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  1. To continue the discussion of labels and what side you identify as, I'd like to add my own view of things. The term 'conservative' no longer means anything. It's just a label to try and manipulate the base of the right who don't like moderates and liberals. A lot of so called 'conservatives' are really moderates who legislate as moderates. There's very few real conservatives in Washington D.C. who are interested in going along with their constituents instead of going along with the party elite instead. Never-Trump arguments from Republicans are that Trump's not a conservative. It's awful convenient for those 'conservatives' to make exceptions for their own views and the views of the other candidates they voted for in the GOP primary to explain why they themselves don't tow the party line yet turn around and rebuke Trump for not being conservative enough. It's ok for all the other candidates to not tow the party line and have different views on issues than the rest of their party. The other GOP candidates flip flopped on issues as well but only Trump's been given a conservative litmus test because those who were more comfortable with the status quo felt he was too different and that he didn't espouse traditional conservative views on key issues. The bait and switch tactics of the GOP the last 10 years have bastardized the 'conservative' label. It no longer carries the weight it once did. The GOP nominated a moderate in 2008 and a northeast liberal Republican in 2012. They haven't been churning out conservatives for us to vote for. Yet they suddenly wanted to pitch to us that Trump isn't a conservative so that's why we shouldn't have voted for him. Trump's as conservative as everyone that he beat in the primaries and who the conservative base rejected, with the exceptions of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. The McCain's, Romney's, Rubio's, Bush's, and Kasich's were all rejected in 2016 because they all represented the status quo of the last 10 years. Ted Cruz was the only other candidate who was close enough for the conservative base to get behind besides Trump during the election.. Everyone of the other candidates besides Cruz and Rand Paul were more interested in gaining favor of the GOP elite. They didn't care about the conservative base and in some cases have shown disdain towards them. Like Hilary Clinton, the GOP establishment can't blame anyone but themselves for their defeat to Trump in 2016. If there's one thing I'm disappointed in with Trump so far is that he's too reliant on the likes of Paul Ryan. He shouldn't be trying to go along with Ryan and the GOP establishment because they're aren't going to help him. They will just as quickly turn on him if he does or says something they don't like. Trump needs to go along more with Rand Paul who is actually wanting to change things and not just go along with the party to keep the status quo going. I don't like litmus tests to prove how ideological one is but I have absolutely soured on many of the so called 'conservatives' of the last 10 years for flip flopping on issues. A lot of them are now conveniently going against Trump after years of railing for issues that Trump has proposed. John McCain is exhibit A of what is wrong with the current GOP. He's not a maverick, he's as much an opportunist as Trump is. He was one of the biggest proponents of building a wall/fence all the way back in 2010 and used the issue to help get him re-elected. Now that building a wall even has a possibility of happening, McCain turned an about face on the issue during the 2016 campaign. John McCain 2015: Read more at: John McCain 2010:
  2. Read more at:
  3. Troy won the Sun Belt tournament today. So they're going to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2003, which was the year we last made the tournament under Cliff Ellis. But Troy won't be the only school in Alabama going, Jacksonville State won the Ohio Valley tournament so they're also going to be in NCAA Tournament. This is Jacksonville State's 1st time making the NCAA Tournament. They've only been in Division I since 1995. That makes 2 Alabama schools in the tournament this year. Troy's coach, Phil Cunningham, is in his 4th year. Jacksonville State's coach, Ray Harper, is in his 1st year. I know both teams are in mid-major conferences but winning the conference tournament is still a tough feat to accomplish, even at the mid-major level.
  4. TCU got spanked tonight by Iowa State 84-63 in the semifinals of the Big XII tournament..
  5. Then what does any of this have to do with Trump then if they're not considered his associates?
  6. He put out a statement that neither he nor a White House official (i.e. Obama administration) ordered surveillance. While technically true as far as actually ordering surveillance, the AG still signs off on FISA application's for electronic surveillance. So to think that the Obama administration had nothing to do with surveillance of Paul Manafort, who is a Trump associate, would be false. Obama was politically motivated enough to eavesdrop on Netanyahu during the Iran nuclear deal. Btw, I think eavesdropping on allies, unless there's something bad that we might need to know about is not good for us to be doing. Netanyahu opposing the Iran nuclear deal and talking with members of Congress does not rise to the level of eavesdropping to be necessary. And this is where the FISA warrants can be used as covers to be able to look into U.S. citizens communications and have them under surveillance even though FISA is specifically for foreigners. It seems very unlikely that Obama wouldn't have wanted to know about any possible wrong doing on Trump's campaign so that they would be able to put that information out in order to hurt Trump.
  7. Arkansas had back-to-back 10 win seasons in 2010 and 2011 under Bobby Petrino.
  8. So the ABC News article is wrong about the attorney general signing off on FISA applications?
  9. And Obama claimed he and his administration had nothing to do with the alleged wiretap. Are you going to say Obama lied too? That claim is going to be proven false if indeed a FISA application for electronic surveillance was approved, because Loretta Lynch would have had to sign the application before sending it to the FISA court.
  10. Also, everyone is calling Trump's claim a lie. You could say the same thing about Obama's statement put out by his spokesman: Loretta Lynch would have had to sign off on any application for electronic surveillance. So the suggestion that the Obama administration had nothing to do with the wiretap of Trump associates would be false.
  11. All FISA Court applications for electronic surveillance are signed by the attorney general, which would have been Loretta Lynch. If there was a FISA application for surveillance of Trump's associates. Read more at:
  12. Yeah and the Obama Administration also eavesdropped on German chancellor Angela Merkel and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  13. So you think he should be charged with perjury?
  14. That's fair but then why wasn't Trump given the report also? If the surveillance and wiretapping had nothing to do with Trump himself and only involved members of his campaign, like Paul Manafort, then why wasn't Trump be given a report of it also? At the time of the NY Times article, Trump was the President-elect. He still had a right to know.
  15. And the right wing sites have pointed to the NY Times article as part of the base to their claims of wiretapping. Mark Levin has specifically brought up the NY Times article as part of his claims. Trump Tower was used for Trump's campaign and his team's meetings. Paul Manafort was Trump's campaign chairman for a a few months. Manafort kept an apartment in Trump Tower, even after being replaced by Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Read more at: There's been no proof that Obama ordered the wiretap, I'm not making that argument. My point is that there is evidence that the Obama White House were given reports of the wiretap and that there was a wiretap done on members of Trump's campaign team. I'll ask again because it doesn't seem like you even want to dignify my question as a serious and thoughtful question. Why were the White House given reports of a wiretap they didn't order?