs improvement. Dabo changed both his offense and defense. In 2011 despite winning 10 games, Dabo fired Kevin Steele after they gave up 70 points in their bowl game. He hired Brent Venables from Oklahoma and Clemson's defense has remained consistently good since. Also in 2011, Dabo hired Chad Morris to improve Clemson's offense and their offense has remained consistently good since. Ed Orgeron changed LSU's offense by bringing in Joe Brady to work on LSU's passing offense. Saban changed Bama's offense in 2014 by bringing in Kiffin to evolve Bama's passing offense. Spurrier changed his offense at South Carolina because his Fun-N-Gun offense from his Florida years wasn't producing. Even experienced coaches have to make changes in order to maintain success.
  5. read all of the article at:
  7. A grown adult who's not mentally challenged and who also wasn't supposed to be in the country is the one who did it. Murder was off the table, involuntary manslaughter was off the table. The state's one conviction was him being a felon in possession of a firearm. But the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco overturned the conviction because they argued the jury would acquit him because they weren't explained what constituted 'possession' by the judge. In San Francisco having a gun in your hands for a few seconds doesn't constitute 'possession' whether you're an adult with all their mental capacities, an illegal immigrant, a toddler, mentally challenged, etc......
  8. The fact that they overturned a conviction by arguing the jury was going to acquit someone because they didn't have a gun in their hand for less than 10 seconds because it didn't constitute possession absolutely reflects on the mentality of gun control in San Francisco.
  9. Nice to know that San Francisco is getting tough on gun control........ I was beginning to wonder how strict San Francisco was about gun control after they just overturned the state's conviction in Kate Steinle's death. If you're in the country illegally and find a gun laying on the ground(just say it was wrapped in something) and have the gun in your hands for 10 seconds or less, and accidentally shoot and kill someone, then San Francisco argues that it's not really possession of a firearm because it wasn't in your hands for that long.
  10. When Biden says something false the media just call/label it: incorrect, wrong, gaffe, misstatement, etc..... But when Trump says something false it's reported and labeled as a lie. Trump's false statements are characterized and treated by the media as being malicious or sinister while Biden's false statements are treated as benign or clumsy. read all of the article at:
  11. You can see the 8 page divorce filing at the end of the article:
  13. So beating Saban/Bama is literally you're only criteria for placing Gus ahead of Tuberville? Gus is getting paid more than any HC in Auburn history. Gus is currently the 5th highest paid FBS coach in the country. We sure are paying a lot of money for an 8-5 coach. How many 8-5 seasons are acceptable to you? I'd argue that expectations from Auburn fans were higher under Tuberville. Remember Jetgate happened when we went 8-5 in 2003. Then in 2008, Tuberville was swiftly let go after one sub par season. Gus has been given a much longer leash to be mediocre than Tuberville was. You can't deny that. If Gus were only losing to Alabama/Saban but consistently beating everyone else or was even at least .500 against our other rivals, Gus's seat wouldn't be as hot as it is now. Being 2-5 against UGA, 2-4 against LSU, and 3-3 against Miss. St. are why Gus is on the heat. For the record, Tuberville was 5-5 against UGA, 5-5 against LSU, 4-1 against Tenn(when Tenn was still relevant), and 7-3 against a down Alabama. Imo, Gus is not better than Tuberville. It's a wash at best. But that's just my opinion.
  14. Miami is breaking in a new QB, new offense, new HC, and hasn't established an identity. On the other side, Florida has Mullen is in his 2nd year and has an experienced QB in Franks. They have some returning supporting pieces at WR, RB, and a few guys on defense. I think Florida will win but depending on how Florida's O-line does against Miami's defense, it could be a close game if Miami's defense can keep it a lower scoring game.