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  1. I think it’s time to ride Lowe. I think she should get the start Friday and the next game on Saturday whether it’s in the winner’s or loser’s bracket. If we win Friday, it will be good to go all out for the win in the winner’s bracket. But if we lose, this regional is too tough to take the 4 seed for granted. There are no automatic wins in this regional (Kennesaw is an at-large team.... not your roll over 4 seed like an Alabama State).
  2. Tough regional. UCF beat Florida twice. Kennesaw split with us so we know they are tough. AU plays UCF Friday at 1:00CDT on ESPN2.
  3. We needed a win like this with a lot of runs put on the board.
  4. I’m not here to debate about Myers; he did spectacular things for us. I would like to give a shout-out to the recruiting job that Tina Deese and her assistants, Steve Johnson and Mark Ryal, did in getting Estell, Melero, Carosone, Rhodes, Howard, Davis, Harper, Cooper, etc. to the Plains.
  5. True. I have heard from opposing fans that there isn’t one player in our line up that scares them.
  6. Emily is currently with the Italian National team. They are touring Florida in prep for the Olympics. I think she will be in Spain with them prepping in May. Graduate assistant Krista Clyde Harrell is coaching first. She is an AU softball alum and married to KT Harrell.
  7. Does anyone know why Denver Bryant and Makayla Packer are not present this weekend? Just wondering if it was COVID protocols or something else.
  8. We needed this. We have a chance to win the series now.
  9. I’ll add.... we aren’t hitting as well as the talent of our roster suggests. We have talented players. I’m putting blame on coaching. I know Dean and the staff are trying, but they are currently failing mightily.
  10. Thursday, the crowd seemed slimmer than normal. The girls looked like they didn't want to be there, which is sad. Maybe we will be fired up today like we were on Sunday at Mizzou.
  11. Maybe he didn’t want Shelby to get in a pitching duel with Mary Haff? Let’s start Shelby Friday and then see how she does and if she feels well enough for Saturday.
  12. This series will come down to Auburn’s offense, IMO. Arkansas was shut down by Liberty’s lefty for 10 innings. Yes, the Hogs are 9-0 in the league, but a winless State team played them very tough for all 3 games in Fayetteville last weekend.
  13. Garcia started Game 1 on Friday and was 0-3 with 3 k’s before Koepke replaced her during the game. Godwin was also 0-3 with 3 k’s batting right in front of Garcia, which resulted in Tissier starting Game 2.
  14. Softball is 0-5 with one game left in the Mizzou series.
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