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  1. aucat


    MacAU! not MacBaMa
  2. 49(Nick35 + Joey14):(3+3)
  3. it seems when we rank @20 or worse, then it most likely turn out to be an exciting season
  4. #3 highest pay for one of the best man in the country! Wish we can keep him in town till he starts to pursue AL senator seat
  5. wish AU is starting the talk now
  6. SO it's time to reward BP WARRRR Eagallllllle !
  7. Please support our program, sb here want to drive Bo away, unbelievable!
  8. i guess that 32 mil. buyout keeps our coaches here forever
  9. :-\ oh yeah this team reminds me of 1895 team ....
  10. but keep in mind, 2 road games are in #1 MSU, and #9 KSU.... better than average of those home game teams