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  1. Believe it or not there is one Democrat I'd consider voting for. That being said she's got no chance of winning. But still, if she were somehow the Democrat nominee then I'd seriously consider voting for her....... Tulsi Gabbard ....... She's the one Democrat I'd seriously consider voting for. I like her foreign policy views. She's a non-interventionist. That's definitely one area I'm disappointed in Trump. Him appointing John Bolton over the NSA was a big red flag for me. That was one of the reason's I voted for Trump was to get away from the Bush doctrine.
  2. I've been a wrestling fan for most of my life. I'm not really into it like I was when I was younger but I still watch RAW and Smackdown out of habit and to at least try to keep up with the current product. While WWE has been building Roman Reigns up multiple times and trying to make him into the next Cena, they have guys like Strowman, McIntyre, and Elias who are over with the fans but for some reason can't break through the ceiling. I've always pulled for guys like them who are considered borderline main eventer's or guys who can't seem to stick in the main event scene. One of my all time favorite wrestlers Christian couldn't stick in the main event scene for whatever reason. He had a good fued with Randy Orton in 2011 and even won the World Heavyweight title but his title run imo sucked because they basically just used him as a feel good story after Edge had retired and didn't give him a decent run with title. Captain Charisma deserved more respect than that dammit....One of the dumbest things they did during Christian's fued with Orton in 2011 was make Christian the heel in their fued. lol....... I 've always liked Randy Orton but c'mon anyone who's followed Orton's career knows that he's a natural heel. Christian should have been the face in that fued. Orton being a face is just awkward and not natural.
  3. As long as we don't pay the bill I'm okay with it.
  4. You post a snarky thread title in the form of a question and the OP is a link to an article. If there wasn't an initial argument in the link then the thread title is misleading.
  5. This tweet vs the link you posted in the OP aren't the same thing. They don't make the same argument.
  6. It doesn't say that Trump or the administration has actually paid the bill. The two people mentioned in the article who spoke on anonymity DIDN'T confirm a payment was made. The article stated that a U.S. official did sign a pledge for the U.S. to pay for the bill in order for Warmbier to be released out of North Korea but no where in that article does it say that the bill was paid.
  8. Here's the Monmouth poll pictured from CNN in the tweet:
  9. CNN's Chris Cilliza
  10. McIntyre definitely deserves to be in the main even scene. Hopefully he does go to Smackdown. He's finally fulfilling his potential and showing why Vince pushed him with his "Chosen One" gimmick back in 2009-2010.
  12. Yeah but this is Charlotte's 3rd run as Smackdown women's champ in the last 12 months. She's now an 8 time women's champ in WWE, something no other woman in WWE history has done. Trish Stratus was a 7 time women's champ. So Charlotte has the record now...... WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I just think it's silly to complain about losing non-televised house show matches when nobody is gonna see them. All people see is Charlotte once again winning another women's title. That's all I'm saying. It's going to be a BIG WEEKEND next week. Final Four and WRESTLEMANIA 35.
  13. Non-televised matches really don't mean anything. Come on man, that's lame. Nobody besides the actual people in the crowds in whatever city they're in are even gonna see it. Charlotte was the Smackdown women's champ from November 2017 past WM 34 in April 2018. She ended Asuka's undefeated streak in the process. For some reason they let Carmella beat Charlotte and Carmella had a title run but then they let Charlotte briefly win the title back at SummerSlam 2018 before she put Becky over at Hell in a Cell after the fans had been getting behind Becky and she was getting a long overdue push. Becky then lost the title at TLC and then put over Asuka by losing clean at Royal Rumble 2019. Becky's "push" has included her putting over Asuka and having her fued with Rousey at Survivor Series derailed because Nia Jax decided to throw a real punch. lol ...... And now Asuka gets her push stopped by Charlotte in order to build up the triple threat at WM 35.
  14. Losing by DQ? Charlotte hasn't been losing clean. Charlotte also got DQ'd against Rousey back at Survivor Series. I think Charlotte is clearly one of the best in the women's division but to make out like's she's been jobbing by not losing matches clean and not having a belt or title run the last few months is far from her jobbing. It was Becky who put Asuka over in the first place. Then Charlotte just buries Asuka again like she did back at WM 34 last year. It took Asuka almost the rest of the year to regain her momentum from losing to Charlotte at WM 34. And now Asuka jobs to Charlotte AGAIN. I think Charlotte winning the Smackdown women's title basically says she won't be winning the triple threat, so Charlotte getting the Smackdown women's title is her consolation for not going over at WM 35.