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  1. I always believe in AU, even in bed
  2. The dog was scared by missouri last week, so I guess they are going to take us very seriously, they may win us by 49!
  3. Great idea! I guess we can have a much better recruiting next yr
  4. a possible senario next week : AU lead Gog 21:0 then for the next 2.5 Quarters go 0:56 before Pres. C. Roberts pull the trigger
  5. relax and have fun no matter how manay score you guy can get in the next 1800 seconds
  6. no one will be fired from this coaching team before he himself
  7. I can't remember we had such a strange yr b4? We are becoming the fumble king of SEC b4 the end of 2022
  8. this is your quick fix to the Tank?
  9. at least he can recruit in the SEC areas
  10. typo? we will have 2 - 100 yard receivers and a 1000 yard rusher. We will finish 3-9 ?
  11. This mess stems from an AD w/ no AU blood. We need a real AD with WDE blood before AU can make a CBP-type of coach hire for this great team
  12. is Chizik still on the market ?
  13. 4-1 sounds possible, then 4-8 or even 5-7 makes u more unhappy
  14. I believe this active president can do what you wish and get the AU football back to the national stage next yr
  15. the boy now coaching the Kentcuky Team may be a better one
  16. He maybe ends up in ASU before the end of 2022 so it's too premature to discuss this at the moment
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