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  1. all4AU

    Women vs. Grambling State

    Our women’s team definitely looks improved. Flo needs to make the NCAA Tournament this year.
  2. all4AU

    Texas A&M Score Predictions

    I’m hoping our defense is fresh after the bye. Our offense is what it is, and we are facing a good defensive line. AU 16 - A&M 13
  3. all4AU

    Texas A&M kickoff set

    And Jarrett Guarantano. We’ve made 3 QBs look like world beaters in all 3 losses.
  4. all4AU

    Stripe the Stadium

    It probably won’t be as good as in years past. Coming off a loss, 11:00am kick, and fall break for students. Also, Athletics and the University seem to do a horrible job promoting this.
  5. Bob’s Victory Grille by Exit 57 will have the game on several screens. It is a restaurant with beverages, but definitely more of a restaurant than bar if that’s the environment you are looking for.
  6. I’m assuming the slapping rules in the pro league are what the NCAA used to be.... just keep PART of the foot in the box. If this is the case, I’m sure Vic feels more comfortable knowing she doesn’t have to keep her entire foot in the box.
  7. Angel was a fantastic pitcher at AU. It’s a shame we didn’t have much hitting back then to be relevant in softball.
  8. Dean inherited a team with obvious trust issues after the Myers situation. I think that is the utmost reason he deserves some time.
  9. all4AU

    Women's College World Series

    That was a great game. Plain vs King was a spectacular pitcher’s duel, and both teams played phenomenal defense. Classic fast pitch as a solo bomb was the difference.
  10. Not sure if this was already posted, but Meredith Jenkins was fired today.
  11. ”Aigle Attaque”en Francais!
  12. Kara Bilodeau posted on her Instagram that she is transferring to Florida State. we have a no rumors policy here. no link, no post
  13. all4AU

    Hosting/Regional Placement

    Wow. Only off by 1 with Coastal Carolina instead of UConn.
  14. Maybe he can make it in time to see her walk, even if he’s still in uniform.
  15. I’m not sure how to interpret Makayla’s body language. I hope she’s in an Auburn uniform for her senior year.