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  1. Meanwhile, any one care to guess what's going in California ... Those pesky facts, they'll set the story straight, every time.
  2. I'm looking into it guys ... it's auto-loaded via our ad servers ... nothing intentional. Hang tight ...
  3. I've said it before, I'll say it again, the Clinton tax levels of the 90s created just about the fairest economy we've ever had - while balancing the budget. We know what works ... or should know.
  4. This is an interesting case study about GOP dominance in all houses of government and the results of the fiscal policies they advocate. Thoughts?
  5. If people start losing their coverage, you'll soon see how quickly those "20-30 screaming idiots" multiply.
  6. I *think* we're good now ... but check.
  7. So when Trump only calls on conservative media outlets during his pressers you cool with that?
  8. Trump has a personal jihad against any one in the press who doesn't gush all over him ... even when he doesn't have his facts straight (often). The comparison you're trying to make is not even in the same stratosphere.
  9. Any one agree with McCain and Co.? Find the direction we're heading in bothersome as it relates to the press?