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  1. I don’t care if Oregon is a top 10 team. Yes, it was a big game, but not as big as Florida, LSU, or UGA.
  2. Our D-line could give Burrow fits, but he will pick on our secondary. On offense, Gus will get in his own way, and the O-line will not hold up. In the postgame presser, Gus comments that their crowd was louder than he anticipated and had an impact on the game. Same old same old.
  3. I think that AU, TAMU, and S. Car. have the 3 toughest schedules in the country, and no one else is even close.
  4. Outstanding halftime performance. Also, their performance in the stands was phenomenal as well. The band was really loud throughout the game, but I think Oregon was shocked on their second drive of the game where they missed field goal. The band disrupted Oregon’s communication between plays. A 380 member band really helps add to the atmosphere, and the AUMB is constantly keeping the energy up. Just search Auburn Band on twitter and see all the positive tweets about our band from people across the nation. This is a well respected group and they are such a positive aspect of this university.
  5. Emily had 7 hits in 5 games, including 2 in both the semi-final and final. I think it’s safe to say she will make Italy’s Final roster (only 15 per team in the Olympics).
  6. Italy beat Great Britain 5-0 so it looks like AU will have another Olympian! Possibly Alyssa Rivera if Puerto Rico qualifies in August. Emily might have commitments to Team Italy that could affect her duties as volunteer assistant for AU.
  7. Italy beat the Netherlands 7-4. Carosone hit a key 3 run bomb to tie the game at 4. The Italians face Great Britain tomorrow with an Olympic berth on the line. The winner goes to Tokyo 2020.
  8. Carosone (AU alum and current Volunteer Assistant) is playing for Italy in the Europe/Africa qualifier for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I believe her grandfather was an Italian citizen, allowing her to play for Italy. They must finish first in this tournament to qualify for the Olympics. Netherlands is their biggest competition (and is hosting the tournament). Emily has two hits through the first two games. Use this link for the schedule, stats, and video links:
  9. Back to facilities.... I would say Jane B is top 10% in the country but probably 12/13 in the SEC. Would Plainsman Park be 13/14 over Mizzou or dead last? Softball needs an indoor hitting facility, and those temporary bleachers that are out right now need to be replaced with a permanent concrete upper deck level.
  10. Softball America is reporting that Tyler King, an outfielder from ECU, is transferring to Auburn. She has 2 years of eligibility left.
  11. Carmyn Greenwood posted on Instagram that she is playing at Louisville next year with her sister.
  12. The Eagles are basically a development team for the Chinese National Team. The American players are really there to help with development and fill in any holes. I haven’t kept up with the games, but it’s possible AU alum Angel Bunner may pitch as well.
  13. I think Makayla plans to attend grad school at AU. Maybe the thought of playing is something she wants to do instead of being a GA or being done with softball all together. I haven't done the math either, but maybe our extended stay in College Station last week and hopefully a long weekend in Tucson is enough for her to qualify for the medical redshirt. I believe with the regular season she was at 30.1%.
  14. Last year, our RPI was 18 and we got sent to 6 seed FSU. That was actually worse than this year´s seeding. I wish softball followed the S-curve for seeding. It´s more about who can bus in (just look at the Tennessee, Texas, and Northwestern regionals... nothing but teams that can drive in). FSU was the only non-SEC host in the South that we could bus to, but they sent South Carolina there. Arizona needed a 2-seed to fly in as no one else was close so it makes sense.