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  1. We’ve seen this in basketball, baseball, and softball, but the teams with COVID seniors have done well. Aspyn’s 5th year leadership is immeasurable. Glad she’s coming back.
  2. I hope we schedule tougher next year, especially now that we’ve seen a glimpse at what the talent on this team is capable of. We have to stop scheduling so many teams that are 200+ in the rpi (Alabama State, NCA&T, Delaware State, Niagara).
  3. AU will open up Jane B. for a watch party Sunday night at 6:00. It would be great if some of the local crowd could come out.
  4. Mizzou is using both Weber and Krings. If they follow the same rotation, Krings will start tonight vs Arkansas.
  5. Yeah, lots of talk among the Auburn faithful about hosting, but the RPI isn’t on our side (and RPI is leaned on heavily in softball). Our non-conference strength of schedule is hurting us. Outside of the Clearwater tournament, we played way too many cupcakes, particularly Delaware State, Alabama State, and Niagara.
  6. Our sophomores have also shown great improvement, not to mention upperclassmen showing improvement as well. Godwin and Garcia’s numbers are up too.
  7. I agree that the State, UGA, and UT series to close the season are huge, but if resting Lowe for longer means she will be healthy for the postseason, I'm totally on board with sitting her in these last 3 series.
  8. Great interview. He called Mississippi State out for delaying the start Friday and then having Auburn lie around at the park all day Saturday due to the hotel checkout. They did it in the name of weather, but Butch alluded to additional intentions by State. Link to interview: https://audioboom.com/posts/8068088-regions-bank-postgame-show-interviews-mississippi-state-iii
  9. Missouri and Iowa advanced over LSU. I believe LSU had a lot of injuries, but they struggled mightily on the road this season outside of the PMAC.
  10. Lexie is a fantastic human being, but it didn’t work out at Auburn. Do you know how many SEC wins she had at Auburn? I’ll give you a hint… it’s a single digit number that rhymes with “hero.” Glad she got the win over Kentucky tonight and is having a great season. She deserves this.
  11. Yep, LaPorte doesn't have Dean's recruits at JMU any longer. Our current freshman and sophomores were loaded recruiting classes, and the dividends are starting to pay off. Next year's incoming freshman are a fantastic class as well. Future certainly looks bright!
  12. Correct, because they moved the meet from Barnhill Arena to Bud Walton. Still had over 10K.
  13. For all of the Thursday games, 13 Vermont vs 4 Arkansas in Buffalo, NY seems very intriguing to me...
  14. Melanie Bennett beat us once in 2020 and twice in 2021. Man, I hope we can get some revenge!
  15. How about we win the whole thing in Tampa and remove all doubt! 😁
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