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  1. I'll take it. Let's beat the NC State Wolfpack. War Eagle!
  2. This is a rule in international play, and with Coop being on team USA, she is probably staying in the box now so she doesn't have to readjust this summer.
  3. We have some post players coming in next year. I think that is the biggest missing puzzle piece at this point which is hurting this year's team.
  4. If Florida beats Michigan today and USF tomorrow, they might jump Auburn and Oklahoma for #1. Very early in the season. This weekend will be great for our RPI, which is the ranking that really matters.
  5. Our offense is starting to concern me. We need to score off of this BYU pitcher. Their ace beat Washington last night and is resting (so far) this game.
  6. I'll take it! We beat a Big Ten team that perrenially makes the NCAA tournament. BYU is no slouch either. Gotta bring our A game because every team will give us their best shot.
  7. Yes. I agree completely. Every team in this tournament plays 4 games in 3 days. It just so happened that our double header day had OU and UW. This is nothing but good. Last year, we had to beat Bama and Florida on the same day in the SEC Tournament because of rain. We ended up winning the SEC Tournament and it set up our post season run.
  8. UW's shortstop is on Team USA with Cooper. Great play to end the 6th.
  9. Exactly! OU and UW are two of the top teams in the country. I will take a 2nd win today any way we can get it!
  10. Taran Alvelo is one of the best pitchers in the country. A run rule ain't happening tonight.
  11. Final: South Carolina 60 - Auburn 41 This was a TOUGH 3 game stretch. The 5 games we have to close the regular season are much more manageable. Let's beat those UGAly Dawgs on Sunday!
  12. Great game so far! War Eagle!
  13. There aren't a ton of great fields in Mexico.
  14. Paige Parker is not starting. Instead, Gasso is starting another lefty, Mizzou transfer Paige Lowary. We faced her in 2015.
  15. That was on a neutral court in Connecticut. It doesn't count as a true road game (neither do the Texas Tech or Purdue games we played in Cancun).