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  1. Auburnfan91

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    I know but it didn't use to be like that though. And I have to disagree about protecting the loser. Losing means nothing now if you get pushed down to mid-card a few months later. Look at Seth Rollins. He had a run as champion and he's been in the mid-card scene for the past year now. WWE creative aren't good enough to protect guys considering how they book matches. They constantly shuffle guys around and have guys lose matches and then a month later they'll start winning. It's like a damn roller coaster. I don't care if one finisher beats you or 10. It doesn't really hurt you now either way imo. Roman Reigns lost to the Miz on the 25th anniversary RAW show back in January. Then 2 months later at WM 34 they push Roman back up and have him facing Brock Lesna for the RAW Universal title. Explain how losing to the Miz made Roman look good or built him up to face Lesnar at WM? That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about.
  2. Auburnfan91

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    Well now it's getting predictable that the first time someone hits their finisher, that their opponent will kick out. When it gets to that point, maybe they should mix it up more and just let one finisher end the match.
  3. Auburnfan91

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    As someone who has been a longtime viewer of TNA, I'll throw out another name who's big in ROH. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. I always liked watching his matches in TNA. Him and AJ Styles use to have classics in TNA.
  4. Auburnfan91

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    This isn't meant to knock current wrestling but it's an annoyance I have with wrestling today. I get that today's wrestlers are more athletic and can do more moves in the ring than guys did 20 years ago but the thing that bothers me now are all the false finishes they do now. It seems like in this decade, the 2010's, for whatever reason false finishes have been overused in matches. It's ok to do every once in awhile but it just seems nowadays in every other match, especially title matches, there's about 10 false finishes. Maybe it's because I'm older or I just didn't pay as close attention years ago but when I watched matches in the 90's and 2000's, guys didn't just use their finisher more than once except on occasion to win a match. And when they did use their finishing move more than once, it was for a big match or special occasion. I know Stone Cold did the Stunner on the Rock more than once when they faced each other at different WM's. Undertaker Tombstoned Kane 3 times at WM 14 in 1998. He didn't do that all the time or at every WM. Now guys use their finisher like 2-3 times before they'll win a match. And it's like that every week or at every PPV. now. It gets really old after awhile and it just seems lazy and uncreative imo. But I'm sure I'm in the minority about that.
  5. Auburnfan91

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    I feel bad for saying this but I never watched ROH. It was never available for me except if I wanted to buy DVD's and stuff which I never did. I think I caught a couple of episodes of ROH when they were briefly on Destination America, the same as Impact(TNA) at the time. That's pretty much all I've ever seen of ROH. I've always heard of ROH and knew a lot of the wrestlers that came from there because Impact(TNA) would usually get guys from there and then WWE started doing it too starting with CM Punk.
  6. Auburnfan91

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    Is that Kenny Omega?
  7. Auburnfan91

    Ed Oliver-Major Applewhite drama overshadows Houston win

    You could definitely tell in the video of the pregame warm up of him jumping up catching passes that his injury can't be that serious for him to be "showing off" like that. I wouldn't even want him on the sidelines if he's not going to play anymore and go to the NFL.
  8. Sorry I didn't respond earlier but here: read all of the article at:
  9. read all of the article at: So it looks like LSU has ended up looking good for firing Miles in 2016. Ed Orgeron has kept LSU stabilized(even though they want to win titles) and LSU has saved money. They're paying Ed Orgeron less than what they were paying Miles for similar results. Ed Orgeron salary in 2018 is $3.5 million Les Miles salary in 2016 was $4.39 million
  10. I concede that he has a point and that race is definitely an issue, I'm not going to deny that. There is definitely racial prejudice among groups of evangelicals but I don't agree that a majority of evangelicals used race as the main factor in their opposition to Obama. I see it more as political views being the overriding factor with how evangelicals treat candidates. For sure though Obama received some hate from the religious right. But again, I don't see it being a majority that were opposing Obama because of race. You could literally take out the words Obama and race in the article and replace them with Hillary and gender and make virtually the same argument that white evangelicals are sexist/misogynist for opposing Hillary in 2016. I mean Hillary's clearly white, so race wasn't the reason evangelicals backed Trump over her. It's because her political views didn't align with the political views of evangelicals
  11. read all of the article and see the altered form and the e-mail in question at:
  12. Auburnfan91

    Can't make this up

    Actually, LSU lost to UAB the week after they lost to us in 2000.
  13. Nelson is trying to overturn election law in Florida to help him gain more votes. If you want to change election laws, do so in the state legislature before or after an election. Not during a recount to try and win an election.
  14. Auburnfan91


    Rick Scott won 2 lawsuits against the Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher, and Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes. read all of the article at:
  15. Auburnfan91


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