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  1. You sir, are an idiot. You couldn't carry JMR's jockstrap.
  2. I'm not a big fan of Gary Danielson but he said something during the broadcast that really resonated with me last week ... Gus Malzahn does all this motion, jet sweeps, WR screens, etc., to enable being able to smash it between the tackles with the running game. And when Auburn wins, this formula is successful. When we lose, we are unable to run the ball, we get into ridiculous 3rd and long situations and put way too much pressure on our QB. It's really that simple. So, in terms of adjustments, I'm not sure but I think we have to run the ball. Frankly, I don't think our OL is good enough and I'm not a huge fan of JB Grimes. But that aside, we have to find a way to move the chains between the tackles. Forget the east/west nonsense. Kirby and Saban and teams with lateral speed will shut that down all day. That's going to put us in the 3rd and long. So you can't use that strategy to setup the run. We have to find the way to run the ball with success. How we do that, pay me $7M and I'll figure it out.
  3. My point is, our schedule is always going to be tough in this league, this division. When's the last time you thought Auburn's schedule was easy? Let me ask it another way, do you expect Auburn to compete for SEC Championships every year? Hell, even every other year? When's the last team from the West who went to Atlanta with more than 2 losses? Do that math ... Gus himself has said time and time again the expectations at Auburn are to compete for championships. That ain't 8-4.
  4. No ... but at $7M/yr in year No. 7 ... I think 10-wins is fair baseline expectations, regardless of the schedule. I get your point; I just don't like the reality of our situation .. .it feels like we've gotten numbed into "accepting" or at least, rationalizing, 8-4 types seasons.
  5. Being happy with 8-4 or 9-3 is the problem...
  6. Also Coach, you notice anything along these lines ...
  7. I’ve never seen someone like Malzahn oscillate between genius and Mr. Prepared to pure idiot ... frustrating.
  8. How will Auburn finish out the season? ESPN’s Football Power Index updated its projections following week five. Here’s a week-by-week look for the Tigers: October 5 at Florida (53.2 percent win probability) October 19 at Arkansas (95.2 percent) October 26 at LSU (37.9 percent) November 2 vs. Ole Miss (93.9 percent) November 16 vs. Georgia (53.6 percent) November 23 vs. Samford (99.3 percent) November 30 vs. Alabama (34.5 percent)
  9. Thanks Coach. It amazes me to see Spencer Nigh in these columns week after week. Who would have thought?