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  2. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    AuburnAlabamaLSU Mississippi StateMissouri LouisvilleMiamiPenn StateNotre Dame Texas 48
  3. UNC avoids major sanctions

    It's all semantics now........ The NCAA looks at it like shopping now even if it's just one school/booster that you're listening to. The NCAA isn't going to allow parents to "listen" to offers anymore. They're going to rule a player ineligible if they have proof that a parent/guardian was even entertaining an offer. There doesn't have to be a payment or agreement made, just listening to an offer is now against the rules because they've changed the bylaw stating that parents will be labeled as agents if they attempt to get benefits from a school/booster. I don't know why Auburn people are still willing to defend the sleazy actions of Cecil Newton. I know he's Cam's father but what he did was so unnecessary and caused a lot of negative attention. Auburn didn't do anything wrong but had to deal with the fallout of something we didn't cause. Cam's family didn't need to the money, there was no reason to even entertain an offer.
  4. UNC avoids major sanctions

    True we didn't do anything wrong and nothing was proven against us but the whole reason Cam was cleared was because he said he didn't know about hid dad shopping him. If the NCAA had been able to prove that Cam knew what his dad was doing then our 2010 season would have been derailed and Cam would have been ruled ineligible. In fact, the NCAA made it a rule in 2012 that a player will be ruled ineligible if a parent./guardian is representing the athlete and is shopping them to schools. So it won't matter if the player actually knows about it or not which is why Cam was able to stay eligible.
  5. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

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  6. Coach O roasted on his weekly call-in show

    We don't have to worry about this situation anymore. Tiger Talk has been an e-mail/tweet in show since Chizik was head coach. I pretty much quit listening to Tiger Talk when it switched to the current format. It's not as interesting to listen to a bunch of coach speak and non answers when you already get that in the coaches weekly press conference. I'm glad Ed Orgeron isn't backing down. He's only coached 13 games at LSU and is 9-4. I think people are in knee jerk mode. I don't think anyone expected LSU to win the NC this season or even win the SEC. At best they were considered the #2 team in the SEC West They've still got some big games coming up against Florida and us. Even winning one of those two games could help turn things around for them.
  7. LSU

    That may be going to change by the end of the season. If Georgia wins the East and is 12-0 going into the SEC Championship game, then I'd say Kirby Smart would be the #2 coach in the SEC. If Malzahn wants to be #2, then he's going to have to beat UGA and Alabama and then win the SEC Championship.
  8. Last time AU beat LSU in Baton Rouge...

    The Amazin's in 1972 went 10-1. Their one loss? ...... At LSU 35-7
  9. Last time AU beat LSU in Baton Rouge...

    I was 8 years old at the time. I had just started to really get into watching football.
  10. LSU

    Despite what some believe, LSU's not as loaded as they have been. Their WR talent is down. It ain't just the QB that's causing the offense to struggle. Their O-line needs work as well. The only position there's a lot of talent at is RB. Also, let's not downplay Troy. They're a pretty good team.... Have people already forgotten that Troy played Clemson very close last year? I know it's a bad loss for LSU and it's definitely not good for Ed Orgeron but I think people just don't realize that LSU is not the same program they were back in 2011 when they played for the BCS NC. Les Miles was let go for a reason. He let the program slip down to mediocrity. It's going to take more than a coaching change to bring that program back to where they were a decade ago. I think Orgeron's going to have to recruit better skill players on offense that fit Canada's system. They just don't have the players for that type of offense.
  11. Oh and this social justice librarian that's railing against Dr. Seuss in 2017 actually dressed up as the Cat in the Hat in 2015 to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.: Liz Phipps Soeiro, seen in a 2015 photo on the left read more at:
  12. Read more at: She could have still accepted the books and then donated them to an underprivileged school of her choosing.
  13. But that's what dialogue is for. They aren't winning on ideas so they resort to labeling folks who disagree with how they're going about this as being divisive. You can still support their right to protest without having to take a knee with them but some of the coaches and players would rather it be done as a team. That's not ok........ No one should have to be coerced into joining them. They don't want to hear any criticism with how they've gone about doing this. Instead of being reasonable and respectful in carrying out the protest, they only want free speech and expression for themselves. Anyone that disagrees with them needs to just shut up because they don't want to hear what they have to say.
  14. Well at least you're being honest and confirming that they're not interested in a "dialogue". So would you quit peddling that nonsense about starting a dialogue when even you know it's not true? They want a "dialogue" on their terms, anyone that disagrees is just being divisive in their view...... We're not getting a dialogue. What we're getting is indoctrination by a sports league that has shown time and again they aren't consistent or interested in both sides. When the NFL fines players for wearing special cleats or eye black for a cause they're invested in, yet turn around and full throatily support players for doing something to bring attention to another cause without even a slap on the wrist, it shows the blatant hypocrisy in what the NFL deems appropriate. There's multiple layers to object to with the NFL's stance. Even though I strongly disagree with Colin Kaepernick's rhetoric about cops and the U.S. flag, what does it say about the NFL allowing all the protests now but still haven't accepted Kaepernick back in the NFL? .....The NFL's stances on players freedom of expression is warped. When an Army ranger apologizes for standing for the national anthem, then a dialogue doesn't seem like it's going to amount to anything. If an Army ranger feels the need to apologize, then I have to wonder about the locker room environment and how much support there really is for those who have chosen to stand? You hear tepid support from other players when they talk about those who chose to stand. It's pretty discouraging that someone that served their country is apologizing for standing for the national anthem. When someone's rights are being infringed upon under he guise of doing things as a team by staying in the locker room or not standing for the anthem, then that's the definition of coercion. Pittsburgh's Alejandro Villanueva was put in a bad situation by his teammates. His team and coach should have apologized to him for putting him in that situation when he wasn't comfortable with it. They knew his military background but still wanted 100% participation as a team. That just shows how one sided and intolerant they are of those that don't go along with them. Those coaches and players that want to do things as a team are being just as divisive as those they condemn for wanting them to stand. They're trying to apply a moral litmus test by coercing other players into joining them for the sake of the team and unity.
  15. That's just it, they want the attention. That's why they're doing it. If they weren't trying to disrupt or create a scene then they would just stay in the locker room while the anthem is playing. That's what they need to start doing if they don't want to disrupt or cause a scene. I've yet to figure out how the national anthem is racist and why they're using it to protest police brutality against black people? The Jaguars and Ravens both stood for the British national anthem: