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  1. Thank you for the continued support, @Beaker!!
  2. Seconding a point made earlier, it's pretty impressive the allegiance some of these folks have to Harsin. Particularly the Boise/Mountain lifers ... it's not exactly a small jump to pick up and move your family to Alabama.
  3. THANK YOU for the Gold donation, @Trojan!
  4. 💥💥💥 THANK YOU for the Platinum donation, @Sdtiger11‼️
  5. Like I said, haven’t followed it much since Big E but can’t hide my southern roots 🤷‍♂️
  6. Not much of NASCAR follower anymore but the username emanated from a bar sign at a local watering hole out Wire Rd during my time on the Plains ...
  7. What username do you want?
  8. Please do, thank you ...
  9. 2nd donation @aubiefifty >> UPGRADE ... welcome to Gold Donor status and thank you for your support!
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