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  1. Auburnfan91

    Heron hasnt hired an agent

    Under the NCAA rules underclassmen have until May 30, which is 10 days after the NBA draft combine, to withdraw from the draft and retain their eligibility.
  2. Auburnfan91

    Campaign ads in Alabama...

    Wow, I'm surprised this wasn't one of the first ads posted on here, guess I'll do it:
  3. Auburnfan91

    A question for Trump supporters

    But there were multiple aids of Hillary's that received immunity during the investigation. None of Trump's associates have received anything like that. Hillary and her aids lied on her behalf and didn't start cooperating fully with the Justice Department until they got immunity. They didn't get their offices or homes raided. They were given immunity in return for their cooperation. That's hardly a cause to act like they were innocent and didn't commit any wrongdoings. Fact of the matter is Hillary and her aides were allowed to not only lie but cover up their misdeeds and get off Scot-free for it............ Yay!!!!!!!!!! Despite the lies and cover up, the people that voted for her did so because she was the most qualified candidate right? That's perfectly okay to do when it's your side isn't it? And so far Trump has not been the target of the investigation, which means they haven't found anything to this point that would indicate criminal charges being potentially brought against him. I'm sure you'll tell me that's not good enough, that he's still guilty and bad even if he's not indicted. You're not the only one though, every liberal on this board thinks Trump is guilty and wants him indicted. If Hillary's standard for you is, no indictment means she's good to go and is still worth voting for despite her investigation, then why is it that if Trump doesn't get indicted that liberals are still going to consider Trump voters stupid for ever voting for him regardless of an indictment? I guess it's just impossible for left leaning posters to comprehend that it was Trump's policies that might have appealed to his voters along with his fighting style of politics. I genuinely think Trump's policies were better than Hillary's. That's why I voted for Trump, not for what kind of person he is but because his policies were better than her's in my view. For the record, I know how my post could be read and interpreted in that way but I in no way labeled Titan a liberal. I phrased my wording as 'excluding Titan' because I know he's not a liberal and has stated he didn't vote for Clinton, but the fact is he does consistently go after Trump voters on here like liberals do. That's why I even mentioned Titan in my post, because he's not like the rest of the liberals on here that go after Trump. That's how I was framing my point. I'm sorry if anyone took that as me calling Titan a liberal. That was not my point. But her personal flaws didn't deter you. Yet with Trump, anyone that could still vote for him despite his personal flaws is considered a deplorable human being. Despite the #MeToo movement, Hillary's attacks on the women Bill had affairs with are somehow not considered a serious flaw for her. Her salvation is assured because she supports the right causes. They can overlook her flaws because her political views align with theirs. If Trump voters do the same with Trump then their views aren't considered legitimate to begin with according to anti-Trumper's.
  4. Auburnfan91

    A question for Trump supporters

    Really? I can think of at least one anti-Trump poster on here in particular that won't. No matter how clear you try to be and respond to them it's not easy to get a straight answer or response from them. They somehow just don't understand what you're trying to say or consistently misinterpret what you post. The thing that's most absurd about these kinds of discussion are the anti-Trumper's rectitude being a certainty and that they're just better people than Trump voters. That's why they're right and we're wrong. They want to make the rules of discourse in every thread and control the discussion because they won't cede a point. The mindset of a lot of anti-Trumper's in any given thread is: 'this is my thread so you gotta answer the way I want you to, but I can go in your thread and piss in it because your thread's not legit like mine'. They want it both ways. And that goes back to the accountability argument. Trump needs to be held accountable but we're not going to hold anyone else(like Hillary, or if you're on the good side of the powers that be) accountable and just give out free passes like they're candy in Washington. You shouldn't have different standards for one person or one side just because you find them more obnoxious. That's not how accountability should work but that's how anti-Trumper's and Never Trumper's are willing to go about it if they can get what they want and what they want is to get Trump removed from office. I bet most of the liberals(excluding Titan) on here attacking Trump voters were going to vote for Hillary no matter what in 2016. That investigation or 'matter' of Hillary's was never going to deter them from voting for her. They voted for her just because she wasn't Trump. But they won't admit it. They just come on here and spout their self righteous demagoguery putting down Trump voters as beneath them. But they're just as guilty of voting for someone mostly because they weren't the other candidate they abhorred. You can call me deplorable, uninformed, stupid , unchristian, etc.... I'm not offended. I'm just making an astute observation on how these kinds of interactions go on here. I don't hide behind demagoguery to put others down. I don't come on here calling people names and spouting hate for people I don't even know on here, just because they have a different political view then mine. Yet someone on here on the left recently said that not hating people is a sign of self righteousness. Really? Everything I've learned and taken from scripture mean the exact opposite. My religious beliefs include not hating people that are not like me. Hating people for their views is what is self righteous. Hate the sin, not the sinner. But I guess the self righteous people are the one's who think they're better christian's or better people for what they believe. But that's just my opinion. Feel free to disagree or hate me for it. I don't personally like Trump as a person and wish he would filter his personal attacks (like attacking John McCain's service among other unacceptable personal attacks). But his political views and how he handles the media and his approach to politics are very appealing to a lot of people because it just exposes the kind of naked bias the ruling class and enlightened elites have against those that don't align with their social standards on issues like abortion, gay marriage, immigration, etc..... I don't feel sorry for voting for him.
  5. Auburnfan91

    A question for Trump supporters

    What's amusing also is that any anti-Trumper's rectitude is a certainty in any given discussion or questioning.
  6. That's a fair point considering the timing of the article. But that still doesn't deflect the fact that they couldn't beat Trump despite his obvious flaws. If the GOP could not coalesce around someone besides Trump, then it's hard to fathom that an alternative candidate could have generated enough support to beat Clinton. We went the moderate route in 2008 and 2012 and both times were sound defeats. If the 2016 GOP field couldn't beat Trump, it's very doubtful they would have beaten Clinton. If you go back and look at the swing states that Trump carried, do you honestly think that Kasich or Jeb Bush, or Cruz could have carried all of them? In the primaries, Kasich finished 3rd in most of the states once it was down to a 3 candidate race between Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. The only state Kasich actually won was Ohio, which is his home state and the state he governs. I'm just not seeing this optimistic view that Kasich could have done better than Trump. I think Kasich would have done about the same as Mitt Romney did in 2012, or maybe a little better than Romney. I just don't see how Kasich could have done as well as Trump. The reason Trump won a lot of swing states is because his campaign fired people up to go vote. Kasich didn't have the energy and I seriously doubt that the voter turnout would have been as good for Kasich as it was for Trump.
  7. Slight correction about the time frame of the post I was referring to, I actually posted the article in August 2016.
  8. I mean yeah, when you trot out such great candidates like John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 that just gets you pumped up to vote for the next milquetoast GOP nominee that was going to go down in defeat in 2016. I posted an article last year that spelled out why the other GOP candidates would have lost and that Trump had the best chance to win. I can dig it up for you if you want to see it or think I'm lying. But I doubt you'll seriously consider what the article says because you've convinced yourself that John Kasich would have beaten Hillary. Don't forget that Ted Cruz finished 2nd in the GOP primary behind Trump. And we all know that Cruz would not have beaten Hillary either.
  9. That's a primary reason for your selection?
  10. Auburnfan91

    A question for Trump supporters

    So saying that you want equal treatment is whataboutism?
  11. Auburnfan91

    A question for Trump supporters

    Well in her case she was not held responsible, for anything. So why not? I've said all along that Hillary and Trump should be treated equally. I want Trump to get the same treatment that Hillary received.
  12. read the rest of the article at:
  13. Auburnfan91

    Trump is not invited to McCain's funeral

    +1 As much as I respect McCain's service and as a person, I've never liked McCain as a politician. He's always conveniently used rhetoric to get him re-elected but then when it came time to actually follow through on his rhetoric, he softened or outright changed his stance on an issue. His flip flopping on the issue of immigration is a perfect example of McCain being with the GOP in order to keep his seat but when it comes time for him to vote in Congress, he goes against the GOP. Trump definitely went too far in attacking McCain's service record and that was one of the few times where an apology should have been made. It's a given that you're not going agree with someone's views on any given issue but going after a man for his service is uncalled for and totally crossing the line even for Trump. I don't blame McCain for not wanting Trump at his funeral.
  14. Auburnfan91

    Favorite/least favorite game vs. SEC teams

    Alabama Favorite: 2010 - CAMback. Whenever you come back from a 24 point deficit at your rivals place and break their hearts, how can is get any better? Plus this game ended up meaning more than 2013 because we actually won the NC in 2010. We couldn't finish the job in 2013. Least: 2012 - How anyone thinks the 2008 Iron Bowl is worse than 2012 is mind boggling. At least in 2008, I felt like we had a chance to keep the game close. I knew in 2012 what was going to happen and that we had no chance. There's no reason to feel like you have no chance to win. 2012 was just an absolute abysmal season. Arkansas Favorite: 2003 - It's not very often that Arkansas is higher ranked than us when we play them but that was the case in 2003. Arkansas was undefeated and on had hopes of having a special season. Auburn's preseason hopes were dashed earlier in the season but we were able to spoil Arkansas's hopes in 2003. Least: 2006 - Thanks Gus. Auburn was undefeated and ranked #2 but that all went out the window when Darren McFadden and Felix Jones had their way with our defense. A couple of trick plays really burned our defense in that game but it was our offense laying an egg that really cost us the game. LSU Favorite: 2014 - It's not very often that we blow LSU out but we managed to do that in 2014. Least: 2005 - This one still hurts. Had we not lost to LSU, we could have won the West and played for the SEC title in a re-match against UGA. 2007 LSU hurt too but we did a lot more to lose in 2005 than in 2007. How often does an Auburn kicker miss 5 field goals in a game? Kenny Irons 200 yards rushing were wasted also. Okay, I'll stop explaining why 2005's loss still hurts. Florida Favorite: 2001 - Florida was undefeated and #1. They had been blowing every opponent out. Our defense got 4 Rex Grossman interceptions. There were gusting 20+ mph winds during that game but Damon Duval was able to kick into the winds and hook each kick through the uprights. I've never seen a kicker do that. I love that game so much that it's my avatar on here. Least: 2002 - What looked like another Damon Duval game winning kick was blocked and the game was sent into overtime. Florida pulled this one out and also we lost Carnell for the year as he broke his leg during the game. But all was not lost as Ronnie Brown emerged in this game and became the #1 RB in Carnell's absence. Georgia Favorite: 2004 - We dominated UGA in 2004. It was thorough beat down. This game showed how great the 2004 team was. The most memorable highlight of the game was Junior Rosegreen laying out UGA WR Reggie Brown on a hit. It would have been called targeting today and Rosegreen would have been ejected but in 2004 it was still a legal tackle. Least: 2017 SEC Championship - Auburn won the 1st game in 2017 but the 2nd game was for the SEC Championship. UGA made adjustments and Auburn lost the SEC title and playoff spot. Talk about disappointing. Tennessee Favorite: 2004 regular season - Like 2004 UGA, this was Auburn dominating a good opponent. Ronnie Brown running over a Tennessee defender is still in highlight reels of Auburn RB's greatest runs. Least: 1997 SEC Championship - Peyton Manning finally got his SEC title but it came at our expense. Losing by 1 point and losing the SEC title really stings. Ole Miss Favorite: 2014 - This was an exciting game as both teams went back and forth. Unfortunately for Ole Miss, Treadwill broke his leg and fumbled the ball and Auburn was able to recover it for the win. Least: 2003 - Auburn should have won this game. It was right in Ben Obomanu's hands but he dropped the pass. 2003 was a rough season but Ole Miss was probably the toughest loss of the season because of how we lost. Mississippi State Favorite: 2013 - This game is what catapulted Auburn's run in 2013. Had we lost this game, our run in 2013 wouldn't have happened. Least: 2007 - What a frustrating game. After we had lost to South Florida the week before, we follow it up with a home loss to Miss State. Brandon Cox was benched during the game and Kodi Burns played but he didn't have much success either. They put Brandon Cox back in and we actually came back but a goal line stand by Miss. State sealed the win for them. Texas A&M Favorite: 2013 - Johnny Manziel still made a lot of plays but the defense stopped him at the end. A high scoring game but Auburn came out on top. Least: 2014 - We're still talking about this game as the turning point in the Gus era, enough said. Vanderbilt Favorite: 2003 - Our first win and first touchdown of 2003 was against Vandy. Least: 2008 - As good as Wes Byrum was and he'll always be remembered for the game winning kicks against 2007 Florida and 2010 Oregon in the NC game. But Byrum struggled in 2008. A missed extra point ended up coming back to cost us. We lost 14-13 to Vandy and Tony Franklin and his spread offense was gone after that. South Carolina Favorite: 2011 - Like Arkansas, it's not very often that South Carolina is higher ranked than us. It was Auburn's defense and Michael Dyer's 41 carries that pulled the upset over #10 South Carolina Least: 2014 - Even though we won you could see the problems with the defense. South Carolina was not a great team in 2014 but the defense was so bad that it didn't matter. A game that was a nailbiter because our defense just couldn't stop South Carolina on 4th down. Kentucky Favorite: 2005 - The offense ran wild on Kentucky, literally! Tristan Davis exploded for 162 yards rushing and Kenny Irons also topped 100 yards rushing. Least: 2009 - Auburn was up 14-7 at halftime but did nothing in the 2nd half. Kentucky came back and beat Auburn 21-14 at Auburn. Just a lethargic performance by Auburn in this one. Missouri Favorite: 2013 SEC Championship - Both teams scored a lot of points but Tre Mason took over the game and broke SEC Championship game records with over 300 yards rushing. Least: 2017 - The game was boring to watch and Missouri was bad at the time. It was so bad that Barry Odom went on a post-game rant and how they were going to get better.
  15. Auburnfan91

    Michelle Wolf: Two sides...

    Well she thought wrong. And just like Trump she's facing backlash for it.