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  1. I wondered the same thing. Lexie Handley was also warming in the bullpen. Ashlee Swindle hasn't started since game 1 against Georgia Southern last Friday.... it makes you wonder what all is going on behind the scenes. Like is Swindle feeling healthy, etc.
  2. I agree completely about marketing.
  3. I know the women haven’t had a great year, but the team certainly finished conference play more competitive than when they started. Auburn beat Vandy today 77-67 and plays Arkansas tomorrow.
  4. Agreed. I’m just telling you what I saw. She was emotional.
  5. KK just didn’t have it today and was visibly upset. I hope she gets back to form soon.
  6. Tough game. @OlderWhiskey, you were correct about the inside pitches to righties that Fiser got, but Handley did not as a lefty. The home plate ump also blew the call at the plate on Jones, and the first base ump called Maresette out on a phantom “runner left early” call when Rivera walked. Couple that with some runners we stranded at 3rd and you get a frustrating loss. Also, a .147 hitter got the game winning double for them. We were snake bitten tonight.
  7. Looking forward, I’m really worried about whether this team can break even for the season and finish above .500. We really need to go at least 4-2 at home this week. Both Minnesota games will be tough. They have struggled so far, but we don’t match up well against their power pitcher, Amber Fiser.
  8. Tough loss. It’s frustrating to pitch well and not be able to cash in on offense. We left a lot of ducks on the pond, like in the Cal game.
  9. Good points. Myers’ quick success can be attributed to his coaching ability, but also the recruiting of Tina Deese and her two assistants, Steve Johnson and Mark Ryal. They are the reason these superstars were ever on campus: Branndi Melero, Morgan Estell, Emily Carosone, Tiffany Howard, Jade Rhodes, Kasey Cooper, Lexi Davis, Marcy Harper.
  10. I agree completely. He does motivate the players against Bama, but doesn’t put the same emphasis on the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry (even look back at years like 2014.... the emphasis was clearly on the IB and not DSOR). Same things with these bowl games, the robotic coach speak about a “business trip,” “ten win season,” and “we played the toughest schedule in the country” is so old. I’m tired of hearing it, and we clearly haven’t done well in bowls under Gus.
  11. Bruce said tonight that seeing Auburn away from Auburn Arena will probably be easier than trying to get a home ticket. He said State should still be on Christmas Break so it would be nice to have a strong AU contingent in Starkville.
  12. I don’t care if Oregon is a top 10 team. Yes, it was a big game, but not as big as Florida, LSU, or UGA.
  13. Our D-line could give Burrow fits, but he will pick on our secondary. On offense, Gus will get in his own way, and the O-line will not hold up. In the postgame presser, Gus comments that their crowd was louder than he anticipated and had an impact on the game. Same old same old.
  14. I think that AU, TAMU, and S. Car. have the 3 toughest schedules in the country, and no one else is even close.