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  1. Jeff Sessions hates him some Andrew McCabe

    The officials at OPR are not political appointees. The senior career official at the OPR(Office of Personal Responsibility) made the recommendation based off of the OIG(Office of Inspector General) report. Both the OPR and OIG concluded McCabe misled them on multiple occasions. It's hard to feel sorry for him when the recommendation came from within the agency McCabe was part of. McCabe's statements after being fired didn't do James Comey any favors. McCabe's statement about having the authority to share information with a reporter and that Comey had knowledge of him sharing the information is a contradiction to statements Comey made at a Congressional hearing in May 2017: Read all of the article at: Another point made from the article:
  2. Obama Campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012

    Way to articulate a point. Have the investigation(s) found collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia yet?...... Please do tell....
  3. read all of the article at:
  4. February Jobs Report

    Speaking of CNN, they haven't updated 'The Trump Jobs Tracker' in 2 months. The last time CNN updated it was Jan. 5. read all of the article at:
  5. California Paying Price for Sanctuary Cities

    Did you think the same thing in 2012 when the Obama administration brought a case against Arizona's immigration law? I disagree with you though about dropping the case against California. I think this is a legitimate issue about immigration law and should be ruled on. If it was okay in 2012 to rule on the legality of Arizona's law then I fail to see why California's law shouldn't be ruled on. California is the one that injected themselves into this by, imo, going a step too far by threatening businesses/employers with prosecution for cooperating with federal officials. Then on top of that you have the Oakland mayor tipping off illegal immigrants in the city about the ICE raid trying to give them a heads up in order to evade authorities. What California is doing is basically obstructing federal officials from enforcing federal immigration laws and they're trying to force businesses and citizens in the state to obstruct as well. I posted this article back in January but it didn't receive any replies or discussion. read the rest of the article at:
  6. California Paying Price for Sanctuary Cities

    I'm sorry if I wasn't clear, I was referring to your comments about the case being dropped, not if you want Trump to get re-elected...... hahahaha
  7. California Paying Price for Sanctuary Cities

    Is that what you want to happen or just a prediction?
  8. SEC Tournament

    If we do face Kentucky in the semi-finals then I'm definitely more worried about them. In our first match-up against Kentucky we were at full strength and it was McLemore's last full game he played before his injury against South Carolina. In fact, McLemore was a big contributor against Kentucky. He had a double-double, 13 points and 11 rebounds and also 3 blocks. I'm definitely worried that with one less big body to go up against Kentucky and play pressing defense, which is what we did in the first game, that Kentucky would be able to adjust and work our bigs more than they did the first time. Getting Okeke and Spencer in foul trouble would definitely hurt us more this time than in the first match-up. Without McLemore available, teams have been able to attack us more inside which has put more stress on our defense. It's been noticeable and has been a big reason for our late season drop off.
  9. Men vs. South Carolina

    It didn't matter in football either before the SEC Championship game. You think Auburn should still count the 1988 SEC title in football since it was shared with LSU? We lost to LSU head-to-head 7-6 in the Earthquake game in 1988. I guess by your criteria then we shouldn't count our 1988 SEC title in football. I'm sorry to be a jerk towards you but I'm just getting tired of seeing Auburn fans complain about being co-champions. We had a chance to win it outright but lost 2 games down the stretch which pulled Tennessee into a tie. Let's just enjoy winning the SEC title, even though we're co-champs. This is only our 3rd SEC regular season title in basketball. It doesn't happen very often.
  10. Florida's failed gun ban - list of guns

    No, you explained it well enough even though I'm not very knowledgeable about guns. I appreciate you giving a thought out explanation to why they're included. If only more people could do that then the country could be better served to understand this issue and be better informed on it. My main issue in trying to pass the bill was that shotguns and pistols haven't been talked about like the AR 15 or AK-47. It's sort of deceiving to not clarify what 'assault rifles' that gun control advocates are talking about when they don't make specific mention of shotguns and pistols in a public forum. The media and a good part of the public aren't very knowledgeable about guns, so when they talk in generalities about 'assault rifles' then pistols aren't going to be thought of by the public when the term gets thrown out by politicians or media talking heads. If gun control advocates could explain why those guns should be banned and be specific about which shotguns and pistols should be included in a ban then they might have more success in getting more of the public and even some reasonable gun right's folks to support legislation. But spending so much time just talking about 'assault rifles' in general give the impression that they're only referring to AR 15's and AK 47's.
  11. Some may have heard that Florida's gun ban bill failed in Florida's state senate yesterday. While that news has been reported on by numerous media outlets, what hasn't been given much attention is the actual list of guns that were in the failed bill. Here's the list of guns that were in the bill: I'm not very knowledgeable about guns so I'm not familiar with the guns listed but what's interesting about the bill is that it included not just rifles, but shotguns and pistols as well. Imo that undercuts the argument of many gun control advocates saying that we're not going to take your guns away. Gun control politicians are making very false arguments when you actually look at what's been proposed in Florida. When you start including shotguns and pistols, then a ban will likely affect more gun owners since it's no longer just rifles that are being touted as the issue.
  12. No that's not what I said. Nowhere did I state that they shouldn't go after average Trump supporters. What I said was they shouldn't just cover one side. Both sides had people who were guilty of promoting Russian backed events. CNN felt it necessary though to go specifically after a low hanging fruit Trump supporter. They felt it was important enough to give it air time and report on it. Yet so far CNN has ignored big name people that were also guilty of promoting Russian backed events like Michael Moore. I don't remember that pro-Trump woman in the CNN story ever getting on a TV network to plug the pro-Trump Russian backed event she stated was a part of. But that's exactly what Michael Moore did. Moore plugged a Russian backed anti-Trump march on a TV network. and on Twitter. I'm pretty sure Michael Moore has more of a platform and more influence than the pro-Trump lady CNN spotlighted. But they sought her out in order to publicly shame her for it because she is a big Trump supporter.
  13. But if it only goes one way which so far is all CNN has done, is it reasonable journalism? It wasn't just pro-Trump folks who unwittingly promoted an event set up by a Russian bot. Yet CNN only seems interested in covering one side of it and ignoring the other side which includes well known people like Michael Moore and Joy Reid Nobody knew who this woman was, she's just an average Trump supporter. The reporter made her out to be doing the work of the Russian's(albeit unwittingly) when all she was doing was supporting Trump. She's just an average citizen with a limited platform. Demanding greater responsibility from someone like her while ignoring well known people on the other side appears to be CNN just picking on low hanging fruit.. I'd be saying the same thing if CNN went after an average Bernie supporter like that. It's not a good look to be tracking down average people and acting like they've unknowingly committed a crime while letting well known people off the hook and not challenging them. Someone like Michael Moore has a much larger and farther reaching platform than this woman could ever have. He has more power than any average Trump supporter has or any Bernie supporter has. Will CNN track down Michael Moore and ask him why he was doing the work of the Russian's and why he didn't know the Russians were behind the event he supported?.......... I'm not going to hold my breath..........
  14. That's not a fact. It's been called out as inaccurate by of all sources, the Washington Post........... The school shootings statistics that have been touted by the media are misleading because of their criteria of 'school shooting'.: If we're going to tout statistics as a political rally cry around gun control then at least get the statistics accurate and don't frame it or define it in the most loose and basic way possible that so many are eager to do on this issue.
  15. read all of the article at: Did Comey lie to Congress in March 2017? Why would he tell Congress that his agents didn't think Flynn lied or gave intentionally inaccurate answers if he didn't believe that to be true or that his agents weren't being truthful? What changed between March 2017 and December 2017 when Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI? Flynn ended up taking a plea deal and plead guilty to lying to FBI on December 1, 2017. The charges stemmed from that Jan. 24 interview that occurred on Comey's watch, not on Mueller's watch.