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  1. It’s not the ADAG isn’t happy here, it’s that he’s been told his contract isn’t being renewed. I’m just saying the “I love it here” is pure playing games. I don’t have a name for you yet, I’ve heard we’re swinging for the fences, not sure what that means or who that could be. There’s two internal candidates who want it but each have their own baggage.
  2. Tell us more about the hires Greene made … Also your comment about him being widely popular with the coaches is simply not true.
  3. You can judge for yourself whether I know what I'm talking about or not ...
  4. What if I told you Auburn help setup these interviews for him ...
  5. Would you bet the farm on Harsin being here long-term? I wouldn’t …
  6. Oh he hasn’t interviewed anywhere else? Oh please, do tell us more … Its known fact ADAG has interviewed at Michigan State, Northwestern and UCLA … just to name those that are widely known about. He didn’t get any of those jobs. Ever wonder why? He’s in way over his head. I want him gone because we can and should expect to do better.
  7. Here’s the question I’d like just one reporter to ask him: If you love Auburn so much, why have you interviewed for all these other jobs, Allen?
  8. @aubiefifty with the upgrade to PLATINUM 🤝
  9. @aubiefifty THANK YOU for the continued support! 🤝
  10. NEW DONOR: @im4au THANK YOU for becoming a Gold Donor! 👊
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