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  1. Auburn Softball tweeted that now, there will only be one game at 6:00 CDT. I’m glad. I don’t think a midweek double header is what we need before the UGA series, especially already down 1 pitcher.
  2. I don’t specifically know the redshirt rules, but my guess is that she’s already played too much. I’d love if we could get her back in time to contribute this season.
  4. Makayla had her hand wrapped on Monday and in the cast Tuesday. That’s the extent of what I know. Im hoping Lexie’s back is nothing more than soreness from helping in Beauregard Thursday so if Makayla is out, I’m hoping Lexie can participate as the 3rd member of our staff this weekend.
  5. Ole Miss has played a strong schedule and also has some big wins from it. However, when it’s all said and done, I expect AU to be higher than them in the SEC standings and rpi. We don’t play Ole Miss in the regular season, FWIW.
  6. Our advantage tonight is that Chennedy is out for them. Their advantage is that they are fresh and we had to play last night. Scoring is tough in tournament play, but after the LSU and Bama games, I am hoping we have a better shooting night.
  7. The win at LSU (who is definitely on the bubble) went a long way in solidifying our tourney bid. The problem is we lack a lot of really signature wins, but as the article said... no bad losses. 9-7 in the league will not be left out though. Bama beat Vandy so we play the Tide Thursday night. Get by them, and we draw Texas A&M who is without their star, Chennedy Carter, due to a finger injury.
  8. Garcia did not pitch for UCLA, and neither Plain nor Alvelo pitched for Washington so the Wolverines got a bit of a break in the pitching matchups. Michigan´s lefty, Beaubien, however gives them a chance whenever she pitches (which is a lot). If you look at the tournament schedule, Auburn and Florida had some pretty tough draws. For example, I am certain Garcia would´ve pitched against us if we played UCLA because they had LMU scheduled later that day. Maybe the rainout was a blessing if we meet UCLA later???
  9. The home slate that the women had this year was brutal. The top 5 seeds in the conference all came to Auburn: Miss State, South Carolina, A&M, Kentucky, and Mizzou. The only one of those we beat at home was Mizzou. I’m thankful that this team was strong enough to go 6-2 on the road with the only 2 losses being Mizzou and Tennessee.
  10. This is why it’s still used today. It was originally utilized to end scoreless games that could go on for an ungodly amount of innings. Offense in fast pitch softball has come a long way.
  11. I agree! In the 8th, it was Rivera and Veach that struck out before Tannon grounded out. This is nothing personal against our players, but that is a junior and senior that couldn´t even put it in play. And both are seasoned veterans.
  12. The RPI isn´t out yet, but I imagine this will be a really strong win come season´s end. Oregon beat LSU and has played a very strong schedule.