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  1. Great game! Man, I wish we could have that Georgia Tech game back. We are shooting so much better now and getting after it on defense.
  2. Agreed @gravejd. I think this team will have 3 types of nights: poor shooting (like Northwestern), grind it out (like St. Louis), and hot shooting (like Bradley). If we can avoid the ice cold nights and have more grind it out and decent shooting nights, I can see this team being dangerous like the 2020 team when COVID cut the season short. We will need to peak at the right time for a run in the SEC or NCAA Tourneys.
  3. Ga Tech plays good defense. We need to use our quickness to force turnovers and run on them. Definitely think we are the more athletic team.
  4. This may not be the hardest sell out of all time, but I expect a good crowd, even with the weather being chilly. Should be a fantastic atmosphere. LSU wasn't a "hard" sellout either like you'd expect for an Iron Bowl, Penn State game, etc., but the atmosphere was still fantastic.
  5. https://auburntigers.com/sports/softball/schedule/2023 Very solid schedule. I like the first weekend at the NFCA Leadoff Classic… not too daunting. Love seeing Oklahoma, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, and all those in-state teams. South Alabama hasn’t played us in the regular season since Haley Fagan transferred from there.
  6. I'm glad he's into Tiger Walk, the AUMB, and the Eagle... those will probably be the highlights of the day!
  7. Sweep of Bama!!! The ladies won 3 sets to 1 again today and host Miss State Wednesday at 7:00.
  8. Starkey took a job with Mulkey at LSU. He’s been there before. Said he loved his time at AU, and LSU is the only job he would’ve left for. It is my understanding that his wife’s health isn’t great, and this move allows them to be closer to family and friends.
  9. This is great to hear! Coach J is building the whole program back up, and is doing it the right way.
  10. We’ve seen this in basketball, baseball, and softball, but the teams with COVID seniors have done well. Aspyn’s 5th year leadership is immeasurable. Glad she’s coming back.
  11. I hope we schedule tougher next year, especially now that we’ve seen a glimpse at what the talent on this team is capable of. We have to stop scheduling so many teams that are 200+ in the rpi (Alabama State, NCA&T, Delaware State, Niagara).
  12. AU will open up Jane B. for a watch party Sunday night at 6:00. It would be great if some of the local crowd could come out.
  13. Mizzou is using both Weber and Krings. If they follow the same rotation, Krings will start tonight vs Arkansas.
  14. Yeah, lots of talk among the Auburn faithful about hosting, but the RPI isn’t on our side (and RPI is leaned on heavily in softball). Our non-conference strength of schedule is hurting us. Outside of the Clearwater tournament, we played way too many cupcakes, particularly Delaware State, Alabama State, and Niagara.
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