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  1. find answer by urself: Look at the AU B-ball: lots of talented coach and players. Luckily enough we have some ball to watch. Who hired CSP?
  2. Agree and disagree, we might have lost 7 in a row, but A director is responsible for not making a Pearl-type of a hire for f-ball.
  3. no star QB, no established OL, WR, loss of start CB, QB... 5-7 very likely, just my 2 cents
  4. this is maybe the start of a dream 6-6 season in 2022
  5. you forgot beamer just beat you 2 weeks ago?
  6. yeah, I prefer to have this young man as ad:
  7. Q1 - AU 21 Updykes 3 Q2 - AU 31 Updykes 10 Q3 - AU 34 Updykes 17 Q4 - AU 37 Updykes 34 while saban's injuring list adds 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1DE, 1LB, 2CB... No reason to think Auburn will win this game at all, but that's why we will get so close
  8. can‘t agree that more ! Recruiting is more of a big issue than the last 3 losess!
  9. aucat


    We are not suprised at all
  10. aucat


    more to to come next week: this team may likely loss to a team that beat the Gator
  11. One biggest worry is how to avoid an even more embarrasing loss next week against the same team that keat Mullen
  12. recruiting will be the biggest problem in the next a few yrs
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