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  1. Softball vs. uat game 1

    He pinch ran for Tannon after the walk so pinch running after the base hit burned her for the game. At the time, it was a 1-0 game, and he knew he burned her to put speed in her place. Remember, she is playing with Eppilepsy so that probably factored into the decision.
  2. Softball vs. uat game 1

    Good points made here. Also, remember that Dean himself didn’t join until September. It’s amazing to me that we are still nationally ranked after all the change these girls have been through. I really think we will see this team improve as the season progresses.
  3. Softball vs. uat game 1

    In terms of Coach Dean, we all know the man can coach. The 2017 offense was weaker compared to the two previous seasons, but losing Cooper, Fagan, and Wallace has left us with a very young 2018 offense. Also, to open SEC play with Bama and LSU, we drew matchups against Hoover, Walljasper, and Osorio who are ELITE senior pitchers so this is not exactly easing a young offense into SEC play. To me, what is concerning is how it took us 7 innings to score off of LSU’s #3 pitcher in Gorsuch. If Osorio doesn’t start game 2 for Bama, we really need to score early off of Preston or Gettins and put the pressure on Bama.
  4. There are 8 host sites and 2 pods at each site. The 1 and 2 seeds were given geographical preference (i.e. Villanova in Pittsburgh, Virginia in Charlotte, Kansas in Wichita). The 3 and 4 seeds were given whatever was left. Tennessee did get Dallas as a 3, and the 4 seeds were sent West to San Diego and Boise.
  5. Softball in California

    The radio is also available on if you cannot pick up the local stations in Auburn.
  6. Softball in California

    I give zero credibility to Brit’s expertise. He’ll probably say the same thing on radio or tv the first time we see an SEC pitcher with a good change up.
  7. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    St. Francis played in a regional last year. The Trahan girl was good. St. Francis was surprisingly all over Kaylee tonight, but they couldn’t touch Makayla in her two innings of work.
  8. Softball vs. Furman

    McCrackin has the flu this weekend. I hope she is back soon!
  9. USA Softball 2018 National Teams

    There is no Junior World Championships this year so I don’t think USA Softball is assembling a Jr. team. They will probably wait until 2019, and it will be a completely new roster of U19 players.
  10. Women vs. Xavier

    I’m not convinced Auburn has the offense to have a good year. The soft schedule has hurt Auburn's RPI. Sunday will be telling. Florida at home is a game Auburn needs to win if we’re going to make a run in the SEC.
  11. UCONN role call

    I purchased three tickets on Wednesday... looking forward to it! War Eagle!
  12. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    1. Probably Section 17 in the South Endzone. 2. Probably no chair backs. 3. Not sure if this is required. Most go down, but it seems like a few stay in the seats during halftime. 4. I have not, but I hope you enjoy your visit to the Plains. War Eagle!
  13. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Several AU Band Alumni help Dr. Good with this as well. War Eagle, indeed!
  14. Auburn vs A&M Commentators

    This isn’t the first time. She has done AU games before. I think 2012 AU vs Arkansas (not that anyone would have a reason to remember that game).