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  1. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell also got removed from committee's, not just Ilhan Omar. Just thought I'd mention that since there's no articles on here about either of them being removed.
  2. I would start Tre Donaldson at PG. Have Wendell Green come off the bench.
  3. Here's an interesting note. After the loss last night, Pearl is now 1-4 against Texas A&M under Buzz Williams. It seems Buzz has Pearl's number.
  4. The whole saga surrounding this is ridiculous. I know UF looks bad in all this but there's two sides to every story. Apparently UF's Gator Collective let Rashada know that the deal was cancelled well before early NSD.
  5. Gonna have to edit this graphic for Biden. It's more than 12 now https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/biden-aides-find-second-batch-classified-documents-new-location-rcna65371
  6. Tulane upset USC 46-45 in the Cotton Bowl today and finished 12-2.
  7. This was a ridiculous roughing the passer penalty on TCU
  8. It also wasn't targeting at the end. Just like the Arkansas-Kansas Liberty Bowl play, the TCU defender hit the Michigan player with the side of his helmet not the crown.
  9. Michigan got several breaks today. They didn't review the ball hitting the ground that gave Michigan a fist down on their last TD drive. Michigan also got away with several PI's today, especially on the interception that set up the 'controversial' call where they ruled Michigan short at the 1 yard line. The Michigan defender hooked the TCU WR in order to bat the ball up for the interception. So sick of hearing people crying about 1 questionable call when Michigan got several others calls to go their way and TCU's DB's got called for PI or holding most of the game while Michigan didn't.
  10. The second bad call the officials made on Arkansas was the targeting penalty on Kansas's 2 pt play in the 2nd overtime. There was clearly helmet to helmet contact but that's doesn't make it targeting. First, the Kansas QB was not defenseless because he was running the ball. Second, by rule targeting on a runner can only happen if a defender uses the crown of the helmet on a tackle/hit. Pause the video below at 0:04 and you can see the Arkansas player hits the Kansas QB with the side of his helmet, not the crown. This should have been overturned. https://www.secsports.com/article/35053406/college-football-hard-define-penalty
  11. The officials absolutely hosed Arkansas late in their bowl game. They ruled Arkansas fumbled the ball in the 4th quarter with less than 3 minutes to go when they were up 38-23. Looked pretty clear the Arkansas player's arm was down when the ball came out.
  12. So the FBI had people within Twitter, specifically Baker who had top secret clearance, in order to share threats of a potential Russian hacking group. On top of that, the FBI paid Twitter for their services in order to carry out their requests to censor things.
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