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  1. The rooftop pool and hotel part of it are pretty dang cool ... didn't realize that was part of it.
  2. Here’s some analysis …
  3. @stealthyfan THANK YOU for the Platinum Donation and ongoing support of the site. War Eagle!
  4. That's awesome. I'm still Covid-cautious in actions b/c of our little girls. Hoping they open up the vaccine to younger ages at some point.
  5. Got 2nd Pfizer dose about a week ago. 👍 No real effects. Arm a little sore and got tired the day after from the first dose. Second was almost nothing other than slight arm soreness again. Couple of Tylenols and good to go.
  6. WOW! Coming in hot with the PLATINUM DONATION! THANK YOU SIR for your service and for supporting this! War Eagle!
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